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Kay: Good morning, sweetheart, did you sleep well?

Miguel: Mm, did I ever. Working things out with you last night left me stress-free.

Kay: Me, too.

Miguel: I love that we're back together. It scares me to think I almost lost you.

Kay: No, never again. Maria's parents are back together for good.

Miguel: Hello? Well, Charity.

Kay: Ok, hang up the phone.

Miguel: Hi. What?

Kay: Go away, you slut!

Miguel: Of course I love you. I love you, only you, Charity.

Kay: Ok, give me the damn phone.

Miguel: Oh, I'll be right there.

Kay: Wh-what? You can't leave me for her.

Kay: But I thought we worked things out.

Miguel: Yeah, about that. I thought Charity had left town, so I thought I could settle for less.

Kay: Settle?

Miguel: Only Charity's still here, and she still loves me, so you're out of luck.

Kay: Miguel, wait!

Miguel: You know what, you're right. God, what was I thinking?

Kay: You scared me.

Miguel: You can't be too safe.

Kay: Don't leave me! Don't leave me!

Fox: Hey. Kay, I'm here. Hey, I'm right here.

Tabitha's voice: Something tells me that Kay was dreaming about Miguel.

Miguel: Kay, please. Look, I need you to call me back.

Luis: Well, well, well. If it isn't Rip Van Winkle.

Pilar: Buenos dias, mijo.

Miguel: Buenos dias, Mama.

Pilar: Hey -- que es passe?

Miguel: It's Kay. I still don't know what happened last night to set her off. I mean, one minute she's going to break it up to be with me. Next thing I know, she's going to marry Fox after all. I've tried calling her, and all I'm getting is a good, healthy breakfast.

Miguel: I'm not hungry, Mama.

Pilar: Si, mijo, it'll make you feel better.

Theresa: Ah, did you make enough for me?

Pilar: Ah, Theresa.

Theresa: Good morning, Mama.

Pilar: What a surprise, mija. .

Pilar: I'm so glad you're here.

Theresa: Thanks, Mama. I had to thank you for fixing my blouse.

Pilar: Oh, my God, I was happy to do it and I'm happy that you're all here.

Pilar: Pa! Paloma, venga a desayunar!

Miguel: Paloma!

Luis: No, no, no.

Theresa: "No, no, no."

Luis: Paloma had to report to the station early.

Pilar: Oh, that's too bad. .

Luis: That's all right.

Theresa: Oh -- oh, yeah, yeah, you should make that two cause I'm sure Luis wants Cadet Crane to enjoy her future mother-in-law's cooking.

Luis: All right, take it easy, ok. Take it easy. Fancy and I are just testing the waters. We aren't officially dating until she graduates from the academy. After that...

Miguel: Mama, these are good eggs.

Theresa: Look, you can't put things off with Fancy for that long. Ok, seriously, you know, what if some guy comes along and sweeps her off her feet?

Luis: Hopefully she knows I'm worth waiting for.  Was Precious able to write you that letter of recommendation before she left for the jungle?

Luis: No, but I arranged for a surprise to be waiting for Fancy this morning.

Pilar: Hmm, I haven't seen a smile like that on your face since you first fell in love with Sheridan.

Luis: Well, Sheridan and I are finished. And Fancy and I are, uh, well, let's just say that things are looking bright for us.

Fancy: It smells like spring. Oh, what beautiful flowers.

Fancy: "These struck my Fancy. Love, Luis." One of the servants must have left them for me as a surprise when I woke up.  I have to call Luis to thank him.

Fancy: Come in! Oh, Aunt Sheridan, hi. What -- what brings you by so early?

Sheridan: Oh my, what beautiful flowers. I bet those are from Luis.

Fancy: Yeah, isn't he wonderful?

Sheridan: Yes, Luis is wonderful.

Fancy: And he's mine. All mine.

Sheridan's voice: Not if I can help it.

Chad: Ethan, if you're looking for Theresa, she's not in yet.

