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Kay: What are you doing here? Did you follow me?

Miguel: No.

Kay: Listen, Miguel, about what I did --

Miguel: Kay --

Kay: I know you don't understand.

Miguel: Don't understand? Kay, I understand that what you did was wrong. It was more than wrong, Kay. It's a sin. Whatever happened to honor thy mother and thy father? My God, Kay. The misery you've caused is just --

Kay: I know, and I'm sorry.

Miguel: Stop.

Kay: Oh, my God. You hate me so much, you can't even touch me.

Fox: I can. I love you, baby. I don't care what you've done, all right? I just want to hold you and never let you go.

Rebecca: My, my, my. Chad, you are a smart boy. I mean, Whitney would never come here. So you chose this sleazy little motel where you could do what comes naturally. I wonder who he's waiting for. I wish I knew. Our little ex-nun Whitney would be in for the shock of her life.

Gwen: Poor Theresa, a day late and a few million short, as usual.

Theresa: What the hell are you doing here?

Gwen: Same thing as you are. I just did it a little faster. Mother and I already spoke to J.T.

Theresa: You're lying, Gwen.

Gwen: You think so? So how much do you have in that bag? Because it's not nearly enough. Theresa, you're too late. I know your little secret. It's over for you, it is over.

Fancy: So, this will be fun, James. You didn't want to go to that Halloween party anyway. We'll have a great time, just the two of us. Wow, we've got some great stuff. What do you want to play?

James: Pretend.

Fancy: With all these toys? Ok. Who do you want me to be?

James: Daddy.

Fancy: Ok, fine, I'll be Daddy, and who will you be?

James: The man.

Fancy: Sounds good. I'll be Daddy and you'll be the man. What are we going to do?

James: Aaaaahhhhhh!

Sheridan: Not again, Luis. You really think Chris killed Phyllis?

Luis: That's exactly what I think. And that's why I'm here, to arrest your husband for Phyllis' murder.

Sheridan: No, Luis, you're mad. There is no way that Chris could have killed Phyllis. You are wrong. Dead wrong.

Chris: You're insane. You think I killed the maid? I killed Phyllis?

Spike: I don't think you killed her, my man. I know you killed her. Whoo! Won't wifey be surprised to find out that the nice Chris Boothe is a cold-blooded murderer?

Fancy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! James, James, stop it! What are you doing? Is this what your daddy and the man did?

James: Bang! Come on, fall down and grab your leg.

Fancy: Grab my leg?

James: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Fancy's voice: Oh, God, did James see the man who shot Chris? What else has he seen?

Chris: You've been taking too many of your own drugs. I wasn't anywhere close to the cottage. I didn't kill Phyllis.

Spike: Sure you did, Chris. That nice gossipy maid is worm food because of you.

Chris: I didn't kill anybody!

Spike: The hell you didn't! Who leaves omega documents lying around for anyone to see? Give up? You. That stupid maid found one in the living room, and she recognized the symbol from the paper and was about to call the police. Yeah. Well, thank God I showed up. I had to kill Phyllis to clean up your mess.

Chris: I don't believe it. You fool. Now there's a murder investigation.

Spike: Oh, I'm a fool? Look who's talking. You think you can forget all about your connection with Alistair and -- and make nice-nice with lovely Sheridan forever and ever? You better wake up there, pretty boy. That ain't gonna happen. Hell, no. Because you're a bad man, Chris. And I got Alistair's file on you, remember? Yeah, man, you're a black hat. Haven't you heard that the guy that wears the black hat never ever gets the girl?

Sheridan: Let's hear it, Luis. I can't wait. Why on earth are you so insistent that my husband is a murderer?

Luis: Well, besides the fact that Phyllis was killed in your living room, first of all, the gold pen which was found underneath her body. It had Chris' fingerprints on it.

Sheridan: So what? It's his pen. He said that you would find his fingerprints on it.

Luis: Listen, the medical examiner said that due to the lack of blood or skin underneath the victim's fingernail --

Sheridan: Phyllis. Her name is Phyllis, not "the victim."

Luis: Fine. The medical evidence indicates that Phyllis didn't put up a struggle, which leads us to believe that she knew her attacker. It was someone who was close to her, who could strangle her before she even realized what was going on and could put up a fight.

