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Jared: I am sorry, Tess.

Jared: Gwen, hi.

Gwen: Hey, Jared, it's -- it's really good to see you.

Jared: Likewise.

Gwen: Um, I'm looking for Ethan. Have you seen him?

Jared: So your husband went AWOL, and the first place you check is to see if he is here with Theresa?

Gwen: Yeah, I guess old habits die hard.

Jared: Well, you're in luck. He's not. From what I hear, you don't ever have to worry about them hooking up again. Theresa said Ethan made it very clear that they'd never be a couple.

Gwen: Yeah, that's what he told me, and I believe him. I just really hope Theresa takes him on his word this time. And if she does, you know, you two can pick up where you left off.

Jared: Gwen, uh --

Gwen: Jared, after just a couple days, I guarantee you Theresa will be so into you again, I mean, Ethan will be a distant memory.

Jared: That's probably not going to happen.

Gwen: Why?

Jared: Because I am leaving Harmony.

Gwen: Wait, you -- you can't.

Jared: Well, Theresa knew it was going to happen. That's my letter of resignation, so --

Gwen: Wait, Jared, ok, you can't leave Harmony, and that's just -- I mean, that's all there is to it.

Ethan: Why, Gwen? Why does Jared have to stay?

Theresa's voice: Miguel's got to be around here somewhere.

Fortune Teller: Excuse me, young lady. Would you like to have your fortune told? The cards never lie.

Theresa: Sorry, I don't really believe in that kind of thing.

Fortune Teller: You used to.

Theresa: Excuse me?

Fortune Teller: The town carnival back in 1999. It was then a fortune teller who predicted you would marry a Crane. That prediction came true.

Theresa: And how did you know that?

Fortune Teller: It is the cards. They can see both the past and the future.

Theresa: Maybe later.

Fortune Teller: Don't you want to know how things turn out?

Theresa: What things?

Fortune Teller: Your future with the man you love, the man you just lost.

Theresa: How did you know --

Fortune Teller: But he loves you still but is bound to another woman -- his wife.

Theresa: Gwen. It's Gwen and Ethan.

Tabitha: That's right, Endora. You enjoy your snack while Mommy finishes arranging these damn appetizers, and then we'll go out back and enjoy the festivities.

Tabitha: Well, I didn't want to upset you, but I think I saw Charity here earlier -- right here in our very own home.

Tabitha: Actually, no, I was -- I was hoping that my eyes were playing tricks on me, but if they weren't and Charity is back here in Harmony, then -- then all heaven could break loose, broiling us in the process.

Kay: Fox, wait, we need to talk.

Fox: Ok, ok, I promise we'll talk, but first let's go greet our guests, ok?

Kay: No. Telling Fox that I'm breaking our engagement to marry Miguel is going to be harder than I thought.

Fox: Oh, I've got to keep Kay from telling me that she and Miguel want to hook up until after she sees Miguel and Charity together. Then once Kay knows that Miguel's first love is back in town, she won't trust Miguel's love for her, let alone marry him. And I'll have Kay all thanks to Charity.

Charity: I wonder if Kay and Miguel will be glad to see me.

Miguel: Well, I hope Kay told Fox we're going to get married. I can't wait to start my life with Kay and Maria.

Miguel: Oh, my God. No, it can't be.

Tabitha: Maybe the stress of hosting Kay's shower is getting to me and I imagined seeing Charity  upstairs. No sign of her outside, and I can see Kay and Theresa and Fox but no sign of Blondie. Oh, oh, Endora, thank you. Mommy can certainly use this. Oh, sweet pea, you can't fathom the potential apocalypse that Charity's return to Harmony would cause. Oh, you and I would be working 24-7 to keep her from coupling with Miguel because, as you may recall, their union would unleash unspeakable goodness throughout the world, sending all of us darksiders into limbo, possibly into extinction. And I have worked too bloody hard for my pension to see it go away now. Aside from that. I mean, that would give Kay one more thing to deal with on top of Fox dying. You know, dying -- dying to -- to get married.

Tabitha's voice: Of course, Endora has no idea her half brother could be six feet soon, nor must she find out.

Tabitha: Hmm, listen to me prattling on, ha ha. I don't think we have to worry about Charity coming back to Harmony. No, I've kept her away from Miguel now for over two years. He's not about to find her in our own backyard. That would be too bizarre.

Miguel: Ah, my eyes must be playing tricks on me. I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Miguel: Kay will freak when she sees all this.