Ethan: Ah, is it that obvious?

Chad: Judging by the way you went off to Jared last night, yeah.

Ethan: Jared. Chad, I don't trust the guy.

Chad: So now Theresa doesn't trust you. Getting Valerie to access Jared's computer really set her off, so she called me first thing this morning to put in all new anti-hacking software so no one can use our computers again.

Ethan: Look, man, I am sorry for getting you into this, I really thought he stole the fund, ok?

Chad: Instead, you look like an idiot.  You blame the guy for stealing billions when all he was doing was moving the money to safer investments.

Ethan: Chad, honestly, tell me you don't think Jared Casey is a threat to Theresa.

Jared: Wow, still out to get me, huh?

Ethan: Damn straight I am. Let me tell you something, you may be good at fooling a lot of people around here, but you don't fool me. I know you're out to manipulate Theresa and I'm gonna prove it.

Jared: Tell me something here, Chad. Does your buddy here defend his wife as well as he does Tess?

Ethan: Leave Gwen out of this.

Jared: What, like you have?  Cause it's pretty damn obvious that Gwen doesn't mean nearly as much to you as Tess does.

Ethan: Shut up or I'll shut you up right here and now.

Chad: Hey, Jared has a point.  Theresa told you to back off.  You should respect her wishes.

Jared: Yeah, Ethan.  Now why is it you can't leave Tess alone, huh?  It's not like she's your wife or mistress.

Ethan: You want me to leave her to you?  No freakin' way.

Jared: Alright, unless they repealed the 13th amendment, I really don't think you have the right to leave Tess to anyone.  She's not your personal property, Ethan.  She's her own person.  She's made her choice and she's trying to move on.

Ethan: Jared, it's who she's moving on with, see, that's my problem.

Jared: Name one person who thinks I'm a user and a taker, just one.  Exactly.  You want to show Tess that you really care about her, not to mention Gwen, well then back off.  Let Tess live her own life without you in it.

Theresa: You would not believe the things Ethan was saying to make Jared look bad in front of me.  I get it, Gwen is no prize, but he made his choice. He should be happy with her, he should focus on her.  He should leave me alone.

Pilar: Maybe he senses that you still have feelings for him, mija.

Theresa: Well I do, Mama.  I probably always will, but I am trying to move on with Jared but Ethan just won't let me go.

Luis: I get it.  It's exactly how I felt when I found out that Sheridan had married Chris.  I wanted to move.  It's tough.

Theresa: Yeah, but now you have moved on with Fancy and you've got Sheridan's blessings.  It's different with Ethan.  He talks about letting me go and then he comes up with these crazy excuses to stay close to me.  His latest is to protect me from Jared.

Luis: That's exactly what he said last night.

Theresa: Do you understand what I'm saying, Luis?

Luis: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Hey!

Luis: I don't envy you, sis. It would be one hell of a mess if Sheridan wasn't ok with me going out with Fancy.  Hello?

Fancy: Thank you for the flowers, Luis, they're beautiful.

Luis: Do you like them?

Fancy: Like them? I love them. And I love you.

Luis: I love you, too. It makes me happy that I make you happy.

Fancy: Luis, no one has ever made me happier.

Luis: Would you like a ride down to the station? I'll come by and pick you up.

Fancy: I have an idea.  Why don't I pick you up instead.

Luis: Great.

Fancy: I'll leave as soon as I shower and dress.

Luis: Wish I was there to scrub your back.

Fancy: Stop, Luis, you're making me tingle all over.

Luis: Oh yeah, one more thing before I forget. I checked with my sources to try and find out who it was that took our picture outside the B&B, and they said it wasn't the paparazzi.

Fancy: But it had to be the paparazzi. I mean, who else would call in a fake fire in hopes of getting us outside in our underwear so they could take a picture of us, knowing the trouble we'd be in if it were published?

