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Miguel: I didn't have sex with Siren, ok?  I only made out with her to protect you. 

Kay: What?

Miguel: Look. Fox and his mother were sure we left the bridal shop together. If they would have found me alone, they would have known you were with me for sure. It just happened that Siren was walking by and I used her to keep Fox from flipping out on you.

Kay: Really?

Tabitha: Oh, brother. Now Kay's back to square one. Choosing between the two men who love her.

Kay: Wait a second. When you came back from the beach with her, she was hanging all over you.

Miguel: I can't help that, Kay. She's always all over me. But it is you I love.

Tabitha: Endora, where is Siren anyway? Huh? Usually she's hanging around the house, itching to annoy us all.

Tabitha: Ooh, drat! Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water. Kay was dead set on marrying Fox and now Miguel's got her all confused again. I don't know how that girl is ever going to make up her mind which man she's going to marry. Now listen, Endora, it is no good you using any of your magic to interfere today. That will just make things worse. Knock it off pipsqueak. No more lightning in the living room. Okay. Now we have just got to keep out of Kay's love life. We can't meddle with her anymore. Endora, whatever you are planning to do, please don't do it.

Fox: Why do I ever listen to my father? He's dead wrong about Kay. She loves me. I know she does. From now on, I am going to trust her completely.

Paloma: Jessica, you have been beaten.

Jessica: No. I tripped. I just fell against the door that's all.

Simone: About 50 times maybe. You did not get these bruises from falling.

Jessica: Yes, I did.

Paloma: No way, Jessica. We had a whole session in police training to recognize victims of abuse and you are the perfect example. Someone has been beating you over and over again.

Simone: Any bets on who?

Spike: Jackpot! Hmm.

Chris: Give me one reason why I shouldn't slit your throat.

Theresa: Ok, it's signed and sealed. So no matter what happens to me, my children and my family are provided for.

Pilar: I don't think you'll have to worry about providing for little Ethan.  He'll be a billionaire a hundred times over.

Theresa: Not if my letter is made public, Mama, he won't get a nickel.

Pilar: More deceit, more lies. Just tell Ethan face-to-face.

Whitney: Tell Ethan what?

Theresa: Morning.  I just wrote my will, Whitney. And my mother brought up a really good point, if something were to happen to me, the courts would give my son to Julian and I couldn't let that happen so I wrote a letter and put it with the will to be opened upon my death, it states the truth that Ethan is little Ethan's biological father.

Whitney: Okay. Well I think Pilar is absolutely right. You should tell Ethan the truth right now.

Theresa: I can't. He'll lose out on being the heir to the company. Ethan and Gwen would sue me for custody of little Ethan. They already stole one, I will not let them have the other.

Whitney: Weren't you the one that just yesterday told me how destructive secrets are?

Theresa: That's why I wrote the letter, Whitney, because if something happens to me, if I die before he grows up, the truth will come out. Ok?  Look. In the meantime, my secret is safe, it is locked up with my will until I'm dead and buried.

Ethan: Emilio Alvarez. Might as well see what this is all about. Come in.

Gwen: Hey, you want to go down to day care and check on Jane?

Ethan: Yeah, sure.

Gwen: What's up?

Ethan: I don't know. It was left on my desk while I was out of the office. It is from Theresa's personal lawyer. But he also does work at Crane so I'm thinking that it probably has more to do with the Stuart Allen case.

Gwen: Maybe it can wait?  I really want us to feed Jane her snack.

Ethan: What the hell is this?

Gwen: Honey, what is that?  Why do you look so shocked?  Let me see.  Oh, I don't believe this.

Ethan: Oh, yeah. It's all there in black and white.

Whitney: You know what, Theresa, since you are turning this whole new leaf, starting a life new with Jared. Go all the way and let all of your secrets out.

Theresa: No, I'm not going to do that, okay. It's bad enough that Ethan is helping Julian sue me for custody of little Ethan. At least this way he can inherit the company.

