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Luis: What the hell are you doing here?

Fancy: I'm your backup.

Luis: I have backup.

Fancy: No, you don't. That's why I'm here.

Luis: Did Sam send you?

Fancy: Not exactly.

Luis: You are crazy, you know that? You're going to blow my cover. And you're going to get yourself killed.

Fancy: If you aren't careful, you're going to blow both our covers and get us both killed.

Luis: Oh, is that right? Would you listen to me? Listen to me.

Fancy: Go sit down. Someone's coming.

Lester: What the hell is going on here? You two know each other? One of you better answer me.

Luis: Well, why do you think that I know her?

Lester: Because it looked to me like you two were fighting like an old married couple. That's why. Either that or you're working together.

Luis: Well, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Lester: I already told you the Feds have an eye on this place. In fact, I just found out they had a mole in the club.

Luis: You're kidding me. An informer here? Where?

Lester: I don't know yet. All I know is this chick here --

Fancy: The name's Lurleen.

Lester: Whatever. You show up out of the blue and what a coincidence, you show up here too, saying you're my new numbers man.

Luis: Hey, hey, hey. Your contact sent me, you remember?

Lester: Yeah, well, something just don't add up.

Luis: Yeah.

Lester: If I find out either one of you ain't who you say you are, guess what? You're both dead.

Kay: Well, what happened to him?

Miguel: We were just shooting some hoops.

Kay: Shooting hoops? Why is he bleeding like this? Why is he unconscious?

Miguel: It was an accident, Kay. He was going for a shot and I went up to block it and I hit him.

Kay: He hit his head really bad. Oh, my God! Where's the ambulance?

Jared: I called them. They should be on their way.

Kay: It's Fox, isn't it?

Tabitha: What do you mean?

Kay: The funeral you saw in your magic bowl. It's Fox, isn't it?

Tabitha: I told you I didn't see who was going to die.

Kay: I know it's Fox. Oh, my God. No.

Theresa: I don't believe this.

Whitney: What?

Theresa: Whitney, the private investigator's report on J.T. -- I mean, oh, my God.

Whitney: Theresa, what does it say? Did he find J.T. Cornell? Where is he?

J.T.: Your sweet little old J.T. is right here in Harmony. Come and get me.

Rebecca: Oh, my God. Gwen would have a stroke if she knew that J.T. was here in Harmony. I mean, he's the only one who knows that it was Gwen and I, and not Theresa, who e-mailed him that Ethan wasn't a Crane. I wonder if he's trying to blackmail us. J.T., Why are you here?

J.T.: I came to see my Becky-poo. When can you come to my hotel?

Rebecca: I can't. Gwen would be furious.

J.T.: Oh, good God. Forget about Gwen. Just come over.

Rebecca: Well, we did always have a very good time together. Oh, all right. But you have to do me a favor.

J.T.: Oh, you name it.

Rebecca: I need you to find out why Theresa has named Ethan in her will to oversee the entire Crane empire.

J.T.: Theresa. Ooh, oh, hoping never to hear that name again. What do you mean Theresa named Ethan as her heir?

Rebecca: Not exactly. As trustee to Little Ethan in case she dies before he is old enough to take over. I mean, it just doesn't make sense. I have to find out why.

{Theresa: No, you are lying, J.T.

J.T.: No, I am not lying. Julian isn't Little Ethan's father. Ethan is Little Ethan's father. Now, let me up. I'm not going to jail.}   I need to see you, baby. All of you.

Rebecca: I can't. Gwen would have a fit.

J.T.: Forget about Gwen.

Rebecca: He's right. Gwen doesn't have to know.

Gwen: Uh, what doesn't Gwen have to know?

Gwen: What's going on here?

Rebecca: Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing important.

Ethan: Rebecca, you said Gwen doesn't need to know. What doesn't she need to know?

Rebecca: Well, I think some things are better left unsaid. Don't you, Gwen?

Ethan: You getting a text message there, Rebecca?

Rebecca: What? Can't a girl have a private conversation with a friend?

Gwen: What friend?

Rebecca: No one you know. In fact, it's no one I know either. It's just one of these text message, you know, chat-party things. Men sending me dirty little text messages.

Ethan: When has that ever bothered you before?

Rebecca: Ethan, look. I'll put the phone away. See? All gone.

