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Sam: Sorry I had to arrest you, son.

Paloma: For beating up on Spike? He should get a medal.

Sam: Yeah, well, you're right. You know, once Spike pressed charges --

Noah: You did what you had to do. You're the chief of police, right?

Paloma: Sir, shouldn't we go after Spike now?

Noah: That's exactly what we should do, all right? We should go to Jessica, we should convince her to drop that bum.

Paloma: Yeah.

Sam: Hold on, hold on. Unfortunately, we can't.

Noah: Why not?

Paloma: Sir, you don't want your daughter to stay with that man, do you?

Sam: Of course I don't. But there's no way we're going to get Jessica away from Spike because they're gone.

Noah: Gone? Gone where?

Sam: I don't know. All I know is they packed up everything and they left. God only knows where they are. And God only knows what he is making her do.

Spike: Yo, Jess, come on, baby, move it! Come on!

Spike: Ah, let me take a look at you here, sweetie. Let me look at you. Uh-huh, one more time. Now that's what I love to see. My wifey knows how to work her merchandise. Don't you, baby?

Jessica: Spike, I don't want to do this again. Why do I have to do it?

Spike: Honey, we bailed on your dad. Honey, just a couple of tricks tonight, we'll get ourselves a nice little hotel room somewhere.

Jessica: No, I don't want to do it. Please don't make me.

Spike: Shh, shh, shh. Listen to me. You don't want me to tell your dad about the Johns you murdered, do you?

 Miguel: Kay, why are you talking about Charity right now? I told you, she's not important anymore.  I love you. You're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Kay: But I need to know what you would do if Charity suddenly showed up in Harmony again.

Miguel: What I'd do?

Kay: Yes. What would you do? Would you still want to be with me if she came back in our lives?

Tabitha: You see, Endora, it's still not smooth sailing for Kay and Miguel, even though you did put them into a romantic setting together inside your head. Oh, it's never simple when mortals fall in love. They always seem to muck it up somehow.

Tabitha: Wherever did you pick that up? I think I'm going to have to pay more attention to what you're watching on the telly. Yes, you're right. We witches would never subject ourselves to anything as demeaning as love. No, we wouldn't. But, of course, Kay, Miguel, and Fox are mortals and they have got themselves in a terrible triangle tangle. Are you still determined to keep Kay and Fox apart, Endora? Just because he took away your chocolate? Huh? I mean, he is your brother. And I know you care about him. Well, think about it. Because when Fox realizes that Kay did not go to the market to buy milk and that Miguel is not around either, he'll be hurt. He'll know that the two of them have sneaked off to be together, just before his wedding to Kay. And you don't want to hurt your brother that way, do you, Endora?

Fox: You're right, Father. All the cars are still there. How would she get to the market then?

Julian: Well, it's very unlikely she'd walk there to buy milk at this hour?

Fox: Why would she lie to me about going to buy milk at the market?

Julian: My dear Fox, from everything you've told me, I would be looking for Miguel. I think if you find Miguel, you will find Kay.

Fox: No. Kay wouldn't do that to me.

Julian: How can you be sure? I think she's -- she's with Miguel right now. I think she's in his arms as we speak.

Ethan: Oh, I got 'em, Gwen! J.T. and Rebecca, they're not going anywhere. The truth is finally going to come out.

Theresa: What's going on?

Ethan: What's going on? You were right all along. J.T. and Rebecca do definitely know one another. And tonight we're going to find out who told J.T. that I wasn't really a Crane. The truth is coming out tonight.

Gwen's voice: Oh, my God. This is it. J.T. is going to tell Ethan that my mother and I revealed his paternity, and I'm going to lose Ethan forever.

Theresa's voice: Oh, no. If J.T. tells Ethan he's my son's father, Little Ethan will lose everything. And I could lose Little Ethan.

Fox: You know, just because her car is still there, it -- it doesn't mean that she's with Miguel.

Julian: Yes. Perhaps she took a cab. Or maybe she sprouted wings and flew to the store.

Fox: Oh, come on, Father. Maybe -- maybe she did walk to the store.

Julian: But why? I mean, if the children needed milk, why would she waste all that time walking to the store and back -- especially at night?

