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Fox: Oh, you idiot. Watch where you're going!

Miguel: Should have picked a better place to put that. You're in the way.

Fox: Damn it.

Miguel: Why don't you help me out with the booth? It's for the hospital, right?

Fox: Fine.

Fox: What are we doing?

Tabitha: Oh, what a lovely day it is.

Fox: Damn it. Watch it, you clumsy idiot. You're going to kill somebody.

Miguel: You watch your language in front of my daughter?

Tabitha: Temper, temper.  Can't you two boys work together for the common good? We all have to support our hospital.

Fox: He's going to need a hospital by the time I'm done with him.

Miguel: What was that?

Fox: Nothing.

Tabitha: I think this fun fair is going to be more fun than I thought.

Tabitha: "Leave my daddy alone, please." I haven't done anything to torture either of your parents, have I -- lately? No, I don't think so. Listen, if you're looking to chastise someone, look right in front of you. Endora's the one who summoned that scheming mermaid to town.

Kay: Endora, you have ruined your Auntie Kay's love life. Would you please just change your mind and send Siren back to the ocean?

Siren: Talking about me?

Kay: What are you doing here, fish breath?

Siren: Hey, you two. I have plans for you.

Kay: You stay away from them, do you hear me?

Siren: Sorry, Kay. Sometimes a girl just can't help herself.

Tabitha: What are you smiling about, Kay? Looks to me as if Siren's winning the battle between the two of you so far.

Kay: Yeah, I've got a little surprise for Siren today. And once it arrives, she's not going to have any time to concentrate on seducing Fox or Miguel.

Eve: Oh, Audrey, please. Please, this whole fair is just so disorganized. I need someone with your skills on site. No, no, I understand.

Julian: Oh, hello, all.

T.C.: Don't you knock?

Eve: Maybe you could come by in the evening and -- no, ok. Mm-hmm. No, I'll just keep looking. Thanks. Oh, Julian, this whole fair on the wharf for the hospital thing is just -- it's just a big mess. Why did Charlie have to go to Boston?

Julian: Darling, come here. You know, you should've let someone else take charge weeks ago. You're overextended.

Eve: This isn't anything I can't handle.

Julian: Darling, I've barely seen you.

Eve: Oh, oh, Julian, I'm sorry. I know. It's just, I just have been so busy with T.C. and with the fair, but I promise I'm going to make time for you very, very soon.

Julian: I -- I don't care to wait any longer. I mean, if you think about it, there is really nothing to keep you here. I've hired full-time nurses for T.C. You've done your duty. Remember what we talked about at Christmas? I mean, Paris?! I mean, my jet is fueled and ready to go. We can -- we can spend the rest of the summer in Paris, the fall, the winter, too, if you like.  I really need to be with you.

Eve: Julian, keep your voice down.

Julian: Please, come with me to Paris.

Eve: I can't. There's -- there's too much for me to do.

Julian: Well, so I lose out. I'm the man you supposedly love, yet you spend no time with me. How much longer do you think I'm going to put up with this sort of treatment?

Gwen: Oh, I have got to get Jared back together with Theresa or she's going to go after Ethan again.

Ethan: Hi.

Gwen: Oh.

Ethan: Hello.

Gwen: Hi.

Ethan: So, I took care of everything at the daycare center. Jane can start as soon as we work there.

Gwen: That's good.

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: That's good.

Ethan: What's wrong?

Gwen: Well, Jared broke up with Theresa.

Ethan: Well, what do you know?

Theresa: Mama, what are you doing?

Pilar: Mija, you know, I saw this program on NBC's "Dateline" about how easily predators can approach children on the internet. I just want to make sure that little Ethan's computer doesn't have any access to the web

Theresa: Thank you. Been so busy at work, I haven't had, you know, time to keep up doing things here at the house.

Pilar: Family comes first, Theresa. Have you thought about what I told you?

Theresa: Mama.

Pilar: Theresa, you have a responsibility to those children. Now what are you going to do?

Julian: I need you.

Eve: I understand your frustration, but right now T.C. --

Julian: I think that you're using T.C. to stay away from me.

Eve: That is so not true.

Julian: Then come to Paris with me, now.

Eve: I can't.

Julian: Fine. I'll go myself.

Julian: Enjoy your responsibilities.

Eve: T.C., I'm sorry that you had to hear that. Julian just misses me, but he can wait 'cause I am here for you until you're all better.

Jared: Hey, guys.

Chad: Hey.

Whitney: Oh, hey. What's up?

Jared: Well, you're in a good mood. What's going on?

