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Fox: Hello. are you working?

Fox: I need a guest's room number. Kay Bennett. I need it now.

Man: Not my job. Use the house phone.

Fox: Yes, hello, Operator? I need the room number for Kay Bennett. Don't put me on hold. Please tell me I'm not too late. Please tell me they haven't made love yet.

Miguel: I love you. God help me. I love you.

Kay: I love you, too.

Siren: Tell me I'm not seeing this. Kay must have given Miguel that lust potion of Tabitha's, and it's obviously taking effect. Miguel's supposed to be mine. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let Kay take him away.

Luis: Hey. I didn't even hear you come out.

Fancy: I'm sorry I startled you. I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do.

Luis: No.

Fancy: Sheridan doesn't mean to push you away, Luis. She's just in shock, hurting.

Luis: Because of me. I'm responsible for Marty's death. It's caused her to miscarry her baby.

Fancy: Don't say that.

Luis: I don't even blame her for choosing Chris.

Fay: Luis

Luis: How'd it go so wrong?

Fancy: Everything you did was out of love for her. I'm sure she knows that.

Luis: Oh, yeah? I should have done her a big favor and just stayed dead like she thought I was.

Fancy: That is crazy talk. I have never seen anyone so overjoyed as Sheridan was when she found out you were still alive.

Luis: Really? That's why she stayed married to Chris and told me to take a hike?

Fancy: She had just gotten married. She was pregnant.

Luis: Well, she's not anymore, thanks to me.

Fancy: Luis, you tried everything you could to find Marty and bring him home to her safe and sound.

Luis: And I failed. Now Marty's dead, thanks to me, and she's lost the baby that she was carrying.

Fancy: Luis, it's not your fault.

Luis: Look, I know what I've done, and I know what I have to do. Sheridan's made her choice. You know, for once -- for once I'm actually gonna do what she's asked, and I'm gonna stay out of her life for good.

Man: Ah!

Theresa: Oh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I didn't even know that you were there.

Man: Why the hell don't you watch where you're going, you idiot?

Theresa: Look, you don't have to yell at me.

Man: You just poured boiling hot water all over me.

Theresa: I -- I know, but I -- but I didn't see you there.

Man: Well, maybe if you weren't caught up in your own petty problems. What kind of an idiot are you?

Theresa: How dare you call me an idiot.

Man: This is unbelievable.

Theresa: You know what is unbelievable? That I actually said that I was sorry.

Man: Well, that doesn't make up for burning to me alive.

Theresa: You know what? I'm not sorry anymore because you are an obnoxious as --

Man: Whoa Whoa.  Nice girls don't say words like that.

Theresa: I was going to say asinine.

Man: Yeah, nice try, but you're a walking danger zone. They shouldn't let girls like you out of the house without a roll of yellow tape.

Fox: I know that they didn't answer. Try again. No, don't put -- oh.

Fox: Come on.

Man: Hello? Wait, I got bad reception.

Fox: Lopez-Fitzgerald. All right, come on, where you at? 245.

Siren: This is not going on one minute longer. Not if I have anything to do with it.  Oh oh my fin is still wet. That's the problem. I need to get it dry so I can get my legs back. There, that should do it.

Siren: Oh, stupid high tide. I don't have time for this.

Siren: Ah, at least they're blind. Or else I'd give 'em the shock of their lives.

Horace: What the hell?

Woman: What's the matter, Horace? You trip?

Horace: No, I found something with my cane. Something big and it's alive.

Woman: Like a -- fin.

Horace: Holy mackerel. Holy monster mackerel.

Siren's voice: Watch who you call a mackerel, Horace.

Woman: You got a hold of it, Horace?

Horace: Yeah, yeah, it's starting to wriggle away, though. It's huge. It's like a porpoise or something.

Siren's voice: Better than a mackerel, anyway.

Woman: Oh, the poor thing. It must have washed up on shore. It'll die out of water.

Horace: It's a good thing we came along when we did. We got to get it back out in the water.

Siren's voice: Don't do me any favors, please.

Horace: Well, come on, help me push it back in the water.

Woman: Oh.

Horace: Watch out for its head. It might bite.

Woman: Oh, poor thing must be so confused.  It doesn't know we're trying to save it.

