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James: Hi, Daddy.

Chris: Hey. Oh, careful of the leg, you little monster. Daddy's got a boo-boo.

[Grunts] You get your license renewed?

Sheridan: Hmm?

Chris: Your driver's license. That's why you went to the police station, remember?

Sheridan: Oh, yes, yes. It's all done.

Chris: Are you all right?

Fancy: How's that?

Luis: Nice, very nice.

Sheridan: Of course I'm all right.

Chris: Sheridan, what's on your mind? Or should I say who's on your mind?

Fancy: I look terrible. Don't they have any smaller sizes?

Paloma: Hey, hey. Where are you going?

Fancy: To call my maid. She can have a chauffeur bring me some exercise clothes that fit.

Paloma: Would you stop it? You're going to prove to Luis that you are a princess. You have to warm up for the training class. It's going to be hard. And what do you bet Luis is going to be harder on us because I'm his sister and you're --

Fancy: Yeah, I heard you the first time, because I'm a princess.

Paloma: Yes, you have to be tough. If you give him one reason to cut you from the police training program, he'll take it.

Fancy: I am tough. I'm a champion equestrian.

Paloma: Uh-huh, doesn't the horse do all the work?

Fancy: No, it's a partnership between the horse and the person --

Paloma: Oh, Fancy, wake up. He's going to be harder on us than on these guys. We have to prove we're better than they are.

Fancy: Oh please, stop trying to scare me. How hard can this whole silly training thing be?

[Whistle blows]

Luis: Ok, first test. You take this log, you put it on your shoulder, you carry it from one end of the room to the other. Who's first?

Gwen: Good morning.

Woman: Good morning. You must be the Winthrop's.

Ethan: Yes, we are.

Woman: Won't you sit down? Mr. Carter is expecting you and I'll tell him you've arrived.

Ethan: Thank you.

Gwen: Woo, I'm so nervous.

Ethan: Don't -- hey, don't be nervous, ok? We're perfectly qualified.

Gwen: I know, but, I mean, Theresa did have you blackballed at every other law firm in the state and she's not exactly the president of my fan club.

Ethan: Well, that was before she decided to give me up.

Gwen: If she's given you up.

Ethan: All right, we'll look at this as a test, ok? If we get hired, then it means that the blackball has been lifted and Theresa has moved on with her life. Just keep your fingers crossed that I'm not going to be back at Crane.

Gwen: This would be great. You know, both of us working at the same law firm. You as a lawyer, me running the business division.

Ethan: Not too crazy about the location though. The 10th floor of the Crane building? I mean, we could run into Theresa in the elevator, for God's sake.

Gwen: Yeah, but the employees are allowed to bring their children to Crane daycare downstairs. We'd be able to bring Jane there and see her whenever we wanted to.

Ethan: Now, don't get your hopes up, though. We have to get hired first.

Gwen: Look, all I can say is, "thank God for Jared."

Ethan: Yeah, why would you say that?

Gwen: Ethan, there's electricity between the two of them. And as long as Jared is around, we will never ever have to worry about Theresa.

Chad: Jared, hey, what's going on? Did you see Theresa?

Jared: Oh, you mean Mrs. Alistair Crane.

Chad: Is there a problem?

Jared: Is there a problem? Theresa is Theresa Crane. She lied to me. She let me think that she was this struggling single mother when in actuality she may be one of the richest, most powerful women in the world. I never want to see her again.

[Knock at the door]

Whitney: Theresa, I got your message. What's wrong?

Theresa: It's Jared.

Whitney: What happened?

Theresa: You know how I was interviewing the people for the executive position?

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Well, he was one of them.

Whitney: No.

Theresa: Yeah, and Valerie came in, just did her job, called me Mrs. Crane, and he realized that I was the gold digger that he can't stand.

Whitney: Oh, God.

Theresa: I know, I should have told him. You should have heard the things that he said.

Whitney: He was angry with you, huh?

