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Spike: I said, what the hell are you doing to my wife?

Noah: It is over, Spike. Get out.

Spike: Not before I talk to my bride... in private, man.

Sam: You stay away from my daughter. You're never going near her again.

Spike: Says who?

Sam: Says me, her father.

Noah: And me, her brother.

Paloma: And us.

Simone: Her friends.

Sam: And most important of all, Jessica herself. It's over, Spike. She's never gonna live in fear again, and you're never, ever gonna hurt my little girl again.

Kay: I heard Maria. What is she doing up? It's way past her bedtime. It's ok.

Fox: Oh, I think Endora slipped her some chocolate.

Kay: Chocolate? Oh, great. It's full of caffeine. Where'd she get it?

Tabitha: Don't look at me. I put Endora to bed, but apparently she wasn't sleepy, so she woke Maria up. And it seems they shared a chocolate bar.

Fox: Wait a minute. I took the bag of chocolate away from her.

Fox: All right, kiddo. Where did you get your secret stash of chocolate from?

Fox: All right. Well, listen. As long as you understand that the party's over, ok. There's no more chocolate. Honestly, I don't know where she got this little stash of chocolate from.

Tabitha: Naughty, naughty. No more magic chocolate bars.

Miguel: What took you so long at your dad's place?

Kay: Oh, it was unbelievable. Simone and Paloma and my dad and Noah -- we were all there, and we had this intervention for Jessica about Spike.

Miguel: Wow. And?

Kay: It was really good, yeah. Well, come with me to put her to bed, and I'll tell you about it.

Fox: Oh, I was gonna -- I wanted to put her to bed, and I'd like to hear about your sister.

Kay: Yeah, I'll tell you when I get down. I just thought Miguel might have an idea or two since he's known Jessica his whole life. It won't be long.

Fox: All right. Not funny, Endora. Give me the chocolate bar. Come on.

Tabitha's voice: Be careful, Fox. There's nothing more risky than coming between a witchlet and her chocolate.

Endora: No.

Fancy: Let me go!

[Man yelling]

Fancy: Oh, Chris. Oh, my God. I'm sorry. Sorry.

Chris: Oh, I'm sorry. Remind me never to tangle with a police recruit.

Fancy: Uh-huh. I didn't know it was you. I thought you were an intruder. Why did you jump me like that?

Spike: What the hell?

Chris: I'm warning you, Spike. Stay off my wife's family's estate. I won't be so easy on you next time. I thought you were the intruder. I heard a noise outside the cottage. I didn't get a good look at you in the dark.

Fancy: No, it's ok. But the fact is Luis and I got a call on his police radio saying there's a trespasser on the grounds.

Chris: Well, that's who I must have heard.

Fancy: You haven't seen anyone except me?

Chris: Not a soul.

Fancy: Ok. I'm gonna check around the cottage.

Chris: I'm gonna reassure Sheridan. She's inside.

Fancy: No, no, no, she's fine. Luis is there.

[Fancy moaning]

Sheridan: How could you, Luis?

Luis' voice: Oh, yeah.

Sheridan: How could you?

Luis' voice: Mm, oh, yeah.

Rebecca: Oh, dear God. Theresa's right next door. We're done for.

Theresa: Ethan.

Ethan: So it was you and Jared that was making all that noise in there?

Gwen: Guess I could say to get a room, but it looks like you already have.

Theresa: And you're here in this hotel for what reason, Gwen?

Gwen: Same reason as you. I guess just some people make a lot more noise than others, but whatever floats your boat.

Jared: I think he's drunk.

Ethan: What's so interesting, Jared?

Theresa: Did you just say someone was drunk?

Theresa: Um, what are you looking at?

Jared: Nothing. Um, just trying to figure out how to deal with Ethan here yet again.

Rebecca: What? You're the one who wanted us out there.

Gwen: They will see you. Wait until the coast is clear. Then scram. I mean it.

Ethan: Look, my point to you two is that you were making a lot of racket in there, ok, and whatever you were doing, it was -- was really loud.

Theresa: Um, point taken. We'll keep it down.

Jared: Yeah, if we can. You know, sometimes you get carried away. That happens to Tess and me a lot.