Charity: What's keeping Fox? He said he'd bring Kay and Miguel out to see me right away. Maybe I misunderstood where I was supposed to wait.

Paloma: Oh, there's Theresa. I'll talk to her until Jessica gets here.

Paloma: Theresa looks busy. I'll talk to Noah instead. If he hasn't noticed me yet, he will tonight.

Kay: Fox, wait! I really need to talk to you.

Fox: I've got to keep Kay from telling me she wants to call off the wedding until after she and Miguel see Charity.  Love, you've got nothing to worry about.  The caterers and the florists left nothing to chance.  It's going to be an absolutely perfect bridal shower.

Kay's voice: I have to tell Fox that I love Miguel and that I want to be a family with him and Maria.

Kay: Fox, look, everything is beautiful, but I can't --

Fox: Thank me enough? You don't have to because I -- I love you.

Kay: I love you, too, but --

Fox: You are so beautiful. I mean, you are the most beautiful girl here tonight, and I'm the luckiest man alive because you have chosen to share your life with me till -- till death do us part.

Kay: Look, about our -- our life together -- I have to tell you something really important, and I have to tell you right now.

Fox: Ok. But first let me show you our life together in pictures. You have to see this.

Kay: No, no, no, no, no, this cannot wait another minute, ok? The truth is -- is that --

Jessica: Hey, look at me, bitch!

Kay: Oh, my God!

Fox: Hey, hey, hey --

Kay: Jessica, what the hell was that for?

Jessica: You don't deserve a bridal shower because you don't deserve to be getting married.

Fox: Jessica, keep your hands off Kay.

Kay: Ah.

Jessica: Oh, shut up. This is between me and my lying sister.

Kay: You've been drinking?

Jessica: Hmm, because I'm angry. Angry at you for letting Fox's mother come between Mom and Dad. You wrecked our family, Kay. You helped ruin my life, you selfish, lying traitor. You don't deserve to be happy.

Kay: Oh, my --

Jessica: Ahh, I hate you!

Fox: Calm down.

Gwen: I've been looking for you.

Ethan: Mm-hmm, don't change the subject, ok? I know exactly why you want Jared to stay in Harmony, and frankly, it offends me.

Jared: What, am I invisible here?

Ethan: I've told you a million times -- a million times. I'm not leaving you. I'm committed to you and our family, and it doesn't matter what Theresa does.

Jared: I guess I am.

Gwen: Ethan, Theresa just launched her latest attack against us last night.

Ethan: Yes, and it got her nowhere.

Gwen: What, you think that's just going to be, like, her last ditch effort? Don't kid yourself. Theresa never gives up.

Ethan: Honey, the point is Theresa trying to manipulate our lives is no different than you trying to manipulate her dealings with Jared.

Jared: Don't I have any say in this at all?

Gwen: Ok, I think that Jared is good for Theresa, and she cares about him.

Jared: Guess not.

Ethan: If you want Theresa to stay out of our business, you gotta stay out of hers.

Gwen: I'm not in her business.

Ethan: Oh.

Gwen: Ethan, I just want Jared to stay in town so he can give Theresa a second chance.

Jared: What --

Gwen: I happen to think they make a nice couple.

Jared: Yes, do I have to cluck like a chicken to get someone's attention here?

Gwen: Jared, I'm sorry. We just have tunnel vision when it comes to Theresa.

Jared: Yeah, well, it's been hard for you two, I know. It's been pretty tough on me, too.

Theresa: So how did you know that I was in love with a married man?

Fortune Teller: The cards do not lie.

Theresa: Just out of curiosity, what else are the cards telling you?

Fortune Teller: Ah, we will see, hmm? Oh. Your heart is broken.

Theresa: True.

Fortune Teller: It is clear that you cannot be with the man of your dreams right now even though he loves you and you love him. He won't leave his wife.

Theresa: I know he won't.

Fortune Teller: The cards say you thought this man would leave his wife, but when the moment of truth finally came, a lie came with it, and what you were certain would happen did not.

Fortune Teller: Now all hope is gone.

Theresa: The cards told you all of that?

Fortune Teller: Yes, they reveal what has passed. They can also reveal what is yet to come. That is where the fortune-telling part comes in. Would you like to know more?

Theresa: Sure. I feel a little foolish asking.

Fortune Teller: Oh, there are no answers without questions.

