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Miguel: Kay, you're doing the right thing. You'll see. And I know that it is hard, but now that you've decided to tell Fox that you want to spend your life with me, we can start spending our lives together.

Kay: He's going to be so hurt.

Miguel: Hey, he'd be even more hurt if you let him go through with this bridal shower. Think of how embarrassed he'd be, Kay. Now, we have to come clean, ok? You have to tell Fox you're calling off the wedding, and I'll be there right next to you when you do it.

Kay: How am I going to do this? He just found out he's dying. I feel so selfish. He hasn't even told me he's sick because he wants to protect me. How can I break this man's heart when he's trying so hard not to hurt anyone else?

Fox: I cannot wait to see the faces on Kay and Miguel when they see you.

Charity: Maybe I should go talk to them right now.

Fox: No, no, let's not ruin the surprise. You know, the fact is, Miguel -- he talks about you all the time. In fact, the guy never shuts up about you. And my Kay, well, boy, she's changed. She's really realized the importance of family. And to have you here, on our special day, well -- let's put it this way, I bet there wouldn't be a marriage at all if you weren't here.

 Charity: Oh, come on, you're just saying that.

Fox's voice: Oh, no, I'm not. You've got a job to do, Charity - to tear Miguel and Kay apart.

Chris: Hey, James, do you see your mother? All right. Hey, listen, we're going to play a little game, ok? We are -- if Uncle Luis asks you about the man who comes up to the estate to talk to me, you're going to say you don't know what he looks like.

James: But I do.

Chris: You see, there you go, you're losing the game already. We're just going to pretend that we don't know what the man looks like, ok? We're going to fool Uncle Luis. Can you do that?

James: I don't know.

Chris: Of course you can, son.

Chris' voice: Because if you can't pretend you don't know what Spike looks like, then I lose everything.

Fancy: Eve, I almost died down in that mineshaft. I mean, you're the doctor. Aren't you supposed to be keeping me quiet and happy? All this talk about love triangles, about Aunt Sheridan -- you're going to make me crazy.

Eve: I'm sorry, forgive me for being worried. It's just -- when you and Sheridan were in the room together with Luis, the tension was so thick you just could have cut it with a knife.

Fancy: Well, that's understandable. We'll work though it.

Eve: Will you? Fancy, I think that you -- you shouldn't be surprised by what you and Sheridan both might be capable of if you start competing for Luis' affection.

Fancy: That won't happen. Aunt Sheridan's married. She said she's finished with Luis. This legendary romance between the two of them is over.

Luis: Answer the question, Sheridan. Are you happy with Chris?

Sheridan: I already did answer the question. I am happy, I have my little family, I have James now.

Luis: No, you didn't answer the question. I asked you if you were happy with Chris.

Sheridan: Admit it, Luis. What you are asking is if I'm happy being with Chris, and not you.

Luis: Yeah, I'll admit it. Yes, that's what I want to know.

Ethan: No, no, I can't -- can't believe what you just said. You're lying to me, right?

Theresa: No. Julian isn't Little Ethan's father. You are. It's you.

Eve: Fancy, you're a very bright young woman, so I don't want you to kid yourself that the relationship Luis had with Sheridan is -- is over. It never ended.

Fancy: You're wrong.

Eve: No, I don't mean that it's -- that it isn't over. I mean that it never ended the way other love affairs do. With a mutual understanding to say good-bye and move on. There's no storms, no scenes, no recriminations. The point is, that no matter what happens, Luis and Sheridan have this connection. I mean, I can feel it -- can't you?

Fancy: Well, perhaps Luis didn't break it off with Aunt Sheridan in the normal way, but their love affair did end. And that's all I care about. Luis and I are free to be together.

Eve: Fancy, before you do anything rash, I want you to remember that I warned you, ok? Be careful.

Fancy: Thank you, but there is nothing to be careful about. Luis is mine. He's finished with Aunt Sheridan.

Sheridan: Luis -- about my life with Chris.

Luis: Yeah, your life with Chris. You're going to tell me that you love Chris the same way that you love me? Are you?

James: Mommy!

Sheridan: James! Sweetheart, where did you come from?