Gwen: Yeah. It happens to any couple in love, including us. Right?

Ethan: That's right.

Jared: Well, if that's all, I'm sure the two of you want to get back to each other as much as Tess and I do, so, uh, good night.

Ethan: Good night. Let's go back to our room.

Gwen: Ok. So, here we are again.

Ethan: Why are you talking so loud?

Gwen: What? Oh, I was? Honey, I'm just -- I am starving, you know. I think maybe let's go downstairs to the restaurant, have something to eat.

Ethan: Actually, let's -- why don't we just order room service up here? That way we don't have to leave the room.

Gwen: Ok, great idea.

Ethan: Yeah. I think I saw a menu around here somewhere.

Gwen: Ok.

[Whispering] Mother, just stay hidden. Do not dare come out till Ethan is sound asleep, and be quiet.

Spike: Honey, you didn't tell them that you wanted to testify against me, did you?

Simone: Well, she didn't say it in so many words, but Jessica wants the abuse to stop, and that's the only way to do it.

Paloma: You have hurt my friend for the last time.

Spike: All right. Well, what can I say? If that's what you want, I guess we can both testify in court.

Simone: Don't threaten her, Spike.

Paloma: You're bluffing.

Sam: You could testify about what?

Spike: Well, let's just say there's a Pandora's box that you don't want to open up 'cause you won't be able to close it there, Chief Bennett.

Noah: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

{Spike: And I'll save you from the gas chamber.

Jessica: You mean that's my choice? Marry you or get the death penalty for killing guys I don't even remember?

Spike: Honey, as much as it pains me to say this, yeah, that's about it. }  Well, I guess it is a free country. If you want to testify, it's fine. I guess I'll just see you in court.

Fancy: Ok. Well, I thought it was a good idea to secure the perimeter before we go in.

Chris: All right. Uh, we saw what was on the news earlier.

Fancy: Oh, my God. You mean the --

Chris: You and Luis.

Fancy: It wasn't what it looked like.

Chris: Uh, it really upset Sheridan.

Fancy: Oh, God. Sheridan saw it, too? But it was all a part of this undercover sting investigation.

Chris: I know that's what the television said, but --

Fancy: Well, really, it didn't mean anything.

Chris: Look, Fancy. I believe you, but I just don't think anybody else would.

[Fancy moaning]

Luis' voice: Oh, yeah.

Luis' voice: Oh, yeah.

Luis: It wasn't real, ok? It was part of an undercover operation.

Sheridan: You don't owe me an explanation, Luis.

Luis: Sheridan, we weren't having sex.

Sheridan: Please. They've been running the same graphic loop over and over and over again.

Luis: Sheridan, would you listen to me? Ok? It was just a plot. It was to root out the bad guys.

Sheridan: I don't want to hear it. It's none of my business what you and Fancy do.

Luis: Yeah, well, if me being with your niece makes you feel this way, it definitely is. Sheridan, why don't you just tell me that you love me?

Sheridan: No.

Luis: Sheridan, listen to me. Admit it, ok. Just tell me the way you feel.


Fox: Don't worry, kiddo. It's just some distant thunder.

Endora: Oh.

Tabitha: Oh, well, the weatherman says it is coming this way. Not that they know anything about accurate predictions.

Fox: What's that?

Tabitha: Nothing. Nothing, dear. All right, Endora. It's time for you to go back to bed.

Fox: Yes, it is. And there's no more chocolate for you. You hear me? I don't seem to know where she gets this endless supply of chocolate from.

Tabitha: Don't look at me.

Kay: Well, Maria's back in dreamland at least.

Miguel: I started telling her a story, and she was out like a light.

Tabitha: You do seem to have quite a way with her, Miguel.

Miguel: Yeah, I do.

Kay: Would you stop playing favorites? I made my decision. I'm marrying Fox.

Tabitha: Then why did you ask Miguel to help you put Maria to bed? You claim to know what you want, but you're still sending mixed messages.

Kay: It's all in your mind, Tabitha. It's Fox and only Fox.

Tabitha: Oh, well, whatever you say, dear. I'll tell you one person who'll be happy -- Endora. She's always wanted the two of you to be together.

