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Luis: Something's happened to Fancy, something real bad.

Sheridan: Luis, you don't know that. 

Luis: Really?  Well then how come she hasn't called in by now.  How come no one on the force has spotted her? 

Sheridan: She might still be here on the grounds.  Look, I will have Crane security sweep the estate again.

Luis: Don't bother.  I'm sure whoever she was following has led her off the grounds by now. 

Sheridan: Who could that be?

Luis: That's a good question.

Paloma: Fancy said she thought she knew who the killer was and that she saw him outside the window.  Then she went after him while I stayed with James. 

Chris' voice: Spike killed Phyllis.  He won't hesitate to kill Fancy. 

Luis: If we only knew how Fancy got the lead on that killer, then we'd have something to go on. 

Fancy: I know you're here.  Please let me go.

Spike's voice: Uh-uh. Not until I get to know you better. A lot better.

Ivy: I don't expect you to forgive me, Sam. I just want you to understand what motivated me. Please, don't shut me out completely.

Sam: You did this to yourself, Ivy.

Ivy: Because I love you.  Because without you, my life is meaningless. And you love me. That's why we were going to get married, Sam. We belong together, we always did.

Sam: Sam Bennett. Grace, I'm so glad you got my message. Yes, this is very important. You're not going to believe this.

Grace: Sam, your message sounded urgent. Did something happen to one of the kids?

Sam: No, no. Grace, this is about us.  You, me, David, and Ivy.

Chad: What?

Whitney: I was just thinking about how much I love you and Miles, and how happy I am that finally all of the lies and secrets are over. We don't have anything to be ashamed of, you know?

{Chad: I love Whitney. I really do. That's why I feel so damned guilty about all this.

Chad: Just not guilty enough to stop. }

Whitney: I wish everybody could be as happy as we are.

Theresa: Look, I -- I need you to know why I'm not telling you what's going on. It's not that I don't trust you. It's because it involves my son.

Jared: Little Ethan.

Theresa: And there's nothing I wouldn't do for him, even give up my last best chance to be with Ethan in order to protect my little boy.

Ethan: How could being with me put Little Ethan at risk?

Theresa: Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, what's going on? Why do you think you have to sacrifice being with me to protect your son?

J.T.: Why do I have to hide again?

Rebecca: Because Theresa is here, and if she sees you, we are doomed.

Gwen: And she will do anything to stop you from telling us her secret and we're not about to let that happen again.

Rebecca: Right, and now that  we have you here, we're not going to let you go until you tell us why Theresa gave up the chance to prove we ruined Ethan's life.

Gwen: Ok, in here.

J.T.: Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

Gwen: J.T., tell us Theresa's secret. What does she not want us to know?

Gwen: Out with it.

Rebecca: Not that! Well, at least not yet.

Gwen: Ok, what does Theresa not want us to know?

Rebecca: I mean, why was she so hell-bent on having you prove to Ethan that we're the ones that ruined his life, that we sent the email to your tabloid about his true paternity that she just dropped the whole thing.

Gwen: Yeah, what is she hiding?

J.T.: A lot, believe me.

Rebecca: Well, so tell us!

Gwen: Oh, this is our best chance yet to destroy Theresa once and for all.

Ethan: What is this about sacrificing your chance to be with me for Little Ethan's sake? I'm his godfather. It's not like I would ever hurt him, Theresa.

Theresa: I think that you -- you misheard me.

Ethan: No, I didn't.

Theresa: Then you just misunderstood what I was saying.

Ethan: Then please -- please explain to me, then.

Jared: Uh, why don't I give you two a moment here.

Theresa: Well, wait -- Jared, I --

Ethan: Theresa. Theresa, what is going on here?

Theresa: Nothing.

Ethan: I don't buy it, because for years you've always told me that you would do anything to be with me.

Theresa: Well, you wouldn't leave Gwen, Ethan, so I gave up.

Ethan: Well, giving up is a lot different than saying you sacrificed me for Little Ethan. What has changed, and what's happened that you're not telling me about?

Sam: Grace, listen to me. You were never married to David. John isn't your son with him. It was all a sham, a plot, orchestrated by Ivy to tear us apartt so she could win me back again.

Grace: No, Sam, that's impossible. I mean, even if Ivy wanted you back, she couldn't have orchestrated something so --

Sam: Power and money, Grace. With enough of both, anything's possible.

Grace: But David loves me. I mean, John -- John loves me.

Sam: Who wouldn't love you, Grace?