Theresa: This is true. Ok, I have one question. The married man that I'm in love with, Ethan -- can the cards tell you if he and I are over for good, that there's no hope we'll ever be together again?

Fortune Teller: You want to know the final outcome of your relationship with this man Ethan?

Theresa: I would like to know if there's going to be a happy ending for us or not.

Fortune Teller: Then you are prepared for the answer, be it good or bad?

Theresa: I need to know if Ethan and I are ever going to be together again.

Charity: I better go back and wait where Fox told me to.

Jessica: Ugh!

Fox: You touch Kay again, and I will forget that I am a guy, and I will knock you into next week.

Jessica: Ooh, bite me, Richie Rich. This is between me and my lying sister.

Kay: Jessica, I apologized, ok, for keeping quiet about Ivy and what she did to Mom and Dad.

Jessica: You ruined our lives, Kay. You ruined them.

Kay: Ok, can we just go inside and talk?

Jessica: No, I'm not going anywhere with you. I want everyone to hear what you're really like, what you did to our family and to me.

Kay: You? What did I do to you?

Jessica: It's your fault I'm the way I am. A whore married to my pimp. I mean, if Mom hadn't left, she would have been here when I needed her the most, but you hated her for loving Charity, for wanting Charity and Miguel to be couple when you wanted Miguel all to yourself.

Kay: Jessica, I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

Jessica: I don't see how you do it. You plot, scheme, lie, get caught, and still come out on top. I mean, here you are about to marry one of the richest men in the world, and the man you loved all your life still wants you.

Kay: She's talking crazy.

Fox: Yeah.

Jessica: No one decent wants me. Well, maybe it's because I was a trick-turning skank.

Kay: Jess, I'm sorry.

Jessica: Yeah, well, words are cheap but not as cheap as me. Let me show you what I'll do for a dollar.

Kay: Stop it.

Jessica: Oh, right, right, I'm stealing the spotlight. Can't have that any more than I can have a nice shower like this or a nice wedding. I lost out on everything nice because of you, Kay.

Paloma: Jessica, Jessica, it's ok. Kay paid a price for her mistakes and so have you, but that doesn't make you bad or less worthy to be happy.

Jessica: How can I be happy when everyone judges me for what I've done?

Kay: No one is judging you.

Jessica: Shut up! Kay is wrong. Everyone judges me.

Paloma: No, no, I don't, and Simone doesn't either. Jessica, you're our best friend. We love you. We know how a beautiful and loving person you are.

Noah: She's right, Jessica. Paloma is right. You are a beautiful girl, ok? You are my beautiful baby sister.

Jessica: All right, please, just take me inside away from Kay.

Kay: Jessica, wait.

Jessica: Oh, please, just get me away from her.

Fox: Hey, it's ok. I'll be here for you as long as there's breath in my body.

Miguel: What's going on?

Gwen: Look, I know it's been difficult for you, but I really don't think you should give up on Theresa.

Ethan: Gwen --

Gwen: I'm just saying I think that Theresa is finally in a place where Jared could woo her with confidence.

Jared: Look, Gwen, I respect your insight on wooing Theresa, but I've been around long enough to know when it's time to move on. And trust me, it's time.

Gwen: But Jar -- Uh, shoot. You know what, it's Jane's babysitter. I need to take this. Hi, Mrs. Henderson, is everything ok?

Ethan: So, you're really leaving Harmony, huh?

Jared: Well, that's my letter of resignation.

Ethan: Wow.

Jared: You seem surprised.

Ethan: I am surprised, Jared. I thought you would jump right on the chance to get back with Theresa.

Jared: Well, you thought wrong.

Ethan: I might have, or you may be making it so Theresa begs you to stay. You know, offers you a little more money, a little more power.

Jared: That would make me a dirty bastard, huh?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, it would.

Jared: Hmm, what's your problem, man?

Ethan: No problem, I just never saw you as the kind of guy that would just give up on a woman that has Theresa's money and power especially at a time when she's so vulnerable.

Jared: Ouch.

Ethan: Yeah, so that's why I'm surprised you're -- you're leaving.

Jared: Well, you surprise me, too, Ethan.

Ethan: Really, how's that?

Jared: Well, I never figured you as such an idiot.

Ethan: Ooh, ouch. And that's because?

Jared: Well, because only an idiot would leave Theresa.

Theresa: Well?

Fortune Teller: Oh, my.

Theresa: What -- what are they saying?