Whitney: Well, I don't know.

Chad: It's official, man. We're engaged.

Jared: Congratulations.

Whitney: Thank you very much. I mean, I've already made like a dozen phone calls already. It's --  the dress, the hall or the church, you know. I am excited, as you can see. I'll look at bridal magazines. Excuse me.

Jared: Well, it's nice to see someone's relationship is working out.

Chad: You're still mad about Theresa?

Jared: Who's mad, man? I'm just done with this town. I should've never come here in the first place.

Gwen: Well, Jared doesn't look very happy at all.

Ethan: Oh. Um, hmm, I got to go.

Gwen: Hmm.

Ethan: Got to go. I'll see you later, ok?

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: Oh, and don't worry about Jared, ok? I'm sure Theresa will find someone else.

Gwen: Ah, Whit? This ring -- oh, my God.

Whitney: I know, isn't it beautiful? Now I have a wedding to plan. Isn't it exciting?

Gwen: Congratulations.

Whitney: Thank you.

Gwen: Ok, but not just yet, ok?

Whitney: Why, why?

Gwen: Jared's leaving Harmony. You need to help me stop him.

Whitney: Me?

Gwen: Yes, we need to keep him in Harmony so he and Theresa can be together.

Whitney: Uh-huh. And you're wanting to help Theresa? Is that what this is?

Gwen: This is for personal reasons. Whitney, I've been amazed the past few days. Theresa has only had eyes for Jared. She has completely left Ethan alone. Now if Jared leaves, Theresa will be plotting for Ethan back again. You know that.

Gwen: Exactly, see? I'm looking out for her best interest, and mine, too.

Whitney: Yeah, she does need to move on with her life.

Gwen: So, you're going to help me keep Jared in Harmony?

Theresa: Mama, I have had a horrible day today. I mean, and I blew my chances with Jared.

Pilar: Well, good. Then there's no one to keep you from Ethan.

Theresa: No.

Pilar: Theresa. It's ok. What happened with Jared?

Theresa: The same thing that always happens with me and men. My creative approach to the truth got in the way.

Pilar: Oy, Theresa.

Theresa: Yeah, I know. I just, you know, I couldn't tell him, I couldn't find the right time to tell him I'm Mrs. Alistair Crane. When he found out that the head of the major corporation that happened to be interviewing with, him was me, he blew a gasket. I should've told him the truth, Mom, from the beginning.

Pilar: Yes, just like you should tell Ethan the truth.

Theresa: No. I can't do that. He's not going to leave Gwen, Mama. He would sue me for custody of little Ethan and I could lose my son for like six months out of the year.

Ethan: Pilar, are you up here?

Pilar: I'm in here, Ethan.

Theresa: What is Ethan doing here?

Pilar: I warned you, if you wouldn't tell him the truth I would.

Ethan: Pilar, I got your text message about little Ethan and I don't believe it.

Pilar: Thank you for coming, Ethan.

Theresa: How could you, Mama?

Theresa: I'm sorry. I should've told you.

Ethan: Doesn't matter who told me. I just want to make sure that everything is running properly, Theresa.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: Little Ethan's computer. I just want to make sure he has all the latest downloads to block those, you know, those creepy websites.

Theresa: Oh.

Pilar: Did you really think that I would tell Ethan something that important on a text message?

Theresa: I thought you told Ethan that little Ethan is his son.

Pilar: Well, I hope you've learned your lesson

Pilar: Tell Ethan the truth, right now.

Gwen: So, are you going to help me keep Jared in Harmony?

Whitney: But we are going to have to get sneaky about this whole thing.

Gwen: I bet we will.

Whitney: Well, it's for Theresa's own good, so -- all right. Ok, fine, I'll help you. Kidnap him and lock him in a room, he's gonna know something's up. -- Chad could talk him into something. He'd get suspicious if we spoke to him.

Gwen: Oh, Jared and I had a few words earlier.

Whitney: Oh. Well, look.

Chad: I'm -- I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you.

Whitney: Oh, hi. How's Dad?

Eve: -- He's much better. I'm just, you know, I'm just swamped. I took on trying to manage the hospital fair and -- and now  everything is falling apart. I've been spending so much time trying to take care of your dad and I am falling through the cracks.

Whitney: Maybe I could take over the fair.

Gwen: No, no, I need you.

Whitney: Shh. I know this great guy. He's new in Harmony and I hear he's a good manager. I bet you we could hire him to help.

Eve: Oh, God, why, it would be so wonderful, but I can't leave your father just now, so --

Whitney: Well, don't worry, Mom. I'll take care of it, and give love to Dad. Ok? Bye. Well, we got a way to keep Jared in town -- the fair.