Theresa: Jerk.

Man: Brat.

Theresa: Where do you get off calling me names? You don't even know who I am.

Man: Well, thank God for that. You're a walking train wreck. What were you thinking about when you crashed into me? Whether or not you had enough mascara on those fake eyelashes of yours? Your vanity's interfering with your vision.

Theresa: Ok, for starters, these are 100% real, ok? Not that it's any of your bus -- I don't even know why I'm having this conversation with you.

Whitney: You all right?

Man: Yeah, I'm all right. Thanks, man. No thanks to her.

Whitney: Ok, look, it was an accident. You know, maybe the two of you can stop going off on each other now.

Man: Yeah, sure, as soon as I call a cop to have her arrested.

Theresa: For what?

Man: Assault with a deadly weapon.

Theresa: My cup?

Man: Your cup of boiling hot water. You could have given me third-degree burns.

Theresa: I'm beginning to be sorry that I didn't.

Noah: Whoa, Theresa.

Whitney: Theresa. Look, you're not serious about calling the cops. Now, come on.

Noah: Look, it was just an accident, man.

Man: All right. Maybe it was an accident. I'm sorry I yelled at you a little.

Theresa: A little? You practically tore my head off.

Man: Well, you burnt the hell out of me.

Theresa: I'm sorry, ok? I'm -- I -- it was an accident. It -- you know what? I'll take care of your dry-cleaning.

Man: That's all right. Let's just forget it ever happened. Truce?

Theresa: Truce.

Man: All right, why don't we rewind the tape here. I'm Jared.

Theresa: And you already heard my name is Theresa.

Jared: Tess, yeah.

Theresa: No, it's Theresa.

Jared: No, you're much more of a Tess than a Theresa.

Theresa: Oh, ho ho. Well, I don't know what to tell you because nobody calls me that.

Jared: Well, they do now.

Theresa: My name is Theresa.

Jared: It's a bad name for you.

Theresa: Excuse me?

Jared: Theresa's should be blonde, blue-eyed. Tesses are wilder, spitfires.

Theresa: You don't know what you're talking about.

Jared: Hey, just call 'em like I see 'em. Is that all right with you?

Whitney: You know what, I am Whitney. Whitney Russell. Very nice to meet you. I'm Theresa's friend.

Jared: It's nice to meet you.

Noah: And I'm Noah Bennett. I tend bar here a few nights a week. You know, let me get you another beer on the house.

Jared: Thanks. I'm sure Tess would rather pick it up for me.

Theresa: What?

Jared: I'm kidding. Just wanted to see if I could get those eyes of yours to flash again. Are those really your own eyelashes?

Theresa: Stop staring at me.

Jared: If you insist.

Noah: You know, I'm gonna get you another cup of tea, Theresa.

Theresa: Thank you, Noah.

Jared: So, you two both from around here?

Whitney: Yes, yes. We have lived here our whole lives. And you?

Theresa: No, don't need to know.

Whitney: Just a question. There's not a problem there.

Jared: Hey, be nice. Like your friend.

Whitney: So what about you, Jared? Have you lived in town very long, or --

Jared: I'm pretty new, but I like it. Oh, whoa, whoa. I'll take that to the table.

Theresa: I can carry it myself.

Jared: I don't think so. A man has a right to do what he needs to do to protect himself around you, Tess.

Theresa: Ok, it's Theresa.

Whitney: Are you staring at him?

Theresa: That guy? Nervy, conceited, macho pinhead, not to mention obnoxious and pushy beyond belief.

Whitney: He's kind of hot, though.

Theresa: Hot? Whitney, have you lost your mind?

Whitney: What, you didn't notice?

Theresa: Good looks doesn't excuse unconscionable rudeness.

Whitney: You just said that he is good-looking.

Theresa I didn't admit anything of the kind. Can we just get out of here, please?

Whitney: Well, what about your tea?

Singer: You go to my head

Fancy: I wish I had some profound wisdom to share that would make you feel better.

Luis: Well, thanks. I just don't think that there's anything that anyone could say right now. Even you.

Fancy: I hate seeing you this way.

Luis: Look, if you want to talk to someone, go see Sheridan.

Fancy:  Sheridan has Chris.