Theresa: I don't know what I've done.

Whitney: Well, maybe if you explain everything to him --

Theresa: I tried that. Forget it, he's gone for good. I guess this is what I get for not being upfront and honest, right? Maybe I'm fated to spend the rest of my life alone.

Fancy: Um, how heavy is that thing?

Luis: Oh, about as heavy as a full-sized adult who loves junk food.

Fancy: And I have to pick it up and carry it from one end of the room to the other.

Luis: Yep.

Fancy: This is a big room.

Luis: People, on occasion, you will be called upon to struggle with or subdue a suspect, perform rescue operations. This drill is designed to make sure that you can perform such duties physically.

Recruit: No problem.

Fancy: Easy for you to say. How are we supposed to pick that thing up?

Luis: Police work requires problem solving. Figure it out.

Fancy: That thing weighs more than I do. What if I pull something?

Luis: Well, then I'll take your application, throw it into the trash and send you to the E.R.

Fancy: Very funny.

Luis: Who's kidding?

Paloma: Fancy, don't dig your own grave.

Fancy: If we were called upon to do anything this physical, wouldn't we have a partner to help pick the log up?

Luis: It is not a log. It is a victim.

Fancy: Ok fine, it's a victim. Couldn't we use the radio thingy to call some nice strong people with a stretcher?

Paloma: Shut your mouth.

Fancy: Really, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Luis: Well, Fancy, if you can't do it, just say so, and then leave.

Fancy: What?

Luis: You are wasting our time. You are wasting my time. Now, it's obvious you can't perform this first simple little drill. So why don't you go? Just get out of here. I knew you couldn't cut it as a cop, princess.

James: Did you see my police badge, Daddy?

Chris: Yeah. That's pretty impressive. Who gave you that?

James: Luis.

Chris: I figured.

Sheridan: Yes, Luis was at the station.

Chris: Oh.

Sheridan: You sound like you're jealous.

Chris: Don't be silly. I'm just concerned about you. You know, it wouldn't be a bad idea if you avoided seeing him for a while.

Sheridan: I wasn't planning on seeing Luis today.

Chris: Easy, easy. I'm just saying that every time you see him, it's going to remind you of losing Marty and the baby.

Sheridan: I don't need to see Luis to be reminded of that.

Chris: Come here. I wish I could do more for you. You put on a good act. But I can see you're still hurting.

Sheridan: Oh, Chris, grieving takes a long, long time. And when a mother loses a child, let alone two... I'm fine; I'm just tired. How's the leg?

Chris: Don't change the topic. You do too much and I'm no help. You've basically been looking after James all by yourself.

Sheridan: No, I love taking care of James. He keeps my mind off -- off know. And being with him makes me appreciate everything I do have -- my family, my husband. James, who wants a peanut butter and tomato sandwich?

James: Me!

Sheridan: Then let's get in that kitchen.

Chris: Don't forget about me.

Chris: And now I have to steal the security codes to the mansion for Spike. Otherwise he'll rat on me. I wonder if Sheridan will still appreciate me, if she knew what I had to do.

Theresa: Why is it that every time I think I'm doing, like, the right thing, I just shoot myself in the foot? Why didn't I tell Jared the truth from the beginning?

Whitney: I know, I know, but --

Theresa: No, don't -- don't -- don't say, "I told you so," please.

Whitney: I'm the one that's here to help you, ok?

Theresa: Sorry. I think I am just going to do it, you know, I'm going to give up on men altogether. I mean, my mom did just fine without my father all these years.

Whitney: Yeah, but it's not because she wanted to, Theresa. Don't beat yourself up, ok? You did the best you could. You tried to tell Jared who you were several times. But then he would go on his rant about Mrs. Crane. About how she's a selfish, gold-digging tramp --

Theresa: Oh, God, don't, don't rub it in, please.

Whitney: You know what I mean.

Theresa: I do.