Sheridan: There are a dozen people on this estate that could fit that bill.

Luis: That scrap of paper that was found in Phyllis' hand, it's the same stock of all the omega documents that we have uncovered.

Sheridan: Father's omega society?

Luis: Yes. And I think that you'll agree that it's not too much of a stretch to think that someone killed Phyllis because she found the omega document.

Sheridan: And found evidence of father's omega society somewhere here in this cottage? How is that possible?

Luis: You add it up. Someone associated with omega, with Alistair, had to have put it here.

Sheridan: And you think Chris is somehow associated with my father?

Luis: That's exactly what I think. I believe that Chris had omega documents hidden here and Phyllis found them. The man that you trust so much killed her to keep you from learning his one little dirty secret, that he's just another one of Alistair's pawns.

Theresa: J.T. told you and your mother my secret?

Gwen: Yeah, why else would I be so happy? You know J.T. will do anything for my mother. She said speak and he spoke.

Whitney: Theresa, honey --

Theresa: Oh, this can't be happening,

Rebecca: Gwen, where's J.T.? Did he tell you the secret yet?

Theresa: Ah-ha!

Rebecca: Oops.

Theresa: You were bluffing, you don't know my secret. J.T. didn't tell you anything You know, we gotta get out of here, We've got to find him first. Fetch, Rebecca, fetch.

Gwen: What is wrong with you? How could you leave J.T. alone?

Rebecca: Well, honey, I -- I had to buy condoms.

Gwen: Condoms? Oh, that was what you were doing before getting the truth out of him first?

Rebecca: Well, a girl has to have her priorities.

Gwen: Oh my God.

Theresa: J.T., where are you?

Whitney: I don't see him anywhere, Theresa.

Gwen: Yeah, you won't, because we're going to see him first.

J.T.: Hey, Becks, I knew that was you. Hey, it's a party, who are your friends?

Rebecca: J.T., where have you been?

J.T.: Microwave pizza in the lobby, you want some? Hey, wait a minute, isn't that -- ew, should have got an extra large.

Fox: Hush. Kay, it'll be all right.

Kay: No, everything's not going to be all right. It's never going to be the same again.

Fox: Did you make her cry? You're making her upset.

Kay: No, it wasn't him. We haven't even had a chance to talk. Look, I just want everyone to know how sorry I am. And I hope everyone will believe that.

Fox: Shh, Kay, it's all right, you don't need to talk about it.

Kay: Yes, I do. I have to. I knew Ivy was setting up my parents. I -- I overheard her talking about it to David in the park. She was paying him to pretend to be my mom's first husband. She was doing everything she could to get my mom away from my dad, and I said nothing. I could've stopped her. There was no reason for my parents to break up.

Fox: It's all right.

Kay: No, it's not, ok? I know what I did was wrong, and I'm going to have to deal with that for the rest of my life. But I want you guys to know, I would never do anything like that again. I'm telling you, I have changed. I would never do that again.

Fox: It's all right. I understand, ok? I'm sure everybody understands now. You were a lot younger back then, ok? You were upset at your mother, and lashing out against her because she always took Charity's side over yours.

Kay: Yeah, it just -- it seemed important at the time.

Fox: Maybe you overdid it, all right? But I understand why you didn't tell.

Miguel: Can you? Because I can't.

Kay: Miguel.

Miguel: Look, if you can justify doing anything you want based on a certain set of events or circumstances, then there is no such thing as morality.

Fox: Oh, thank you, Billy Graham. The reasons always matter.

Miguel: Well, maybe to a Crane. But not to the rest of us. We're brought up to believe in what is right and what is wrong, ok? There are certain boundaries you just never cross. Not unless you want to be damned.

Fox: Oh, shut up.

Kay: Look, if it sounds like that I'm trying to justify what I did, I'm not. It was really bad. There is no excuse, it was wrong. I destroyed my own family.

Fox: Kay, don't be so dramatic.

Kay: You really don't get it, do you?

Fox: No, I do, I get it.

Kay: What I want to know -- what I need to know is, will anyone be able to forgive me for this?

Fox: I forgive you.

