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Luis: You're under arrest for burglary and attempted murder.

Spike: Hey, look, you got the wrong man, amigo. I didn't rob Casa Crane. I sure as hell didn't plug your mama.

Luis: You lying scum.

Spike: Hey, sticks and stones, bro, right? Besides, I got an alibi when all this stuff went down.

Luis: Well, you know what?  Actually you don't. Your own wife here just said that she didn't see you at the fair.

Spike:  Look, I'm innocent, ok? I'm telling you.

Luis: You are guilty. Man, you are guilty as hell. And you know what? So is your accomplice.

Spike: Accomplice?

Luis: Yeah. Well obviously, you had someone help you break into the mansion. You are too stupid to have done it by yourself.

Spike: Really? Who you calling stupid, man?

Luis: And guess what? I am going to find out whoever it was. You're both going down.

Spike: Hey, man. You can't find someone that doesn't exist, ok?

Luis: Uh-huh.

Spike: There's no gun, no loot, nothing to tie me to the robbery or the shooting.  So lighten up.

Luis: Hey, guess what? We'll find both. Don't you worry about that.

Luis: What you looking at? Are you hiding something?

Spike: How can I be, huh? I'm innocent.

Luis: Well, I bet you stashed whatever it was you stole from the mansion over there, huh?

Spike: Oh, yeah? Dream on, Chief.

Luis: Uh-huh.

Luis: Well, it looks like this is going to be easier than I thought. Nothing like a bunch of loot to tie you to my mother's shooting.

Jared: Hey. I know you're worried sick about your mom. But I think she's strong, like you. I think she's going to be all right.

Theresa: When you say that, for some reason, I believe it. Thanks for being here with me.

Jared: Of course.

Gwen: You can't stand to watch them kiss, can you? Ethan, you need to make a decision here, ok? Who do you want to be with? Do you want to be with me, or do you want to be with Theresa? You need to make up your mind right now. Because I cannot take you running to Theresa's side anymore.

Ethan: Theresa needed help tonight. Pilar almost died, Gwen.

Gwen: Ethan, I think you need help, ok? Because it is not normal for you to keep rushing to rescue Theresa from one mess after another while you're married to me.

Ethan: Gwen, it's not -- look, it's --

Gwen: No, no, no. I'm serious. You need to either get help, get over Theresa, or we need to get a divorce, because I have absolutely had my fill of this garbage. Theresa has Jared now. She does not need you to rescue her anymore. You don't need you to rescue her anymore unless you want to. Which means I don't want to be married to you. So you need to make up your mind once and for all here. Who do you want to be with? Do you want to be with me, or do you want to be with Theresa?

Gwen: Look, Ethan, I need an answer. Do you want to be with me or with Theresa? Well, gee, this is -- this is just great. So glad to know that choosing between your wife and another woman is such an easy decision for you. You know, if I actually put all my self-worth in you, I'd be suicidal right now. The fact that you would even consider being with Theresa after all the horrible things she's done to us is crazy. It's -- it's actually really creepy, Ethan. She cost us our daughter, our unborn son. She threw herself at you so many times that you had to leave Crane. Then she blackballed you from every other law firm in the country so you couldn't get a job anywhere else and would be forced to go crawling back to her. How on earth you can love such an emasculating shrew is beyond me. But you know what? You want to be with her? Go be with her, but you need to decide right now or I'm gonna decide for you and I'm going to file for divorce first thing in the morning. You know what? This is -- this is crazy. I'm going to leave, ok? Because I can't take this anymore. Ethan, I am so sick of being second best. I deserve to be with a man who loves me as much as I love him -- a man who makes me happy and not crazy.

Ethan: Wait a minute. Wait. Don't leave.

Theresa: I shouldn't have kissed you before.

Jared: Why is that?

Theresa: Because we just agreed to start over. And I shouldn't be so presumptuous.

Jared: Well, I didn't think it was too presumptuous. I thought it was sweet, like you.

Theresa: Really?

