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Ethan: Julian, good morning.

Julian: If you say so.

Ethan: Listen, we have that meeting with Theresa and Jared later. I wanted to get our ducks in a row before we discuss Little Ethan's custody in front of them.

Julian: Yes, I would like to go over that as well. But first there's a little matter I'd like for you to explain to me. 

Ethan: Are you angry with me about something?

Julian: What the hell is going on? I heard all about Theresa's will. She has named you trustee of Crane until Little Ethan comes of age. Why did she leave you the empire that belongs to me?

Gwen: Did you find J.T.? You know where he is?

Rebecca: I'm sorry, honey,  it's like he just vanished.

Gwen: Mother, we have to find him, ok? Theresa is terrified of something, and I know that J.T. knows what it is.

Rebecca: Honey, are you sure we are not just jumping to conclusions here?

Gwen: Mother, she saw you and J.T. at the hotel last night. She could have forced him to tell Ethan we were the ones who tipped the tabloid about his paternity and she didn't.  You know she's been scheming to get Ethan back for years. The night she has the chance to make all her dreams come true, she keeps quiet? Come on.  There has got to be something that J.T. knows that Theresa doesn't want Ethan to know. I am not going to rest until I know what that something is.

Theresa: Whitney, I have got to find J.T. before Gwen does. I have got to make sure that he doesn't tell my secret that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father.

Jared: What did you just say about Little Ethan's father?

Fox: Do you realize that we are going to be husband and wife soon?

Kay: Yeah, if we can just get past this wedding. 

Fox: Get past it? This is going to be the happiest day of our lives. 

Miguel: Hi, Mama.

Pilar: You know what I was just doing, mijo, with Kay and Fox?  I was helping them find the perfect spot for their reception.  What are you waiting for?

Miguel: I know, mama, I know --

Pilar: No, Miguel, no. No more excuses. You love Kay. You cannot let her marry Fox.

Sheridan: That was a nice surprise.

Chris: It looked like you were a million miles away.

Sheridan: I was just thinking about how much I love you.

Fancy: No, stop it! No!

Luis: Fancy.

Fancy: Stop it!

Luis: Fancy. Hey, hey, Fancy. Wake up, wake up.

Fancy: What?

Luis: It's all right. It's me, Luis.

Fancy: Oh, Luis.

Luis: Wow, that must have been some dream you were having, huh?

Fancy: What happened? Oh, oh, I remember. That mobster, Lester, was holding a gun to my head and then you --

Luis: Yeah, I came in to see if you were ok and then, bam, you just pulled me into a kiss.

Fancy: Maybe I should have nightmares more often.

Luis: Ah. Mm-hmm. Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Sam: Where are you?

Luis: Why, what's wrong?

Sam: I want you and Fancy to get down to the station immediately.

Luis: I'll tell her.

Sam: Well, I hope to God you mean you are going to call her. You better not be with her right now.

Luis: Well --

Sam: Just get your butt down here right now!

Luis: Wow.

Fancy: What?

Luis: That was Sam. He wants to see us at the station immediately.

Fancy: Why?

Luis: I don't know. But it doesn't sound good.

Julian: And just how long have you been aware of the contents of Theresa's will?

Ethan: Not long. A few days.

Julian: And you didn't think it was necessary to inform me of the contents? You are my attorney, as I recall.

Ethan: Julian, yes I am.

Julian: This is absurd. You, named sole trustee of everything Crane. Every company, every account, every trust in every country on the face of this earth.

Ethan: Theresa wants me to protect Little Ethan's inheritance.

Julian: Well, it doesn't need protection. Don't you find it odd that she passed me over as trustee when I am the boy's father?

Ethan: Yes, I understand your anger.

Julian: Oh, do you? My ancestors founded this great enterprise when they first arrived here from England in the 17th century. They built it up, bit by bit, for over 300 years. And no matter what else you may think of my father, he was a financial genius. He increased my ancestors' assets 1,000-fold with my help. We built this empire together. Now I should be the one to take it over.

Ethan: Yet --

Julian: No one else.

Ethan: Yet, your father disinherited you.