Grace: But, Sam, if this is true, it means that our marriage, our family, our lives were destroyed just so Ivy could have her way?

Sam: Yeah, that's right. It's all been one huge lie.

Grace: But, Sam, you checked out David yourself. I mean, there were documents on record that backed up every single thing that he said.

Sam: Yeah, they were all forgeries, planted for me to find.

Grace: But, Sam, the priest, the priest from St. Anastasia's church in Hartford, remembered marrying David and me.

Sam: The priest was an actor, paid by Ivy. You never married David.

Grace: No, no, Sam. John -- John is my son with David. He took a DNA test to prove it.

Sam: Ivy must have messed with the results.

Grace: Eve ran the tests herself!

Sam: Then the sample must have been switched before Eve got it. Look, the point is David Hastings isn't your first husband. David Hastings is Ivy's plant.

Grace: Sam, this is unthinkable, unbelievable.

Sam: But it's true, Grace. Ivy's even admitted it.

Ivy: What are you doing?

Whitney: Noah just told me that you're the one who destroyed Sam and Grace's marriage, just so you could get Sam back. I just want you to know I think it's despicable, and it sounds more like something that Alistair would do, if you ask me.

Ivy: Oh, don't you judge me, little girl, not when you are just as bad as I am -- lying to Fox, pretending to be pregnant with his child when you knew all along that it was Chad's baby, a boy you thought at the time was your half-brother.

Whitney: Look, I was just afraid that --

Ivy: You were desperate, right? You were desperate. So am I. I was desperate for Sam's love. So don't you condemn me when you are just as bad, if not worse.

Whitney: Oh, oh, I'm nothing like you, Ivy.

Ivy: Oh, yes, you are. You and your mother.

Whitney: My mother?

Ivy: Yes, your mother, Eve. Please. Who do you think changed the DNA test results that proved that John was Grace and David's son? Who do you think knew all along what I was doing but never blew the whistle on me to try to save her best friend's marriage?

Whitney: Ok, no.

Ivy: Yes -- Eve, your mother, helped me time and time again.

Whitney: Well, I don't believe you, Ivy.

Ivy: Fine. Fine. Ask her. I may have hired David to break up Sam and Grace's marriage, but I could've never pulled it off without your mother.

Luis: Then have the patrols keep checking, damn it! Cadet Crane is missing! I can't stand around here and do nothing. I'm going to go look for Fancy myself.

Paloma: You had headquarters issue an APB. There's nothing more you can do.

Luis: I can look for her myself.

Paloma: Ok, I'm coming with you.

Luis: Paloma --

Paloma: Don't even think about saying no. Besides, you could use the help.

Luis: Just do not wander off on your own, ok?

Paloma: Understood.

Luis: And I'm not through with you yet, by the way.

Sheridan: Luis, Chris did not kill Phyllis. Fancy is out there looking for the man who did.

Luis: Yeah, and her life's in danger because of it. Are you sure you don't want to tell me anything before I leave?

Chris: I wish I could help you, but I can't.

Luis: Yeah. Let me know if you hear anything.

Sheridan: I can't believe Luis would actually accuse you of murder. He just doesn't know you the way I do.

Chris' voice: Oh, Sheridan, you don't know me at all.

Fancy: Please help me. I can't breathe.

Fancy: Thank you, thank you.

Fancy: Yeah, water. Water, please, thank you.

Fancy: I thought that was water!

Fancy: Just let me go, please. You won't get away with this. Luis will find me, and if he doesn't, Chief Bennett will.

Fancy: Look, look -- if you just release me, I'll let you have a head start, and -- please, I'll let you have a head start before I go and I won't follow you, I promise. Please.

Spike: Shh, shh, shh.

Fancy: Oh, thank you. I knew you weren't all bad.

Spike's voice: You'd better think again there, sweetheart.

Fancy: Oh, my God, no! Please, don't hurt me! Please just let me go, please, please!

Spike: Shh.

Sheridan: I just hate that Luis thinks that you're capable of murder. And in our own home, no less.

Chris: It's ok he's -- he's just trying to do his job.

Sheridan: No, it's more than that. He will never accept you as my husband. He's always going to try to make you look bad in my eyes and to make me suspicious of you.

Chris: Are you suspicious of me, Sheridan?

Sheridan: No. Of course not. Look, I don't care what so-called evidence Luis thinks he has. I know you're a loving husband, a wonderful father, and I know you learned the hard way that crime doesn't pay. I know you would never deceive me, and I know you will always be honest with me. I'm going to go check on James.