Kay: Well, good. She and Maria can be the flower girls at the wedding. You ready for bed?

Fox: Yeah. I thought you'd never ask.

Kay: Mm.

Fox: Mm. Oh, I will take that in case you have some more chocolate tricks up your sleeve, kiddo. Good night, everybody.

Kay: Night.

Tabitha's voice: Uh-oh, Fox. Endora was your biggest fan.

Jared: Hey. You ok?

Theresa: I guess I'm just, you know, a little more tired than I realized.

Jared: Or maybe it's because now we know Gwen and Ethan are in the room next door.

Theresa: Well, it is a little bit awkward.

Jared: Not for me. So what if they know we're having fun in here together?

Theresa: Yeah. And you did put together such a nice evening for us. I could use some wine, please?

Jared: Your wish is my command.

Theresa: Ok.

Rebecca: No, no, no, no, no. Not my ear, J.T. No, no, no, no. You know how sensitive my ear is. Quiet. Gwen will kill us.

[Thumping sound]

Gwen: Honey, you know what? I would love to take a midnight stroll. How about that?


Ethan: Um, did you hear that? Sounds like the storm's getting pretty close, though. We'd probably get soaked, honey.

Gwen: Yeah. Probably. You know what? Why don't we forget about this dinner because Theresa and Jared are not the only ones who are here for a romantic evening.

Ethan: You're absolutely right. Tell you what. Let me take this little cart out of the room. All right?

Gwen: Good idea.

Ethan: I'll be back.

Gwen: Ok.

[Door closes]

Gwen: Ok. I will just have to wear him out so thoroughly making love, he will fall dead asleep, and he will never hear J.T. or my mother make their escape. Ok.



Rebecca: Shh.

Ethan: Did you hear that?

Gwen: What? Um, maybe.

Ethan: I don't believe this. Jared and Theresa are back at it again? You kidding me?


Theresa: What are Ethan and Gwen doing next door?

Jared: Sounds like the same thing we were doing a half hour ago.

Theresa: Oh, my gosh. I mean, seriously, what is wrong with them? What, do they think this is kind of, like, some sex competition to see who can have sex the loudest?

Jared: They want a competition, they're gonna lose.

Theresa: You know what? I'm not gonna put up with this.

Ethan: Talk about juvenile, huh? I mean, you know they're just doing this to tick us off, right?

Gwen: Yeah. I mean, I can't believe them. They have some nerve. You know what? I think you should go say something to them.

Ethan: Oh, you're damn right I am.

Gwen: Yeah, you tell them. Oh, my God. That better be Theresa and Jared.

[Gasps] Gross!

Rebecca: No. Not now. Just do that again, J.T.

Gwen: You do anything but get the hell out of here, and you're both gonna be sorry. Listen to me. Ethan's only gonna be gone just for a minute. I'm gonna try to stall him, but get -- mother, get out of here. I mean it.

J.T.: Just one more little kiss.

Ethan: Ahem.

Theresa: Oh, well, you know what? We're not amused by your little childish attempts at one-upmanship, Ethan. This is not a competition.

Ethan: Excuse me? What are you talking about? You and Jared are in here intentionally making a racket to get on our nerves, Theresa.

Theresa: Ok. We weren't the ones crashing around like two little teenagers. That was you.

Ethan: The hell it was. We were having dinner before we were interrupted. We were gonna go to bed, but your three-ring-circus freak-show act in here --

Jared: No, no, no, no, no. That wasn't us this time, man.

Theresa: Wait. So you -- you two weren't just having sex?

Gwen: No. We were going to, but unlike some people, you know, who like to just get it over with quickly, we like to take our time. You know, there is a little thing called foreplay, right?

Theresa: Yes, I do know.

[Pounding] There it is again.

Ethan: All right, look. If we're -- we're all here, right?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: So where's it coming from?

Theresa: Oh, it sounds like it's coming from your room, actually.

Ethan: That's impossible. There's nobody else in our room.

Theresa: Nobody you know about, you mean.

Spike: Well, if that's what you want, Jess, then by all means, we both can testify in court.

