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Tabitha: No surprise there. I'll bet there's no monkfish in Siren's seafood stew of lust, though. Yes, Siren cooked up this little aphrodisiac so that Fox would respond to her. But studly Sam Bennett gobbled it down instead. Oh, poor old Ivy. Oh, the Bennett house is going to witness a night of passion unequaled since Jane finally gave in to Tarzan. Oh, I must go and check on my little demonette.

Sam: Ivy! Ivy!

Ivy: I'm coming, Sam. Oh, God. Sam? What is it? What's wrong, what happened? What's wrong?

Ivy: Whoo! Wow! Sam. Huh? Oh, Sam! Sam, what's gotten into you?

Sam: Stop asking questions, woman.

Ivy: Oh! Oh, Sam. Oh, my God, oh!

Sam: I want, I need to make love to you right now. Ugh!

Ivy: Oh, Sam! Oh!

[Ivy moaning]

Ivy: Oh, God. Good God, Sam, look at you.

Sam: Now, Ivy, this minute.

Ivy: Oh, yes! Oh, Sam! Yes!

Siren's voice: I hope you ate plenty of my fish stew, Fox. You'll need all your strength once my magic kicks in.

Fox: Whoa. Siren.

Siren: Oh, you feel so tense.

Fox: I can't help it.

Siren: Well, let me help you unwind.

Fox: I can't believe that she went away to that romantic seaside inn with Miguel. She's -- she's my fiancée. She should be here with me.

Siren: What?

Fox: I have to trust that Miguel will not take advantage of Kay's confusion. Because if he does, I'll kill him.

Miguel: Kay -- lust potion? What is this stuff?

Kay: You ruined my surprise. It's just massage oil. I hear it's magic.

Miguel: It's half empty.

Kay's voice: Because you drank it. Is it working?

Kay: Where were we?

Miguel's voice: I shouldn't. I can't be with Kay. It's wrong. But I don't feel like stopping.

Kay: Make love to me now.

Whitney: Theresa, honey, I'm glad you made it. You shouldn't be alone tonight.

Theresa: Want to get a table?

Whitney: Yeah, sure.

Theresa: Ok.

Chad: Hey.

Noah: How's it going?

Chad: It's good to see you back here working, man.

Noah: Yeah, well, you know, work things out?

Noah: Well, I could, but, you know, Fancy's made it clear that she's moving on.

Chad: Well, look, man, don't give up hope. Miracles happen. I mean, Whitney and I, we're back together, we're going to get married, have a real family with Miles. Look, if Fancy is really the woman for you, don't give up.

Noah: I appreciate your optimism. However, love, my friend, is a two-way street, and Fancy's in love, but it's just not with me.

Sheridan: Don't let them take my baby. Please don't.

Chris: Hush now, darling. It's all over.

Sheridan: No.

Chris: Our baby's gone. You've got to let the paramedics take the body.

Sheridan: No.

Chris: Ok? Just let them do their job. She awem s: Idan

Sheridan: Go away, Chris.

Chris: Sheridan, it was my baby, too. Go'ar

Luis: You know, I hope your grandfather is roasting in hell.

[Music plays]

Eve: Oh, honey, look. They're dancing. Oh, I haven't seen Whitney this happy in a long time.

Julian: It was nice of them to invite us this evening.

Eve: Yeah, I'm hoping Whitney and I will have a better relationship now.

Julian: It's a miracle they're back together again.

Eve: Well, it's not exactly what I would call a miracle. Evil is what separated them -- Alistair -- and I'm not going to lose any sleep over your father's death.

Julian: Nor will I, my dear.

Eve: Oh, God bless them. As much as I came to love Chad as our son, I'd much rather he be happy with Whitney.

Julian: Yes, but it's still a shame that he's the son of Alistair by Liz. It's bad enough having Alistair Crane for your father, but Liz? I'm going to have to tell him his mother was the one who tried to kill me and Father and that he's a child of rape.

Eve: Yes, Julian, but not tonight. I'm already so sad about T.C.'s accident, I just couldn't bear it. And look, they're so happy together. Let's just let them have that for a while.

Julian: All right. I'll be quiet tonight, but I'm going to have to tell him sometime, no matter how painful it may be. Just think, not only is he a Crane, he's my half brother -- and Sheridan's.

Eve: And he's Fox and Fancy's uncle.

Julian: And little Ethan.

Eve: Gosh, don't go on. It's too confusing.

Noah: Can I get you something, miss?