Fortune Teller: In all my years of using the cards to bridge the gap between then, now, and later -- I have never seen them give such a definite answer before.

Theresa: Definite how? I mean, are they saying that Ethan and I are finished for good or that there is a chance that we'll be together again?

Fortune Teller: You will be very surprised by what your future holds. Very surprised indeed.

Theresa: Can you tell me if the surprise is good news?

Fortune Teller: It's very good news, Theresa. My cards are showing you are going to have the best news you ever hoped for.

Miguel: Kay, what happened? Why do you look upset?

Kay: Jessica was just here.  She was drunk. She just flipped out on me about what Ivy did.

Fox: Jessica blames Kay for ruining her life.

Kay: Noah and Paloma just took her inside.

Miguel: I'm so sorry. Everyone knows Jessica hasn't been herself lately.

Fox's voice: Why is Miguel so together? Has he not seen Charity?

Fox: I can't believe you didn't see Jessica slap Kay. Where were you? Were you out checking out the shower or --

Miguel: Yeah.

Fox: Did you make it over to the catering table?

Miguel: Yeah, I was just there. The pictures of you and Kay are great.

Fox's voice: Well, what about Charity?

Fox: That's it?

Miguel: What? I'm sure the food's going to be great, too.

Fox: Right. Well, I'm gonna go make sure that Jessica doesn't cause any more trouble.

Kay: Well, don't be long, ok, because I still need to talk to you.

Fox: Ok.

Miguel: You still haven't told him about us, have you?

Kay: Yeah, well, I was about to when Jessica started in on me.

Miguel: Did she really slap you?

Kay: Yeah, twice.

Miguel: You know, I could kiss your cheek to make it feel better.

Kay: Yeah, but it's too risky with Fox in the dark and all these people.

Miguel: You know, I wish I would have been here, because I would have been Jessica's punching bag.

Kay: Thanks. It's just so upsetting to see my sister go crazy like that. Miguel, she was completely out of control. I mean, the things that she was saying, and -- and she was blaming me for everything that's gone wrong in her life. What if she's right? What if I am to blame?

Miguel: Well, you said she was out of control. And I'm sure she doesn't realize half of what she said.

Miguel: Kay, wait. Look, we can't let the situation with Fox go on any longer. You have to tell him the truth about us, and you have to tell him now.

Ethan: I'm not discussing Theresa with you. And as far as my letting her go, she wasn't mine to keep. I'm married. I'm not about to renege on my vows with my wife.

Jared: Really?

Ethan: What are you getting at?

Jared: Well, Tess said that you would take Jane and leave Gwen if she could prove that Gwen and her mother were the ones who outed you to that tabloid as being a Bennett

Ethan: Well Theresa tends to say a lot of  things that don't end up being exactly true -- Ethan's voice: Like me being Little Ethan's father.

Ethan: But it's not so much as lies as it is wishful thinking on Theresa's part.  But that would probably be very hard for you to understand because Theresa is well-intended.  You aren't.

Jared: You really think you know me, huh?

Ethan: Oh, I'm pretty sure I do.

Jared: There's nothing more to be said.

Ethan: No, there is -- no, there is. There's good-bye. There's good luck. And there's don't hurry back.

Jared: And I'll be damned if I know what Tess sees in you, man.

Ethan: Well unlike you, Jared --

Jared: Well, you talk the talk about being true to your vows and being a good person? Why don't you try practicing some of that with Tess?

Ethan: Excuse me?

Jared: Let her go, Ethan. You can't be with her, but you still won't let her go.

Ethan: Jared, stop talking, man.

Jared: She deserves to be happy. She deserves to laugh a little more and cry a little less. And you could help her do that if you just step aside and be a husband to your wife.

Ethan: Don't you lecture me, alright.

Jared: Well someone needs to set you straight, Ethan.  You have no right keeping this girl holding on to something that will never be. 

Ethan: I'm not holding her back. 

Jared: Well from where I stand, that's exactly what you're doing and it's not only unfair, it's damn selfish.

Fortune Teller: Their message is clear. You will never be with Ethan. You have no chance whatsoever of a future together.

Theresa: So how is that the best news that I could hope for?

Fortune Teller: It is good news.

Theresa: Ok, Ethan is the love of my life, and the cards are saying that I'm never gonna be with him.

Fortune Teller: Fate is doing you a favor, protecting you by keeping you from making a terrible mistake -- a mistake that could ruin your life.

