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Julian: I'm sorry, Mr. Tang.  Crane Industries will purchase one million tons of dirt from you annually if we can agree on the price.

{Eve: Thank you for a wonderful evening, Julian.

Julian: Well, the evening is not over.

Eve: You make me happy, in every way. 

Julian: And you, you make me want to be a better man each and every day. 

Eve: To me, you're already perfect.

Julian: As you are to me. }  Excuse me. Yes, yes, I'll call you back as soon as I go over the figures with my son. Hopefully we'll have an agreement, all right? Yes, you as well.  Stop wasting my time thinking about Eve. The relationship is over. She's out of my heart, out of my bed forever.

Tabitha: Well, Endora, I hope you're happy. Kay has just told Miguel that she loves him and marked the moment with a lingering kiss. You are just happy because you're cross with Fox for stealing your chocolate. My point is that you are being very childish. You always wanted Fox and Kay to be together. Just because he did something you didn't like, albeit for your own good, you zapped Kay and Miguel into your witchy little noggin. Now Kay's admitted she loves Miguel. So, what is Fox going to do when he finds out?

Fox: What's Endora done that I don't know about?

Tabitha: Uh-oh is right.

Miguel: I love you so much.

Kay: I love you, too.

Rebecca: Hmm.

Ethan: I'm going to see who is out there.

Gwen: Are you sure you want to do that?

Ethan: Gwen.

Gwen: Honey, look, look you can startle whoever is out there. The ledge is really high up, they could fall off and they could die.

Theresa: Gwen is right.  Do you really want a loving couple death on your conscience, Ethan?

Gwen's voice: Theresa knows my mother and J.T. are out on the ledge. Why doesn't she want Ethan to find them?

Ethan: Listen, if two people having sex can balance themselves on a ledge during a storm, I doubt seeing me is going to startle them into falling.

Gwen's voice: Why didn't you tell Ethan that J.T. is out on that ledge with my mother? It would all but prove what you claim is true that my mother and I outed Ethan's paternity using your laptop.

Theresa: J.T. is cornered. He will tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. Then Little Ethan would lose out on the inheritance and I could lose my son to Ethan.

Jared: What's the deal with Gwen's mom and that guy?

Ethan: Rebecca! Hello. I knew it had to be you. Look who you are with. J.T. Cornell.

Rebecca: Ethan!  Can't a recently divorced woman enjoy the company of a man without being gawked at?

Ethan: Drop the innocent act, Rebecca, and get in here now.

Rebecca: No, we're not finished.

Ethan: Oh, you are finished. You and J.T. both.

Gwen: Ethan knows my mother lied about not knowing J.T. Which means he knows Theresa and J.T. were telling the truth, that my mother and I were the ones that leaked his paternity to the tabloid. So why isn't Theresa chomping at the bit to get J.T. in here?

Ethan: Rebecca, get in here.

Rebecca: You scoot and get out of here.  I'll stall Ethan as long as I can.

J.T.: Yes, yes, yes.  At least It's dark. There are no pigeons.

Ethan: Excuse me. Where is he going?

Rebecca: Who, my date? Well, he's -- he's very shy.

Ethan: You want to tell J.T. to get back here, please.

Rebecca: It is not J.T. Cornell.

Ethan: Who is it, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Ethan, my being a lady prevents me from saying.

Ethan: Oh, trust me, you are no lady, now get your lying butt in here.

Rebecca: Oh, what's that? Oh, got to go. Excuse me.

Ethan: Rebecca. Oh, no.

Gwen: Ethan, what are you doing, you could fall, you could kill yourself.

Ethan: Your mother is out there with some man that she claims is not J.T., okay. I don't believe her. I will catch them before they get away.

Gwen: She said she's not with J.T.

Ethan: I don't believe her. She has to be. She got text messages from someone from this hotel that mentioned Rome. J.T. was in Rome when we were there, remember? I bet you money that she's out there with him right now on that ledge.

