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Miguel: Hey, Fox. Come on, man, we're waiting for you.

Fox: Just -- just -- just a second, ok?

Kay: Oh, my God, do you hear him? He sounds terrible.

Miguel: We're telling him the truth.

Kay: No.

Miguel: Kay, we're telling him we love each other.

Kay: Miguel, he is dying. You heard him on the phone with the doctor. He only has a couple months to live.

Miguel: And that's tragic, but you still have to tell him we love each other.

Miguel: Kay, don't think for one second you can still marry him, because that'll break my heart. I'm only trying to protect our love.

Kay: Miguel --

Miguel: People in love deserve to be together, Kay. I know I've had some nasty run-ins in the past with Fox, but deep down he's a good guy. He'll understand that.

Kay: How can I hurt him when he doesn't even have that much time left?

Miguel: You heard what he said. Time is precious, and I won't go another second without you. Hey, Fox. Come on, man, I need to talk to you.

Fox: Um, give me one more minute there, Miguel. How do I shut this guy up? God, if they tell me that they're in love with each other, they'll ruin everything. The only reason I'm pretending to be dying is to guilt Kay into marrying me. The saintly Fox would never do that if he knew that Kay was in love with another man. How do I get out of this mess?

Luis: Fancy, Fancy, please. Fancy, can you hear me? Fancy, please wake up. Oh, God, please don't die on me. Fancy, Fancy, don't die on me.

Sheridan: Luis, how badly is Fancy hurt?

Paloma: Sam and Chris went to get some help! Hang on!

Sheridan: Answer us! We can't see you!

Luis: She -- she's gone!

Luis: Fancy's dead!

Ethan: Why are you here and what is going on?

Theresa: Ethan, J.T. is here, and he's going to tell you the truth.

Ethan: Oh, There -- I've heard J.T.'s version of the truth, Theresa. You bribed him, he lied to me.

Theresa: No, look, J.T., he has proof that Gwen and Rebecca know him. They are in this up to their eyeballs, Ethan. They were the ones who sent Ivy's letter to the tabloid that exposed your true paternity.  Gwen has been lying to you for years.  Your marriage is a lie, and once J.T. shows you the proof, you're going to leave her. You're going to marry me and all of our dreams are going to come true. We're going to be a family with Jane and Little Ethan, the way it was always supposed to be.

Gwen: Ethan, can you just please make her stop? I -- I can't take any more of this nonsense.

Ethan: Theresa, I've heard all of this before. What has changed?

Theresa: I found J.T. earlier tonight with Gwen.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: Yeah, we all had a nice little chitchat, didn't we, Gwen?

Ethan: Hold on. That can't be. Gwen has been here all night, right?

Theresa: Ethan, I don't think so. J.T., what is taking you so long?

J.T.: Yeah, uh, sorry about that. Well, we meet again.

Ethan: Yeah, Gwen, is Theresa telling the truth here?

Gwen: Ethan, I love you. Please, just know how much I love you.

Theresa: It's showtime.

Kay: We're just going to hurt him when he's at the lowest point of his life?

Miguel: Kay, we'll be gentle? Think of all the couples we know. What has gotten all of them into trouble? Lies, nothin' but lies. I mean, if Theresa would have been honest with Ethan from the beginning, she'd be with him right now.

Kay: I know, and if I would have told the truth, my parents would still be together.

Miguel: Right, and you don't want to end up as another Ivy, do you?

Kay: No.

Miguel: It's always better to tell the truth.

Kay: I know, I know, you're right. I just -- I don't want to hurt him. He's been so good to me.

Fox: Nobody steals what belongs to me. I won't have it. But what am I going to do? What am I going to do? Yes, that's how I'll destroy Miguel forever.

Miguel: Hey, are you all right in there?

Fox: [Coughing] Yeah, just -- just one more second here. Just a second. Yes, Fox Crane here. I believe you used to do some -- some work for my grandfather, Alistair Crane. Well, I think it's about time you start doing a little work for me. I need you to find somebody for me as soon as possible.

