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Siren: Do you really think he's going to find a broomstick and figure out that you and your kid are card-carrying members of the dark side?

Tabitha: There's a lot more than broomsticks in there, fish girl. Anyway, I'm not concerned for myself. I just have to protect Endora. Endora, Endora, you have to send them over there, get them out of here. We haven't got much time.

Ivy: What is all that buzzing? Bees. I'm allergic to bees!

Tabitha: No, Ivy, oh, no, don't spray them. That's the worst thing you can do.

Ivy: Oh, please. Get out! Scat, scat, you bees! Oh, oh, my God! Oh, no, they're stinging me!

Tabitha: Oh, I told you not to spray them! It only makes them mad!

Ivy: Ah, ah! Go, go, go, get away! Scat! Ah, ah!

Eve: Dr. Richards?

Dr. Richards: Eve, I'm sorry, he flatlined again. We managed to get his heart going again, but --

Eve: Oh, God.

Dr. Richards: I have to check on another patient.

Eve: I'll be here with him.

Julian: What does it say?

Eve: He's in a coma. Julian, I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Julian: I know, but you have to remember something -- T.C.'s very strong. The fact that he's still hanging on must mean something.

Eve: No. Not according to these readings. Eventually, his body is just going to give out and he's going to die. This time T.C.'s going to die.

Ethan: Ok, I asked you a question, Theresa. What were you telling Gwen that we're all going to find out?

Theresa: The most incredible miracle happened. Isn't that right, Whitney?

Whitney: You might say that.

Ethan: All right, what is it?

Theresa: Well, I wanted to tell you this in private, but Gwen's going to find out sooner or later, so I guess it's just as well that she's here.

Ethan: Do you know what this is about?

Gwen: Honey, it's just more of her wild rantings about God knows what -- you know, anything she can do to try and destroy our marriage.

Whitney: You know what, honey, maybe you shouldn't do this right now. Maybe you should tell Ethan when the two of you are alone.

Theresa: No, I can't wait another minute to tell Ethan that little Ethan is his son. I mean, he's going to be so thrilled.

Gwen: Honey, it's ridiculous for us to just stand around waiting for Theresa's next dirty little trick, you know? Let's get out of here.

Theresa: Wait, don't go! Look, what I'm about to tell you is the God's honest truth, and will change our lives forever.

Chris: Let me take that phone, Sheridan. It's not going to do you any good to watch what's going on halfway around the world.

Sheridan: No, Chris, I have to know. If my father could set hungry lions on Luis and Fancy, who's to say what he could do to little Marty. God, why can't I see what's going on there?

Beth: Don't worry, sweetheart, Mommy's going to find a way out of here. Besides, this is just one of Grandpa's games. There's nothing to be afraid of, ok?

Beth: Shh, it's ok.

Alistair: Ah, are you hungry, my kitties? This is going to give a whole new meaning to the phrase "Fancy feast."

Fancy: I am so sorry, Luis. If I'd had only believed what all of you were telling me about my grandfather, I could've prevented this.

Luis: Never mind all that.

Sheridan: They're going to die. My father is going to murder Luis and Fancy in cold blood!

Fancy: Luis!

Ethan: Look, enough of the melodrama, ok? Would you mind just getting to the point?

Theresa: Not at all.

Ethan: Good, because to tell you the truth, Gwen's been through a lot lately at your hands.

Theresa: This is different.

Ethan: This is not about J.T. Cornell? You're not about to sling accusations at my wife and her mother?

Theresa: This has nothing to do with the tabloid leak.

Ethan: Well, that's -- that's something new.

Theresa: Let me just amend, though, it does actually have something to do with J.T. Cornell.

Gwen: I knew it. I mean, she is not going to let go as long as there's breath left in her body.

Ethan: Theresa, damn it, I don't --

Theresa: Wait, wait, Ethan, please, stop, stop, stop.

Ethan: What?

Theresa: Please, this is not what you think. This is not what you think, ok? It's much more important than that tabloid story that exposed you being Sam Bennett's son. This really will change all of our lives from here on in.

Gwen: Theresa, this is just another one of your pathetically blatant attempts to get Ethan away from me. Honey, let's go.

Ethan: Hold on. One minute. You have one minute to tell me what's going on or I'm out of here.

Theresa: Ok. Do you remember the night before we were supposed to be married? The night on the beach, when we made --

Man: Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to thank you again for the advice.

Ethan: Gary, hey.