Chris: Ok.

Chris: Oh, Sheridan, if you only knew the truth. I'm not the man you think I am. Far from it.

Luis: Some lowlife around here has got to know something about Fancy.

Paloma: No one has so far.

Luis: I'm not giving up. Hey, over there! Buddy, I need some information.

Man: Sure, pal, but it'll cost you.

Luis: Nice. All right, look, I'm looking for a girl. She's young, blond, fit, she's got a beautiful smile.

Paloma's voice: Luis isn't describing a missing person. He's describing a woman he loves.

Man: She must be new in town. Most of the whores around here are missing teeth.

Luis: She's not a whore. She's a cadet, and she could be in a lot of trouble.

Paloma: Yes, she went after a man she has reason to believe killed a maid at the Crane estate.

Man: Ah, I heard about that. Such a shame, what with good help being so hard to find these days.

Luis: All right, don't you jerk me around. Now, is there word on the street on Fancy or not?

Man: If there is, I haven't heard it.

Luis: Damn it, you got to know something.

Man: I told you I don't know anything.

Luis: You tell me where she is! You tell me where Fancy is! Who's got her?

Fancy: Please don't kill me. Please.

Spike's voice: I've got something better in mind first.

Fancy: I never saw your face. And I haven't heard you speak, so if you just leave me here unharmed, I'll free myself later and it'll be like nothing ever happened.

Fancy's voice: Oh, my God.

Fancy's voice: Oh, my God, he's going to rape me.

Fancy: No, don't! No, no!

Whitney: No, no, no, my mother loves Sam and Grace. She'd never do anything to help you destroy their marriage.

Ivy: Where have you been, Whitney? Your mother is a former drug addict, not to mention she has a child out of wedlock with Julian. Now, thank goodness it's not Chad, but you probably have a half-brother or half-sister running around out there somewhere that your slut-turned-saint of a mother gave birth to.

Ivy: Oh, like I said, if you don't believe me -- fine, ask Eve. Or just wait until the entire town knows that she helped me tear apart Sam and Grace. I don't really care. But make no mistake, Whitney -- your mother was Grace's Judas.

Sam: Listen, Grace, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

Grace: Sam, can you just hold on while I ask David about this?

Sam: I mean, David hasn't told you the truth so far. I mean, what makes you think he's going to come clean now?

Grace: I don't know, but I can't just not ask David. David?

Sam: She went to go talk to David.

Ivy: Oh. You know, he did come to love her, Sam.

Sam: Oh, I guess that makes it ok?

Ivy: No, I'm just saying --

Sam: Where did you find him, Ivy?

Ivy: I don't remember.

Sam: What, you don't remember? Is he dangerous?

Ivy: I don't know, I --

Sam: What do you mean, you don't know?

Ivy: I was blackmailing him.

Sam: My God, you're worse than I thought.

Ivy: Sam, I was desperate.

Sam: Ivy. Disgusting.

Rebecca: Out with it, J.T.

Gwen: Would you stop it? Just tell us Theresa's secret.

J.T.: Sorry, ladies, no can do. Theresa paid me mucho dinero to stay mum and leave town.

Gwen: Ok, fine, we'll pay you more.

Rebecca: Uh, wait. What? We will?

Gwen: Yeah, we will.

Rebecca: But, honey, honey, my alimony barely pays for my Botox, my escorts, and my donkey food.

Gwen: Are you kidding me? Julian gave you millions in your divorce settlement.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, it sits all tied up.

Gwen: You know what? You -- you can have my grandmother's jewelry. Let me tell you, it's worth a fortune.

Rebecca: What, what -- wait a minute here. Now, you -- you have my mother's jewelry? That was supposed to be lost.

Gwen: Mother, Nana just told you that so you'd stop nagging her about it.

Rebecca: But I'm her daughter. She was supposed to give it to me.

Gwen: She was worried you would sell it and spend the money on all your gigolos.

Rebecca: Oh, really, why would she think that?

J.T.: Go figure.

Rebecca: I would not have spent all the money on men.

Gwen: J.T., jewelry's yours. Tell us Theresa's secret.

J.T.: I have a better idea. You sell the jewelry, get me the cash, you double it, and then we'll talk.

Ethan: What aren't you telling me? Why would you feel that you would have to sacrifice a chance for us to be together for Little Ethan's sake?

Theresa: One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other, Ethan.

Ethan: I don't believe you at all.