Luis: She's gone. Why? Why? I never even got the chance to tell you how much I love you. Fancy, Fancy? Oh, my God. She's alive!

Paloma: Thank God.

Fancy: I'm cold.

Luis: Ok.

Fancy: So cold.

Luis: It's ok. I'll get you warmed up, ok? Damn it, it's so damp and cold down here.

[Yelling] She's freezing and she's in shock! Can we get some help down here?

Sheridan: Don't worry, help is on the way! Just hang in there!

Luis: Listen, I need some matches so I can build a fire and -- I don't know -- some blankets, jackets, whatever you got!

Paloma: Sam brought emergency survival kits. There are blankets and lighters in them.

Paloma: Look, there's a video camera. We could see what's going on down there.

Sheridan: Great. Luis, we're going to lower the kits down!

Ethan: I can't believe you have the nerve to show your face here. For months, I've been listening to nothing but stories about what you know and what you don't know. It's ridiculous.

J.T.: Oh, oh, I know a lot.

Ethan: Theresa, you've been spreading lies. You've been upsetting Gwen. Do you not remember your promise in Rome? I mean, you did tell me you were going to give me up for good, right?

Theresa: Ethan, that's why I'm here tonight. To put an end to all the lies. You deserve to know the truth.

Gwen: Oh, God.

Ethan: Hey, Gwen, don't worry about it. This is all going to be over very, very soon.

Theresa: That's what she's afraid of. J.T., why don't you tell Ethan everything?

Luis: All right, here we go. Here we go. Ok.

Fancy: No, don't touch me.

Luis: Fancy, hey, Fancy, it's me, Luis. It's ok. What happened to you? Looks like someone took a knife to your clothes. Listen, you're soaking wet, ok? I've got to take your clothes off, ok? Ok? Fancy, just lie down.

Fancy: I'm cold.

Paloma: Dios mio.

Sheridan: What the hell is going on down there?

Miguel: He deserves to know the truth. Do you want him to spend the last few months of his life living a lie? Is that what you want? That isn't right. It's not even fair to Fox.

Kay: I hate this. I hate this. He is so sweet and loving. I -- I don't know if I can bring myself to hurt him. He would never hurt anyone.

Fox: Yes, I want Miguel to get the full -- the full treatment. The Alistair Crane special. Yeah, I'll pay you what he paid you, plus I'll throw in a bonus if you can act quickly. Excellent.

Miguel: Hey, you need some help in there?

Fox: [Coughing] No, uh, just a second and I'll be right out. Just get it done as quickly as possible.

Fox: Wish me luck, Grandfather. I'm about to destroy Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Sheridan: What is he doing to her?

Paloma: Following his training. Oh, look, she's still shivering. She must be suffering from hypothermia and shock. In class, Luis taught us that you have to warm up the victim any way you can, so he's taken off her wet clothes so her body can get warm. See? He started a fire.

Sheridan: Oh, yes, yes, I see that.

Paloma: It bothers you, doesn't it? I didn't know you were such a prude.

Sheridan: I am not.

Paloma: Well, manners go out the window in life-saving situations.

Sheridan: I know that. Come on, Luis, do the best you can to keep Fancy warm until help arrives. Hopefully, they'll get here soon.

Paloma: I'll go find Sam and Chris. Maybe those rescue teams will find a way to get into the shaft.

Luis: Here you go. All right. Don't you worry, everything's going to be ok. Help's coming soon, all right?

Fancy: Where am -- Luis?

Luis: Yeah?

Fancy: Where are my clothes?

Luis: Yeah, well, they were soaking wet. You lost a lot of body heat.

Fancy: So cold.

Luis: Damn it. Fire going, I put you in a blanket, what else can I do to keep you warm?

Fancy: Help me, Luis, help me.

Luis: Shoot, what else can I do?

{Luis: It's the only way I can keep you warm, Sheridan -- the only way I can save you. I hope you understand. }

Sheridan: Oh, my God, what is he doing?

Luis: All right, ok, Fancy, I'm here. Come on, ok, here you go. Feel me, let me get you warm, ok?

Fancy: I'm cold, Luis, help me.