Kay: I know you do, honey, but what about everyone else? My dad, my brother and my sister.  And you?  Are you going to be able to forgive me for this?

Sheridan: So you think Chris is connected to my father?

Luis: Yes. How else are you going to explain an omega document being found in your cottage, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Here we go again with this. You think Chris is one of Alistair's pawns.

Luis: Makes sense.

Sheridan: Does it? You know what, how dare you. You come into my home with this vicious accusation and the thinnest of evidence. No wonder you got bounced back to patrolman.

Sheridan: Now why was an omega document found here in my cottage? Maybe because this is my father's estate, honeycombed with secret passages and secret rooms.

Luis: All right --

Sheridan: Some of which we may never even find --

Luis: Come on, now, I think you're getting a little carried away here.

Sheridan: Am I? Just last winter one of the staff found a secret room under the stables filled with English gold from the time of the Revolutionary War.  There's a network of caves that lead to the beaches underneath the cliffs that smugglers have used for centuries.

Luis: Crane smuggler

Sheridan: This conversation is over. If you want to arrest my husband with this flimsy evidence, go right ahead. But you just wait until my lawyers get through with you, because you will never be a cop again. That is if you don't go to jail first.

Luis: Damn it, Sheridan, I am just trying to protect you, ok?

Sheridan: Well, I don't need you to protect me That's what I have my husband for.

Luis: Oh, is that right? Then where is he? If he's not the real murderer, then why isn't he here, when the real murderer could be out there stalking the grounds?

Sheridan: Just go.

Luis: Answer me. Where is your faithful husband? Because I'll tell you something, if I was married to you, I wouldn't leave you unprotected.

Whitney: I'm kind of getting a workout here.

Theresa: I know, we've gotta keep going, though. We gotta figure out a way to corner J.T..

Whitney. Please come on --

Gwen: J.T., come back.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Ok, all right, you go that way. I'm going to go this way. You head J.T. off at the pass, and then you shoo him toward me, ok?

Whitney: I'll try.

Theresa: All right, all right, go, go, go.

Whitney: J.T.!

Chad: That sure sounds like Whitney's voice again.

Chad: No, I didn't see anybody.

Rebecca: Damn it, J.T. could be anywhere. Oh, my, here's that naughty Chad's room. You know, maybe next time I see Whitney, I'm going to send her over here for a little surprise.

Gwen: Got you, sunshine. Now, if you don't tell me Theresa's secret, I'm going to rip you to shreds.

Rebecca: I hate hide and seek when it goes on too long. Gwen, if this goes on much longer you are on your own.

Rebecca: Oh, my. Thank you, God, for sending me something to amuse me. Gwen, hurry, Whitney's right outside J.T.'s door. Hurry, before all is lost.

Whitney: Theresa, Theresa, I found J.T.'s room. Where are you? Wish me luck.

Whitney: J.T., J.T., come out here. Come out here now.

Chad: Oh, my God, that is Whitney.

Whitney: All right, fine, fine. I'm coming in.

Gwen: J.T., tell me the secret. I have got to know what you told Theresa.

Gwen: I can't understand you.

Theresa: Don't you even think about it, J.T.! If you tell Gwen anything, you're not going to get your money.

Gwen: Don't -- don't listen to her.

J.T.: Is it all there?

Theresa: Yeah, plus a few million.

J.T.: Give me.

Gwen: No, no, no.

Theresa: The only way you're gonna get your money is if you keep your mouth shut, don't say anything to Gwen and you get out of town forever.

Gwen: No, J.T., do not listen to her -- I can match her offer.

Theresa: Oh that's impossible. I've got billions. Oh, God, J.T., this bag is so heavy, I just want to give it to you right now.  Oh, we're so close. So close, oh, yeah. Oh!

J.T.: Sorry, honey, give my best to your mom.

Gwen: Oh, no.

Fancy: So, James, this man you've seen with your father, have you seen him more than once?

Fancy: Did you see him that night a while back, when you heard all the sirens and saw the police cars with all the flashing lights, when the policemen came to the estate?

Fancy's voice: So this man was also here the night Pilar was shot.

Fancy: James, was the man here last night when the police cars came? When they took the sick lady away to get better?

