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Miguel: Kay, we can't lose our mother. We need her too much.

Kay: Dr. Russell is not going to let her die, ok?

Miguel: Please, God, don't let her die.

Eve: Clear.

Nurse: We've got a heartbeat.

Dr. Jefferson: She's back.

Eve: Thank God.

Theresa: Mama's got a heartbeat?

Miguel: She's alive, right? She's going to be all right?

Eve: She's stable for now.

Miguel: But she'll be ok, won't she?

Eve: We can't really say that yet, Miguel. She is not out of the woods yet. She lost a lot of blood. A bullet tore through an artery, but the surgeons -- they are going to do the best that they can.

Kay: She's got a really good chance.

Gwen: Honey, you know, Pilar is in really good hands here. I think that we should go home.

Ethan: No, not yet.

Gwen: And Theresa is also in good hands, in case you hadn't noticed.

Julian: Please, would you give me some time? We need to talk.

Eve: Not now, Julian. I -- I ordered some tests and I really need to check --

Julian: Please, please, I -- I really have to talk to you.

Eve: Julian, I don't think that you'd be very happy with what I have to say to you. And I'm not very happy with what you had to say to Fox.

Julian: I can explain.

Eve: No, not right now.

Julian: You see that? Eve doesn't have time to talk to me right now. It's because I was -- I was too nice. I let her get too close to T.C. This is what I get.

Fox: Yeah, I saw it, Father.

Julian: I should have been stronger. I should have insisted on hiring a whole house full of doctors to take care of T.C. 24 hours a day so she wouldn't feel like she had to be by his side. Now I'm losing her.

Fox: I'm not going to lose Kay. I'm not going to let her get away from me.

Siren: Well, Fox, Kay can come or go. It won't matter. You are under my mermaid's curse. You will never love Kay or any woman but me.

Gwen: You know, if you are worried about Theresa falling apart, you shouldn't be. She has plenty of people here to support her. And I think we should go.

Ethan: I don't want to go just yet. What if -- what if she needs something, Gwen?

Gwen: Ethan, what are you really worried about here? Are you worried that she's going to need you or that she's not going to need you?

Ethan: What are you talking about?

Gwen: She has her brother here, her best friend, her new boyfriend. She doesn't need you. Maybe that's the problem.

Ethan: Look, I know where you are going with this. You couldn't be more wrong about it.

Gwen: You think so? Because I think that you need to know that she's still desperately clinging to hope of being with you. Am I right? Do you need to know that you are still in her heart?

Miguel: How did this happen? Who shot Mama?

Theresa: It was a burglar. Mama was at the mansion and we think that maybe she saw him and he got scared and shot her.

Miguel: Where's Luis?

Theresa: He's at the mansion. He's investigating.

Miguel: Hope he finds whoever did this. I'd like to rip the animal apart.

Sheridan: Chris, please. I need to talk to you. I need an explanation. I need to know what you are doing out here with this man.

Chris: Nothing, Sheridan. I saw a suspicious person. I came this way and I ran into him.

Sheridan: And you just happened to find Spike?

Chris: I was protecting the house. You and James, Sheridan. I certainly don't have any connection to this lowlife.

Spike: Hey, that's not cool, man. I came here with good intentions.

Sheridan: What good intentions, Spike? How did you get on the grounds? Why didn't any of the guards tell us you were here?

Spike: I don't know. When I got here, there was nobody at the gate.

Sheridan: That's impossible. I'm going to go call the gate right now.

Chris: Honey, you know what? It might be possible. The guard might have stepped away with all the police on the grounds.

Sheridan: You're sure you didn't know it was Spike that was out here?

Chris: No, I swear it. You know, I'm sorry that you are so -- so suspicious of me.

Sheridan: No, I'm sorry. If I'm suspicious of you, Chris, it's not your fault. My father has done so much to try to ruin my life. He hired men to make believe they loved me. I just -- I jumped to the wrong conclusions. I'm sorry.

Chris: I understand. You have every reason to be distrustful.

Sheridan: But not of you. You have been completely honest with me.

Spike: You know what? I -- I'm sorry. I really do feel for you, Sheridan, I do. I mean, what an awful thing to know that your own father would hire men to play you, to try to ruin your life, it's terrible.