Julian: Listen, I am fully aware of my father's bizarre wishes. Not only has Theresa robbed me of what's rightfully mine when she's alive, now she is trying to give it to someone else upon her death. Well, I will not stand for it. Which is why I'm reconsidering whether you should act as my attorney.

Ethan: Excuse me?

Julian: Come now, Ethan, you have a very quick legal mind. There is obviously a conflict of interest here. How can I be sure that you will work on my behalf in the custody case with Little Ethan? I mean, perhaps Theresa agreed to let you be the trustee of Crane as a payoff for throwing the custody case her way.

Rebecca: J.T., I am so sick of your voicemail message, call me. And I mean right now.

Gwen: Ok, we have to find him. I mean, we need to know what he knows.

Rebecca: Now what -- what could possibly be so important, huh? I mean, she could've taken us both down, but she didn't. She kept her mouth shut.

Gwen: Yeah. Whatever it is, it's got to be good. You know, if we're lucky, it will be just what we need to blow Theresa out of the water.

Theresa: Whitney, I'm going to have to call you back.

Theresa: Jared. How long were you standing there?

Jared: Long enough.

Theresa: To hear what?

Jared: Don't worry, boss lady, I didn't hear any of your little secrets. All I heard was you say something about Little Ethan's father, which is why I am here. You remember, right, we have a meeting with Ethan and Julian about Julian's custody demands, and I wanted to go over the stipulations before we met with them face to face.

Theresa: I only have one stipulation... and that's for Julian to stay completely out of Little Ethan's life.

Jared: Come on, Tess. You know that's impossible. Julian has every right to visitation with his son.

Theresa: Why, Jared?

Jared: The times have changed. The courts usually side equally with the father in custody battles nowadays.

Theresa: I want 100% custody of my son.

Jared: Well, good luck. The only way you could possibly do that is if you were to prove that Julian wasn't really the father of Little Ethan.

Theresa: What -- what would make you say something like that?

Pilar: Miguel, this has been going on too long. You can't let Kay marry Fox. You love her, and I know deep down inside that girl loves you. She ran after you for years.

Miguel: Mama, I told Kay how I feel. I've talked to her until I'm blue in the face.

Pilar: Well, then you need to try harder.

Miguel: What do you want me to do?

Pilar: I understand why Kay is drawn to Fox. I mean, he's a stable force in her life right now. Think of what that girl's been through, mijo. He offers her not only his love, but security. That's important to a single mom. And the only thing you are offering her is love, and you're not backing up that love either romantically or financially.

Miguel: What's that supposed to mean?

Pilar: Look around you, mijo. Fox is a Crane. Now I know he ran through his trust fund. But who knows about the future? Even without his millions to back him up, he's got a good career; you don't.

Miguel: I work.

Pilar: Yes, mijo, you do. As a day laborer on a fishing boat.

Miguel: It's honest work.

Pilar: I know. You need to think of it from Kay's point of view, ok? Even if you can provide a wonderful life for her with this fishing job, you -- you're never going to be there. You're up at dawn. You're gone all day. You come home exhausted. You can't be with the family. You need to find a career that will help you be a good family man so that you can offer Kay and Maria stability.

Fox: You know, I think if we set up the altar right here underneath the tree, that would be a beautiful place to say our vows.

Kay: Yeah. Let's hope this Indian summer lasts. Because I don't want to move everything inside at the last minute.

Fox: Look, would you not worry. Everything is going to be perfect, just like our lives together. Now listen, I've got to get to work, ok? I might have some good news for you later.

Kay: What?

Fox: Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out. But if it goes through, I will be set up at Crane for good. And you and Maria will have the wonderful life that you deserve.

Sam: Well, congratulations. The jokes about you two are flying around here all over the place.

Fancy: We're sorry.

Luis: Sorry.

Sam: How do you expect me to run a department when my top officer and a cadet are the punch line to every dirty joke here in town?

Luis: I don't, I don't --

Sam: The department doesn't need bad press, Luis.

Luis: Look, I don't know who released this footage to the press, all right? But it'll blow over in a day or so. I mean, come on, people will move on to a new scandal.

Sam: You think?

Luis: Yeah.

Sam: Hmm, what do we have here?

Fancy: Oh no.

Luis: This is obscene.

Sam: No, you two were obscene.

