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Sam: How about a snack, everyone?

Tabitha: Oh, Sam, it was so kind of you to let us all stay here last night. You really are a very good neighbor.

Sam: Are you kidding, Tabitha? Your house almost burned down. I remember how nice you were to my family when our house was sucked in the bowels of hell.

Fox: What a night.

Ivy: Oh, honey, did you get any sleep at all?

Fox: No, Mother, and it wasn't because of the house burning down. All I could think of was Kay being in bed with Miguel when it happened.

Sam: Look, I know how you feel, Fox, but I don't think you're going to have to worry about Miguel taking advantage of the situation. He knows that you're Kay's fiancÚ.

Siren: I'm sure Miguel doesn't want to take advantage of Kay. He wants to be with me. He should be with me.

Tabitha: Siren, Miguel is trying to help poor Kay. Dr. Russell said that she lost some of her memory when she got that electric shock.

Sam: Yes, and now Kay thinks that she's engaged to Miguel and not you, Fox. Eve believes that it might cause Kay some harm if we tell her the truth.

Fox: Yeah, well, she also said that Kay might get her memory back if she gets a good night's sleep. Well, I doubt that she got any more sleep than the rest of us did last night.

Siren: Well, I hope you mean because of the fire and not because of Miguel.

Fox: I was hoping for that, yes. I don't know how much longer I can take this for.

Siren: Miguel, oh, I missed you last night.

Miguel: Good morning, everyone. Everybody ok?

Fox: Oh, we're fine. How's Kay?

Siren: She get her memory back?

Miguel: I don't know yet. She's still asleep.

Fox: Whether she did or not, this can't go on any longer.

Miguel: I'm with you, Fox. I want Kay to remember who she loves just as much as you do.

Fox: Do you? Because I'm getting the feeling that you're rather enjoying this.

Miguel: Enjoying this?

Fox: Yeah. Oh, come on, Miguel, don't tell me you don't like having Kay think that she's engaged to you because you like having her in your bed.

{Theresa: This isn't over. I spoke to a nun tonight and she said I would receive information that would bond Ethan to me forever. She also said that Chad and Whitney would get back together. And she's a prophet, Gwen. She's God's prophet, so she cannot be wrong.

Gwen: Chad and Whitney together, that's nice. They're brother and sister, Theresa.

Theresa: The nun said they're going to get back together, Gwen.

Gwen: Well, you know what? If Chad and Whitney can get back together and they're brother and sister, then ok. Then you'll get back together with Ethan. Sure. I don't see it happening. }

Gwen's Voice: Whitney and Chad found out they're not brother and sister, so they are together, just as the nun predicted. But that doesn't mean Theresa will take Ethan away from me. Please, God, don't let that nun be right about us.

Theresa: I can't wait to tell Ethan that little Ethan is his son. He's going to leave Gwen the minute that he hears.

Whitney: I hope you don't get hurt again.

Theresa: Oh, no, I'm not going to get hurt, ok? I've got the proof right here. And this is what the nun was talking about when she said I would receive information that would bond Ethan to me forever. I'm going to be reunited with Ethan, bonded forever.

Sheridan: Good morning.

Chris: Hi. Go back to sleep.

Sheridan: But I'm awake.

Chris: [Sighs] It's early. And Dr. Russell said you and the baby need lots of rest. You don't want to be taking any chances with our baby, do you?

Sheridan: No, of course not, darling, but I feel fine.

Chris: I'm very glad you feel well, but you've had a difficult pregnancy.

Sheridan: All right, I'll let you pamper me. So, where's my breakfast in bed?

Chris: [Chuckles] It's coming right up.

Sheridan: Thank you, sweetheart. And will you hand me the paper?

Chris: Sure.

Chris: There you go.

Sheridan: Thank you. What about the rest?

Chris: Uh -- the rest?

Sheridan: The rest of the paper. Why did you leave it on the chair?

Chris: Oh, it's nothing important, nothing you would want to know about.

Sheridan: It's the front page. Why wouldn't I want to read it?

Chris: Nothing happened, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Chris, why don't you want me to see the front page?

Luis: Alistair, give it up! You're not going to get away from me this time!

Beth: Father, wait, I can't catch my breath. Marty can't keep up.

Alistair: Well then you're going to have to pick him up and carry him.

Beth: I don't think he can make it.

Alistair: He'll be able to make it.

Luis: I know you can hear me. I'm coming for you, Alistair, and this time you're going down.

