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Fancy: Did the lab find any other fingerprints on the pen?

Luis: An unidentified partial print, but mainly just Chris'.

Fancy: Which he said we'd find.

Luis: Yeah, well, this paper is the real shocker. It's the matching ink and stock that Alistair used in his omega plot.

Fancy: Do you still think it means the plot is ongoing?

Luis: Hell yeah. What, you think Alistair's going to let a little thing like his own death stop him from messing up other people's lives? And I'll tell you the thing that bothers me the. Phyllis found this paper in Sheridan's cottage.

Fancy: And that was reason enough for someone to kill her.

Luis: Well, someone's afraid that Phyllis could reveal their link to Alistair.

Fancy: But who would do that, Luis? I mean, who would kill an innocent maid just to protect themselves?

Chris: That piece of paper was the last piece of tangible evidence that links me to Alistair and the omega plot. Sheridan can't accidentally stumble onto the truth. Spike is still a problem. But it's not worth killing him. At least not yet.

Sheridan: Chris. Were you burning something?

Miguel: Thank you so much for hearing me out. Look, you've known Kay her whole life, and you worked with Ivy for years, so -- so I'm just hoping you can help me make sense of what's happened tonight.

Pilar: Ok, I'll do my best.

Miguel: Look, I can't believe that Kay knew Ivy was scheming to break up the Bennett's' marriage and let her get away with it.

Pilar: Honestly, mijo, I am not surprised that Ivy would do something like that. She's tried to get Sam back for years, but the fact that Kay knew and kept it quiet -- I'm shocked.

Miguel: Not telling anyone that Ivy hired David Hastings to pretend to be Grace's first husband -- that led to Grace leaving with David, Mama.

Pilar: I know, and it let Sam be free to be with Ivy.

Miguel: Kay's silence destroyed Sam and Grace's lives, her siblings' lives, and Sam and Grace's marriage, Mama. How could Kay be so heartless as to let her own family be torn apart?

Fox: Hey, listen, Kay. Listen, I don't care what Miguel or anyone else thinks, ok? I still love you. And I want to marry you, and I want to be a family with you and Maria.

Kay: Thanks, Fox. Thank you for not judging me. Really -- you really are, like, my rock.

Fox: I love you, Kay. Can I get you something to drink? Some hot tea or something?

Kay: Yeah. Yeah, actually, that would be great. Some tea would be nice, thanks.

Kay: Miguel -- Dad, look, I'm really sorry for --

Sam: I don't want to hear it, Kay, ok? I just came to get my keys so I can get the hell away from you and Ivy.

Noah: Dad, what's going on? Why are you so angry at Kay?

Sam: Tell him, Kay. Tell him!

Noah: Kay?

Kay: He's upset because he found out that David wasn't Mom's first husband, so John's not Mom's son with him either.

Noah: What?

Kay: Ivy, uh, used David to get rid of Mom so Dad would be free to marry her.

Noah: Oh, my God.

Sam: Tell him the rest.

Kay: I've known for a really long time, and I didn't say anything until now.

Noah: What? You --

Jessica: Kay, how could you?

Kay: Jessica --

Spike: Way to go, Kay. Well, it looks like it's a slam-dunk for you taking my place as the black sheep of this family.


Fox: I'm really sorry, Mom. Is there anything I can do?

Ivy: Yeah, Fox, there is. You could rip out Kay's vocal chords for blabbing that I used David Hastings to get rid of Grace and have Sam for myself.

Gwen's Voice: So that's what Ivy did.

Ethan: Mother, what did you just say?

Ivy: Ethan, I -- I can explain.

Gwen's Voice: Oh, damn it, Ivy. Now I'll be stuck here listening to this when I want to know if J.T. told my mother what Theresa's secret is.

Theresa: J.T. said he would keep quiet and leave town once I pay him off.

Whitney: Well, what if J.T. tells somebody your secret before you get a chance to give him the money, like, I don't

Rebecca: This is the last of the ice, J.T.

J.T.: Thanks, Becks. This will numb the pain from where you put the squeeze on me.

Rebecca: It's just you know how I hate to be kept waiting. Oh, which reminds me, you still have to tell me Theresa's secret. So what is it, J.T.? What is she trying to hide?

Miguel: I don't understand how Kay could let Ivy use David Hastings to rip apart the Bennett's' marriage and keep quiet about it until now, Mama. I thought that being a mother had changed Kay, had made her more mature.