Luis: We did not even --

Sam: Oh, no, let me get this right. You faked it, right? Maybe the two of you deserve Oscars for such a fine performance. You know, the damn phone's been ringing off the hook. I got to tell you, the commissioner's about ready to have a heart attack. There might be an investigation.

Fancy: What can we do?

Sam: Nothing. You know what? I should fire the two of you right now.

Chris: Hello? What the hell do you want? No, I've made it quite clear that I'm not involved in any of that anymore. Alistair is dead and so is my association with him. It's over. Do you hear me? Over.

Sheridan: Hi, Phyllis. How are you?

Phyllis: Very well, Ms. Crane.

Sheridan: Phyllis, it's Mrs. Crane-Boothe. And besides, I really wish you would call me Sheridan -- after all these years.

Phyllis: Well, I try. But it still feels awkward.

Sheridan: Well, what's new?

Phyllis: Nothing.

Sheridan: Oh, come on. What's the new gossip? Is the butler sneaking his girlfriend into the wine cellar again?

Phyllis: No, it's nothing like that. It''s actually about you, Ms. Crane.

Sheridan: Oh, what happened?

Phyllis: Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald stayed the night in the mansion last night.

Sheridan: That's old news. Besides, why should that bother me? There was a break-in in the mansion and Fancy was nervous about it, so Luis bunked in one of the spare rooms to help reassure her.

Phyllis: That's what you think.

Sheridan: What?

Phyllis: Never mind.

Sheridan: What is it? What aren't you telling me?

Sheridan: What's going on?

Pilar: I'm sorry. I know it seems like I am pushing, and I guess I probably am. I just -- God, mijo, I just don't want another one of my children to miss their chance at happiness. I have faith in you, Miguel. And if you love Kay, take action.

Miguel: Don't worry, Mama. I'll make Kay mine. I won't lose her again.

Theresa: Jared, what would you make you say something like that? I mean, why would you even suggest that Julian isn't Little Ethan's father?

Jared: I didn't. What is with you? I was merely pointing out that the only way we can prevent Julian from having any custody over his son is to prove he wasn't the father.

Theresa: Right. Sorry. I'm very, you know, tense today. I mean, anytime I talk about my son, it's -- you know, it's a very touchy subject for me.

Jared: I can see that.

Theresa: Good.

Jared: Hey, don't worry. I'm going to do everything I possibly can to make sure that you're granted sole custody of Little Ethan. Now is there anything you can tell me that would help me do that?

Fox: Knock, knock. Am I interrupting?

Theresa: No, no, not at all. Please come in.

Fox: Theresa, did you get a chance to look at my proposal?

Theresa: I did. Fox, great work. I actually spoke to the CEO of the company and as long as you head the project, it's a go.

Fox: That is great, thank you. Theresa, this means a lot to me.

Theresa: Yeah, you deserve it. I mean, merging both companies' delivery systems -- I mean, that is a huge cost savings. It's ingenious, ok? I am completely impressed.

Fox: Well, thank you very much. You know, I will get to work on this right away.

Theresa: All right.

Fox: All right, Theresa.

Theresa: You go get them, tiger. Ok, now where were we?

Jared: Well, you were about to tell me if there was anything you knew that could help prevent Julian from having any custody over Little Ethan.

Theresa: Right.

Jared: You know you can trust me, right?

Theresa: Yeah, I know. I mean, you're, you know, officially my lawyer in this matter. So I am protected by lawyer/ client confidentiality.

Jared: Of course.

Theresa: Ok. All right, Jared, there's something that I need to tell you. It's something very important.

Ethan: Listen, Theresa's decision was as much a surprise to me as it was to you.

Julian: Really?

Ethan: Really. And I don't know what to say to convince you otherwise other than you can trust me. I'm your attorney. You have hired me to force Theresa to grant partial custody to you of Little Ethan. That's what I am prepared to do. Theresa's will has nothing to do with the matter.

Julian: It makes no sense, does it? Why did she choose you? I mean, she's been in love with you forever. But if she is dead, what difference does that make?

Ethan: Julian, I'm well qualified to run Crane, and you know that better than anybody.

Julian: But to bring in an outsider. You see, Theresa should know better than that. There has to be another reason why. But what is it?