Jared: Yeah. I'm glad we got back together in time for me to be here for you.

Theresa: I am, too.

Jared: Oh, and, uh, whenever you're ready, I'd be happy to walk you home.

Theresa: Hmm. Well, my mom is sleeping now, so I don't think there's anything more I can do for her tonight.

Jared: No. I am sure if there is any change in her condition, the hospital will call you.

Theresa: I'm just gonna let the duty nurse know that I am going home and... thanks again for offering to take me 'cause I am just a little too tired to wait for my ride.

Jared: I am here for you, Tess. Just lean on me.

Theresa: Thank you.

Jared: You're welcome.

Sheridan: Hopefully the gun Spike used to shoot Pilar will be in there -- proof that he's an attempted murderer.

Chris: Well, proof or not, Spike is a menace to everybody in Harmony.

Luis: Damn it.

Spike: Ok, you see? Now I told you that I was innocent. Now you gotta un-cuff me here.

Luis: No, I don't think I do. Because I am not buying your innocent act. See, I know that you robbed the mansion and that you shot my mother when she surprised you. And guess what? I'm not going to stop until I prove it.

Spike: Well, you can't prove what didn't happen.

Luis: Oh yeah?

Spike: All right? Besides, I was at the fair when all that stuff went down.

Luis: Oh, is that right?

Spike: Yeah.

Luis: Well, it's too bad you lost your alibi because Jessica said she didn't see you at the fair.

Spike: Well, I made a mistake, all right? Yeah. I thought I saw Jess, but I didn't, all right? And that doesn't even matter because she's not my alibi. Chris is. He saw me at the fair.

Sheridan: Did you see Spike at the fair?

Spike: Go ahead Chris. Tell them about when you saw me at the fair. We even spoke. You remember?

Chris: Yeah, I remember. I saw Spike at the fair.

Luis: You saw Spike at the fair, huh? Why didn't you say something sooner?

Chris: To be honest, I forgot with all else that happened tonight. You know, what with the dance contest and all. It just slipped my mind. Spike's right. I did see him at the fair. He was eating a hot dog and we spoke very briefly.

Luis: A hot dog? Ha. So what did you guys talk about?

Chris: Mainly the weather.

Spike: Oh, I told you.

Jessica: Spike promised Daddy he wouldn't do anything illegal now that we're married. Chris just proved that Spike kept his word. Someone else robbed the Cranes and shot your mother.

Luis: Not necessarily. Now, how long ago was it that you say you were at the fair?

Spike: About 2 1/2, three hours ago.

Jessica: The same time Pilar was shot.

Spike: See, so there's no way I'm your perp.

Luis: There's a way to prove this, I just haven't figured it out yet, though.

Spike: Would you just give it a rest? You heard the man. I was at the fair when your mama got plugged, ok? You can't blame me for something I didn't do!

Jessica: Spike's right.

Luis: You're sure about that, huh? Sure you saw Spike at the fair?

Chris: Yeah. Spike couldn't have robbed the mansion or shot your mother. He was at the fair at the time.

Spike: Hey, don't you see, Officer Luis? Hey, I am an innocent victim in all of this. Just like your mom.

Theresa: This is it. Home sweet home. What do you think?

Jared: It's pretty small. Maybe if you put a couple of additions on, a few wings.

Theresa: Yeah. Cranes believe bigger is better, so...

Jared: It's definitely big. You could land a helicopter in here.

Theresa: Yeah, you could. Or the heliport is actually out back, off the golf course.

Jared: Naturally.

Theresa: Yeah.

Jared: I'm sorry, how middle class of me. But really, for a monument to money, it would be a great place to call home.

Theresa: I try to make it livable, you know. The Cranes think of this place as a cross between a mausoleum and a museum. The concept of home is completely alien to them. But I refuse to raise my son in a place where he can't put his feet up on the sofa. Even so, little Ethan and I spend a lot of time at my mother's house, and that way he understands that not everyone grows up in a mansion with a live-in staff and limos and horses and all this stuff.