Whitney: There was never a good time to tell him. You know what? He should be apologizing to you for some of the things he was saying instead of blowing his stack the way he did.

Theresa: But what this is is dumb. Theresa never learns her lesson. I mean, how many times over the year did I wait for the perfect time to tell Ethan the truth? But there never was the perfect time. So what happened? Everything just kind of blew up in my face. I lost any chance I ever had of having a life with Ethan. And now I'm just repeating history with Jared.

Whitney: Well, look, don't be negative about the whole thing. Ok, look, maybe after Jared cools off, he'll realize what an awkward position you were in.

Theresa: And come back? I doubt it.

Whitney: Give him a chance.

Theresa: It would be great if we could work things out... if Jared could find it in his heart to forgive me.

Chad: All right, so what happened?

Jared: Well, it's pretty damn simple. She lied, man. She knew how I felt about this Mrs. Crane I've read about in the tabloids. Yet she still wouldn't open her mouth to tell me who she really was.

Chad: Yeah, well, you can't believe everything you read in the tabloids.

Jared: What does it matter, man? She lied to me. And I can't stand liars. Where is this damn elevator?

Chad: Look, Jared, I'm sure she wanted to tell who she really was. You just kept --

Jared: Stop. Why didn't you tell me who she was, huh?

Chad: And why would I? You know, you two looked you were just getting along just fine by yourselves. Come on, what difference does it make? So she's rich.

Jared: Rich? She makes Warren Buffett look like a panhandler.

Chad: Look, you don't care about money or social position. What's important is Theresa is a terrific person.

Jared: Yeah, a terrific person who lies.

Chad: Look, I'm sure she's sorry she misled you. Can't you just try and talk to her again? Come on, I mean she's -- God, she's smart, she's talented, she's gorgeous. Give her another chance.

Luis: Ok, I think it's time to start with the real recruits, the dedicated men who want to make up the Harmony police department.

Paloma: I'm here, too, you know.

Luis: I feel that Miss Crane has wasted enough of our time. I knew she didn't have what it takes to become a cop.

Fancy: Excuse me?

Luis: We don't need slackers in this department. We need dedicated professionals who have the drive to make something meaningful happen with their lives.

Paloma: Aye dios.

Fancy: Sir.

Luis: You're still here.

Fancy: I didn't say I didn't want to do the drill, and I certainly didn't say I couldn't do the drill. I just had some questions. We're not supposed to ask any questions?

Luis: Fancy, could you just go? Please. I would really like to deal with the real recruits.

Fancy: I am a real recruit.

Luis: Ok, then prove it. You're up first.

Fancy: What?

Luis: You got 60 seconds to go pick up that log, take it from one end of the room to the other, and if you don't make it, you are out of the program.

Fancy: I don't deal well with ultimatums.

Luis: 60 seconds. Go.

Ethan: We got jobs.

Gwen: We are employed.

Woman: Congratulations and welcome to the firm.

Ethan: Thank you so much.

Gwen: Thank you.

Ethan: It will be a pleasure working here. You know what this means, right? I finally get to support my family.

Gwen: And you won't have to do it by yourself. Honey, we'll have two incomes. And the best thing is, Theresa has really put you behind her. I mean, she must have taken you off her blacklist.

Ethan: We can move out of the B&B, finally.

Gwen: And we can save money. And as soon as we have enough saved, we can say "so long" to Harmony.

Ethan: Wait a minute, you still want to leave town?

Gwen: Ethan, I can't wait for the day. We will never have to see Theresa, ever again.

Chad: Well, are you going to give Theresa another chance?

Jared: Look, man, Theresa may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I know she is Whitney's best friend. But I can't be with someone who lies to me.

Chad: Look, she wanted to tell you who she really was, but you wouldn't let her get a word in.

Jared: Man, that's bull.

Chad: No bull. Every time Theresa turned around, you were trash-talking her.