Pilar: Well, I think she has changed, mijo.

Miguel: Then why would she keep a secret like this for so long, knowing what it would do to her family?

Pilar: I don't know. Sit down. I can't understand it either, Miguel, but what -- tell me what did Kay say in her defense?

Miguel: That -- that when she first found out that Ivy had set up her mom, she was already so angry at Grace for always taking Charity's side, that she just wanted to pay her back. She wanted to hurt her mother like Kay felt Grace had hurt her.

Pilar: I don't agree with what she did at all, but I -- her reasons are understandable.

Miguel: Understandable? You find her reasons understandable, Mama? After all you talk about family coming first, you're going to take Kay's side?

Sam: I can't go. Jessica and Noah need me.

Kay: Would you stop laughing? This isn't funny.

Spike: Oh, come on. You kidding? This is hysterical.

Noah: Spike, why are you here? I thought you and Jessica moved out.

Spike: Well, I just brought my blushing bride over to pick up some more of her stuff, but it turns out we couldn't have come at a better time, right?

Sam: Why don't you shut the hell up, ok? It's none of your damn business.

Spike: Oh, Dad -- now, is that a cool way to talk to your son-in-law? Really, come on.

Jessica: Kay, wait, you knew Mom and Dad were being set up and you didn't say anything?

Kay: Yes, I knew, I knew. Ivy, when she couldn't get Mom away from Dad, she did everything she could to break them up, so she hired this David guy to come to Harmony and pretend to be Mom's first husband. She even concocted this whole back-story about their life together. She had fake papers and documents, everything. God, she even hired a man to pose as the priest who remembered marrying them in Connecticut.

Jessica: Oh, my God, Kay. What Ivy did was horrible, but what you did was even worse.

Kay: I know, and I'm sorry. Can you forgive me? Noah, come on, you're my brother. Say something.

Noah: Don't talk to me. I can't believe you let Ivy do this to us.

Ethan: Gwen and I just came over he to discuss plans for your wedding, and I didn't expect to hear --

Ivy: I know, I know, I know. It's just -- it's all a nightmare.

Gwen's Voice: I bet my mother's still with J.T. at that motel. Ugh, I don't even want to think about what they're doing.

Ivy: I just wanted to be with your father, that's all. And I tried so many times to win Sam back, and he just kept insisting on staying with Grace. So I tried another tactic, and I had David use Grace to free up Sam, and it worked. It worked, you know? Grace and David even fell in love and went to Europe. And Sam could come back to me, and he did. He did. And we would be getting married tomorrow if Kay hadn't opened up her big mouth.

Ethan: Mother, Kay? I can't believe you're going to stand here and blame everything that's happened on Kay. This is all your doing.

Fox: Hey, ease up on her, Ethan, all right? All Mother tried to do was make up for what Governor Winthrop and Alistair took from her all those years ago.

Ethan: Oh, come on. By costing an entire family its happiness?

Fox: Mother loves Sam very much, and all she wanted to do was be with him. It's like the saying goes, "all is fair in love and war," Ethan.

Ivy: Thank you, Fox.

Ethan: "All's fair in" -- am I even related to you? Lies are wrong, ok? Manipulating people is wrong.

Fox: Not always.

Ethan: No, for me, it always is. For Gwen, it always is. It's wrong. And anyone who -- who lies to keep a person in their life never loved the person to begin with.

Theresa: So, Little Ethan's back at the mansion? Ok, thank you. Um, just tell him that I'll be home soon. Bye.

Whitney: Why isn't Chad answering his phone?

Chad: I've got to get ready for my honey.

Whitney: Um, I'll try Chad again later.

Theresa: You're not back to thinking that he might be having an affair, are you?

Whitney: No. No, no, no, I -- I know everything's fine. Chad just went to run a couple errands, and I just wanted to check on him. It's no big deal.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: So, back to you paying off J.T. Cornell.

Theresa: Right, I gotta do it in order to keep him quiet about Ethan being Little Ethan's father.

Whitney: Ethan hates lies -- hates being lied to, and you not telling him that he's really Little Ethan's father? You're forcing him to live a lie, Theresa.

Theresa: Yeah, but you know what, Whitney? He's actually already living a lie, you know? Pretending that he's been faithful to Gwen when he's cheated on her with me.

Whitney: Don't change the subject. Ethan doesn't have a chance to be with his own son.