Sheridan: You have no right to comment on my private life, Spike.

Spike: You're right, I'm sorry. Just making an observation. Whoa, was that your kid I just heard?

Sheridan: What?

Spike: I thought I just heard something.

Sheridan: Well, James is asleep. I hope he didn't wake up.

Chris: You've got to get outta here.

Spike: Oh, really, how? She's right here.

Sheridan: I didn't hear anything. James is still asleep. I still want to know what you are doing here, Spike.

Spike: Ok, look, I have a good reason.

Sheridan: Was it you?

Spike: Uh, what?

Sheridan: Did you shoot Pilar?

{Pilar: I think someone's in the house. I need the police. }

Spike: Whoa, now that cuts me to the quick there, Sheridan. I came here to see Fancy.

Chris: You came here to see Fancy?

Sheridan: Why?

Spike: You heard what happened to my wife, right? Some guys jumped her at the Lobster Shack, and Fancy showed up and rescued her.

Sheridan: Oh, my God. Is Jessica ok?

Spike: Yeah, she's fine. These guys try to rape her and then Fancy showed up, and I just wanted to thank her, you know, in person; that's all.

Sheridan: Well, that was nice of you. But I still don't know how you made it past security, let alone all the police up at the main house. What gate did you say you came through again?

Spike: I don't know. It was the main gate, I guess.

Sheridan: Because there's an east gate and a west gate and there's the back service entrance. I wanted to know what gate you came through because I was going to call and report it.

Spike: I don't know, I -- that guy, that guy can vouch for me right there.

Sheridan: What guy?

Spike: That guy.

Sheridan: Spike! He's running!

Chris: Hey, come back here!

Sheridan: Help! Security!

Chris: He won't get far. The police are all over the place.

Sheridan: I'm sorry I thought you had some connection to that despicable man.

Chris: I understand, darling.

Sheridan: We have to get Luis. We have to tell him that Spike was on the grounds. He could have been the one that shot Pilar.

Chris: I'll call him. He's still up at the mansion, I'm sure.

Sheridan: Hurry, we can't let Spike get away. Where are all the security guards?

Chris: I've got to give him some time to get away. She can never know about our connection.

Sheridan: Did you get Luis on the phone?

Chris: Damn it, my cell phone is not working. I'd chase him if I could.

Sheridan: No, no, don't be ridiculous. You don't want to reopen that leg wound. Somebody help! Security!

Luis: Forensics should be here any minute.

Fancy: What do we look for exactly?

Luis: A lot of things. DNA mostly, something that's going to connect the shooter to the crime.

Fancy: Well, he must have been nervous. Maybe he was perspiring.

Luis: Bet he was. We'll find him.

[Phone rings] Lopez-FitzGerald. We're on our way. Cops said Sheridan ran into someone who may have been the shooter. Let's go.

Spike: Oh, man, I got to get outta here. Which way do I go?

Sheridan: Somebody help! Chris, can you try your phone again?

Chris: It's no use. My battery's drained.

Luis: Sheridan, hey, what's going on?

Fancy: A cop told us you saw someone who could have shot Pilar.

Sheridan: It was Spike.

Luis: Spike was here?

Sheridan: Chris saw him outside.

Luis: Did you talk to him?

Chris: Briefly, but he ran. I -- I couldn't chase him.

Sheridan: Chris can't run on his leg.

Luis: No, no, no need to explain.

Fancy: What did Spike say? How did he get on the grounds?

Sheridan: He said that the gate wasn't guarded, but I can't believe that.

Luis: Did he say why he was here?

Chris: He wanted to thank Fancy for helping Jessica at the Lobster Shack.

Luis: Yeah, right.

Sheridan: Yeah, I didn't buy it either.

Luis: He was at the mansion stealing stuff, and my mother caught him. That's when he shot her. That bastard's not getting away.

Fancy: I'm right behind you.

Chris' voice: Get outta here, Spike. Get the hell out.

Spike: Good, just where I left it. I got what I came for. I need to get all this good stuff in a safe place. Not to mention get myself safe.

Fancy: Wait, why did we stop? He's got to be still running.

Luis: Because I don't know which way he ran.

Fancy: Well, he probably went to the west wall. That's the most heavily wooded section.