Jared: Well, don't you think I know that? I feel like an idiot. I wouldn't shut my mouth about the evil Mrs. Crane, when all that time I'm playing baseball with her. And -- and -- and -- and walking her home to her mother's house. But she played me for a fool. Theresa had every opportunity to tell me who she was, but she didn't. We're over, man.

Theresa: Maybe you are right. Maybe Jared will calm down.

Theresa: No. No, you should've seen his face. He was pretty angry. I don't think he'll want to work things out with me. I think I had my chance with him and I blew it.

Whitney: You're sure about that?

Theresa: I made him feel like a fool. And no man likes that.

Whitney: It's kind of ironic, don't you think? I mean, it just seems like most guys would be jumping up and down to find out that the girl he likes is rich.

Theresa: Well, that's what I loved about Jared, you know? That he didn't care that I had any money. He didn't want anything from me. All he cared about was spending time with me. And now he doesn't care if he ever sees me again.

Sheridan: You've got peanut butter all over you, you little monkey face.

[Cell phone rings]

Chris: Hello? Damn it, Spike, no. No, I haven't got the codes to the mansion security system yet. Yeah, I know you can destroy me. So what else is new? Listen, I'll get you the codes. You can rob the Cranes to your heart's content. But I need time.

Sheridan: Who was that? You sounded mad.

Chris: Uh, just one of those pollsters. They can never take "no" for an answer.

Sheridan: I usually just hang up. Did James have his vitamin today?

Chris: Uh, no, I don't think so.

James: I don't want a vitamin. Blech.

Sheridan: Oh, pooh, they're chewable and delicious.

Sheridan: Chris, what are you doing with my PDA?

Luis: Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Whoa, you only got 50 seconds left.

Fancy: Don't -- don't rush me.

Paloma: Maybe if you put --

Luis: Hey, hey, Paloma, let little princess over there figure it out on her own.

Fancy: Princess Fancy knows what to do.

Recruit: Come on, Fancy.

Paloma: Come on, Fancy.

Recruit: Go, Fancy, come on.

Paloma: Go, girl. Yay!

Recruit: Come on, come on, come on!

Paloma: Come on, Fancy! You can do it, Fancy, come on.

Recruit: Come on, you can do it, Fancy, let's go.

Second recruit: You got it, you got it.

Fancy: Mm.

Paloma: Come on, Fancy, come on! Hurry up, hurry up, you're running out of time, Fancy.

Recruit: Come on.

Paloma: Oh, my God.

Recruit: You're almost there. Come on, now.

Second recruit: Yeah, yeah, all right.

Fancy: [Grunts]

Paloma: Woo-hoo!

[Applause and cheering]

Fancy: Well?

Paloma: Luis, did Fancy do the drill under 60 seconds?

Gwen: Oh, it's nap time. Honey, we have to come back later.

Ethan: Yeah, but I thought you wanted to get Jane enrolled in daycare right away.

Gwen: Well I do, but I also have errands to run.

Ethan: Tell you what, I can stay here until they open up.

Gwen: You could? That would be great.

Ethan: It's ok. I can meet up with you later. How about that?

Gwen: Wonderful. What would I do without you? And can you believe that we both have jobs? Ah, from now on, our lives are going to be completely different. And if Theresa and Jared stay together, everything will be perfect. I will see you later.

Ethan: See you. Perfect -- I don't know about that.

Chad: Theresa, I -- hey, well, this is a nice surprise.

Whitney: Oh?

Chad: What's going on?

Whitney: Hi, honey.

Chad: So where's Theresa?

Whitney: She is down in Crane daycare right now, visiting little Ethan. She needed some cheering up.

Chad: Oh, yeah, I figured. I saw Jared on the elevator. The man is truly ticked off.

Whitney: Oh, do you think there's any way he is going to forgive her?

Chad: No, he's pretty straightforward about it. He refuses to be in a relationship with someone he doesn't trust.

Whitney: Wow, I was really hoping that they could be a couple, you know.