Paloma: Jessica was so drunk, she passed out the instant her head hit the pillow.

Noah: Yeah, poor kid. I'm going to check on her later.

Paloma: Noah, is it just me, or does Jessica seem to be getting worse?

Noah: Uh, look, it's not just you, all right? Dad and I have noticed that Jessica -- she puts on this happy face whenever Spike's around, but when she's alone, she's miserable. You know, and she -- I don't know. It's not about Kay, you know? It's not about what Kay has done. It's -- it's bigger than that. Both Dad and I have tried to reach out to her, but she pushes us away. She shuts us out.

Paloma: Si. It's like she has -- como se dice, the syndrome --

Noah: Delayed stress syndrome.

Paloma: Delayed stress syndrome over her mom leaving her. I'd hope talking about my anger toward my mom would have helped Jess put things in perspective, but --

Noah: So you finally forgave Pilar for sending you to Mexico to be raised by her sister?

Paloma: Yeah. It's taken a while, but now I know that Mama did what she thought was best for me. And coming back to the states helped, too, even though I didn't realize it at the time. I had terrible fights with my mom. Then Papa proved he was no saint, and I came to see Mama as a strong woman who did the best she could.

Noah: And you forgave her.

Paloma: Mm-hmm. Si. Besides, it's exhausting being angry all the time, you know?

Paloma: So I decided to let go of all this stuff and look ahead instead of looking back.

Noah: Forgive and forget.

Paloma: Yeah.

Noah: Yeah. I wish I could do that.

Paloma: Why? Is there someone you need to forgive?

Noah: Ah, it's more like a list of people.

Paloma: Well, Mama says that even our deepest hurts heal over time.

Noah: Pilar's a wise woman.

Paloma: Yes. But I also think that love helps our hearts heal faster than just time alone. You just have to be open to it.

Noah: Well, I haven't been open to love for a while.

Paloma: Maybe it's time you were.

Noah: Yeah.

Tabitha: Well, Mommy's almost finished doing what those missing-in-action caterers were supposed to do.

Tabitha's voice: Oh, my devil. She's watching TV. I've yet to recover from last year's foul free-for-all.

Tabitha: Endora, darling, will you help me arrange these -- these damn appetizers?

Endora: Why did you turn off the TV?

Tabitha: Then we can go out back and enjoy Kay's bridal shower -- or at least the fiasco that it's going to turn into.

Tabitha: No, no, dear. I think you've done quite enough.

Tabitha's voice: Endora cannot find out it's almost Thanksgiving. There's no telling what she'll do to top last year.

{Kay: Tabitha, what are we gonna do?

Tabitha: Duck! }

Tabitha's voice: I have to keep Endora in the dark that Thanksgiving is almost upon us. There's enough bedlam in this house already, what with Kay and Miguel and Fox.  The last thing I need is a free range fiasco courtesy of my turkey obsessed tot.

Noah: Paloma, I want to thank you for being such a good friend to Jessica.

Paloma: Noah, you don't have to thank me. She's my friend and to me a real friend is like family, you're always there for them no matter what.

Noah: That's a good attitude to have.

Paloma: It's just who I am. I can tell that you're the same way when it comes to family and friends.

Noah: Well, I try to be.

Paloma: It's nice that we have that in common.

Noah: Yeah, really nice.

Paloma: Let's get something to eat.

Noah: Paloma, wait.

Paloma: Si?

Noah: Look, I want us to be friends. You know, uh, good friends.

Paloma: Buenos amigos. I'd like that.

Noah: Yo tambien. Why don't you go ahead and get some food. I'm gonna go check on Jessica. I'll catch up with you later.

Paloma: Ok.

Noah: Yeah.

Paloma: I hope we can be more than friends, Noah -- much more

Miguel: You know, if I got a nickel for every time I've said that, we would have enough money for Maria's college fund.

Kay: I know, I know, ok? I know that I have to tell Fox that we are in love and that we want to be together.

Miguel: Why didn't you tell him inside?

Kay: I tried. He kept interrupting me. He's so anxious that this whole shower goes smoothly.

Miguel: You have to come clean to Fox, ok? It'll hurt him even more and hurt our family and our friends, everybody, Kay. He deserves to know the truth now.

Kay: I agree.

Miguel: Then tell him.

Kay: It's just really hard. I mean, he doesn't have that long to live. And I -- I feel like that I'm ruining what time he does have left by saying, hey, guess what, I'm calling off our wedding to be with you.

