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Jared: Hey. Why don't you let me buy you a drink. Just as long as it's not hot tea.

Theresa: You don't trust me?

Jared: No, I just don't feel like being scalded again.

Theresa: Look, it was an accident. It really was. I -- I swear. I'm really sorry. You hit me with a baseball, Jared.

Jared: That was an accident. So, I guess we're even then. Why don't we try and start over and leave out the physical abuse.

Theresa: Ok. We'll see where things go from here, all right?

Jared: All right.

Julian: Thank you, Noah.

Noah: You're welcome. If you don't mind me saying so, Mr. Crane, you're looking a little depressed.

Julian: Am I?

Noah: Yeah, is everything all right?

Julian: Yes, it's fine. I'm just -- just missing Eve a bit.

Noah: Yeah, I understand.

Julian: I suppose I do, too. She's with her daughters. They're at T.C.'s side, helping him with his recovery.

Noah: You know, Coach Russell and my dad used to be really good friends. So I'm hoping he'll pull through.

Julian: Yeah, so am I. You have no idea how lucky you are to have grown up with two parents who were there for you every day, your whole life.

Noah: Yeah, I have an idea.

Julian: T.C.'s daughters are -- are lucky, too. My parents didn't really care about me that much, so I suppose that's why I was never really there for my children. Fancy, she's closer to her grandfather than she is to me.

Noah: With all due respect, Mr. Crane, your father was evil. I hope Fancy can realize that.

Julian: Hello, we were just speaking of you.

Fancy: Really? Hello, Father.

Julian: Hello, Fancy.

Noah: Would you like something to drink?

Fancy: No. What are you doing all alone tonight? Where's Eve?

Julian: She's gone to her ex. He had a stroke.

Fancy: Oh yeah, I heard. How awful.

Julian: I couldn't help but notice, is there a problem between you and Noah?

Fancy: No, not really. It just didn't work out. We're over.

Julian: Really?

Fancy: Yes. Completely.

Julian: You don't seem too sad about it.

Fancy: I'm not.

Julian: Well, that can only mean one thing. That you've moved on to another victim.

Fancy: Victim?

Julian: That's the only word that comes to mind when I think about a man who's captivated by you.  Care to share who it is?

Fancy: No, not yet.

Julian: So that must mean he doesn't know that he's been targeted.

Fancy: He'll find out soon enough.

Luis: I can't even study. What just happened? Fancy and I kissed. She didn't even want to leave. Sheridan's niece. God, Sheridan, why did this have to happen to us?

Sheridan: I can't believe my car wouldn't start. Maybe someone in the police station can help me. I hope Sam or one of the officers is there. Just not Luis.

Chris: What's taking Sheridan so long? I should've never have let her go out for ice cream on her own. Should have done it myself. Even if Alistair is dead, there is still danger out there. Sheridan can never know. Sheridan can never know my connection with Alistair. It'll kill her.

[Toy Siren sounding]

Kay: Fox, what are you doing with Siren? What is going on here?

Fox: I don't really...

Kay: Oh, my God, you're naked?!

Siren: Of course we're naked. We are making love. Now will you please leave?

Kay: How could you?

Miguel: Didn't take you long to move on with Siren, did it, Fox?

Fox: Just shut up, Miguel, and -- and let me think. This isn't --

Siren: Will you please go?

Miguel: Look, maybe we should go, Kay.

Kay: I am not going anywhere until he tells me what's going on.

[Siren coughing]

Fox: Kay, Kay. Hey.

Tabitha: Ooh, ooh sweet mother of pearl. Kay is going to kill that stupid mermaid. Lly.Hie

ieshopolice snooping around, digging up for forensic evidence. If -- they would discover that we are witches for sure.

Siren: Fox, help.

Fox: Kay, leave her alone.

Miguel: Comeay g g elok yongke yghn:Iaths er

Kay: Yeah,ot finishe jomielka .Kao,t'no : Kay.

Kay: Bimreakto die. The minute in k, you seduce my fiance?!

Siren: So what? You were in bed with my boyfriend. You slept with Miguel.

Kay: I did, didn't I? Why?Re w b together? Heouesh,ah ni D. I ke

Theresa: Thank you. Jared Casey, Noah Bennett.Aloo

Fancy: Well, it was really hard for me to believe at first, but it explained a lot -- why weren't there for my sand I we were growing up.