Chad: Yeah, well, don't worry. I'm sure there's a guy out there somewhere for Theresa. I mean, who knows? They are probably releasing him from his padded cell as we speak.

Whitney: Very funny.

Chad: Look, some day Theresa's going to bump into some great guy and they are both going to realize they're meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

Whitney: Mm, if you say so.

Ethan: Oh, hey. Excuse me --

Theresa: Oh, ouch. I'm sorry.

Ethan: It's ok.

Theresa: Ethan.

Paloma: Come on, Luis. Did she pass the test under 60 seconds or didn't she?

Luis: Yeah, she did.

[All cheering and clapping]

Recruit: Oh, sorry.

Fancy: It's ok, I'm tough, I can take it.

Luis: All right, let's not get all cocky. You barely passed. 59 1/2 seconds.

Fancy: Yeah, but you heard the man, I still passed.

[All cheering and clapping]

[Whistle blows]

Luis: Let's go! Everyone's got to do this! Let's see, who's next? Come on.

Paloma: I'll go.

[Whistle blows]

Luis: All right, let's gather around. I meant everyone. Now, some of you, I am pleased to report, are doing very well. And others, well, need to step it up a bit.

Fancy: My God, look, I broke a nail.

Paloma: That's the least of your problems.

Fancy: Well, I just got a manicure.

Paloma: Didn't you hear him? You did good with the log. But you've been messing up ever since. You've got to get your act together.

Luis: You ladies quite finished?

Paloma: Yes, sir.

Fancy: Yes, sir.

Luis: All right, well, let's get in line for the next drill. Over there.

Fancy: I can take anything he can dish out as long as I don't have to climb some stupid rope. It's impossible. When I was in boarding school, Esme and I flunked out of gym because we wouldn't do it. Esme burned down the gym.

Luis: All right, next drill, the rope climb. Here's what's going to happen, folks. You climb this rope to the top and then climb back down, in a controlled manner. All right, who's first?

Recruit: Me, sir.

Luis: All right, cadet, let's do it.

Gwen: Well, look who it is. It's Theresa's better half. Poor guy. Jared? Hey, you remember me?

Jared: Yeah, Gwen from the baseball game. You ladies whipped our butts.

Gwen: Well...

Jared: Have a seat.

Gwen: Thank you. So, I hear that you and Theresa are dating now.

Jared: Well, uh, not anymore. We're pretty much done.

Gwen: What?

Jared: Excuse me?

Gwen's voice: If he doesn't keep Theresa busy, she's going to go after Ethan again.

Theresa: Sorry.

Ethan: It's ok.

Theresa: Thanks for -- I should watch where I'm going, you know. So what brings you to Crane Industries?

Ethan: I was just up at Flood and McFarlane.

Theresa: The office on the 10th floor.

Ethan: Yeah, I applied for a job there, and I got hired. So did Gwen. We're both going to be working there. And I was just here enrolling Jane in daycare.

Theresa: Congratulations, to both of you.

Ethan: You mean that?

Theresa: Of course.

Ethan: Even though we'll both be working right here in the Crane building?

Theresa: Well, actually, it kind of works well for me. Jane will be here all day long and she'll get to see little Ethan. It's actually really convenient.

Ethan: Hold on a second. Did you make sure that Gwen and I both got hired here? Is this one of your tricks? 'Cause let me tell you something, this sounds exactly like something that you would do to get me back. 

Sheridan: Chris, why did you take my PDA out of my purse?

Chris: The alarm went off, and I wanted to bring it to you. I thought it might be important.

Sheridan: Oh, well, that was sweet. It's the alarm reminding me to call the dentist. Oh, that's the box I was sending to storage.

Chris: Uh, yeah, some Crane staff came by while you were out and wanted to take it away, but I told them to wait. I figured you'd better check and see if there was anything you'd wanted to keep.

James: Hey, Daddy.

Chris: Oo, what's that? Is that a peanut butter and tomato sandwich?