Miguel: Look, we both know it won't be easy on Fox, but it would be worse to just let him live a lie during his final days. He needs to know the truth and now, Kay, before this shower really gets going.

Kay: Ok, you're right, you're right. Ok, the minute he gets back here, I will tell him that I can't marry him because I'm gonna marry you.

Fox: Charity, what happened?

Charity: You tell me. I've been waiting here like you said, but I haven't seen Kay or Miguel.

Fox's voice: Damn it.

Charity: Maybe if I go mingle, they're bound to see me then.

Fox: True. Only I wanted you to surprise them first -- before everybody knows that you're back.

Charity: It's up to you, but --

Fox: Just come with me. I've got another surprise for Kay and Miguel.

Charity: What is it?

Fox: Just trust me. All right, when Kay and Miguel first see your face and realize you're back in town, it'll be a moment we'll never forget.

Tabitha: All this food and not a ruddy caterer in sight. Remind me never to allow another mortal to throw a party in our house ever again. What, with the fate fortune teller and all those saccharine decorations and expecting me to arrange the finger food in lieu of the caterers, I mean, that is really outrageous. I'm a witch, not a waitress. Now, you be a good girl, sweet pea, while Mommy delivers this slop to the guests outside. Endora, did you hear me?

Tabitha: Oh, my heaven.

Endora: Uh-oh.

Tabitha: Ah -- I -- well, with good reason. You and thanksgiving are not a good mix. Because you go ga-ga and overdo your woo-woo.

Tabitha: Leaping lizards. Just when I thought nothing else could go wrong, she has to remember it's Thanksgiving. I shudder to think what will happen this year.

Ethan: You don't know what you're talking about, Jared.

Jared: No, I think I do. You can't have Theresa, but you won't let her be with anyone else, and that makes you a selfish bastard.

Gwen: Well, everything's ok with Jane.  What is going on?

Jared: Well Ethan and I are just shooting the breeze.

Ethan: Yeah.

Jared: You'll have to excuse me. I actually have a lot to do before I leave Harmony.

Gwen: Ok, what were you guys talking about when I was on the phone?

Ethan: Nothing. I just, uh, wanted to let him know what I thought about him.

Gwen: Why? I mean, he's leaving town.

Ethan: Because I never liked the guy -- I never have.

Gwen: Yeah, I know, ever since he showed an interest in Theresa.

Ethan: Well, I think Theresa's much better off without him.

Gwen: And I completely disagree. But then again, it doesn't matter what I think 'cause Jared's leaving town.

Ethan: Yes, he is. And good riddance, if you ask me.

Gwen: Ok, we can go to Kay's shower if you want because Mrs. Henderson said she's fine watching Jane.

Ethan: Ok. Yeah, that sounds good.

Gwen: But I'll have to meet you there. I have a little more work to do, ok?

Ethan: Ok. I'm actually -- I'm gonna go to the police headquarters to see my dad and try to convince him to go to Kay's shower after all.

Gwen: Yeah, good luck. Sam is really angry with Kay because he helped your mother destroy his marriage to Grace. But there's no harm in asking, right?

Ethan: Right.

Gwen: So I'll see you there?

Ethan: Yes.

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: Bye.

Ethan: Well, Jared, I'm glad you're leaving. You're not right for Theresa and we're all better off without you.

Theresa: Well, the cards are wrong. I mean, I've loved Ethan for years, and being with him would never be a mistake.

Fortune Teller: Mm. Ethan may be the love of your life, but he's not the right man for you. Life with him would be filled with pain, heartache, and sorrow. Fate is protecting you from that.

Theresa: By keeping me single?

Fortune Teller: I see another man in my cards here for you, a man who fate insists you be with. This man is far better for you in the long run than Ethan.

Theresa: No offense, but you couldn't be more wrong about Ethan and me if you tried, ok? And as far as this other guy is concerned, the other guy that I was interested in, well, he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.

Fortune Teller: Oh, that's not true. He wants you a lot, still. He just feels he can't have you because of Ethan.

Theresa: Jared.

Fortune Teller: He's a man of principles, ethics, and he never judged you for loving Ethan. He just wants you to be happy.

Theresa: That's true.

Fortune Teller: If you don't act quickly, you will lose this Jared. He is the man of your dreams, Theresa. This is a man who can give you anything you want and more. Jared is your future, not Ethan. Go to him. Win him back, or lose your one last chance at happiness.

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