Theresa: Barkeep, I'll have what she's having -- someone to love me that much, and could you make it a double?

Noah: Damn, you know, we're just all out of that behind the bar. But don't you worry. A gorgeous, exciting woman like yourself? I'm sure you won't have any problems finding someone.

Man: Hey, I'm Devon. Now, a gorgeous woman like you shouldn't be sitting alone. Would you like to dance?

Theresa: Um... thank you, that's very sweet, but --

Noah: She'd love to.

Theresa: Yeah, I would love to.

Noah: Good going, Theresa. And don't you worry, the right someone is just around the corner.

Sheridan: I just want him back. I just -- I want my baby back.

Chris: Shh.

Sheridan: I want him back.

Chris: It's ok.

Luis: Someone will pay for this.

Fancy: Oh, my God. What's this?

[Music plays] Whitney: Tr t it does happen. It's a variety of factors -- genetics, the car accident.

Julian: His temper. Hm

an rih waenht

Whitney: Well, I know when he gets out of the hospital, he's going to need a lot of special care, and, you know, I'll help any way I can.

Eve: Good for you, sweetheart, because your father's not only going to need a lot of physical support, but he's going to need all of us around him to let him know that we love him. Thl tuhof there's Simone right there.


Eve: No. No, just as long as Simone's happy.

Simone: Hi. You guys are all here. Do you mind if Rae and I join you guys?

Ivy: Oh.

Sam: Ivy, come here.

Ivy: Oh!

Sam: Again.

Ivy: God.

Sam: Again! Come here!

Ivy: Sam --

Sam: Ivy, oh. Ivy.

Ivy: Sam. Oh, God. I will never forget this night as long as I live. Oh. Oh, God. I have never seen you be so -- so creative.

[Sam growls]

Ivy: Really, Sam, what's gotten into you?

Sam: No talking, woman.

Ivy: Ok. You're rigknow, I think maybe -- maybe we should go to bed. I think you're going to need your rest.

Sam: Rest? Are you mad? I'm just getting warmed up.

Ivy: Really? Oh, wow. Wow, wow, wow. Well, Sam, you know, honey, I think maybe, um, maybe I could take a break and take a shower and cool off just a little bit.

Sam: I don't want you to ever cool off.

Ivy: Really? Oh! Oh, Sam --

Sam: Ivy!

Ivy: Sam, wait. You know what? Ah! Good things come to bad boys who wait!

Sam: Ugh! Ahhh!

Ivy: Sam, really, you keep that thing away from me.

[Knock on door]

Rebecca: Hello? Anybody home?

Rebecca: Ah. Oh. Looks like someone's having a party and they didn't invite me. Hmm.

Ivy: Oh, Sam. You're going to hurt yourself.

Rebecca: Oh, my. So, this is what the working classes do when they have some spare time.

Siren: This makes no sense. Half of this stew is gone, but Fox is still in the living room obsessing over fickle Kay.

Tabitha: Oh, fickle? People in glass houses.

Siren: My fish stew has never failed. Fox should be powerless against his lust for me. What did I do wrong?

Tabitha: Oh, nothing. Your fish stew is working fine, but not for Fox. He didn't eat it. Studly Sam Bennett ate it.

Siren: No.

Tabitha: Yes. Quite the wrong mortal is overcome with lust right now.

Siren: You know, that Sam Bennett's pretty hot. Where did he go?

Tabitha: You keep your flippers to yourself, fish girl. He's where he should be, at home with Ivy. And you can imagine what they're up to right now.

Ivy: Oh, oh, yes! Oh, Sam! Yes!

Tabitha: I'd like to get that recipe off of you before you leave town.

Siren: Don't get your hopes up. I'm not going anywhere.

Tabitha: Why not, for Hades' sake? Every single attempt you've made to snare a man into your net has failed. Why don't you just give up?

Siren: There's still enough stew left. I'll make sure Fox has some.

Tabitha: Here, here, you leave that stew with me.

Siren: What are you doing?

Tabitha: I want it. Leave it with me.

Siren: Whatever for?

Tabitha: Haven't you seen the new mailman? Ay caramba, he can cancel my stamps any day.

Siren: Oh, you're like a thousand years older than he is.

Tabitha: Oh, how dare you! Have you ever seen "The Graduate"? Give me that stew!

Siren: No, it's for Fox!

Fox: Ladies. What's going on in here?

Miguel: I can't make love to Kay. She's Fox's fiancée. But these urges are so -- are so powerful.