Fox: I don't know.

Julian: Look, why don't you check Miguel's room and see if he's there? And if he is, no problem. If he's not...

Fox: That doesn't necessarily mean that they're together, Father.

Julian: Fox, I know you don't want to think the worst. But I've told you to keep Kay away from Miguel. He is her first love. It would take him very little to convince her to leave you.

Fox: Oh, thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad.

Julian: Fox, I -- I am just telling you, I know women. They have this bizarre attachment to first loves. Kay is no different.

Fox: She wouldn't do that. That's -- that's not going to happen.

Julian: Well, not if you play it smart. I've told you, sometimes you have to be ruthless to keep the woman that you love. You see, I should have been more ruthless with Eve. I should have done whatever rotten thing was necessary. But I was Mr. Nice Guy. She's now back with her invalid husband. So don't be a fool, Fox. Don't let that happen to you.

Fox: I'm going to go check Miguel's room.

Fox: Miguel. Miguel, are you in there? He's not in his room.

Julian: Then you have to assume he's with Kay. And you must find them. And you must get rid of Miguel for good.

Miguel: Kay, I love you. And whenever we get back to reality from whatever this is -- even if Charity was standing right in front of me, it wouldn't change the way I feel.

Kay: Do you mean that?

Miguel: Of course I mean it. You're the mother of my child, and I love you, Kay. I should have realized how much I loved you a long time ago. This whole Charity thing was just an infatuation. That's all it was, Kay.

Kay: Are you sure? You have to be absolutely positive. I want to believe you so bad. I'm just so scared.

Miguel: Kay, you're my best friend and you're my soul mate. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much.

Tabitha: Oh, no. Do you see what you've done, sweet pea? Kay is letting herself be swayed by Miguel. And pretty soon, she'll have forgotten all about Fox. "Poor Fox" is right. Now, don't you think -- don't you think that we better get them back here, right now? Huh, Endora? Because otherwise, things could go too far. And -- and -- and then it'll be too late. And poor Fox will be broken-hearted. And that's not what you want, is it? You don't want your -- your poor brother's heart to be broken, do you? Hmm?

Endora: Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

Tabitha: What was that? What happened? Oh, Endora, your -- your powers! Your powers must have failed, and if we can't get Kay and Miguel back here, they could be stuck in your head forever! Oh, my!

Rebecca: Ow! Let go of me, you brute!

Ethan: Not a chance, Rebecca. J.T., you're not going anywhere either.

Rebecca: Are -- are you mad? What are you trying to do?

Ethan: Just getting at the truth, that's all.

Rebecca: I have no idea what you're talking about, just let go of me! Let me get up!

Jared: Theresa, is there anything I can do to help?

Theresa: Help what?

Jared: Well, you! You look like you're on death row. What are you so frightened of?

Theresa: You have no idea. No, there's nothing that you can do. There's nothing that anyone can do.

Gwen's voice: Theresa looks terrified. I don't get it.

Rebecca: Gwennie, Gwennie, help me! Oh! Oh, thank you, sweetheart. I think your husband's lost his mind.

Ethan: No, no, actually, I'm perfectly sane, thanks. But I'm going to get the truth out of this guy if I have to beat it out of him.

Gwen: Ok, look at Theresa. I mean, shouldn't she be enjoying this more?

Rebecca: Yeah, yeah, she should be gloating, lording this over us that she's finally won. But instead, she looks like she just ate her last Chimichanga.

Ethan: All right, get up, J.T. Come on, get up! Game is over. Who the hell are you?

Man: The bellhop, sir. I'm sorry. I don't know how all this happened, but I'm sorry.

Noah: That bastard! You know, he took Jessica away from her family so that we couldn't even try to protect her.

Sam. Exactly, but I put word out to all my units to keep an eye out for him.

Paloma: This is so frustrating, to see Jessica under the thumb of that diablo.

Sam: You're right. You know what? He's got something on her.

Noah: What? You think he's blackmailing her?

Sam: Definitely. There's something he's threatening to tell us if she doesn't stay with him and do what he wants.

{Simone: I'm sorry, something's happened.