Theresa: You know what? He's with him all the time, ok? They were just playing together earlier. And Ethan may not know that he's actually Little Ethan's father, but you know what? He is certainly his father figure.

Whitney: It's not the same thing and you know it, for either of them.

Theresa: Ok, you're right. But I can't tell him the truth, Whitney, because I can't risk Ethan suing me for custody of Little Ethan. Little Ethan would lose out on inheriting the empire one day, so I have to find J.T., I've got to pay him off to keep my secret safe.

Whitney: Ok, fine. So, when are you going to do it? When are you going to pay off J.T.?

Theresa: Once he calls me to tell me where he is.

J.T.: Ok. I will tell you Theresa's secret after we make whoopee.

Rebecca: All right. Pleasure before business. Why don't I call room service, though, so we can set the mood.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I think you're going to have to go out. Room service here is a can of bug spray and the address of the local free clinic.

Rebecca: Oh, ok then, why don't I go and get us some bubbly and some munchies?

J.T.: Sounds perfect.

Rebecca: But you, don't go anywhere --

J.T.: Oh no.

Rebecca: Until I get back.

J.T.: Oh no. I won't.

J.T.: Life is good. It's about to get even better.

[Phone rings]

Theresa: Hello?

J.T.: Hello, Theresa, it's J.T. Been a change of plans.

Theresa: Wait a minute, J.T. We -- we had a deal.

J.T.: Had is right. Rebecca's here and she wants to know your secret.

Theresa: J.T., no -- you -- you can't tell her.

J.T.: Maybe I will, maybe I won't. It's all up to you.

Fancy: If Phyllis was murdered because she found a piece of paper connected to my grandfather's omega plot in Aunt Sheridan's cottage, then you're right. Aunt Sheridan, Chris, and James are all in danger.

Luis: Yeah, you got two out of three.

Fancy: What, you think Chris is involved with omega?

Luis: Who else?

Fancy: He's Aunt Sheridan's husband. James' father.

Luis: Pretty good cover, don't you think?

Fancy: But Chris loves Aunt Sheridan.

Luis: Look at the facts, ok? The mansion was burglarized by somebody who knew the family's personal alarm code. Chris got that from Sheridan.

Fancy: But for Chris to shoot your mother?

Luis: She could have ID'ed him the same as Phyllis, only Mama lucked out.

Fancy: No, no, wait. Chris can't be your perp.

Luis: Why not?

Fancy: He was shot in the leg outside the cottage that time.

Luis: He could have shot himself.

Fancy: What?

Luis: Yeah, I'm telling --

Fancy: You're crazy.

Luis: I am not crazy. I'm telling you the pros do that. It's not cheap, but Alistair's got deep pockets.

Fancy: Oh, Luis, I don't know. If Chris doesn't love Aunt Sheridan, she'd be devastated.

Luis: Hello? Another win for Alistair. And remember, Chris was Spike's alibi the night that my mother got shot.

Fancy: Yeah, Chris said he saw Spike at the fair.

Luis: That's right, and we know that Spike's working for Alistair, or at least he was. They could both be working together to finish whatever it was that Alistair started.

Fancy: Spike maybe, but Chris?

Luis: It's a perfect situation, ok? Look, Chris has access to the mansion, to Crane Industries, to everything. Come on.

Fancy: Where are we going?

Luis: Where are we going? We're going to Sheridan's cottage to get her away from Chris. She's sleeping with the enemy.

Sheridan: What were you burning?

Chris: I was trying to make a fire, but I ran out of matches.

James: There's some right there.

Chris: Oh, I didn't even see them. I noticed the nights were getting cooler, and I know how you love to sit by the fire and read.

Sheridan: Among other things. You're so good to me. You're so good to both James and me. Don't know what we would do without you, do we, sweetheart?

James: No, I love my daddy.

Sheridan: I love him, too.

James: Can I go play with Little Ethan now?

Chris: Isn't it getting a little close to your bedtime, son?

Sheridan: Oh, normally I would agree, but look how excited he is to spend time with his cousin.

James: Please, Daddy?

Chris: Ok, you can go and hang out with Little Ethan for a while.

Sheridan: Ok, I'll go walk him up to the mansion.

Chris: You know what? Why don't you stay here and relax? I'll take him up.

Sheridan: Ok.

Chris: Come on, son.