Miguel: We're getting there.

Fox: Yeah, no thanks to you. I already reassembled it once before.

Miguel: You're the one who said you knew how to fit together.

Siren: Miguel, got a minute for me?

Miguel: It's about the fair?

Siren: The what? Oh, yeah, of course, the fair. Yeah.

Kay: Look at Siren going after Miguel again.

Tabitha: And that doesn't bother you?

Kay: No. Any minute now she's going to have something else to worry about.

Tabitha: Like what?

Man: Kay.

Kay: Carl. You made it, thank God. Guess what, there she is.

Carl: My mermaid. She is beautiful. I'm glad you believe me now.

Siren: Oh no, not that old fisherman again. I'll be right back.

Carl: Why is she running away?

Kay: Well, you know, she is an old-fashioned kind of girl. She likes to play a little hard to get. You've got to go get her. Go after her.

Carl: Stop, Siren, you're the pearl in my oyster! Siren, I love you!

Siren: Damn you, Kay. I'll get even for this.

Siren: Oh no, that creepy old fisherman's still after me. Oh.

Carl: Sweetie pie, I got tuna, I got seaweed. We can party down.

Siren: Did I lose him? Oh, I'm going to kill Kay, but not until after I bag Miguel. I already had Fox, and Miguel is next on my list.

Tabitha: Well done, Kay.

Kay: Yeah, not bad if I do say so myself. Hope Carl keeps Siren busy for a while. Look, I am not going to let her seduce Miguel so he can suffer from the mermaid's curse.

Tabitha: What about Fox and the mermaid's curse, any luck with it?

Tabitha: No, I didn't think so. Your irresistible charms are no match for the enchanted mermaid.

Kay: Ok, look, I'm going to beat that damn curse and then I'm going to be with Fox.

Tabitha: Oh, you've chosen Fox over Miguel?

Kay: Yes.

Tabitha: Oh.

Kay: No, now stop it. I don't need your negativity today, ok? God, this place is a mess. I don't know if they're going to open this fair on time. Wait a second, you didn't cast a spell...?

Tabitha: What? Cast a spell to ruin the fair? Me? No, of course I didn't. Actually, the townspeople seem to be doing that for themselves. This isn't very well-planned, is it?

Kay: No, no. Hey, guys, how are you doing with the kissing booth?

Miguel: It's coming along. We just don't know where to put it. So far three people have told us to put it in their places.

Miguel: Well, somebody better get their act together 'cause I want to raise a lot of money and I want this fair to be a success. The people at the hospital were so good to Maria. I want to repay them somehow.

Tabitha: Wasn't paying those enormous bills enough?

Miguel: I'm gonna see if I can find someone in charge.

Tabitha: I think you better go with him, Kay. Otherwise, Siren might get her fish fingers on him.

Kay: Hmm, don't worry. Siren's got her hands full with Carl.

Eve: Ok, here you go. Don't spill it.

T.C.: I'm not a child.

Eve: I know you're not a child, T.C. It's just you have to be very patient. Recovering from a stroke is very iffy business. It could take months, years even. Well, at least Whitney found someone to take over the fair. That's a huge load off my mind.

Eve: Are you ok, T.C.? You know, I'm sorry that you had to witness Julian's outburst a little earlier. He's just -- he's just a tad used to getting his way all the time, but he'll be fine. He'll just have to wait, and -- and he really does understand what you're going through.

T.C.: Like I care.

Eve: Can I get you something else?

T.C.: No. No, you -- you could just get out!

Whitney: Jared's perfect to take over the fair.

Chad: What's going on?

Whitney: Oh, whatsoever do you mean?

Chad: Come on, now, you two aren't exactly the best of friends.

Whitney: We have a common cause. We're trying do a good deed here, Chad. I mean, Theresa likes Jared. Jared likes Theresa?

Chad: You know, you're lucky you're so cute. What do you want me to do?

Pilar: I really do hope you've learned your lesson. Just tell people the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Ok. Now you just told me that you lost any chance of a friendship with Jared. It'll all work out for the best. You'll see.

Theresa: I'd like to tell him, Mama.

Pilar: Then do it. Do it.

Theresa: Maybe it's the best.

Theresa: Ethan, I just, I wanted to talk to you about little Ethan's father.

Kay: Carl, what are you doing? Why aren't you with Siren?

Carl: Uh, I don't know. I don't think she heard me. She -- she's disappeared.

Kay: What? Oh, my God, Miguel's not back yet.

