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Whitney: Goodnight, sweetheart.  I love you.  You know, when we found out we weren't brother and sister, you promised me that everything was going to be perfect, but you broke that promise.  You think you're keeping a secret from me, but I know.  All the signs are there.  You're having an affair with Valerie. 

Chad: Hey, baby.  I got these for you. 

Whitney: Why am I not surprised?

Chad: What's wrong? You don't like them?

Whitney: What I don't like is you being off God-knows-where doing God-knows-what and then going to waltz in here like everything is fine?  When we both know it isn't.

Chad: I don't know what you're talking about.

Whitney: No, please don't lie to me.  Just tell me where you were and who you were with. 

Kay: Fox and Miguel are so happy without me.  Thanks for granting my wish that I'd never been born. 

Tabitha: Stop it, both of you.

Miguel: I'm sorry, Tabitha. We were just saying hi to our dates.

Fox: I'm sorry, Tabitha. We didn't mean to offend you.

Tabitha: What?

Tabitha's voice: Oh, right. I forgot the fab four can't see Kay.

Tabitha: I meant that you girls shouldn't distract the boys from getting ready for your date, especially if you have a dinner reservation. Kay, sit down beside Endora so it looks as if I'm talking to her. Now listen, as far as Fox and Miguel goes, things aren't always what they seem. Just because without you it appears that they are best friends with good jobs, living in glitzy high-rises and driving ferraris, dating beautiful women, it doesn't mean they're better off.

Kay: Could have fooled me.

Sheridan: Chris, are you hiding something from me?

Chris' voice: I rue the day that Alistair first darkened my door. My life has been torture ever since and, because of me, so has Sheridan's.

Sheridan: I talk about my past all the time and you never do. And just now when I mentioned your parents, you tensed up. Why? What's going on? What are you hiding from me, Chris?

Lester: I mean it! I walk, or she gets it.

Sam: Lester, listen to me. Put the gun down. Now, nothing you've done so far will land you in prison for life. But murder? You'll get the death penalty guaranteed.

Luis: Oh, he's right about that, Lester. Just put the gun down.

Lester: What, and wind up back in prison? No way. I want a helicopter. Take me to Canada. I want it now! Otherwise, bang, bang. She's a goner.

Gwen: Oh, God, I hope we beat Ethan here.

Rebecca: Honey, the way you drove, if I ever stop dying my hair, it is going to be snow white.

Gwen: Well, let me tell you, if Ethan finds J.T., your hair is gonna be the mortician's problem cause we're both going to be dead.

Rebecca: Honey, you worry too much, all right? J.T. is not going to sell us out once he finds out that we're gonna pay him to be quiet.

Gwen: J.T. is falling-down Drunk. He could say anything to Ethan.

Ethan: So you're sure the text messages sent to Rebecca's cell phone originated within a few hundred feet of my signal now? Ok, thank you. All right, there's no question about it. Whoever sent Rebecca those messages is in this hotel. It's time to prove my hunch is right and find that J.T. Cornell.

J.T.: Ugh

Theresa: Hello?

Jared: Anybody out here?

J.T.: Ugh.

Jared: I hear something.

Theresa: Me, too.

Jared: I think it's coming from over here.

J.T.: Ugh.

Chad: You think I was with someone because I brought you roses?

Whitney: Chad, come on. It's what men do when they feel guilty about something that they've done, yeah.

{Chad: I didn't think you were ever gonna make it. }

Chad: Whitney, look, you need to stop watching crazy talk shows. I brought you roses because I love you. You don't believe me?

Whitney: Can you just tell me the truth please? I mean, I kept calling your cell phone and you didn't answer. Ok, so where were you? Chad, please tell me who you were with.

Fox: Hey, Tabitha.

Tabitha: What? Uh, I mean, yes, dear?

Fox: Well, Miguel and I were gonna put the finishing touches on your gate.

Miguel: Yeah, then we can head back to our place, and Fox and I can get ready for a night on the town.

Woman: Which town will it be tonight?

Second Woman: Paris, Rome, or Rio?

Fox: Well, why don't we fire up the Crane jet, let the pilot decide?

Miguel: Ok, ok, you ladies hold that thought. Fox and I will be right back.

Fox: I'll miss you.

Tabitha: Hell's bells. The boys are only going outside, you know, not to outer space. So, are you ready now to have Endora reverse the spell and bring you back?

Kay: I did use evil to trick Miguel into conceiving Maria, and she has had some serious health issues. Maybe it's just best that I go away.

Woman: I wonder whose is bigger.