{Sheridan: Gotcha. }

Luis: I don't know, but whoever it was is responsible for us not waking up together this morning and that ticks me off.

Fancy: Yeah, me, too. It's hard to imagine someone being so mean.

Fox: Hey, are you all right?

Tabitha: We heard you cry out in your sleep, dear. Were you having a nightmare?

Kay: Yeah, I was.

Fox: What were you dreaming about?

Kay: Hmm...I don't remember.

Tabitha's voice: Liar.

Fox: Tabitha, will you stay here with Kay while I go finish making her breakfast?

Tabitha: Yes, of course, dear.

Kay: You don't have to a fuss over me.

Fox: Fuss? What fuss? You're my fiancée. I love you, and I want to take care of you as long as I can. I mean, until I have to leave for work, which I have to do soon, so...

Tabitha: All right, Kay, what's going on? Huh? There was so much intrigue around here last night that my magic bowl got clogged up.

Kay: Oh, wow. I went to tell Fox that I wasn't going to marry him anymore because I wanted to be with Miguel. But before I could, Miguel saw Charity and he fell in love with her all over again.

Tabitha: Oh, that's what I was

Kay: He lied to me, Tabitha. All that talk about him being over her was a big lie.  They couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Tabitha: Just how touchy-feely were they?

Kay: Well, if Charity came back a virgin, she's not one anymore.

Tabitha: Oh!

Kay: Simone was right. Miguel's just a filthy, lying bastard.

Fancy: I'll be over soon.

Luis: Can't wait. Oh, Fancy -- I love you.

Fancy: I love you, too.

Luis: Hey, bro, I wasn't finished.

Miguel: I'm sorry.

Pilar: Miguel, mijo, would you like me to make you more eggs?

Miguel: No, Mama, I'm too bummed to eat.

Luis: So let me get this straight. Kay said that she loved you so much, she broke off her engagement to Fox. Now she says she hates you and the wedding to Fox is back on.

Miguel: Yeah, right.

Pilar: Oh, Miguel, mijo, don't give up, ok? You and Kay should be raising Maria together. It's best for a child to be raised by both its parents.

Theresa's voice: It's not going to happen, Mama. Ethan won't leave Gwen to be with me. Jared will help me raise Little Ethan.

Luis: Well, all I can say is my advice to you still stands, brother. If you love Kay, don't let her marry Fox. The next thing you gotta do is find out why she's mad at you, and then fix that. If you don't, you're going to regret it. God knows I should've done a lot of things so as not to lose Sheridan.

Pilar: Que --

Miguel: Yeah, "que?" I thought you still loved Fancy.

Luis: I do love Fancy, ok? I'm just saying that I regret some of the mistakes I've made. My point is, I don't want you to regret not doing things that could have -- or should have -- saved your relationship with her.

Pilar: Luis is right, mijo. Because you're not only fighting for Kay, you're fighting for Maria, too. Sweetheart, do you want me to make some coffee for Fancy?

Luis: Yeah, us riding down to the station together is about the only thing that we can do now. Sam put his foot down. "Can't date her while she's still in training."

Theresa: Well, I bet you can't wait for her to graduate, huh?

Luis: Mm-hmm. The day that Fancy graduates is the day we start our lives together.

Fancy: Mind if we visit while I eat breakfast? Then I have to shower and put on some makeup before I leave to get Luis.

Sheridan: Yes, uh, you want to look your best.

Fancy: Mm-hmm. Oh...I'm sorry, Aunt Sheridan. I don't mean to go on and on about Luis. It's just that I'm so happy.

Sheridan: No, don't apologize. I'm -- I'm happy for you and Luis. I was just, uh, no, you know what? I don't want to dampen your spirits. We'll visit another time.

Fancy: No, wait, Aunt Sheridan. What were you going to say?

Sheridan: Well, I don't want to interfere. Oh, goodness...well, it's just that when you receive flowers from the man you love, it's wonderful. And when that man is Luis, well...

Fancy: What? Tell me.