Fancy's voice: Oh, God -- whoever this man is, he could be Phyllis' killer, not Chris. But who is he?

Spike: Man, you know, if I hadn't killed that nosey maid, hell, we'd all be in jail right now.

Chris: And you call me a fool? My God, you just made things worse. You didn't even take all the evidence. I found that omega document next to Phyllis' body. I barely had time to get out of the cottage before Sheridan came in there. I was almost caught.

Spike: I guess I dropped it. All right, I owe you one, ok? Hey, man, maybe we should consider keeping this partnership long-term, what do you say?

Chris: Are you insane? You stay the hell away from me and mine. And after I get you your money, I don't ever want to see your face again.

Spike: Hmm. You better wake up, because you're living in a dreamland now, buddy boy.

Chris: I'm not your buddy. I love Sheridan. We're married. We're staying married. We have a family, we have a son.

Spike: Whoa, dude, you're tripping me out. You got it bad, man, you're getting kind of nutty here. Hello?! That's not even your kid. Alistair hired you to do a job, remember?

Chris: Alistair is dead.

Spike: He is still controlling us all from beyond the grave and you know it. We still work for him, my friend.

Chris: No, I don't, ok? Damn you, Spike, murder? You killed Phyllis. She was an innocent woman.

Spike: Well, what if I did?

Chris: Now, hang on, the cops say that Phyllis knew her attacker.

Spike: Sure. Phyllis and I, we go way back. She used to come in my club to dance with that old fool husband of hers. I guess it is safe to say that they're going to be together in all eternity, right?


Chris: You're filth. I should've called the cops on you myself.

Spike: Don't you ever talk to me that way again, you bastard. All right? You better make sure I never have to clean up any more of your mistakes. And you leave any more omega documents lying around, smart guy, the next person I kill is going to be you.

Sheridan: For your information, my husband is up at the mansion with James.

Luis: Really? Well, then what the hell is taking him so long? Because if he loved you, he certainly wouldn't leave you unprotected.

Sheridan: You have no right to question my husband's love for me.

Luis: He does not love you. He's just another one of those guys who was hired by your father to get close to you. And that's why the omega symbol was found here.

Sheridan: You don't think anyone can love me except for you. Or unless they've been hired by my father.

Luis: Look at your track record.

Sheridan: You think that little of me.

Luis: No.

Sheridan: You don't think anyone can love me unless they've been hired by my father. You -- I can't believe you. You know, maybe you're on my father's payroll, because you certainly don't love me. You never have.

Luis: You know that that's not true.

Sheridan: Do I? God, you say that you want to protect me? My father used to say that he always wanted to protect me from you. And you know what? It's all becoming so clear now. You and my father are exactly alike.

Kay: Please, Miguel, answer me. Can you forgive me for what I've done?

Fox: Kay, you don't need his forgiveness. You didn't do a damn thing to him. The only people that you've hurt are your parents, your brother, and your sister, and maybe Ethan.

Miguel: That's not true. Sam and Grace are Maria's grandparents. Because of Kay, my daughter doesn't even know her own grandmother.

Fox: Details.

Miguel: My daughter's emotional well-being is not a "detail."

Kay: Ok, Miguel, I'm sorry. Do you think I don't feel guilty about that already? Because I do. My mom would love Maria. And Maria would love her. But this can all get better now if you just forgive me, please. Miguel, say something.

Miguel: I can't talk to you right now, Kay.

Kay: [Sobbing] Oh, God.

Fox: Oh, you're a big help. Sweetheart, it's ok. You don't need him.

Kay: He hates me, everybody in my family hates me. I'm sure you hate me.

Fox: Hey, I do not hate you, ok? You are my girl. You're all mine. I love you, I love you. Now, quit crying and let's go home, ok?

Gwen: J.T., J.T., please don't run away from me! Oh.

Rebecca: Oh, Gwen, hi, how's the chase going?

Gwen: Ok, where have you been?

Rebecca: Well, looking for J.T., of course.

Gwen: With a cocktail?

Rebecca: Honey, you know I never exercise on an empty stomach.

Gwen: Mother, J.T. is with Theresa.

Rebecca: No.

Gwen: She has all the money he's ever wanted, ok? He's going to leave town forever, we're never going to know her secret.

