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Miguel: Maybe I'm crazy. Look at all the money Fox has spent to make Kay happy, and I had to scrounge up 10 lousy bucks to buy this bouquet. I can't compete with that. Fox will have millions, billions even. But Kay doesn't care about money. I know she loves me. I just have to make her realize I'm the one she wants to be with.

Singer: Girl, you know I'd die before I'd hurt you never let you down I won't desert you

Fox: I love you so much, Kay.

Kay: Aw, I love you, too.

Fox: You belong to me, and no one will ever take you away from me. No one.

Singer: I don't want to find somebody new I can't stop loving you

Fox: Well, look what Fluffy dragged in.

Miguel: Hey.

Kay: Miguel, look what Fox has done for me -- I mean, just because he loves me.

Miguel: Yeah, I could tell from outside there was something different, but from in here it's overwhelming.

Fox: You were watching us from outside? You know, you should be careful. Some people might call you a peeping tom. Who did you bring those flowers for, Miguel?

Miguel: Oh, these?

Kay: Yeah, they're lovely. Who are they for?

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, we can't.

Luis: We love each other. We can't keep lying to each other.

Sheridan: But what if Chris had seen us?

Luis: Yeah, so what? You know, I wish he had. He should know that his wife loves me and that nothing's going to keep us apart.

[Phone rings]

Chris: What is that idiot Spike doing now? Damn it. What if he's hurting someone again?

[Theresa screams]

Theresa: Leave me alone!

Ethan: Theresa -- Theresa, hey, stop. It's -- it's just me. It's just me.

Theresa: Ethan.

Ethan: What the heck is wrong with you, huh?

Theresa: What's wrong -- wrong with me? My God, you just -- you scared me half to death.

Ethan: Sorry.

Theresa: Well, you should be. What -- what are you doing in here anyway?

Ethan: I was looking for you. You weren't in your office.

Theresa: You can't just go waltzing around Crane Industries, Ethan. You don't work here anymore, remember? Your office is on the 10th floor in your fancy law firm. How the hell did you get up here, anyway?

Ethan: Willie was at the front desk, ok? He's known me since I was 10. He waved me right in, Theresa.

Theresa: Well, he's going to have to change his ways if he wants to keep his job. What do you want?

Ethan: Are you through abusing me and harassing me?

Theresa: I'm sorry.

Ethan: Great. Yeah, I want to talk about the Stuart Allen case.

Theresa: What about it, Ethan? I gave you all the backup you requested.

Ethan: Yes, you sure did. You gave me about a hundred times the information that I need, and I understand the trick, Theresa. It's an old trick in the discovery process. You overload the opposing team with so much information and data that they can't find the facts that they really need. I'm here to tell you that it didn't work, that I read every file, every piece of information, every e-mail. Read it all.

Theresa: How could you, Ethan? Already?

Ethan: I'm fast, and I'm good at what I do, Theresa. It was hard work, but I'm sure you and your friend Jared are working equally as hard to defeat me, right?

Theresa: That's what this is about, isn't it? You came to criticize me yet again about working with Jared.

Ethan: Actually, no. Things are getting way too heated on both sides of this lawsuit, Theresa. I'm coming to you as one professional to another. We can be on opposing teams, but I don't think that means we have to just throw away our friendship.

Theresa: Friendship? Give me a break. The first two cases you've taken since you joined your law firm are in direct opposition to my interests. You're trying to steal my son from me to give to Julian --

Ethan: That's crazy.

Theresa: You're aiding and abetting Stuart Allen in an attempt to destroy my company. Friendship? Give me a break! What do you think your two clients would think if they knew that you were up here with me?

Ethan: Theresa, there is no reason to get angry about this.

Theresa: Angry? Really, where do you get off? You attack me, and then you're mystified when I get ticked off?

Ethan: Wow, ok. Hey, this was obviously a mistake.

Theresa: Yeah, you know what, lying always is, Ethan. I know why you're here. All that bull that you spouted off about me moving on, and the second that I get interested in someone else, you're just nosing around me like a dog looking for his lost bone? I'm with Jared now, and I want to be happy. You can't control me anymore, so just leave me alone.