Jared: Yeah, good for you.

Theresa: Thanks. It's really hard, you know, finding the right balance, though. You know, as Alistair's heir, little Ethan is going to inherit all this one-day. So I do want him to understand and appreciate the finer things in life. But I don't want him to be consumed with possessing them.

Jared: Yeah, you're a heck of a mom, Tess.

Theresa: I try, Jared.

Jared: Well, I feel even more like an idiot.

Theresa: Why?

Jared: Well because I thought you were a liar and a schemer. And I realize that all this was for your home, your family, and a little boy. You did it all by just keeping it real.

Theresa: I'm glad you understand. And that's why I wanted to make sure that you liked being with me for me and not for all this.

Jared: Well, decisions, decisions. Do I kiss this beautiful, priceless antique vase or do I kiss you?

Theresa: Hmm, I vote for me.

Jared: Yeah, me, too. I heard the vase was a pretty bad kisser.

Julian: Why don't you get a room, Theresa? There's a young child in the house.

Theresa: Julian, don't start with me. Especially considering the way you and Rebecca used to carry on your own sex games in this house.

Julian: Ah, the insatiable Rebecca.

Theresa: Instead of Julian and Rebecca keeping their sexual fantasies in private, they treated this home like an amusement park complete with a pony, I mean a donkey.

Julian: Leave that girl out of this. Rebecca got the poor beast in the divorce settlement, you know, which really has nothing to do with the fact that the two of you are almost coupling here in the living room mere hours after the house was burglarized and your poor mother was shot.

Theresa: You'll have to excuse Julian, Jared. He gets this way when he's had too much to drink.

Julian: I am perfectly lucid, dear. If I seem testy, it's because whoever burglarized this place made off with absolute stacks of money, among other things. I've made a list of everything that's missing right here. But Crane security's yet to dust for fingerprints upstairs, so I don't want you touching anything when you two go up there.

Theresa: You know, Julian, do I need to remind you that I am in charge and I decide whether Crane security investigates what happened tonight or not?

Julian: My God. Your mother was just shot. I mean, I would think that you would want to do everything possible to bring the culprit to justice.

Theresa: I'm sure with my brother investigating, I'm sure there'll be an arrest. And soon.

Julian: Oh yes. Well, even so, you see, there are some very sensitive files that are missing and I want them back before the police get their hands on them.

Theresa: Have you been doing Crane business behind my back, Julian?

Julian: These documents have nothing to do with you, my dear. They pertain to certain activities my father and I conducted before you joined our happy little family.

Theresa: I'm trying to improve the Crane image. How am I supposed to do that when I don't know what Alistair had you do to blacken it in the first place? I'm doing damage control as well as running the company.

Julian: I think that's just wonderful, dear. That'll give me more time in fact, I'm taking him to the Red Sox game tomorrow in Boston.

Theresa: No, you're not.

Julian: Mm. Really? Why is that?

Theresa: Because I forbid it.

Julian: We'll see about that.

Ethan: Look, look, look. Listen to me. Listen to me. I am sorry it took so long for me to answer you just now.

Gwen: Hey, don't worry about it. I'm -- I'm sure deciding between an apple and a plantain can't be easy.

Ethan: Gwen, I wasn't debating between you or Theresa. I made that decision a long time ago when I chose you.

Gwen: You know I want to believe that. And I really, really want to believe that, but I can't.

Ethan: It's the truth.

Gwen: So you keep telling me every time I force you to decide between me and Theresa. But the bigger question is why I need to keep asking you in the first place.

Ethan: Honey, I've told you this before. Theresa is Jane's biological mother. I cannot help but feel connected to her in that way.

Gwen: Ethan, please, ok? You and I both know it's about so much more than that. My God, Theresa and I have been battling for you for what, eight years? Well, it feels more like a thousand. And I can't do this anymore. I mean, I really can't do it. It needs to stop, and you need to stop it. You need to make a clean break with Theresa. But I'm not sure that you can.