Kay: Miguel. Why'd you run off like that?

Miguel: Run off?

Kay: Yeah, it was so romantic in our room. We were about to make love.

Miguel: Oh, uh, there's -- there's plenty of time for that, Kay. It's a gorgeous night. I mean, I thought it'd be a great idea if we took a long walk on the beach.

Kay: Now?

Miguel: Yeah, why not? I mean, we could even go swimming.

Kay: That water is ice cold.

Miguel: Good.

Kay: What?

Miguel: Oh, I said you're ghig okst look at these? Oh, W.

Kay: Ok, what is wrong with him? Ybato inkick in. Elokkn l T.T keep fighting these feelings. But I want to make love to her so bad. I just know I can't.

Kay: Miguel?

Miguel: Yes?

Kay: Please, I don't want to wait anymore. I need to feel your arms around me.

Miguel: I can't stop myself. God, I love you, Kay. I love you.

Fox: What is going on?

Tabitha: Well, Siren did the cooking, so I was offering to do the washing up, but the dear girl won't let me.

Siren: You're too sweet, Tabitha. Of course I'll let you do the dishes, but first, Fox has to have a taste of this delicious stew.

Tabitha: Too late, too late! It's all gone.

Siren: Oh, don't be silly, Tabitha, there's plenty there, and Fox has not eaten yet.

Tabitha: Anyway, I think it's gone off already. Seafood -- it goes bad so quickly in this heat.

Siren: You have no idea how bad seafood can get.

Fox: Siren, it's all right. I'm not hungry right now anyways. I've got more important things on my mind than eating.

Siren: Oh! Oh!

Fox: Siren, are you all right?

Tabitha: Oh, dear, did I do this, yes, you do that, dear.

Siren: I will be back.

Tabitha: Oh, no. Endora.

Tabitha: Oh, that sloppy Kay leaves her diary everywhere.

Fox: Well, she should be careful because no one should read someone else's diary. But on the other hand, Kay is in trouble, and the clue to bringing back the old Kay might be in here.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora. Now you've done it.

Miguel: Kay, I'm sorry.

Kay: Why are you sorry? You're my fiancé. We should be making love all the time. What's gotten into you?

Kay: Make love to me. God, it's been so long.

Rae: We could grab some more chairs.

Simone: Oh, ok, I get it. We're not welcome. Then let's just --

Eve: No, Simone. Simone, honey, of course you're welcome. Please join us. Rae, it's lovely to see you again.

Rae: You, too, Dr. Russell.

Eve: Eve, please.

Rae: Eve.

Eve: Come on, join us.

Simone: Ok. Thank you.

Whitney: Hey.

Eve: Well, this just makes me so happy, seeing my daughters together with the people that they love.

Simone: Thanks, Mom.

Theresa: Noah? Hi. Can I have some hot tea, please?

Noah: Yeah, of course. Where's your new friend?

Theresa: Oh. My new friend is actually a new hire at Crane. And two minutes into our dance, he decided to ask me for a promotion.

Noah: Wow.

Theresa: Right.

Noah: What'd you say?

Theresa: Um, well, I said that, you know, if he wants a promotion that he needs to have experience in the field, and he completely agreed. So first thing Monday morning, I'm going to transfer him to our new diamond mining operation... in Siberia.

Noah: You're bad, you know that?

Theresa's voice: Is that how it's going to be? Are men only going to be interested in me because I'm Mrs. Alistair Crane instead of Theresa?

Fancy: Did you see this?

Luis: What?

Fancy: We should get rid of this before Sheridan sees it. She doesn't need more reminders she's lost Marty and her baby.

Luis: Uh-huh, that's a good idea. She's already in enough pain.

Chris: I think Sheridan should get back to bed. Come on.

Fancy: Why don't I run you a hot bath, honey? Then I'll change your bed and we'll get you in a fresh nightie. It might help you feel better.

Sheridan: You're set. I don't think anything will make me feel better.

Chris: Thanks, Fancy.

Fancy: Come on.

Chris: I hate this. I wish there was something I could do to help her.

Luis: So do I.

Luis: You know, this is all because of her damn father. That man is a sick and evil bastard. God, I wish I would've killed him myself. You never knew Alistair. You're lucky you never had to deal with him.

Chris: Yeah, lucky.

Ivy: Oh, my God -- Rebecca. How long have you been here?

Rebecca: Oh, long enough. And, Ivy, I want to be the first to congratulate you.