Beth: Oh, he's so close, Father. What are we going to do?

Alistair: You just stay calm. We keep moving, keep the kid quiet.

Beth: Ok, ok. Sweetie, sweetie, Mommy's going to carry you, ok? So we can go faster, ok.

Luis: Beth! Beth, don't be a fool. Just give me Marty and I'll let you go.

Beth: Oh, my God, he's so close.

Alistair: I told you -- I will see Luis dead before he ever catches us.

Beth: Oh -- come on, sweetie.

Fancy: This is insane, Luis. This place is a maze. My grandfather and Beth could be anywhere with Marty.

Luis: They're close, Fancy, ok? I can feel it. I'm getting my son back.

Alistair: Go, go.

Fancy: [Gasps] There they are.

Luis: It's over, Alistair, just give it up!

Miguel: Fox, you need to calm down.

Fox: I'm perfectly calm, but I think I'm right about this. I think you're enjoying the fact that Kay thinks that she's engaged to you and not me.

Miguel: Look, all I'm trying to do is to do what Dr. Russell said to do -- to not upset Kay.

Fox: None of us want to upset Kay, Miguel. But how do you think she's going to feel when she gets her memory back and realizes she's been sleeping with you?

Miguel: I don't know, Fox. All I know is Dr. Russell said to play along with Kay's altered reality.

Tabitha: Yes, it could create serious problems if she was told the truth too soon.

Fox: Well, I hope that's the truth, Miguel. I hope that you remember that she's engaged to me, not you.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Everyone's a little edgy after the fire, all right? Let's all try to have some coffee and try to relax, ok?

Ivy: You know, honey, if you feel this strongly about it, I think maybe you should follow your instincts.

Fox: You mean about Miguel?

Ivy: Mm-hmm. If you think that he's trying to come between you and Kay, you could be right. After all, he was her first love and they have a child together.

Siren: You know, Kay had better get her memory back soon or else.

Tabitha: Or you'll try hitting her over the head with a baseball bat again?

Siren: Whatever it takes to get her away from my boyfriend.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora, why did you conjure up this murderous mermaid?

Kay: Hmm, morning.

Sam: Hey, sweetheart. How are you feeling?

Kay: I'm ok. Ok Fox, I am so glad to see you. I had the most amazing dream last night. I have to tell you about it.

Fox: Really?

Sam: I think Kay is back to normal.

Tabitha: I certainly hope so.

Siren: Miguel, looks like you're off the hook. I think Kay remembers she's in love with Fox.

Sheridan: Chris, what is in the paper you don't want me to see?

Chris: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Come on, I know there's a reason you don't want me to see that front page.

Chris: Yes, I don't want you to get upset in this condition.

Sheridan: I'm fine, but I won't be if you don't let me see that front page.

Chris: [Sighs] All right.

Chris: There is a story of a very bad thing that happened on the streets of Rome. And since you know so many people over there --

Sheridan: Oh, my God, Chris.

Chris: Yeah.

Sheridan: People were hurt and somehow my father is involved.

Chris: Yeah, that's what it says.

Sheridan: Oh, no, Luis. I haven't heard from him. What if he was involved? What if he's been hurt?

Chris: I don't want you to get upset. This is not good for you or the baby.

Sheridan: I have to call Luis. I have to make sure he's all right and that Marty is ok.

Luis: I'm not stopping till I get my son back, Alistair! It's over!

Alistair: [Panting]

Beth: Father, what do we do?

Alistair: Just relax -- relax, don't worry. Don't worry, we keep moving. And Luis won't shoot at us because he's afraid he'll hit Marty.

Beth: Which way? Where do we go?

Alistair: I told you, Luis will never bring me down. Now, come on, come on.

Luis: Where the hell does he think he's going? Come on, we can't let him get away.

Beth: We're trapped.

Beth: Which way do we go? What are we going to do?

Theresa: I can't believe it. This is it, Whitney. Whew, this is finally it.

Whitney: But what if it isn't?

Theresa: What are you talking about?

Whitney: I'm just saying -- I'm just saying what if this isn't, you know, it?

Theresa: I don't know what you mean.

Whitney: Ok, I'm think logically for you here.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: First of all, Ethan has to believe you.

Theresa: I've got the proof, right here. Little Ethan is his son.

Whitney: Yes, um, but what makes you think he's going to be more bonded to you because you have a son together? I mean, you already have a daughter together, right -- Jane?