Gary: This, I promise, will just take a minute. Listen, I thought you might want to know that I spoke with everyone involved in the mess that I created back home?

Ethan: Mm-hmm?

Gary: And it looks like things are going to work out. I'm a lucky guy. Being honest was the right thing to do. So thank you for giving me the push I needed, buddy.

Ethan: Hey, I'm just glad it's going to work out for you. That's great. Oh, I'm sorry. This is -- this is Gary, my friend from college, actually.

Gwen: I remember you. You dated one of my sorority sisters, Missy Hopkins.

Gary: I married her.

Gwen: You did? That is great! How is she?

Gary: She's ok. Actually, things haven't been very good between us lately.

Ethan: Yeah.

Gwen: I'm sorry. Don't want to pry.

Gary: I don't mind. Ethan here gave me some good advice.

Gwen: Legally?

Gary: No, more than that. I guess you'd call it ethical advice. He reminded me about right and wrong.

Theresa: How long is this going to take, because I'm really dying to tell Ethan that little Ethan is his son.

Whitney: Honey, are you sure you want to do this now, here, tonight?

Theresa: Yes, it's going to be the best news of his life, just like it was mine.

Gary: Anyway, thanks again. I have a really good feeling Missy and I will be getting back on track.

Ethan: That's great. All right, good seeing you.

Gary: Nice meeting you.

Gwen: Bye. Honey, I know it's really not any of my business, but what happened?

Ethan: Oh, it's -- it's complicated. But you're probably going to hear it from one of your sorority sister friends back home, so -- Gary and Missy were having trouble getting pregnant.

Gwen: Well, I certainly know how hard that can be on a marriage.

Ethan: Yeah. It's just that during that hard time, Gary kind of met up with an old girlfriend.

Gwen: Oh, don't tell me.

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, they had a fling and, as luck would have it, she got pregnant. Gary was a wreck and he wanted to have a child for so long, but of course not in that way. Anyway, this other woman, she refused to terminate the pregnancy and she gave birth to a little boy.

Gwen: Does Gary recognize him as his son?

Ethan: Yeah. He's been supporting him financially and he spends as much time as he can -- as much as this woman will allow, anyway. This other woman wants Gary to divorce his wife and marry her and become a full-time husband and father to their little boy.

Theresa: Well, of course she would. I mean, they should be a family. He is going to divorce his wife, right? He's going to do the right thing and marry the mother of his child?

Fancy: Wait, Luis!

Luis: Stay back. Maybe they'll leave you alone long enough so you can get out of here once they get me.

Alistair: Oh, now, Fancy, I wouldn't get my hopes up too far, because once they finish with Luis, they're going to be very hungry for dessert. I warned you about consorting with that type of man, and Luis is even a worse choice than Noah Bennett. All right, come on, you lions. Attack! Attack!  Let's get this show on the road.

Sheridan: I can't stand it. I knew my father was a monster, but this?

Chris: You're hyperventilating. Just calm down and breathe, Sheridan.

Sheridan: I don't care if I can breathe. Not when Luis and Fancy are about to be mauled to death by lions!

Chris: You've got to relax. Just calm down and breathe.

Sheridan: I can't! If Luis dies, if I lose Marty, I can't go on. I just, I cannot go on.

Chris: Hey, hey, hey, you mustn't say that. You're about to give birth to our child... our child, who deserves his or her mother.

Sheridan: But what kind of world are we bringing him into, Chris? What if my father steals him, too?

Chris: I won't let that happen.

Sheridan: Well, you can't stop it. Nobody can. Look at what my father's capable of doing. No, no one I ever care about is safe as long as Alistair Crane is alive.

Luis: Give me a hand, Fancy! If we can get this thing down, we might just stand a chance.

Eve: God, I feel so guilty.

Julian: Listen, listen, listen, you mustn't.

Eve: How can I not, Julian? I broke T.C.'s poor heart lying to him all those years about you and me and the baby that we had together.

Julian: Listen to me.  He made a choice.  He could've taken you back when you literally begged him to.

Eve: No. No, he felt too betrayed. But don't forget, though, he did come around. Remember? He did find it in his heart to forgive me. He did take me back, and then it was I who left him again. I'm responsible for all of this, Julian. I've killed one of the finest men who ever walked the earth.

Julian: I know it doesn't look good now, but he is still alive.

Eve: Just barely. He's never coming out of that coma. So I guess I have to reach the girls and I have to get them to come home. Oh, God, my poor babies.

Julian: Well, God forbid he does die, you and the girls will be all right. I will make sure of that.