Ivy: On what?

Rebecca: Oh, honey, please. Look at this room, huh? I mean, the sounds coming from that shower? Oh, it was like the soundtrack to "The Bride of King Kong."

Ivy: You listened?

Rebecca: Well, of course I listened. And, Ivy, I have to tell you, I am so impressed. I mean, I always thought you were a cold fish. I had no idea that you could inspire such passion.

Ivy: Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me.

Rebecca: Apparently. But I'm more than willing to find out.

Ivy: Rebecca. You are as bad as our sophomore year when all those frat boys had to go to the hospital.

Rebecca: Oh, please, they all had great big smiles on their faces when they went into surgery.

Ivy: Sam and I don't go in for those nasty games that you and Julian play.Ivu? Am u lay.

Ivy: What do you want?

Rebecca: Oh.Po

Ivy: Sam! Cover up!

Sam: Ved re my. Whoo. Kaaro I mean, she's totally confused and her writing has totally d a:Atl ge

Fox: It says here that Kay has gone on this trip to make love to Miguel. Dex:Loon make love. I'm tired of nothing but romance. A girl has needs." "Needs"? She knt g elt the

Fox: He won't be able to resist her. Even when she's not herself, she's still the sexiest woman in all of New England. I am driving up there right now to put a stop to this.

Tabitha: No, no, Fox, don't! Wait! Oh, my. If he gets up there and finds Kay and Miguel making whoopee, it's not going to be pretty.

Siren: Where's Fox?

Tabitha: He's on his way to the Seaside Inn to stop Kay and Miguel having it off.

Siren: Instead of waiting for me? Well, he's wasting his time. That goody-goody Miguel won't touch Kay. He's much too honorable.

Tabitha: Hmm. I've got news for you, miss fish fatale. Kay stole a little potion of mine that is 10 times stronger than your stew. And if Kay uses it on Miguel, he won't be able to resist her.

Siren: And you said Fox is on his way up there to stop them?

Tabitha: That's the plan.

Siren: Perfect. Miguel will be all wound up, Fox won't let him touch Kay, Miguel won't be able to resist me. I have to get up there.

Tabitha: But you won't get there in time. Do mermaids even drive?

Siren: Drive? I can outrace a nuclear submarine. You watch, Miguel will be mine tonight.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: Now the fat's in the fire.

Kay: God, I love you.

Miguel: I love you, too.

Rae: Your mom's really great. I did not think she'd be so accepting.

Simone: I know. She's really improving.

Rae: Not to bring up a sore subject, but how's your dad?

Simone: It's sad. I mean, first, the car accident, and now the stroke. He's a little better, I guess. He'll be leaving the hospital soon. I love my family so much. Even though my mom and dad aren't together anymore, I just -- I want all of us to be happy.

Eve: Oh.

Julian: Hmm?

Eve: Sorry, honey, it's my pager. Let see. Oh, it's the hospital. I'd better call in in case it's about T.C.

Whitney: Ok, ok, so let me get this straight -- one dance and you send the guy to Siberia.

Theresa:Yeah. Yeah, he's the one who told me he likes to travel.

Whitney: Uh-huh.

Theresa: Ok, ok, ok, fine, fine, this is what I'm going to do -- I'm just going to, you know, give up on men altogether and join the convent. You know, I bet you your old room is just there waiting for me.

Whitney: Oh, stop it. You know you're going to find somebody that's interested in you just for you. Oh. Well, what about him, hmm?

Theresa: Noah? That's like dating my brother. That's gross. Oh, oops.

Whitney: It's ok, apology accepted.

Theresa: Yeah, next time I'll try to put just both feet in my mouth, ok?

Whitney: No, no, you know what? Don't even worry about it.

Theresa: Sorry.

Whitney: Chad is not my brother. He never was. You know, I think that's why I could never get him out of my heart, because down deep I knew we weren't related.

Theresa: Well, Whitney, you guys have got a love that's going to last forever.

Whitney: Yeah. Kind of wish you wouldn't say that, but, yeah, you're right.

Theresa: Why?

Whitney: It's nothing. Just me being pessimistic again, but every time I finally start to get some happiness, I think it's just going to slip away.

Theresa: No, no, no, you two are going to be together forever, ok? Nothing's going to tear you apart. Nothing.

Chad: All you do is worry. It's going to be ok. Nothing's going to change for us. I'm going to see you just as much as I did before. No, what I have with Whitney isn't going to change what we have, I swear.

