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Kay: Wake up.

Miguel: Kay, what's wrong? Is Maria alright?

Kay: Yeah, she's fine. I was up all night thinking about what you said, that you loved me and that you want to be a family with me and Maria.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized, I want to be with you, too. 

Miguel: You mean that?

Kay: I want to spend the rest of my life loving you starting here and now. 

Miguel: God, you're beautiful.

Kay: So are you.  Make love to me.  I want us to be together forever. 

Fox: Kay?  I wonder where she is.

{Kay: Miguel, yes!

Miguel: I need you.}

Fox: She can't be with Miguel when she said she'd marry me in a week. Unless she's changed her mind.

Paloma: Buenos dias.  Como estas?

Fancy: So-so.

Paloma: Coffee?

Fancy: No, no, no thanks. My stomach's in knots.

Paloma: Over Luis.

Fancy: I don't want to talk about your backstabbing brother.

Paloma: He said you're mad at him over Sheridan.

Fancy:  I'm not mad, Paloma. That's too high school. I'm hurt and angry that Luis led me on.  He let me believe there was hope for us as a couple and there isn't.

Paloma: What if Luis --?

Fancy: No, no, as far as I'm concerned, it's over with Luis.

[Luis dreaming]

Sheridan: Luis, thank God, Luis.

Luis: What is it?

Sheridan: It's you, Luis.  It's us.  We're not together and it's killing me.

Luis: Yeah, me too.  I love you. 

Sheridan: I love you, too, and I can't live without you. I tried, but I can't.  Chris is just so boring and he's a klutz in bed.  James is even starting to get on my nerves. It's you, Luis, that I want.  I love you. I need you and your love. 

Luis:  I love you, too.  I'll always love you, forever.

Chad: You know, as much as I like being with you, some times I'm so ashamed of myself.  I mean, Whitney loves me so much, and I love her.  Yet here we are hooking up as much as we can. You know, if Whitney knew about this, it would kill her.  I would hate myself for hurting her.  I should stop this.  We should stop this, but the thought of not being with you--what we have is too--well it's too intense not to risk everything for. 

[Knocking on door]

Chad: You didn't tell me you ordered room service.  Whitney!

Whitney: Where is she? Huh?  Where is that slut you've been cheating on me with?

Ethan: You are incredible.  I can't get enough of you, I just can't.

Theresa: Make love to me again like you did last night at Crane.

Ethan: I love you.  I love only you.

Theresa: I love you, not Jared, you.

Ethan: Oh, God, I want you so much.

Gwen: You certainly know how to start the day off.

Ethan: Gwen?

Gwen: Yes, handsome.

Theresa: I've tried so hard to just move on with Jared, and there Ethan was, out of the blue, making love to me, saying that he wants to tell Gwen about us.  That was completely unexpected whether he meant it or not.  Still, it was an amazing night with the man that I love.

Jared: Glad to hear it, Tess.  Being with you is amazing, day or night.

Fox: Kay better not be making it with Miguel, or I'll kill them both.

Kay: Good morning, sweetheart. Breakfast is ready.

Fox: Is that for me?

Kay: No, it's for Fluffy. Of course it's for you. Eat.

Fox: Wow, you really love me, don't you?

Kay: Of course I do. You're the man I'm going to marry. The man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

Fox: I want to believe you.

Kay: Well then, do. Believe that I love you and that I can't wait to be your wife.

Fox: I believe you. I'm scared of the man I'd become if I didn't.

Kay: Has something happened to make you have doubts about marrying me?

{Kay: Miguel, yes. Yes.

Miguel: I love you. }

Fox: You know, everyone has doubts now and again. But the love that I see in your eyes, and the truth that I hear in your voice just makes all those doubts go away.

Kay: Want to eat? Ok. You're not hungry?

Fox: I'm just hungry for you. Oh, Kay, I love you so much. Sometimes it scares me how much I love you.

Kay: I love you, too.

Miguel: I love you, Kay. I love you.

Fox: What is it? What is it?

Kay: Nothing. I -- I -- I thought that I left the coffee maker on, but I didn't.

Fox: Oh. Phew. Little pre-wedding jitters, that's all.

Kay: Phew! What else?

[Luis still dreaming]

Sheridan: Oh, my God.

Luis: What?

Sheridan: I can't do this. We can't be together.

Luis: What? Of course we can. You said so yourself. Chris is a snooze, James isn't working out. You want me? You've got me. As soon as you divorce Chris, we'll get married.

Sheridan: That's not going to happen.