Sam: Jessica, listen to me. You don't have to be afraid of him. He's never gonna do anything to hurt you again. And whatever lies he's threatening to tell about you in court, we'll refute. There's no judge in this country that'll blame you for the things he's made you do.

Spike: Honey, do you really want to bring me into court to testify? I think he's trying to brainwash you against me, honey.

Noah: Oh, that's rich coming from you, you --

Spike: Sweetheart, sweetheart, listen. Come here.

Jessica: I'm sorry.

Sam: Jessica.

Jessica: No.

Spike: Come here, Jess.

Sam: Please.

Jessica: No.

Sam: Jessica, I'm begging you. Jessica.

Spike: Leave her alone.

Jessica: I'm sorry.

Sam: Jessica, I'm your father.

Jessica: I know.

Sam: I love you. I love you. I love you, Jessica. Please, please.

Spike: Leave her alone.

Jessica: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Spike. You're right. I shouldn't have listened to them. And I'd never drag you into court.

Spike: Well, I love you. That's my girl. That's my girl. My girl. Yeah, baby. Shh, shh, shh, shh. Oh, baby, it's ok, honey.

Tabitha: Don't be churlish, Endora. Fox was just looking out for you.

Tabitha: Well, he didn't know it was bottomless. He was just taking care of you. He didn't want you to make yourself sick.

Tabitha: Let me guess. You wish you were upstairs with Kay and not Fox, right?

Miguel: You know what the worst thing is? It's all my fault, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Yes. Well, she does seem to have made up her mind.

Miguel: I don't have a prayer with her when Fox is always around. I mean, things might be a little different if I could spend some time alone with her.

Tabitha: You mean, romantic time.

Miguel: Really romantic, in some fantastical place where no one will barge in to ruin things. I just don't think there's a place like that in Harmony, is there?

Tabitha's voice: Endora.

Sheridan: I don't know what you're doing here, but if you think that I'm upset about you and Fancy --

Luis: I could see that you were.

Sheridan: No, no, no. I told you I wanted you to move on, and I meant it. And what better person than with Fancy?

Luis: Mm-hmm. Then why'd you get so upset when you saw us together?

Sheridan: Anybody would be upset seeing their niece in what looked like a porno movie.

Luis: Oh, Sheridan, come on. You were crying because you saw me together with another woman. It's not too late for us. You know it'll never be too late.

Sheridan: Yes, yes, yes, it is because it's over, Luis. I'm telling you with all my heart, I want to be with Chris. I'm married to Chris, and I am now finally the mother of his little boy. I want to be with them, not you.

Fancy: Oh, you still haven't gone inside?

Chris: I was waiting for you.

Fancy: Huh. You're not sure what you're gonna walk into with Luis and Sheridan.

Chris: Come on. It's not that, Fancy.

Fancy: You don't have to lie to me, Chris. I feel the same exact insecurity whenever the two of them are in the same room.

Chris: You know what? I should be more confident. I mean, Sheridan's even legally adopted James.

Fancy: I know, and I'm happy for all of you. It is a huge gift for Sheridan on the heels of losing Marty and then your --

Chris: I hope so. Do you think that James is the only reason that Sheridan chose me instead of Luis?

Gwen: You know, Ethan, I think Theresa was wrong about where the sounds were coming from. In fact, gosh, I don't even hear anything. I think it stopped.

Ethan: Think you're right.

Gwen: Yeah. You know, whoever it is, whatever it was, it doesn't make any difference. I think we should all go back to our romantic evenings. Hmm?

Theresa: This is weird.

Ethan: This is weird. I actually was telling Gwen earlier I thought I heard something or someone in that closet.

Gwen: Right, which we checked. Remember? We checked it, and there was nothing in there. So, I think this thunder's, like, totally affecting our hearing.

Ethan: Oh, honey, it wasn't thundering earlier.

Theresa: You a bit tense tonight, Gwen?

Gwen: No, I'm not tense. I'm just sick of all this nonsense is what it is.

Theresa: I think we should just, you know, check the closet again.

Gwen: But there's, you know -- there's nothing in there.

Theresa: So? Just to be sure.

Ethan: It's empty.

Gwen: I mean, of course it is. You know, there was no one in there before. There's no one in there now.