Miguel: Damn it, I can't find anyone in charge.

Siren: Are you a music lover, Miguel? I am. Been for hundreds of years.

Miguel: What is that? It's beautiful.

Siren: Come to me, Miguel. It's time to make love, sweet love.

Chad: Oh, man, man, what a mess.

Jared: What?

Chad: Well, I was just talking to Whitney and she says the hospital fund-raising fair is falling to pieces, might be canceled.

Jared: What happened?

Chad: They lost their manager last minute and they're desperate to find someone to take over and organize it.

Jared: Huh.

Chad: I mean, it really is a shame. You know, the money was going to go to the children's wing. I tell you, you -- you walk through it, and it will break your heart. Those kids...

Jared: Well, you know, I have some experience in fund-raising. Actually, I ran a casino night and a silent auction. Can't be that much different than running a fair. Maybe I can help.

Chad: Really? I mean, don't -- don't volunteer unless you're sure. I mean, they're not paying that much.

Jared: I'm not going to do it for the money you know, it's the kids. Where is this fair at? Maybe we can take a run over there now.

Chad: Well, now, are you sure? I thought you were leaving town.

Jared: Well, I may be you know, I got a job to do though, right? Help the kids out.

Chad: All right. Let's get started.

Jared: Yeah.

Whitney: And we did it.

Gwen: We did it. Ok, now all we have to do is get Theresa to hook up with Jared.

Ethan: Theresa, what is it?

Pilar: She has something to tell you, Ethan.

Theresa: About little Ethan's father.

Julian: What about me?

Theresa: What are you doing here, Julian?

Julian: I live here, dear. I was informed by someone on the technical staff that adjustments are being made to my son's computer. I wanted to make sure I agree with what's being done.

Theresa:  You hardly give minutes of your time to little Ethan?

Julian: Well, that's about to change. I told you before I want a larger role in little Ethan's life. I want shared custody.

Theresa: I can raise my son just fine on my own. Thank you, Julian.

Julian: Our son.

Theresa: I don't want you anywhere near him.

Julian: Well, I could say the same thing about you, couldn't I? Well, neither of us are perfect are we?

Julian: Well, you dash off to Italy for weeks, you leave him with his nanny.

Pilar: I was here every day.

Julian: Well, you're not the boy's mother, Pilar. He must be so confused. I mean, first you -- you keep me, his natural father, at arm's length for years, at the same time doing your best to get Ethan here involved in the boy's upbringing.

Theresa: Ethan's a good role model for little Ethan.

Julian: But was Alistair? You dumped both of us when you married him and let him adopt little Ethan. Thank God that bastard's dead. But now, it's time for me to take my rightful place as the boy's father.

Theresa: The hell you will.

Julian: You may control the company and the estate, but I'll be damned if I'll let you keep me from my son.

Theresa: Have you been drinking, Julian?

Julian: Don't be absurd.

Theresa: No mother in her right mind would trust you with her child. You sent all your other children to boarding school.

Julian: My, what a grand idea.

Julian: Have you finished with my son's computer? 

Pilar: Kill two birds with one stone. Tell Ethan the truth and the problem with Julian goes away.

Ethan: Julian's absolutely right about custody of his son.

Theresa: No.

Siren: [singing]

Carl: What a beautiful song.

Kay: Oh, my God, oh, my God, Siren's trying to seduce Miguel.

Siren: Come to me, Miguel. Come into my arms.

Kay: Leave Miguel alone.

Siren: You can't stop me from singing, Kay. It's inevitable.

Kay: Never.

Siren: I've already had Fox and I will have Miguel. It's what you get for double-crossing me.

Kay: Now stop this. Miguel's life will be ruined if he's under that mermaid's curse. He'll never be able to make love to a woman again.

Siren: Once you've been with a mermaid, everything else is rotten fish.

Kay: Damn you, there's nothing I can do to stop you now.

Carl: Oh, my love.

Siren: Not you.

Eve: T.C., you don't mean that.

T.C.: Yes, I do. Just, just get out! Go!

Eve: Don't be silly. You can't stay here alone. I explained to you that -- that Julian's just a little frustrated.

T.C.: Damn it, just go! Now!

Eve: Oh.

Jared: Jeez, man, what a mess.

Chad: Wow.

Jared: When is this fair supposed to start up?

Chad: Right away.

Jared: You're kidding?

Chad: Mm.

Jared: All right, well, we're going to have to find some workers.

Chad: Ok, then what would we do?

Jared: Well, first, we put all the food booths in one area, you know, so everyone hungry knows where to go. That's number one.