Eve: He's their father, Julian. There's no one that could just make that all right.

Julian: Listen, I am not going to let you put this on yourself. T.C. is a grown man who made choices. He didn't have to let things go the way they did.

Eve: You know, I think the last straw for him was Liz. Because he trusted her, too, and then he realized that she wasn't capable of loving anyone but herself.

Julian: Listen, I want you to stop this.

Eve: No, he was happy. He was a happy man till he found out the truth about me. I stole the joy out of his life.

Julian: No, you didn't.

Eve: I stole his will to live, Julian.

Julian: I am telling you, you did not. You did not put him behind the wheel of that car, you did not make him drink. If anyone's to blame for this, it's T.C. himself.

Kay: Dad!

[Sam whistles]

Kay: Dad, what happened to the hot water? It was fine, and then all of a sudden it was freezing.

Sam: Is that so?

Kay: Well, can't you fix it? Miguel and I were going to --

Sam: I see. And, no, I can't fix it, at least not right now. Looks like we need a new heater.

Kay: Shoot. I really wanted -- shoot!

Sam: Kay, why don't you go put some clothes on, and I'll make some tea.

Kay: All right.

Miguel: I'm going to go get dressed, too.

Fox: That can wait.

Miguel: Listen, Fox --

Fox: No, you listen, man. What the hell do you think you were doing with Kay in the shower?

Miguel: You were spying on us?

Fox: Well, sure beats the hell out of making out with another man's woman.

Miguel: Look, it wasn't my fault. Kay surprised me in the shower. I was trying to --

Fox: Ok, for about a second maybe. I saw the two of you together. Keep your hands off of her.

Miguel: Look, you heard Dr. Russell's orders about not trying to traumatize Kay while she --

Fox: Listen, Kay might have selective amnesia, but I don't. You keep your hands off of her or I'll make you wish you never came back to Harmony.

Ivy: Oh, God! Oh, why isn't this spray working?! They're getting bigger and angrier!

Tabitha: Maybe they're killer bees.

Ivy: Ah! Ow! Oh, ow, get away! Stop!

Tabitha: Endora, Endora, as much as I'm enjoying this, you've got to send them away before anyone else sees them.

Ivy: Ow, ow! Oh, oh! Ow!

Sam: Ivy? Was that you screaming?

Ivy: Oh, Sam, Sam, Sam! Oh, my God, oh, my God. Thank God you're here. There were so many of them, and I couldn't get away, I couldn't get away!

Sam: So many what? What happened?

Ivy: Bees. Bees. There were killer bees in here and they came out of that pot!

Tabitha: I was making some soup.

Ivy: No. No, no, there were bees -- angry bees, and I kept spraying them and spraying, they just kept getting bigger and bigger and madder and madder!

Tabitha: Time for a little damage control, my demonette.

Sam: Hey. Look, you're sure there were bees in here?

Tabitha: It's all my fault, Sam. You see, Siren and I were famished, and so I was making a little pot of vegetable soup when Ivy came in and she wanted a taste. And then she had a sip and she turned green. The most incredible shade of green I've ever seen. She must be allergic to one of the ingredients.

Ivy: No, that's ridiculous. This is my kitchen! I wouldn't have anything I'm allergic to in here.

Tabitha: Then I don't know. Maybe choking on that olive caused the hallucination.

Ivy: This was no hallucination! There were bees in here and they attacked me!

Tabitha: Choking does deprive the brain of oxygen, doesn't it, Sam?

Sam: Well, it can.

Ivy: No. No, no, no, there was an angry swarm of bees in here and I kept spraying and spraying and they got madder and madder and bigger and bigger! They attacked me, Sam, really, no!

Tabitha: Perhaps you can persuade her to have a little rest. She's --

Sam: Yeah, yeah. Listen, ok, you're going to calm down. Look, let's go in the living room and lie down for a little while. Come on.

Ivy: Ok, ok.

[Pounding and sawing]

Ivy: What's that?

Sam: Well, it sounds like construction going on next door. Tabitha, you didn't hire any workers, did you?

Tabitha: No, no, no, no. Absolutely not.

Sam: I'd better go check it out.

Ivy: I'm not staying in here with them!

Tabitha: Endora, Endora, you've got to do something quick! If they see your worker bees, the jig is up!

Theresa: I don't even know why I asked. I mean, of course you told Gary to leave his wife so he could be a full-time father to his own child. I mean, he should marry his son's mother, right?

Ethan: No, I didn't tell Gary that at all.