Fox: So, Miguel, who are the flowers for?

Kay: Girls, what are you doing here? Where's Mrs. Baker?

Miguel: Who?

Kay: The babysitter, Mrs. Baker. What -- Mrs. Baker? Hello? Oh, that's weird.

Fox: She must have gone home.

Kay: Without getting paid?

Kay: I'll catch up with her tomorrow. Hey, girls -- girls, did you see what -- did you see what Fox did for me? Look at all the flowers!

Kay: Look at all the gorgeous flowers.

Fox: Speaking of flowers --

Miguel: Fox gave Kay all those pretty flowers. How about these flowers for you two?

Kay: How sweet! Let's smell. Smell.

[Sniffs] Mmm. Can you smell that?

Miguel: God, I wish I had a camera. That's a great picture of you and the girls.

Fox: Yes, Kay's so good with the kids. She's a marvelous mother.

Kay: Thanks, but I'm glad only one of them is mine. I thought I wanted to adopt more kids -- you know, so Maria could have little brothers and sisters -- but I don't know anymore. These little monsters are wearing me out. Endora, that's why you have to be on your best behavior until your mommy gets back. Then you can do all the hell-raising you want.

Kay: I wonder what your mommy's doing right now.

Kay: I don't know how Pilar did it, or my mom -- I mean, all those kids? Gosh, that's a lot of work.

Fox: You don't have to worry about that, Kay. You know, once you're married, you won't have to lift a finger for Maria if you don't want to. You'll have nannies, cooks, maids. You know, once we're married, your life will be magic.

James: Daddy!

Chris: Hey, James. What are you doing here?

Fancy: Hey, Chris. He's with me.

Chris: Hi, Fancy. How you doing?

Fancy: I didn't know you and Sheridan knew my friend, Heather. I walked into her house and there was James.

Chris: Oh, yeah, well, he was on a play date with her son Tony.

Fancy: Yeah, Heather was about to drive him home, and I said I'd take him, and, well, now we've run into you. Coincidence.

Chris: Yeah, small town.

Fancy: Yeah. I left my study book here. My first police academy exam is coming up. Well, James, looks like your daddy's going to be taking you home.

Chris: Sure. I thought I'd see Sheridan here.

Fancy: Looks empty to me.

Luis: Why are we hiding? Come on, let's just tell Chris and Fancy what's going on.

Sheridan: No.

Luis: What are you afraid of? Come on, let's get this over with.

Sheridan: No, Luis, we can't.

Luis: Come on, let's just tell them, ok? Come on -- these lies, they have to stop.

Sheridan: James is in there. Please, stop.

Fancy: Oh, here's my study book at least.

Chris: You know, it's funny. I thought Sheridan would be here by now. I sent her a text message to meet me here.

Luis: You were too busy kissing me to get the message.

Chris: I'm sure she'll be here soon.

Fancy: Hey, James, do you want to color while you wait?

James: Yeah.

Fancy: Yeah? Look at this, buddy.

Chris: Look, James. He's got a badge just like yours.

James: Cool!

Chris: Yeah. Here you go.

Fancy: It's so sad. Sometimes we give that to keep the kids busy whose parents are locked up in the cells.

Chris: Oh.

Fancy: Can you imagine what that does to a child? I mean, how can anyone with kids ever turn to crime?

Chris: Small world, you knowing Heather.

Fancy: Oh, yeah, isn't she fun? And she said a lot of nice things about James, by the way, so you must be doing something right. She says he gets along wonderfully with her son Tony and all the kids in the neighborhood. And he always remembers to say please and thank you.

Chris: See, that's Sheridan for you. She's not only the most loving wife on the planet, she's also a wonderful stepmom. I'm so grateful to her what she's done for him. He responds so well to her. You know, you'd think that he'd have some sort of emotional problems, you know, with what happened to Maureen and all, but we haven't seen any. I mean, he is just a happy kid.

Fancy: Yeah, Sheridan's always been amazing with kids.

Chris: Yeah.