Julian: I hope that one day you'll forgive me.

Fancy: I already have, Father. I mean, being raised by Alistair, I'm surprised you didn't turn out worse.

Julian: Oh, well, thank you very much, I think.

Fancy: I love you, and I just want us to be happy and think about a happy future.

Julian: But you still won't tell me who has put that smile on your face.

Fancy: Not yet, but soon.

Luis: "Name the jurisdictions covered by detective first-class." Homicide, rape, robbery, and can even be involved in counter-terrorist activities. Oh, my God. I need a break. I'm seeing double here.

Sheridan: That's funny. Why would the police station be locked?

Luis: Fancy, if that's you again, please go home. We're done here.

[Knocking continues] What did I just say? Fancy. Fan -- Sheridan?

Chris: All right, it's taking Sheridan much too long to get some ice cream. I better call her, make sure she's fine. I hope to God nothing's wrong.

Chris: What the hell?

Luis: Sheridan, what's up?

Sheridan: The door was locked, so I knocked.

Luis: Yeah. Sorry about that. Sometimes it sticks and -- I thought you were Fancy again.

Sheridan: Why were you yelling at Fancy to go away?

Luis: Oh, yeah, that's a long story. Come in. It's ok, you can come in.

Sheridan: So what's the long story about Fancy?

Luis: Oh, well, you saw us at the baseball field and you saw that she was handcuffed, and you knew I arrested her.

Sheridan: I know. You said she was speeding.

Luis: Yeah. That's funny because it reminded me of when I pulled you over. That was the first time we met, you know.

Sheridan: Yes, I remember.

Luis: Anyway, she -- she had a warrant out for her arrest so I had no choice but to arrest her.

Sheridan: You said she called her lawyer but no one ever came.

Luis: Yeah and she wouldn't leave. So finally I had to trick her into leaving and -- yeah, that's why the door was locked.

Sheridan: I remember Fancy as a little girl. She was such a pest.

Luis: Yeah, well, she hasn't changed. Yeah, I thought you were stubborn, but your niece has you beat, hands down.

Fancy: You'll never guess where I've been for the last few hours.

Julian: The spa, your dress designer's?

Fancy: I was in jail, Father.

Julian: Well, what -- whatever for?

Fancy: Oh, I was speeding a little and then a bunch of unpaid traffic tickets suddenly appeared, so I got arrested. Handcuffed and everything.

 Julian: Oh, my God, are you all right?

Fancy: Yeah, I'm fine. Luis was the arresting officer.

Julian: Oh, really? It must have been deja vu for Luis. He arrested Sheridan for speeding years ago when she first came back to Harmony from abroad.

Fancy: Yeah, he told me. I guess all the Crane women have lead feet.

Julian: Don't you worry about it. I'll take care of the tickets.

Fancy: Oh, thank you, Daddy.

Julian: Would you excuse me?

Fancy: Mm-wa and I know what I want, too. Luis.

Theresa: I kind of need to gethotorlgo. Erncer

Theresa: Thanks. Hmm, see you're out of those cuffhancui

Theresa: No. No, when did he tell you that?

Fancy: Yeah, before we saw you, he said once he passes his detectives exam, he's going to save his money to leave Harmony forever.

Theresa: Oh, well, he can't do an I dolethofay.

Tabitha: It's all right, Endora. Yes, yes, you can look now. Siren's life has been saved and everyone is somewhat dressed. And it seems that Kay has lost her amnesia. I think she's going to remember what happened.

Kay: Miguel, would you please answer me? What was I doing in bed

Miguel: You really don't know?L,kn w

doii don't know why. I -- I'm engaged to Fox and -- and what are they doing? What the hell is going on?

Miguel: Kay, do you remembvi aac? We were in the laundry room, doing Maria's laundry, and the washing machine wasn't working. You could fix it and you ggme

Fox: You got a really bad shock.

Kay: Yeah, I -- I remember. I -- I -- I had a really bad shock, but what does that have to do with me being in bed with you?

Miguel: When you fell, you hit your head and it made you lose your memory.

Kay: I have amnesia?

Fox: Partial amnesia. You remember some things but not others. You' bng alternate reality, Kay.

Miguel: You don't remember loving Fox, ever being engaged to him.

Fox: All you remember is loving Miguel.

Kay: Oh, my God. Ok. Why didn't you tell me when we were in bed together? Why would you let it go that far?