Pilar: A company that doesn't belong to him.

Theresa: I am not ruining the chance for my son, I am not giving it up. If I had the chance to did it over again, I would, but I don't. So I have to keep little Ethan paternity a secret or I will lose him the same way I have lost Jane and that's the end of the story. Come in.

Little Ethan: Mommy!

Theresa: Sweetheart.

Woman: Someone was bored at day care and wanted to visit.

Theresa: Hey, you are always welcome up here with me.

Little Ethan: I missed you.

Theresa: I missed you, too, even though we did just see each other at breakfast. Well, you know what? You never have to worry if we're separated for a few hours, I want you to know that I am always coming back, okay? We are going to be together for forever and ever and ever.

Kay: So you only made out with Siren to protect me?

Miguel: I would do anything to make you happy, Kay.

Kay: Making out with another woman is a huge sacrifice.

Miguel: In this case, yes, it was. But I love you. I don't know what you want me to do or say to convince you, but it's true.

Kay: I'm sorry, Miguel. You have to admit it is kind of hard to swallow.

Miguel: If I wanted to be a selfish jerk, all I had to do was hang on to you when we heard Fox coming down the beach. He would have seen us both half naked and would have dumped you on the spot. What did I do? I grabbed Siren and gave you an alibi, Kay. I don't like secrets, and I don't like sneaking around, but I don't want you to coming to me on the rebound from Fox. I want you to choose between us and make up your mind. It has to be your decision.

Kay: Look, I'm sorry. I was wrong about you. Thank God Fox can't see us now.

Tabitha: Endora, whatever you are thinking, just stop it this instant or no more voodoo lessons for you. It's a shame really. She was just about to create her first zombie. You are a good girl, really. But it is just no good with you interfering with the magic right now, because whatever you are planning to do, it could end only make matters worse. You know, we can't get rid of all of our problems using magic all the time, can we, Endora?

{Fox: Oh, man. Sometimes I wish I was you, kiddo. Every now and again, being an adult can be a real drag. What's happened to me. I have become so suspicious of everybody. Miguel, Kay, even Siren. I bet she knew what was going on on the beach. Kay had nothing to do with that. Siren is just so strange. Even though I like her, sometimes I just wish she would get out of town. You know, she just complicates everything. If I'm not careful, she could really hurt my relationship with Kay. }

Tabitha: You know, Endora, we have to let Miguel, Kay, and Fox alone and let nature take its course.

Fox: Well, hello, hello. What luck, my two favorite ladies.

Tabitha: Hello, Fox.

Fox: Let's see.  This one is for you.  Do you know where Kay is?

Tabitha: In the kitchen, I think.

Fox: Good.  I'm here to take her out for a nice surprise romantic lunch.

Oh, poor Fox. It is going to break his heart when he sees Kay and Miguel together. But it's for the best in the long run. You naughty little demon.  Why did you do that?

Fox: Kay?

Miguel: Fox? Hey where's the fire, man? Where am I?

Noah: You are in my father's kitchen. Look familiar?

Fox: Yeah. Flowers.

Noah: I didn't know you cared.

Fox: No, flowers are for Kay.

Noah: You don't look so good.

Fox: Is Kay here?

Noah: No. Why don't you sit down, I'll get you some coffee. And a chair.

Fox: How the hell did I get over here? God, this is the weirdest town in the whole world.

Chris: Sure is tempting.  I'm sure that knife will go through you like butter. Rancid butter!

Spike: Oh, yeah. How are you going to explain it. A dead body.

Chris: It's worth the risk.  I'll bury you right here on the estate, man.

Spike: Okay. Hey, man. They got a lot of gardeners out there. Okay. Won't they notice a fresh grave? Ok, you had your fun now. This is great.

Chris: Stupid. Get the hell out of here. No honor among thieves, Spiky. You should know that. And I will give you another tip, pal, you come in here again, you might never leave, you got it?