Fancy: It's a crime what's happened to her own. She has such a loving heart, you know? Kids adore her. And I'm glad she's volunteering at the orphanage. I think it's good for her, and Heather says she attracts the kids like bees to honey. Kids can always see through anyone's facade, you know? They know she has a big heart.

Chris: Yeah. I really want to have kids of my own one day -- you know, with Sheridan. I don't want James to be an only child.

Fancy: I'm sure you will.

Chris: Thank you.

Fancy: It was a tragedy what happened to your baby.

Chris: Yeah.

Fancy: Heather is a riot. You should have heard what else she had to say about Sheridan. None of their friends understand how Sheridan can do it all.

Chris: What do you mean?

Fancy: Oh, come on. She's gorgeous, famous, smart, the nicest woman on the eastern seaboard, and a wonderful mother. Heather says everyone in their yoga group hates her guts.

Chris: No.

Fancy: Well, no, not really. But she is a bit intimidating, even for me. I mean, how can anyone compete with perfection?

Chris: Well, she has it all and more, I guess. I don't know what I did to deserve her half the time. You know, one day I just turned around and there was this Goddess, and she's in love with me. Me! You know, with Sheridan by my side, I really feel like I can take on anything this world has to throw at me.

Sheridan's voice: I'm a horrible wife and a horrible mother. Oh, God, what am I doing?

Kay: You don't mind? Your bouquet is all over the place.

Miguel: Oh, it's ok. They can do what they want with it. I brought it for them.

Fox: Did you?

Kay: Oh, this place is a mess.

Fox: Baby, you know, once we're married, you don't have to worry about cleaning up a mess ever again.

Kay: What? No offense, Fox, but I don't want to be another Ivy. I mean, if we decide to have a bigger family, I want to raise our kids all by ourselves. I don't want a nanny.

Fox: Kids are so much work.

Kay: Yeah, but it's fun. You know that. You're great with the girls.

Fox: Yeah, thank you, but I don't want to make a career out of cleaning up after them.

Kay: I enjoy taking care of Maria, ok? And I don't want any servants or cooks or anything like that. If you think Grace Bennett's grandchildren are going to grow up not knowing how to take care of themselves, well, you can just forget that idea. My kids are going to have chores, they're going to know how to cook and clean -- everything. Teaching your kids to stand on their own two feet, that's half the joy of raising a family.

Fox: Baby, whatever makes you happy.

[Phone rings]

Fox: Sorry.

Fox: It's the department head at Crane. I've got to go to work.

Kay: Wait, you don't have to go right now, do you?

Fox: Well, Theresa's actually been cracking the whip. Plus, I got a wedding to pay for and a wife and a daughter to take care of, support.

Miguel: Stepdaughter. I support her, remember?

Fox: Right. Plus, who knows, there might be a whole little mess of Cranes running around here soon. Plus the nanny, the cook, and the maid will all be sitting around and watching while your mommy does all the work.

Kay: You are so funny.

Kay: Miguel, I love you. Oh, thank God you spoke up before it was too late. You are the only man in my heart, you always have been.

Miguel: Not Fox?

Kay: Fox who?

Miguel's voice: You will be mine, Kay Bennett. I can't live without you.

Ethan: I'm not trying to control you. I just want you to ask yourself, what do you really know about this Jared guy anyway?

Theresa: Oh, here we go again.

Ethan: Theresa, come on, seriously.

Theresa: You know what?

Ethan: He comes out of nowhere. You don't --

Theresa: He's a marvelous man, ok? He's talented, he has a law degree, he has an MBA, and he makes me happy.

Ethan: And you made love to me.

Theresa: I made love to him, too. And the only reason that I made love to you is because I thought that you were him. And you made love to me because you thought that I was Gwen, or so you say.

Ethan: Yeah, I did.

Theresa: Well, why don't you just get back to her bed, Ethan? You've been telling me for years, "move on, Theresa." Now that I have, if all of a sudden that bothers you, then that's just too bad.

Ethan: Theresa, don't put words in my mouth, all right?

Theresa: I don't have to, Ethan. What do you think your wife thinks of all this? That you'll do anything you can to stay in my life.

