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Noah: Hey, Miguel. Anybody tell you it's snowing out here?

Miguel: I didn't even notice.

Noah: Didn't notice the first snow of the season? Looks like it's going to stick.

Miguel: I'm just trying to figure out where I went wrong tonight, Noah.

Noah: What do you mean?

Miguel: With Kay.

Noah: Well, we've all had to ask ourselves that question about my sister at least once.

Miguel: I'm not laughing. Everything was going so well. She was about to tell Fox she couldn't marry him because she wanted to marry me.

Noah: And?

Miguel: And suddenly she changed her mind. She didn't tell Fox about us and now she says she's going to marry him.

Noah: Look, maybe she feels guilty, you know, because Fox is dying.

Miguel: No, that's not it, Noah. Ok, she hates me. She said she never wants to see me again.

Noah: Oh. That's kind of a switch even for Kay.

Miguel: What am I supposed to do now? She won't even talk to me.

Noah: Are you sure you didn't, you know, do something to tick her off?

Miguel: No. Ok, nothing at all. I didn't do anything. I just don't get it.

Simone: I saw Miguel go outside, what did he say?

Kay: Nothing.

Simone: What?

Kay: Yeah. He acted like nothing happened. He even asked me if I told Fox that I wasn't going to marry him.

Simone: That bastard. Wait, first he has sex with Charity, tells her that he loves her, and now he still wants you to call off your wedding to Fox?

Kay: Yeah. It's sick, isn't it? He's playing me for a fool.

Simone: So did you tell him off?

Kay: No, not yet. He doesn't realize that I saw him having sex with her, so he's acting like nothing happened.

Charity: So?

Charity: You have an evil laugh. How did it go after I left?

Fox: Oh, better than I hoped. Dare I say it went perfectly. Kay and Miguel are finished.

Fancy: I am freezing. Even mother nature's against us tonight. Now it's snowing.

Luis: Mm. That's all the more reason for us to work hard to keep warm.

Fancy: Yeah.

Luis: Yeah.

Fancy: I am all for that.

Luis: You hear that?

Fancy: No. Now what?

Luis: That's exactly what I'm talking about. No fire alarms, no phone calls, no old ladies getting mugged. If we work quickly, we might actually have a chance of putting this plan into action.

Fancy: Not too quickly, I hope.

Luis: Well, I don't want to make any promises I can't keep. You know, all the crazy interruptions tonight -- if I didn't know better, I'd actually think that someone up there was trying to keep us from making love.

Fancy: What, like we're cursed? That's ridiculous.

Luis: Well, we better be careful. Some other fool might pull the fire alarm because it's about to get hot in here.

Chris: Hey, I was starting to get worried.

Sheridan: Why's that?

Chris: I thought you left the bridal shower hours ago. Where have you been?

Sheridan: I just went for a walk. I love Harmony in the snow. I'm sorry, I should have called.

Chris: I'm just glad you're ok.

Sheridan: I'm more than ok. I'm perfect.

{Whitney: I think Chad's having an affair. }

Chad: Baby, it's snowing out there. You know what, why don't we make love so we can keep warm?

Whitney: Not now, ok?

Chad: Ok, then when? Baby, I love you. Let me show you how much.

Whitney: I said no. Look, I just want to get some sleep, ok?

Chad: What's the deal, Whitney? You won't let me touch you, we don't make love anymore. We can't go on like this, Whitney.

Whitney: You know what, you're right. We can't.

Theresa: Stop this! Please stop this right now! Oh, my God. Stop! Stop it right now!

Sheridan: How dare they?

Chris: How you can drink this chamomile stuff is beyond me.

Sheridan: Thanks. Actually, I find it soothing.

Chris: Snow's pretty light down here, but I saw on the news earlier that it's really coming down in the mountains. I think they're going to open up the ski slopes. Hey, what do you say we drive up with James? I know you love to ski and it's about time he learned.

Sheridan: I see.