Ethan: I know that I've made you have doubts in the past, and I am sorry, but Theresa's not my future. You and Jane are.

Gwen: Ok, well then, what about Theresa, right? She -- she says that she is moving on and maybe she actually is trying. But something always, always comes up -- some emergency, she needs your help. She needs your help with Crane or her family or little Ethan. Something always causes her to call on you.

Ethan: Maybe before, but --

Gwen: You cannot deny she always calls you. Come on. And gee, I wonder who that is.

Gwen: No, please, go ahead, answer it. I cannot wait to see what Theresa's come up with now.

Ethan: Hello?

Julian: Ethan, it's -- it's urgent that I see you.

Ethan: Julian. What's wrong?

Julian: There's a problem with little Ethan. I want you to come to the mansion immediately.

Ethan: Julian wants to us to go over there.

Ethan: Gwen and I will be on our way as soon as we can.

Julian: Thank you. Little Ethan is my son, too. And I am entitled to spend time with him and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Theresa: It's the brandy that you've had too much of talking, Julian. Tomorrow, when you are sober, you're not going to give a damn about a baseball game or little Ethan.

Jared:  You do seem a bit intoxicated, Mr. Crane.

Julian: Oh, rubbish. Who the hell are you?

Jared: Jared Casey.

Theresa: He's a friend of mine, Julian. Don't start in on him.

Jared: It's all right, Tess. I give as good as I get.

Theresa: You shouldn't have to deal with him when he's like this, Jared. I shouldn't and neither should little Ethan most of all.

Julian: I will not be denied, tonight, tomorrow, or any bloody other time I want to see my son. If you continue to refuse me, I will see that you lose little Ethan altogether.

Theresa: Never.

Spike: I know my rights. You either have to arrest me or release me. And since I'm not your perp, I suggest you take these bracelets off. They're not a real good look for me.

Luis: You know, something about this just isn't right. What are you doing?

Fancy: Luis, you know the law. You have no choice right now but to release Spike.

Spike: That's more like it. Thank you very much. Excuse me there, officer. Come here, honey. Time for us to go celebrate, sweetie, since I'm a free man again.

Jessica: Yeah, sure, Spike.

Luis: Hold it there, sleazeball. Now that you are free because of your alibi, I am gonna be watching you. And if you make one false move, I'm coming down on you like a ton of bricks.

Spike: Well, I'm not worried because I didn't do anything wrong.

Luis: So you keep saying. But I am going to prove that you robbed the mansion and shot my mother and then I'm going see you spend your life behind bars.

Spike: Man, you can't prove something that did not happen.

Luis: I'm sure there are other crimes you've committed.

Spike: Well, name one.

Luis: Well, how about all the Johns that -- that were killed over the last year?

Spike: Hey, man, I wouldn't do it with a guy even for money.

Luis: Yeah, maybe you wouldn't. But your whores would. And then maybe you killed them afterwards for their money or steal their identity.

Spike: No. You know, you're 0-3. I still ain't done nothing wrong.

Spike: Yeah, well, if I were you, I wouldn't leave town any time soon.

Spike: Excuse me, sweetie. Listen, you keep busting my chops and I'm going to report you to my father-in-law for harassment. That's funny, huh?

Luis: Yeah, that again, huh?

Spike: Yeah, that again.

Luis: Good luck.

Fancy: Come on, Luis. Luis, we're done here. We should be going.

Luis: Hey, I'm the cop, you're the cadet. I say when we stay or go.

Fancy: Yeah, what's the point in staying? We have no evidence to link Spike to the robbery or the shooting. And Spike has an alibi, so we can't arrest him now, no matter how much you want to.

Luis: Let's go. Jess, keep an eye on this one. It's bad news.

Sheridan: Maybe we should go, too.

Spike: Oh, Chris. Thank you so much for speaking out about seeing me at the fair. I thank you for that, brother. Thank you.

Chris: Just did what anyone my position would do.

Spike: Good job. Good night, everybody.

Jessica: Yeah, good night, guys.