Paloma: You both seem very nervous. What happened? Did you kill somebody? Oh, my God! You did kill someone!

Jessica: I know. Isn't it a drag? }

Spike: I want you to think about this, honey. Your whole family would be so embarrassed to be affiliated with a jailbird.

Jessica: Oh yeah, like me being a prostitute isn't embarrassing enough --

Spike: Shut up!

Jessica: Ow.

Spike: I need you to focus. You don't get the gas chamber for turning tricks.

Spike: All right, baby. Now, I want you to get over there and make us some rent money for tonight, ok? All right, go out, you little slut. Do your thing.

Ethan: What -- what are you doing here, and where is J.T.?

Rebecca: Ethan, I told you, there is no J.T. here.

Bellhop: I apologize for being late with the linens, sir.

Ethan: Linens? What are you talking about?

Bellhop: I -- I was told to deliver clean sheets and towels for the presidential suite. I was bringing them to you and then you -- you attacked me for being late.

Ethan: Hold on, I didn't attack you, ok? I thought you were somebody else, and I accidentally ran into you.

Theresa: Wherever you are, J.T., I hope it is far away.

Jared: What did you say, Tess?

Theresa: Nothing.

Ethan: Rebecca, are you trying to tell me that you deny that you were out on the ledge with J.T. Cornell?

Rebecca: Oh, absolutely.

Ethan: Right, right. Then -- then what were you doing out on the ledge with Rebecca?

Bellhop: Excuse me, with who?

Ethan: Who? Here, let me show you. See her? You were having sex with her out on the window ledge, right?

Bellhop: No, no, sir. That must have been my friend, Alberto.

Ethan: Alberto? Where is Alberto?

Bellhop: Well, I just passed him a few minutes ago, before I ended up under all this.

Ethan: Who was I chasing then? You or Alberto?

Bellhop: It must have been Alberto. I was just trying to deliver the linens, sir.

Rebecca: Poor Alberto, he was scared to death. You were chasing him like a madman. I mean, so was I.

Ethan: No! Forget it, I'm not buying any of this! I saw you out on the ledge with someone that looked a lot like J.T. Cornell. It had to be J.T. Cornell. I read the text messages. He mentioned Rome, Rebecca. It was a --

Bellhop: Rome? Alberto is from Rome.

Ethan: What?

Rebecca: Ethan, I told you, it was Alberto that was messaging me. Look, I tried to tell you, but you just had J.T. on the brain!

Gwen: Honey, are you sure you saw J.T.? Or could it have been someone else?

{Ethan: Rebecca, hello! I knew it had to be you, and look who you're with. J.T. Cornell.} No, I guess I never actually saw his face.

Rebecca: But the reason you never saw J.T.'s face is because it wasn't J.T., it was Alberto. J.T. was never here.

Gwen: Ok, now all we have to do is find out why Theresa is just as happy as we are that J.T. escaped.

Tabitha: Oh, look, look. Kay and Miguel are kissing again. Looks like they're never going to stop. Oh, I don't know, I must think, I must think. Now, what can we do? I know. I'll try and let Kay know that we're going to try and bring her back. All right? Kay! Kay, are you in there? It's Tabitha. Listen, we are going to try and bring you back. Please don't forget about Fox.

Kay: Did you hear that?

Miguel: Hear what?

Kay: Nothing.

Miguel: All I hear is our hearts beating... together. I love you so much, Kay.

Kay: Miguel.

Miguel: What is it, what's wrong?

Kay: I shouldn't be here. I'm getting married.

Miguel: But you love me, Kay. You can't marry Fox. You're in love with me.

Kay: But I'm in love with Fox, too. And I don't know if I believe you when you say that you are over Charity.

Miguel: I swear it, Kay. Charity is out of my life, out of my mind, out of my heart. She's gone!

Kay: Well, people just don't forget their first loves, Miguel. And to Fox -- I'm his Charity. He's never loved anyone like me before. And I know that I'm never going to have to worry about somebody else coming along and taking him away from me.

Miguel: Well, you can't marry a guy just because he's never had a great love in his past.

Kay: Why not?

Miguel: Because you love me. I'm the man you truly love. I know it.