Theresa: He -- he just will. He just will. I mean, he loves little Ethan so much already. I mean, they're so close. Once he -- he realizes that he's little Ethan's father, well, he's going to see that we have to be a family with Jane. He's just got to. He's just got to, Whitney.

Whitney: Ok. I just hope you're right. I mean, you know, you've been dreaming of a life with Ethan for so long. I just don't want you to be disappointed, that's all.

Theresa: I'm not going to be disappointed. I mean, I haven't waited this long to lose. I just can't wait to see the look on his face when I tell him.

Theresa: Ethan, it's Theresa. Listen, I've got some exciting news. Little Ethan -- little Ethan is your son. He's our child together. Isn't that amazing?

Beth: Daddy, if you've got an ace up your sleeve, you better use it now.

Alistair: [Groans]

Luis: Well, well, well. Told you I would get you, old man. You got nowhere to go now. Hi, Marty. It's me, Daddy.

Marty: Daddy.

Fancy: Who are you calling? Sheridan so she can see her son's alive and well.

Beth: Sheridan is not Marty's mother. I am.

Luis: Now, Beth, if you love Marty, just give him to me so that I can take him home to be with his mother.

Beth: No, never. Daddy, don't let him take Marty from me.

Fancy: Grandfather, please, make her give Marty to Luis.

Beth: You shut up.

Alistair: You disappoint me, Fancy. That you would betray me for this cretin.

Fancy: I didn't want to believe all the terrible things people said about you. So prove that I was right to still love you -- let Luis and Sheridan have their son back.

Luis: Listen to her, Alistair. Just give me Marty and I'll let you and Beth go. All I want is my son.

Fancy: Just do it, Grandfather. Please let Luis have his son. You can go free.

Kay: You won't believe the dream I had.

Fox: Great, I can't wait to hear it.

Tabitha: I think you're right, Sam.  I think Kay's come back.  What do you think, Ivy?

Ivy: I hope you're right.

Fox: You see, Kay, all you needed was a good night's rest to feel better.

Kay: Yeah, I do, I feel great. But I have to tell you about this dream.

Fox: Oh, I'm so glad, Kay.

Kay: I have the best idea for our perfume campaign.  I want you to hear about it, too, honey.

Sam: Oh boy, looks like we were wrong.

Kay: You know, I don't know why it came to me in a dream, but it did. And it was brilliant. A very sexy, sensual ad campaign that plays up the passion in the fragrance. Wait a second. That wasn't a dream, was it? I'm actually remembering something we've already done.

Fox: You remember?

Kay: Why, I do now. You know, I've been so confused about stuff since that electric shock, but now that I see Siren, I remember that she was in the campaign, too. I wasn't dreaming. We're actually doing this.

Fox: Yes, Kay, we are.

Kay: Wow, well, thank goodness Dr. Russell was right. I'm back to normal.

Sam: She doesn't remember loving Fox.

Kay: It's funny because I can see you in my head, but I can't see who you're modeling with. Was it you, Fox?

Fox: No.

Kay: Miguel? I came up with the idea to have my fiancÚ pose with Siren in an ad campaign?

Fox: Yes, Kay, you did.

Kay: Wow, well, I guess it's a good thing we love each other so much that I trust you completely.

Theresa: Did you hear me? Little Ethan is your son. We can be together with Jane and little Ethan. Isn't this exciting?

Woman: [Speaks Italian]

Theresa: Oh, hi. I'm -- I'm looking for Ethan Winthrop.

Woman: [Speaking Italian]

Theresa: Ok. [Chuckles] Ethan?

Whitney: It looks like he and Gwen are out, Theresa.

Theresa: Out? Where could they be?

Whitney: I don't know. Sightseeing?

Theresa: All right, we got to go. We got to find him.

Whitney: Whoa, Theresa, no.

Theresa: You're coming with me, right? Let's get out of here.

Whitney: No, no, no. Rome is a big city, they could be anywhere.

Theresa: Oh, I'm going to find him, Whitney. And when I do, he's going to leave Gwen and he's going to come back to me. I know he will. Come on.

Ethan: See that? That is the Basilica of San Clemente, ok? Three stories under that building they found an actual city that was thriving in 64 B.C. And you're not listening to me. What is wrong with you?

Gwen: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Ethan: Honey, honey, we're in the most historic, most beautiful city in the world. You are a million miles away.

Gwen: I know, I'm sorry. I just cannot get what that nun told Theresa out of my head.

Ethan: Honey, you know Theresa. She heard what she wanted to hear, that's all. There's nothing more to it.