Sheridan: Well, you know Luis doesn't have a lot of money. So to him, these flowers are an extravagance. And if he feels like he has to spend this kind of money on you all the time, he's going to start to resent you. And you, being a Crane, you take what things cost for granted. Whereas Luis, he has to work overtime to treat you the way you expect to be treated.

Fancy: Hmm...well, you're rich. Didn't Luis splurge on you, too?

Sheridan: Yes -- yes, he did. And look what happened to us.

Sheridan: Look, what I said about Luis and money. Sweetie, I didn't mean to upset you. I just want you to avoid an issue that plagued my time with Luis.

Fancy: Thanks for the heads up but I would never push Luis to spend money on me.

Sheridan: And you shouldn't indulge Luis either, because then that will make him feel like a kept man.

Fancy: So what do we do then?  Clip coupons for Seafood Surprise Night at the Lobster Shack.

Sheridan: If you have love, does anything else really matter?

Fancy: No, but getting these flowers really made me feel special.

Sheridan: Then my advice to you would be to savor these moments as long as they last.

Fancy: I need to get dressed.

Ethan: You are not who you say you are. I know it. You're up to something and I'm going to prove it.

Jared: And what about Gwen?

Ethan: What about Gwen?

Jared: How does she feel about your obsession with Tess?

Ethan: Why don't you leave my wife out of this?

Jared: Oh, Ethan, did I strike a nerve there, hmm? What, you don't like being reminded that you're married? That you can't be with Tess.

Ethan: Jared, shut up.

Jared: Let me ask you something, Ethan.  Who do you hate more, me for being with Tess, or yourself for not being man enough to leave your wife --

Ethan: Oh, go to hell!

Jared: I'm not going anywhere, man.  I'm going to be with Tess for a long, long time.

Ethan: Go to hell, man!

Tabitha: What happened?

Kay: I was talking about Miguel and Charity hooking up last night and you fainted.

Tabitha: Yes, well with good reason.  Kay, I must ask you to define what "hooking up" means in regard to Miguel and Charity because the fate of yours truly depends upon it.

Kay: Well, what happened was this morning, I --

Fox: All right, breakfast is served.

Tabitha: Yeah, she's not hungry anymore, Fox.

Kay: Thank you, honey. It looks delicious, mm.

Fox: It is.

Tabitha: You forgot the O.J.

Fox: No, I didn't, it's -- it was right there. I must have not put it on the tray. Ok, I'll be back with some O.J.

Tabitha: Yes, why don't you do that, dear? So what exactly did you mean when you said Charity and Miguel "hooked up" last night?

Kay: They made love. They had sex.

Tabitha: Oh, my stars. Are you sure?

Kay: Yes, I'm sure. I saw them with my own eyes. Simone did, too.

Tabitha: Oh, fire and brimstone. Well, there's no time to waste. I must round up Endora and Fluffy and find the keys to the ship they left me. Once Endora zaps us out to Area 51, takeoff should be fairly simple. I won't worry where we're going until we're safely past Jupiter.

Kay: I just don't understand. I mean, how could Miguel forget about me so quickly and make love to her?

Miguel: Well, I've got a good question for you guys.

Theresa: The name of a good diet?

Luis: 'Cause you're gonna need to go on one if you keep stuffing your face like that.

Miguel: So you say you still care about Sheridan, and you still care about Ethan, right?

Theresa: Yes.

Luis: So?

Miguel: So if you can be with anyone you want, would you want to be with Jared and Fancy or Sheridan and Ethan? Huh?

Tabitha: Something isn't right here.

Kay: I told you -- Miguel cheated on me with Charity and then pretended like nothing happened.

Tabitha: Oh, stop whining, Kay. I already heard that.  I'm not worried about you. You're going to be fine. I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about the dark side. Charity and Miguel making love was always prophesied as an end to the nether world as we dark-siders know it. Their coupling was to have ushered in a new era of love and understanding and happiness and peace and unicorns and butterflies and all that nauseating rot. Are you absolutely certain that Miguel and Charity did the deed last night?