Chris: "I see"? Sheridan? Snow, ski, James, what do you think?


{Luis: Oh, so you want to play dirty, do you?

Sheridan: Oh, give it your best shot, Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Luis: You shouldn't have said that. }

Sheridan: I love the snow.

Chris: Honey. Are you ok?

Sheridan: Yeah, I was -- fine, I was just thinking about when we could do it.

Chris: Well, the sooner the better. I've accrued some vacation time and we haven't been out of town since Hawaii. It's not exactly going to be a romantic getaway -- more like mom and dad taking junior up to the ski slopes for the first time. Should be a blast. But I think we could find some time for some romance, too.

Sheridan: That sounds great.

Chris: Good, I'll make the arrangements.

Sheridan: Just tell the staff, they'll do it, they know where I like to stay.

Chris: Ooh, lifestyles of the rich and famous, eh? Tell you what, I saw an article in the newspaper not too long ago about this ski instructor who has a camp up there for little kids. I think it will be perfect for James.

Luis: Mm.

Fancy: Mm. I know where you're steering me, buster. You want to have your way with me.

Luis: That's the general idea.

Fancy: Well, I declare, sir, I am not that kind of girl. I should slap your face.

Luis: Go ahead.

Fancy: Oh. What now?

Luis: Bird flu evacuation?

Fancy: No, I bet Canada's finally invaded us.

Man: Room service.

Luis: Oh. It's the champagne I ordered.

Fancy: Oh, you think of everything.

Luis: Hang on a sec.

Luis: Hey.

Man: Good evening, sir.

Luis: Evening. Ah, let me sign for that.

Man: Thank you.

Man: Say, how about a late-night snack? We've got a baked brie with almonds --

Luis: No, thanks. Yeah.

Man: You know, you'd better wrap up, sir. It's cold out. You know, we sell flannel PJ's in the lobby --

Luis: Ok. PJ's is the last thing I need. Hear that? Fancy? Where did you go?

Chad: What is it? What, you don't love me anymore?

Whitney: I don't know, Chad. You know, I -- I -- look, I don't know anything anymore.

Chad: Oh. Not this again. Whitney, there is no other woman. Ok? Don't do this. Don't let your suspicions poison what we have.

Whitney: But I can't help how I feel, Chad.

Chad: Whitney, look at me. You're the only woman in the world for me. Come on, Whitney.

Whitney: You were there, Chad. You were in that hotel, that sleazy, horrible motel.

Chad: Whitney, I told you. I came there because I thought you might be in trouble.

Whitney: Right. And it was just a coincidence that Valerie was there?

Chad: With another guy.  You saw him.

Whitney: Ok, well Rebecca said she saw you there, too, in a robe, all by yourself, naked.  What about that?

Chad: Whitney. If you listen to any word that witch says, you're crazy. I was not at the motel with Valerie. Ok? Now just -- just let that go, ok? Whitney, I promise I am not having an affair with Valerie.  Come on, we can't go on like this, all right? We haven't made love in forever. Come on.

Whitney: Look, I need to be alone, ok?

Chad: Damn. Damn, damn.

Chad: What now?

Chad: Valerie, what the hell are you doing here?

Valerie: Thank God you're here. We have to talk.

Chad: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Valerie: It's important.

Chad: All right, what is it? If Whitney sees you here, she's going to freak.

Theresa: Someone please just stop this. My God, you're two grown men, for God's sake. This is crazy!

Theresa: Are you proud of yourselves?

Charity: You're quite pleased with yourself. Remind me to never get on your bad side.

Fox: Well, my plan worked so well. Kay saw the two of you doing the nasty and that was it. She broke off her little romance with our fisherman friend, and our wedding is back on. Last I heard, Kay told Miguel she never wants to see him again.

Charity: Talk about nasty. She must be so hurt.

Fox: Yeah. She is. But I can't really think about that right now... if ever. I can't. I won't lose Kay. She's mine. I did what I had to do to hang on to her. Bringing you back to Harmony and having her see you and Miguel together, well, that was the only way.