Gwen: Really? You don't -- I mean, you're not worried about what the nun predicted?

Ethan: No, I don't believe in predictions. I believe in what is and what is is us. You're my wife, I love you. Nothing is going to change that.

Gwen: Ok.

Ethan: All right. Now, how about a nice warm cup of Caffe Italiano, huh?

Gwen: Ok.

Gwen's Voice: Ethan, I hope you're right. I do not want to lose you.

Chris: Sheridan, let it go for now. Let's have some tea and toast and you can try again later.

Sheridan: Why can't I get through?

Chris: You said all the circuits were busy.

Sheridan: But I have to talk to Luis. He could be hurt or in trouble. What if something's happened to Marty? Oh, my God, if anything happened to either of them, I couldn't stand it. I would never get over it. Damn, I have to get through. I have to reach Luis.

Luis: Alistair, you're through. I don't give a damn about you because you got nowhere to run. Just give me my son back.

Fancy: Please do as he says, Grandfather. I don't want to see you hurt.

Luis: You're through, old man. Just give me my son.

Beth: Daddy, no. Don't let him. He's all I've got.

Alistair: Luis, if you think that you've won, you're rather delusional. You don't actually believe that you can defeat Alistair Crane, hmm? Never.

Fancy: Oh. [Coughs] Now where are they?

Luis: No. No, damn it, no!

Fancy: They disappeared into thin air. How?

Luis: My God. Alistair!

Ivy: I think I'm going to go upstairs and freshen up a minute.

Sam: You know what, that reminds me, I should check in at the station. Ok.

Kay: Good night, these pictures are hot. I mean, they are incredibly sexy, aren't they? 

Fox: That was the idea, Kay.

Kay: I can't believe I was ok with you posing with Siren in these positions. Wow.

Miguel: It was only for the ad campaign, Kay. 

Kay: Oh, I know.  I would never ask you to do it if I didn't love you and trust you so much.

Fox: Do you remember being there, at the photo shoot?

Kay: No, no, not really.

Fox: Let's look at some more pictures.

Siren: How long is this going to take? How long before she stops hanging all over my boyfriend?

Tabitha: Perhaps seeing those photos will help Kay remember everything.

Siren: She'd better.

Tabitha's voice: For my sake, I hope not. As long as Miguel stays with Kay, there's no chance he'll get back with Charity. No chance that their coupling will surround me with sickening goodness. If that happened, the dark side would lose. And more importantly, I would lose.

Kay: You know, I don't know why, but I still don't remember being there when these pictures were taken. Oh, well, I'm sure it will come back to me. I'm going to go check on Maria.

Fox: Look, we've got to do something. I cannot go any longer having her think that she's engaged to you.

Miguel: I agree. But we can't do anything without letting Dr. Russell know. We have to do what's best for Kay.

Ethan: It's good to see you more relaxed.

Gwen: Well, I think you're right. You know, Theresa hears what she wants to hear. And she needs to believe that there's some sort of information out there that's going to bind you to her, so that's what she thinks the nun said.

Ethan: Mm-hmm. Besides, come on, what kind of information could she possibly get that would make any difference in our lives?

Gwen's Voice: I hope to God you never find out that my mother and I sent the information about your paternity to the tabloids and not Theresa.

Whitney: I hate to say it, Theresa, but we're never going to find Ethan out here.

Theresa: Oh, no, no, no, we're going to find him. Fate is going to help me find Ethan. I mean, this is what I've been waiting for all these years, to be with the man that I love. Finding out that Ethan is little Ethan's father, that's the miracle I needed.

Whitney: Yeah, but you know you haven't gotten your miracle just yet.

Theresa: Oh, but I'm going to get it. I mean, you got yours. You found out that you and Chad aren't brother and sister, you can finally be a family with Miles.

Whitney: It's true, I did get my miracle. So, you know what, if I can get my miracle, you can get yours.

Theresa: Exactly. Now, let's go find Ethan. I got to tell him that we can finally be together.

Whitney: Ok.

Luis: There's no way out of here, this is a dead end. Where could they have gone?

Fancy: I -- I don't know. It's impossible. I saw them standing right there, trapped.

Luis: Yeah, well, they're not here now damn it.

Beth: That was one hell of a trick you had up your sleeve, Daddy.

Alistair: Damn it, girl, don't ever doubt your father again. As I told Luis, the likes of him will never bring me down. Go, go.

Beth: Ok.

Luis: Well, I don't see how they got away, but they did.