Fancy: I'm sorry.

Luis: No, no, it's alright.

Fancy: Luis you've got family, friends. You got me.

Luis: Yes, it's not the same.

Luis: I really thought that I was gonna be able to bring Marty back to her this time. She would leave Chris. We would finally be a family together. Just like we'd always dreamed. I was even gonna ask Sam for a little time off so the four of us could be together.

Fancy: Four?

Luis: Yeah, Sheridan, me and Marty, her baby. I was gonna try so hard to make up for lost time. And instead I ended Marty's life before he even had a chance.

Fancy: Ok, just hold on, Luis. First of all, you didn't end Marty's life. You did Everything you could to save him. And secondly, Marty didn't suffer. As crazy and violent as Beth was, everything I've seen in her tells me she loved him and took good care of him.

Luis: Well, how does a kidnapping murderess take good care of my son?

Fancy: I think she gave him love and affection, as much as she was capable of giving. I don't think she mistreated him, and that's something, Luis.

Luis: Yeah, well, he should have been with his real father and mother. I failed him. I failed Sheridan. I'm never gonna forgive myself for that.

Fancy: You've got to stop talking this way. It isn't gonna help anything.

Luis: Or bring either one of them back. I just hope Sheridan can -- can move on with her life with her husband.

Fancy: Do you think Chris can make her happy?

Luis: I don't know. I certainly know that he's gonna try, and if that's what Sheridan wants, then I have to learn to accept that.

Fancy: You have to move on, too. Figure out a way to survive all this.

Luis: I will. I won't stop loving Sheridan, but I will stop putting her in a position of having to choose. I've wasted enough of her time as it is. Got to learn to let her go.

Fancy: You are too good a person to be hurting like this.

Luis: Well, I'm glad you think so. I don't feel so good right now.

Fancy: Well, it's true. You're so kind and caring and selfless. You're the most decent man I've ever met. Come on. Let's get out of here, get away from the cottage.

Luis: I really don't want to go home right now.

Fancy: Well, come up to the mansion. We can sit in the library. I'll make you a drink.

Luis: Are you kidding me? I can't stand that place.

Fancy: Ok, then someplace else away from the estate. Don't say no, Luis. Just come.

Luis: Hey, thanks.

Fancy: For what?

Luis: Being you. Being such a good friend. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Fancy: Oh, there's a free table over there.

Luis: Ok, fine.

Fancy: You don't want to be here, do you?

Luis: No, I -- well, this place is great. It's great. It's better than being home by a long shot.

Fancy: Ok, well, why don't you go take a seat, and I'll get us something to drink.

Luis: All right. Just a soda.

Fancy: Oh, come on, Luis.

Luis: All right, how about a beer? How's that?

Fancy: I'll meet you there.

Luis: Ok.

Singer: Somebody who

Noah: Look who's here.

Fancy: I didn't expect to see you.

Noah: No, apparently not. You know, I didn't expect to have my job when I came back from Rome, but you know, the new manager, she was hiring, and here I am.

Fancy: I see. Two draft beers, please.

Noah: Well, since you don't drink beer, I think it's pretty apparent that you're here with someone who does. Maybe it's the same someone you've been making a fool of yourself over for the last couple of weeks in Rome.

Fancy: Not that it's any of your business, Noah, but Luis is heartbroken. I'm trying to make him feel better.

Noah: Hmm, you know, it's funny because when it comes to me, you can't be anything but selfish. However, you throw Luis into the picture, and then suddenly --

Fancy: If you're not gonna say anything nice, then how about not saying anything at all? Sheridan lost the baby she was carrying tonight.

Noah: What?

Fancy: Yeah, Luis and I were both at the cottage when it happened. It was awful.

Noah: Oh, my God, and this is right after they lost Marty in Rome.

Fancy: Yeah, exactly. She's beside herself. I've never seen anyone in so much pain. Maybe except Luis. He blames himself for both deaths.

Noah: I didn't know. I --

Fancy: Yeah, obviously.

Noah: Look, I shouldn't --

Fancy: No, you shouldn't have. Can you get us our beers, please?

Singer: But they wouldn't do

Chad: Look, you want to have a seat, man?

Jared: Don't mind if I do.