Theresa: Huh. Just sounded like those lovemaking sounds were coming from somewhere close by.

Gwen's voice: Where are they?


J.T.: Oh, you still got it, Becky baby.

Rebecca: I know.

[Thunder and rain]

J.T.: Uh-oh! Storm's coming!

Rebecca: Oh, you know, nothing turns me on like a good rain. Ha! Let's do it again, J.T. Woo!

J.T.: Ha ha ha!

Tabitha: Just a minute, Miguel.

Tabitha: It was only chocolate, sweet pea. Surely you're not going to hold it against Fox because he was trying to look after you. He is your half-brother, after all, and you know you adore him.

Tabitha: Well, just don't do anything rash, all right? Unless, of course, you'd like to use your powers to help Miguel win Kay's affections. Mommy would certainly sleep better knowing that Charity the good was permanently out of the way. Well, do what you will, my witchlet.

Tabitha: I thought you were going to do something to Fox.

Kay: I love you. Can't wait to be your wife.

Kay: Fox? Ok. That's the first time a man's fallen asleep on me in the middle of a kiss. Ooh. Why do I feel so strange? What's going on?

Fancy: Oh, look how dark the sky has gotten. It's gonna open up any minute.


Chris: You can actually see it's already raining across town. So do you think Sheridan's only staying with me because of my son?

Fancy: Not at all. What I meant was with you she's finally achieved her dream -- a wonderful husband, a beautiful little boy. It's what she's always wanted, and now she's got it, with you.

Chris: I hope it's enough.

Fancy: It's not easy for either one of us, is it -- this thing Luis and Sheridan shared?

Chris: No, it's not.

Fancy: But we have to take Sheridan's word for it that she's moved on.

Chris: Yes.

Fancy: We need to enjoy the lives we have. Not that I'm with Luis, but maybe someday.

Chris: Well, I hope that works out for you, Fancy.

Fancy: Yeah, me, too. Maybe we should go inside and see what they're doing.

Chris: Yeah. That's a good idea.

Fancy: Yeah. Just in the nick of time.


Luis: You say all the right words, don't you? I can see it in your eyes, Sheridan. Look, I'm sorry if I hurt you.

Sheridan: I'm fine. Let's not make more of this than it already is.

Luis: What? You're afraid if I touch you, it's gonna make you remember what we had together? Make you realize that you shouldn't be with Chris?

Sheridan: What if you're right? What difference does it make, Luis? I'm a married woman, and I want to be a good and loyal wife and mother. I'm afraid if you touch me, I don't know what will happen.

Luis: How can you stay married to him? Hmm? Just let me hold you. Come on. Just let me hold you.

Sheridan: But I --

Luis: Come on. It's all right. Don't fight it. Come on.

Jessica: Ok. I really appreciate what you're all trying to do, but you completely misunderstood --

Sam: No, Jess. We understand all of it. He's been beating you.

Jessica: No, he hasn't. The bruises you saw were from an accident. I was trying to get to the bathroom last night in the dark, and I tripped.

Simone: Jessica.

Paloma: Don't. We know better.

Jessica: It's true.

Noah: No, it's not. Jessica, look. Look at me. We are here to protect you, ok? We can make all the bad stuff go away just like you said you wanted it to.

Jessica: I didn't mean it. I -- I just felt so pressured by all of you. But Spike's my husband. He loves me.

Spike: That's right, baby. It's you and me against the world, honey.

Simone: Jessica, don't listen to him. We can help you through this.

Paloma: Don't give in to his threats.

Spike: Honey, they're just trying to poison your mind against me, honey. You know what you and I have together.

Simone: Jessica, this is what you have with him. And you are a pig. Any man who would beat up on a woman --

Spike: You know what? I don't need to explain myself to you. Jessica already told you how she got the black and blue marks.

Simone: And this -- this -- this is your fault, and this is your fault, too. Jessica hates herself so much for being with you that she is hurting herself. This is the real proof of how she really feels.

Tabitha: Where is Miguel? What have you done with him? You little demon.