Siren: Because Miguel didn't want you to know the truth, Kay. Miguel is still in love with you.

dony nt ifouenee ln' telyu don't w rinjoythe jaeh? : Youssio 't come on, show yourself, damn it.

Spike: Well, hello, Boothe.

Chris: Are you crazy?Anhe st's sheral where is Sam? Where are the other officers?

Luis: Sam's off duty and the other officers, they're out. I mean they're all on duty, but they're out on patrol and I'm the only one here.

Sheridan: Oh.

Luis: So what are you doing here? You're dripping.

Sheridan: Oh no. James wanted rocky road and the only place that was open this late was the corner deli, so I got him some ice cream.

Luis: And?

Sheridan: And then my car broke down. I didn't want to call Chris to drag James out to rescue me, and I couldn't think of anywhere else to go, so I came here.

Luis: Oh, well, I can help you with your car.

Sheridan: I need a battery. I was hoping Sam or one of the other officers could give me a ride.

Luis: Well, I'll give you a ride.

Sheridan: No.

Noah: Oh, Jared. Hey. So you and Theresa dating now?

Jared: Well, we just met, but I do like her.

Noah: Yeah, look, she's been through a lot lately and her friends and her family are really looking out for her.

Jared: I understand, man.

Fancy: Is there any way you can convince Luis to stay in Harmony?

Theresa: I don't know. I mean, Fancy, you know, this is the first time that everyone in our family has been in the same town. My parents, Luis, Paloma, Miguel. I don't want him to go, but I -- I can't force him to stay.

Fancy: Of course not, but you might try to persuade him.

Theresa: I -- I could try. But I understand why he wants to leave. I mean, he just lost Sheridan, the love of his life, and he can't stand to see her with Chris, and the same way I can't stand to see Ethan with Gwen.

Fancy: You're not going to leave Harmony, too, are you?

Theresa: No. I kind of thought about it, but I need to stay here. I need to protect the Crane empire. It's my son's legacy.

Fancy: You could live anywhere in the world and run Crane.

Theresa: Yeah. But I want my son to be raised with family.

Fancy: I can understand that. You know, when Noah and I broke up, I thought about leaving, too. But I want to stay and help Luis get through this.

Theresa: I want him to be happy, too, Fancy. I'll talk to him.

Fancy: Thank you, Theresa.

Theresa: Of course.

Julian: Hello, Theresa. I'm glad you're here. We -- we need to talk.

Theresa:  What about?

Julian: About my son. I would like to spend more time with him.

Theresa: He's not your son, Julian.

Fox: What the hell do you mean, "Miguel still loves Kay"?

Miguel: Kay, don't listen to Siren. She doesn't know what she's talking about.

Siren: Don't I?

Kay: I don't care what she says. I want to hear it from you. If you knew that I wasn't myself, and you knew that I couldn't remember, why would you let me make love to you?

Fox: Yeah, Miguel, let's hear it.

Miguel: Kay, Dr. Russell told us not to do anything to shock you out of your amnesia. She was afraid that if we did, it could harm your psyche. So we just let you go along thinking you were living in the past.

Fox: We all did. We -- we were afraid of what hearing the truth could do to you, so...

Kay: Oh, my God, no wonder you kept pulling away from me. You were always so tired, and we always had to do something else.

Miguel: I tried to discourage you, Kay, I really did. Bud offo l

Kay: Fox, I am so sorry. This must have been so horrible for you. I didn't know what I was doing.

Fox: That's ok. I don't blame you. You -- you had amnesia.

Kay: That's right. I had amnesia, so what the hell is your excuse?

Fox: What?

Kay: Well, maybe I didn't know what I was doing, but you sure as hell did. How could you just jump into the bed with Siren? goa.Odn exse f he with Siren? Hmm. He's got some splainin' to do.

Wyoxcan wd ma u d anani didn't remember, but that does not give you the right to go sleep with Siren. Ayieve me atado teiof piith Siren. No matter how upset I might have been.

Kay: Ok, so then Siren took advantage of your hurt feelings, and she seduced you.

Siren: I seduced him? Fox wanted me. He couldn't get enough of me.

Fox: Ok, Siren, please, just...

Siren: Well, it's true. Fox is much more into me than he ever was with you. He kept telling me how much he loved me and only me.

Kay: Wait, he said he loved you?

Fox: No, Kay, don't listen to her.