Chris: Go on, run up ahead. I'll catch up.

James: Ok, Daddy.

Noah: I was bad enough, pretending to be in grad school when I was really in Vegas gambling, but the only person I was hurting was myself. You knowing what Ivy was doing and keeping that to yourself? You didn't just hurt you, you hurt Jessica --

Spike: Yeah.

Chris: Spike, it's me, Chris.

Spike: Yeah, dude. What's shaking?

Chris: Listen, I need to see you right away.

Spike: Why?

Chris: You'll find out when you get here. Meet me outside Sheridan's cottage on the Crane mansion. And be careful, they've got extra security.

Spike: Yeah, don't worry about it. I'll see you in a few.

Noah: Not even close.

Chris: Sheridan thinks I'm here to take care of her. If only she knew what a threat I represent.

Ethan: I just can't believe that someone I love so much is such a liar. For years you lied to me about whose son I was. Kept me away from Sam, didn't you? You kept me away from his love, you kept me away from his attention, his time, and now this? You used David Hastings to ruin my dad's marriage to Grace? For what, to get your old boyfriend back?

Ivy: Sam is more than that. He's much more than that. He is the only man I have ever truly loved.

Ethan: You call it love, Mother. I'm sorry, I call it sick. What you did was a play right out of Alistair's playbook.

Fox: All right, that's not fair. Grandfather was out to hurt people. Mother wasn't, all right? It just happened.

Ethan: No. That's no excuse. What Mother did was very wrong, and if you can't see that, Fox, there's something wrong with you.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: Excuse me.

Gwen: Hello.

Rebecca: Gwennie, it's me.

Gwen: Ok, did you get what you need from J.T.?

Rebecca: Well, no, not yet. I mean, so far we're just making out.

Gwen: Mother, did you get him to tell you Theresa's secret?

Rebecca: Oh, that? No, no, not yet. We decided to share our passion for passion, and then we'll share information.

Gwen: Ok, why are you wasting time?

Rebecca: Honey, it is never a waste of time to give and receive pleasure.

Gwen: It is when we are playing catch-up with Theresa.

Rebecca: Honey, trust me, all right? I will get J.T. to tell me what Theresa is up to, but what's going on there?

Gwen: Well, Ivy has been exposed.

Rebecca: People must be dropping like flies.

Gwen: No, Mother, I mean that her secret is out.

Rebecca: Oh. Oh, my. Well, which one?

Gwen: That she used David Hastings to break up Sam and Grace's marriage so she could get Sam back.

Rebecca: Ugh, I already knew that one.

Gwen: Yeah, and Kay knew, too. She finally admitted it.

Rebecca: Kay knew?

Gwen: Look, Mother, I will fill you in later, after you get J.T. to tell you Theresa's secret.

Rebecca: Honey, don't worry. I will get what I came for... and the dish on Theresa.

Chad: Get some ice while I'm waiting. I feel bad about slipping out on Whitney, but I need this more than I ever knew. And

Whitney just wouldn't understand.

Whitney: Still no word from Chad.

Theresa: Ok, J.T., so -- so you're with Rebecca right now?

J.T.: That's right, Mrs. Crane, and if you don't up the ante, I'm going to tell her everything.

Theresa: J.T., you can't.

J.T.: Going once. Going twice.

Theresa: Ok, J.T., just wait for one second, ok? You are selling yourself to the highest bidder, I will -- I will double what I agreed, ok? Um, look, and Rebecca, she -- she can't match that.

J.T.: Deal. Get the cash. Bring it to the Safari Motel.

Theresa: All right. I'm on my way. And listen, after I pay you, you have got to get out of town. You cannot tell a soul that Ethan is Little Ethan's father.

J.T.: Just show me the money, honey.

Theresa: I've got to get the money, and then we gotta go to the Safari Motel, ok?

Whitney: Why would he be staying at a dump like that?

Theresa: I think it's all he could afford.

Whitney: Well, I suppose so.

Rebecca: You know, it is such a shame that Kay squealed on Ivy.

Gwen: Ivy and Sam were going at it a while ago.

Gwen: Mother, can you please focus long enough to get J.T. to tell you Theresa's secret?

Rebecca: Uh, of course I can.

Gwen: You know, I'm hoping that Ethan will just hate Theresa for her secret. He really let Ivy have it for scheming to get Sam. He's going on and on about how much he hates liars and lies.

