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Chad: What, Ethan is hurt?

Whitney: No, Chad.

Theresa: Maybe.

Chad: Ok, which is it?

Whitney: Listen, honey, Theresa's just remembering an e-mail she got on the flight here.  It said that someone from Harmony would die here in Rome. Now, never mind the fact that Maya's already dead and there's over a dozen of us here in Rome for death to choose from, she's convinced Ethan is the one who's doomed.

Theresa: Chad, can I borrow your cell phone, please? I just want to warn him, that's all.

Whitney: Honey --

Chad: Here you go.

Theresa: Thank you.

Gwen: Ignore it.

Ethan: I don't hear anything.

Theresa: There's no answer. What if he's dead?

Katherine: One of the servants told me that Sheridan had been rushed here. Chris, how is she? How is the baby?

Pilar: I guess I'll come back later.

Katherine: Pilar, please wait.

Pilar: I guess I can suppress my contempt for you long enough to visit Sheridan. How are she and the baby doing?

Chris: Well, it was touch-and-go early on, but Dr. Russell said they both should be fine as long as she stays calm. The problem is she's so upset about Marty.

Pilar: Why, what happened?

Chris: Luis and Fancy were very close to getting him back when Beth and Alistair got away with him.

Katherine: Again?

Chris: Well, we're hoping for news on Marty soon.

Beth: We're escaping on a steam train?

Alistair: It's our only option. Interpol has all the roads, buses, planes out of Rome under surveillance. So, short of walking, yeah, this is the only way out.

Beth: What about our passports?

Alistair: All taken care of. And no one would ever suspect that this is a disguised boxcar.

Beth: Wow, it's -- it's almost perfect.

Alistair: What do you mean, "almost"?

Beth: Daddy, could we take Luis with us?

Marty: Daddy.

Beth: Eventually, Luis will realize that he loves me, and then the three of us, we could all be a family together.

Beth: But -- why did you do that?

Alistair: I have to break this thing. Interpol has a way of tracing us through the cell phones called pinging. Give me your phone. I'll destroy yours, too.

Beth: Um, I lost mine in Rome.

Alistair: You wouldn't lie to me, would you, Beth?

Beth: No.

Alistair: All right. I'll take your word for that. You handle Marty for a while. I'm going to go check on our connections to a former soviet republic, make sure they're all in place. Then from there, we take off for our final destination.

Beth's voice: Make all the plans you want, Daddy. I plan to end up with Luis.

Luis: Great. Interpol still has no leads on Alistair.

Noah: Is there anything I can do to help?

Luis: Yeah, could you work things out with Fancy?

Noah: Yeah, I will. Does Fancy want to talk to me?

Esme: Fancy, why are you willing to talk to Noah when you are falling in love with Luis?

Fancy: Noah sent word he wants to talk.

Esme: Well, why waste his time and mine? Uh, ours -- yours? Just go to Luis and tell him how you feel. I'll take care of Noah.

Fancy: I wish you'd stop telling me how I feel about Luis.

Esme: Well, come on, you know you are falling for the man. Just go and tell him how you feel and don't worry about Noah. Once I go "Olympic gymnast" on him in bed, he won't remember the Fancy way of doing things.

Noah: Oh, Fancy, I --

Fancy: Luis?

Luis: Yeah?

Fancy: I am falling in love with you.

Ethan: Hello?

Theresa: Oh, Ethan, hi. Are you ok?

Ethan: Yes, I'm alright.  Why?

Gwen: Oh my God, wh thel do s w , g really terrible feeling that your life was in danger.

Ethan: No, Theresa, my life is not in danger. But I'll tell you what, if we don't end this call soon, your life might be in danger, courtesy of Gwen.

Gwen: That's for damn sure.

Theresa: , Ow ea, causdon'wa hingo haen

Ethan: Therisendie mewith my wife right now, so if you're all right and everyone else is all, we need to end this call, ok?

Theresa: Ok, sorry I bothered you. Just be careful.

Ethan: Bye, Theresa.

Theresa: He's ok. He's, you know, just enjoying alone time with Gwen, you know, so --

Whitney: Well, they are married, you know, so --

Theresa: Yeah. And he's never going to leave her for me, right?

Chad: That's what we've all been trying to tell you, Theresa.

Theresa: It's really hopeless. Ethan and I are never going to be together, ever.

Esme: Oh, I'm sorry, darling. It seems that Fancy has moved on to Luis.