Noah: Look, Miguel, I know my sister backwards and forwards, as odd as that may sound. She's nuts. Well, I guess we all know that. But she's not this nuts. You must have done something or said something to set her off.

Miguel: No, Noah. And that's what's so crazy, ok? I've racked my brain, I've looked back on every minute since we made love tonight in Tabitha's --

Noah: Whoa, whoa, hold on there. I'm her brother, ok? No details. I'm sorry. Did you just say you made love to her tonight during her bridal shower to another -- never mind. I really don't want to know. Look, you must have said something to make her upset.

Miguel: I can't think of anything. Ok, I can't think of anything. The only thing she was worried about was my ex-girlfriend Charity. It's the only thing that made her nervous. She kept bugging me and asking me to swear that I was truly over Charity for good. She had this crazy idea that if Charity came back to town, that I'd leave to be with her.

Noah: And would you?

Miguel: No. I swore it over and over that it would never happen. I'm completely and totally committed to Kay, Noah.

Kay: Miguel is a two-timing bastard. I mean, my God, one minute he's having sex with Charity, telling her she's the only one for him, and the next minute he's acting all loving and innocent to me?

Simone: Then why didn't you confront him, Kay?

Kay: I don't know. I was so blown away by his behavior. I mean, Miguel's always been so sweet and nice, and to find out that he's just as two-faced and selfish as --

Simone: As every other man on the planet.

Kay: No, that's not what I meant. Fox isn't like that. God, I'm just so confused. I trusted him. I believed him when he said that he loved me. I should have known it was just too good to be true. God. Simone, it hurts so bad.

Simone: Ok, that's it. I have heard enough. I am going to go let Miguel have it.

Luis: Fancy.

Fancy: Oh, my word, sir. Interrupting a lady and her bath. But as long as you're here, there might be enough room for two.

Luis: Thank you kindly, ma'am. I could use a good soak.

Luis: Ah! It's hot.

Fancy: It'll help get all the kinks out.

Luis: Not all of them, I hope. Ah. Excellent idea, cadet.

Fancy: I'm glad you think so, sir.

Luis: I do.

Fancy: Wow. Does hot water always do that to you?

Luis: Trust me, hot water has nothing to do with it.

Fancy: Luis.

Luis: Hmm.

Fancy: I love you. No one's ever made me feel the way you do.

Luis: I love you, too. Only you. There's only one thing missing.

Fancy: Now what?

Fancy: Oh, never mind. You're right. A hot bubble bath, cold champagne, you. Perfection.

Luis: Mm-hmm.

Fancy: Mm.

Luis: Woo!

Luis: Vintage.

Fancy: Don't stop.

Luis: I'm just getting started.

Chris: I know that article is in here somewhere. They say the coach is pretty tough, but the kids really learn the basics well.

Sheridan: You know what? I'm hungry. I'm going to make something to eat.

Chris: Hey, no, no, no. I'll do it. You just sit down and relax. They sent some amazing turkey chili down from the main house. How does that sound, perfect for a snowy evening?

Sheridan: It sounds great.

Chris: Ok, well, I'm going to go nuke it. I'll be back in a sec.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Sheridan: You don't need my name. Just give me your fax number. I have a story and a picture I think you'll definitely be interested in.

Kay: Simone, wait.

Simone: Don't try to stop me, Kay. I'm going to go punch him in the face.

Kay: No, Simone.

Simone: Why? If you can't tell him off, someone has to.

Kay: I know, but it's not going to make things any better. I just don't get it. I -- how could he lie like that?

Simone: He's a man.

Kay: Ok, stop with the stereotypes, Simone. Fox doesn't lie. God. How could Miguel live with himself? How can anyone be so heartless?

Noah: So, let me play devil's advocate here. You told Kay that you're completely over Charity, that you're not in love with her anymore.