Rebecca: That doesn't bode well for Taco-cita.

Gwen: Yeah, or us if Ethan ever finds out we were the ones who exposed his true paternity and framed Theresa for it.

Rebecca: Honey, we're going to find out Theresa's secret and use it against her to get rid of her.

Rebecca: Honey, don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Oh, darn. I forgot the condoms.

Ethan: You know, Gwen, I never would have believed that my mother could be so devious, especially considering how she's always claimed to love my father more than anything else. But she did. She turned Sam's and my family members' lives upside down just to be with him -- just to get him back -- without any regard to the people that she hurt.

Fox: Try not to worry, Mom. Ethan will get over what you did to Sam. He loves you too much not to.

Ivy: I'm not so sure, Fox. Not after what Kay did. Well, at least one good thing came out of it.

Fox: What's that?

Ivy: You've realized that Kay can't be trusted before you married her and now you're free to find some nice girl to be with.

Fox: But I love Kay, Mother, and I always will, no matter what.

Pilar: You still love her, and you have a daughter together.

Miguel: What's your point?

Pilar: My point is this -- everyone makes mistakes, you included. Leaving Kay and Maria to go looking for Charity was selfish and irresponsible of you.

Miguel: You're right, and I know that now.

Pilar: Obviously, Kay is sorry for what she's done, too.

Miguel: I guess.

Pilar: So what's the problem? I know you still love Kay and Maria, so prove it. You need to be by Kay's side while she needs you the most. Marry her, Miguel.

Kay: Please, please, you guys, forgive me. I -- I know keeping quiet about Ivy was wrong, but I'm really, really sorry.

Spike: Baby, something came up. I got to go. I'll see you later, ok?

Jessica: Wait, wait, but, Spike --

Kay: Noah, please, will you forgive me? Jess? Dad? Look, I don't know what you guys want me to do. I said I'm sorry.

Sam: Grace was my wife. Your mother. Their mother. And you let Ivy take her away from us. You did this, Kay. You.

Ivy: Fox, I'm sorry, I don't understand. How can you want to be with Kay, much less marry her, after what she's done?

Fox: Well, no offense, Mother, but you're in no position to judge Kay.

Ethan: I'll say.

Fox: All right, I'm not condemning you the way that Ethan is. I get that what you did, you did it out of love. But sitting here and beating up Kay for keeping your secret? I don't think so, Mom.

Ivy: I don't get it, ok? How does Kay manage to keep Fox in love with her?

Kay: Look, I'm really sorry for hurting all of you and I hope that one day you can forgive me.

Sam: Oh, my God. Ivy, what are you doing here? I told you to get out.

Ivy: I -- Ethan and Gwen just stopped by to discuss our wedding.

Sam: Oh, my God. I would never marry you, ok? Never.

Ivy: Sam, I know what I did was wrong, but what I did, I did --

Sam: Just get out, Ivy. Get out!

Miguel: So, you're saying you still want me to marry Kay?

Pilar: Aye, mijo, it's not about what I want. It's about you, about you being honest with yourself. What Kay did hasn't stopped you from loving her, has it? And in that heart of yours, I know you have it in there to forgive her. Follow your heart. Forgive Kay and marry her.

Chris: So where's Spike?

Spike: Hey, man, I'm here. What's up?

Chris: Look, I'll cut to the chase, hmm? Quick, let's get out of here.

Spike: What the hell are those two bozos doing here?

Chris: I don't know.

Spike: Can you hear what they're saying?

Chris: Damn it, no.

Fancy: I doubt that Aunt Sheridan will take this well.

Luis: She's asleep.

Fancy's voice: If only Luis could look at me the way he looks at Aunt Sheridan.

Luis: She looks so peaceful.

Fancy: She finally has the family she's always wanted.

Luis: In her dreams.

Fancy: Do we really have to spring this on her tonight?

Luis: Well, do you want to wait till morning, till something terrible happens?

Fancy: No, it's just that we're throwing Aunt Sheridan's life in turmoil.

Luis: Yeah, well, it's the way it has to be. Look, I don't see Chris around. Come on, let's get this taken care of.

Chris: What are they doing?

[Gravel crunches]

Luis: Who's there? ?

Fancy: Oh, it's cook's cat, Emeril.

Luis: Emeril. That must have been the noise we heard, right?

Spike: Good kitty.

Luis: Let's do what we came here to do.