Gwen: You told him to honor his marriage vows, right?

Ethan: That's absolutely what I told him. I told him that he should go to Missy and do whatever he can to make amends with her, to apologize and tell her that he was wrong to have the fling with the other woman.

Theresa: Ethan, this was not a fling, ok? Their love-making produced a child.

Ethan: Theresa, he cheated on his wife at a time when she was going through her own personal hell by not being able to have a baby. It wasn't Missy's fault. Furthermore, this other woman -- she's threatened to make his life miserable if he doesn't marry her, drag him into court and sue for sole custody of his child. And if he balks and if he doesn't marry her, he'll probably never see his son again.

Gwen: What a witch.

Ethan: Yeah. He's been so terrorized about this whole ultimatum that he's horrified that he's going to lose somebody that he loves no matter what.

Theresa: So he cared about both of the women?

Ethan: No, Theresa, he cared about his wife and his little boy.

Gwen: So what exactly did you tell him?

Ethan: I told him that there's not a judge around who would award sole custody to this other woman.  Ok?  It's an empty threat, and vengeful acts like that, nobody takes them seriously. I told him to come clean with Missy, ask her for forgiveness. Then hopefully the two of them can have active roles in his son's life.

Gwen: Of course you told him to stick up for his marriage vows.

Ethan: Couldn't do anything else.

Chris: I should've never have let you on this phone.

Sheridan: Chris, give that back.  I have to see if anything happened to Luis. 

Luis: Come on, come on, keep pulling.

Luis: Back! Back!

Fancy: Luis, I can't get the gate down!

Luis: Keep pulling! Ugh, ugh!

Alistair: Oh, those damn gates. Neither one of you are going to escape. You're both about to die!

Marty: Uh-oh.

Beth: It's ok, Marty. Shh, shh, Marty. Oh, Father. We've got to find a way out. Come on, let's go. Oh, oh. Oh, my ankle. Oh, God.

Sheridan: Beth. Oh, my God, where is Marty? Where is my precious son? Why can't I see Luis or Fancy?!

Luis: Ugh! Come on, Fancy.

Eve: I still don't think it's fair, Julian, to place the blame on the victim.

Julian: But, darling, I don't see T.C. as a victim of anything, unless we're talking about self-pity.

Eve: I don't believe you could be so callous.

Julian: Well, you can call it callous. The way I see it, T.C. is a grown man with freedom of choice. He is the one who decided to let everything go the way he did, he is the one who decided to drive when he shouldn't have.

Eve: That's because he was distraught over our divorce.

Julian: My darling, couples get divorced every day. Your marriage ending is not new news. No breakup is ever easy, but that is just no excuse to give up on life.

Eve: Yes, but --

Julian: If nothing else, T.C. had a responsibility to Whitney and Simone. Instead, he let his anger eat away at him until he was consumed by it.

Eve: Well, I still don't think that you should blame him when I am the one that ended the marriage.

Julian: Oh, you think you abandoned him? No, I think it was T.C. who let you and your girls down by driving drunk, by caring so little about his own life that his daughters could end up without a father.

[T.C. groans]

Eve: Oh, my God. T.C.? I think he's coming out of his coma.

Fox: I mean it. Keep your hands off of Kay.

Miguel: Or what, Fox? Are you going to break my legs like one of Tony Soprano's goons?

Fox: Just keep your hands off of her.

Miguel: I keep telling you I'm not the one starting this. Kay thinks we're in love. She thinks we're getting married. I keep trying to push her off.

Fox: Try harder then.

Miguel: Man, you Cranes are all alike. It's got to be your way or the highway.

Fox: This has nothing to do with being a Crane, all right? I'm in love with Kay and we're going to get married as soon as she comes through all of this. The least you can do is respect our relationship.

Miguel: I'm trying to respect your relationship.

Fox: Oh, please. I've seen the way that you look at her, the way that you touch her. You want Kay as much as she wants you, only you don't have an excuse.

Miguel: That's bull.

Fox: Admit it. Since you've come back to Harmony and since Charity's out of your life now, you've decided that you want to be with Kay. Come on, admit it. At least be a man and admit it.

Tabitha: Work it, sweet pea! Do something fast!

Ivy: What was that?

Sam: That was weird.

Ivy: Where did that wind come from?

Siren: Don't look at me.

Sam: That's strange, it's stuck.

[Pounding and sawing]

Ivy: That sound -- it's getting louder and louder.

Sam: Talk about weird.