J.T.: Rebecca, hello? Where are you? Rebecca?

Ethan: You're acting very suspicious. Come on, out with it. What is it? What are you hiding and what doesn't Gwen need to know?

Whitney: Theresa, what did your private investigator find out? Does he know where J.T. Cornell is or what?

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Whitney, J.T. is still in hiding. Whoo-hoo! This is great. You know what this means? That Ethan is never going to find out why I made him Little Ethan's trustee in my will. Well, that's good. Do you really think J.T. would tell Ethan the truth?

Theresa: Well, for enough money, yeah, he would that's why I've gotta make sure he is gone forever.

Whitney: If Ethan knew the truth that Little Ethan was his son, he would never take him away from you.

Theresa: Whitney, if he took my daughter from me, he can take my son from me, too.

Valerie: Excuse me, Theresa. Whitney.

Whitney: Valerie. Valerie: A man called to say he was coming over to see you.

Theresa: And who might that be?

Valerie: He said he was a private detective. That you had an appointment.

Theresa: Right. Thank you.

Whitney: Valerie? Um, you haven't happened to have heard from Chad or know where he is?

Valerie: Uh, no. No, I haven't. Actually, I haven't seen him in a while.

Whitney: You saw that, didn't you? You saw how nervous she got when I brought up Chad, right?

Theresa: Yes, Whitney. But, you know, I think she kind of knows that you don't really like her too much, you know.

Whitney: Well, you know, it's with good reason, don't you think?

Chad: How's his pulse, Kay? Is he breathing ok?

Kay: His pulse is all right. Oh, God. Fox, wake up. Should we move him into the house or something?

Jared: No, no, no, better not. The paramedics will be here any minute.

Kay: Honey, honey, honey, are you all right? Say something.

Fox: What -- what happened?

Kay: You -- you fell. You hit your head. Tabitha, can you do me a favor? Can you -- can you get me some water and some clean bandages so I can clean up this cut?

Tabitha: Of course. Of course.

Kay: Honey, does it hurt really bad?

Fox: [Moans] Yeah, it hurts like hell.

Kay: I am so sorry.

Chad: I think he is going to be ok. Thank God.

Jared: Yeah, but we should still have him checked out. He could have a concussion.

Chad: Right. I just hope the ambulance gets here soon.

Fox: What? I don't need an ambulance.

Kay: Honey, you have a really bad cut. Jared's right. You could have a concussion or something.

Fox: Kay, I just said I don't need an ambulance. Call the hospital and tell them to send it to somebody who really needs it.

Kay: Oh, my God. Are you sure?

Fox: Yes. I'm positive.

Miguel: I'll go call.

Miguel's voice: I know you love him, Kay. But you love me more. I know you do.

Kay: What were you and Miguel doing playing so rough?

Tabitha: Kay better hurry up and decide which of those two she wants to be with. Or all three of them are going to end up in a sea of pain.

Lester: I'm warning you.

Luis: Hey, I don't like threats, ok?

Lester: If I find out you're scamming me --

Luis: I am who I says I am, all right. How do I know that you're not scamming me?

Lester: What?

Luis: Yeah, that's right. You're the new guy in town, remember? Maybe you're the mole who was sent to bust up my numbers racket.

Lester: That's crazy, man. Chill out, man.

Luis: Yeah, you know, I didn't come here to get killed because of some two-bit stripper. Why don't you just get rid of her skinny butt anyway?

Fancy: Hey. You know you're the same jerk you were in Boston, you know that?

Lester: So you two do know each other.

Luis: No. In fact, I've never seen this broad in my life.

Fancy: Bull. He used to come into the club I worked in Boston. Now, he's trying to pull the same crap here.

Lester: What same crap?

Fancy: Expecting me to do a lap dance for five bucks. Cheap bastard.

Lester: Look, tramp. This here's my new guy. And you'll do what he wants for free, you understand?

Fancy: Ok, ok.

Luis: Hey, Lester, chill out. You know, I changed my mind. I don't even want a lap dance from her anyway.

Lester: Yeah, you do. And she's going to give you exactly what you want. Right, little girl?

Fancy: I said all right. Ok?

Lester: That's good. Because girls like you are a dime a dozen. Nobody would miss you if you should suddenly disappear. You get my drift?

Fancy: I get it.