Chris: We actually just came to check up on Fancy. Is, uh, everything ok here?

Sheridan: Yes, of course. Everything's fine, everything's just perfect, now that I have my little family. We were just talking about Fancy and her condition, how she's an absolute miracle after everything that she's been through in the mineshaft.

Chris: Yeah, it must have been quite an awful experience.

Eve: Everybody, I'm done with the examination. You can go in the room if you like.

James: Aunt Fancy!

Sheridan: Oh, you'd better get in there. I mean, that's the last thing Fancy needs in her hospital room is a hurricane.

Luis: Yeah, I should get in there, too. I'm sure that Fancy will be able to shed some light on what happened last night.

Chris: Well, I'm heading in.

Eve: Sheridan, can I talk to you for a minute?

Sheridan: Oh, please, don't tell me it's Fancy. I -- I thought that she was ok.

Eve: No, she is -- she's ok, and I want her to stay ok. So I thought maybe we could talk about Luis, and the fact that -- that you still love him.

Ethan: No, Little Ethan is not my son.

Theresa: But he is --

Ethan: Is this another one of your crazy lies?

Theresa: I'm not lying to you.

Ethan: This is crazy -- this is madness, Theresa, because I'll tell you something. We were together one time back then, one time on that beach, night on that --

Theresa: That beautiful night --

Ethan: That beautiful night you were on birth control.

Theresa: It didn't work.

Ethan: What are you trying to pull here, huh?

Theresa: I just -- can you just hold me?

Ethan: Hold you? You're lying! You're standing here and you're lying to me. Why are you doing that? If something that important would have happened, Theresa, you would have told me about it. If I was Little Ethan's father, you would have told me about it years ago, right?

Theresa: Yeah, but I just --

Ethan: You would never -- you would never have kept a secret like this from me. Not knowing all that's gone on in my life, Theresa, losing my place as a Crane, losing my -- my father in Julian. Losing my family. I've tried to put on a really good face about all this that's happened to me, Theresa, but I'm having a really hard time now. And if you're telling me that Little Ethan is my son -- I don't think you would have done that. I don't think you could have done something that cruel. Or is it true? Could you tell me right now -- tell me that you're lying to me, because I don't believe that you could be like my mother. Or could you? Could you be that cruel?

Fox: You know, I sent the Crane jet for you so quickly, I didn't know if you had a chance to pack properly so I found some of your old clothes and got my secretary to buy you some new ones.

Charity: Fox, you shouldn't have.

Fox: Are you kidding me? I want you to look your absolute best when you see Miguel and Kay.

Charity: Well, it was very thoughtful. Lucky Kay, marrying a Crane. Just wave your magic wand and all your wishes come true.

Fox: Oh, no such luck.

Charity: Oh, this is nice. I mean, it's -- it's, uh, tasteful. It's -- very classic.

Fox: Yeah, yeah, that would be great if it was on your great-aunt. But, uh, I bought this new one and thought you would look absolutely stunning in it. What do you say?

Charity: [Laughs] It's -- it's not really my style.

Fox: Well, why don't you just try it on? I bet Miguel's eyes will pop right out of his head when he sees you with this on.

Charity: Well, if you say so. Fox, I am so glad you tracked me down. Hearing from you was such a welcome surprise.

Fox: And the surprises aren't over yet. Miguel and Kay are finished.

Miguel: Kay, look around. I mean -- look at this living room, all this stuff, that -- thing.

Kay: I know, it's a bit much, but -- but Fox means well, he just wants to make me happy.

Miguel: Kay, guests are coming here to help celebrate your wedding to Fox. Ok, we can't put this off any longer, we have to tell Fox we love each other.

Kay: I know.

Miguel: Fox deserves to know the truth, Kay, and I don't want our love to be some dark secret.

Kay: I know, you're right. I just feel bad for him, ok. This is going to be a complete shock to him. He doesn't even know that we know he's sick. How am I going to find the words to break his heart like this?

Miguel: If he truly loves you, he'll want you to be happy.

Kay: Oh, that's -- that's helpful. I mean, for crying out loud, Miguel, the guy's dying. If that's not bad enough, now I'm gonna stick a knife in his heart and twist it around?