Luis: It's not going to happen? Yeah, hey, this is my dream, I write the ending.

Sheridan: Well, this may be your dream, but you can't make it come true. You have to accept what I'm saying. I'm with Chris and James now. I can't be with you.

Luis: No.

Sheridan: You have to accept it. I can't be with you, even in your dreams. You have to accept that and move on.

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan! Sheridan.

Whitney: No, no, wait, wait. You didn't think that I was going to find out? No, no. Of course you wouldn't. Not stupid, trusting Whitney.

Whitney. But the truth always comes out, Chad, sooner or later.

Chad: Whitney, look, I'm sorry, ok? This started when you were in the convent. I thought I'd lost you forever, Whitney. I was so alone and --

Whitney: No, no, no, no. You need to spare me right now. Spare me the play-by-play, because I know how it goes.

Chad: Whitney, I still love you, ok? I can't lose you.

Whitney: No, wake up, Chad. It's too late. Chad, honey, wake up. I don't want you to be late.

Chad: Whitney.

Whitney: Oh. I didn't mean to startle you. I just wanted to get you up and running because you said you had a big day today, right?

Whitney: Honey, are you ok?

Chad: I just -- I just had a really, really bad dream.

Whitney: Oh, I'm sure they'll go away soon. I mean, all the bad dreams I was having, they're gone now that I know I can love you without having to be ashamed about it, you know?

Chad: You know you and our son mean the world to me. If only we'd known things would turn out this way, Whitney --

Whitney: Hey, how? How could we have known? But now that we've found out we aren't brother and sister, now our life with Miles, honey, it's a dream come true.

Chad's voice: As long as my secret stays secret.

Jared: Some flowers for you.

Theresa's voice: This would be so simple if I hadn't made love to Ethan last night.

Theresa: Hmm, they're beautiful. Thank you.

Jared: No. Thank you.

Theresa: I'm not sure I understand.

Jared: Well, for the way you handled Ethan last night when we caught him spying in Chris' office. You really let him have it, you know?

Theresa: Well, I was shocked, Jared, you know? It's not like Ethan to do what he did last night.

Jared: Yeah, he can still push your buttons, huh?

Theresa: You have no idea.

Jared: Tess, did I miss something?

Theresa: Why would you ask that?

Jared: I don't know. You just seem a little off this morning.

Theresa: You know, there's a lot on my mind. Just kind of working.

Jared: Well, when I came in and heard you talking about the man you love, you were talking about me and not Ethan, right?

Theresa's voice: Now I've got to lie to Jared.

Theresa: You know how much I've come to care about you.

Jared: So, we're ok?

Theresa: Yeah. Much better than ok.

Jared: That's what I thought.

Theresa: I just think we should get back to work.

Jared: Yeah, you're right. I have meetings with a few department heads. And you have all this.

Theresa: So, I'll just catch you later?

Jared: I'm counting the minutes.

Theresa: Well... Jared is something else. Then there's Ethan. What a mess.

Whitney: Hello?

Theresa: Whitney, it's me.

Whitney: Oh, hey. Chad will be there in two seconds. He's running a little bit late, ok?

Theresa: Oh no, no, no. That's fine. Actually, I was calling to see if you could come down here with Chad. I need to talk to you.

Whitney: Ok. What's wrong?

Theresa: Do you think that you can come here or not?

Whitney: Sure. Yeah, my mother has Miles for the day, so I'm free.

Theresa: Great, great. 'Cause I don't really know what I'm going to do, Whitney. I don't know who I should try to spend the rest of my life with -- Jared or Ethan.

Whitney: I'm sorry, Ethan? Wait, I thought that we talked about this and --

Theresa: I know. Just get down here and I'll explain.

Whitney: Theresa, what have you done now?

Fox: I love making love to you.

Kay: Yeah, I love being with you, too.

Fox: You're not just saying that?

Kay: Why would I just say that?

Fox: I don't know. I want to make sure that I satisfy you. You know, as a married couple, we're going to make love at least a hundred thousand times. I don't want you wishing for something I'm not giving you.

Kay: {Oh, Miguel. Oh, God. Yes.} I'm not. Hey, you better get going. You're gonna be late for work.

Fox: Ok. Thanks for breakfast in bed.

Kay: Anytime.

Kay: God. Miguel.

Miguel: Kay? I've gotta see Kay. I have to see her.

Kay: You left the shower running. Mm, I get it. You want the shower to drown out any noise we make while we make love again.

Miguel: Mm-hmm.

Kay: Mm. Miguel! What are you doing here?