Fancy: Aunt Sheridan's going to be so upset.

Luis: Well, it can't be helped. As a cop, you have to make the best of a bad situation, ok?

Fancy: Yeah, how?

Luis: How? You stay calm, you stay focused, and you treat people the same way that you'd want them to treat you.

Fancy: You're really good, Luis. I can see why Sam put you in charge of new recruits.

Luis: Well, it's hard when it's personal.

Spike: That was close.

Chris: Yeah, let's get out of here.

Fancy: I'll wake up Aunt Sheridan, and you give her the bad news.

Luis: Hey, don't wake her up yet, ok? Want to make sure we're alone first.

Fancy: You never have a moment's peace.

Luis: Chris and James aren't here, so --

Sheridan: Luis. Fancy. What are you two doing here?

Luis: Where's James?

Sheridan: He's up at the mansion playing with Little Ethan. Why?

Luis: Go check on James.

Luis: [Whispering] Hey, hey, hey. And be on the lookout for Chris.

Sheridan: Wait a minute, why -- why have Fancy go check on James? He's with Little Ethan's nanny.

Luis: Because I wanted us to speak in private.

Sheridan: What -- what about?

Luis: Phyllis' murder. I came here to arrest our killer.

Gwen: Ok, I wonder which room my mother and J.T. are in.

Whitney: There is no way we should even be in this part of town with that much cash.

Theresa: Yeah, yeah.

Whitney: How much is in that thing anyway?

Theresa: You don't want to know.

Whitney: That much?

Theresa: Yeah. More.

Whitney: Oh, that's great. This place is even more disgusting than I even imagined it would be. Who would stay in a place like this?

Theresa: Well, it's cheap. Nobody questions what you are doing.

Whitney: Who are you calling?

Theresa: Um, J.T. He didn't give me the room number.

Whitney: We could ask the front desk. I'm sure they -- oh, yeah. Don't ask, don't tell. Got it.

Theresa: And he's not answering. Great. Well, I think we could find the room eventually, right?

Chad: Thought I heard Whitney. Must be my guilty conscience. There's no way Whitney would be at a place like is

Theresa: Oh, my gosh.

Whitney: Please tell me why exactly you think this is J.T.'s room?

Theresa: You seriously don't smell that?

Whitney: Of course I smell it. It's disgusting.

Theresa: Yeah, it's his cologne.

Whitney: Smells like hay in a dirty horse stall or something.

Theresa: All right, J.T. Cornell, right there on the tag.

Whitney: Well, I hear running water.

Theresa: That's why he didn't answer the call. Ok. J.T.? I'm here. I've got the money. Please, just come on out. Count it if you like. Take it and run, and take my secret with you.

Kay: My family hates me. Why shouldn't they? I did a horrible thing, and I let Ivy ruin my parents' marriage. God. Well, at least Fox understands, and I just wish Miguel did. Please, God, just let him know how sorry I am. Just let him somehow find it in his heart to forgive me.

Sam: Ivy, I told you I don't want you here. I want you to leave.

Fox: Sam, Mother's sorry for what she did.

Sam: She's sorry the truth came out. Now, get out of my sight.

Fox: Can't you just --

Ethan: Fox, why don't you let it go just for now.

Ivy: If I could just explain --

Fox: Mother, Ethan's right, ok? Not now.

Ethan: Dad, I'm sorry.

Noah: Me, too.

Jessica: How could Kay do something like this?

Sam: Lies. All lies.

Rebecca: I can't wait to see if these things really do glow in the dark. Man flesh! Oh, my. It's Chad. And he's naked. Oh, honey. You need a license to carry that thing? Wait a minute, what's Chad doing at a place like this? He's not here to see Whitney, but -- oh, my goodness. Chad is having an affair.

Theresa: J.T.? Come on, hurry up. I don't want Rebecca coming back before you take this money and run. Come on. Finally.

Gwen: Hello. Looks like you're a little late, Theresa. My mother and I already spoke to J.T.

Sheridan: You came to arrest the man who murdered Phyllis?

Luis: That's right.

Sheridan: Well, who is it? Who murdered her?

Luis: Where's Chris?

Sheridan: Why do you keep asking where Chris is? Wait a minute, you're still convinced that Chris murdered Phyllis?

Chris: What's with the smug look? What have you done?

Spike: Well, it's not what I've done, amigo. It's what you've done.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Spike: You killed her, you killed her.

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