Rebecca: Oh. The secret weapon.

Gwen: What?

Rebecca: Me. Ok? It is time you saw your mama in action. J.T., it's Becky. I have hot cookies right out of the oven, ready to eat.

Rebecca: Come on, J.T., mama misses her bad boy. Don't you want to come and get a spanky?

J.T.: Oh, I am. I am a bad, bad boy.

Theresa: No, no, focus. Don't listen to her.

Rebecca: Oh, I can match Theresa's offer, and then some. Then we can go on a little trip, just the two of us. I know a little farm in Corsica where there's a whole herd of donkeys, if you know what I mean.

J.T.: Donkeys?

Gwen: This is never going to work.

Rebecca: Oh, of course, it will, honey. There is nothing J.T. likes better than being in a harness. Giddy-up, J.T., you'll never believe what I have in my corral.

Theresa: J.T., come on, you've got to go this way.

J.T.: Sorry, Mrs. C., you may have the money, but my Becks, she's got the honey. I'm here, Mommy. Come and spank your bad, bad cowboy.

Theresa: [Yells] J.T., wait.

Whitney: Valerie. I'm sorry -- I am so sorry. The door, it was open. I'm sorry. But what are you doing here?

Valerie: Whitney, it's not what you think.

Whitney: Who is that?

Valerie: I -- I can explain.

Whitney: Wait, no. Just -- Rebecca tricked me into coming in here. She knew J.T. wasn't in here. But I guess I know who is. Chad. Chad!

Valerie: I -- I don't think you --

Whitney: No, no, no. Get up. Show your face, you coward. Get up!

Chris: You don't have to worry about me, Spike. I won't make another mistake. But what about you? You lash out at the least little thing. You're going to get us both arrested.

Spike: Yeah, right.

Chris: Yeah, right. You shot me. You shot Pilar. And now you've murdered Phyllis. You gotta stop at some point, or our luck is going to run out. Now get out of here.

Spike: Well, your luck is already run out there, pretty boy. You just don't know it yet.

Sheridan: Why didn't I see this before? You are exactly like my father.

Luis: That is a vicious thing to say.

Sheridan: Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Sheridan: You're so good at judging other people, why don't you take a look in the mirror? Just like my father, you're headstrong and controlling. You've both tried to control my life. Never gave credence to a single word I had to say.

Luis: That is not true.

Sheridan: Our son died because you wouldn't listen to me. For months I tried to convince you that Marty was our son, and not Beth's. But you wouldn't listen to me. All you could think of was poor little Sheridan, she was off her rocker again. And you let Beth kidnap our son. Marty burned to death because you wouldn't listen to me. And for one reason, and one reason only -- because you had to be right.

Luis: You know what? I'm just going to pretend that you never said any of that, ok?

Sheridan: All right, fine. You just keep on pretending. You go ahead and live in whatever fantasy you want to live in for today.

Luis: All right. You finally said what you want, ok? But I am nothing like Alistair.

Sheridan: You know what? You are worse than Alistair. Because he never pretended to love me. He always hated me, and he made it very clear. But you, you swore to love me.

Luis: I do.

Sheridan: That's not my idea of love. You don't say that you love someone and not believe a single word that they have to say. I mean, that's the kind of love that you show a child or a dog. That makes you just as bad as my father. And you know what? That makes you worse.

Luis: I am nothing like your father. Nothing.

Whitney: You coward, get out here this very second! Damn you.

Chad: Whitney. Are you looking for me?

Whitney: Chad, I --

Whitney: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Man: Stan. Nice to meet you, can you please stop hitting me now?

Whitney: I'm sorry. You must think that I'm crazy. I'm so -- I'm so sorry.

Chad: You think that was me, under there? You think I was here to sleep with Valerie?

Whitney: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, you guys. Let me, um... Rebecca, she's the one that sent me in here, Valerie. She -- she was just setting me up. I'm sorry, forgive me. Chad, I'm sorry. What are you doing here? Why are you in this tacky motel?

Chad: Crane security reported you were in the area. I got worried. What are you doing here?

Whitney: You can forgive me, right?

Chad: Sure. Answer the question.

Whitney: Well, I'm just here with Theresa and the whole, you know, J.T. Cornell mess. I'm sorry.