Spike: Oh, you revert to type pretty quick when you want to, don't you there you bad, bad, bad boy.

Chris: You keep your mouth shut.

Spike: I am flat broke Chris, I gotta live until I can get the money from Crane Industries.

Chris: Why don't you live go live off your whores. Are you stupid coming back to the Crane estate? What if Sheridan saw you, man? Huh?

Spike: How's that dreamboat doing, anyway?

Chris: None of your business. Why don't you go take care of your wife and I'll take care of mine.

Spike: I take good care of Jessica. Real good care.

Paloma: Jessica, look at yourself. Spike hurt you not once but a lot of times.

Jessica: You don't know that?

Paloma: Of course I do. Some of the bruises are fresh and some of them are almost gone. He must hurt you all the time.

Jessica: I am not some statistic you learned about in your stupid police classes, I am Spike's wife.

Paloma: Yes, you are married to a criminal. Look at what he's done to you.

Jessica: He's a good man. He is. He is good to me. He loves me.

Simone: That is good because I would hate to see what he would do if he hated you.

Jessica: You are jealous I have a man that loves me. You can't get a man that's why you had to become a lesbian.

Paloma: What?

Simone: That's okay. She can't make sense of her own life, so how can she make sense of anyone else's? I am on to you. You said that to get a reaction. Distract us from the real subject to get attention off of yourself. Good try.

Paloma: Yes, we have to concentrate on your welfare.

Jessica: I am so out of here. Just leave me alone. There's nothing wrong with me, I am just fine.

Simone: Oh, yeah. Then why are you cutting yourself again? Happy girls don't mutilate themselves!

Tabitha: Naughty, naughty little witch. Why did you put the whammy on Fox? Because why? I know sweetpea. I am afraid if Fox had seen Kay and Miguel again, he would be a teensy weensy bit hurt. But it is for the best in the long run. For Hades' sake, Endora, you have to stop interfering. Mainly because if Kay and Miguel -- listen to me, if Kay and Miguel are together, that means that we will be safe from Charity's gruesome goodness. Forever. Yes.

Fox: Yeah, I don't know what happened. I was just over at Tabitha's house going to see Kay, when I was bam -- like hit by a bolt of lightning and just blew me right over here.

Noah: That's what I smell. Your head is smoking.

Fox: What? It is hot.

Noah: Maybe you were hit by lightning, I just --

Fox: I don't think so.

Noah: Look, I used to be an EMT in college, do you want me to check you out?

Fox: I don't know what happened.

Noah: It's Kay. Look, you don't have to be ashamed about it. I grew up with her. She's driving you crazy, isn't she?

Fox: Just crazy in love.

Noah: Yeah. Maybe you are sick.

Fox: No, I am so in love with your sister, I can't imagine what I would do without her.

Kay: You know, you are really something.

Miguel: Well, a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

Kay: No, I mean you faked making love to Siren to protect me? I am really touched. I wouldn't let my worst enemy to make love to that fish.

Miguel: What?

Kay: Never mind.

Miguel: I would do anything to protect you, Kay. I love you. And I am just glad Fox didn't catch us on the beach because I know how much you care for him and you would be hurt if he lashed out at you in anger. I am just lucky that Siren happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Kay: She makes a habit of that.

Miguel: You know, the whole time I was kissing her, I was thinking of you. It's the only way I could force myself to do it.

Gwen: That little bitch. How could she do this?

Ethan: I don't know. It's unbelievable.

Gwen: I mean this is incredible.  She sent this to you on purpose. I bet she thinks she can win you back with this.

Ethan: Not a chance.

Gwen: Well, we need to go right to her office and tell her these stupid tricks are not going to work.

Theresa: You love your mama don't you? Yeah, I love my mama, too.

Pilar: That's something I like to see. My grandson and my daughter happy together. If only you could make a real family with the boy's father.

Theresa: You can't just walk in here, I'm busy.

Gwen: That's too bad. We're going to get to the bottom of something right here and right now.