Lester: Now give the man what he wants.

Fancy: What he wants?

Lester: A lap dance.

Luis: Yeah, I really don't want a lap dance, nah.

Luis: Enjoy. It's on me. Come on. Now show him what you got, baby.

Luis: You just had to go and mess things up, didn't you?

Fancy: I'm sorry.

Lester: You call that a lap dance? Sex it up now.

Fancy: Lester's watching us. Smile.

Luis: Just finish what you're doing, and get the hell out of here, ok?

Fancy: No can do. I'm undercover.

Luis: Undercover?

Fancy: Uh-huh.

Luis: You're nuts. You are not helping me, ok? You are killing my entire operation, you understand?

Fancy: Your FBI backup is gone. You need me.

Luis: You are putting me and this entire sting operation in jeopardy.

Fancy: Ok, the creep's still watching. Pretend you like what I'm doing.

Lester: I got to take care of something. I'll be back. That's good, girlie. That's my new man. You better treat him right.

Luis: There's your chance. Go on. Get the hell out of here.

Fancy: His goon is still watching.

Luis: Don't worry about it. I'll take care of the goon, ok. You just get the hell out of here.

Man: Hey, you heard the boss. Sex it up.

Jared: That wasn't a basketball game. That was more like World War III.

Chad: Yeah, I told you Miguel and Kay have history. And Fox hates it.

Jared: Well, I get that part. But what's with the tremor, man? And obviously it wasn't because Fox and Miguel were battling it out on the basketball court. It felt like some earthquake or thing.

Jared: An earthquake?

Chad: Yeah.

Jared: Here in Harmony?

Chad: Hey, look, stranger things have happened in this little town.

Chad: I mean, sooner or later, the secrets come out.

Jared: Are we still talking about Fox and Miguel here?

Chad: No. No, we're talking about my secret. I just hope Whitney never finds out.

Theresa: Whitney, stop. All right? Chad and Valerie are not having an affair.

Whitney: Theresa, they slept with each other before. I walked in on them at the recording studio.

Theresa: I know you did. But that was before, when you and Chad thought you were brother and sister. Chad is with you now, honey. He loves you. He loves Miles. He would never do anything to risk losing that.

Whitney: Ok, then, go on and tell me how I can explain the late-night phone calls. You know, him being gone for hours and hours with absolutely no explanation, huh?

Theresa: He did tell you he was coming in to work, right?

Whitney: Well, yeah, that's what he said. But, come on, in the middle of the night?

Theresa: Well, Crane has business interests all over the world. And when it's in the middle of the night here, it's daytime in Japan or wherever.

Whitney: Yeah. God, I don't know. I just don't know, ok?

Theresa: Why don't you confront him, Whitney?

Whitney: No, I can't. I mean, if he is innocent, he would be so hurt that I suspected him of something like this. I can't do that.

Theresa: He would be hurt. You know why? Because he loves you. And I think that you should trust him.

Whitney: I guess you're right. I mean, I hate even thinking that he could be unfaithful to me. I hate this whole thing.

Theresa: Ok. Well then, I think you should stop thinking about it and focus on something else -- something positive.

Whitney: Yeah, you're right. I will. Well, hey, things are going good for you, huh?

Theresa: Well, as long as J.T. is in hiding, then, yeah. Ethan's never going to find out that he's my son's father. And if the best private investigators in the world can't find him, then my secret's safe.

Ethan: Rebecca, come on. I know you well enough to know when you're hiding something. What is it?

Rebecca: Are you calling me a liar? I'm really hurt.

Ethan: No, I just want to know what it is you don't want Gwen to know.

Rebecca: Oh, all right. If you must know, I was going to surprise Gwen and you with a cruise.

Gwen: Uh, what?

Ethan: A cruise.

Rebecca: Yes. Yes, a cruise. I mean, I thought after everything that Theresa put you through and everything that happened in Rome, that the two of you could use a nice romantic cruise. See, I was just text-messaging my travel agent with all the details.

Ethan: This is true? Really?

Rebecca: Of course it is. I mean, just think of it. The mystery of Moscow. The splendor of Stockholm. And all those beautiful forests in Germany. Oh and the ship is absolutely top-drawer.

Gwen: Well, that's really sweet of you.

Rebecca: Yeah, I thought so, too. But I might have to cancel it now that the surprise is ruined.