Luis: Ok. Wait a second, is that him?

Fancy: Yes, I see him.

Spike: Damn it, Luis. Feet, don't fail me now.

Chris: I'm sorry, Sheridan, you got to go on.

Sheridan: No, Chris, I can't leave you. And I don't want you to push yourself and start bleeding again. I just -- I want to be there when Luis puts those cuffs on Spike.

Chris' voice: Please, Spike, get out of here fast.

Spike: Oh yes, this is the tree. I am cool. Thank God Alistair had all these hidden tunnels. I'm going to be back home in no time. Whoo!

Fancy: Wait, where did he go?

Luis: I don't know.

Fancy: Well, how did he just disappear like that?

Luis: I don't know, but he did.

Sheridan: Did you find him? Where's Spike?

Luis: He got away.

Sheridan: How?

Chris: Too bad you let him get away, Luis.

Fancy: No, we didn't let him get away. We didn't lose him. He disappeared.

Chris: But that's impossible.

Sheridan: No, not when my father knew that there would be times when he'd have to escape. He has an amazingly complex system of escape routes on this estate.

Luis: Well, isn't that great? I guess that's how he got away then. Damn it.

Fancy: Luis, do you really think that Spike is the one who shot your mother?

Luis: Yes. In fact I think that he shot Chris, too.

Chris: What? What gives you that idea?

Luis: Well, it's just a hunch. I've got a hunch I know exactly where Spike's headed.

Chris: Well, if he is guilty of all this stuff, wouldn't he go underground into hiding?

Luis: Yeah, but Spike is a criminal, which also makes him stupid. So now I think I know exactly where he is heading.

Chris: Well, then I'm coming with you. If he was the man who came after me, I want to help you find him.

Sheridan: No, Chris, not on that leg.

Chris: I'll be all right.

Sheridan: Well then I'm coming with you.

Fancy: Yeah, so am I.

Luis: Ok, let's all go then.

Kay: Hey, look, I know how scared you are, but just, you know, keep -- keep sending positive vibes to your mom, ok? Just keep thinking good thoughts.

Miguel: Yeah, you're right. Thank you so much for being here.

Kay: Oh, of course. Where else would I be?

Fox: Uh, Miguel, can I get you anything?

Miguel: No thanks, Fox.

Fox: Kay, can I get you something? Nothing?

Kay: Uh-uh.

Siren: Kay, maybe you should let me stay with Miguel for a little while. I think your fiancÚ is feeling a little neglected.

Kay: Hey, um, if you need me, I'm going to be right there, ok?

Miguel: Ok.

Kay: She wants to stay with you.

Miguel: Ok.

Kay: [Whispering] I'm going to keep my eye on you, you damn fish. Don't get any ideas to take him into some little private room and sing your little song and try to seduce him, ok?

Julian: Excuse me, Eve. Uh, Eve. Do you have time to talk to me now?

Eve: No, not now, Julian. I have to conference with the surgeons.

Siren: Maybe we should get out of here for a while. Take a walk, get some fresh air.

Miguel: I don't think I want to leave my mother, Siren. Not just yet.

Kay: Ugh, that little tramp. Look at her acting like she cares about his mom.

Fox: She's just trying to be of help, Kay.

Jared: Can I get you some coffee?

Theresa: That'd be great. Thank you.

Whitney: Hey. You know, I'm really glad Jared is here for you. And he seems very good in a crisis.

Theresa: He's exactly what I need in my life right now.

Gwen: See, Theresa is moving on with her life. Can you move on with yours?

Spike: Oh, man, I got to get this stuff hidden.

Chris: Do you really think he'd come back here knowing you were after him?

Luis: Now, I told you he'd do something stupid, didn't I? This is it. My guess is actually he says he's got nothing to hide and he ran because he was scared.

Chris: Well, maybe the guy is innocent. Maybe he did come to the estate to thank Fancy for helping Jessica. And I bet you he did run because he was scared.

Luis: No, I think we can all agree he's nothing but a scum and a lowlife, and anyone who helps him is nothing but the same. And I'm going to make him pay.

Jessica: Spike, it's late. Where have you been?

Spike: Jessica, baby, listen. I need your help, honey. What the hell are you doing?