Kay: What did she just say?

Woman: What difference does it make? They're both huge.

Second Woman: I've seen Miguel's. It's just over 8.

Woman: Fox's is close to 9.

Second Woman: Wow. A personal net worth of $9 million.

Woman: Plus the Crane family fortune.

Second Woman: But between Miguel's salary and stock options, he should be worth $12 million by the time I divorce him.

Kay: Did she say divorce?

Tabitha: She did.

Woman: Have we landed in clover or what?

Second Woman: We have Miguel and Fox hooked. It's just a matter of time till we marry them, then leave them.

Woman: And take them for every last cent they have.

Kay: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. They don't love them, they're just after their money. Oh, why, you little...

Tabitha: Kay, Kay...

Kay: What?

Tabitha: Perhaps Fox and Miguel aren't better off without you after all.

Chris' voice: God knows I hate lying to Sheridan, but she can never know I worked for Alistair or that James isn't really my son.

Chris: Honey, it's not that I'm hiding something. It's just, when I was in the witness protection program, I had to be very careful about not blowing my cover when anybody asked me about my past. I keep on forgetting that's behind me now and that I can be open and honest. And yet here I am causing the woman that I love to feel uneasy.

Sheridan: I'm sorry. I keep forgetting everything that you've been through.

Chris: I never do, Sheridan. I never do.

Sam: It's ok, it's ok.

Lester: I don't want to kill the bitch, but I will if you don't give me that 'copter! Now!

Sam: Listen, let's all calm down here, all right. Just give me some time. We're gonna work this out.

Luis: Sam, we don't even have a helicopter.

Sam: I'm stalling. I'm gonna distract him, and you take him down, all right? Ok, Lester. I think we can work something out. Now, you want a helicopter, what else you want?

Lester: I want a valid passport and $50,000 in cash.

Fancy: Luis, be careful!

Sam: Hold your fire!

Jared: Whoever that was should have been right around the corner here.

J.T.: Oh, my.

J.T.: Mmm. Mmm.

Theresa: Oh, what was that?

Jared: I'll find out soon enough.

Jared: What the --

Theresa: Well, I guess this is the crash that we heard before, huh?

Jared: Whoever it was probably went back to the room.

Theresa: Mm-hmm. I guess I could just call housekeeping and tell them there's a mess to clean up.

Ethan: Well, this wouldn't be the first time J.T. left a mess in his wake.

Ethan: If he's here, I'm gonna find him.

Gwen: Oh, that was definitely Ethan.

Rebecca: I would recognize that tight butt anywhere.

Gwen: Oh, for God's sake, would you not talk about him like that? There's a lot more to Ethan than just his cute butt.

Rebecca: Mmm. Much more, I'm sure.

Gwen: Mother, hello? We need to find J.T. and get him out of here before Ethan finds him.

J.T.: What's up, girls?

Gwen: Oh, my God.

Rebecca: J.T.

J.T.: Rebecca! And you brought Gwenny. Gwen!

Gwen: Oh, J.T., welcome to Harmony.

J.T.: The humanity.

Gwen: What the hell are you doing here?

Chad: Where was I tonight? Who was I with?

Whitney: Um, yeah, yeah, that's what I want to know, Chad. I mean, you were gone for hours and your phone was off, you know? Just, what is it? What's going on?

Chad: Whitney, look. You need to relax, ok? I was in Boston on business.

Whitney: Well, that's certainly news to me.

Chad: It was last-minute, ok? I got back as soon as I could.

Whitney: Ok, ok. Then why didn't you, you know, call and tell me what was going on?

Chad: I'm sorry. I got busy and it slipped my mind.

Whitney: Busy? Doing what?

Chad: Taking care of business.

Whitney: Now, see that right there -- it sounds like you're hiding something from me, Chad.

Chad: Whitney, come on.

Whitney: No, Chad. You come on. Now, just tell me, ok? Tell me what's really going on here. Chad, please.

Chad: Ok, Whitney, you want to know where I was tonight? I'll tell you.

Woman: I expect Fox to pop the question any day now.

Second Woman: Miguel, too. And my engagement ring better give Gibraltar rock envy.

Woman: You know it, girlfriend.

Second Woman: Our future husbands are two cash cows we are going to milk dry.

Kay: Can you believe these two predators? Out to land Fox and Miguel, marry them, then just break their hearts.

Tabitha: And clean out their bank accounts.

Kay: Hey, I may have messed things up, but at least I love Fox and Miguel. These two tramps are just evil.