Ethan: That isn't true at all.

Theresa: Come on. Look, you're representing Julian in a custody battle for my son. My son. You're representing Stuart Allen in an attempt to destroy my company. It's kind of funny, isn't it, that you have to be around me each and every day?

Ethan: Listen to me. That's business. I'm a lawyer. I take cases that come my way. And as far as Julian Crane is concerned, he's got every right in the world to want to spend time with his son. Tell you what, if I was little Ethan's biological father, I would fight for my right as well. It is not little Ethan's fault that his two parents hate each other and can't be around one another. Suck it up, Theresa. Do what's right.

Theresa: I do, Ethan. I always do.

Ethan: Maybe you do in your own twisted sense of morality, Theresa, but as far as this Stuart Allen thing is concerned, it's inexcusable.

Theresa: I had nothing to do with that.

Ethan: But you can fix it. You can help fix it. Crane is using his patented idea and reaping tons of money off of it and not paying him one cent. That's called injustice. He's the little man fighting the Crane machine. And by the way, when little Ethan runs this empire, isn't that what you're going to want him to do? Use might to make right? Set a good example for him so he can become the just man that we know he can be. Give Julian partial custody and settle this dispute with Stuart Allen and do what's right for little Ethan's benefit.

Theresa: You are unbelievable.

Ethan: Theresa, listen. It's hard enough growing up as a Crane. Please, show little Ethan that there's still justice in this world, and show him that he has a mother that knows what honesty and integrity is. Please, for that little boy, if you love him, do what's right here.

Theresa: I'm fighting Stuart Allen because I love my son. Crane industries is his legacy, Ethan, and by the time I hand this over to him it is going to be bigger and stronger than it ever was.

Ethan: Yes, by running over the vulnerable little guys. That's a great example for him, Theresa.

Theresa: You know, don't judge me, Ethan. You have no idea the price I paid to take over this company.

Ethan: Sure, I do.

Theresa: No, you -- you don't even --

Ethan: Theresa -- hey, I'm not finished here.

Theresa: I don't want to hear another thing that you have to say.

Ethan: Theresa, you've got to hear me, please.

Theresa: You know what? No. You talk out of both sides of your mouth, Ethan. You tell me you want to move on, but you're hanging here all the time and I can't take it anymore. So unless we are in a court of law, I never want to see you again.

Kay: Wow. That was some goodbye.

Fox: You just wait till I get home. I've got an even better hello.

Fox: All right, I got to go. Listen, you look after your mommy while I'm away, ok?

Fox: Bye.

Kay: Bye.

Miguel: I like what you said a minute ago, about you not wanting to raise your kids with servants or nannies. You know who you reminded me of? My mom.

Kay: Aw. Thank you. But, you know, it's what any mother should do, right?

Miguel: Well, not Theresa. And I know my mom disapproves of little Ethan's nanny. And of course there's ivy.

Kay: Oh, God, please do not say "Ivy" and the word "mother" in the same breath. Oh, God. That lady is a piece of work. You should hear all the stories that Fox and Fancy tell me about growing up Crane. Poor fancy didn't even know ivy until your mom set her straight. All she cared about was Ethan because he was her son with my dad. God. It's not even funny. It's really sad, actually. God knows what it did to their psyches. And can you believe after everything that ivy went through for Ethan, it came out that he wasn't even a Crane. Can you imagine what that did to him? Finding out you're just a nobody like the rest of us.

Miguel: Oh, come on. I don't think of you as a nobody. I mean, ivy must have done something right. Ethan's got a pretty good head on his shoulders.

Kay: What? Something wrong?

Miguel: No.

Kay: Why are you staring at me? Do you want to tell me something? Miguel's voice: Just that I love you, that you have to leave Fox for me. But how?

Chris: I hope you find love the same way I've found it with Sheridan. It gives meaning to my entire existence.

Sheridan: Luis.

Luis: No, we can't keep living a lie. We have done nothing that we should be ashamed of. We're meant to be together.

Fancy: I know what I want out of life. I want a family, just like the one you've built with Sheridan.

Chris: Really? Things must be going well with you and Luis, then.

