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Chad: Hey.

Ethan: Hey, Noah. Listen, are you sure that Spike told you that Alistair is in some secret room in the catacombs under this piazza here?

Noah: Yes, and he said it's not going to be easy to get in, it's going to be heavily guarded.

Chad: That sounds like Alistair.

Theresa: So where is Luis?

Paloma: He and Fancy went ahead to try to find Alistair, but they're going to need help.

Whitney: Look, I spent a lot of time in the catacombs with Alistair. I have a pretty good idea where he hangs out.

Simone: Then let's go.

Chad: All right, just stick together, ok? Come on.

Alistair: [Speaking Latin] It's happening. I can feel the power emanating from the chalice. It's working!

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I wonder what's going to happen next, sparks out his derriere?

Alistair: Quiet! I need silence! Shut up, all of you, and concentrate.

Luis: Beth?

Beth: Luis.

Luis: You're still alive? Wait a minute, if you're alive, that means that Marty's alive, huh? Where is he? You tell me where my son is, Beth. I knew it. You must've got out of that cab before it crashed.

Beth: Yeah, we -- we got out before it exploded. You don't think I'd entrust our son's life to some foreign speed fiend, do you?

Luis: "Our son"? He's not our son, Beth. You tell me where Marty is.

Beth: He -- he's right over there.

Luis: What? No, no, no, not so fast. You're not getting away from me this time. You tell me where Marty is.

Beth: No, he's my son. I raised him. You are not going to take my son.

Luis: You tell me where Marty is or I'm going to kill you.

Norma: Please, can't we all just get along?

Luis: Tell me where he is, Beth!

Beth: Ow, Daddy, he's hurting me!

Alistair: I'll hurt Luis instead. Vulnero Luis. Shama, vulnero Luis.

Fancy: No, Grandfather, no!

Paloma: There's death all around us.

Simone: Yeah, it's like "Tales From the Crypt," only real.

Whitney: Yeah, but Alistair was disguised as a monk back then, back when he actually had me believing he was the voice of God.

Theresa: More like the devil.

Whitney: That way. That's the way he would disappear to and he wouldn't let me follow him.

Ethan: Well, then his secret room is probably in that direction.

Noah: Yeah, makes sense.

Theresa: I bet J.T.'s still with Alistair. I just hope that he has the proof that Gwen and Rebecca outted Ethan as a Bennett to the tabloid.

Gwen: Give it up.

Theresa: You would like that, wouldn't you, Gwen? Sorry, not about to do that. The photograph of your mother and J.T. in bed together, along with the answering machine tape where you admitted what you did, will prove to Ethan that you framed me for ruining his life.

Gwen's voice: Not if J.T. isn't around to give it to Ethan.

Alistair: Fancy?

Mrs. Wallace: Merciful angels, did you see that?

J.T.: Oh, you bet I did.

Alistair: Fancy, are you all right?

Fancy: Yeah, no thanks to you, Grampy.

Alistair: I'm sorry, I was trying to kill Luis.

Fancy: That is no excuse.

Beth: That's right, it's not. I love Luis. I don't want him dead.

Alistair: Shut up.

Beth: You know, you wouldn't talk to me like that if I were blond.

Alistair: Why are you with Luis in the first place? I mean, he's the one who turned your aunt Sheridan against me. Now, don't tell me that you're falling for his propaganda, too?

Fancy: Oh, Grampy. Were you really always like this and I just didn't see it before? Luis didn't turn aunt Sheridan against you. He helped her to see the truth, just like he's helped me.

Alistair: Oh, now, now, sweetheart, you're just being delusional.

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Mrs. Wallace: Look who's talking.

Fancy: Luis loves Sheridan and Marty. He wants them to be a family.

Alistair: That isn't possible. Sheridan is married to another man. They're awaiting the birth of a child.

Luis: Once I find Marty and bring him back to Sheridan, we will be together.

Beth: Over my dead body.

Luis: You know, it's going to come to that if you don't tell me where Marty is.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, see? I told you, Luis doesn't want anything to do with you, he loves Sheridan.

Norma: I know you. You going to introduce me?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Yeah, right. Luis, this is my friend Norma.

Norma: Edna and I met through Tabitha Lennox.

Luis: You were trying to kill her.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, honey, that is old news. Normie is fine after a few thousands treatments of electroshock, aren't you, Normie? See, when Bethie went away, we decided to go see the world together. And isn't it funny that we all just seemed to wind up here at the same time?

Alistair: Edna, why don't you shut up? You're beginning to sound like Rebecca's donkey.