James: To-mah-to sandwich.

Chris: To-mah-to sandwich, sorry about that.

Sheridan: Yes, he made it for you all by himself.

Chris: This is the best sandwich I've ever had. Mm, delicious. I think you're going to be a great chef one day. What do you think, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Yes, maybe.

Chris: See?

Sheridan's voice: Oh, Luis, is she what you really want?

Paloma: Yes!

[All cheering and clapping]

Recruit: All right!

Luis: Nice work, cadet.

Paloma: Thank you, sir.

Luis: All righty, next victim, cadet Crane.

Recruit: Come on, you can do it, Fancy.

Second recruit: All the way, Fancy, come on.

Paloma: Just one hand over the other, Fancy. You'll do it in no time.

Luis: There's no way she's going to do it. Not in a million years.

Whitney: It's just hard to be so happy when your best friend is so miserable.

Chad: Oh, baby, come on. You've bent over backwards for years to help Theresa out. And she still gets in trouble. Let her make her own mistakes.

Whitney: Ok, I suppose you're right. I just was hoping those two could really work things out. I think they're such a perfect couple, you know.

Chad: Well, I'm sure there's someone out there who will convince Jared to give Theresa another chance.

Whitney: Who? I mean, you said yourself he doesn't want to see her.

Chad: Look, I don't want to talk about Theresa anymore, ok? Let her live her own life. I want to enjoy ours. We've got to think about our future. We got some big steps to make. We're getting married, you know?

Whitney: Well, I love taking big steps.

Chad: Well, it's time to make it official. I mean, I know we're getting married and you know we're getting married, but it's time to show everyone else that we mean it.

Whitney: Oh, Chad.

Chad: You know, last time we were engaged, I didn't give you a ring. I'm going to make this right.

Whitney: Oh, my God. Oh, God.

Chad: With this on your finger, everybody is going to know we mean it.

Whitney: It is really spectacular.

Chad: Whitney Russell, will you join your life with mine? Will you marry me?

Whitney: Of course I'll marry you, Chad. I love you so much.

Jared: How is my love life any of your business?

Gwen: It's not, I'm sorry. But I have to ask. I mean, what happened with you and Theresa? You guys -- you looked like the perfect couple.

Jared: What gave you that idea and why do you care?

Gwen: Theresa's a good friend of mine.

Jared: Wait a minute. You're Gwen Winthrop, Ethan's wife. Theresa's Ethan.

Gwen: He's my Ethan.

Jared: Yeah, well, I've seen you and Theresa together. Talk about, "if looks could kill." You hate each other, and that's because of Ethan. Oh, I get it. You want me and Theresa to stay together just to make sure she stays away from Ethan.

Gwen: That is absurd.

Jared: And you're a terrible liar. Forget it, Gwen. I won't be used as a pawn by anyone. Theresa already used me once and that was plenty. I'm not going to go back and make nice with Mrs. Crane just to make sure she stops chasing after your husband.

Ethan: This is just your kind of thing. Let me guess, you finagled it so Gwen and I would get hired here so we'd all be in the same building. So when Gwen is upstairs working her fingers to the bone, you and I would get caught in an elevator or something coincidentally, is that it? Am I on the right track?

Theresa: I had no idea you and Gwen had interviews.

Ethan: Then I'm sorry, I made a mistake. That's good.

Theresa: Oh, this is just great. I came down here for nothing. Just, you know, I thought I could see my son and -- so much for trying to cheer myself up.

Ethan: What's wrong?

Theresa: What isn't wrong? I blew it with Jared, you know. I couldn't find the right time to tell him that I'm Mrs. Alistair Crane, and when he found out, he blew a gasket. He doesn't want to see me again.

Ethan: Theresa, I'm --

Theresa: No, if -- you think I would've learned. I just don't know why I didn't tell him the truth when I met him that night at the Harmony Blue Note. It's just funny, you know? I can think of so many times that I should have told you the truth. Then I made that big decision, you know, to give you up... focus on my son and my job. I'm an idiot.