Theresa: Great. What if I don't want him sitting at our table?

Whitney: Oh, well, too late now. Besides, I think you're attracted to him in that "opposites attract" kind of way anyway.

Theresa: Oh, no.

Whitney: Oh, come on. Even you can't deny how hot he is.

Theresa: What is it with you and the word "hot" all of a sudden? I mean, you got over being a nun in training awfully fast.

Whitney: Well, yeah, I guess I did.

Theresa: Ok, you know what, for starters -- not attracted to the guy. Not at all. He's not my type, and the fact that he thinks that he can call me Tess? I hate Tess. I always have.

Whitney: Oh, come on. It's kind of cute.

Theresa: No. Oh, there's my brother. Excuse me.

Fox: Kay, you're coming --

Maid: Sir?

Fox: Where are they?

Maid: The beach?

Maid: It's very romantic. The stars, the moon, the waves. It's just --

Fox: If he has laid one hand on her, I swear to God I'll make him wish he was never born.

Woman: Calm down, you silly porpoise. We are only trying to help you.

Horace: You know, I hope it's not sick. Sometimes they beach themselves when they're not feeling well.

Woman: I don't know. It just lost its sense of direction. It doesn't know which way is up. Just like you, Horace.

Horace: Very funny, Nancy.

Siren's voice: I have to get away from them so I can stop Miguel and Kay from making love.

Horace: Darn, she -- it's getting away.

Nancy: Oh, it weighs a ton.

Siren's voice: I happen to be the exact right weight for my height and body mass.

Nancy: Oh, don't be afraid, fishy. We are only trying to help you.

Horace: You know, this is obviously more difficult than we thought. I'm afraid if we don't get our mammal friend back into the water, it's gonna die soon.

Nancy: Oh, well, maybe if we keep it wet. Don't just stand there, guys. Help me to splash it.

Horace: Yeah that's it. Let's splash it till we get it back into the ocean. Keep it soaked.

Nancy: It is a good thing that we came along when we did.

Horace: No kidding. I hate to think where this poor little thing would be if we didn't come along.

Kay: That was amazing.

Miguel: Ha ha. Wow.

Kay: I love you so much.

Miguel: I love you, too.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Miguel: Oh, I can explain.

Kay: I don't know what to say.

Miguel: No, look, really, I can explain.

Horace: Explain what? I'm just glad there was somebody else on the beach. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Miguel: Uh --

Kay: No, no, no. Not at all.

Horace: I'd hate to do that. So I gather there's two of you here -- a man and a woman?

Miguel: That's right.

Horace: I'm sorry for bothering you, but we have a bit of an emergency down the beach a ways.

Miguel: What's the problem?

Horace: Well, we -- we stumbled upon, heh, I hate to use that word lightly. My friends and I came upon some kind of a sea creature. My guess is it's a porpoise that's beached itself, and, well, we're trying to get it back into the ocean, but it would help if one of us could see. We can't. Could you give us a hand?

Miguel: Of course, yeah.

Horace: Thanks.

Kay: Ok, I hate to say this, but I am so glad he was blind. I thought some stranger was staring at us naked.

Miguel: Ok, do you have any idea how embarrassing that would have been if they had seen us?

Fox: Please, don't let me be too late. I don't know what I'll do if you've already slept with Miguel, Kay.

Luis: Not that I blame her. To hear about Marty's death and a few hours later to have a miscarriage. No wonder she never wants to see me again.

Theresa: Luis, I don't believe that. She's just in shock. She's heartbroken, but she still loves you.

Luis: Eh. She chose Chris over me. I'm telling you, there was something in her eyes, something that I'd never seen before. It wasn't anger. It was like a weariness. She just couldn't take any more pain. That's what I -- that's what I represent for her now -- just pain and loss.

Theresa: I'm sorry, and I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better.

Luis: No, I set this all in motion by myself by not believing her that Marty was our son.

Theresa: Luis, her theory seemed so far-fetched. It was, like, based on wishful thinking instead of facts. You cannot blame yourself.

Luis: No, I can. I can, and I do. If I'd have just believed her, Marty would be alive today. There would be no Chris. We'd be together as a family.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Luis.

Luis: All these years that I told you to give up your fantasy of being with Ethan -- I guess I never realized it's a lot easier to say than do, huh?