Theresa: You know what, Jared is waiting for me.

Ethan: No, Jared -- whatever. We're going to finish this right now.

Theresa: No, we're not.

Ethan: What are you not telling me?

Theresa: I can't.

Ethan: Why not?

Theresa: Because I made my decision. I mean, it took all the strength that I had to give up on my dream of a life with you. Do not pull me back in.

Ethan: I'm sorry. But I don't like to see you like this. You're hurting, and I don't like it, and if you love me like you say you do, don't leave things this way. If there's a way for us to be together, I need you to tell me about it. Don't walk away from it. Tell me, and tell me how I'm supposed to make your dream come true.

Whitney: Mother, how could you do something so horrible? I don't care if Ivy blackmailed you or not. How could you help tear apart your best friend? Their family was ruined because of what you did. You have an excuse for everything. You know, just spare me, ok? Everytime I think that you're all out of secrets and I don't have a reason to be ashamed of you anymore, you come up with some fresh new ones and you know what, I just can't take it anymore. I guess I should be thankful that I have someone like Chad in my life because you know what, I know he would never deceive me like this.

Chad: Yeah, Whitney almost caught me at the motel tonight.

Jared: No kidding?

Chad: Instead she found Valerie with some dude.

Jared: So are you and Valerie are getting it on?

Chad: Not anymore.

Jared: You'd better be careful, man. If Whitney catches you, it's going to be over.

Chad: I know. I wish I could stop, man, but I can't.

Sam: What you've done in the name of love -- it makes me sick to think I almost married you.

Sam: Grace? Grace?

Grace: Sam. You were right. David owned up to everything that he did. He swears that he loves me now, but -- but that everything about our past was just a lie.

Sam: I'm sorry you're hurting, Grace.

Grace: It's not about me, Sam. It's about us. I mean, I left you, my real husband and my family because of a lie, a damn lie, Sam. Can you ever forgive me?

Sam: Grace, there's nothing to forgive. We were both set up, taken advantage of.

Grace: I know. But the consequences -- our marriage, our family. Oh, my God.

Sam: What?

Grace: I've been living in sin with David this whole time.

Sam: Well, I've been with Ivy for a while, too. We were ready to be married.

Grace: Ivy. Where is she?

Sam: She's right here.

Grace: Could you put her on the phone? I'd like to give her a piece of my mind.

Sam: Absolutely.  Grace would like to talk to you.

Gwen: Now, look, it could take a little while to get top dollar for my grandmother's jewelry. Are you willing to wait?

J.T.: Sure. I suppose I could lay low in town for a while. And if I get lonely, Becks and the girls keep me company.

Rebecca: Hmm, it would be our pleasure, J.T.

Gwen: Ok, you're going to get your money, but tell me this much -- what does Theresa have to lose if her secret comes out.

J.T.: A lot.

Gwen: Such as?

J.T.: Uh, sorry, Gwen, just gave you a freebie. The rest you're going to have to pay for.

Gwen: J.T., I just told you you're going to get your money, but I want to know what she stands to lose because she's already lost Ethan.

Rebecca: Ethan's always been her whole world.

J.T.: Trust me, there is something else, and it's huge.

Ethan: If there is a way for us to be together, you need to tell me right now.

Theresa: I have tried. You just -- you refuse to believe it.

Ethan: You mean your claim that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones that outed me as a Bennett to the tabloid, right?

Theresa: Yes, it's the truth. But I feel like even if J.T. showed you the photograph of him and Rebecca in bed together, and played the answering machine tape where Rebecca admitted everything they did, you still wouldn't leave Gwen for me. You would forgive her, you would stay married to her, and that's why I need to let all this go and move on with Jared. There's no point in me proving anything because it's not going to make a difference.

Ethan: You're absolutely wrong. It might make all the difference.

Chris: Luis is closer to the truth than he thinks. I did work for Alistair. I didn't kill Phyllis and I didn't shoot Pilar. Spike did.

Sheridan: Chris?

Chris: I'm sorry, honey. I'm just a little on edge.

Sheridan: It's ok. I understand. This whole idea of people working for my father after he's dead -- you know, it just sends a shiver down my spine. But it sure does explain a lot -- you being shot, a break-in in the mansion, Pilar being shot, Phyllis being murdered right here in our living room, and now Fancy missing. I just hope Luis finds whoever's responsible for this, and soon.

Chris: Yeah, I just think Luis is too close to this investigation to be objective.