Siren: Lots and lots of times.

Kay: You know what, I can't listen to any more of this. I got to get out of here.

Fox: Kay, just wait.


Sheridan: I just meant you can't leave the station. You're the only officer here. I couldn't let you leave. I'll take a cab or a car service or something.

Luis: I don't mind. Really.

Sheridan: It's all right, Luis. Thank you for offering. But I'll find another way home.

Luis: Sheridan, just wait, wait, wait, hey, hey, hey. I don't want you out there all alone, ok? It's not safe. Look, you know what I'll do, I'll call dispatch. I'll have them forward the calls to my cell phone. It'll be fine.

Sheridan: I can't let you do this, Luis.

Luis: Don't make me change my vote.

Sheridan: Your vote?

Luis: For most stubborn woman in the world. You could top the list again. All right, come on then. Let's get out of here, ok? Before you get rocky road all over the joint.

Chris: What are you doing here?

Spike: Well, I wanted to talk to you. You know, seeing as we're both in the same boat, being forced to work for Alistair.

Chris: No, that's over. Not anymore.

Spike: Really? I don't think so.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Spike: I'll tell you, when I was in Rome, I got this file from Alistair himself. It's your whole life story all right here, in black and white. Oops.

Chris: Well now you got nothing.

Spike: Oh no. Come on, man, am I as dumb as I look? Huh? It's just a copy. The original is in a safe place. And if you want it to stay that way, then you better start cooperating.

Chris: What do you want?

Spike: I want you to start working with me now.

Chris: No. Absolutely not.

Julian: Wait. What do you mean, little Ethan is not my son?

Fancy: Yeah, Theresa, what are you talking about?

Theresa: What I meant was that veevli eans fa, you're practically a stranger to him and I -- I do not want to confuse him.

Julian: I don't see how spending a bit of time with me is going to confuse him.

Theresa: You have never shown any interest in my little boy.

Julian: I am trying to make up for that now.

Theresa: You know what, forget about it. He doesn't need you. And I don't want you in his life.

Julian: I don't like this tone of yours. Now are -- are you denying me visitation rights?

Theresa: You don't have rights, Julian. You have ignored him his entire life and I don't see any reason for you to start playing Daddy now.

Julian: Little Ethan is my son and I will see him if I like. And if you insist on keeping him away from me, I will be forced to take you to court and sue you for joint custody.

Theresa: Don't Even try that, Julian. I am Mrs. Alistair Crane. I will crush you in court.

Julian: We'll see about that.

Jared: You ready?

Theresa: I'm ready. Now please.

Julian: We are not finished here.

Theresa: Oh, yes we are, Julian.

Jared: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, was that Julian Crane?

Theresa: That's the bastard, in the flesh.

Jared: Wow, you really do hate the Cranes, huh?

Theresa: You have no idea.

Tabitha: Oh, dear, here comes Kay.

Kay: Ok, witch, are you responsible for this nightmare?

Tabitha: What nightmare would that be, dear?

Kay: Oh, don't give me that. You see everything in that damn bowl.

Tabitha: Oh yes, well, dear, what part of the nightmare you referring to?

Kay: The amnesia. I lost my mind. I -- I didn't remember loving Fox. I thought I loved Miguel -- that nightmare -- and I want to know if you caused it.

Tabitha: No. Absolutely not. I had nothing to do with it and neither did Endora.

Kay: I just don't know how -- how -- how could this happen?

Tabitha: Well, Miguel's just told you. You were trying to fix the washer, and you got an electric shock.

Kay: Yes, but everyone knew? I mean, Miguel knew and -- and he let me think that he -- he loved me, and we made love? My God, why didn't he tell me the truth? Why did he take advantage of me?

Tabitha: Well, if I'm correct in what I observed, he did his utmost to dissuade you. He didn't take advantage of you, Kay. You took advantage of him.

Kay: What do you mean?

Tabitha: Well, you took a love potion from me. A lust potion to be exact. And you gave it to Miguel. You drugged him.

Kay: Oh, God, you're right, I did, didn't I?

Tabitha: Yes, yes, you did, and Miguel tried very hard to resist you, but he was overcome by the potion.

Kay: Oh, God, taonoume dkal ig aor I am sorry that I got you involved into my craziness.

Miguel: It wasn't your fault.

Kay: It -- still, I'm sorry anyway. I feel so bad. God, there's Maria.