Luis: All right, enough! I need to know where Marty is, and somebody here is going to tell me.

Beth: The only thing you need to know is that he's safe.

Alistair: That's right. Beth is right. You're never going to see your bastard son again.

Fancy: Grampy, how can you be so mean?

Beth: Hey, don't you question Daddy. Oh!

Fancy: That is for trying to poison me at the art exhibit opening.

Tabitha: The boys below and I agree that Kay should be with Miguel. But if she goes too far with her faux fiancé tonight, I hate to think what Siren will do to her.

Siren: For someone almost electrocuted, Kay sure doesn't seem shy about hot-wiring Miguel.

Fox: Well, in fairness, it's actually Miguel who's trying to keep things from getting too hot and heavy. It's Kay who's determined to go all the way with Miguel.

Siren's voice: Well, that won't do.

Siren: If Kay thinks she's engaged to Miguel, shouldn't she be saving herself for their wedding night?

Fox: Look, she already knows that she and Miguel have a baby together, so it's a little late for that.

Siren: Well, I still think it's weird that Kay getting shocked has her convinced that she's engaged to Miguel.

Fox: I agree. But Dr. Russell says that there have been other cases where a shock to the system has triggered short-term memory loss. This is killing me. But I keep telling myself that Kay isn't responsible for her actions.

Siren: What about Miguel? How long is a hot, horny guy supposed to resist a woman in his bed?

Siren's voice: Even if it is Kay?

Fox: I think we're about to find out.

Fox: Why isn't Miguel stopping Kay from taking things too far?

Siren: I'm not waiting around to find out.

Fox: Siren, you can't just barge in there like that.

Siren: Watch me.

Fox: Seeing Kay kiss Miguel is anything but easy for me, but Miguel has to stop it, not us. What I want to know is, what the hell is taking him so long to do it?

Siren: That's easy. Every time Miguel pulls away, Kay holds on tighter.

Fox: Oh, Miguel could pull away if he really wanted to.

Siren: Not with Kay wrapped around him like an octopus. Get real, Fox. We have to stop this before it gets any hotter in there.

Fox: All right, all right, but we have to do it in a way that doesn't startle Kay. Otherwise, she may never remember that it's me that she's really in love with.

Tabitha: Is it really you, Fox, or is it Miguel?

Siren: I know who I love, and I'm not about to stand by and watch Miguel be taken advantage of by some hot-to-trot amnesiac.

Fox: Siren, no.

Miguel: Kay, stop. We can't do this.

Kay: Why not? I love you, you love me. It's not like we've never made love before. Maria's proof of that.

Miguel: I know. But, look, I just think we should wait until after we're married to make love.

Kay: I don't want to wait. I want you now, all night.

Eve: You can't die, T.C. You can't die, you have too much to live for -- your daughters and our grandson and your students and your friends. Please, don't die, T.C. Please don't die.

Eve: Dr. Richards, is it as bad as it looks?

Dr. Richards: I'm afraid so, Eve.

Eve: Oh, God.

Dr. Richards: We've done all that we can. It was touch-and-go when T.C. was first brought in. His vitals kept slipping. His heart even stopped beating once. But we've managed to stabilize him, at least for the moment.

Eve: You don't think he's going to make it, do you?

Dr. Richards: I won't lie to you, Eve. It doesn't look good.

Eve: Do you mind if I look at his chart? I just want to see if --

Dr. Richards: If there's something you can do to help him.

Eve: Oh, God.

Alistair: I want everyone to calm down or I kill you all with the chalice.

Beth: But not me, Daddy, right, because I'm your little girl.

Norma: Daddy calls me buttercup.

Mrs. Wallace: Shh, chill, Normie, because I got a feeling things are going to get uglier than that rash I picked up in Cairo.

Norma: Ew.

Luis: I mean it, Beth. You're going to tell me where Marty is.

Beth: No, never.

Luis: Tell me where he is!

Beth: Ow! Daddy, he's hurting me!

Alistair: Get your hands off my daughter.

Luis: Fine. Then you tell me.

Alistair: I don't know.

Luis: Don't make me kill you.

Alistair: Oh, there's not too much you can do to me. That chalice has given me the strength of many, many men.

Mrs. Wallace: You know how that feels, don't you, Normie?

Alistair: You know, and I'm getting sick and tired of you always interfering in my plans.

Luis: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Alistair: Oh, it does, does it?

Luis: Yeah.

Alistair: You're the one that's turned Sheridan against me, and I guess now you've got Fancy in your thrall as well.

Beth: No, no, no, Daddy, she threw herself at Luis.

Fancy: I did not.