Ivy: Doesn't it sound like sawing and hammering?

Sam: And a nail gun. What's going on?

Tabitha: Come on, my little witchlet. Yeah, yeah, we're going to be in for it if they see your busy bees at work. Ho-ho, our geese are going to be cooked.

Siren: It'd be your own fault.

Tabitha: Oh, well, you'll be busted too, Siren. Have you never heard of the old New England tradition -- fish fry?

Theresa: Do you think that Ethan will actually stay married to Gwen once I tell him that little Ethan is his son?

Ethan: I knew that you'd understand what I told Gary.

Gwen: Of course, and you told him to do the right thing.

Ethan: Heck, you know, I told him to countersue the mother of his child for custody.

Theresa: Wait, what?

Ethan: Yeah, that's right. I mean, Theresa, the odds are that the judge is going to rule down the middle on this thing, ok, he's going to grant some kind of joint-custody situation, and that way Missy and Gary can each have a role in his biological son's life.

Theresa: Ok, you advised your friend to sue the birthmother for custody? That's exactly what you did when you took Jane away from me.

Ethan: Hold on a second. No, no, totally different. I did not want to take Jane away from you. I believe a mother should be with their child, Theresa, but, if you recall, the judge declared you an unfit mother.

Theresa: Well, that was all lies, Ethan! All lies!

Gwen: God, you always manage to make things about you. Theresa, this isn't about you. We're talking about Ethan's friend and his situation if you don't mind. Go on. You were telling him that you advised him to sue for joint custody.

Ethan: Yes I did. It's the right thing to do. She deceived Gary. She told him that she was on birth control when they slept together. She obviously used him to get pregnant and almost ruined his whole life.

Gwen: Well, you know, I think she should get a taste of her own medicine. And I'm really happy that you stuck up for Gary's marriage.

Sheridan: Oh, my God. I can't make anything out, Chris. Where's Luis? What's happened to Marty?

Beth: Oh, my ankle! I got to get out of here.

Luis: Back! Keep pulling! Faster! Here. Oh, God, this thing's stuck.

Luis: Come on. Go, go, go.

Fancy: Luis, the lions are coming!

Luis: I know. Go, you can fit through there.

Marty: Daddy.

Luis: Oh, God, Marty. The lions are going to get him!

Fancy: You've got to get to him.  Just go, Luis.  I'll be right behind you.  Go.  Oh my skirt is stuck.  Ah!  Just go, Luis! Get your son!

Marty: Daddy.

Beth: Don't worry about Daddy right now, sweetheart. We're going to play hide and seek, ok? Where can we hide from Daddy now?

Fancy: Don't let them get away again! Hurry!

Sheridan: Oh, my God. What if Luis can't save both of them?

Eve: T.C.? T.C., can you hear me? It's Eve.

Julian: Are you sure you saw him move?

Eve: I'm positive. I can't believe it, though. His readings say that he shouldn't have come out of this coma.

[T.C. groans]

Eve: Did you see that?

Julian: Yes, I did.

Eve: Oh, Julian, I can't tell you how incredible this is. I mean, I was so sure.

Julian: I -- I just don't want you to get your hopes up too far, Eve.

Eve: No, I know. I know better.

Eve: Oh, God, his vitals are stronger. His readings are better. Julian, please, would you get Dr. Richards, please?

Eve: T.C.? Can you hear me? It's Eve. I'm here.

T.C.: Eve?

Eve: Oh T.C.! Thank God! I was so afraid!

T.C.: What happened? Where am I?

Eve: You don't remember?  You were driving.

T.C.: I was in the car. Bright lights coming at me. I -- I swerved.

Eve: Yes, you were in a terrible crash.

T.C.: Am I going to die, Eve?

Eve: I was afraid that you were, but, no, no, I don't think so.

T.C.: I just felt -- I felt so all alone. Like nothing ever mattered anymore. All I ever wanted was a family, Eve. And I blew it. I just -- just had no reason to live.

Eve: Oh, T.C. don't say that. It's not true.

T.C.: I've driven Whitney and Simone away. I've lost you to Julian. I've lost everyone I care about.

Eve: No, you haven't lost anyone.

T.C.: Yes, I have. I've lost you.

Eve: You haven't lost me, T.C. I'm right here, and I'm not leaving you.

Tabitha: Oh, my word!

Sam: No way. Your house was practically burned to the ground.

Ivy: Somehow, someone has rebuilt it. All that sawing and hammering we heard, remember?