Noah: Yeah, I thought as much.

Esme: Fancy, what's wrong? Ooh, did a synapse snap?

Fancy: What? Um, I'm sorry, I was just --

Esme: Daydreaming about Luis.

Fancy: No, I was having second bo

Esme: Oh, your pants are on fire, arand a bad one at that.

Fancy: Dnus to be this irritating.

Esme: Oh, well, you didn't used to run from your feelings, n

Fancy: I got your message. What did you want to talk about? Nolo t us, about our future together.

Fancy: Noah, don't.

Noah: Look, Fancy, I love you, ok, and I can't lose you. Tell me what I can do to make things right between us again.

Alistair: I'm going to go have a conversation with the engineer for a while, so don't do anything stupid while I'm gone.

Beth: What, you don't trust me?

Alistair: Irknow you only too well terru y, Beth.

Beth: What, that hurts my feelings.

Alistair: Your feelings? That's a good one.

Beth: Marty, let's call your daddy and see if he wants to come with us, ok?

Marty: Daddy. Daddy.

[Phone rings]

Luis: Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Beth: Hi, Luis.

Luis: Beth?

Beth: I am so glad that you survived that lion attack. I told Daddy I didn't want him to hurt you, but sometimes he just --

Luis: Beth, is Marty all right?

Beth: Oh, he's fine. He's fine. Here, honey, say hi to Daddy. Say, "hi, Daddy."

Marty: Hi, Daddy.

Luis: Marty.

Beth: Yeah. Oh, he misses you, Luis. We both do.

Marty: See him?

Beth: Do you think that there's a chance that maybe we could get back together, you know, just r ke g b t wth theame thing.

? Do you mean it? Yes, I m, I sll plenty angry at you foalth tyo done, but I want my son back, even if it means being with you.

Beth: Well, I guess hoping for flowers and candy is a little too much.

Luis: Beth, you want me to pretend that everything's ok and to trick you into getting Marty back? No, no. But you're not tricking me right now, are you?

Luis: Beth, look, Sheridan isd hrnth hi.Is well, I used to love you before. I'm willing to try again.

Beth: Oh, Luis!

Luis: So what do you think, Beth? That way I get my son back and you get me and, uh -- Beth, how's that sound to you?

Whitney: Are you sure you're ok about Ethan?

Theresa: Yes. Chad, you ok?

Chad: Yeah, Whitney and I, we need to get to the Vatican. We've got a conference call with the Mother Superior from the convent in Harmony.

Whitney: Yeah, I'm going to tell her that I'm not going to take my final vows to become a nun now.

Theresa: That's wonderful. Congratulations.

Chad: Yeah, and the Pope's assistant is going to help us explain the whole situation.

Whitney: But you know what? I just think we should make the call later. Theresa needs me right now, you know?

Theresa: No, I'm fine, plse that phone call -- that's way, way too important, ok?

Whitney: Wait, are you sure?

Theresa: Yeah, I'm totally sure, really. Actually, I need to go for a walk anyway, figure out where I'm going to go from here without Ethan, you know?

Whitney: Theresa, honey, I realize how huge that is for you to finally accept that. You sure you don't need merat?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, m y sure. Look, you got to go. You got to celebrate your love with Chad. This is the start of a new life together.

Whitney: Ok. Bye.

Theresa: Bye. Thanks.

Chad: We'll see you, bye.

Esa: Gh c a:D e and tothgain

Theresa: Sister.

Nun: I had a vision that coulbehe to U.Thera: Inyobe.Nun: What may I do for you, child?

Theresa: You could kill me, because I dok toet

Chris: Sheridan fell asleep waiting to hear if Marty hadocar e'o ia m

Pilar: Ok, I mean, surely one hem lleamein

kather ri l you're exhausted. Why don't you go home and get some sleep, and Pilar and I will stay here with Sheridan.

Chris: I'm too beat to argue. Thank you.

Katherine: Good.

Pilar: Our pleasure.

Pilar: Oh, she looks like she's dreaming.

Sheridan: Marty, come to Mommy.

Beth: You shut your damn blond mouth. I am Marty's mother. Right, Daddy?

Alistair: I don't care who Marty calls Mama. I'm raising him.

Beth and Sheridan: No!

Sheridan: Marty.

Noah: Look, can't we just start over fresh, ok, find a way to make this work without Alistair doing his best to ruin our relationship every chance he gets?