Miguel: Absolutely. That's exactly what I told her, Noah. You know, what Charity and I had was magical, but that's over now. Kay is the only woman in my heart.

Noah: Then it wouldn't matter if Charity came back?

Miguel: Not a chance. I'm totally committed to Kay. Charity is my past, Noah. Whatever we had is dead. It's buried.

Chad: Ok, so what's the big crisis?

Valerie: Well --

Chad: Uh-uh, not so loud. Whitney's going to hear you.

Whitney: Well, look what we have here.

Chad: Whitney --

Whitney: So, I was right. You're cheating on me with this tramp.

Valerie: What?

Chad: Whitney, this is not what you think --

Whitney: No, I think it's exactly what I think. You're having an affair with Valerie. Just admit it.

Valerie: I think I should go.

Whitney: Oh, no, bitch. You ain't going anywhere. We're going to settle this, right here and right now.

Jared: Tess, look, I'm sorry. I was just trying to defend myself.

Ethan: Well, you deserved it.

Theresa: What the hell were you thinking, Ethan? You barging in on us like this.

Ethan: I am trying to warn you about this --

Theresa: Wait, no, no, just stop. You attacked Jared like a mad man.

Ethan: Theresa, I am trying to warn you about this guy! He is not who you think he is. You're making a mistake.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Again, Ethan. I just want -- just stop trying to stop me from moving on.

Ethan: That's not what this is about. He is not the guy he says he is. He is using you. He's not a good guy.

Jared: Bull.

Ethan: You better be quiet 'cause I got the goods on you, buddy.

Theresa: You know what, just save your accusations for somebody else.

Ethan: No, no, I'm not going to save them, Theresa. You don't understand. This guy's going to take down Crane Industries. He's going to ruin your reputation, and he's going to ruin all the good that you've been trying to do at Crane.

Jared: Oh, you're insane.

Ethan: No, no, no, no, no. Come with me back to the office and let me show you what I found. It's very, very, very interesting and you have no idea what kind of a creep you're dealing with.

Sheridan: Wow, it tastes great.

Chris: Yeah, it's good, isn't it? I actually saved some for James' lunch tomorrow.

Sheridan: You didn't have to go to all this trouble.

Chris: Are you kidding? I love you, Mrs. Crane-Boothe and I'll do anything for you, anything.

Sheridan: That really covers a lot.

Chris: I mean it.

Sheridan: I don't know what I did to deserve you.

Chris: Hey, what is it?

Sheridan: Nothing, I'm fine.

Chris: No, you can't fool me. I think I know what's happening. Look, you've had a tough year, losing Marty, our baby, and it's going to take some time. I just hope that in some way your life with me and James will help you deal with the grief.

Sheridan: Chris --

Chris: I just hope someday I can make you as happy as you've made me.

Sheridan: You have.

Chris: I'm not sure if I buy that, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, here's to us, ma and pa and chili in the living room. Only thing that's missing now, some TV trays, a couple of reruns of "I Love Lucy." Maybe it's not what you're used to, but I hope that you can find some happiness with me and with James.

Sheridan: I have.

Chris: No regrets?

Sheridan: None. I love our life together.

Chris: So do I, Sheridan. So do I.

Sheridan: No regrets.

Valerie: Let go of me, Whitney.

Whitney: How dare you even come to my home. Look, Chad, I don't want her anywhere near my son. Do you understand that?

Chad: Stop, stop.

Whitney: You're a bastard. How could you lie to me this whole time, Chad?

Chad: I haven't been.

Whitney: Oh, ok, so you're just going to lie in my face when this skank shows up at our home, Chad?

Chad: Whitney, stop it, ok. You're so wrong, it's funny.

Valerie: He's telling you --

Whitney: No, he's not. It's unbelievable what you're doing. So go ahead and tell me how long this has been going on, huh? Ever since I found you two sleeping together on the couch?