Ethan: Are you telling me that's what all this secrecy is about? It was about a cruise?

Gwen: Oh, honey.

Ethan: No, no, no, no. There's something -- sorry, there's something not right here. I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.

Gwen: You know, can't it just -- can't it just wait till tomorrow? Right now, I would like to be alone with my handsome and very sexy husband. I know my mother doesn't mind, right?

Rebecca: Oh, no, I don't mind at all.

Ethan: Oh, no, wait, wait, wait. Hold on. I want to ask you a few questions. I really do.

Rebecca: Ethan, what is your problem?

Ethan: I'll tell you what my problem is. I'm trying to figure out why Theresa named me Little Ethan's trustee to the Crane empire.

Rebecca: Now that is a non sequitur.

Ethan: And I have a feeling that you know something about it. You and J.T. Cornell.

Miguel: I canceled the ambulance.

Fox: Good.

Kay: My God, Miguel, you look bad, too. What were you guys doing, playing some kind of combat basketball?

Chad: Well, if everybody's ok, I've got an appointment to go to.

Jared: Yeah, I do as well. Tabitha, if you don't mind, we'll take a rain check on building that gate for you.

Tabitha: Oh, fine, go right ahead.

Jared: Thanks.

Chad: Take care, Fox.

Fox: Thank you, Chad.

Miguel: See you, Jared.

Kay: Bye, guys.

Jared: You going to meet Whitney?

Chad: Yeah, but I've got something to do first.

Jared: It wouldn't have anything to do with this little secret of yours, would it?

Chad: Yeah, it does.

Valerie: This is Mr. Jordan.

Theresa: Yes, we have been communicating. It's nice to finally meet you face-to-face.

Mr. Jordan: Thanks, Mrs. Crane. Same here.

Theresa: This is Whitney Russell, my best friend.

Whitney: Hello. Mr. Jordan: Hi.

Whitney: How are you?

Valerie: If you'll excuse me, I really have to take this.

Valerie: Why are you calling me here? I was just in Theresa's office and Whitney was there. No, I don't think I can. I don't know. Ok, fine. I'll come meet you. Usual place? Yeah, I can leave now. Yes, I'll be right there. Ok.

Fancy: How am I doing, big boy?

Luis: Cut it out.

Fancy: Well, you wouldn't want me to blow my cover, would you? I'm supposed to show you a good time, so what can I do to please you?

Luis: All right, Fancy, just finish up and get the hell out of here, ok?

Fancy: No can do. You like?

Luis: No.

Fancy: Well, how about this?

Luis: You just don't get it, do you, Fancy? This is not a game, ok? This is serious business.

Fancy: What do you think is going on back there, anyway? The room that Lester keeps disappearing to.

Luis: Well, that's what I'm here to find out.

Fancy: What do you think, drugs?

Luis: Probably.

Fancy: What else? Prostitutes or a custom meth lab?

Luis: Look, Fancy, it's not your business, ok? You should get the hell out of here before you get hurt.

Lester: What do you call what you are doing?

Fancy: Dancing.

Lester: My grandma could dance harder than that. Now, turn up the heat now.

Fancy: Ok, ok.

Lester: That's more like it.

Man: Something wrong, boss?

Lester: Yeah, we got some problems in the back.

Fancy: Loosen up. Lester's watching. You're acting like a cop. Look like a guy who's getting a lap dance.

Luis: Well, since this is my first one, just exactly how would that be?

Fancy: Like you are turned on. You do know how to do that, don't you? That's a good start. Now, run your hand up and down my leg.

Luis: I know how to do it.

Fancy: Then do it.

Lester: Something just ain't right with those two.

Man: Here you go, honey. I want some of that action, ok?

Luis: Hey!

Lester: Yeah, he can.

Man: Oh, yeah. Sure, Les, whatever you say. Sorry about that.

Fancy: You're my hero. You do want me, don't you?

Luis: Oh, my God. You don't get it, do you? This is not some kind of game here, ok? This is serious business. Now go on and get out of here before you get us both killed.

Fancy: But you're going to be without any backup.

Luis: I can handle it. All right, Lester's not looking. Go, go, go. Now is your chance. Go on, get out of here.

Fancy: But I --

Luis: Go. That is an order.

Fancy: Ok, just be careful.