Ethan: Whitney, could you take little Ethan out for a couple of minutes, ok.

Whitney: Sure, come on, honey. Let's go play with the copy machine, ok?

Little Ethan: Yes!

Theresa: You cannot barge into my office.

Ethan: Do you believe her?

Gwen: We have a question for you. Why did you make sure that Ethan received this?

Theresa: You read this?

Gwen: Yeah.  Your little secret is out.

Gwen: Tell me, did you lie awake all night coming up with this little plan?

Theresa: You have read that?

Gwen: It was on Ethan's desk, Theresa.

Ethan: Theresa, am I suppose to fall into your arms and say that all is for given because you can forget it.

Gwen: She's just trying to lure you back. I want an answer to my question. Why did you make sure Ethan received a copy of your will.

Theresa: I didn't.

Ethan: Yes, you did, Theresa. It was sitting on my desk when I got back from a meeting.

Theresa: No, Valerie, she wasn't suppose to send that to you, that was suppose to be in the Crane vault. She was suppose to send you the other papers, the ones that had to do with the Stuart Allen lawsuit.

Valerie: Did I screw everything up? This must be my fault. Theresa gave me an envelope to put in the vault and several others to give to you. I dropped them in your office. I guess I must have put the wrong one on your desk.

Gwen: I thought you were suppose to be the model of efficiency.

Theresa: Mama, the letter, it says that Ethan is little Ethan's father. If he read it--

Gwen: What are you whispering about. Valerie, I don't believe a word you are saying and Theresa, you are a liar. You had your will delivered to Ethan on purpose. I have absolutely had it with your ridiculous schemes and the truth always comes out.

Chris: That poor girl must have been mental when she married you.

Spike: Speaking of wives, where's lovely Sheridan at?

Chris: She's in the shower and you are about to leave. We got a big day in court today, Spiky. Sheridan is adopting James.

Spike: Lucky kid. When are you going to adopt the little orphan?

Chris: Why don't you shut up?

Spike: I don't give a damn about that brat. Your secret is safe with me. I won't tell anybody that James is not your son as long as I get what I want. I gotta ask you, how did you get the court to say that he is? Of course. Al, Alistair. I bet.

Chris: I'm not saying anything. Why don't you just get out. Get out!

Spike: Ok, no hard feelings there. You can hold on your knick-knacks and your billionaire blonde and even that little rug rat. But if I was you, I would hurry up and start trying to put big funds in off offshore accounts, cause you know how some people get drunk and blab all of their secrets, no me. I blab mine when I pour, get it.

Chris: I told you, I am working as fast as I can. Hmm. Sheridan is out of the shower and she'll be down here any second. Get out now.

Spike: Okay.

Paloma: Why are you cutting yourself again?

Jessica: I am not.

Paloma: Yes, you are. You are using razor blades on both arms.

Simone: Honey, you got stop and get treatment or you are going to end up in a mental hospital.

Paloma: Or a grave.

Jessica: Stop it! Both of you. Stop ganging up on me, please.

Simone: I don't know a lot about cutters, just what I read online, but you have to admit that any girl that does this to herself must be unhappy.

Paloma: Maybe clinically depressed. You need antidepressants or counseling.

Simone: Yeah, but most of all, you need to get out of this sickening joke of a marriage you are in.

Jessica: Stop it!

Simone: We are trying to save you from Spike killing you or you killing yourself.

Jessica: Kill me? Spike won't kill me. He loves me.

Paloma: Yeah, he loves you so much, he makes you do this to yourself. You are an abused wife, Jessica.

Simone: You have to leave Spike. Run away from that bastard before he -- press charges against him.

Spike: Oh, cute. You again! Honey, hello. Hello. You got a thick skull. I told you. You stop messing with my girl, or you will answer to me.

Simone: Ow!

Miguel: So are we ok? Do we still have a chance together?

Kay: Miguel, what am I supposed to say?