Gwen: Yeah, that's what I'd like to know. Somehow, you know, this is all connected, and J.T. Cornell knows why. Mother, we need to find him. We need to force him to tell us what he knows.

Sam: You know, I should fire the two of you right now. A police officer's supposed to maintain a squeaky clean reputation. But the two of you are making it look as if we're running a porn palace down here.

Luis: Now listen, Sam, I will do whatever it takes to make this right, and so will Fancy. Please do not fire us. Just give us a second chance.

Sheridan: Come on, Phyllis, you know me. You know I can't stand secrets. Now what aren't you telling me?

Phyllis: I don't want to hurt you.

Sheridan: No, it's ok, you won't. But what is going on?

Phyllis: I walked in on Luis and Fancy this morning. They were in Fancy's bedroom, kissing in bed.

Phyllis: I am sorry.

Sheridan: It's ok. I am married to a wonderful man now and what Luis and Fancy do is their own business. So, do you think Luis and Fancy spent the whole night together?

Phyllis: I don't know. But the bedcovers were mussed in the guest bedroom.

Sheridan: No more. I shouldn't be listening to any of this.

Phyllis: Look, I wouldn't have even said anything, except everyone says how much you and Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald were just so much in love.

Sheridan: That was a long time ago.

Phyllis: A real love never goes away. It stays in your heart forever.

Sheridan: I know. God, how I know.

Chris: No, don't call me again. I don't want anything to ruin my marriage. Look, Alistair is dead and the Omega Society should have died with him. And for what it's worth, nobody can link me to him anymore. I've taken care of that. I've destroyed everything with an omega symbol on it. There's no trace of it anywhere.

Chris: Don't call me again. Do you hear me? I never want to hear your voice again. It's over. Now, if that idiot Spike can keep his mouth shut, there's nothing anywhere to link me to Alistair.

Ethan: Julian, bottom line, you're my client. Now, I can keep the issues of Theresa's will and Little Ethan's custody case separate. But it's your call. Now do you want me to proceed for you or not?

Julian: For the moment, but you better mean what you say. Little Ethan is my son. I will not let Theresa steal him from me as well.

Rebecca: Damn straight. When I think of how that little gold digger has robbed my pookie, it makes my blood boil. And you know how I get when my blood turns hot.

Ethan: What are you two doing here?

Gwen: I was just bringing up some papers for the Stuart Allen case, and I thought I would pop in to say hello.

Ethan: Well, thank you. But, honey, I really don't have time. We're about to go over a bunch of things before our meeting with Theresa.

Gwen: Really?

Rebecca: Oh, poor pookie. Your neck is just in knots. Oh, I wonder how the rest of your body must be.

Ethan: Should we -- should we get started here, Julian?

Julian: Excellent idea. Why don't you come back in an hour?

Gwen: Oh, my God, ok. We're going.

Ethan: Right.

Gwen: Phew!

Julian: Rebecca, I'm really sorry there's not much to amuse us here in this office.

Rebecca: No problem. You see, I just happen to have a few little costumes. Oh, Julian, I just kept hoping that finally, finally you would be in the mood.

Julian: Oh, my little devil. I'm always in the mood.

Rebecca: Oh, pookie, you know I don't know whether to thank heaven or hell. But my pookie -- oh, he's back.

Theresa: What I'm about to tell you cannot go past these four walls.

Jared: Well, go ahead, Tess. Whatever you say to me, I'll treat with the strictest of confidence.

Theresa: Good.

Theresa's voice: Too many people know the truth already.

Theresa: The bottom line, Jared, is that Little Ethan is my son -- and my son only. Julian has had no interest or contact in his life since he was born, and I am not going to let him worm his way into Little Ethan's life right now.

Theresa: Hello? Yeah, actually that would be very helpful. Where? Ok, sure, I'll be right there. We need to finish this later. I've got to get out of here.

Jared: We have a meeting with Julian and Ethan.

Theresa: You've gotta cancel it, I've gotta go.

Jared: Theresa! Tess! Something's going on with Theresa. But what?

Luis: Please, ok, I know that that tape looked bad, ok? But at the time we just thought -- we thought it was the right thing to do, Sam.

Sam: All right, all right. I'll give you another chance.