Miguel: Hey -- you don't want him to live his last few months of his life living a lie, do you?

Kay: No.

Miguel: There is also a selfish reason I want you to tell him. And that's because I want to make sure you're not in his bed, only in mine.

Kay: Yeah, and when I'm lying in your arms, poor Fox is going to be broken-hearted, alone, and dying.

Miguel: What are you saying, Kay? Are you changing your mind? Kay, say something. I mean, are you telling me that you're going through with this, that you're planning on marrying him?

Sheridan: What are you talking about? I'm married now. I -- I have a husband, a son, I have a family.

Eve: Sheridan, don't try to kid me. I know what I saw in there. There's a subtle competition going on between the two of you for Luis' attention.

Sheridan: Really?

Eve: It was tense in there, Sheridan, and you know it was. It was -- it was all over your face, your feelings about Luis. A little child could have seen it. You know you were never very good at lying.

Sheridan: Really, Eve, you're just imagining things.

Eve: Oh, am I? I think I know you better than anyone in this town, Sheridan. Remember I was your psychiatrist and your hypnotist. I know how you bottle up your emotions, and when you get overwhelmed with pain and grief. And then you try to live up to that sick father of yours' idea of what it is to be a true Crane, by -- by just burying your pain. And then pasting a smile on your face.

Sheridan: Well, you're not my psychiatrist now, Dr. Russell. So kindly stop analyzing me.

Eve: I know you, Sheridan. I know in times of stress you turn away from reality. Like when you lost your mother when you were a little girl, and your father turned against you. And remember your real feelings came out as nightmares. Turning away from reality is dangerous, Sheridan. If you don't face up to your true feelings about Luis, then you will bury them. And if you bury them, they will fester, and they will eat away at your soul. And then one day, they will explode, and they will destroy your life and the lives of everyone around you, including your new family.

Luis: Actually, maybe now is a good time to start asking you some questions about how you got down in that mineshaft in the first place.

Fancy: What -- now?

Luis: Fancy, you went after a murder suspect. I need to get to the bottom of this.

Chris: Well, you know what? I can see that the two of you have a lot to talk about so, James, we should go.

Luis: No, you should stay.

Chris: Why?

Luis: I might need to ask you some questions.

Chris: Well, in that case.

Fancy: Uh -- James, you know what? Here is a deck of playing cards. Why don't you go over to that table and see if you can build a house with cards or something, while we talk?

Luis: All right, Fancy. So why don't you think back. Now, do you remember who you were chasing and how you got to the mineshaft in the first place?

Fancy: I never saw his face. I was chasing him all through town, and then finally into the cave. And then he hit me on the back of my head with something, and when I woke up I was blindfolded, and -- then he tried to rape me, but he never did.

Luis: Well, thank God.

Fancy: Anyway, when -- when I tried to escape, that's when I fell down the mineshaft.

Luis: All right, Fancy, think, ok? I'm trying to identify a suspect.

Luis: Fancy, think, ok? Think. I'm going after a murderer here, ok?

Fancy: Well, what do you think I was doing?

Luis: Sorry. All right, listen, you know, sometimes people have access to auditory memories when they think that they can't remember anything. By any chance do you remember the guy's voice?

Fancy: No, I don't think so. But, um, before I fell, I -- I think someone else came in the cave. Yeah, um, there were two people whispering.

Luis: Great, ok, ok -- that's it. Maybe you can identify one of their voices. Um, maybe there was a time when they forgot to whisper. Could you recognize a voice?

{Chris: Fancy! Fancy, can you hear me? }

Fancy: Yes! Yes, I do remember someone's voice, Luis. I remember.

Ethan: Is this your idea of a sick joke or something? I can't be Little Ethan's father, Theresa.  You of all people know how badly I would react if I found out this had been kept from me for all this time.

Theresa: I do know.

Ethan: Right, and you remember how angry I was with my mother held the truth of my birth from me, from Julian, from Sam? I mean, we have had our differences, Theresa, but we were close -- really close, once. And I can't believe that you would keep something like that from someone that you loved, right? Or love? Could you? Could you?