Luis: There we go. Ok. That better? Huh?

Fancy: Yeah.

Luis: You warmer?

Fancy: Yeah, don't stop.

J.T.: First of all --

Ethan: Now wait, hold on, hold on. I -- I actually want to do the talking right now, if that's all right. I don't want to hear another prepared story that you've cooked up with Theresa.

Theresa: Ethan!

Ethan: No, I'm serious. I just want to talk to this guy man to man. And I don't want you telling him what to say.

Theresa: Ok, I wouldn't do that.

Ethan: You did that in Rome actually. I want to know everything that you know, and if you have anything to tell me, I want you to tell me the truth, because I'm actually a damn good lawyer and I'll know if you're lying about it.

J.T.: Well, why would I lie?

Gwen: Because a crazy billionaire is paying you to.

J.T.: My word isn't for sale, Mrs. Winthrop.

Theresa: Go ahead, Ethan. Ask J.T. anything that you want. Oh, wait, wait a minute. Gwen, did you want to go first? Is there something that you would like to ask J.T.?

Ethan: OK. Then let's just do this in a nice, organized fashion, ok? You were the editor of "Daily Private Lives" when a certain file was e-mailed to you from my mother's old computer... a computer that was given to Theresa as a gift for good service to my mother. I want to know everything about that event. I want to know how, who, when, why. I want you to tell me everything.

Theresa: And don't forget to ask about the photograph of him and Rebecca in bed together.

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: Got it.

Ethan: Thanks.

Gwen: Oh, I can't take much more of this.

Ethan: Did you say something?

Gwen: No, no, I just think we should get this over with.

Gwen's voice: It's over. Theresa's about to steal my husband.

Miguel: Hey, are you all right in there, Fox? We're getting worried.

Fox: Yeah, just -- I just got to take care of something in here so...

Kay: Do you think we should call a doctor?

Miguel: Why? We don't even know what's wrong with him. Just give him a chance to come out and -- and he can tell us himself.

Fox: I'm really sorry about that. I must have eaten something that disagreed with me.

Kay: You look terrible. Oh, my God, you're burning up.

Fox: Well, maybe I'm catching a bug or something, but -- hey, I feel fine. I don't want you worrying about me, ok?

Kay: No, you're sick.

Fox: Don't be ridiculous, I'm ok. Now, Miguel, you had something that you want to tell me? Well, what is it with you two? You keep saying that there's something important to tell me, but nothing gets said.

Miguel: Well, look, Fox about --

Kay: It's not really a big deal. Um, Miguel just actually wanted to apologize. He agrees with you about arguing.

Fox: Arguing?

Kay: Yeah, he doesn't want to argue with you anymore. He just wants us all to get along. Life is too short for this stress.

Miguel: Yeah, I do feel that way, but --

Fox: You know, Miguel, that -- that does my heart so much good to hear you say that.

Miguel: Does it?

Kay: Now, that's weird. Your fever is gone.

Fox: Yeah, you know, it comes and goes.

Kay: You're sick, you need to lie down.

Fox: Hey, don't be ridiculous, I'm fine. You know, in fact, I never want to rest again. I want to spend each and every waking moment with you, my love. You know, I was -- I was telling you guys that I had this realization, right? But it's really more of a -- of an epiphany, if you will.

Kay: About what?

Fox: About life and how beautiful it is. I mean, we spend -- we spend so much time on work and getting ahead to make money and for what? To get stressed out? To be angry? To be envious? We should be spending every waking moment of this life trying to make this world a better place for the ones that we love. Because we never know when God's going to come up and snatch this wonderful gift -- this wonderful, wonderful gift that we call life right away from us.

Miguel: Anyway, there's something you should know --

Fox: Miguel, I've been doing a lot of thinking. I need to mend fences while I still -- well, anyway, there's something I want to ask you, Miguel.

Miguel: What's that?

Fox: Would you do me the great honor and privilege and be my best man in my wedding with Kay?

Sheridan: Luis! How's Fancy? Is she all right? Is she any warmer?