Fancy: Yeah, well, I don't know if he'd say that. It's complicated. I know when I start my family, I want to do it with Luis.

Luis: What? I never even hinted at anything like that.

Fancy: Fancy Crane drooling over images of babies and changing tables, diapers, and spit-up. Who'd have thunk it? If my friend esme knew, she'd be horrified. She'd come running with a martini in one hand and a psychiatrist in the other to talk me out of it.

Chris: Well, you know, this is probably a terrible thing to say, but if those awful things hadn't happened to Sheridan and Luis then we wouldn't have had a chance with either of them.

Fancy: Don't make me feel guilty.

Chris: Well, no, no, I don't mean to, and God knows I would never, never wish any of that sort of stuff on even my worst enemies, but you know what, it happened and we were there to pick up the pieces.

Fancy: I don't know if I like hearing it put that way. But I do know I have fallen in love with Luis. I don't know what I'll do if things don't work out. I've never felt like this about another man.

Chris: Not even Noah?

Fancy: No, Noah's a child compared to Luis. Luis is a man.

Chris: Sorry. No, but I know what you mean. Sheridan's my rock. Gosh, if anything happened to Sheridan, I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably shrivel up and die.

Theresa: Go, Ethan, please.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: No, you're not welcome here. Don't you know what you're doing to me? You need to stay away from me. I cannot move on if you're just hanging around me.

Ethan: Theresa, listen to what you said before, about the price that you paid to take over Crane. I know being married to Alistair was a nightmare, but --

Theresa: No, why are you --

Ethan: You chose to do it, Theresa.

Theresa: Stop it, stop it! Why are you here? We don't have anything to say to each other. We are on different sides of two legal actions, and if you wish to communicate with me, you may do so through my attorneys or through Jared.

Ethan: You -- hey! You don't mean that at all.

Theresa: No, I do. I do mean it. No, I said goodbye to you in Rome. I did it, Ethan. I said it. Now you are the one who can't let us go and it's not fair. And you know what, it's not fair to your wife.

Ethan: Don't you think I know that, huh?

Theresa: Then let me go, Ethan. You have got to let me go.

Ethan: Well, I can't. I can't.

Kay: Miguel?

Miguel: Hmm?

Kay: Is an angel walking over your grave or something?

Miguel: Sorry.

Kay: Were you going to say something?

Miguel: Yeah. You're beautiful.

Kay: Ok. Yeah, right.

Miguel: Listen, I think it's about time we had a talk.

Kay: Ooh, you sound so serious. A talk about what?

Miguel: Well, I wanted to talk about --

Kay: Actually, you know what --

Miguel: Kay, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Fancy: Stop thinking about losing Sheridan. She's not going anywhere. She adores you.

Chris: You think so? I think she still has feelings for Luis.

Fancy: Stop! That's all over. Yes, they had a great love, and half the people in this town get off on reminding me of that, but aunt Sheridan's moved on. Look, they were together for a long time. I'm sure she can't help but think about Luis every now and then, but you're the man she married. She has you and James, her family. In time Sheridan will forget all about Luis, and Luis will forget all about Sheridan. Ok, well, maybe there are still a few ties between them, but I won't let that stand in my way. I want to build a life with Luis.

Chris: Sheridan's taking her sweet time.

[Foghorn blows]

Chris: What was that?

Fancy: Oh, they're repairing the lighthouse.

Chris: Really?

Fancy: Yeah, it hasn't worked in several years, and some tanker got too close to the rocks last week, so the coast guard wants it back in working condition ASAP. James and I saw the lighthouse, didn't we, James?

Chris: Wow, a real working lighthouse? How was it? James: Lonely.

Chris: That's a very perceptive thing to say.

Chris: You know, I know what he means, though. That was me before I met Sheridan. Alone in the night, lost without any direction, and then she comes into my life and --

Fancy: Turns on the lights?

Chris: Yeah, go ahead, laugh. No, she didn't turn on the -- she is the light. You know what, Sheridan changed me. You know, our love is so strong, it -- I like that metaphor about the lighthouse. And I was lost before, but now, you know, no matter how hard the sea blows or how rough it is out there, her love will guide me through it. If I could just avoid those rocks, that is. That's all I want, you know, to be safe with Sheridan forever.