Gwen: Hey, if Theresa thought J.T. was out there on the ledge with my mother, don't you think she would be out there chasing after them.

Ethan: I would have thought so. But now I'm not so sure, okay?

Gwen: What does that mean?

Ethan:  I think something J.T. told Theresa in Rome stopped her from trying to prove that you and Rebecca were the ones that exposed my paternity. I also think that Theresa naming me in her will to run Crane Industries when she dies and becoming Little Ethan's trustee is also connected to J.T., okay?

Gwen: I think that's really a stretch.

Ethan: You are not going to get away you guys. Look. J.T. and Rebecca are headed toward Jared and Theresa's room. I am going to catch them.

Gwen: Ethan, wait.

Jared: Theresa, I'm not really caught up to speed on who this J.T. guy is that everyone's talking about, but it's pretty obvious that both you and Gwen don't want Ethan anywhere near the guy.

Theresa: Jared, not now, please.

Jared: I really don't care what the deal with the guy is, I just care that you are all right. So, is there anything I can do to help?

Theresa: It's too late. Once Ethan finds J.T., everything's going to be over.

Julian: What are you doing here?

Eve: I'm sorry. I just -- I thought that I would be gone before you got back from the fund raiser --

Julian: I don't mean to disappoint you, I left early because I had to conduct overseas business.

Eve: Well, don't let me keep you, I just wanted to get some things -- some of my things.

Julian: I thought I had all of your things packed up and sent over to T.C.'s house. That's where you're shacking up now isn't it, with your invalid ex-husband?

Eve: You know I'm staying at T.C.'s.

Julian: The lovemaking must be grand with his weakened limbs and his drool-infused speech.

Eve: Whoever packed up my things forgot something. I just wanted to come over and get it.

Julian: You should make sure that you take everything I gave you, that only proves what I came to realize that you are nothing but a gold digging whore.

Tabitha: What's Endora done that you don't know about? My devious little daughter has found yet another stash of chocolates.

Fox: Endora, sweetie, too much chocolate is bad for you. You will get an upset tummy. Tabitha, do you know where Kay went? I woke up and she was gone.

Tabitha: Gone? Oh, yes, she went to the store to get some milk for the morning.

Fox: Okay.

Tabitha: Well, why don't you go back to bed now dear and sleep tight?

Fox: Now that I'm up, I might as well stay up and wait for Kay. Besides, my father has some numbers he wants me to crunch. Some deal he's putting together in China.

Fox: Endora, sweetie, can Fox please have a piece of chocolate? Thanks, kiddo.

Tabitha: Endora, you must put Kay and Miguel out of your mind, literally, and be quick about it.  If Fox discovers that they're both missing, There's going to be hell to pay. I beg your pardon.

Miguel: I still don't know if this is a dream or not. You are here. You love me.

Kay: I always have. I always will.

Miguel: I just knew if I got to spend time alone with you, I could make you see it was me you wanted to be with and not Fox.

Kay: Fox.

Miguel: I should have always been there with you, Kay, all along with you and Maria. Now we can be the family you always wanted.

Kay: Miguel, we can't be together. I am going to marry Fox.

Miguel: How can you say you are going to marry Fox? You said you loved me.

Kay: I do love you, I do. But I love Fox, too. He's been so good to me and to Maria.

Miguel: I know he has, Kay. But that was then, this is now, you love me more than you love Fox, I know you do.

Kay: It's complicated, okay.

Miguel: No, it isn't. You just follow your heart and say that you will marry me.

Kay: I can't.

Miguel: Why not?

Kay: Because. Because when you were off looking for Charity, Maria and I were here alone. For what seemed like forever.

Miguel: I kept in touch. I mean, I sent whatever money I could to help with Maria's expenses.

Kay: I know. I know you did, and I appreciated it. You weren't here with us because you wanted to be with Charity.