Luis: You know.

Spike: What?

Jessica: Whoa! What's going on?

Luis: You're gonna pay for what you did to my mother.

Jessica: Please, stop it!

Jessica: Luis, stop it!

Fancy: Luis, don't do it. You'll damage the case.

Chris: Luis, Fancy is right, stop.

Spike: Hey, you see that, man? See that? You just bought yourself a charge of police brutality, man.

Luis: Yeah? Make it stick.

Spike: Make it stick? You know who my father-in-law is? He's the chief of police, you dummy.

Luis: Yeah, good luck with that.

Fancy: Wait, Luis, Luis. I know you are angry, but try to cool it. If Spike is the one who shot your mother, who attacked Chris, we need to bring him down the right way. Don't give him any chance to ruin your case.

Luis: All right.

Jessica: Ok, wait. Did you say Pilar was shot and Chris was attacked?

Sheridan: Chris caught an intruder and he was shot.

Luis: Pilar is in the ICU. She's critical.

Jessica: Oh, my gosh. And you think Spike did it and that he shot Chris.

Luis: No, I don't think that he did it. I know that he did it. What, are you surprised?

Fancy: Just be careful, Luis. Don't give Spike anything he can use to challenge the investigation.

Luis: All right. All right. Fine. Spike, I just have a few questions for you then.

Spike: Hey, man, be my guest. I ain't got nothing to hide.

Luis: See that? Did you hear that? All right, were you at the Crane mansion tonight?

Spike: Was on the Crane grounds, yeah.

Luis: So you weren't in the mansion?

Chris: Well, as you know, he was at Sheridan's cottage.

Sheridan: Chris found him lurking outside.

Spike: Oh, ho-ho, timeout. First of all, I wasn't lurking, ok?

Luis: Yeah, what were you doing there?

Spike: I told you I was -- I'll tell you what, I came there to thank Fancy for helping my wife when those jerks attacked her.

Luis: My mother was shot two hours ago at the Crane mansion. Where were you two hours ago?

Spike: I was at the fair.

Luis: At the fair.

Spike: Yeah, did I stutter? At the fair.

Luis: So were you alone or was someone there to verify that you were at the fair?

Spike: You mean like, what, did I have an alibi?

Luis: Yeah. Do you have an alibi?

Spike: Absolutely.

Theresa: How is she, Dr. Russell?

Eve: Well, I have good news.

Miguel: She's gonna be all right? Thank God.

Eve: Well, she's not out of the woods yet, but she's conscious and she's stronger and she wants to talk to you, Miguel.

Miguel: She wants to talk to me?

Eve: Yes. You can go in and talk to her, but don't let her wear herself out.

Miguel: Thank you, Dr. Russell.

Theresa: You kiss Mama for me?

Miguel: Yeah, I will.

Siren: That's wonderful.

Julian: Eve, do you have a few moments now?

Eve: What is it, Julian?

Julian: What is it? I -- I want to talk to you. I want to be with you, but you are being so cold to me.

Eve: I'm just starting to think that I don't really know you.

Julian: But of course you do. That's preposterous.

Eve: No, I thought I did. I thought the real you was the new Julian, the kind and gracious, gentle Julian you've been the last few years. But I'm beginning to think that that's just all an act.

Julian: Now, darling, darling, I swear.

Eve: I'm sorry, Julian. I don't have time to talk. I have too much to do.

Julian: All right. I'll do whatever I must to keep you in my life. If that means being like my bastard father, so be it.

Gwen: Hey, why do you feel you need to go to her?

Ethan: She's alone.

Gwen: No, she's not. Whitney's with her.

Ethan: All right, I see that.

Gwen: Is this your way of answering my question? Are you not going to be able to move on even if Theresa has?

Ethan: Gwen, of course not.

Gwen: Then why do you keep pushing your way into her life?

Ethan: Excuse me, if anybody's doing that, it's you. You manipulated Jared to stay in Harmony so he and Theresa could be together.

Gwen: I did and I would do it again. Ethan, this is the first time in seven years that Theresa has even hinted that she's going to stop relentlessly pursuing you. You said that's what you wanted.