Kay: Yes, ask Simone if you don't believe me.

Tabitha: Oh, Simone's gay. She may not even remember how to do the deed.

Kay: We saw them, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Are you certain that it was Charity and Miguel and not some blonde slut or -- and some swarthy dark-haired Adonis?

Kay: Yes, I'm sure it was them. And I will never forgive him for this.

Tabitha: Ugh.

Miguel: Well, who's it gonna be? Jared and Fancy or Sheridan and Ethan?

Pilar: Yeah, I'd like to know, too.

Luis: All right, all right. My answer is this. Things are different now than they were then.

Theresa: You know what? Luis is right. Things are different now.

Pilar: Oh, but that doesn't answer Miguel's question.

Luis: Well, you know, maybe it's the wrong question.

Theresa: Yeah, you know, a better question would be if we are happy with the people we are with now.And I would say, yes. What about you?

Luis: Yes.

Theresa: There you go.

Luis: Fancy is great.

Theresa: Jared is great. Here, here.

Miguel: I was happy with Kay. I was too sad to lose her. I'm gonna fight and make sure she doesn't marry Fox.

Theresa: Yes, Valerie. No, I haven't forgotten about our meeting tonight with Hampton Coleigh. I was actually thinking about that, and I think my driver should take me to Boston in a Bentley limo. a Bentley so that Hampton is suitably impressed.

Miguel: I didn't even know Bentley made a limo.

Theresa: It's custom -- one of a kind. Yeah, I'm sorry, Valerie, I'm back. Uh, yeah, I wanted to say that I'd like my personal chef to prepare our dinner tonight at the restaurant the owner's going to get over Just make sure that Alfonso's in Boston in time. Sirloin? Valerie, come on now, who eats that these days? No, I was thinking more like, um, Kobe beef. Yeah, and that would be it, ok? I'll be in very soon. Thank you. Magic.

Theresa: What?

Miguel: Oh, make sure my driver takes me in the Bentley limo?

Pilar: Oh, yes, please have my personal chef prepare my meal.

Luis: Uh, sirloin? Who eats sirloin anymore? I like Kobe beef.

Pilar: Kobe beef? We were lucky if we could even afford beef at all, Theresa.

Miguel: Yeah, and the only "Kobe" we knew plays for the Lakers.

Theresa: Oh, you know what? I'm sorry if my arrangements seem a bit snobbish, but, you know, I just -- I can't focus on business if I'm worried about everything that could go wrong. The more I can control, the better.

Luis: I see.  So what if we were to surround you, turn into evil monsters, and tickle you, then maybe you would lose some of that control.

Miguel: We know how much Theresa loves to get tickled!

Theresa: No!

Pilar: Don't pick on your very powerful, very rich sister.

Miguel: Oh, there's picking --

Luis: And then there's tickling.

Theresa: You know what?

Miguel: Wait!  That's a good piece of toast.

Theresa: You touch me again, you get toasted.

Luis: She's bluffing.

Miguel: Whoo!

Luis: I cannot believe you just did that.

Theresa: Oh, God, that's disgusting. Why don't you get your own piece? Here, here, you want this? Here you go.

Miguel: Oh, no --

Theresa: You still want this --

Pilar: No, no, no, no! No, don't!

Miguel: Oh, oh, no you didn't!

Pilar: Oh my God. Oh, my God, my kitchen! Oh, my God.

Ethan: Just get it through your smug head, Jared. I'm not gonna let you hurt Theresa.

Jared: Chad, are you as sick of hearing this as I am?

Chad: No comment.

Jared: Go home to your wife, Ethan. Tess already told you she wants you to leave her alone.

Ethan: I'll be happy to leave her alone once I know she's happy and she's safe.

Jared: Oh that's great cause she's happy and safe, so bye bye.