Noah: Oh, I think Luis is getting some information about Marty. Excuse me.

Luis: Uh-huh, yeah. It's Beth. Yeah, yeah. Have Interpol trace the call. I'll try and keep her on the line. Uh-huh, yeah.

Esme: Looks like you're caught in Luis' gravitational pull. It's not surprising. His body is heavenly.

Fancy: Esme, stop it. This is serious. Luis may get his son back.

Esme: Well, if, llbao an. Is that what you want?

Fancy: I couldn't be happy knowing I cost my aunt Sheridan her happiness.

Luis: So if we're getting back together, how would that work?

Beth: Well, what do you mean?

Luis: What about Alistair? You and Marty are with him, right?

Beth: Well, yes.

Luis: Well, yeah, so it would -- it'd be hard for me omt you.


Luis: Come on, Beth.

Beth: No, if I tell Daddy that you love me and I love you, he'll leave you alone.

Luis: See, I really want to believe you, I do, but I just think that we should meet somewhere neutral, away from Alistair.

Beth: Luis, I can't wait to see you. Marty can't either.

Luis: Then it's unanimous.

Beth: You mean it, Luis? We can really be together?

Luis: Yeah. First, I think we should lay down some ground rules, you know, so we can learn to trust each other again.

Beth: Oh, but you can trust me, Luis.

Luis: Yeah, I know. I just think we should take it slow.

Beth: Well, now I'm starting to wonder if I can trust you.

Luis: Beth, come on. Would we even be having this conversation right now if I wasn't on the up and up? Would you tell Interpol to hurry up? I told you, Beth, I want to be with Marty, and that means we're going to be together.

Beth: And Marty wants to be with you, too, Luis. Ow.

Alistair: Damn it.

Luis: Beth? Beth, are you there?Ai anything? Was Interpol able to trace the call?

Nun: Kill you? Don't be ridiculous, Theresa.

Theresa: I'm serious. I'm tired. Please.

Theresa: I'm sick and tired of, uh, being so close to getting Ethan and then losing out over and over and over again. It's been going on too long. I just -- I can't stand it anymore.

Nun: Ending your life is not the answer.

Theresa: I just don't know what else to do. I thought that getting the information that Ethan is really little Ethan's father would be a turning point, that once he heard the truth, he would leave Gwen and he'd come back to me, but that's not going to happen.

Nun: Why not?

Theresa: Because Ethan advised his friend Gary to stay married to his wife and sue the mother of his child for custody.

Nun: So, you did not tell Ethan that he is your son's father?

Theresa: I couldn't risk losing both of my children to Ethan's hateful wife. Now, you're right. Your prophecy came true. I received information. I just didn't use it.

Nun: I'm so sorry. But you must have faith that things turned out this way for a reason.

Theresa: I used to believe that, sister. Not anymore. I give up.

Nun: What you see as permanent might just be a fleeting moment in God's master plan.

Theresa: Well, if this is God's plan, I want nothing to do with God.

Alistair: You told me you lost your phone.

Beth: Well, I just -- I found it right when you left.

Alistair: Uh-huh, and you used it to talk to Luis.

Beth: Well, Marty wanted to talk to his daddy.

Alistair: Oh, come on, don't blame it on Marty for your stupidity.

Beth: I'st. Luis loves me. He wants to give our relationship another chance.

Alistair: You know, he was just playing you, that's all. He wanted to keep you on the phone long enough so they could pinpoint our location.

Beth: No, no. We were making plans to meet up, so it doesn't matter where I'm at right now.

Alistair: Oh, really? You know, you are so stupid. I think you're also insane. I could kill your mother Edna for lying to me 25 years ago and telling me that she was on the pill.

[Steam whistle]

Beth: Whoa, we're on our way. Choo, choo!

Alistair: Maybe she wasn't on the phone long enough. Let's hope that I'm right. Let's hope, let's hope. Let's hope.

Noah: Interpol pinned down where Beth was calling from.

Fancy: Where?

Noah: It's coming from a steam-powered train that's sitting at a rail yard outside of Rome.

Luis: Oh, my god. Wellive it to Alistair, the man is crafty.Rit,s get er before that train takes off.

:Inrpaie n' ready starting to move.

Fancy:T dooph frting away with Marty? : G int to give us a helicopter and we'll follow the train.

Noah: And we can call them and have them block the tracks somehow, make the train stop.