Ethan: It is what I want. But just because I -- I move on doesn't mean I completely disregard caring for Theresa. I mean, she's Jane's --

Gwen: Yeah, she's Jane's birth mother. I know that. Well, you know what? I am Jane's true mother. And that doesn't explain why you can't take your eyes off Theresa and why you get that sad puppy dog look in your eyes every time you see her with Jared.

Ethan: You are misreading me.

Gwen: No, I'm not. I'm not blind, ok? But I'm sick and tired of this. In fact, I -- I've really actually really had it, you know. This is going to stop now because I'm done.

Ethan: What do you mean you are done? You mean you want to end our marriage, done?

Miguel: Mama, it's me -- Miguel.

Miguel: Mama, you don't have to speak if you are too weak.

Pilar: No, mijo. I want to speak. I love you, Miguel. I'm so happy to have you home.

Miguel: I'm not leaving, Mama.

Pilar: Good. I want you to promise you'll do something for me before --

Miguel: Mama, please don't speak like that. You are going to be fine. You are going to be fine.

Pilar: Just --

[Coughs] Promise me, Miguel. Promise me you will do something... to make yourself happy. You have to be with Kay, ok? You, Kay, and Maria -- you have to be a family. You should be a family.

Miguel: Mama, she's going to marry Fox.

Pilar: Oh, mijo. No, mijo. You are the one she loves, Miguel. Don't let her get away. Kay will make you happy.

Jared: Wonder what they're talking about in there.

Fox: Yeah, I wonder, too.

Miguel: I do love her, Mama.

Pilar: She loves you. So go, mijo. Go, go be a family with her.


Miguel: Ma, are you all right? Should I get the doctor?

Pilar: No, mijo, no. Promise me, Miguel. Promise me you will make Kay your wife. Please.

Jared: Sorry it took so long.

Theresa: It's ok. Thank you.

Jared: You're welcome. How are you holding up? Doing all right?

Theresa: I'm better now that you are here.

Jared: I'm here for as long as you need me.

Ethan: Is that what you mean? You want to end our marriage?

Gwen: Wouldn't it make your life easier? I mean, you could finally be with Theresa and not feel guilty. Would that make you happy?

Luis: So, if you were at the fair two hours ago, how come none of us saw you there? Because I was there and Fancy was there. And Sheridan and Chris and, well, Miguel and Theresa -- pretty much the whole town was there. And I will bet that not one person says they saw you.

Sheridan: Luis is right. I never saw you at the fair.

Fancy: And neither did I. Not once all day.

Spike: Yeah, so what does that prove? I didn't see either of you guys either. But somebody did see me at the fair. And she will tell you that. Ain't that right, baby?

Spike: Go ahead, baby, tell him that you saw me at the fair, right?

Jessica: You -- you said you were on Crane grounds.

Spike: No, baby, look, that was after I saw you at the fair. It was like two hours ago, remember?

Jessica: Two hours ago?

Spike: Yes, that's right.

Luis: Is that right? He's telling the truth there, Jessica? Were you with Spike two hours ago when my mother was shot?

Jessica: I -- I don't know. I mean -- I mean, I don't know the exact time.

Spike: You -- you -- you're all confused right now, baby. Listen to me. Remember I saw you, you walked up, you were looking at your watch. You said you had to get home pretty soon, you remember that? That was two hours ago, right? Right? So you see. You see, Officer Luis, there's no way I was at the Crane mansion when your mama got shot.

Fancy: All right, Jessica, Spike says he came to thank me for helping you when those guys attacked you.

Jessica's voice: How could spike know I was attacked? I haven't seen him since it happened.

Chris: But when he got up to the mansion, he saw the police and he got scared. Isn't that what you told us, Spike?

Spike: Ah, that's right. I forgot -- that's right -- when I talked to you. It was outside of Sheridan's cottage. That's right; I forgot.

Luis: Is Spike telling the truth? Were you with him two hours ago when my mother was shot at the mansion?

Spike: Go ahead and tell them, babe. Tell them there was no way I could have shot Luis' old lady.

Pilar: My son, mijo, promise me, Miguel.

Miguel: Mama, don't upset yourself, ok? Try and get some rest.

Pilar: Just promise, please.

[Coughing] Promise me.

Miguel: I promise, Mama. I promise. Please just try and get some sleep.