Spike: Can you believe that flatfoot? Just because I used to sell drugs and women, Officer Luis is convinced I tried to blow away his mamacita. Oh, baby. Let's go upstairs and have some marital bliss.

Jessica: No, Spike, wait. There is something I don't understand.

Spike: What? What is it?

Jessica: I haven't seen you all night. So if you were at the fair like Chris said, then how did you know I was attacked behind the Lobster Shack tonight? And how did you know to go thank Fancy for helping save me?

Spike: I cannot wait to make love to you, honey. Being with all those Johns has made you such a pro.

Jessica: Hey, answer my question, Spike. How did you know I was attacked tonight if you were at the fair all evening?

Spike: Come here. Come here, listen. Sit down. Honey, Boothe told me when I saw him at the fair, ok?

Jessica: Chris? How did he know?

Spike: I don't know, baby. Maybe Luis or Fancy told him, who knows?

Jessica: Yeah, ok. Well, that's the other thing. You went to the Crane mansion to thank Fancy for helping to save me before you come home to check on me?

Spike: Honey, what is the big deal, ok? I heard you were ok, and I was just so -- so -- so stoked that I wanted to thank the people that helped you, honey. Listen to me. You know I love you so much, baby. Let's go upstairs. I want to show you, huh?

Luis: Yeah. You're saying that my mother is stable and sleeping now. All right. Thanks. Oh, will you just tell her that her son will be by as soon as he can, ok? All right. You know, I still can't believe that my mother was shot in one of the most heavily guarded mansions in the country. She could have been killed.

Fancy: It makes what was stolen so insignificant.

Luis: I'm telling you, Spike did it. And I might have him in custody if you hadn't stopped me from tripping him up.

Fancy: Hey, don't blame me for Spike having an alibi or that there is no evidence to link him to the shooting or the burglary.

Luis: All right. All right, ok? I'm sorry. I'm just a little frustrated here.

Fancy: So you'll start over fresh tomorrow and try to get evidence on Spike some other way.

Luis: All right, good. You're safe and sound. You get some rest, ok? You've got another big day ahead of you tomorrow.

Fancy: Yeah. You should get some rest, too, Luis.

Luis: I will. As soon as I stop by the hospital just to see that my mother is ok.

Fancy: No, Luis, don't. You're so worked up.  You'll agitate Pilar. Let your mother have her rest.

Luis: I just want to make sure that she's ok.

Fancy: She will be. It's you that I'm worried about. You're never going to get any sleep, being this wound up.

Luis: Yeah, well, I just want to nail Spike, ok?

Fancy: Well, it won't be easy. You heard Chris. He saw Spike at the fair.

Luis: Yeah, yeah. So he said.

Fancy: What? You don't believe Chris?

Luis: I don't know. Every once in a while I just get a real bad vibe from that guy.

Fancy: Hmm. And don't you think that has to do with Chris being with Aunt Sheridan? Spike is the scum of the earth. He's a pimp. He's one of my grandfather's thugs. Why would Chris lie for him?

Theresa: You can't bully me, Julian. Unfortunately for you, I am little Ethan's mother. Alistair adopted him when we were married. So you are out of luck. I call the shots when it comes to my son.

Julian: Yeah, well, you have up until now, you see. But that's about to change.

Jared: That seems a bit late to me.

Julian: No one asked you. I am going to see more of my son, end of story.

Theresa: And do what with him, Julian? Teach him to drink before his next birthday?

Julian: Don't be ridiculous.

Ethan: Julian, what -- what is going on here?

Gwen: God, I should have known you were behind the reason Julian called us about little Ethan.

Julian: Theresa's being unreasonable.

Ethan: About what?

Julian: I want to take little Ethan to the Red Sox game tomorrow in Boston. She won't hear of it.

Theresa: Julian's been drinking again, Ethan. I am not going to let him take my son anywhere, especially not to a busy city like Boston.

Julian: I've had a couple of beers tonight. And the game is not till tomorrow. I'll be fine.