Endora: [Mumbles indistinctly]

Tabitha: What is going on here? Kay's missing, too! Endora. Endora, will you listen to me? Have you sent Kay and Miguel off together? Well, where are they? Endora, will you please tell Mommy? Where are they?

Kay: Miguel, is that you? Where are we?

Miguel: I don't know. I have no idea. I was just with Tabitha a minute ago. You mean this isn't a dream?

Kay: I don't think so.

Miguel: This is so weird. I was with Tabitha, and I was telling her how I wished I could spend some time alone with you in a romantic place, and then -- this.

Kay: You told her that?

Miguel: Well, I was thinking if I could pull you away from Fox and spend some time alone with you, it might convince you to want to be with me.

Kay: Wait. I was just with Fox in bed.

Miguel: Not anymore. You're with me now.

Kay: I have to get back to him. He's gonna get worried.

Miguel: Look. You can go to him soon enough, but I don't want to waste this opportunity, wherever it came from.

[Music begins playing]

Miguel: You know, maybe my love is so strong, it pulled you away from Fox and brought you here with me.

Kay: No. This must be your dream. It can't be mine.

Miguel: Now, if it is my dream, I guess I get to play it out however I want.

Kay: I guess you do.

Ethan: Well, I can't hear anything with all this thunder going on.

Theresa: You know, I just -- I swore I heard something from nearby.

Gwen's voice: Mother, where are you?


Rebecca: Oh, J.T.!

J.T.: Oh, Becky!

Theresa: It's coming from outside.

Gwen's voice: Oh, my God.

Noah: You are going to pay for what you are doing to my --

Sam: Noah.

Noah: What? Huh? You want to rip him apart as much as I do.

Sam: You better believe I do, but we can't. It'll make things worse for your sister.

Noah: How can things get any worse than this?

Sam: It'll be worse if we're behind bars and we can't help her get rid of this slime.

Sam: Jessica, honey, we can't make you do anything you don't want to do.

Spike: Hear, hear.

Sam: But I want you to do this for me. I want you to go back to therapy. There's a doctor in Boston, a really good doctor. And I want you to see him, and I'm gonna make a phone call right now.

Spike: Ahem. Uh, listen, Chief. My wife does not do therapy, so you can save your little phone call.

Sam: You go to hell.

Spike: Like you need some quack shrink in your life, honey. That's crazy talk.

Noah: Spike, she's hurting herself because of you. Don't you think that's a great sign that maybe she hates your guts?

Spike: Hey, so maybe she's got a few self-esteem issues. Lots of girls do, ok? Right, baby? Right? Any problems that my girl here has, the Spike man's gonna take care of them. Hey, honey, why don't you tell your brother how good I take care of you, huh? Especially at night, when we're in bed, alone. Yeah. Hey, boy, guess what? It's all about me and your little sister.

Noah: Take that! Come on! Come on!

[Women screaming]

Jessica: Stop!

Tabitha: Endora, you know who you remind me of right now? Siren, the fickle mermaid you conjured up. You've always rooted for Fox and Kay to be together. Now, just because your half-brother cut off your chocolate supply, you've turned against him. Well, I'll tell you one thing. There's no guarantee that Kay is going to throw over Fox for Miguel. Well, at least I don't think there is.

Kay: What if this isn't a dream? What if this is real?

Miguel: All the better. That means you love me as much as I love you.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis.

Luis: This is where you belong.

Chris: What the hell is going on here?

Theresa: Wow. You really are tense tonight. You wouldn't know more about those lovemaking sounds than you're letting on, now would you?

Gwen: Of course not.

Theresa: So, then, why are you trying to keep us from finding out who's making them?

Gwen: I'm not. I just think this is such a waste of a perfectly romantic evening with my husband, to go looking for people who aren't there. That ledge is really narrow. No one could possibly be out there.

Ethan: Honey, honey, you do sound like you don't want Theresa to go check it out.

Gwen: Ok, fine. Go look. I don't care. Go.


Theresa: Is that J.T. Cornell?


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Rebecca: Theresa's gonna tell Ethan that I'm out here on the ledge with you.

Jared: Theresa, what's the big secret?

Miguel: Follow your heart, Kay. Marry me.

Spike: I want Noah arrested for assault and battery.

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