Tabitha: Endora, Endora, please try your spell again before Miguel persuades Kay to call her engagement off to Fox. Oh, I hope we're not too late.

Tabitha: Oh, hello, Fox. Julian.

Fox: Tabitha, have you seen Kay? And where's Miguel?

Tabitha: All I know is that Kay went to the market to get milk.

Fox: Her car is still here, and so is mine. Where is she? Is she with Miguel?

Rebecca: Here you go, cutie. You were wonderful.

Bellhop: They believed that story about Alberto, didn't they?

Rebecca: Mm. You lie beautifully. Oh, it's just too bad we can't lie here together right now.

Bellhop: The linen closet is right over there.

Rebecca: I remember. Another time. But right now, you gotta scoot. I don't want Ethan asking any more questions. Phew.

Ethan: I would have sworn that that guy running around with Rebecca tonight was J.T. Cornell.

Theresa: But you didn't see his face.

Ethan: That's true.

Gwen: Ok, where is J.T., and how did Ethan not see him?

Rebecca: Ok, we split up, he went around the corner, and then I happened to see a bellhop that I knew, and I persuaded him to help me out.

Gwen: A bellhop that you knew? I don't even want to know how you know a bellhop.

Rebecca: Honey, what difference does it make, ok? The main thing is J.T. is gone, Ethan is in the dark, and we are in the clear.

Gwen: Uh, not yet! I still don't know what Theresa's up to. You know, why didn't she help Ethan try and find J.T.?

Rebecca: I don't know. But it is clear that she doesn't want Ethan talking to J.T. any more than we do.

Ethan: I need to talk to you in private, if I could.

Gwen: Why does he want to talk to her?

Rebecca: I don't know, and I don't like it.

Ethan: Jared, do you mind if I talk to Theresa in private?

Jared: Well it's up to Theresa. If she is all right with it, I guess I don't mind.

Theresa: Well, it's all right.

Gwen: Honey, can we please just go back to our room? I mean, I am exhausted. I'm sure you are, too.

Ethan: I'm sorry. I really need to talk to Theresa, just for a little bit, in private. But why don't you and your mom go back to the room, and I'll be there shortly. I promise.

Theresa: I won't be long, Jared.

Gwen: Ok, I think this is far enough. Now, are you sure that Theresa saw J.T.'s face clearly?

Rebecca: Positive.

Gwen: What if she tells Ethan she saw him?

Rebecca: Then why hasn't she told him already?

Spike: Yo, money. Thank you, gentlemen.

Sam: Jessica.

Tabitha: Are you accusing me of lying?

Fox: Well, I'm sorry, I'm just so worried about Kay. I know how close you two are. I know that she confides in you, so please -- I'm asking you -- where is Kay? Is she with Miguel?

Tabitha: My dear fellow, all I know is what she told me, that she was going to the market to get some milk.

Fox: Well, I'm gonna call the store, and then I'm gonna come back and search this house again.

Julian: I'm afraid perhaps you are wasting your time.

Fox: Well, I'm gonna look anyway. I'm going to find Kay and Miguel.

Tabitha: That is a very determined young man. What are you doing, Julian?

Julian: What am I -- merely --

Tabitha: Well, don't! Get out of my kitchen. Please, just go and help your son find his fiancée.

Julian: All right. When that problem has been resolved, you and I are going to have a little talk.

Tabitha: We don't have anything to talk about.

Julian: Oh yes, we do have something to talk about. We have a daughter to talk about...with whom I've been prevented from having a relationship with, and I've told you, I intend to become part of her life.

Tabitha: And I've told you that I intend that you do not become part of her life.

Julian: We'll see about that.

Tabitha: You'll never become part of my child's life, Julian Crane. Endora, Endora, try your spell again, quickly, before they come back. Oh, oh, it's working, it's working! Kay and Miguel will be coming out of your head any minute now!

Miguel: Kay, you can't do that. You can't spend the rest of your life with a man because he's never had a great love in his past.

Kay: That's not the only reason why I'm marrying him, Miguel. Fox has been so good to me and Maria. And I know that I can always depend on him to be there for us. If I were with you, I would always be worried that if Charity came back, you would forget about us.