Theresa: Yes, it is.

Luis: Well, I am sorry for not being more understanding.

Theresa: Thanks. But you were pretty harsh, you know.

Luis: Yeah.

Theresa: But you were right. I have given up on my dream of a life with Ethan. So it's a few years too late.

Luis: Oh, God. Your heart's broken, too, huh?

Theresa: I'm gonna be ok. Just kind of wish I would have listened to you and Mom and Whitney like all those years ago, but you know what, now I don't have a choice.

Luis: Well, if there's anything that I can do.

Theresa: Thank you, but I'm ok. You got enough on your plate, Luis.

Luis: What's up?

Singer: Wonderful you

Theresa: Nothing important. Nothing at all.

Miguel: We're here to help.

Horace: It's the couple from down the beach. Thanks a lot.

Kay: Oh, no problem. So, where's the porpoise? We'll try to help you get it back in the water. 

Nancy: I'm not certain it's a porpoise. We've been trying to keep it wet, but I'm afraid that time is running out for the poor thing.

Horace: Not to mention this intelligent being is going away from water instead of towards it.

Nancy: You'd think it would just the opposite, but it keeps flopping back up towards the beach.

Miguel: If you guys could move back a little, maybe we can take a look?

Nancy: Of course.

Kay: Uh, where is it?

Miguel: How could it have gone away?

Horace: Wait, don't -- don't tell me it's gone.

Miguel: I'm afraid so.

Horace: That's impossible. How could it? Somebody was here the whole time.

Nancy: We are blind, Horace.

Horace: Still.

Kay: That's so weird. There's no sign of it anywhere. Oh, wait a second. There is something. There are fin marks in the sand. Wow, you were right. Whatever it was, it was huge.

Nancy: My guess is it probably figured out which way the water was, and it made it back to the sea on its own.

Horace: I hope so.

Nancy: No doubt about it, Horace. We kept it alive in its time of peril, and now it's home. There is nothing like doing a good deed for one of God's creatures.

Siren: God, I thought I'd never get away from those "save the porpoise" people. Now all I have to do is find Miguel before it's too late. 

Fancy: That's not true, Luis. If you need to blame someone for their deaths, blame my grandfather.

Fancy: Well, there comes a time when you have to let go of your childish illusions and face the facts. I didn't want to believe what people told me about my grandfather. I wonder what else in my life was a sham? That part I am still trying to figure out.

Luis: Anyway, thanks for the drink tonight, but --

Fancy: You need some time alone?

Luis: I just think -- maybe I need to get some fresh air, take a walk.

Fancy: Well, I wouldn't mind that.

Luis: No, no. Thanks anyway.

Fancy: Ok. Well, if you change your mind or think of something you need, just call me on my cell, ok?

Luis: Will do. You know, I just want to tell you that I don't know how I would have gotten through the last few days -- even hours -- without you.

Luis: Noah still loves you, you know.

Fancy: Still? I'm not sure he ever really did.

Luis: Come on. Why don't you give the guy a break?

Fancy: Oh, you mean forgive him for cheating on me with Maya?

Luis: Well, see that's the thing. I don't think that he did, ok? I think the whole thing was just a charade so that he could protect you.

Fancy: Yeah, nice try, but if that's true, why didn't Jessica back up her big brother when he asked her to?

Luis: Well, that I don't know. Maybe it had something to do with Spike. I don't know. You know, if there's one thing I do know, Noah is a loyal guy, ok? Why don't you just trust him?

Fancy: I don't know. Maybe because I'm a Crane. Like it or not, I'm still my grandfather's granddaughter. My heart's broken over it, Luis. I'm not putting it on the line with him again.

Luis: I'm sorry. You deserve to be happy and with a really good guy.

Fancy: Thanks. You deserve to be happy, too, Luis.

Luis: Yeah.

Whitney: Oh, my God. So the same day Sheridan finds out that Marty's dead, she loses her new baby.

Theresa: You know, I don't think she's gonna get over this one.

Whitney: And what about your brother? I mean, he must be going completely out of his mind.

Theresa: Yeah. He practically watched Marty die right in front of him, and he thinks that he's lost Sheridan forever, so --

Whitney: I don't think I've ever even heard of something so tragic. How can such bad things happen to such good people all the time?