Valerie: Chad is telling you the truth. I'm here on business. I didn't know where else to go. Ethan found something out about Jared on Jared's computer and he's gone to the Harmony Inn to confront Jared and Theresa, and I'm afraid of what's going to happen when he gets there.

Whitney: Ok, well that's probably just another lie.

Valerie: I don't want to call the police or Crane security. Theresa won't want the bad publicity. Get over there before Ethan does something stupid in the mood he's in.

Whitney: Ok, wait, so you're telling the truth is what --

Valerie: I always do.

Whitney: So, you warned Theresa then?

Valerie: I tried her cell phone, but she's not picking it up.

Whitney: Ok, fine, we'll go -- I'll go and change and we'll get Melina to come down here and watch Miles. Valerie, I apologize --

Valerie: There's no time for that, just go.

Valerie: Speaking of bad publicity, you'd better be careful. Whitney knows about all of your trips to the Safari Motel.

Chad: Valerie, I --

Valerie: You're playing with fire, Chad. Do you want to lose everything? Whoever it is, just stop. It's not worth it. Do you want to lose Whitney again?

Chad: I love her.

Valerie: Then what are you doing? Break it off with whoever you're seeing, or trust me, things are going to get really ugly. I thank my lucky stars it's not me.

Ethan: Just come with me back to the office, and let me show you what I found on Jared's computer, Theresa.

Theresa: You were in Jared's office?

Ethan: Listen, never -- never mind that. I have proof that this guy is not who he says he is. He's a bad one.

Jared: You're a piece of work.

Theresa: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: Whatever you think that you've found on Jared -- forget it, ok. I trust him.

Jared: Thank you, Tess.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: No, Ethan, please, let me go. Let me move on with my life because that is what we both want, isn't it?

Ethan: This is not what this is about.

Theresa: Isn't it, Ethan? You made your bed, now you lie in it. Now go back to that wife of yours, the one you think is such a saint. Stay true to those marriage vows that mean so much to you, even though they are based on lies. I have moved on. I'm with Jared. And if that hurts you, tough.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: No. Stop trying to tear down Jared. The more you say, the sillier you sound.

Kay: I can't believe he lied to me. I can't believe it. I mean, after all the lies that I've told in my life, you would think that I would be able to tell when someone's lying to me.

Simone: Let it all out, honey.

Kay: To think that I was so close to ending things with Fox, a man who would never hurt me, who would do anything for me. Can you imagine? God, it kills me to think that I almost hurt him when he's so sick. He doesn't even have that much time left to live. Thank God that I did not call off my wedding to be with that liar Miguel.

Fox: Maybe things look bad from your vantage point, but I'm doing what I'm doing because I love Kay.

Charity: It sounds like you want to own her.

Fox: Oh, that's not fair. I finally found the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with and I'll be damned if I let Miguel take that away from me. I did what I had to do.

Miguel: There you are. I was wondering what happened to the two of you. Are we good or what? Kay won't be calling off your wedding.

Theresa: Get out, Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, you're not listening --

Theresa: No, I don't want to hear another word about Jared.

Ethan: You're making a big mistake.

Theresa: Am I? Because I doubt it. Even if I am making a mistake, Ethan, it is my mistake to make. You have nothing to do with it. Now, please just get out of here.

Jared: You heard the lady. Get out.

Ethan: I'm so on to you. I know the truth, all right?

Theresa: God, I knew someone would call hotel security, damn it.

Jared: So, hide. I'll take care of it.

Jared: Chad, Valerie, Whitney, hey, what are you guys doing here?

Theresa: Whitney.

Chad: Well, Valerie said Ethan found something damaging on Jared's computer and he was on his way over here. We just came over to make sure everything was all right.

Theresa: You knew Ethan was on Jared's computer?

Valerie: I can explain.

Theresa: No, what is going on here, Valerie? He is an outsider. He should not be coming anywhere near Crane files.

Valerie: I know that. I was trying to protect you and the company.