Paloma: [Speaks Spanish] You and Luis.

Fancy: There is no me and Luis.

Paloma: Well there can be, if you're patient.

Fancy: For how long?

Paloma: I don't know. Neither does Luis. But what he does know is that he messed up big time with you last night.

Fancy: You talked?

Paloma: Actually he yelled, and I talked. But I know about you smelling Sheridan's perfume on his shirt.

Fancy: Yeah, can you believe him?

Paloma: Yeah and Sheridan. Fancy, you have to understand that the love they had survived the ages. Now Sheridan has moved on. And Luis knows that he has to move on, too, unless he wants to stay alone for the rest of his life.

Fancy: Well, knowing it and doing it are two different things.

Paloma: Can't you just give him some time to put Sheridan behind him? You know what they say -- good things come to those who wait.

Fancy: I don't think I have that much patience.

Paloma: Well, that's up to you. But let me tell you, Luis is the kind of man that is worth waiting for.

Fancy: I can't think about that right now. I have that report to fill out. Um, where are the forms?

Paloma: I think Aiden used the last one, but there are more back in the locker room under the bunk.

Fancy: Ok, I'll go get some.

Paloma: Fancy really loves you, Luis. Don't let her go.

Luis: Sheridan?

Fancy: [Whispers] Ok. Under the bunk, she said.

Fancy: I'll get the forms later, when Luis is awake.

Fancy: I'll bet I can get the forms without waking Luis.

Luis: Sheridan. You came back.

Sheridan: You willed me back.

Luis: I did?

Sheridan: There's something you want to tell me.

Luis: Right. Right, there is.

Fancy: Imagine waking up having that cute butt to squeeze every morning. Who knows? Maybe one day. Or not.

Fancy: Ah! Just my luck.

Sheridan: What is it, Luis? What am I doing back here?

Luis: I have something important to say to you.

Fox: Yes, yes, yes, Dad. I know it's early, but I told you I have some big news. Do you want to hear it or not? Ok, then. Kay and I have decided to move the wedding date to next week. Yes, Dad, of course she loves me, otherwise she wouldn't agree to marry me next week. I told you, Dad. Miguel is not an issue anymore, even if she did hook up with him once. That's all in the past now, ok? I'm Kay's future. Not Miguel.

Kay: Miguel, you can't be here. We can't be doing this. I'm about to marry -- oh, God. I'm about to marry Fox. God help me.

Fancy: Luis? What is it?

Sheridan: What do you have to say to me?

Luis: That no matter what happens with us, know that I love you and I don't want to lose you.

Sheridan: You're serious, aren't you?

Luis: I wouldn't lie to you.

Luis: No matter what happens, I love you. I don't want to lose you.

Fancy: Oh, Luis. I don't want to lose you either. I love you.

Jared: Good morning, Chad.

Chad: Jared, hey.

Jared: Whitney.

Whitney: Hi.

Jared: To what do we owe the pleasure of you being here?

Whitney: I'm here to see Theresa. She's expecting me, so if you'll excuse me?

Chad: Yeah.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Look, I'm sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Jared: Um, the group canceled the meeting for this afternoon, something about a flood at their facilities --

Chad: Um, anything else?

Jared: Tess and I seem to be moving along.

Chad: You don't say.

Jared: Hey, just between us, man. I really think I could see myself marrying this girl.

Chad: You're kidding.

Jared: Think about it. You and Whitney, me and Theresa. It'll be great.

Whitney: Theresa, I don't really see what there is for you to decide here. I mean, you're with Jared and Ethan is with Gwen, right?

Theresa: Well, that's what I thought until last night.

Whitney: Ok, what happened?

Theresa: Ethan and I made love, Whitney.

Whitney: What?

Theresa: Yeah, we did in Chris' office, like, three times.

Whitney: Ethan cheated on Gwen?

Theresa: Mm-hmm. And then he wanted to tell Gwen about it. But I'm the one who said, "don't." I mean, I don't want Jared to know. I mean not right now. So he kept quiet.

Whitney: What if he tells Gwen today? What if he tells her tomorrow? What about then?

Theresa: I don't know. I'm kind of just stuck until I know what Ethan's going to do.

Whitney: No, no, you're not. You can tell Ethan that it was a mistake. It's not going to happen again, and you're going to move on with Jared. That's what you could do.

Theresa: I could do that. I could also not do anything. You know, just kind of wait to see what Ethan does. See if he leaves Gwen to be with me. And that's what I've always wanted, Whitney.

Whitney: And what about Jared in this whole situation?