Luis: All right, good, now she's gone. I'll find out what's going on in Lester's back room.

J.T.: Rebecca. Still no message. Playing hard-to-get with me, girl? Because I think I know the way to get your attention, sweet cheeks.

J.T.: Try to resist this, honey. I am so hot.

Gwen: Honey, what in the world is making you think about J.T. Cornell?

Rebecca: Yeah, I mean, what does he have to do with anything?

Gwen: And why would you bring him up now?

Ethan: Gwen, you know what happened in Rome. Theresa was convinced that Rebecca knew J.T. in the past. She was also convinced that you and your mother were the ones that leaked my true paternity to the tabloid.

Gwen: Ok, so you are saying that you -- what, you believe Theresa now? You think that I actually know J.T. and I told him you were Sam's son and not a Crane?

Ethan: No, I don't think that. I don't think that you would betray me at all like that. And I don't believe you would lie to me like that.

Gwen: Well, then, I'm lost here. I don't get it. What?

Ethan: Your mother is a different story. I happen to think she might have known J.T. Cornell, maybe intimately.

Gwen: Oh, so you are calling me a liar.

Rebecca: Ooh.

Ethan: What is it? Who is text messaging you now?

Theresa: Care for some coffee, Mr. Jordan?

Mr. Jordan: Oh, no thanks. Call me Frank please.

Theresa: Sure.

Whitney: I'm going to go ahead and let the two of you guys talk, ok? It was very nice to meet you.

Frank: Nice to meet you, too.

Whitney: Ok.

Theresa: I'll talk to you later.

Whitney: Ok.

Theresa: All right.

Whitney: Ok, where did Valerie go? Oh, God, what should I do? Should I follow her? I mean, if she's having an affair with Chad, I need to know.

Frank: I really don't know why you wanted to meet with me, Mrs. Crane. I have nothing to add to my report.

Theresa: Well, you are here for an entirely different matter, Frank.

Frank: Oh?

Theresa: I'd like you to follow an employee of mine. His name is Chad Harris Crane.

Chad: Hey, hey, I'm here. It's a good thing we came separately. I think I saw someone who knows me. Man, if we got caught coming to this place together, word would spread like wildfire.

Chad: I couldn't wait to be alone with you.

Man: What do you think of the new guy, boss?

Second Man: You think he's on the up and up?

Lester: I don't know. I'm pretty sure there is something going on between him and that stripper.

Man: Didn't she say she knew him from some club in Boston?

Lester: Yeah, but that ain't it. Don't worry about it. I got a plan.

Man: A plan?

Lester: Yeah, I got a way to find out how well they know each other.

Lester: So where did the stripper go? You guys were getting pretty hot and heavy.

Luis: I don't know. She said something about going on her break.

Lester: All right. Well, follow me.

Luis: Where are we going?

Lester: Well, since you are going to be my new numbers guy, you might as well check out the other operations I got going on. You might want to climb up the ladder, if you know what I mean?

Luis: Yeah, that sounds good.

Lester: Yeah, I like to promote from inside the organization. Let's go.

Luis: Just give me a second.

Luis' voice: All right. Now let's see what the good old boys in the back room are up to. And then I'm taking you down, punk.

Tabitha: Nice hot cup of tea. That's the ticket. That'll fix both you boys up.

Fox: What happened in here?

Kay: What do you mean, what happened?

Fox: Well, look at this mess. Look at that.

Miguel: Yeah, what happened? It looks like a bomb went off in here. Kay?

Kay: I -- I don't know. Tabitha?

Tabitha: Oh, yeah, it's -- it's this dratted old stove of mine. The burners seem to get too hot and then suddenly kaboom, a pot explodes up.

Fox: Oh, well, as soon as Kay finishes up with me, I will fix it for you.

Miguel: No, I'll take care of it, Tabitha.

Fox: I just said I would fix it for her.

Miguel: I can fix it, Fox.

Fox: Miguel, I can take care of it.

Kay: Ok, stop, stop. And you need to take some aspirin, ok? I'm going to get you some water.

Fox: Thank you, sweetheart.

Kay: This is terrible, Tabitha. What am I going to do?

Tabitha: You better make your decision fast, young lady, or things can only go from bad to worse. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the funeral I saw in my magic bowl was both Miguel and Fox.