Sheridan: I admit he's been rough on you, but that's because of me. But he is an excellent cop, and he will get to the bottom of this soon. You'll see.

Chris' voice: That's what I'm afraid of.

Luis: Damn you, you tell me where Fancy is. You tell me right now!

Man: Police brutality!

Paloma: Luis, leave him -- let him go! He doesn't know.

Luis: I swear, if I find out that you're lying to me, I'm going to kill you.

Man: Get a grip. And the next time one of you cops roughs me up, I'll sue.

Luis: Yeah?

Paloma: Luis, Luis, Luis. I understand you're worried about Fancy. I am, too. But you can't abuse your badge by roughing people up.

Luis: That's right. Scum have rights, too. But what the hell happened to Fancy? I swear, if she gets hurt I'm never going to forgive myself.

Paloma: It was her choice to go after that man.

Luis: No, no, no, she never would have even seen that man if it wasn't for me. Now, what the hell was I thinking? I dragged her down to a murder scene? She's not even a rookie cop yet. She could be with the killer right now. She could get killed.

Paloma: Luis, I know you're still not over losing Sheridan, and maybe you think you won't love anyone else but her, but you're wrong. You love Fancy.

Luis: No, I don't.

Paloma: Yes, you do. I can see it in how you talk about her, in how you act when you're around her, and even now when you're desperate to find her.

Luis: Look, I'm just worried about her, ok?

Paloma: No, Luis. Whether you realize it or not, you have fallen in love with Fancy.

Fancy: Please stop, please.

Fancy's voice: God, please help me. Please don't let him rape me.

Fancy's voice: Oh, thank you, God.

Fancy's voice: Oh, no. No!

Theresa: So you would leave Gwen if you had proof that she and her mother outed you as a Bennett to the tabloid?

Ethan: First of all, I don't believe that Gwen could have done what you've accused her of, ok? I've known her my whole life, Theresa. For her to betray me like that in such a tawdry public manner would be way out of character for her, ok?

Theresa: Ok, but what about her mother? Ok, what if she was the one who actually sent the information, but Gwen, she knew about it all along?

Ethan: You know what, I'd be mad as hell, Theresa, but I --

Theresa: "Mad as hell, but --" that's why I gave up. Because even if you had proof, you would not leave Gwen for me.

Ethan: Wait a minute. I never said that.

Theresa: Oh, I can't take any chances, Ethan. Too much is at stake.

Ethan: What do you mean? At stake? What are you -- what are you talking about?

Theresa: I'm tired of this, Ethan.

Ethan: Listen. Listen to me good. I'll tell you this right now. I don't believe it, but if there was incontrovertible proof that Gwen sold me out and has been lying about it for all these years -- yes, I would end my marriage with Gwen.

Theresa: You swear?

Ethan: Yes. If Gwen did what you accused her of, I would end my marriage with her. I would leave Gwen in a heartbeat.

Paloma: Es la verdad, Luis. Whether you realize it or not, you love Fancy.

Luis: Look, I'm not about to debate my feelings for Fancy with you or anyone else right now. One of my cadets is missing and most likely in trouble. Plus, I think Sheridan's in danger, too.

Paloma: From Chris?

Luis: I'm positive he had something to do with Phyllis' murder.

Paloma: But Sheridan said that Chris wasn't at the cottage when Fancy went after the killer, so the killer can't be Chris.

Luis: All right, fine, so maybe he didn't strangle Phyllis with his own hands, but he knows who did. He's definitely at the center of what's going on right now, and I'm going to find out what's going on.

Sheridan: I'm going to go sit in a nice hot bubble bath.

Chris: That sounds relaxing.

Sheridan: Maybe you can join me and we can relax together.

Chris: Ooh, I like the way you think.

James: I couldn't sleep.

Sheridan: Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart. Why don't I tuck you in again and sing you a song.

Chris: You know what? I have a better idea. Why don't I get us a snack and let Mommy take her bath, and then I'll put you back to bed. Good night, sweetheart. Sweet dreams. I'll see you in the morning, ok?

Sheridan: I'll be waiting.  Sweet dreams sweetheart.

James: Ok, Mommy. Good night. I love you.

Sheridan: I love you, too.

Chris: All right, so what do you say to half a turkey sandwich?

James: Ok. Where did everybody go?

Chris: Luis and Paloma? They're out looking for your cousin, Fancy.

James: Uh, she's after the man.

Chris: What man?

James: The man I saw you talking to outside of Little Ethan's house.

Chris: You told Fancy that you saw me talking to a man?