Ethan: No, no, no, no, not with you she is not.

Jared: And that's because of...

Ethan: That's because I say so.

Jared: Alright, I see you're not going to let this go so we might as well really get into it here. You say you want Tess happy and safe, right? So I would imagine you want her to live a full life?

Ethan: Absolutely.

Jared: Which involves having a loving sexual relationship with a man of her choosing, correct?

Ethan: Right.

Jared: All right, Ethan, so you don't want Tess to be with me. Who do you want her to be with?

Ethan: Honestly, I can't think of anyone at the moment.

Jared: Exactly, my friend. You can't think of anyone.  You know why? Because you don't want Tess to be with anyone else but yourself.

Ethan: That's not true, Jared.

Jared: Yes, it is. You know, this whole town always talked about how Tess would never leave you alone and never let you go, but that's not true is it?  It's the exact opposite.  You never let her go. You know what you are, my friend? You're a man obsessed.

Ethan: Chad, will you please tell this guy he is as dumb as he looks.

Jared: Go home to your wife and your kid, Ethan, before your whole world blows up in your face and you lose everything.  You'll lose Gwen, you'll lose Tess, you'll have no one to love you.  You'll come home night after night, spending all your time alone making small talk with your cat, while I'm at home making love to Tess cause we'll still be together, probably with Little Ethan and maybe some kids of our own.

Ethan: Why don't you just shut up about it?

Jared: Here kitty, kitty.

Ethan: I said shut up!

Miguel: All right, all right, all right.

Luis: Stop, time out.

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Time out. See what happens when you tickle me?

Pilar: Who is going to help me clean this kitchen? Stop!

Theresa: Just let Miguel eat it up. Come on.

Miguel: I told you guys, I'm not hungry anymore. I'm too depressed about Kay to eat.

Luis: I'll, uh, I'll help you clean up, Ma.

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, and me, too.

Luis: If you meant what you said about Kay, you ought to go talk to her. Find out why she's so upset.

Theresa: Yes, absolutely. No, seriously,

Pilar: Mijo, Miguelito, go get cleaned up and then you go convince Kay to be with you, all right? And remember what I said -- fathers and mothers should raise their children together.

Miguel: Yeah, you're right. I'll do that.

Pilar: Stop. Go.

Miguel: You guys have fun cleaning.

Luis: Ok.

Miguel: I'm gonna get Kay back.

Luis: You will.

Theresa: Try not to eat all of those marshmallows

Tabitha: Miguel and Charity doing the deed should have done the dark side in.

Kay: Well, maybe the prophesy was wrong.

Tabitha: Oh, that means I've spent the last seven years keeping Charity and Miguel apart for nothing, not to mention the fact that my poor Timmy died because of that brat.

Kay: Maybe there's, like, a time lag between them coupling and the dark side going ka-boom.

Tabitha: Even so, evil should be on the run everywhere, and I'm not aware a single politician has left Washington as of yet, are you? No, something just isn't right here, Kay. Where is Charity now, by the way?

Kay: I don't know.

Tabitha: Maybe Charity's staying at your house. I mean, I can't imagine she'd come into town just to do Miguel and then leave. She's probably planning to come to your wedding to Fox.

Fox: Damn. I hadn't thought about that. Of course Charity has to be at the wedding, but how the hell could she be without exposing my little plan to keep Miguel and Kay apart? Miguel still has no idea that Kay thinks that she saw him making love to Charity.

Sheridan: I can't believe I just dumped salt into the flowers Luis sent Fancy. What is wrong with me?

Fancy: Oh, Aunt Sheridan. You're still here.

Sheridan: Oh, yes, uh, I just stayed to pick at your breakfast. I didn't have a chance to eat this morning when I got Chris and James off.

Fancy: Well, at least it won't go to waste. Um, I need to run, so I'll see you later.

Sheridan: You know, there's a legend... that when a man sends a woman flowers, for every day that those flowers live is a decade of love for that couple.