Miguel: I made a mistake. Okay, I should never have left Harmony.

Kay: Don't get me wrong, Miguel. I'm so glad that you're back. But things are different now. Fox is with me because he wants to be. He knew I was a single mother. He knew I had a baby. He knew that I was in love with you, practically my whole life. That didn't scare him away. He tried really hard, you know, to earn my trust and Maria's. And he loves us. And as a woman and a mother, I can't turn my back on that kind of love. I can't. And I won't. So I'm going to marry Fox.

Jared: Tess, It's never too late. There's got to be something I can do to help.

Theresa: I just want it to be over, Jared.

Jared: What? What do you want to be over?

Ethan: Jared, I need the key to your room.

Theresa: Give him the key, please.

Ethan: Thanks. Look, man, I know we don't always get along but I could use your help tracking down this guy that Rebecca's with because if it is J.T. Cornell --

Theresa: Can you help him, please.

Jared: Are you sure?

Theresa: Yeah, I don't want to drag this out anymore.

Jared: Here's your phone, you might need that.

Theresa: Thank you.

Gwen: I don't know what kind of game you are playing here but I'm going to deny everything.

(Phone ringing)

Theresa: Hello.

Pilar: Theresa. Soy yo?

Theresa: Is Little Ethan okay?

Pilar: That's why I'm calling.

Theresa: What happened, Mama?

Pilar: He's fine. He's just, he's so cute right now. I wish I had a camera phone.

Theresa: What is he doing?

Pilar: He fell asleep holding the autograph David Ortiz baseball that Ethan gave him.

Theresa: That's nice.

Pilar: Theresita, what's wrong?

Theresa: Ethan is about to catch J.T. Cornell and Rebecca, Mama.

Pilar: What? That scoundrel is here in Harmony?

Theresa: Yeah, apparently, he came to see Rebecca. Ethan found out so he tracked his cell phone signal to this hotel and I happened to be staying here with Jared at the same time.

Pilar: Well, God does work in mysterious ways.

Theresa: Why do you say that, Mama?

Pilar: Well J.T. has the proof that Gwen and Rebecca are the ones that outed Ethan and he also knows that Ethan is Little Ethan's father.

Theresa: Yeah, well if Ethan catches him then the truth will come out, all of it, Mama.

Pilar: The truth should come out, Theresa. That is a good thing. You should have told Ethan the minute you found out.

Ethan: Well then Little Ethan would lose his inheritance, Mama. He would lose his future in Crane Industries.

Pilar: Theresa, but you and your children could finally be a family with Ethan. I mean, he would leave Gwen if he found out that Gwen and Rebecca are the ones that outed him and framed you for it.

Theresa: Not necessarily, Mama. And even if he did, I would've have ruined both Ethan and Little Ethan's lives.

Pilar: How so?

Theresa: Well if I hadn't kept the truth about the true paternity in my laptop, none of this would have happened. I cost him his future as the head of the Crane empire, Mama, and I will not cost my son his future, too.

Rebecca: Okay. Here's the plan. Okay. We go to Theresa and Jared's room and then we separate. Okay. The main thing is we can't let Ethan find us together.

Gwen: Ethan, wait. You could scare her and she could fall off the ledge and die.

Ethan: Honey, don't worry about it, ok, cause I'm gonna kill her myself.  Oh, God!

[Rebecca screams]

Gwen: Mother!

Eve: I have better things to do than listen to you call me names.

Julian: By that, you mean pillaging the mansion for other valuable.  I wouldn't bother, security will be waiting to frisk you before you leave.

Eve: I was so stupid to come back for this.

Julian: Because I caught you stealing it?

Eve: For your information, Julian, it isn't even real. It's something that you won for me at a fundraiser, at a stupid little carnival booth.

Julian: I did?