Ethan: All right, listen. I can settle this. Would you ever drink while you had custody of little Ethan?

Julian: Of course not.

Ethan: There you go. Fine. Then I agree with Julian. All right? You are being unreasonable.

Gwen's voice: Dear diary. Ethan took someone else's side over Theresa today.

Theresa: I am not being unreasonable.

Jared: Yeah. Mr. Crane has had a bit too much to drink tonight.

Julian: Well, so what? I am not driving. Nor will I be tomorrow. That's what chauffeurs are for. And as for you, mister -- why don't you shut up and mind your own business?

Theresa: Don't talk to my friend in my house that way, Julian.

Julian: Oh, you're still on your little power trip, huh? Just to think your mother used to scrub my toilet.

Ethan: Her mother was shot tonight, remember?

Julian: All right. It's just so damn frustrating when you're so unreasonable.

Theresa: I am not being unreasonable.

Ethan: Actually, you are being unreasonable. Julian has every right to see his son.

Theresa: Julian has no rights when it comes to little Ethan.

Ethan: Why would you say something like that? Julian is little Ethan's biological father. You better believe he has rights.

Ethan: Theresa, how can you say that Julian has no rights when it comes to little Ethan? He is his biological father. And it doesn't matter that Alistair made little Ethan his heir. You cannot prevent Julian from seeing his son. And no court will allow you to do that, by the way.

Theresa: Don't be so sure.

Ethan: Why?

Julian: Never mind, Ethan. She's impossible to deal with when she gets like that. So, my dear, if you continue to be this unreasonable, I will be forced to have Ethan file a custody suit against you.

Theresa: Fine. File it. I'll see you both in court.

Ethan: Theresa, take it easy. Look, can't we find some middle ground here?

Theresa: No, Ethan, we can't. And you know what? If Julian tries to take my son to Boston tomorrow, I'll just report that my son has been kidnapped.

Ethan: You can't file a false police report.

Theresa: Of course I can. I will play the Mrs. Crane card if I have to.

Julian: Do you see what I have to deal with?

Ethan: Julian, I don't know why she's being so unreasonable. I think she knows that if we go to court, she will lose.

Julian: Well, I really don't have a clue what motivates Theresa, and frankly I don't care. All I am concerned about is having my parental rights upheld.

Ethan: And they will be. And I think Theresa knows that, too.

Gwen: Yeah, but, honey, why would she go to the mat for a lost cause? You know, unless it's not a lost cause to her.

Julian: What do you mean? I don't follow.

Ethan: It's as if Theresa knows something that she's not telling the rest of us.

Fancy: Ok, unless I'm missing something, I can't think of a reason why Chris would lie for Spike. Chris is a good man. He's a good father to James and a good husband to Sheridan. He would never give a drug-dealing pimp like Spike an alibi unless he had really seen him at the fair.

Luis: Yeah, no, you are right. I don't know why Chris would lie for Spike either.

Fancy: Something wrong with your neck?

Luis: What? Oh, it just gets -- gets tense when I get stressed. My shoulders, too. Oh.

Fancy: I know how to make you feel better.

Luis: How?

Fancy: Here. Strip and then follow me.

Sheridan: Chris, you seem upset.

Chris: Well, I am. You know, it just sickens me to think that somebody broke into the house and shot poor Pilar.

Sheridan: I know. I'm upset, too. Especially for Pilar. But what happened tonight isn't your fault. You don't have the family's code. So you couldn't have handed it out. Maybe Julian gave it to Rebecca and she gave it to one of her escorts a while back. I mean, heaven only knows the morals of people like that. Maybe one of Father's goons came back to plunder the mansion now that father's gone. There's no telling who could have the code.

Chris: You know, you should speak to Julian about getting it changed. Getting away tonight might embolden whoever is responsible for it to come back and have another go.

Sheridan: You're right. I'll speak to him first thing in the morning. Oh, my God.

Chris: What?

Sheridan: Maybe Luis is right. Maybe tonight's intruder is the same person who shot you.