Tabitha: Nothing wrong with that. Now, are you ready for Endora to reverse her spell and bring you back? It'll be as if nothing had happened.

Kay: Ok, ok. Endora, beam me back all the -- wait a second. Before I come back, what do you say we teach these two girls a lesson?

Tabitha: Count me in.

Rebecca: Oh, poor J.T. He just couldn't handle the pain. Oh, I know. I should kiss the boo-boo and make it all better.

Gwen: Mother, if you don't stop it with the nurse feel-good routine, I'm gonna throw both of you down the garbage chute. Now, we need to get him out of here before Ethan --

Ethan: Gwen? Gwen, are you here?

Rebecca: Ethan's headed this way.

Gwen: Help me drag him out of here before Ethan sees him. Come on.

J.T.: Oh, have mercy!

Ethan: Gwen? Gwen?

Gwen: Oh, goodness.

Woman: Remind me to ask for the Crane jet in the divorce.

Second Woman: I have a yen for Miguel's condo, with all the furniture and artwork of course.

Tabitha: Excuse me, ladies. Or should I say hustling, heartless whores?

Woman: Is she talking to us?

Tabitha: What you're doing is absolutely despicable. Conning Miguel and Fox into marrying you so that you can just steal their money.

Woman: Mind your own business, hag.

Second Woman: Yeah. Old crones with big mouths can fall and break their hips so easily.

Woman: Capiche?

Tabitha: Oh, I live for moments like this.

Kay: Now, Endora! Fire one.

Woman: Oh, my God! Your hair!

Second Woman: Your hair! How is -- how is this happening?

Kay: Fire two.

Woman: You're evil!

Miguel: What happened to you?

Woman: The wedding's off.

Second Woman: Ours, too.

Miguel and Fox: What wedding?

Tabitha: Whatever plane those two broads are living on, they learned a very good lesson tonight.

Miguel: What happened?

Tabitha: Don't ask me. I couldn't begin to explain.

Whitney: So you weren't in Boston for a last-minute business meeting at all, then?

Chad: No, Whitney, I wasn't.

Whitney: Ok, then why were you there?

Chad: Well, I guess there's no use trying to keep it a secret. I was in Boston to see another woman.

Sam: Good work, Luis. Cuff him.

Fancy: Luis, are you all right?

Luis: I'm fine.

Fancy: But those gunshots --

Sam: They must have gone into the floor. Both Luis and Lester are lucky.

Lester: Yeah, you call this lucky?

Sam: You're alive, aren't you? Get him out of here, and make sure all the equipment is taken. Especially all the raw footage they shot here tonight.

Officer: Hey, Luis, thought of a name for your film debut? Let's see, we got "Top Cop," "Miranda Rights," "Jailhouse Nights, "Prisoner of Love" --

Sam: Luis and Fancy did what they had to do to protect their cover until we came here tonight. Now, when Lester took Fancy as hostage, she and Luis worked together to try to find an opening so they could subdue Lester. Now, you could learn a little bit from their teamwork. Dismissed.

Sam: What the hell is going on here? Because if you're dating, I'm kicking you both off the force right now.

Rebecca: You know, honey, I didn't sign up for physical labor here.

Gwen: Mother, just shut up and pull, ok? Ethan will be here any minute.

Ethan: Gwen? Gwen?

Rebecca: Honey, let's just leave him and save ourselves.

Gwen: No, Mother, because then Ethan is gonna find him and know that J.T. was the one texting you. The only way to keep Ethan from realizing our connection to J.T. is just to get him out of here, ok? J

.T.: Did I fall asleep playing twister?

Gwen: Shh. Be quiet.

J.T.: Oh, I remember now. You kicked me in my happy place.

Gwen: And I will do it again if you cause me any more trouble.

J.T.: Ceiling's moving!

Gwen: All right, we gotta get you out of here before Ethan finds you.

J.T.: Ethan? Oh, no good. He knows I tried to kill Theresa in Rome.

Rebecca: Oh, kill Theresa -- ooh, J.T., you're making me all hot.

Ethan: Gwen?

J.T.: Gotta run!

Gwen: All right, it's now or never, people. Move. Move it. Move it. Come on. Move it.

Ethan: Damn, I swear I heard Gwen's voice. Gwen?

Gwen: Where's your room? We need to hide.

J.T.: I know it's around here somewhere.

Rebecca: Oh, I hope it has a mini-bar.

Gwen: Hurry up. Ethan's gonna be back in a second!

J.T.: Oh, there it is.

Gwen: Hurry.

J.T.: It's right there.