Chris: Sorry, I didn't mean to wax poetic.

Fancy: No, no, don't be embarrassed. It was lovely. I think aunt Sheridan's blessed to be loved like that.

Chris: Thank you. Hey, James, are you getting bored with all this yak, yak, yak? I'm just telling fancy how much we love mommy. Isn't she the best thing in our lives? James: Yes.

Chris: She's perfect. We can always count on her.

Theresa: You can't let me go? Don't say things that you don't mean, Ethan.

Ethan: I meant -- I meant as a friend. I -- I'm just concerned about the way you've brought Jared into your life so quickly. I don't think it's --

Theresa: Stop it, Ethan, stop. You have got to make up your mind, ok? You're like -- you're killing me here.

Ethan: Well, I can't make up -- I know. I'm very confused, Theresa. I don't have any self-control lately. I think it's being in this building, Crane industries.

Theresa: Don't make up excuses, please.

Ethan: No, listen to me. Hear me out. Hear me out on this. I thought this was supposed to be mine. I thought Crane industries was going to be mine one day. It's not that I'm jealous of you, it's just that I was trained my whole life since I was a boy to run this place. There was never any question about it. It was my destiny to -- I still think about, Theresa, and dream about the good that I could do here.

Theresa: I've already put some of your plans in motion.

Ethan: No, no, it's too late. It's just -- this is yours now. This is your company. I'm just a lawyer on the make now.

Theresa: It's not too late, Ethan. You know it in your heart and so do I. Even though you're not a Crane, you can fulfill your destiny.

Ethan: Theresa, don't go down this path, please.

Theresa: No, listen. My offer is still open. You can be co-CEO. You can help me raise little Ethan and we can teach him what's right and what's wrong.

Ethan: I can't do that.

Theresa: No, you can, you can. You always could. You love me. And you want to be with me, and we can get married, and we can raise little Ethan and Jane, and we can run this company. Ethan, you really can have it all.

Kay: What?

Miguel: You heard me. I love you, Kay. I've said it before but you never seem to listen. Look, I've wasted so many years and I just want to make things right. Kay, I want us to be a family with Maria.

Kay: Miguel, I -- I don't know what to say. I'm flattered, but I am about to marry Fox.

Miguel: Marry me instead.

Kay: Ok, this isn't fair. He loves me and he treats me like a princess.

Miguel: Princesses belong in fairy tales, Kay. Look, I'll treat you like a woman. I'll love you the way no woman's ever been loved before.

Kay: Miguel --

Miguel: This is the rest of our lives we're talking about, Kay. Look, we're meant to be together. Yes, we got off to a rocky start, but we can make it. Kay, we can have a long life together with Maria.

Kay: I'm engaged!

Miguel: Engagements can be broken, Kay. You don't want to wake up a year from now as Mrs. Fox Crane and realize you should have married me, do you? Kay, you love me. I know you do. And I know you want to marry me.

Luis: [Whispering] This has gone on long enough. It's time that they knew the truth.

Sheridan: No, no, no, wait.

Luis: Sheridan --

Chris: Sheridan must not have gotten the text message. Well, I should get going.

Fancy: Yeah, me, too.

Chris: What do you say, buddy? You want to go and -- I bet mommy's at home already. You want to go get some ice cream maybe on the way home? James: Excellent!

Fancy: His vocabulary is improving.

Chris: Yeah, well, what can I say? My son's a genius.

Fancy: You're a lucky man, Chris. A wife who you love, who loves you, and a gorgeous son. I just hope someday soon I have a life just like it with Luis and our children. Wow.

Chris: Come on, buddy, let's go. Ok, jump.

Sheridan: Did you hear them?

Luis: Did I hear them? Yes, of course I heard them. And I don't think we're doing them any favors by letting them live in some sort of dream world.

Sheridan: Luis --

Luis: Look, I know that you don't want to hurt Chris, ok? But I think it's just going to hurt him more if we keep dragging this out.