Eve: Yes, and you were so cute. Because you wanted to impress me with your ring toss ability except you were so bad at it you had to keep playing and playing to win. I think you could have gotten me a real broach for what you paid for that one. It meant a lot to me Julian and that's why I came back to get it.

Julian: I'm sorry.

Eve: No, just shut up. I don't even want to hear it. I just want to forget that I ever knew you.

Julian: Make sure to use the back way. Whores like you aren't fit to use the front door.

Fox: Well, the numbers for the Chinese are ready for my father to look over. Endora, are you still mad at Fox? Listen kiddo, the reason I put the chocolates away is that eating too much chocolate is bad for anybody, especially for someone you care so much about.  So that's why I took them away. But I see you have more chocolate, so, maybe I should just mind my own business.

Tabitha: You rude girl.  You know Fox means well and you're just being horrid to him.  Now you have forced this love connection between Kay and Miguel. Yes, but now you've muddled it all up so much that I don't even know if Kay's love for Miguel is a real connection or a forced connection.

Kay: Fox never abandoned me and then suddenly realized that he loved me like you have. From the beginning he has loved me unconditionally, faults and all.

Miguel: So do I, Kay.

Kay: No, but I have to wonder if it is because you can't be with Charity.

Miguel: No, it's you I love. You and Maria.

Kay: Well not at first you didn't, Miguel. After I had Maria, you didn't want to be with me. You even planned on raising Maria with Charity.

Miguel: I'm sorry, Kay. I was wrong and stupid and blind not to see what I had in front of me. I should have never let Charity get to me.

Kay: You say that now.

Miguel: It's the truth.

Kay: It doesn't matter. Because I am engaged to marry Fox and that's what I'm going to do.

Pilar: Theresa, I don't understand. How can you put Little Ethan and his great wealth above Ethan  finding out that he is your son's father.

Theresa: This isn't about the money, okay. Look, I'm trying to give my son what my actions inadvertently took away from Ethan.

Pilar: Then why aren't you trying to stop Ethan from finding J.T.?

Theresa: I am going to let fate decide.

Pilar: Theresa, not that again.

Theresa: Look, Mama, if fate wants me to be with Ethan and take away my son's inheritance, there's nothing I can do about that. But I seriously hope that Rebecca and J.T. get away so my son's paternity stays a secret.


Gwen: Mother, hold on.  Ethan, you've got to save her. 

Fox: I don't know what it is, kiddo, but from the first time I tickled your little chin, I felt connected to you.  Then I picked you up and I was totally in love.

Tabitha's voice: Listen to Fox, Endora, he really cares about you.

Fox: You know what, kiddo? I don't think you need any more chocolate because you are sweet enough as it is. In fact, you are Endorable. Yeah. Endora is adorable.

Tabitha's voice: Still mad at your half brother? Do you still want Miguel to win Kay away from Fox because after what you have done, it may be too late for Fox and Kay to stay a couple. That's right. Kay and Miguel have been on your mind for awhile now.

Miguel: Kay, we still have a chance to be together.

Kay: I am engaged, Miguel.

Miguel: Engagements can be broken. Don't deny our love. Don't deny Maria a chance to be raised by both her parents. Marry me. Marry me.

Gwen: Oh, God, my mother falling to her death. What a horrible way to go.

Ethan: Gwen, help me pull her in before she pulls me out.

Gwen: She's not dead?

Rebecca: Not thanks to some people. You were going to let me fall off the ledge.

J.T.: I couldn't have saved you, Becks.  Besides, I couldn't think of a reason for us both to end up dead.

Rebecca: Listen, just get out of the hotel while everybody's focused on me.

Ethan: Everyone pull, she's almost in.

Rebecca: Oh. I think I may need mouth to mouth resuscitation. Who's first?

Ethan: Oh, God, Rebecca. Hey stop! Damn it.

Gwen: Where are you going?

Ethan:  Where am I going? I am going to grab Rebecca's little date when he comes off of the ledge.

Gwen: Ethan, this is not a good time, my mother almost died.