Theresa: I couldn't do that to you. No, I'm not cruel.

Ethan: I know this. So you want to tell me why the hell you would say something like that to me?

Theresa: Um, you know how I am, you know? You know that I just kind of lash out in the heat of an argument. And what I meant to say was -- that you're like a father to Little Ethan. You know? And here we were having this discussion about Julian wanting partial custody, and now he wants full custody, and I just -- I exploded. And I couldn't help myself.

Ethan: All right, all right -- hey. I understand. But the funny part about this whole thing is that -- I'm actually disappointed that it's not true. I love Little Ethan as if he were my own son. I do.

Theresa: I know you do. So many things are wrong with my life, Ethan, I just -- I wish I could just change it all at one stroke.

Ethan: Yeah, well, we make our own lives, Theresa. We make our decisions, and we stick with them.

Theresa: It's not wrong to fantasize, I mean -- is it? Because in my fantasies, so much is different. Everything is different.

Fancy: Yeah -- yes, I do remember hearing a voice when I was down in the mineshaft. But I'd had a big knock on head, so at first I thought was dreaming.

Luis: What did the person say? What did you hear?

{Luis: I never even got the chance to tell you how much I love you. }

Fancy's Voice: Maybe this isn't the time to tell him what I remember.

Fancy: You know, I'm not even sure it happened. Yeah, I'm sorry. I -- I think I'm just thinking of when you were calling down the mineshaft.

Luis: Oh. Well, you know, that's understandable after everything that you've been through. Maybe I can help jog your memory, all right? Let's just think back. You were at the mansion. What -- what happened when you decided to go after this person that you think murdered Phyllis?

Fancy: All right, um --

Fancy: Yes, yes, I remember. James pointed it out. He -- he was standing right outside the French windows.

Luis: Fancy, keep going. Come on.

Fancy: Ok, so I was playing with James in the living room, and he said he saw a man talking to his father on the Crane grounds. And then, right through the window, there he was. James recognized him. So I knew I had to catch him, but I couldn't leave James, and then Paloma showed up and I left him with her. Then I chased this man all over the estate -- down the hill, into town. We were running through the park, and he was hiding from me and I almost had him. And then we got to the caves, and -- wham -- everything went black. When I woke up, I was tied up. And you know the rest.

Luis: Yeah. And you are sure you never saw the man's face?

Fancy: No. It was so frustrating.

Chris' voice: Can I be this lucky? If she can't identify Spike, then maybe she won't be able to identify me.

Luis: Hmm. Well, Chris, sounds to me like at some point you were talking to this man on the estate.

Chris: Huh, I think James is confused. I have no idea who he is talking about.

Luis: Who was it? Who were you talking to?

Chris: I have no idea, ok? It could have been anybody -- a gardener, a security guard -- who knows? I mean, he's a -- he's a young kid with a healthy imagination.

Luis: Really?

Chris: Yeah.

Luis: Because it doesn't sound to me like he's imagining anything. Ok. Seeing as though I can't seem to get an answer out of you, and Fancy never saw this man's face, nor could she remember his voice, there's really only one person left who can potentially identify the person who murdered Phyllis.

Sheridan: I'm sorry, Dr. Russell, but I'm about ready to tell you to mind your own business. I don't have to worry about bottling up my emotions anymore. I don't! I know exactly what is going on in my head, and I can handle it. Everything is going great. I have James, I have Chris, I have the family that I have always wanted, and if anything should happen, I have them to lean on because I'm no longer alone.

Eve: What about Luis? You don't have him to lean on anymore.

Sheridan: I know that! I'm sorry. I know that. I made a conscious, clearheaded decision between Chris and Luis. And I chose Chris. I no longer want to be with Luis.

Eve: Ok, so you told me what your head thinks about it. What does your heart think about it? Did your heart tell you that you could live the rest of your life without Luis?

Fox: How long is Charity going to take in the bathroom?

Charity: What do you think?

Fox: Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow.

Charity: So, I take it you approve?

Fox: Oh, and how. Miguel is going to flip when he sees you. You look -- oh, you look perfect.