Pilar: Ok, mijo.

[Pilar coughing]

Eve: Pilar, what are you upset about?

Pilar: I'm not upset, Eve. I'm happy. Everything's wonderful.

Eve: Ok.

Pilar: Everything's wonderful.

Kay: I can see how hard it was for your mom to talk. God, that must have been so painful for you. How is she?

Miguel: She's trying hard to get better.

Julian: So how are you and Kay getting along?

Fox: Well, we were just getting along great, but now she can't keep her hands off Miguel. So, I don't know, Father. I'm trying not to let it get to me. And I've -- she's probably just upset about Miguel's mom, so...

Julian: I know that Kay and Miguel were childhood friends, but be careful. Don't let her feeling sorry for him lead her away from you.

Jared: Oh, oh, oh, that's all right. I'll get some napkins.

Theresa: Sorry.

Jared: Just relax.

Whitney: You know, it's still kind of hard to believe -- you leaning on a man that isn't Ethan, you know?

Theresa: I know. I can't believe it either.

Whitney: There was a time when you would have used your mother's condition as a way to get close to Ethan, you know that?

Theresa: Not really proud of the things that I've done in the past, but it's all behind me now.

Whitney: Maybe your future is with Jared.

Theresa: Maybe.

Gwen: I mean, what do you want? Do you -- do you want a divorce?

Ethan: No, of course not.

Gwen: Don't say "of course not." That's what you've programmed yourself to tell me. I need to know, did you feel happy when I told you that I was done with us?

Ethan: No, Gwen, I did not feel happy about that.

Gwen: Your heart didn't leap at the idea of being with Theresa?

Ethan: No -- no. Our marriage is important to me. We're a family with Jane. I love that we're a family.

Gwen: Then why do I feel like you'd rather be with Theresa? Why are you always running to her side and helping her and wanting to take care of her?

Ethan: You are wrong about all this.

Gwen: I am not wrong. But I'm tired of it. Ethan, I don't want to live the rest of my life with a man who is always thinking about another woman.

Ethan: Gwen, what do you want me to do?

Gwen: I want you to be a man and make up your mind. If you want to be with Theresa, then go for it and do it -- do it now.

Luis: I need an answer, Jessica. Was Spike with you two hours ago at the fair when my mother was shot?

Sheridan's voice: Poor, Luis. I wish I could be the one to comfort you.

Jessica: No, I'm sorry. I didn't see Spike at the fair. I mean, he might have been there, but I was home with Ivy because she was sick.

Spike: Baby, listen to me. That was before you came home to take care of Ivy, right? Come on, honey, remember?

Jessica: No, I didn't go to the fair, Spike. I can't say I saw you there when I didn't.

Spike: Damn it, she's lying. She's lying! She's just trying to get me back. What are you doing, Jessica? Come on.

Luis: Thank you, Jessica.

Spike: What are you doing, honey?

Luis: Thank you. You are under arrest for suspicion of attempted murder, armed robbery, evading arrest, and whatever else we can throw at you to make sure that you never walk a free man again.

Spike: Jessica.

Luis: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Spike: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. If I can't afford a lawyer, you'll get me one, blah, blah, whatever, man.

Luis: Ok, then consider yourself mirandized. And if you want to do yourself a favor, you'll tell me who helped you.

Spike: Who helped me?

Luis: Yeah. Well, obviously someone helped you get on the Crane grounds and into the mansion, and I want to bring them down, too.

Eve: Pilar, you're going to need to save your strength if you are going to recover.

Pilar: I said what I wanted to say, Eve. I pray my son finds happiness.

Julian: You just remember -- if you don't want to lose Kay, don't worry about being so nice. You take a page out of Alistair's book if you have to. You be sly; use your brain. No matter what happens, don't show your anger. Don't go off half-cocked.

Jared: Hey, I know you're worried sick about your mom. But she's strong like you, and she's gonna be all right.

Theresa: When you say that, for some reason I believe it. Thanks for being here for me.

Jared: Of course.

Gwen: You can't stand to see them kiss, can you? Ethan, you need to make up your mind here. I mean, who do you want to be with? You want to be with me or you want to be with Theresa? I need you to make up your mind, and you need to do it right now.

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