Kay: Wow. That was amazing. You and I are so great together.

Miguel: I'm sorry, Kay. I tried so hard to fight my desires. My love for you is too strong.

Kay: What? What are you talking about? You're my fiancé. Why wouldn't you want to make love to me?

Kay: Oh. I get it. I know why you didn't want to make love to me. Why didn't you tell me?

Fancy: All right, you rest, ok? I'll bring you some of that chamomile tea you like.

Sheridan: Oh, don't bother. The only two things I want in this world are gone -- Marty and my baby.

Fancy: Oh, Aunt Sheridan, don't. You'll make yourself sick.

Sheridan: It's just too much. It's painful. All I know is pain. I don't think I can go on like this. I don't think I want to.

Fancy: Don't say that.

Sheridan: I can't live with this. I can't.

Fancy: Go on. Cry it out. It's ok, I'm here. Just let it all out, ok?

Luis: My condolences on the loss of your child.

Chris: Thank you. And I'm sorry about Marty. All I ever heard was what a sweet kid he was.

Chris: I'm worried about Sheridan. This is too much for anybody to take. She's so strong in some ways, but this?

Luis: I know. She's already suffered so much in her life. Did you know that Alistair literally had dozens of people over in Italy working for him to keep this sick omega plot going? I'm going to make it my mission in life to keep Sheridan away from anyone who has a connection to this symbol.

Luis: If I find anyone with a connection to this symbol, I'm going to make them pay.

Ivy: Sam, Sam, really, not here. Not in front of Rebecca.

Sam: Who?

Ivy: Rebecca, this isn't a good time.

Rebecca: Hmm, not for me maybe.

Sam: Come, woman. I got plans for you.

Ivy: Oh! Ok, you can see yourself out.

Sam: Oh, Ivy.

Ivy: Sam, really, right here in the hallway?

Sam: Oh, yeah. Yes.

Rebecca: My. I have got to get myself a blue-collar cop.

[Ivy and Sam moaning]

Rebecca: Uh, uh, guilty. Guilty. Arrest me, please. I have my own cuffs. Oh, my. You know, you can never find a cop when you need one.

Sam: Ivy, Ivy, Ivy.

Ivy: Ah!

Kay: Why didn't you tell me what was going on?

Miguel: I tried. I just didn't want to confuse you or upset you. None of us did.

Kay: "None of us"? What? I'm not upset. Actually, you know, I'm a little touched.


Ahi waunounit. Ths s

Miguel: Kay --

Kay: No, silly, I'm not a blushing bride. Come on, we have a child together. I ev


Miguel: What?

Kay: We made love tonight, and it was amazing, but for some reason, it just -- it's e n't at w oh, well. As long as we're together. And, look, we can stay apart re I o

Kay: Shh. Si t I Fox I 'n th 5 re

Siren: Oh, no, you don't, Kay. Miguel is mine.

Luis: How's she doing?

Sheridan: Don't act like I'm not here.

Chris: I'm sorry, my love.

Sheridan: I don't know what to do with myself. I don't want to stand, I don't want to sit. I'm empty. My baby's gone, just like Marty.

Luis: Sheridan, look, it's going to be all right. I swear. You know I'm here for you, right? I mean, I'll always be here for you, ok?

Sheridan: Chris.

Chris: Luis, thank you.

Chris: It's ok, I'm here, my love.

Sheridan: Can't we just be alone, just the two of us?

Fancy: Luis?

Eve: I'm afraid I've got to get to the hospital.

Simone: Is it Daddy?

Eve: Yes, but I will call you if it's anything serious.

Julian: Well, I'll come with you.

Eve: Oh, no, honey, I think I'm going to spend the night at the hospital, take ce T.Cu just have a good night's sleep and I'll see you in the morning, ok?

Julian: Ok.

Eve: Good night.

Whitney: Yeah, I hope you're right. It just seems like every time I start to feel happy or in love, the rug gets pulled out from under me, you know? What if I lose Chad?

Theresa: You are not going to lose him.

Chad: What'd I just hear? I'm sorry, baby, but you are stuck with me, till death do us part.

Theresa: Yeah, that's my cue to, uh, exit. Oh.

Man: Oh.

Theresa: I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there. I'm --

Man: Why don't you watch where you're going, you idiot? Ma

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Whitney: Move on with your life, find someone new to love.

Fox: I don't know what I'll do if you've already slept with Miguel, Kay.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Miguel: I can explain.

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