Charity: Well, Fox, you're going to learn a lot once you're married to Kay. I mean, we women -- now that I changed this dress, I am going to have to completely change my makeup.

Fox: Well, then, get cracking. I can't wait for our big surprise here.

Fox's voice: With Charity as my secret weapon, Kay and Miguel don't stand a chance.

Miguel: Please, Kay, I thought we settled this.

Kay: We have. We have, and I love you, and I do want to spend my life with you. And I will tell him the truth.

Miguel: Now?

Kay: Yeah, I'll tell him now. I just -- I don't know how.

Miguel: We'll figure it out together, ok? The right thing is tough sometimes, but it's better than livinga lie. Think past today. We'll be sharing our lives, our love, raising Maria as a family just the way we were meant to. I love you. And no matter what happens, never forget that.

Kay: I love you, too. Ok, we can't do this here.

Miguel: I want you.

Kay: No, wait, here, now? No --

Miguel: Here, now.

Sheridan: I have everything I ever wanted, Eve. I have a loving husband, a beautiful son. I feel like the happiest woman in the world. I do.

Eve: I saw you. The look on your face when you saw Luis and Fancy's closeness. It was just a mask of pain.

Sheridan: You know, it's -- it's just these shoes. I knew they were too small. All right. Yes, it hurts to see Luis and Fancy together so close. They certainly didn't waste any time.

Eve: There. There, now you are being truthful.

Sheridan: It's only natural to be hurt, isn't it? I mean, any woman would feel this way. It's just possessiveness. And I'm a grown woman. I need to get over this. I know where my heart lies. It's with Chris and James.

Chris: Let me get this straight. You want to question my son? He's just a kid.

Luis: Yeah, well, it's a sad fact, but many children are summoned as witnesses to crimes. Now, the thing is, I can't question him without your permission, but if you don't grant me that permission, I will only assume that you have something to hide.

Chris: So we're back to this again, are we, huh? You just don't let anything go?

Luis: No, that's why I'm such a good cop.

Chris: You know what? You're dead wrong this time, cause I have nothing to do with Phyllis' murder.

Luis: Do I have your permission to question James?

Chris: I didn't say that.

Luis: What's it going to be? Time's a-wasting here. Do I have your permission to question James or not?

Ethan: Theresa, I'm sorry. You're obviously very distraught.

Theresa: I am?

Ethan: Custody battles are not fun, Theresa. They're -- they're nasty.

Theresa: Well, you -- you do know about that, don't you? You -- you stole my daughter from me.

Ethan: All right, hold on a minute. I'm not going to argue with you about this, ok? I -- I am Julian's lawyer. I have to act in his best interests.

Theresa: What about my best interests, Ethan? What about Little Ethan's? My God, Julian -- he has no right even talking to a child, much less raising a child.

Ethan: I'm not -- once again, I'm not going to argue with you about this. We are on opposite sides of a custody dispute, and -- oh, God, Theresa, I should -- I shouldn't even be -- I should probably go.

Theresa: No, wait, don't, wait, just -- please.

Ethan: What, what is it?

Theresa: In Rome, you said -- you promised me that you would always be a part of Little Ethan's life, and I just need you to reaffirm that promise just one more time for me, please?

Ethan: Theresa, that is one promise I don't have a problem with at all. I love spending time with Little Ethan. I love it.

Theresa: Just remember how important you are to him, please. I mean, like a father, you're his moral compass.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: No, I'm serious, ok? He doesn't make any big decisions without talking to you first. He trusts you. I trust you. Just don't let him down, ok? Because I don't think he could bear it.

Ethan: I won't. There have been many times when I have been with Little Ethan when I've wished that he was my son. But he's not my son. And he will never be my son.

Luis: Well? Can I question the boy? I need to know now.

Chris: All right, all right. You can ask him a couple of questions, but I don't want you upsetting my boy.

Luis: Good, let's get started.

Chris: Hang on. I'd like to speak to him in private first.

Luis: In private? It's only going to take a couple minutes. Unless, of course, you don't want me speaking to him.

Chris: All right, let's get this over with. James?

James: Daddy, look -- whammo!

Chris: Listen, Uncle Luis wants to ask you a couple of questions, ok?