Acy,d thlierrb.. could parachute in and surprise Alistair.

Noah: Sounds like a plan.

Luis: Let's go.

Fancy: Well, Marty's my cousin. I'm coming with you.

Esme: Not because of your cousin but because you want to be with Luis.

Fancy: I'll see you later.

Esme: Oh, Fancy. Will you ever be with the man you love?

Ch go, jaansittre basle. At se zs tn hos

[Phone rings]

Chris: I hope Sheridan hasn't gone back into labor again. Boothe residence.

Alistair: I see you've settled in.

Chris: Alistair, what have you done with Marty? Sheridan's been beside herself with worry.

Alistair: Marty's fine. He's with Beth and me, and everything is just fine. A fanc

ista dnt ca

awer quens. I caedo ir to dwhouave


ch Alistair, that's not going to happen. Things have changed.

Alistair: Nothing has changed. You'll do exactly as you agreed to do, or you and your lovely wife will die.

Chad: Hey, hey, it wasn't your fault, ok, it was Alistair's.

Whitney: That's right. I'm just going to put all that behind me. But you and I... Chad mm

Whitney: We can have a wonderful life together with our son.

Chad: Yeah, you know, part of me can't believe things worked out for the three of us to be together. I mean, there was a time when I let myself think differently.

Whitney: Well, I'm glu W. I'm sure Miles is, too. Can you forgive me? I want to go back in one more time and give thanks again for our happiness. Ishaok ch, bey es I' a pneall to


Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Ok.

Whitney: See you later.

Chad: Hey, it's me. Did I wake you? I was thinking about you, too. Look, that's why I edhaD. --, Di't pl eve b no, just relax, ok? It's not going to affect us. Weh no, I mean it, ok? Nothing is going to stop me from spending time with you.

Nun: You cannot reject God, Theresa. Without him, life has no purpose, no meaning.

Theresa: Having faith has gotten me nowhere. I keep losing t on with. And bad people keep getting what they want. Gwen has Ethan, my daughter. Beth has Marty. Alistair has yet to pay for any of the horrible things that he's done. And that's not fair. Is there no justice anymore?

Nun: God -- God works in mysterious ways, but maybe things aren't as bad as you believe them to be.

Gwen: I love you so much.

Ethan: I love you, too.

Ethan: Theresa?

Theresa: Yes? Come on, I knew that you wanted to see me in this, right,t gw I'm the woman in your heart, Ethan. I'm the woman in your dreams. You want me. You always will, no matter what you tell Gwen.

Ethan: Theresa.

Chris: My deal with you is off, old man.

Alistair: It's a pity you didn't have any backbone when you agreed to my terms. Now, you do what must be done.

Chris: That's big talk from somebody who's about to be captured, and then they're either going to imprison you or execute you. Either wayyon't t E.

Alistair: You're a fool. Whether I'm in prison or dead, others will come after you to enforce our agreement. Now, you do what you agreed to do or it's over for you and your wife. I own you, body and soul.

Chris: Damn you, Alistair. Damn you.

Beth: Who was that?

Alistair: None of your business.

Beth: Oh, so it's ok for you to talk on the phone, but then I can't make a call.

Alistair: Yes, it's ok for me to talk on the phone because I wasn't talking to Luis, who's trying to catch us.

Beth: Oh.

Alistair: "Oh." You know, you're just lucky that they haven't found us yet.

Beth: Well, Luis wants to be with me and Marty.

Alistair: Oh, for God's sakes, Luis has been lying to you. All he was trying to do is keep you on the phone so they could find out where our location is.

Beth: No, Daddy, Luis loves me. And Sheridan and Fancy, they were just confusing him.

[Helicopter approaches]

Beth: I know that, when I see Luis, I can get him going --

[Alistair groans]

Beth: What -- what was that?

Alistair: It's a searchlight from a helicopter. They found us.

Luis: That's it. That's got to be the train down there. All I have to do is get Marty from Beth and Alistair and take him back to Sheridan.

Theresa: Oh, Ethan.

Ethan: Oh, no. Better take a walk or something. I got to get Theresa out of my head once and for all.

Theresa: I just have to find a way to get Ethan out of my system. I don't know where to start.

Nun: Try prayer, Theresa.