Fancy: What now?

Luis: Oh, we got to keep searching. [Phone rings]

Luis: Sheridan?

Sheridan: [Sighs] Yes, Luis. Finally, yes, it's me. Are you all right?

Luis: Yeah, I'm ok.

Sheridan: What about Marty? Did you see him, is he ok?

Luis: Uh, he -- he's good.

Sheridan: And did you get him back?

Luis: Oh, I came very close and -- you know, I took a video of Marty. I'm going to send it to you over the phone, ok?

Sheridan: Oh, yes, Luis, I want to see my son. I want to see for myself that he's all right.

Luis: Oh, I'll send it to you.

Sheridan: But you're sure that you're ok? I read about that horrible street battle. They said my father was involved.

Luis: Yeah, he was involved.

Sheridan: But you're all right. And Ethan and Gwen and the others from Harmony, everyone's ok?

Luis: Amazingly, everyone is fine. The only bad news is your father got away.

Sheridan: Oh, no.

Luis: But I'm going to find him. I'm going to find him and if it's the last thing that I do, I'm going to find Marty and bring him home to you.

Sheridan: I pray with all my heart that you do.

Luis: You know, Sheridan, your father's been up to some, uh -- some pretty crazy stuff over here in Rome.

Sheridan: What now?

Luis: Well, he stole a chalice from the Pope's private chambers at the Vatican.

Sheridan: Oh, my God.

Luis: Yeah and apparently this chalice holds incredible powers that your father's been trying to harness himself.

Sheridan: It sounds so incredible.

Luis: There's more. It seems that during the second world war, there were some very valuable paintings that were stolen from the church. And these paintings, they all had this hidden symbol in them that somehow unlocks the power of the chalice. And that's what Alistair's been doing here, that's why he's been trying to find the damn thing, and somehow, everyone who's been working with your father -- well, somehow they're all connected with this omega symbol. Look, I'm going to send you the video of Marty, ok?

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, thank you.

Sheridan: [Sighs] Marty.

Sheridan: My beautiful son, Marty.

Fox: I want what's best for Kay, but I can't believe that letting her go along thinking she's in love with you is what's best for her.

Miguel: Fox, I get it. Ok, don't worry. Kay's in love with you and I understand that. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going upstairs to take a shower. I have to get to work.

Fox: Yeah, me, too.

Miguel: Oh, you should call Dr. Russell. Bring her up to speed, tell her Kay's remembering some things, but she's still a little confused.

Fox: A lot confused.

Miguel: Ok, a lot confused. Anyway, maybe there's something else the doctor can do for her.

Siren: I don't like this.

Fox: Neither do I.

Sam: Tabitha, just got off the phone with the fire marshal and he's going to send a team out to investigate the fire in your house.

Tabitha: Investigate, why?

Sam: It's standard procedure. I got to tell you, the fire marshal told me that he doesn't think that the fire was caused by fireworks or by the furnace.

Tabitha: Well, then what does he think it was caused by?

Sam: He didn't say. But I could tell he thinks that something's not right.

Kay: Well as long as Maria's still sleeping.

Kay: Miguel?

Ivy: Kay, you little tramp. Thank you.  This is just the opportunity I needed.

Beth: Daddy, what are we supposed to do? Luis is still here somewhere looking for us.

Alistair: Will you relax? Have I ever let you down?

Beth: Well -

Alistair: The answer is no, never.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, he's so grown-up. He's so beautiful.

Sheridan: Are you really going to bring my Marty home to me?

Luis: Yeah, I swear I will. Listen, let me go, ok? I'm trying to track down Alistair and Beth.

Sheridan: You're still chasing them?

Luis: Yes, Sheridan, please let me call you back after I nail the bastard, ok?

Sheridan: No, please don't hang up. Stay on the line with me so I'll know what's happening.

Luis: Sheridan, I don't think that's such a good idea right now.

Sheridan: Luis, please, I've been going out of my mind with worry.

Luis: All right, all right, don't get all upset. Hold on a sec. There, how's that? Now you'll be able to see wherever we go, ok?

Sheridan: Is that Fancy with you?

Luis: Yeah, sure is. She still thinks she's going to be able to have some sort of influence on Alistair.

Sheridan: I hope she's right.

Luis: So do I. All right, I'm going to clip the phone to my belt now, ok?

Chris: Is everything all right?

Sheridan: Luis and Fancy are trying to find my father. What's burning?

Chris: Oh, I made some toast and I burnt it. I'll have to make another batch.