Luis: Yeah, how's it going, buddy? So, all right, you were over at, uh, Aunt Fancy's the other night, right? She's got some great toys. You guys have a good time?

James: Yeah, I love her.

Luis: Yeah, yeah, she's an amazing woman. So, when you were there, you saw a man outside the window, right? Yeah. Do you know who it is?

Sheridan: Eve, really. There's no need for you to be concerned about me.

Eve: Honey, you just can't forget the kind of love that you and Luis shared.

Sheridan: You know what? Everyone dwells on this great love that Luis and I shared, but what no one realizes is that that "great love" caused me so much pain. It cost me my son.

Eve: Sheridan, you -- you don't blame Luis for Marty's death?

Sheridan: Why not? Who else is there to blame? If Luis had believed me when I said that Beth had kidnapped our son, Marty would still be alive. He swore that he would bring Marty home, safe and sound, but he didn't.

Eve: You know as well as I do that everything that happened was because of Alistair. It's not fair to blame Luis.

Sheridan: Fair or not, he didn't bring him home, and I don't think I can get past that. But you know what, though? It doesn't matter, because I've moved on. I have Chris and James now, I have my family, and I couldn't be happier.

Eve: Fine. Just know that my door is always open if you want to talk.

Sheridan: Thank you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I would like to go see my son and my husband, and say good-bye to Fancy.

Eve: Oh, heaven help Luis and Fancy if Sheridan ever loses James and Chris.

Luis: Ok, so, if I showed you some pictures of the men who I think were on the Crane estate, do you think that you could point out the one who your daddy was talking to?

James: I -- I don't know.

Luis: But -- you said that you saw him outside. You saw him with your Aunt Fancy.

James: I don't know.

Sheridan: What's going on here?

Luis: I'm just asking James some questions about the man who held Fancy hostage in the cave.

Sheridan: James, come here. Who gave you permission to question my son?

Luis: Chris.

Sheridan: After you badgered him, I'm sure. Can't you see that my son is upset?

Luis: All right, wait a second.

Sheridan: I don't want you to do this again, Luis. You stay away from my son. Do you hear me? Stay away from James!

Sheridan: You had no business questioning a child.

Luis: Oh, Sheridan, come on. He's the only one who can identify --

Sheridan: No more. Chris, let's go. Fancy...feel better.

Fancy: I -- I will. Thanks again for the card, James.

James: You're welcome.

Sheridan: Come on, sweetheart.

{Luis: I never even got the chance to tell you how much I love you. }

Fancy: Did you really say that, Luis? Or was that wishful thinking on my part?

Sheridan: The nerve of Luis. And you! How could you let this happen? Enough! We are going home.

Luis: Can you just let me explain, huh?

Sheridan: No. I don't ever want you to approach my son ever again. Just keep your distance. If you ever approach my son again, I swear I will have you thrown off the force.

Eve: God, what happened?

Luis: I don't know. This whole thing is my fault because of Marty, I guess.

Eve: Oh, Luis.

Luis: My God. Sheridan hates me.

Ethan: Yeah, Little Ethan's a great kid. He's a great kid. I think if he were my son, I think my life would be very complete. But, hey, we're not really taking care of business here, are we? So, I need you to go through these papers carefully, ok?

Theresa: I will. I know what's at stake, so --

Ethan: I wish you the best, I really do, for Little Ethan's sake.

Theresa: God, it's not fair. What did I do to deserve this?

Fox: You finished getting ready, and I'll go check to make sure the coast is clear. I don't want Kay coming up here before the bridal shower. I don't want Kay to miss the big surprise for the night.

Charity: You must be really starved for entertainment around here.

Fox: Don't sell yourself short.  There was a huge hole in our group when you left. And now you're back, and Miguel and Kay are going to be so surprised to see you.

Kay: I love you.

Miguel: I love you so much. And I want you.

Kay: I want you, too.

Fox: What is going on in there?

Miguel: Oh. Oh. Oh, I love you.

Luis: Sheridan's the only woman that I would ever love.

Tabitha: I can't believe it. How could Charity be here?

Julian: And you drop the bomb on Miguel and Kay.

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