Fancy: Thank you, Chief --

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy. Now that's the kind of behavior that got you into this mess.

Fancy: Yes, sir.

Sam: Now I don't want to see you two hanging out with each other, got it? That's why the department forbids officers dating cadets.

Fancy: Yeah, we know.

Luis: We are not involved, trust me.

Sam: Luis, that's B.S., and you know it. I saw the tape. Now don't insult me by lying to me and telling me there's nothing going on between the two of you. Now, you may be a lot of things, but you are not actors. The passion on that tape was real. Now, if the two of you can't keep your hands off of each other, you're going to be out of here in a New York minute. Do I make myself clear?

Luis and Fancy: Yes, sir.

Sam: Now I think we've spent enough time on your past love life. We've got some work to do around here.

Fancy: I'm sorry, Luis.

Luis: No, you know what, don't be. Just -- there's nothing going on between us. From now on, it's just business, ok?

Fancy's voice: Sorry, Luis, I'm not sure I can promise that.

Sheridan: Well, Phyllis, I am heading up to the mansion. James is up there with Little Ethan for his art lesson and, well, he forgot his supplies so I'm sure he'll want to show them off.

Phyllis: Okey-dokey.

Chris: Oh, hi.

Sheridan: Hi there.

Chris: Where are you off to?

Sheridan: I am just heading up to the mansion.

Chris: Alright, well, I am going to go and do some work in the garden.  I'm going to take out some of those vegetables that you and James planted before we get a hard frost.

Sheridan: Thank you. Just be sure and leave some carrots. James will want to pull those.

Chris: Ok.  Oh, hang on a sec.  You better tell him to learn to draw better than his daddy. See you later.

Chris: Phyllis, I will be out in the garden.

Phyllis: What is this?

Fox: Yes, good morning, Alfredo, Fox Crane here. Yes, I am looking at it right now. I understand you want to use our model Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald for all your ad campaigns. Really, wow, an exclusive worldwide campaign. Sounds lucrative. Yes, I do suppose that is the kind of thing that could set somebody up for life. But, listen, I am afraid -- oh, you're willing to adjust the schedule around Miguel's availability. I see.

{Julian: If you want to hang on to Kay, you make it impossible for Miguel to ever support her. Don't help him anymore. No more modeling jobs. You cut him off at the knees, so he's no longer a threat. }

Fox: Gosh, you know what? I'm really sorry, Alfredo, but Miguel has retired from modeling. He's not going to be able to work for -- not just for you but for anybody. Yeah, well, I'd love to help you find another model.

Fox: Listen, can I call you -- can I call you back? Somebody just came in. All right. What's up, Miguel?

Miguel: You mind if we talk?

Fox: Sure. Shouldn't you be on the boat, fishing?

Miguel: You know what? It's -- the water is too rough, and they gave me the day off. Not that I want one, because I only get paid if I fish.

Fox: Gosh, sorry to hear that. I know how reliant you are on those wages.

Miguel: Look, that's why I'm here. I've given it some thought, and I don't want to have to solely rely on the fishing boats for my income. I need a more stable career.

Fox: That's smart, Miguel.

Miguel: You know, when Siren and I did that perfume ad campaign, we got a great response and, not to mention, the pay was terrific. I want to do some more modeling, and I would like you to call up Alfredo and see if he wants to use me for anything else.

Fox: Gosh, I'm terribly sorry, Miguel, but that job's finished. Alfredo only uses fresh faces for his campaigns. And he already told me... he wouldn't ever be able to use you again.

Kay: Ok. So after we say the "I dos," I want everybody, the wedding party, all the guests -- to stand right over there for a big group photo.  Fox and I think it will be fun and it will only take a minute and then we can send a copy to everyone as a souvenir.  Oh, and while all of that is happening, the staff can be moving all the chairs and set up for the dance floor.

Pilar: Well, you and Fox certainly have thought of everything.

Kay: Yeah, we want our wedding to be perfect.

Pilar: Well, it's not wedding you should be worried about. It's what happens after.

Kay: What's that supposed to mean?

Pilar: Well, are you sure you're doing the right thing, Kay? I mean, marriage is a solemn commitment. Are you absolutely certain that the man you're marrying is the one that's in your heart?

Phyllis: What could this be?