Sheridan: No, Luis, you don't understand.

Luis: What do you mean, I don't understand? What's wrong?

Sheridan: You're the one I have to hurt. I can't leave Chris, I can't. I can't come back to you.

Theresa: Once and for all, Ethan, choose.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: We can have everything that we ever wanted. Two people who really love each other, working together, building something fine and good.

Ethan: Any man would kill for a chance like this.

Theresa: Just take it. It's yours.

Ethan: And Gwen? Hmm?

Theresa: What about her, Ethan? I mean, how many times has she threatened to walk away from you? A woman doesn't do that unless she knows the truth, and she knows in her heart that you love me. And that's why she got so desperate and sent the information to the tabloid that exposed --

Ethan: Not this again.

Theresa: Yes, this again, Ethan. It happened. I don't have the proof, but it happened. And this was all my fault anyway.

Ethan: That's a switch.

Theresa: I was stupid. When we got engaged, I should have insisted that you stop seeing Gwen. Allowing any kind of contact between you and her was a mistake. You don't let the man that you're about to marry hang out with the woman that he used to be in love with.

Fox: I just left Kay with Miguel. How stupid can you be?

Theresa: Ethan, we can set the world straight. We were supposed to be married, we still can be. You just have to choose.

Ethan: I chose already. I chose Gwen, I -- it would kill her, it would kill her, Theresa, if I just --

Theresa: Why, Ethan? Why do you do this -- this back and forth? I mean, you lead me on, you get my hopes up, and then you remember Gwen and your vows and it's -- I'm sick of it!

Ethan: I'm -- I -- I keep trying to do the right thing. I just want to do what's right in my heart --

Theresa: Ethan, I know, but your vows are based on lies, ok? Gwen lied and schemed to get you to marry her. She ruined your life. If that tabloid hadn't announced that you were Sam Bennett's son, you and I would be married right now.

Ethan: But we're not married. I'm married to Gwen. It's just -- it just has to stay that way. I got --

Theresa: No, it doesn't.

[Security pad beeps]

Ethan: Theresa, what are you doing? Open the door.

Theresa: No, I'm not going to open the door. I'm not going to give you the code. It's locked. You said to me earlier that if I love little Ethan I will do right by him, and you deserve that treatment.

Ethan: Open the door, please.

Theresa: I love you, Ethan, and I know that you love me.

Ethan: T--

Kay: Miguel, stop, ok? You can't say these things to me, not here. I mean, look! Look what Fox has done for me, because he loves me, and I love him.

Miguel: You can't. Not the way you love me, Kay.

Kay: You don't know that.

Miguel: Sure, I do.

Kay: Just stop, ok? I'm marrying Fox. I can't even tell you all the things that he has given me and Maria.

Miguel: There's one thing he can't give you.

Kay: And what's that?

Fox: I will be damned if I make the same mistake Theresa made. And until we're married, I will make it my life's goal to keep Miguel and Kay away from each other.

Luis: Sheridan, come on. We love each other. You know that. We're destined to be together.

Sheridan: But what if our love causes nothing but pain? Forget about Chris for a moment. What about fancy? She loves you. You hurt her. She'll be devastated. You can't hurt her like that. I can't hurt her like that. She's my niece.

Luis: All right, you're right. It's going to be painful, but isn't it better if we just make a clean break? I mean, is it fair to Chris that you pretend that you love him?

Sheridan: But I do love him.

Luis: Well, not the way that you love me. You told me so. Sheridan, it's not right that we're apart. Make it right. Yeah, they'll both be hurt, but they'll get over it, they'll move on.

Sheridan: No. No, this is wrong. I should be with my husband.

Luis: Sheridan --

Sheridan: You should move on with fancy. We've both just gone too far down separate paths.

Luis: No.

Sheridan: Please, Luis, we can't hurt Chris and fancy, or James. We can't ruin people's lives. We have to give up each other for good.

Luis: Sheridan -- Sheridan, don't do this! Sheridan, would you come back, please?

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Siren: Here come the fireworks.

Luis: Come back to me where you belong.

Theresa: Make love to me and never stop.

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