Ethan: Theresa, listen -- don't, don't blame Valerie, ok? She tried to stop me. I talked her into it.

Theresa: I should fire you for this.

Valerie: No --

Ethan: No, Theresa, don't do it. Listen, she just was trying to help me protect you.

Theresa: Ethan, protect me from what? From a guy who actually cares about me? From a man that I've chosen to share my life with? No, Valerie, please just get out of here and I'll deal with you tomorrow, please.

Valerie: Am I fired?

Theresa: I don't know. Just please go.

Valerie: I'm sorry.

Theresa: Now look, I appreciate your concern, but everything is going to be just fine once Ethan leaves me alone.

Ethan: Theresa, come to the office. Let me show you the proof.

Theresa: My office, Ethan. Now please get out.

Ethan: Hold on a minute. Who does this laptop belong to?

Jared: Me.

Ethan: Perfect. Great, you know what? We don't have to go anywhere 'cause I can use the satellite link on this to hook up to the Crane system and then we can find out once and for all that Jared Casey is a fraud using this laptop.

Jared: That's private. Back off.

Ethan: Hey, what are you worried about? Don't you want everyone here to know that you are Mr. Good Guy?

Jared: All right, knock yourself out.

Ethan: Theresa, you're going to see that Jared Casey is a fraud.

Simone: Kay Bennett, it is time that you stop feeling sorry for yourself and take some action. What Miguel did to you was despicable and it's time he paid for it.

Kay: There's nothing I can do.

Simone: Oh, no? Come on, Kay, confront Miguel. You should have done that the first time you saw him in that shed. You have to tell him you saw him having sex with Charity, and see if he can try to pretend that it didn't happen. It is time that you nail Miguel to the wall.

Fox: Job well done.

Miguel: Worked like a charm, just the way you wanted. Kay saw us in that shed together --

Charity: Yeah, I kind of liked that part.

Miguel: I'll bet you did. She's devastated. Kay feels totally betrayed.

Fox: Yeah, I know. I don't like hurting her, but it's for a good cause.

Charity: Your cause.

Fox: Hey, I had to save my relationship somehow and having Kay see the two of you together, well, it horrified her, and it worked. So, thank you very much for the help, guys.

Miguel: No problem. Anytime.

Luis: You are so beautiful. I love you.

Fancy: Make love to me now, Luis.

Chris: That certainly hit the spot.

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Let me go and rinse these and we can get ready for bed.

Sheridan: Thank you. I love the way you take care of me.

Chris: It's an absolute pleasure. Look at me, Mr. House Husband. A man can get used to that.

Theresa: Ethan, you need to stop this, ok? This is Jared's computer. You don't have any right going through his files.

Ethan: Trust me, all is going to be forgiven once I show you what I found, Theresa. If you trust him, fine, fine. Then you shouldn't have any problem bearing with me for one minute, right?

Theresa: Where do you get off --

Ethan: Theresa, trust me. You're going to see what kind of man you've hooked up with.

Chad: All right, what's going on, man? What did Ethan find? What are you up to?

Theresa: Ethan, seriously, ok, this is absolutely crazy. How would you feel if someone invaded your privacy?

Ethan: This is a Crane laptop?

Theresa: Yes.

Ethan: Then you have the perfect right to examine any employee's computer. Wait till you see what I found.

Theresa: Well, I can't take chances -- so, just, you know, go ahead, show me.

Ethan: You won't regret it.

Theresa: Look, I'm not allowing this because I distrust you, Jared, I don't. I know that you're a marvelous man and that you have nothing to prove. I'm allowing this to get you to back off, Ethan. And maybe once you realize how foolish you've been, you'll let this and you'll let me go for good.

Ethan: It doesn't matter to me why you're allowing me to do this, Theresa, just that you are. 'Cause once you see this with your own eyes, you're going to realize that that man is a fraud.

Theresa: There's nothing to worry about, ok? I mean, there's nothing on earth that Ethan could show me to make me change how I feel about you, ok?

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