Fancy: Why don't we go look over there?

Luis: I don't see why not.

Luis: I'm not giving up, Alistair! I'm coming for you.

Beth: Wait, wait. Did you hear that? Luis, he's still following, he's so close. How are we going to get out of here?

Alistair: Shh, shh.

Alistair: Oh, we'll get out all right. I can't say the same for Luis and Fancy. [Chuckles]

Tabitha: I really don't think an investigation is necessary, Sam. Can't you call the fire marshall, and tell him not to bother?

Sam: Well, don't you want to know why your house almost burned to the ground?

Tabitha: Oh, what's the difference? I mean, you know how old my house is. It could have been faulty wiring or maybe I left the kettle on or something, who knows?

Sam: Well, the fire marshall's got a good nose for things like this, and I'll be curious to see what he finds.

Siren: What was that all about?

Tabitha: Fire marshall's going to investigate the fire.

Siren: So?

Tabitha: So, he'll find out that Endora and I are witches.

Siren: Oh, not good.

Tabitha: No, not good. And that could also lead him to discover that you're a mermaid.

Siren: Double not good.

Ivy: Fox, honey, could you do me a big favor? I left my makeup bag up in the bathroom and Miguel's taking a shower, so would you mind getting it for me?

Fox: No problem. I'll be right back.

Ivy: Thanks, honey.

Ivy: [Chuckles] Yes, this should put an end to Fox and Kay for good.

Miguel: Kay, what are you doing?

Kay: What does it look like, silly?

Fox: It's just me, Miguel -- Fox.

Fox: Whoa.

Beth: What are we going to do?

Alistair: I want you to take Marty and go.

Beth: Why, you're -- you're not going to do what I think you're going to do.

Alistair: I think it is time to throw our gladiator to the lions.

Beth: Oh. No, Daddy, do you have to kill him? I love him.

Alistair: Well, he is never going to love you back, Beth. What he wants is to take Marty away from you and give him back to Sheridan. Is that what you want?

Beth: No.

Alistair: All right. Now, I want you to take Marty and find some place safe, all right?

Beth:  [Scoffs] Ok, where -- where is that going to happen?

Alistair: Wait, wait. Follow me. Come on. Let's see. Ok, now I'm going to push this door open. I want you to go inside, yeah, and there's a lock on the other side. Lock it and you'll be safe.

Beth: Ok.

Alistair: Ok. All right, push, push.

Alistair: [Chuckles]

Luis: Alistair, I know you're in there.

Alistair: Oh, yes, I am, Luis. Come and get me. [Laughs]

Luis: Sheridan, we're close. I want you to know we're closing in on Alistair, I'm going to get our son back.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, be careful. You know all of the horrible things my father's capable of doing.

Fancy: We know, Sheridan. I've always tried to defend Grandfather, but I've seen how evil he is.

Sheridan: Then please look out for each other.

Luis: We're going to get Alistair, I promise. [Growling]

Fancy: What was that?

Luis: Sounded like an animal. A very big animal.

Luis: Oh, my God.

Sheridan: What is that? Luis, what's that noise?

Luis: Come on.

Sheridan: Lions? There are lions running loose in the city?

Chris: Did you say lions?

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: Come on, we've got to get out of here.

Whitney: You know what, honey? We should just go back to the hotel and wait for Ethan there, ok?

Theresa: No, no. I can't go back to the hotel. I can't wait, I'm too excited. I'm too excited, we've got to find Ethan.

Whitney: Ok. All right, we'll keep looking then.

Theresa: Ok, ok, I just -- I can't wait to tell him that little Ethan is his son. Come on.

Whitney: Ok.

Ethan: I'm glad you're feeling better.

Gwen: I am. I love you very much, you know? And I want us to be together forever.

Ethan: We will be. We will be. I don't know what that nun was talking about, but it's even -- it's stupid to even worry about.

Gwen: Ok, you're right. I'm going to get a paper, I'll be right back.

Ethan: Ok.

Theresa: Oh, my God, he's right there.

Whitney: I know, I see him.

Theresa: And he's all alone. Ok, this is it. This is it. Once I tell Ethan that little Ethan is his son, he's going to realize that we can finally be together. Whitney, we're finally going to be together.

Whitney: Hmm.

On the Next Passions:

Fox: Enough is enough. This stops right now.

Ethan: I love you. I've always loved you.

Sheridan: There are lions running after Luis and Fancy.

Fancy: [Screams]

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