Miguel: Say you love me, Kay, say you want to marry me.

Kay: Stop.

Miguel: I can't. Okay. It took me awhile but now I know what I want more than anything else. It is you and Maria.

Kay: I told you, I am engaged to Fox. I am more than engaged. The wedding is like right around the corner.

Miguel: But you love me, Kay. I can feel it. You even said so yourself.

Kay: I say a lot of things, I can't think about this right now.

Tabitha: Oh, drat! They're still at it. If Endora sees, there'll be hell to pay in Harmony.

Fox: So anything new happening with you and Fancy? Kind of hoping you guys would work things out.

Noah: That's wishful thinking. Fancy's made it pretty clear that things are over between the two of us. She's moved on to --

Fox: Luis.

Noah: Yeah.

Fox: What's with this Lopez -- can't keep his damn hands off of other guys girls?

Noah: What?

Fox: Miguel. Keeps bothering Kay.

Noah: Oh, you better hold on to her real tight.

Fox: I plan to.

Noah: Look, I know I should be upset at Luis but I'm just not. I mean, Fancy broke up with me before she moved on to him. And she's really into him. You know, she came into the Blue Note the other night, she agreed to be friends. If that isn't the kiss of death.

Fox: Ouch. That's a tough break, man. Well, listen, Noah, thank you for the coffee. I have got to run. You know what? Thanks for the advice as well. You are a good man. You know, maybe you and I should go wind surfing or something before the water gets too cold.

Noah: Sounds good.

Fox: All right. I'm going to go find your sister.

Noah: You do that. You know, it gives me hope to see you guys in love. Real hope.

Fox: Hang in there, man. Soon your sister is going to be Mrs. Nicholas Foxworth Crane. Thanks for the coffee.

Theresa: You have my apologies. I'm very sorry you had to find out this way.

Gwen: That is such bull. You wanted us to find out. You and your willing assistant here planned the whole thing out.

Theresa: Did you read everything?

Ethan: Every word. Every note to the board, every codicil. Yeah, I read the entire will.

Theresa: Anything else?

Ethan: What? Is there anything else that I should have read?

Theresa: No, nothing at all.

Gwen: We know your whole plan. If you die before little Ethan attains his majority, you expect Ethan turn his back on his whole line and take over Crane as Little Ethan's trustee.

Theresa: It would be best for this company and my son's interest, so yes.

Ethan: Theresa, did you ever think of just asking me, if I would be willing to take on that responsibility before you made your will.

Gwen: You know he's not going to do it.

Ethan: Hold on. I didn't say that.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Theresa: Ethan as far as I am concerned, I just, I didn't even think that I needed to ask you. I mean, you had told me several times, you promised me you would always look out for little Ethan. That you would do what's best for him, and if taking the helm here at Crane is the right thing to do for little Ethan, I just assumed you would do it. Will you do it, Ethan?

Ethan: I will always look after little Ethan, you know that. But this is --

Theresa: I know this is a huge burden, but you don't need to worry about it, ok? Unless something happens to me if I'm dead or gone -- if, if something happens to me.

Gwen: No, when something happens to you.

Theresa: Look, this gives you total and complete power to do whatever is necessary for my son's benefit. Do you accept?

Ethan: Yes, I do. But do me a favor, you need to be much more careful with important papers like that in the future.

Theresa: I will.

Valerie: Again, I apologize for my carelessness. I will make sure this gets down to the Crane vault immediately.

Theresa: Valerie! Excuse me, a moment, please.  He's gonna see it, Mama, it's gotta still be on his desk.  He's gonna see it and then know the truth and then my entire life is over.

Ethan: Theresa. Listen, I will see you later. Okay. I have a lot of work to do.

Theresa: Wait a second. Please don't go. You can't.

Gwen: And why is that?

Theresa's voice: Dearest Ethan, if you are reading this, then I must be dead.

Kay: You don't listen, okay. I told you last night, I am marrying Fox. I can't keep changing my mind like this.