Miguel: That won't happen.

Kay: It could.

Kay: Where did these bubbles come from?

Miguel: I don't know.

Kay: Miguel, you're fading away! What's happening? What's going on?

Tabitha: Oh, dear, this isn't good! Your spell is bringing Miguel back, but -- but it's leaving Kay in limbo!

Theresa: So, what is it? What did you want to talk to me about?

Ethan: I'm confused. In Rome, you were hell-bent on convincing me that J.T. Cornell got the information about not being a Crane from Gwen and Rebecca.

Theresa: That's correct.

Ethan: So why have you suddenly stopped trying to prove it? I was chasing Rebecca and a man tonight that I assumed was J.T. Cornell. I figured you'd be right behind me. But no. It seemed as if you could care less as to whether I caught J.T. or not.

Theresa: Well, I mean, it -- it wasn't even J.T.

Ethan: Yeah, Theresa, but we didn't know that until just now. What the hell is going on, huh?

Theresa: Ethan, what's going on?

Ethan: What is going on? 'Cause in Rome, you told me that there was something very important that you had to tell me, right? Remember that? And then you just changed your mind. Tonight, after years of telling me that you were going to track down J.T. Cornell because he had the information that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones that exposed my true paternity, remember? And then you just gave up tonight. It's like you've given up entirely... like you don't even care whether I catch J.T. or not. Now, why?

Theresa: I can't say.

Ethan: You can't say. You can't or you won't? 'Cause whatever it is, I think it has something to do with the fact that you put me in charge of running Crane Industries in your will. I want to know what's going on here.

Gwen: Yeah, that's what I'd like to know.

Rebecca: Yeah, why hasn't she already told him that she saw J.T.?

Gwen: Well, if she does, it is all over for me.

Ethan: Just tell me. And why don't you care whether I catch J.T. or not?

Ethan: Well, are you going to tell me? 'Cause nothing here is making sense to me.

Theresa: Ok. It's not as if I don't want you to find J.T. -- I do. It'll change my life when you hear what he has to say.

Ethan: Then why didn't you help me find him tonight? It was like you were deliberately not trying to help me find him.

Theresa: I'm tired, Ethan. You know, I run a huge company, and, you know, there's a lot of things going on in my brain, and I remember the last time I tried to help you find J.T. -- Well, I just got in the way, so I just -- I thought that this time, you know, I would let you go it alone. And then it turns out that it's -- it wasn't even J.T. It was some bellman.

Ethan: So you believe that Rebecca was out on that window ledge with some guy named Alberto, and that it wasn't J.T.?

Theresa: You got a better look than I did.

Gwen: But she saw J.T.

Rebecca: What is she up to?

Theresa: And you know what? I mean, if you think about it, why would J.T. even come back to the United States? The IRS is after him. He knows that I want to talk to him, so I bet you he's, you know, across the world right now.

Rebecca: Drunken fool, he's probably not even across town.

Ethan: You were so passionate about this. You were so convinced and so sure that J.T. was going to tell me that Gwen was guilty of sending that e-mail, and not you. That's why I went after him tonight, Theresa. Because I wanted the truth to come out. I thought you did, too. I really thought you did, too. Did you?

Theresa: I thought that it would mean that we would finally be together. But it's not going to happen, is it? I mean, after all these years of loving after all these years of fighting for you, I finally realized that I'm never going to have you. You're married to Gwen. You are going to stay married to her, and you've made that perfectly clear.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: No, Ethan, please don't --

Gwen's voice: He still loves her.

Theresa: You know what? I'm here with Jared, and you're here with Gwen. So I think that we should both just go back to our rooms and just -- just forget that this even happened tonight, ok?

Ethan: All right. Let's just go back to our rooms, then. I have a lot of apologizing to do anyway, don't I? To the bellhop and to Gwen and to Rebecca -- so, sure.

Ethan: You're sure there's nothing you want to tell me right now?

Theresa: I can't tell you anything, Ethan.

Theresa: I love you. And even if I could have you, the price would just be too high.

Gwen: What? What is she talking about? What price would be too high?