Chad: All right, see that woman over there in the blue T-shirt?

Jared: Yeah.

Chad: That's Jeannie. She's Dr. Russell's assistant. She knows everybody and she'll be a help. We're going to need all the help we can to get this thing sorted out, so -- 

Chad: Well, at least Jared's still in Harmony. But how do you guys plan on getting him and Theresa back together?

Whitney: Um, well, we're working on that.

Gwen: Yeah. Just -- just don't let Jared out of town, ok?

Whitney: Ok, so, now what are we going to do?

Gwen: I don't know. At least we stopped Jared from leaving town. God, who'd ever believe that I'd become Theresa's matchmaker?

Theresa: How can you take Julian's side over mine?

Ethan: I'm not taking Julian's side. I'm taking little Ethan's side. A boy deserves to have a father.

Julian: Thank you Ethan.

Theresa: Not a father like Julian.

Ethan: Theresa, Julian has changed for the better. That's -- we all know that, and he should be in his son's life now. If little Ethan was my son, I would do exactly the same thing.  I'm sorry. You have absolutely no right to keep him away from his son. Theresa, you just can't.

Theresa: He doesn't know the first thing about bringing up a child.

Julian: Well, perhaps I have not been the most attentive father in the world, but I have helped raise a number of children and he turned out all right.

Theresa: Yeah, no thanks to you.

Ethan: Look, Julian lives here with him so partial custody is not going to change anything. And I'll tell you something. If it was me and I had a son and I married, I would want equal custody, Theresa. I would want to be with my son six months out of the year. Give Julian what he wants.

Theresa: How can you betray me like this?

Siren: Let me go.

Carl: Never, my love. Never again.

Siren: Grr, you tricked me.

Kay: Did I?

Carl: Come, my fishing boat is tied up at the harbor. I fixed up my cabin just for you. My bunk is big enough for two. Just think, making love for weeks on end while we head for the South Seas.

Siren: No!

Kay: Here.

Carl: I'll catch you, sweetheart. You make me feel young again.

Kay: Ah, God.

Miguel: What? What is so funny?

Kay: Nothing.

Fox: Is Siren running out towards the pier?

Miguel: Yeah, and Carl. Is he chasing her?

Kay: They're just in a hurry trying to find supplies for the fair.

Miguel: If you say so.

Tabitha: Most amusing, Kay.

Kay: Yeah, I thought so, too.

Tabitha: And clever, too. It won't solve your problem, will it? Siren will be after Miguel in no time. And Fox is still laboring under the mermaid's curse.

Kay: I know. I was just trying to buy myself some time. Look, I think I've come up with an idea to get rid of the curse on Fox at the same time. But I'm really getting a kick out of watching this fish girl run around like this.

Siren: Leave me alone.

Carl: Wait for me, sweet lady of the sea.

T.C.: Go, Eve, go!

Eve: T.C., oh, don't hurt me like this.

T.C.: I am no pity case.

Eve: This is not pity. You need help.

T.C.: No, no. Go be with the man that you love. Go be with Julian.

Eve: Oh, sweet --

T.C.: I don't want your pity. Just go! Go!

Jared: Hey, don't put those cables there. Somebody could trip on them.

Whitney: This is good, this is good. Jared's really into it.

Gwen: This is great. I hope he stays into it for a really long time.

Whitney: Yeah, while we figure out how we're going to get Theresa and Jared back together. You know what? I actually always left the scheming and plotting up to Theresa.

Gwen: Well, stick with me.

Theresa: How can you take Julian's side over mine? Little Ethan deserves a better father.

Julian: Oh, what? Like my father? Oh, there's a parental role model any boy can look up to.

Theresa: Well, at least he spent time with little Ethan. You never could be bothered.

Ethan: Come on, He tried to teach the kid that as a Crane he was above the law.

Julian: And I can do better.

Ethan: Theresa, I simply understand Julian's point of view.

Pilar: Excuse us, please.

Pilar: See? See what your lies have brought you? Now you need to tell Julian and Ethan the truth. There is no other way.

Theresa: No. You heard Ethan, Mama. He would insist on sharing custody with me. I would lose little Ethan for like six months out of the year.

Pilar: If you don't tell them, Julian will get custody of little Ethan. He will take him out of the country now whether you like it or not. It's time for the truth.

Theresa: No.

Pilar: You belong with Ethan and your children. And the first step is to tell Ethan that he's little Ethan's father.

Theresa: Mama.

Pilar: Maybe for you, but not for me. There's something both of you need to know, right now.

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