Luis: She's better for now! Oh, God, what am I thinking? We need some fluids.

Luis: Here you go. See. Is that better? You feeling any warmer?

Fancy: No, I'm still cold.

Luis: Ok, ok, come on. Let me help you. Ok, come here. Ok.

Paloma: Sam and Chris are talking to the rescue crew. There's no way to get to the shaft through other caves or shafts. It's too unstable.

Sheridan: No.

Paloma: They're trying to figure out how to make something to reach all the way down to Luis and Fancy, but it'll take time.

Sheridan: Just so long as they save them.

Paloma: He's still trying to get her warm, huh?

Sheridan: Yeah, I'll say.

Paloma: He's doing a good job, isn't he? I'm sorry, I was just kidding. He's obviously trying to get her warm. Like I said, she must be suffering from hypothermia.

Sheridan: I know exactly what he's doing. One time, he had to warm me the same way, and another time I had to warm him.

Paloma: Poor Fancy. She's been through so much. See the blood in her hair? She might have a head injury besides hypothermia. In class, they say shock could be --

Sheridan: Well, aren't you just little Miss Mary Sunshine tonight? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's not you.

Paloma: I know that.

Paloma: I know what that looks like.

Sheridan: I know what it feels like to be in Luis' arms. It's so safe and protected. You feel like the only woman in the world.

Ethan: Do you know exactly, for a fact, who sent that e-mail?

J.T.: Oh, yes, absolutely.

Ethan: Ok, then I guess everything depends upon the answer to this question, J.T. and I'd appreciate you telling me the truth or I will crack your head against the damn --

J.T.: Oh -- hey, I'm in the truth business.

Ethan: Well, that's good, because the lives and the futures of everybody in this room are at stake here. So here's my question. Who exposed my true paternity? I want the name or names and I want 'em now.

Paloma: Are you ok?

Sheridan: Yeah, yeah, of course. I'm just glad that Fancy's ok. And Luis. It was terrifying when she fell into the shaft and -- and when Luis went after her. I mean, they both could have died.

Paloma: Yeah, they're both very lucky. Where's that rescue crew? It's taking so long. What if there's a cave-in or something?

Sheridan: Don't say that. Besides, Fancy is in the best hands possible right now. Luis always knows how to take care of a woman in danger.

Sheridan: Luis will take care of Fancy, even if he has to die trying.

Luis: Feel any better?

Fancy: Yes, you make me feel safe and warm.

Luis: That's good. That's what I like to hear.

Fancy: Thank you, Luis. You could have died. You risked your life to save me. I just still can't believe you threw yourself down the shaft that way.

Luis: Yeah. Well, I didn't know what else to do. When I saw you fall, I thought I was going to die, too.

Fancy: Luis, I owe you my life.

Sheridan's voice: Oh, Luis, That look was mine.

Theresa: Tell him. Tell him who ratted out his mother and then destroyed his life.

Ethan: Theresa, that -- J.T., the name or names now, please.

Gwen: Where's my mother?

Theresa: She can't help you now.

Ethan: Ladies, ladies, enough, please! Come on, this is ridiculous. Just tell me. Who told you that Sam Bennett was my father?

J.T.: The person who exposed your paternity to "Daily Private Lives" was a stringer I used. I had her infiltrate the mansion as an employee, a maid. Her name, poor soul, was Phyllis.

Gwen: What?

Theresa: You liar.

Gwen: Yes! Yes!

Miguel: Oh, God, your -- your best man. After everything we've been through together, wow.

Fox: Because, Miguel, because of everything we've been through you and I have forged this -- this special bond. I mean, I get along with you much better than -- than with those guys at the country club.

Miguel: Look, Fox, there's something you should --

Fox: Listen, I want my wedding to this exquisite creature to be absolutely perfect. And it only makes sense that her best -- her best pal from her childhood is a big part of it.

Miguel: I don't think there's --

Kay: I think it's a great idea.

Fox: Fantastic, then it's all settled.

Miguel: I didn't say that.

Kay: Thanks, Miguel, you're a great friend. I know Maria's going to be happy that her daddy's part of the wedding party.