Theresa: I could be -- I could be happy in a relationship with Jared. That's if I can't be with Ethan. So until I'm sure, I'm just --

Whitney: You can't be with two different guys at the same time. That's not going to happen. What, and risk losing them both?

Theresa: I can't control what Ethan does with Gwen. But I can continue to see Jared until what Ethan did to me comes out.

Jared: What did Ethan do to you, Tess?

Theresa: Chad. Jared. I was, you know, just telling Whitney, actually, how you caught Ethan spying on Crane for his client. And I was just saying that if that came out, that would have financial repercussions for Crane as a whole.

Jared: True.

Chad: Yeah, well, that still doesn't sound like the Ethan I know.

Theresa: Well, I was shocked, too, Chad.

Jared: Well, speaking of Ethan, I am about to go downstairs to see him.

Theresa: What's going on?

Jared: Oh, I just came across some documents that pertain to the Allen case. He has a legal right to see them, so...

Theresa: Why don't you just have your secretary bring them down?

Jared: Because I don't trust Ethan not to use the documents against you by leaking them to the media.

Chad: I doubt Ethan would do that.

Theresa: Well, he's capable of anything these days, Chad.

Jared: It will only take a moment.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: I knew it. You know, I knew it. I knew it was too good to be true. I knew you weren't over Ethan. You just have to complicate everything.

Theresa: No, no. I don't want to complicate things. I told you, I was minding my own business with Jared, and then Ethan, he -- he just threw himself at me.

Whitney: Tell him not to do it again.

Theresa: I don't want him to stop, Whitney.

Gwen: I am going to file these for Belter Construction with the Harmony Public Safety Officer, but I will be back in time for lunch. I want this desk cleaned off by then.

Ethan: You're out of control, you know that?

Gwen: Well then you just need to tame me.

Ethan: Mm.

Gwen: I'll see you later.

Ethan: Ok.

Ethan: God, what have I done? How can I cheat on Gwen with Theresa?

[Knock at door]

Ethan: Come in. Chad, hey, good to see you. Jared, sorry I can't say the same thing about you.

Jared: Well, here you are, counselor -- some more documents pertaining to the Allen case. We figured we'd drop them off with you here so that you don't have to break into any more Crane offices.

Ethan: I didn't break into the offices, all right? The door locked behind me.

Jared: Oh, you're still sticking to that story, huh? That's so lame, Tess didn't even believe him.

Ethan: Whoa, don't be speaking now for your new boss, Jared, ok? Even if you are sleeping with her.

Chad: Say what?

Jared: I told you it was getting serious.

Ethan: Chad, will you do me a favor? Will you show your new co-worker the door? I got work to do.

Jared: I'm not leaving until you sign this saying that you got the documents.

Ethan: What the hell is this?

Jared: You also need to sign the gag order that the judge placed on the case this morning.

Ethan: What?

Jared: See, Theresa trusts me to take care of her needs. And I deliver. Day or night.

Chad: Look, Ethan is over Theresa, ok? You can chill out on the personal stuff.

Ethan: No, no, that's ok. I enjoy Jared's little comments. They don't bother me one little bitty bit. He knows I'm the bigger man anyway, don't you?

Jared: Well, you can believe what you want, Ethan. But according to Tess, I more than measure up.

Chad: I thought we were talking about the judge's gag order.

Ethan: Look, I don't need to court the press to win this case, all right? The facts, they speak for themselves.

Jared: You want another fact, Ethan? I've taken your place in Tess' life at work, at play, and in the bed. That's just eating you alive, now isn't it?

Ethan: Jared, shut up. Or I'm going to shut you up.

Kay: Miguel! Miguel? Miguel. Oh, my God, you're asleep!

[Gasps] I bet I know what happened. You took -- you asked me last night if I had a sleeping pill, and I didn't. You must have taken that free sample of Ambiluna in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Oh, my God, that's it. Miguel, wake up. Wake up. Come on, wake up. Wake up.

Miguel: Ambiluna sweet dreams.

Kay: Oh, God. Wake up. Wake up!

Miguel: Sweet dreams, Ambiluna.

Kay: No, no, wake up. Oh, my God, Fox is out of the shower. Ok, ok, come on. You have to wake up. We have to get out of here before Fox finds you in here. Let's go.

Cadet: You have the right to remain silent.

Paloma: Mm, interesting. But why don't we try it more --

Cadet: Hip? I could be more hip. You. Yeah, you. Got the right. That's right. To keep quiet.

Paloma: No, no, no. Try to be more natural.