Sam: Yeah, yeah, but there's no way anyone could've done this much work in this short a time. And where have all the workers gone?

Tabitha: Well, don't look at me. I was over at your place. Come on, let's go in.

Endora: Go in.

Sam: This is crazy! Your house was in cinders just a few hours ago.

Fire marshal: Who's responsible for this colossal waste of my time? I was called here to investigate fire damage at this address, but there's none whatsoever. It's in perfect condition. Case closed.

Ivy: I know you know more than you're saying, Tabitha.

Tabitha: How could I, Ivy? I've been with you all the time.

Sam: I honestly don't get it. Everything's back to the way it was before the fire, as if it never even happened.

Ivy: Only we all know that it did. Look. The paint is still wet.

Fox: Come on, admit it, you like that Kay's lost her memory.

Miguel: Look, now you're talking crazy.

Fox: Oh, am I? No wonder that you haven't slept with Siren yet. You've been carrying around this torch for Kay.

Miguel: Look, you're talking through your hat, buddy.

Fox: Oh, I am not your buddy. And Kay's not your girlfriend, she's mine! Just admit it. It is so obvious that you want to be with her. Just be a man and admit it, Miguel.

Miguel: Look, I don't blame you for being uptight, but you seem to forget what Dr. Russell told us.

Fox: The hell with Dr. Eve Russell. I -- ugh! -- I'm so sick of playing this game. Just be a man and admit it. You want to be with Kay, don't you?

Kay: Of course he wants to be with me. We love each other and we're getting married. What's wrong with you, Fox?

Theresa: Ok, what about you?

Ethan: What do you mean what about me?

Theresa: The advice that you gave your friend. I mean, let's just say that you're married and you just kind of had this fling with some woman and she ended up getting pregnant. Would you sue the birthmother for custody of your child?

Ethan: Theresa, first of all, ok, I don't plan on having a fling. And for the record, I think he was wrong to have a fling with another woman. The least the guy could've done is used protection. But this woman flat-out lied to him, all right? She used him to get what she wanted. And if she can lie to him about being on birth control and then threaten to take away his visitation rights from his own son, that proves to me that a woman like that is not to be trusted

Gwen: Yeah, sounds like she has some very shaky moral values, and I'm sure Gary's concerned that she would pass them on to his son.

Ethan: Gary is the father. I mean, fathers do have some rights. You know, he shouldn't have to break up his marriage in order to have a relationship with his son. The way I see it, the best outcome would be for Gary and Missy to each play roles in his son's life. Hopefully, a judge will agree and will grant joint custody. I think that would be the best case for the child in the long run.

Gwen: I feel very lucky to be married to a man who knows what's right and fair.

Ethan: I'm the lucky one. Now, Theresa, what are you so fired up about? What do you have to tell us, anyway?

Sheridan: Oh my God, Chris.  I can't see a damn thing.  Luis can't save both Fancy and Marty.

Fancy: Oh, my God, oh, my God.

Luis: It's ok. Hey, you're ok, ok? Nothing's going to get you now, ok?

Fancy: Wait.  Where's Marty?  I wanted you to save Marty.

Luis: I don't know, but I think he's safe from the lions.

Fancy: No! I can't have caused you your son's life again! You should've just left me.

Luis: Yeah right, l like I was just gonna leave you here?

Fancy: Well just go.  They can't have gone far, just go.  Hurry, go get your son.  Go, Luis.  Oh, my God.

Alistair: Come on, move, move.

Beth: I'm going as fast as I can. I think I sprained my ankle, Daddy.

Alistair: Forget your ankle. Do you want Luis to catch up with us?

Beth: No, of course not. 

Alistair: Move, move.

Beth: Ok.  Sweetheart, you forgot about Daddy right now.  We're going to play hide-and-seek. It's going to be fun.

Alistair: That Latino loser. You were supposed to die.

Beth: At least they didn't take Marty. I still have Marty. Ok.

Sheridan: Luis must have dropped his phone. Oh, God, I can't stand not knowing what's happened to Marty! God, please let him to be all right, please, pleas-- oh!

Chris: What, what's wrong?

Sheridan: The baby. The baby's coming.

Chris: No, no, it can't be! It's too soon!

Sheridan: I know. I felt it before.

Chris: I'll take you to the hospital myself!

Sheridan: Oh, my God, here comes another contraction.

On the Next Passions:

Sam: This is definitely weird.

Siren: Weird? It's totally bizarre.

Luis: I am not going to let Sheridan down. I'm going to get Marty back.

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