Fox: And she's old enough, too. She'll remember it. This -- this one special day when we're all together.

Kay: Yeah, I want her to have good memories of you.

Fox: Love, why wouldn't she? We've got our entire lives ahead of us, ok?

Miguel: Well, I think this has gone on long enough, so --

Kay: Yeah, hasn't it though? I think that we all need some rest. You look tired.

Fox: Well, maybe I am just -- just a little.

Kay: Well, go to bed. Go to bed, I'll be in there in one minute.

Fox: Miguel, I want to thank you for agreeing to be my best man. Listen, I know we've had our differences in the past, but from now on, I'm letting bygones be bygones. I want to have a clean slate before...

Fox: Well, I think you know what I mean. My love, don't keep me waiting too long. Every second away from you, it's -- well, it's like an eternity.

Miguel: What do you think you're doing?

Kay: I can't tell him the truth tonight. He has gone through so much. My God, he just found out he's dying. And he's already trying to figure out how to say good-bye.

Miguel: I can't be his best man, Kay! There isn't going to be a wedding, and if there is a wedding, it's going to be to me.

Kay: I know.

Miguel: So, what are you going to do now?

Kay: What do you mean now?

Miguel: Yeah, what are you going to do now? The man is waiting for you in bed.

Kay: He's sick.

Miguel: He looked pretty damn healthy to me, Kay. I love you and -- and I'm supposed to just stand here and watch you go make love to this guy? Answer me, Kay. Are you planning on sleeping with Fox tonight? Because if you are, you -- you better tell me right now.

Sheridan's voice: What am I doing to myself? I'm a married woman. I'm the one who told Luis to move on. I'm the one who told Fancy it was ok for her to go after Luis.

Paloma: This is really bothering you, isn't it?

Sheridan: No, no, of course not. Yes, yes, it is. But I am -- I'm married to Chris now. I -- Luis isn't a part of my life in the slightest now.

Paloma: Well, they do make a handsome couple.

Fancy: I've never felt this close to someone. You're such an amazing man, Luis. You're so strong and so brave.

Luis: No, you're the brave one, you know that? Had me worried sick all night.

Fancy: How can I repay you? What you did tonight... you saved my life.

Luis: Nope, actually, I think you're saving mine.

Sheridan's voice: Luis, it's over.

Theresa: He's lying, Ethan.

J.T.: Na -- na -- na --

Theresa: You are lying.

J.T.: No, no, I came here to tell the truth and that's what I've done.

Theresa: No, you are a liar, J.T.!

Ethan: Theresa, Theresa.

J.T.: Oh, no, God, get her off of me!

Ethan: Stop, stop it!

Theresa: No, he's lying!

Ethan: This is not helping anything.

Theresa: You have to believe me. I am telling you the truth. Gwen and Rebecca sent Ivy's letter to the tabloid. She admitted it to me. Rebecca admitted it.

Gwen: Yeah, now who's lying?

Theresa: Shut up! J.T. has proof.

Ethan: You are not listening to me. I'm at the end of my rope about this, Theresa. I am at the end. This is it, it's over. I asked your informant, point-blank, who exposed my true paternity. He said it was Phyllis. His own stringer at the mansion.

Theresa: Well, that's impossible.

Ethan: No, it's not impossible. There's a ton of people in the Crane empire who leaked to the press. And the media pays very well for information on the family. You know this.

Theresa: Not Phyllis, ok? How can you not see this, Ethan? It's so clear! How -- how convenient. Phyllis is dead! She's murdered, Ethan! She was murdered, she can't defend herself! She can't refute the story!

J.T.: Let's not speak ill of the dead.

Theresa: You know what? You're lying about the dead! He's lying through his teeth.

Ethan: Why would he do that?

Theresa: I don't know.

Ethan: I don't know either, Theresa. You know, you've had every opportunity to -- to prove your accusations correct. You came in here, you barged in here telling us all that we were going to hear the truth tonight. We heard the truth.

Theresa: No, you did not hear the truth.