Miguel: Why not? Just one more time that you are making a huge mistake.

Kay: Stop it.

Miguel: I can't, Kay, I love you. I want to stand on the street corner and shout it to the world.

Kay: You are driving me crazy.

Tabitha: Oh, no. Oh, look Endora, look here comes Fox Crane. Wave. I would recognize Fox Crane anywhere. Yes there goes Fox Crane

Fox: Kay? Kay? Kay, where are you?

Tabitha: Hello, dear. Where did you disappear to?

Fox: Good question. Have you seen Kay?

Tabitha: Oh, yeah she's upstairs, I think.

Fox: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Tabitha: You will be glad about this sometime, I promise you.

Kay: This has to stop! I can't keep disappearing on Fox like this. He's my fiance.

Miguel: You won't for long. You are going to marry me.

Kay: No, I told you, I can't do this. This is wrong.

Miguel: Is this wrong?

Spike: Bitch, you need to stay out of my business. Do you understand? I said do you understand? Please stay away from my wife. Please.

Paloma: Let her go or I'll arrest you.

Simone: Ow!

Paloma: You don't listen, do you? I said leave my friend alone and Jessica, too.

Simone: You have been beating her.

Spike: Like hell! Easy, easy.

Paloma: Liar!

Spike: Look, the girl likes it rough, okay. My wife is a little spitfire. Take it easy. She likes it tight, the rougher the better for her. Listen. Take it easy there. All right. Look. Honey, you tell them. You tell them the truth that you like to get pain as must as you like to give it, baby. Tell them, honest Jessica, tell them.

Jessica: Let him go. No! Do it! Get out of here. I want to go.

Simone: Jess, you cannot go with him. Divorce him. Arrest him for battery and spousal abuse.

Spike: Let me tell you something. You better back off. If you two little brats keep stirring up trouble, I will have a nice little talk with Jessica's daddy and tell him the whole truth. Yeah, the whole truth. And he'll be tickled to find out that his baby girl, is on the most wanted list. 

Paloma: Stop it.

Spike: No hold on a second. Also, I know everything. I know all about the trick or should I say Jessica's little tricks and the dead bodies. And I also know that you two help clean up the crimes. You could both go to prison for aiding and abetting . Oh, my gosh, my poor little beautiful wife, darn, she could get life in prison. Oh, my God or maybe worse. They still have the death penalty around here. You know? So here's the deal, you buzz off. You leave me and the misses alone, or Jessica would get the electric chair. That's not cool, is it?

Gwen: Why don't you want us to leave?

Theresa: Because, you two are up in the office so little Ethan's right out there, maybe you could spend a little time together.

Gwen: Theresa,  it's the middle of the business day.

Theresa: Mom? Whitney. Little Ethan, come inside, please. Get it off of Ethan's desk now.

Little Ethan: Mommy!

Theresa: Hey. Let me see. Let me see. Oh, sweetheart, these are great.

Little Ethan: Uncle Ethan, look.

Ethan: What did you do? Those are funny. You know what's even cooler, though? On the next floor, they have a color copier, we could do your face in blue.

Gwen: You could make all sort of great copies of Jane's pictures on it. That is very cool.

Theresa's voice: But in the end, I have to put my son first. Julian isn't little Ethan's father. You are. Little Ethan is our son.

Little Ethan: Cool. I know how to do that.

Ethan: I know you do, but not the super duper way. Watch this. Stick that on right there. Watch this. That's a little better, right?

Little Ethan: Cool. Can I try?

Ethan: Yeah, go ahead.

Theresa: I hope Mama gets that letter off of Ethan's desk. Sweetheart, you know what? I have an idea. Why don't you and Ethan and Gwen go to daycare and teach the other kids this.

Ethan: Let's go.

Theresa: Awesome, thanks.  Gracias, Mama.  Yes, yes, yes, it's in here. Ethan didn't see this.  If anyone sees this, my life's over.

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