Cadet: You have the right to remain silent.

Paloma: Perfecto. You could play a cop on TV.

Paloma: What's taking Fancy so long to get those forms?

Fancy: I love you, too, Luis. I was just hurt that you had been close with my Aunt Sheridan again. Paloma said I overreacted to smelling Aunt Sheridan's perfume on your clothes. She was right. It takes time to get over a lost love.

Fancy: Luis? Luis, did you hear me? I said I know it takes time to get over a lost love.

Luis: I love you, Sheridan. I always will.

Fancy: Oh.

Luis: What the hell?

Fancy: Damn you, Luis. Oh, damn you for leading me on again.

Kay: Ok, Miguel, come on, come on. Get up, get up. We have to get you out of here before Fox finds us together.

Fox: Kay, can you pick out a shirt and tie for me?

Kay: Sure, sweetheart. Fox will be picking out an undertaker for us if he finds you in here. Come on.

Luis: What the hell's going on? What are you hitting me for?

Fancy: You said you loved me. Only you thought I was Sheridan.

Luis: What? I'm sorry. I must have been dreaming.

Fancy: Yeah. Well, dream on. Because this is the last time you will ever hurt me.

Theresa: I mean, Whitney, after all these years, Ethan finally acted on his love for me. Last night -- it was incredible. every time we made love, it was amazing.

Whitney: Um, ok. I don't want to hear this, first of all. And second of all, why do you always have to complicate everything? You have this wonderful job, you have two beautiful children, and a real winner in Jared. But what do you do? You go and complicate things again and get involved with Ethan.

Theresa: No, no, no, no. I told you I didn't do that, ok? He pursued me.

Whitney: You didn't have to let him catch you.

Theresa: Are you kidding? Come on, Whitney. This is what I've always wanted, ok? And he was finally ready to tell Gwen that we made love to each other.

Whitney: Only you don't want Jared to know.

Theresa: Well, not until I know that he's going to leave Gwen for sure.

Whitney: Oh, oh. And he's really going to do it this time, right? You know, what if Ethan feels so guilty about cheating on Gwen that he loses it completely?

Jared: Theresa and Gwen both on to you?

Ethan: Excuse me?

Jared: Your temper. Does your wife and your ex-girlfriend know about it or do you keep it under wraps for the ladies?

Ethan: Jared, get out of my office.

Jared: I'm not leaving until you sign for these documents.

Ethan: I'll tell you what. You're Theresa's new lap dog, right? Go fetch. And then you can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Chad: Ethan, just sign the damn receipt.

Ethan: Chad, I'll sign it, all right? As soon as you show Mr. Casey the door.

Jared: I told you. One more time for the hard of hearing. I'm not leaving without a signature.

Ethan: Well, don't say I didn't warn you, ok? There's the door, buddy.

Jared: You can go to hell, man.

Ethan: Oh yeah?

Luis: Fancy, look, I'm sorry, all right? I don't know what happened. I must have been dreaming.

Fancy: Yeah, about Aunt Sheridan.

Luis: Maybe.

Fancy: God, I am so sick of this! She is married to another man, Luis. You have lost your chance to be with her. And your chance to be with me.

Luis: Aw, come on. Fancy, come on.

Fancy: Never!

Paloma: So, how is your day going?

Gwen: Fancy? Honey, what's wrong?

Fancy: Luis. It's not fair, Gwen. It's just not fair.

Gwen: Oh.

Kay: I'll hide you in the closet until Fox leaves.

Fox: Ready or not, love, here I come.

Whitney: Theresa, you can't do this. You can't be with Ethan one minute and Jared the next. That's bound to blow up in your face. You can't.

Theresa: Not necessarily.

Whitney: Oh, thank you for putting my mind at ease. Thank you.

Theresa: No, wait -- listen. What I'm saying is, I don't know where Ethan's head is at, ok? But until I do, I'm just going to mind my own business. Now, what I do next, that all depends on Ethan.

Whitney: I don't understand you sometimes, really. I don't see how you can be so calm about this whole thing. What Ethan did, making love to you last night, is completely out of character for him. It's like he snapped or something.

Theresa: I think "came to his senses" sounds better.

Whitney: No, no, no. It doesn't. Doing crazy things? Oh yeah, that comes naturally to you. But Ethan? He's never been impulsive like that before. And cheating on Gwen with you? That's huge.

Chad: Oh, come on, come on. Ethan!

Chad: Oh, no. Jared, Jared. Ethan, come on. Oh, my God, they've killed each other.

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