Ethan: You said he was the only man in the world that can clear this whole thing up. I am forced to believe him, Theresa, and it's over. It's time for a new beginning, and I am sorry to you. I am sorry. She's been very insistent about this and I -- yeah, I was doubting you for a while. I'm sorry.

Gwen: It's ok, you know, she can be very convincing.

Theresa: I'm telling the truth.

Ethan: Theresa, it's over.

Miguel: Kay, come on.

Kay: Miguel, no, I am not going to have sex with Fox. I love you, but I have to share a bed with him.

Miguel: Why?

Kay: Miguel, just don't worry. We're not going to have sex. He needs me, though, and you know that.

Miguel: Yeah, you and I both know exactly what he needs.

Kay: Ok, listen to me. That man in there is a good person and he has helped me through a lot and he loves me. And I love him, too.

Miguel: Kay.

Kay: I don't love him the same way that I love you, but yeah, I love him. Gosh, when my life was going downhill and I was afraid and alone and I was working 12-hour shifts at that stupid cannery, gutting fish all day... he came along and he made me feel like I was somebody. More than that, he made me feel like I was a -- I was a princess. And now he's going through the worst crisis of his life. Maybe the last crisis of his life. And I am not going to cause him any more pain right now, ok? So I'm going to go in there, and I am going to lay next to him until he falls asleep, and then I will come to you. He's tired, and you saw him, he's sick.

Miguel: He looked fine.

Kay: He's dying. And he needs some support from me right now, ok? And it's crazy to think that he's even going to try to have sex with me anyway.

Fox: It's funny how the dying have these sudden bursts of energy. You're not going back to Miguel tonight, 'cause you're going to be making love to me all night long.

Miguel: I don't like this.

Kay: Look, you have the biggest heart in the world. Just try and understand, please. Don't fall asleep. I will be there soon, ok?

Fox: Hi, sweetie. Hey, I missed you. Come on, come to bed. Fox wants a kiss.

Kay: Just one -- one kiss, ok? Then you have to go to bed.

Fox: Your face is the last thing I want to see when -- when I go to sleep.

Kay: Fox.

Fox: Mm, I want to make love to you all night long.

Kay: Oh, God.

Sheridan: Look at me crying like a little girl. It's so silly. I mean -- it's -- it's nostalgia really. That's -- that's what it really is. Because Luis deserves to move on and I'm -- I'm married to Chris now and -- and I'm happy.

Paloma: Of course you are.

Sheridan: Luis and Fancy -- they deserve to be happy together. They do.

Theresa: What is wrong with you, J.T.? Why are you doing this? You're lying. You know you're lying.

J.T.: Oh, hey, hey, hey. Get a grip. I mean, if life gives you lemons, you gotta --

Theresa: Oh, you bastard!

Ethan: Whoa, whoa, stop.

J.T.: Stop it!

Ethan: J.T. Theresa, stop!

Ethan: Come on stop it, please.

J.T.: Ok, so, uh, if that's it, maybe I'll grab a cookie and hit the road, huh?

Theresa: No, you need to get him to tell you the truth.

Gwen: He already did.

Theresa: Ethan, please, can't you just tell that he's lying?

Gwen: Theresa, stop. I mean, what else is there to find out? He already said that Phyllis was his informant. It wasn't my mother, and it certainly wasn't me.

Theresa: It's all lies, Ethan. All lies.

Ethan: Theresa, it's just I -- both of you, stop. And hold on, J.T. One more thing. Something happened in Rome and I think you were involved with it. Theresa was chasing you all over Rome and then she just suddenly stopped, if you recall. And coincidentally, at that time she just decided to give me up as well. It's not like her to do that, and I think there's a secret in there somewhere. And I think there's a secret behind why she stopped pursuing me. So, hey, if this is the night where all the secrets come out, then so be it, right? I want to know that secret, J.T. I want to know why Theresa gave me up in Rome just like that.

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Sheridan: What have I done? I mean, Luis is the great love of my life.

Theresa: You're not going to get away with this, J.T. I'm going to have you killed.

Miguel: I don't care if you're dying. Get your hands off my girl.

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