Miguel: Look, I'll go see abouust cot?Tathl, anywahados now you have to decide.

Kay: Decide what?

Tabitha: You have to decide which man you want to be with, Fox or Miguel. Who do you really love, Kay? Do you know?

Esja folaimwas here, I really like your mom's place. It looks -- looks new.

Theresa: Yeah, we had a fire a while back, actually, and I had it rebuilt.

Jared: You ht ret?

Theresa: You know, I try to help when I can.

Jared: It's nice workmanship.

Theresa: Yeah, I think they -- they did a really good job.

Jared: Theresa, I know it's none of my business, but why are you so upset with Julian Crane?

Theresa: Honestly, I'd rath -- rather not go there right now.

Jared: It's ok. I -- I just -- I don't feel like I really know much about you, you know. I know your best friend is Whitney, and your brother is a cop, but I don't know, what's the rest of your family do?

Theresa: I have a sister, Paloma, younger, and she goes to school and she also works at the Book Cafe, part-time. I also have a younger brother, Miguel, and he works on a fishing boat. And my dad -- he used to work for the Cranes before they drove him out of Harmony. And so my mom kind of just, you know, took care of us, you know. And she used to work as the head housekeeper at the Crane mansion until the Cranes fired her.

Jared: Well, I can see why you hate the Cranes so much.

Sheridan: I feel bad, taking you away from work.

Luis: It's been a slow night at work.

Luis: I can take you tomorrow to get a new battery, you know.

Sheridan: Don't be ridiculous. I'll just have my -- my husband do it.

Luis: Yeah, that's right. That's right. You have Chris to take care of you now.

Chris: I have no intention of working with you, do you get that? Now get out of here.

Spike: Hey, smart guy. You just don't get it, do you? I am calling the shots now, and you are going to do exactly what I tell you. Of course, that is unless you want Sheridan to know about your past. Your real past, Boothe.

Chris: No, damn you.

Spike: Ho, ho, don't you even get all hero on me, buddy. Ok? Because you could get hurt. Watch yourself.


Siren: You were drawn to me, Fox. Admit it. We were hot together, weren't we?

Fox: Yes. No. I mean, I don't remember, all right?

Siren: Well, that's not very nice.

Fox: I just mean that whether it was hot or not isn't the point. It was wrong. All right, I'm going to go take a shower and get dressed. And not to be rude or anything, but I would like it very much if you were gone when I get back.

Siren: Well, that was fun. Miss high-and-mighty Kay had better stop being mean to me. All I had to do was sing my siren song, and now I own Fox sexually. If Kay doesn't watch out, I could own Miguel, too. That would really get her back.

Kay: I can't believe this is happening.

Tabitha: Yes, well, you --

Kay: Fox and I were so happy. We were getting married. And now I don't know -- I don't know what's going to happen.

Tabitha: Yes, you've got a f deontoe,

Kay: Fox slept with Siren, and -- and I slept with Miguel. I mean, how could things get any worse?

Luis: I still can't believe it. How did it get like this? You know, after the love we shared. Now it's like we can barely even talk to one another.

Luis: I'm sorry.

Luis: I still...

Sheridan: Please, Luis. It's over. I'm married to Chris now. And I won't break my vows.

Luis: Yeah.

Luis: All right, you're home.

Sheridan: Oh, my God. There's someone on the ground.

Sheridan: Oh, oh, dear God, it's Chris. Chris!

Noah: Can I get you another drink, Mr. Crane?

Julian: Yes, please, Noah.

Noah: Fancy?

Fancy: Just some champagne.

Julian: I can't believe that Theresa is so adamant about keeping me away from little Ethan. I'm not a monster.

Fancy: No, but I think she's right about you not taking any interest in him before now. I don't think Theresa trusts you, Father.

Julian: Be that as it may, the child is my son, and I'm going to spend time with him, whether Theresa likes it or not.

Theresa: Here you are.

Jared: Thank you.

Theresa: Welcome.

Jared: Well, with the history of your family, I can see why you hate the Cranes so much but hatred can be very destructive, you know. It can age you before your time. Trust me, I know. I'm very wise. But in all seriousness, I think you should try and forget about the Cranes. Move on with your life.

Theresa: Move on with what?

Jared: I don't know. Try and find a nice young man, and fall in love with him.

Theresa: And who might that nice young man be?

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