Ethan: I think she'll be fine.

Gwen: Ethan, wait.

Rebecca: Sorry. Love to stay, but I can't.

J.T.: Someone call my name.

Theresa: J.T.

Pilar: J.T. is there?

Ethan: Theresa. Let me in. I don't have a key and I think J.T. is right outside of that window on the ledge. Theresa, let me in so I can make him tell me everything he knows. That's what you wanted, right?

Eve: T.C., I'm back.

T.C.: I'm in here, Eve.

Eve: So, what are you watching?

T.C.: One of our favorite movies.

Eve: Oh, yes, well maybe I'll watch it with you.

T.C.: I would like that.

Eve: First let's make sure that you're really comfortable.

T.C.: So, did you get what you wanted from Julian?

Eve: That and a dose of reality.

Eve's voice: Sometimes first love isn't what you remembered it to be.

Miguel: Kay, we love each other. We always have. And you realized it before I did. But only God knows how much simpler, better this would have been if I knew what you knew all along. But now I do, Kay. I know that we belong together. I know we can have a beautiful life with Maria. And I promise, I promise that I will do everything in my power to make you happy.

Kay: I believe you.

Miguel: Then don't deny our love, Kay. Follow your heart. And let it lead you down the aisle to me. Don't marry Fox. Marry me.

Fox: You know what? You are pretty smart. Smart enough to know I would never do anything to hurt you and that's why I took the chocolate away. They will make your tummy feel sick and I would feel very, very sad if your tummy was sick.

Tabitha: Julian, what are you doing here?

Julian: Hello, Endora.

Fox: Hello, Father. Come to see the numbers I worked out for the Chinese cement deal?

Julian: Right you are, son. Hello, Endora.

Fox: Check them out. They are quite impressive if I do say so myself.

Tabitha: Fox, dear, why don't you take your father and work some place quiet because I'm going to be doing a lot of cleaning up in here.

Julian: Yes. However subtle, it's duly noted, Tabitha.

Tabitha: He didn't know that you are a witch with the stomach of basalt. He was just trying to keep you from having a tummy ache. Well, let's see what Kay and Miguel are doing, shall we? It looks as if you got your wish, Endora. Kay and Miguel are together. And Fox is the odd man out.

Pilar: Theresa, what is happening?

Ethan: Theresa. Come on. Let me in. If J.T. was with Rebecca, this is my chance to get him.

J.T.: Gotta run. Wouldn't like Ethan grilling little old me.

Ethan: Theresa, come on! Open the damn door!

Pilar: Theresa, are you all right?

Theresa: I got to go. Coming! I was in the bathroom. What is wrong?

Ethan: Where is J.T.?

Rebecca: Ethan, I am telling you, I wasn't with J.T.

Ethan: If you were in the bathroom then J.T. could have come through the window and could be hiding in here.

Theresa: Look, Rebecca even said she wasn't with J.T. Cornell.

Ethan: Since when do you believe Rebecca?

Gwen's voice: Especially when you know my mother is lying.

Theresa: Ethan, I usually don't.

Ethan: You know what? The ledge. I bet you he knew I was coming here and turned the other way. Oh, damn it. He's heading the other way.

Gwen: Ethan, no, don't.

Theresa: She's right. It is dangerous. That person could fall off the edge like Rebecca almost did.

Ethan: Excuse me. Where's Rebecca?

J.T.: Thank you, Becks.

Rebecca: You are welcome, J.T.

J.T.: Do we really have time for foreplay?

Rebecca: That's for not trying to stop me from falling off the ledge.

J.T.: Would you rather I let Ethan see my face?

Rebecca: Whatever. We have to get out of here.

Gwen: Ethan, wait.

Ethan: Rebecca, stop. What do you know, she's helping her friend escape and he looks a lot like J.T. Cornell, Gwen.

Gwen: Wait for me.