Ethan: No, no, no.

Theresa: Yeah, because --

Ethan: No, you're not an idiot, and don't ever say that.

Theresa: Ethan, I meet this guy that I feel the slightest bit of connection with, and then I -- I think about sharing my entire life with him. I mean, that's a little ridiculous.

Ethan: It's not ridiculous. You just need to find the right guy.

Theresa: Yeah, well, who is the right guy? I mean, if you know, I think you should tell me.

[Fancy grunting]

Luis: All right, Fancy, come on, we don't have all day here.

Paloma: Let her try. Come on, Fancy, you can do it!

Fancy: I'm trying.

Recruit: Go.

Second recruit: Go.

Recruit: Go, come on, Fancy, come on.

Recruits: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Paloma: Oh no.

Luis: Hey, Fancy. You know, if you can't keep up with the others, you don't have to worry about me bouncing you from the program. You'll bounce yourself. All right, let's go. Come on, people, it's time for a little running. We're going to go around the park, up to the Crane gates and back.

Fancy: That must be five miles.

Luis: Yeah, it's more like eight and a lot of uphill. All right, people, come on, come on, come on.

[Blows whistle five times] Let's go, let's go. Come on, fire up!

Fancy: Ow, ow, ow. I hurt my back.

Paloma: Do you want to quit?

Fancy: Quit? No, no way. Making it through this program is the only way I'll get Luis' respect, and Luis himself.

Paloma: Then let's go.

Fancy: I'm right behind you.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, you're moving on, just like I have.

[James giggling]

Chris: You look sad. Are you all right?

Sheridan: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I've got my gorgeous husband, my incredible son. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Chris: So I can send that box to storage?

Sheridan: Yes, I'm done with everything in that box. Let's go get that vitamin and then you can have some chocolate milk.

Chris: See you later, Sher.

Chris: Now where the hell is that security code to the mansion? Damn you, Spike. And damn you, too, Alistair. I hope you're burning in hell. I'm sorry, Sheridan, I'm so sorry.

Whitney: I have so many phone calls to make. Oh, my God, there are so many plans that I have to make for our wedding.

Chad: You go all out. Go all out. All I care about is the moment when I'm at the altar and they play that wedding march. You are going to be the most beautiful bride.

Whitney: Oh, thank you, baby. We're going to have such a wonderful life.

Chad: I can't wait.

Whitney: Oh, oh, let me call the church right now. I'm going to go see what dates are available, ok?

Chad: Voice mail. Yeah, listen, this is Chad. We're still on for tonight. Meet me at the safari motel on route 17. I can't wait to see you again.

Gwen: You know, you have a lot of nerve.

Jared: Look, lady, first Theresa used me at the Blue Note to try and get at you and Ethan. And now you're trying to use me to keep Theresa away from him? What is with the people in this town? Look, if you want to keep Theresa away from your husband, you're going to have to find someone else to do your dirty work.

Gwen: You are really off base.

Jared: Yeah, well you can forget it, because as soon as I can, I'm getting out of Harmony. Now, if you'd excuse me, I need another espresso.

Gwen: Damn it. If Jared leaves town, Theresa's going to get bored. She's going to start chasing Ethan again, and I cannot let that happen.

Theresa: If you know the name of the guy for me, just tell me. You -- you had the name on the tip of your tongue and then you just kind of forgot it, right?

Ethan: Theresa, there's someone out there for you.

Theresa: That's what everyone seems to tell me. All I know is that person is not you. It's never going to be you. You made that clear. I finally got it. Well, I -- I got so much I need to do, so good luck with that new job.

Ethan: Thanks.

Theresa: You're welcome.

On the Next Passions:

Gwen: I've got to get Jared back together with Theresa, or she's going to go after Ethan again.

Julian: I want shared custody.

Theresa: No.

T.C.: You can just get out!

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