James: I saw him outside and I told Fancy, and she went after him.

Chris: I see.

Chris' voice: Oh, my God, Spike has Fancy.

Fancy: Stop. Please stop, please.

Fancy's voice: Oh, he stopped. Thank you, God.

Fancy's voice: Oh, no. Oh, no, he's undoing his pants. He's going to rape me. No. No, not if I can help it.

Fancy: Help me! Somebody please help me!

Ivy: Uh, Grace? Sam said you wanted to speak with me.

Grace: So the truth finally comes out.

Ivy: I know you're angry, Grace.

Grace: Frankly, Ivy, I'm -- I'm still in shock.

Ivy: I understand. I don't blame you. It's just what I did was --

Grace: Was what you thought you had to do to get Sam back.

Ivy: Well, yes.

Grace: You know, Ivy, I've always tried to forgive people their lapses. I believe that there's good in everyone.

Ivy: Grace, I can't tell you how glad I am to hear you say that.

Grace: But in your case I'm going to make an exception.

Ivy: I don't understand.

Grace: I'm coming home, Ivy. And when I get back to Harmony, I'm going to kill you.

Jared: If you can't keep stepping out on Whitney, Chad, you're going to have to be careful. Otherwise --

Chad: I know, I know. And I love Whitney, ok? The last thing I want to do is hurt her. But what goes down in that hotel has nothing to do with her.

Jared: Yeah, I get that. But if Whitney finds out, I don't think she's going to see it that way. Cool it for a while just to be safe.

Chad: I'm not sure I can.

Jared: Well, it's up to you, man. So be careful, all right? Be really careful.

Theresa: Could you just -- could you say that one more time, please?

Ethan: Mm-hmm. If Gwen's done what you're telling me she's done and I see proof, I swear on my love for Jane that I'd leave Gwen.

Theresa: Really?

Ethan: Absolutely. I'm sorry, I couldn't live with someone who has been lying to me with every breath they've taken.

Theresa: Oh, God.

Ethan: "Oh, God"? What -- wait a minute, what is wrong with you? I actually thought I was telling you something you wanted to hear.

Theresa: You are, you are. It's just I -- I don't really know what to do right now.

Ethan: Theresa, talk to me. What are you not telling me, huh?

Theresa: I'm not sure I can tell you.

Ethan: Theresa, you can tell me.

Theresa: No.

Ethan: Just tell me.

Theresa: You know what, I can't because I need to think. Because if I do this, there is no going back.

Ethan: Damn it, what -- Theresa, what are you not telling me?

Gwen: Well, I can't think of anything Theresa could lose besides Ethan, if he didn't leave me when her secret came out.

Rebecca: Yeah, Gwen is right, J.T. I mean, why wouldn't she take this chance to make her dream come true?

J.T.: Oh, trust me, there is a reason, and it's huge. But for me to spill it, it's going to take a ton of hard cash.

Gwen: J.T., you're going to get your money, ok? I am desperate to know what Theresa's secret is. Whatever it is, just tell us.

Rebecca: Yeah, because whatever it is, I have the feeling it is exactly what we need to get rid of her forever.

J.T.'s voice: Ah, maternal love. The answer you ladies are looking for is closer than you think.

Whitney: Theresa, what's wrong?

Theresa: I don't -- I don't even know anymore.

Whitney: What happened?

Theresa: I just spoke to Ethan, and he said that if he had proof that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who sent the information to the tabloid, he would divorce her.

Whitney: Oh, wow. He actually said that?

Theresa: Yeah.

Whitney: That changes everything.

Theresa: Yeah, I know. It does if he actually means what he's saying.

Whitney: Well, do you think he would lie to you?

Theresa: I think he thinks he's being honest.

Whitney: Then why are you so upset, honey?

Theresa: I don't -- I don't know. I mean, for Ethan to say that he would leave Gwen, that's one thing, right? But for him to actually do it -- I mean, what if J.T., you know, gives Ethan the proof and then he decides to stay with Gwen? I mean, what if this is like all the other times that I got my hopes up and things fell through? I mean, not only would I lose Ethan, I would -- I'd lose my little boy. He would lose out on inheriting the empire one day, and I'm just not sure I can risk all of that.

On the Next Passions:

Theresa: I am going to go find J.T. He's going to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is really his son.

Gwen: How am I supposed to get J.T. out of here?

Luis: Let Fancy be all right.

Kay: Who is this?

Grace: You know damn well who it is.

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