Kay: If looks could kill, they'd both be dead by now.

Tabitha: How about I go and get Endora? Watch the kettle.

Luis: What's all this?

Lester: What's it look like?

Luis: It looks like you're making movies here.

Lester: That's right. It takes about 5 hours to shoot a flick. I got a stable of girls in the back, all gorgeous. Real pros at everything it takes to make a real-live porno.

Luis: Nice. What about distribution?

Lester: Well, after we do the edit, put it to the internet. The world's oldest profession has just gone high-tech, my friend.

Luis: Pretty impressive.

Luis: It's pretty lucrative, too. After we make the premiere on the internet, I burn the DVDs and then we just send them out.

Luis: Wow. Hey, I got to say, I'm impressed. You know, I heard that you were doing big business here. But, well, nothing like this.

Lester: Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet. I just got myself a brand-new star. She's going to make me megabucks.

Luis: Yeah?

Lester: Yeah. Unless, of course, you don't want her to be my brand-new star.

Luis: Why would I care?

Lester: Clyde, bring her out.

Lester: Say hello to my newest star. Today's your lucky day because you're going to get to see her make her debut. Right now.

Tabitha: Oh, perfect timing.  Nice hot tea for the grown ups and nice hot chocolate for my little sweet pea. 

Fox: Kay, could you get some more water for me please?

Kay: Yeah, sure.

Tabitha: Well?

Kay: Well what?

Tabitha: Which of these two bozos are you going to put out of their misery?  You can't marry them both, you know.

Kay: I told you, I'm going to marry Fox. 

Tabitha: Well then don't send mixed messages to Miguel, giving  him hope that you're going to change your mind. 

Kay: I don't mean to.

Tabitha: No?  Well then perhaps you should stop kissing him all the time. 

Kay: I know.  I know this is all my fault.  I hate causing them so much pain. 

Fox: Kay?  I could really use some more water please.

Kay: Oh yeah, yeah, sorry. 

Fox: Damn it, Miguel.  Didn't you see her coming?

Kay: Ow!

Miguel: I'm sorry.  I didn't see her coming.

Kay: No, it was an accident.

Fox: You are such a clumsy idiot is what the problem is.

Kay: No, hey, it's alright.

Fox: No, it's not alright, Miguel, and you better stay out of my way.

Miguel: How about you stay out of my way, Fox?

Fox: How about we take this outside right now?

Miguel: Let's go. Right now.  Let's go.

Kay: Hey, hey, stop it!  Don't do this. 

Rebecca's voice: I always did enjoy watching J.T. strip. 

Gwen: Honey, what makes you think my mother would even know someone like J.T.?

Rebecca: She's right. I mean it's not exactly like we travel in the same social circle.  I mean, the ex-editor of a tabloid magazine?

Ethan: Not only do I think you know him, I think J.T. Cornell's the key to finding out why Theresa left Crane Industries to me in her will. 

Rebecca: That is preposterous.  You are completely mistaken.

Ethan: Mistaken about what?  That you do know J.T.? Or that he's the key in learning why Theresa left Crane to me?

Rebecca: Look, I told you I do not know the man.  I thought I turned this thing off.

Ethan: What's wrong, Rebecca?  Who's text messaging you now and why do you look so scared? 

Theresa: I want to know everything that Chad is doing.  Like I told you before, Whitney is my best friend.  She's engaged to be married to him and she has a feeling that he's having an affair. 

Frank: I see.

Theresa: So, I want to know Chad's every move.  I want to know who he's spending time with.  This should cover your expenses for the first few days. 

Frank: This will cover quite a few days.  Thank you, Mrs. Crane. 

Theresa: You're welcome.  I care about Whitney and I want nothing more than to prove her wrong.  But if she's right, if Chad is having an affair, then that's going to break her  heart forever. 

Chad: I've been thinking about you all day. 

Lester: So tell me, my friend, is there any reason why you don't want me to use this little gal in one of my movies? 

Luis: Hey, this is your gig.  What makes you think I care one way or another? 

Lester:  Just a feeling I get.  First I hear there's a mole in my club then both of you show up on the same night, both new faces.

Luis: So what are you trying to say, Lester?  You accusing me of something?

Lester: Like I said, just a feeling I get.  So I want a straight answer.  Is there any reason why you don't want this little gal to star in my pornos? 

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