Gwen: Are you sure?

J.T.: Oh, yeah. Abso-posi-tudely.

Gwen: God!

J.T.: Oh, my room. Oh, it's so nice to be home. Ok, all right. What the heck? Come on.

Jared: What the hell?

Theresa: Oh, my God. It sounds like someone's trying to get into our room.

Jared: That's enough.

Theresa: Wait. Wait, Jared. Jared, wait. Here. Wait. Just in case.

Gwen: J.T., hurry up before we're caught, please!

Whitney: You went to see another woman in Boston? But, I thought it was --

Chad: You thought it was what?

Whitney: Look, it doesn't matter.  Never mind. Just tell me her name, ok?

Chad: I don't know it, Whitney.

Whitney: You're having sex with people -- you don't even know their names?

Chad: Whoa, whoa. I'm not having an affair with some woman in Boston, ok?

Whitney: But you just said --

Chad: Yeah, I went to Boston to see a woman about getting you this.

Whitney: You're kidding me. Chad, she looks like me.

Chad: Mm-hmm. I knew you always wanted one, so I got this lady who does them to make you one.

Whitney: Oh, well, thank you. Chad, she's beautiful. Thank you.

Chad: Just like you.

Whitney: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for accusing you of cheating on me, but when you were saying before that you were seeing this woman in Boston --

Chad: Baby, baby, I was kidding. I mean, there was a woman in Boston, but I didn't think you were gonna take me seriously.

Whitney: It's just that I couldn't get a hold of you, you know. And, you know, you're a handsome guy, Alistair Crane's son, and it's bound to open up a few bedroom doors, right?

Chad: Baby, now you are tripping if you think I'd be with any other woman. I love you like crazy. I thought you knew that.

Whitney: I do. You're right. I do know that.

Chad: Then why are accusing me of --

Whitney: It's just that things haven't felt exactly right between us, you know what I mean? Something has just been feeling kind of off, you know? And I keep getting this terrible feeling that something bad is gonna happen.

Chad: Well, that's no way to live, baby, ok?

Whitney: You're right. And I know. I'm feeling really foolish right now. I'm sorry. I love you so much, you know? Can you forgive me for doubting you? I know that you would never cheat on me.

Fox: Maybe we can still catch up with the girls, make things right with them.

Miguel: You know what? You're right. It's worth a try.

Tabitha: Ready to make your comeback, kid?

Kay: Yeah. Things are still gonna be a mess, but at least I'll never deliberately hurt Fox or Miguel.

Tabitha: Endora, fire when ready.

Fox: That was so weird.

Kay: What?

Fox: It was like you sparkled there for a moment.

Tabitha: Must be static electricity.

Kay: Whatever it was, I'm glad to be back.

Miguel: Back? Where were you?

Gwen: Would you hurry up and unlock the damn door before Ethan finds us? He's headed this way. I know it.

Theresa: Ok. I'm gonna open up this door, and you are gonna whack whoever is on the other side of this door. Ok? You ready?

Gwen: Let me do it. Let me do it. Ok, hello? The key isn't working. This isn't your room. Your room is over here.

J.T.: What does she know? My room is right there. I know it.

Theresa: You ready? Go, go, go!

Jared: The hall is empty.

Theresa: Hmm. But we just heard all that commotion.

Jared: Well, whoever's out here must have gone back to the room.

Theresa: I think the hotel is haunted.

Jared: Well, maybe we should go back under the covers where it's safe.

J.T.: Oh, yeah!

Gwen: No, no, no, no. Your room is that way.

Ethan: Gwen? Gwen, answer me.

Rebecca: Ethan's gonna see us before we ever make it back to --

Gwen: Hide, hide!

Ethan: God, I keep hearing voices. Either I'm going nuts or this place is haunted.

Whitney: Well, welcome to our home.

Chad: What are you going to name her?

Whitney: You know what? I haven't decided yet. But, Chad, I just wanted to apologize again for suspecting you of cheating on me, going around behind my back. I'm so sorry.

Chad: No. Forget about it, doll face. Things couldn't be better between us.

Whitney: Actually, I think they can.

Chad: Hmm?

Chad: Mmm. Now, that is definitely better.

Whitney: Make love to me, Chad.

Kay: Ah! I'm so glad to be here!

Fox: I'm glad you're here, too, love.

Miguel: We all are.

Tabitha: Well, perhaps you should lower the volume a bit. You don't want to waken Maria.

Kay: Maria! Ah! My beautiful daughter.

Miguel: Our beautiful daughter.