Chris: Yeah, it's certainly a possibility. I hadn't -- I hadn't thought of that.

Sheridan: I mean, it makes sense. The person snuck onto the grounds and shot you and then snuck into the mansion and shot Pilar, too. But who would do such a thing?

Jessica: Ok, so when you got to the mansion to thank Fancy for helping me tonight, the police were already there.

Spike: Yeah. But you know what? I am just so happy that Luis caught those creeps who attacked you before I got wind of it, because I swear, ugh, I would have torn those guys to pieces, honey.

Jessica: I guess, in your own way, you always have protected me.

Spike: That's right, baby, I have. Just like when I helped you clean up after those Johns that you killed, remember? I am sorry, honey. Hey, can you get me a beer?

Jessica: Yeah. Sure, Spike.

Spike: Thanks, honey. Light beer.

Spike: Mm, I love the smell of fresh green money. There's lots more where that came from. The Spike man finally has everybody right where he wants them. I got wifey Jess, Chief Sammy, Officer Luis, and that bad, bad boy Chris. I'm gonna pull a few more strings, and I'm gonna be one very, very, rich man.

Julian: Oh, damn Theresa for being so unreasonable. Little Ethan is my son. He's my flesh and blood, I have every right to be part of his life.

Ethan: And Theresa's going to learn that the hard way when a court rules in your favor.

Gwen: Theresa was just as difficult with Jane. She forced Ethan to go to court so he could be a part of his daughter's life.

Julian: Theresa's new little sidekick, Jimmy, he didn't help matters much, did he? Sticking his nose into family business that doesn't concern him. How long before he leaves Harmony anyway?

Ethan: Well, Jared's plans have changed. Apparently he is not going anywhere anytime soon, thanks to Theresa.

Gwen's voice: Yes, Theresa. Thank you.

Theresa: If Julian takes me to court over little Ethan, I will be forced to bury him, and trust me I've got enough dirt to do it.

Jared: Well, how Mrs. Crane of you.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Jared. When it comes to my son, all bets are off.

Jared: And what about Ethan? What if he represents Julian?

Theresa: I don't know. I'll just see how things go. The bottom line is no one knows what I have sacrificed for my son to head Crane Industries one day, including Ethan. And if he does anything to jeopardize that, I'll crush Ethan along with Julian.

Spike: Well, thank you, baby. Oh, honey, you look so bummed. What's wrong, baby?

Jessica: I've just been thinking about what Luis said, how he plans to take another look at those murdered.

Spike: Come on.

Jessica: What? I'm the one who killed the Johns remember? I was so spaced out on those smiley faced stickers that I don't remember.  Who else could it be?

Spike: Honey, look. I don't want you to worry about deputy dog, ok, sweetie?

Spike: Oh, honey, honey. You sweetheart. Because your loving husband, he has his ways. I love you.

Sheridan: We should remember to pray for Pilar, that she makes a full recovery.

Chris: Yeah I will.

Sheridan: Life is so fragile. Earlier tonight Pilar was at the fair and now she's fighting for her life. Luis won't rest until he makes an arrest.

Chris: You know, speaking of Luis...he and Fancy were amazing together, weren't they?

Sheridan: What?

Chris: Dancing at the fair together. They looked so, I don't know, natural. Looked like they'd been doing it for a lifetime.

Sheridan: It's true. Luis and Fancy make quite a couple.

Chris: Yeah. Luis might not have got his man tonight but he certainly got his woman.

Fancy: Feeling better?

Luis: Ah, yeah. Finally starting to relax a little bit.

Fancy: Here, let me help.

Luis: Mm, oh, yeah. That's even better.

Fancy: Lean back.

Fancy: Keep your eyes closed.

Luis: Ok.

Fancy: Take a deep breath in, and exhale all the tension in your chest.

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Pilar: Leave Gwen. You belong with little Ethan, Jane, and Theresa.

Theresa: I'm offering you the executive position that you interviewed for.

Sam: Do you know something about Sheridan's husband that the rest of us don't?

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