Rebecca: I'm getting impatient, J.T.

J.T.: Coming, Mommy.

Theresa: I'm not going to let you go.

J.T.: Get off me.

Theresa: All right, look, J.T., stop. You see this? You see this? Lots and lots of money. And you know Gwen and Rebecca, they can't match this, right? And what do they say about a bird in the hand? J.T., just take it. Can you really trust Gwen to come up with this much money?

Gwen. Yeah, J.T., we will come up with -- with that much money. With more money.

Rebecca: Yes, and even better, you get me.  Now where are you, J.T.?

J.T.: Wait, wait, wait, maybe -- maybe I should think this through.

Rebecca: Yoo-hoo, J.T., stop. Stop, I'm getting all sweaty and you know what that means.

Theresa: Don't listen to her, J.T. Don't listen to her, please. I've got millions right here, millions.

Rebecca: Well, I've got millions, too, J.T. and wouldn't it be fun to share it with me?

Theresa: Ha! She'll spend every dime you have in two seconds flat.

Rebecca: Come, J.T. Now that's a good boy.

Theresa: J.T., this way. J.T., this way.

J.T.: How is a guy supposed to decide after all that booze? Money, sex, money, sex, money, sex -- oh. I'm getting dizzy, where's my pizza? Sex, pizza, and money, oh, how close a guy can get to heaven.

Theresa: You're mine, and what I've got is yours. Now you take this, and you get out of town forever.

J.T.: You're right. A bird in a hand. I'll do whatever you want.

Fox: Please, honey, listen to me. I love you.

Kay: Not me, I'm evil.

Fox: People aren't evil. They just do evil things. Ok, let me show you how much I love you. We'll make the life together that we always planned, all right? Hey, I love you. And I will never desert you. Honey, come on.

Kay: Miguel hates me. He's ashamed of me. And he's right.

Miguel's voice: What I'm ashamed of is that even after what you did, I still love you, Kay. I still love you.

Fox: Sweetheart, come on. There's nothing left for you here.

Fancy: Mm, pumpkin, I love it. You only get this flavor from now until Christmas. So, James, the man you saw with your father, do you know his name?

 Fancy's voice: Oh, rats. Some cop I have turned out to be. I can't even grill a kid.

Fancy: I guess you've said enough for one night, huh?

James: There he is.

Fancy: Who? Oh, my God.

Sheridan: All my life, callous, insensitive men have tried to control me. And you're just one more.

Luis: I am nothing like your father.

Sheridan: Oh, the hell you're not. You think that I am weak, that I'm just a fool who constantly makes mistakes.

Luis: So that's the thanks that I get for trying to protect you?

Sheridan: I'm not trying to thank you.  Who are you to judge who I'm with? You know what, you're one to talk. You, who dated Beth, a well-known psycho.

Luis: That's good. At least I didn't marry her. I'm not the one who married a murderer.

Chris: What is going on in here?

Whitney: Valerie, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Please, please accept my apologies. And you, too.

Stan: Stan.

Whitney: Right, right. But the person I need to apologize most to is you, Chad. I'm so sorry.

Chad: Yeah, well, maybe someplace else.

Whitney: Right. Good night, then.

Stan: [Laughing]

Valerie: Shut up, it's not funny.

Whitney: I don't know -- I don't even know what to say to you. These suspicions I have that you are cheating on me, they are so stupid. And I'm sorry.

Chad: It's ok.

Whitney: No, no, babe, it's not ok. I mean, it's not. You love me, and I know you would never do anything to hurt me. And yet here I am, acting like some jealous wife or something. I'm sorry, honey, I --

Rebecca: Well, it seems our little philanderer has wriggled his way out of that situation. Hmm, I wonder -- I wonder how I can use his nasty little secret to my advantage.

Gwen: J.T., J.T., where are you? Damn it, Mother, why do you always desert me when I need you?

J.T.: Ow. Theresa, knock it off.

Theresa: No, I want to make sure that you go, and you go right now.

J.T.: Not without my money.

Theresa: All right, J.T., fine. Here. Take it, here it is. Just make sure you are gone!

Gwen: Oh, no.

Theresa: Oh, no.

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