Jared: Tess, were you really in the bathroom before?

Eve: I remember when we first saw this movie together.

T.C.: Me, too.

Eve: Our date really got off to a bad start, didn't it? I was late getting home from work and your car broke down after you picked me up. We didn't have time to get anything to eat. We had that flat soda and this cold hot dog just as the movie was starting. I was so tired. And you were so grumpy. We almost called it a night. But we didn't. That's a good thing because this turned out to be one of the best love stories ever. Whenever I see this movie, it always reminds me no matter how chaotic or crazy life gets, you can always depend on a loved one to help you heal.

T.C.: Eve, I'm sorry that I forgot about that when I found out about you and Julian.

Eve: Oh, T,C,, don't even think about that anymore. It's over and done with.

T.C.: Okay. Thanks for taking good care of me. Since you have been here, it's been heaven.

Eve: You are the father of my children, TC. I will always be there for you.

T.C.: Always?

Tabitha: Hmm. Kay and Miguel's lip lock is evidence you did, dear. So, if you are having any second thoughts, you better get Kay back here fast. Fox is going to end up with a broken heart. Fine. But just remember, that Fox thinks Kay went out to get the milk. And if he starts looking for her and realizes that she and Miguel are gone together, then Fox's fears be on your head.

Fox: You know, Father, you shouldn't let Tabitha get to you. Subtle she's not.

Julian:  Well, Tabitha only worsened my already grim mood. I saw Eve.

Fox: I thought you guys were --

Julian: We are finished. She came by the mansion to pick up the last of her things. I thought perhaps she -- then I remembered what brought us to the end.

Fox: Coach Russell.

Julian: Yes, and I became very angry.

Fox: I am sorry to hear that, Father.

Julian: Let it be a lesson to you. Marry Kay as soon as possible. Don't give Miguel a chance to take her away from you.

Fox: Father, Kay moved up the wedding date, remember? I'm going to be married to her before Miguel has a chance to do squat.

Julian: Where is Kay by the way?

Fox: I don't know. Tabitha said she went out to get milk.

Julian: She, what? Take a cab?

Fox: She take a cab? No, why would she take a cab?

Julian: When I came here, her car was in the driveway along with yours and Miguel's. Are you sure she went to the store?

Miguel: Kay, the two of us married, we're going to be a real family with Maria. I am so glad you believe me when I say I will never leave you like I did when I went to look for Charity.

Kay: Charity.

Miguel: We're going to be so happy together, the way we should have been all along.

Kay: What if Charity came back? Would you still want to be with me?

Miguel: Charity isn't coming back, Kay. Nobody even knows where she is.

Kay: Just answer the question. If Charity came back to Harmony and realized that she loved you, and that she wanted to be with you, what would you do? Would you still want to be with me or would you want to be with her?

Ethan: Rebecca! Hey! If that's not J.T. with you, what are you running for?

Gwen: Honey, I can't keep up.

Ethan: You are slowing me down, I'm going.

Jared: Were you really in the bathroom before? Did you not see who the guy was? Was it the guy that Ethan is talking about, J.T. Cornell ?

Ethan: Gwen, hurry!

Gwen: I am going as fast as I can.

J.T.: Thank God, a chair.

Rebecca: J.T., hurry up. He cannot find us together. If he does, he will believe that Theresa was telling the truth and Gwen and I outed him as a Bennett and if Ethan doesn't kill you, Gwen will. Come on!

Ethan: Rebecca, wherever you are, give it up! You are not getting away.

J.T.: Oh, no!

Rebecca: Dirty linens, just full of middle class cooties. We can't get around it.

J.T.: Oh, yes, we can.

Ethan: Oh, look at this. Got you.

Gwen's voice: It's over. My marriage is over.

Ethan: Theresa. I caught him. J.T. and Rebecca.

Theresa: It's over.

Theresa's voice: My chance to get Little Ethan what I cost Ethan, it's over.

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