Fox: Who I have helped raise since Miguel bailed on you to go look for Charity.

Miguel: Well, isn't that just too bad I'm back?

Tabitha: That's putting it mildly. If there was a steel cage in this kitchen, those two would be in it, fighting over Kay. Endora, don't even think about it. You have caused enough mischief tonight with your "It's a Wonderful Life" spell.

Kay: I was wrong. Everyone wasn't better off without me. And despite some problems with Fox and Miguel, I do make a difference in a good way.

Luis: Fancy and I are not dating, ok? I know that would be against the rules.

Sam: Look, sometimes I can bend the rules, but not when people ignore a direct order and break the rules anyway.

Fancy: My coming here to help Luis.

Sam: You got lucky. Next time, you and the person you're trying to help may not be so lucky.

Fancy: I understand.

Sam: I hope so because if you ever go behind my back and pull a stunt like that again, I'll suspend you, or I'll kick you out of the training program altogether.

Luis: Well, look, Chief, just for the record, I think Fancy's a natural. In fact, were it not for her going undercover tonight, I don't know if I would have been able to bring down Lester and his whole operation.

Sam: Still, what you both did to keep from blowing your cover has to be a first. Not in a good way. I mean, what if your Colin Farrell/Paris Hilton tape gets out? Can you imagine the fallout then?

Jared: You hear that?

Theresa: No.

Jared: Exactly. Finally, some peace and quiet.

Theresa: Hmm. I hope it stays that way. I can't imagine why anyone would want to come to a hotel like this and act like a bunch of rowdy children.

Jared: Me either.

Gwen: Oh!

J.T.: Hey! This is my room! You found it! Oh, I'm so happy!

Ethan: That sounded like J.T.

Rebecca: Gwen, hurry and open the door. I need a drink.

Gwen: Why is this not working? Ethan's gonna be here any second. This is --

Ethan: I'm gonna find you this time, J.T.

Whitney: Chad, I love you. I love being with you.

Chad: I love being with you, too.

{Chad: You know, I have a bed to share with Whitney at home. God I love her. It's just not enough. }

Chad's voice: It kills me that being with you isn't enough, but it isn't. Not even close.

Tabitha: I have to be careful the brimstone boys don't hear that I am quite fond of you, Kay, and can't imagine not having you in my life.

Kay: I can't imagine not having you in mine either.

Tabitha:  Let me tell you something.  I've learned from watching how these mortals muck up their lives over the centuries.

Kay: Thought you dark-siders had a hand in that.

Tabitha: Yes, they can, but I'm trying to have a moment here.

Kay: Ok.

Tabitha: Now what I've learned is this -- that life is really all about love -- finding it, winning it, and keeping it. If you want to be happy, all you really have to do is marry the man you truly love.

Kay: It's easier said than done.

Fancy: I know the fallout from people seeing the movie Luis and I were in could be devastating.

Sam: First of all, it wasn't a movie. It was porn.

Luis: We faked it.

Sam: Could have fooled me.

Fancy: We didn't have a choice.

Sam: Let's just forget about it. I just hope no one -- and I mean no one -- sees this tape.

Officer: Chief Bennett, you need to see what's on the news.

Sam: Must be someone else taking credit for the bust.

Officer: Not exactly.

Fancy: Oh, my God.

Luis: What the --

Sam: This is on the news?

Chris: Don't answer that.

Sheridan: It's late. What if it's important?

Sheridan: Hello? Now? Why? Hello? Hello?

Chris: Well?

Sheridan: Whoever that was said to turn on the news, and then they just hung up. Probably just a crank call.

Chris: Are you serious?

Sheridan: Oh, my God. Luis.

Luis: Mmm. Yeah.

Chris: Oh, my God. Luis. I guess Luis is really into Fancy.

Theresa: You are amazing.

Jared: So are you. You know, I waited my whole life for a woman like you. Someone to take care of, make happy for the rest of my life.

Theresa: Make love to me. Make love to me all night long.

Gwen: Ok, here, go!

Ethan: All right, one of these doors just closed.

Rebecca: Ok, honey, why don't you have a drink? You'll feel better.

Gwen: With Ethan closing in on us? I don't think so.

J.T.: I'll check to see we gave him the slip.

Gwen: Do not be a bigger idiot than you already are. You could come face to face with Ethan, and I would lose everything.

Ethan: All right, whatever the truth is about Rebecca outing me as a Bennett and whatever made Theresa name me as trustee in her will is right behind this door and I'm gonna be damned if I leave without knowing what it is. Open up!

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