Theresa: I don't think anyone has the answer for that. I think we just have to take what we get, you know. I know I've resigned to live my life alone, so --

Whitney: Hey, wait. Just because you've given up on Ethan doesn't mean you've given up on men all together. Oh, come on. I mean, what about that cute Jared guy who's got your tea over there getting cold? What about him?

Theresa: You know what? Let it turn to ice. I'm not gonna give the time of day to a jerk, and he won't even call me by my real name.

Whitney: I think you're just mad 'cause he actually stood up to you.

Theresa: Whoa, he did more than that. He cursed me out.

Whitney: It's better than him being a wimp, don't you think? Wait, whoa, aren't you the one telling me that all the guys that are interested in you are intimidated because you're head of Crane Industries? Now, I have a feeling that this guy -- he could care less.

Theresa: Look, I don't have time to get involved with anyone, ok? And he -- he's probably married, Whitney.

Whitney: Well, Chad's about to find out right now.

Theresa: What do you mean?

Whitney: Well, I took the liberty of asking Chad to check him out for you.

Theresa: Oh, you didn't.

Whitney: You may have given up on your love life, but hey, if I can find love again, so can you and it's not as if Ethan's dead. You're not some grieving widow. You're not in mourning here.

Theresa: Well, I feel like I am.

Whitney: Well, that's what you need to get over. Move on with your life. Find someone new to love, honey.

Theresa: Well, this is interesting coming from you -- the girl who ran off to join a convent instead of facing up to her own feelings.

Whitney: Which I think is why you need to listen to me. But you're right. I had to learn my lesson the hard way. Life is too short to be alone and bitter. Now, if you're serious about your relationship with Ethan being a dead end, then... I get it. Ok, now I see what's going on. You haven't accepted that yet. You're still holding out for a life with Ethan.

Fox: Oh, God, tell me we're not too late.

Kay: Too late for what?

Fox: Uh --

Kay: Uh, what? What's going on?

Luis: Thanks for the drink and the company.

Fancy: Any time, Luis. Anything I can do.

Luis: Seriously? There is actually one thing.

Fancy: Anything.

Luis: Talk to Noah. Give him another chance. He deserves it.

Fancy: What if he's not the man I want?

Fancy: What?

Noah: Consider it a peace offering. I realized I was being rude earlier, and I'm sorry.

Fancy:  So am I.

Whitney: You're gonna go back on your word and start chasing after Ethan again, aren't you?

Theresa: No. I told you, Whitney. I'm -- I'm moving on. And I mean it.

Whitney: Even though you now know that Ethan is really little Ethan's father?

Theresa: Not that I don't still love him, Whitney. I do. I'd give anything to be a family with him and our children, but I know it's never gonna happen, so enough of me banging my head against a stone wall.

Whitney: Well, certainly glad to hear that, don't get me wrong, but I still think you need to tell Ethan the truth. He deserves to know that he's your son's father.

Theresa: I can't. Not after the advice that he told his friend in Rome, that he would stay married to Gwen, he would sue me for custody of little Ethan, I would lose my son. I've already lost my daughter to them. I'm not gonna lose my son.

Theresa: Forever.

Whitney: Ok, wait a second. I know you. Now, you're not about to live the rest of your life without love. You seem to be forgetting that you fell for Fox not too long ago.

Theresa: That was like an infatuation.

Whitney: Ok. I think you're gonna have the real thing again. Soon. And you know what? It may be sooner than you think.

Theresa: No, don't, don't -- oh. Don't push me. Don't push me. He's -- he's conceited. He's nervy.

Whitney: He's cute. He's cute. And he apologized for yelling at you. Give him a break.

Theresa: And that makes him a candidate for a boyfriend?

Whitney: Yeah, maybe.

Theresa: No, you're out of your mind. You've lost it -- completely lost it.

Whitney: Whatever. Fine!

Whitney: Ok, fine, whatever you say. You didn't meet him. You didn't -- you didn't spill hot tea all over him. He doesn't exist, fine.

Theresa: Exactly. Good.

Whitney: Oh, well, if he doesn't exist, then why do you keep looking at him?

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