Rebecca: I don't know. But whatever this price is, I bet it's the reason why she's lying about seeing J.T.

Julian: Any luck?

Fox: No, nothing. I even checked out Tabitha's crazy attic. No Kay, no Miguel.

Julian: Well, they are together somewhere.

Fox: What am I doing? I trust her. I love her, and I believe her. I mean, come on, we're getting married.

Julian: I trusted Eve, and she went back to her husband.

Fox: Well, I'm sorry about that, Father, but that's not going to happen with Kay and me.

Julian: Then where is she?

Fox: I don't know.

Julian: If she is with Miguel, he could be convincing her right now to leave you.

Fox: Oh, enough already! You are driving me crazy. Let's split up.

Julian: Fine. I'll go talk to Tabitha. I have a feeling she's not telling me the truth.

Fox: Good.

Kay: Miguel, where are you going? What's happening?

Miguel: I don't know. I don't want to go, Kay.

Tabitha: Endora, you've gotta notch that spell up a bit! You've got to bring Kay back as well as Miguel!

Miguel: Kay, you're fading, too. Wherever we are, we're going somewhere else.

Kay: I'm scared.

Miguel: I've got you. I've got you, and I love you. I won't let anything happen to you.

Kay: No, I'm going to marry Fox. I am.

Tabitha: Ah, it worked, it worked, Endora! Kay and Miguel aren't in your head any longer! Where the hell are they?

Fox: What was that? Who is in there? Kay? Kay, are you in there?

Kay: How did we get here?

Fox: Kay? Kay, are you in there?

Miguel: That's Fox.

Kay: Ah!

Spike: Good job, baby! Honey, you just got us a nice clean bed in a decent motel, and honey, we are gonna have so much fun!

Noah: Dad, look the other way, because I am about to wipe up the sidewalk with his face.

Sam: It won't do any good. It'll just drive Jessica further away from us.

Paloma: I would like to kill him for what he is doing to Jessica.

Spike: That's right, baby.

Tabitha: Well, we can see through the bubbles that Kay and Miguel are upstairs in the tub, Endora. Oh, at least they are out of your head, my little magician.

Julian: Why are you staring into that bowl? Why is that water bubbling? It's not even on the stove.

Tabitha: Oh, well, this is a -- it's a science project that I saw on the internet. I want Endora to get a head start on all the sciences.

Julian: Oh, well, I suppose that sounds interesting. Perhaps I could be of some help.

Tabitha: No, Julian, no. I told you, you are not going to be a part of my daughter's life. Not now, and not ever.

Julian: And I told you I am going to be a part of my daughter's life and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Kay: I don't understand! How did I get in here?

Fox: Kay?

Miguel: How did we get to where we were before?

Kay: I don't know! Fox can't find us like this!

Fox: Kay, are you in there? Kay, are you in there? What was that noise? Are you all right?

Kay: Oh, my God.

Fox: Kay, open the door.

Jared: Hey, I was worried about you. You all right?

Theresa: Oh yeah, I -- I am now.

Jared: Is there anything you want to talk about?

Theresa: No, it's just -- it's been a long night.

Gwen: Theresa, do you know where Ethan is? He hasn't come back to the room yet.

Theresa: No, I don't know where he is.

Ethan: Right here. Sorry, I had to track down the bellhop and apologize to him. I owe you an apology as well, Rebecca...and Gwen. I'm sorry, I thought for sure your mother was running around with J.T. Cornell tonight, but obviously I was wrong. I'm very sorry.

Rebecca: Apology accepted.

Gwen: And of course I forgive you.

Ethan: Thank you. And I owe you two an apology, too. I know you were just trying to have a nice evening with Theresa, Jared, and I was trying to have a nice evening with Gwen, and I seemed to pretty much ruin it for everyone. So I am very sorry.

Jared: Well, forget it. It's over now. Now, if you will excuse us, we'd kind of like to get back to our room. So, good night.

Ethan: Good night.

Gwen's voice: What is Theresa up to?

Theresa's voice: As much as I hate you, Gwen, as much as I wanted to take Ethan away from you tonight, and I know I could have, it wasn't worth losing my son's future.

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