Fancy: Oh, I didn't know that. I better make sure these have enough water so they don't -- oh. They're wilting already.

Sheridan: Hmm, what a shame.

Fancy: Well, it doesn't matter. Luis and I will be together for the rest of our lives. I gotta go.

Sheridan: I can't let Fancy have Luis. I can't.

Luis: Well, as far as family food fights go, I gotta say it's not that bad.

Pilar: Yeah. This was nothing compared to the time I had made chili.

Theresa: Oh, no. No, no, I remember that 'cause we were grounded for a week and then you took the money out of our piggy banks to replace the food that we wasted.

Luis: You taught us a valuable lesson with that one.

Theresa: Oh, I gotta get that.

Luis: Oh, boy.

Theresa: Oh, you know what? I -- I gotta go.

Pilar: What?

Theresa: Yeah, my -- my ride is here, and I am so sorry I need to go. I gotta, you know, get cleaned up.

Luis: Great.

Pilar: Ok, well, have a nice day.

Theresa: No, I will, I will. You guys, too.

Luis: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: I love you both. Mama?

Pilar: I love you, mija.

Theresa: Mama, mama --

Pilar: Don't touch me.

Theresa: All right, all right.

Theresa and Luis: Aw.

Luis: Hmm?

Theresa: Yeah, sticky, sticky.

Luis: Nice.

Theresa: So are you, um, you really happy with Fancy?:

Luis: I am. Are you happy with Jared?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, I am. Well, I gotta get going. Who knows what crisis will be waiting for me once I walk through that door?

Chad: Both of you, back off! Back off!

Ethan: I'm not going to let you hurt Theresa!

Jared: You are one obsessed freak!

Ethan: Why don't you go to hell, pal?

Jared: Here's your fair warning. You stay away from Tess or I will take you out, and you don't want that, man.

Ethan: Not if I take you out first.

Fox: How can I keep Kay thinking that Miguel cheated on her with Charity and have her around, while preventing Miguel realizing that she's an imposter? I'd better make some phone calls to the old pros Grandfather kept around, see what they would do before I lose Kay altogether.

Kay: Tabitha, I mean, you've been around for a long, long, long, long, long time, I mean, tell me, how can Miguel do what he did with Charity and just act like it didn't happen?

Tabitha: I'm not convinced he did anything, dear. You'd be talking to a pile of ashes with a blob of blond hair on top if he'd actually done push-push with Charity. I'm going downstairs and consult my magic bowl and the boys in the basement. We've got to ascertain what's really going on.

Kay: Miguel was with Charity. I know he was. Miguel, what are you doing here?

Pilar: Ugh. There we go.

Luis: Mama, thank you again for breakfast.

Pilar: You're welcome, mijo. I'm just glad I didn't make oatmeal otherwise we'd be cleaning up til Christmas.

Luis: Cadet Crane, come on in.

Fancy: Thank you, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Pilar: Oh, mm-hmm. Yeah, how are you two going to stay professional until Fancy graduates?

Luis: Willpower, Mama.

Fancy: Lots of willpower.

Pilar: Well, something tells me you are going to need it. I am going to go and run some errands. Bye, mijo. Bye, Fancy.

Fancy: Bye, Pilar.

Luis: See you later, Ma.

Fancy: Ready to roll?

Luis: Let's do this.

Fancy: What are you waiting for?

Luis: Uh... this.

Theresa: Hey, hey, hey, sexy. Good morning.

Jared: Good morning to you. You seem to be in an exceptionally good mood today.

Theresa: I am, I am. I had breakfast with my mother and my two brothers and, uh, we had an awesome time.

Jared: Good. I like seeing you this happy.

Theresa: Well, as long as I have you, I'll be happy.

On the Next Passions:

Kay: We're finished, we're done! I'm marrying Fox! End of story!

Noah: You still want her, don't you, Ethan?

Sheridan: What is it going to take to keep those two apart?

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