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh, someone needs to know about this. N-n-no.

Rebecca: Let's do it again, Tom.

Julian: Anything for you, Katie. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!

Singer: Just take those old records off the shelf I'll sit and listen to 'em by myself today's music ain't got the same soul I like that old time rock & roll don't try to take me to a disco you'll never even get me out on the floor in ten minutes I'll be late for the door I like that old time rock & roll still like that old time rock & roll that kind of music just soothes the soul I reminisce about the days of old with that old time rock & roll

Rebecca: Oh, you know we should have done Tom and Katie a long time ago. I mean, who knew? I never thought they had this much passion, did you?

Julian: This has nothing to do with Tom Cruise and his little girl toy. This is all us, baby.

Rebecca: Oh, there. Now admit it. You missed me, pookie, huh? Nobody can turn you on the way I do.

Julian: Yes, in your way, Rebecca, in your way.

Rebecca: And wait till we get back to the mansion. I have a little surprise for you in the stable.

Julian: What? Where did you find something like that?

Rebecca: Oh, a little livestock sale in Wyoming. You know, Julian, I -- I really did miss you.

Julian: Well, don't be getting any ideas. We're not getting back together. Today was just a little fun.

Rebecca: If you say so. Well, let's have us some more fun then, shall we? Aha, here's a little something else I found in Wyoming. Because you know, pookie, you have been a very naughty, naughty boy, divorcing me the way you did. I think it's time you were punished.

Ethan: I received your message canceling the meeting about Little Ethan's custody. That meeting was scheduled days ago. What is so important that Theresa had to cancel it last-minute?

Jared: Theresa runs an enormous corporation, Ethan. An important business deal was just coming to boil and she had to run. Don't worry, we'll reschedule.

Ethan: Well, you tell Theresa that I want that meeting rescheduled ASAP, you got it?

Jared: Got it.

Ethan: Good. There's something not right about this.

Gwen: I agree, and I'm going to find out what it is.

Jared: What's up, Theresa? Why did you run out in such a hurry?

Theresa: J.T., come on, I know you are here. Come on out, J.T., come on. We need to talk.

Miguel: That's very disappointing. I mean, do you know of anybody else that could use me in their ad campaign? I'd work for anyone.

Fox: Listen, Miguel, I don't want you take offense to this, because it's only fashion, but I think the whole muscle-boy look is kind of passť. It's just that our clients, well, they're looking for a more sophisticated model. But listen, Miguel, I mean what's in and what's out in fashion, it changes -- like that. So, gosh, I'm really sorry. I just -- I don't know of any campaigns that -- that would want to use you.

Miguel: Darn, I really wanted to model. You know, as it is, I spend so much time out on those boats, I rarely even get to see Maria when she's awake.

Fox: Gosh, I'm sorry, guy. I mean, that's really tough. But listen, Miguel, I've really got to get going because I have this really huge business deal that just came up that is going to set my life up with Kay and Maria to be just even better. So I am just really excited to tell Kay about it. And I guess you can just let yourself out. And good talking to you.

Miguel: Mama's right. I'm a washed-up model and a temp Fisherman. I have nothing to offer Kay. 

Kay: Look, I've made my decision. And I'm always going to love you, and you're always going to be a part of my life because you're Maria's grandma. But, I'm going to marry Fox.

Pilar: Please don't do it.

Kay: Come on, no offense. You are not my mother, ok?

Pilar: If she were here, she would be telling you the same thing. I'm telling you this because I have real concern. Fox is not right for you. He's a Crane. And I know the Cranes better than anyone in this town.  Trust me, if you marry him, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

Luis: Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Sheridan: Luis, thank God.  You've got to get over here.

Luis: Sheridan, what's wrong?

Sheridan: Oh my God, it's Phyllis.

Luis: The maid?

Sheridan: Yes, Luis, I found her.  She's dead.  She's lying dead.  Someone killed her on my living room floor.

Luis: Are you serious?

Sheridan: Yes, you've got to get over here now. Someone murdered Phyllis. 

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Theresa: They stole my daughter from me, J.T.  I refuse to let them have my son. 

Pilar: Follow your heart, Kay, before it's too late.

Sheridan: My husband did not kill Phyllis!

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