Theresa: And pray for what, amnesia? I don't even think that would work. I mean, for years, my whole life has been about loving Ethan, about having a family with him and our two children, but I didn't stop once to think what would happen if we didn't end up together, just like I never thought that Luis and Sheridan would never be together. But they aren't. She's with Chris and they're about to have a child. It's like I said earlier -- true love never wins out.

Katherine: Did you know that Rebecca is divorcing Julian so he can marry Eve?

Pilar: Is that a not-so-subtle hint for me to divorce Martin so he can marry you?

Katherine: No, Pilar. I was just trying to make conversation.

Pilar: Well, Katherine, I don't even want to be in the same room with you, much less talk to you. So if you won't drop dead, at least have the decency to be quiet.

Katherine: As you wish.

Shidan ther! N, m, ru

Beth: Thank you, Sheridan. Honey, sweetheart, fa sfor

Beth: Stop, you're scaring my son.

Shan: Rt rty. Larm]

Katherine: Oh, my God, Sheridan is having some kind of seizure. Get a nurse.

Pilar: Doctor, come quickly please!

Chris: I rue the day that Alistair first darkened my door. My life has been torture ever since. And because of me, so has Sheridan's. I can't wait for Alistair to burn in hell. But I can burn these documents now. The fire should be hotter.

Chris: Sheridan can never know. This is for you, Alistair.

Alistair: Thanks to you using your cell phone, they've found us.

Beth: Daddy, Luis doesn't want you. He came for me and Marty.

Alistair: No, he'd rather throw you in the blades of the helicopter. What he came for is Marty and to take Marty back to your blond half-sister Sheridan.

Beth: No.

Alistair: Yes!

Luis: As soon as Interpol blocks the track, I'm going to get my son back.

Pilot: Headquarters says that tas the bridge over a ravine just about 10 miles ahead.

Luis: Marty's almost mine.

Alistair: There has to be a way out of this.

Beth: Don't you have a backup plan?

Alistair: This is the backup plan. Now, be quiet while I think.


Beth: What was that?

Alistair: That alarm only goes off if this train is being targeted with hostile fire.

Beth: What? So someone in that helicopter's trying to shoot at us?

Alistair: Heavier weapththat it's missiles.

Beth: Missiles?!

Luis: What the hell?

Fancy: What is it, Luis?

Noah: What do you see?

Luis: Pilot, ask Interpol if they launched a drone to follow the train.

Pilot: Headquarters, did geroo the targeted train? Negative.

Luis: Who the hell did?

Alistair: Luis would never order a missile attack. He'd be too afraid of killing Marty.

Beth: Well, who would?

Alistair: It's not a question of who. We have to remove ourselves as targets before it's too late.

Luis: God. The drone's preparing to fire at the train.

Whitney: Thank you, God, again, for the miracle you've granted Chad and me, letting us know we're not half-brother and sister. It's a dream come true for both of us. Now we can be a happy, normal family -- Miles, Chad, and me. Oh, I'm the luckiest woman in the world. Chad is mine now. He's all mine.

Chad: Trust me, ok? My getting married isn't going to change a thing about us. Well, sure, I can handle it if you can. Ok, it's settled. My having a wife isn't going to stop us from getting together.

Nun: Faith is the -- ¿come se dice? -- antidote for doubt. And make no mistake, Theresa, God has a plan for you.

Theresa: I used to think so. But not anymore.

Nun: Allora, I will pray that you will find the strength to feel differently and to find God again through prayer.

Theresa: Thank you.

Theresa: What am I going to do? I can't tell Ethan that little Ethan is his son.

Ethan: What did you just say?

Chris: That's the last of the documents. Now Sheridan will never know the truth.

Pilar: What happened to her?

Katherine: Is she losing the baby?

Doctor: We don't know yet.

Sheridan: My son! Marty's going to die!

Doctor: You're all right. You're in a hospital. Sit back. Sit back.


Alistair: I'm sure Luis wouldn't order a missile attack on the train knowing that Marty's on it.

Alistair: Oh, my God.

Beth: What, what is it?

Luis: Where the hell did that drone come from?

Noah: Whoa, it looks like it's closing in on the train.

Luis: God, it's preparing to fire.

Fancy: But Marty's on that train.

Luis: Marty!


Noah: Oh, my God.

Fancy: Oh, no.

Luis: Marty!

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Alistair: Imagine me, Alistair Crane, taken out by missiles. Wow. Missiles.

Luis: God. God, not my son.

Chad: No one is going to find out about us, especially Whitney.

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