Beth: You did to.

Alistair: Both of you shut up. You've been a thorn in my side for a long time. And I've tried many, many times to get rid of you. Never seemed to work out. But as you can see, things have changed. And the first edict of my reign will be your death, Luis.

Fancy: No, no, Grandfather, don't hurt Luis. He just wants his son back, that's all.

Beth: "That's all"? You stupid, stupid blond. You know, Marty is my son, and Luis can't have him and you can't have Luis.

Miguel: Kay, stop. Ok, you almost got electrocuted tonight and Dr. Russell says you need some rest.

Kay: We'll both sleep better afterwards.

Miguel: Kay, behave or I'll sleep somewhere else.

Kay: Come on, Miguel, make love to me. I know you want to.

Miguel: Look, what I want is for you to listen to what Dr. Russell said and get some rest.

Kay: But I feel fine. And soon you will, too, I promise.

Miguel: Ok, I'm going downstairs.

Kay: What? Hey, you're not going anywhere, at least not yet. Grr.

Siren: Are you just going to stand there and watch your fiancée make love to another man?

Fox: Hell no.

Tabitha: Drat. Now the fur -- or I should say the scales -- are really going to fly.

Siren: Oh, but don't hurt Miguel. I want him in tip-top shape when we make love.

Fox: Miguel. Sorry to interrupt, but you have a phone call downstairs.

Miguel: Thanks.

Kay: Who do you think you are barging in here like that? Didn't your nannies teach you any manners?

Fox: I'm sorry, Kay, but the caller said it was urgent.

Kay: I didn't hear the phone ring.

Fox: Well, you didn't hear me knock, either. So you'd better get downstairs and go see what's up.

Miguel: Right.

Fox: Sleep well.

Kay: Well, if Miguel's getting bad news, I should be there for him.

Kay: Oh, now what?

Siren: You and I have to talk.

Simone: I can't believe Alistair had you living down here.

Whitney: I know, I know, but at the time it made sense. I mean, he had me believing I was doing my penance.

Paloma: How much further?

Whitney: Alistair's secret lair should be right around here somewhere. Shoot, you guys. I'm sorry. It's such a maze down here. I should've made a left back there instead of a right.

Ethan: Tell you what, why don't we turn around? Why don't we go back to where the tunnel split in two and we'll just go back in that direction?

Chad: All right, but let's get a move on. Luis and Fancy are no match for Alistair.

Luis: You touch Fancy again, I'm going to rip that arm off, Beth.

Alistair: For once, I agree with Luis. You're never to touch my granddaughter again. Fancy is your niece, a true Crane, not a mongrel like yourself.

Beth: But you still love me right, Daddy?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, jeez Luis, the loon never learns.

Norma: Daddy seems upset. Maybe his new hair and skin are on too tight.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah, right, Normie-pooh. That's why Daddy's upset.

J.T.: If Alistair gets to rule the world because he can decipher what this thing reveals when it's hot, so can I.

Fancy: Grampy, Beth tried to kill me, twice.

Alistair: Is that true, Beth?

Beth: I was just trying to save Luis from another blond.

Alistair: Fancy is very dear to me.

Luis: All right, enough! Somebody is going to bring Marty to me.

Alistair: That's out of the question. You see, Marty is a true Crane, and as a true Crane, he's going to be raised under my direction.

Luis: The hell he is.

Alistair: Beth, we're leaving.

Luis: No, you're not going anywhere, old man.

Alistair: Why? Who's going to stop us, you?

Luis: Yeah, me. Me and all the people that you have lured here from Harmony, all the people that you've tortured over the years.

Alistair: Hmm. Your arrogance is only exceeded by your stupidity. With the power of the chalice, not you or any of the idiots from Harmony are going to stop me from doing anything.

Alistair: Where's my chalice? Where's my chalice?

Mrs. Wallace: Maybe -- maybe J.T. has it.

Alistair: What do you mean J.T. has it?! J.T. took it?! He has to be stopped! Get the hell out of my way!

Noah: That is not happening, old man.

Noah: You ain't going anywhere, Alistair.

Alistair: You idiots, I don't have time for this!

Whitney: Well make time, Alistair.

Theresa: Where's J.T.?

J.T.: There is no way that Alistair is going to get me now. Which means the magic mug is all mine. Now, how to get you to make me the planet's top dog. I think we need a little alone time, honey.

Theresa: Where's Gwen going?

Noah: Oh, Fancy, thank God you and Luis -- who's that?

Luis: Beth Wallace.

Whitney: Wait a minute, we thought you were dead.

Mrs. Wallace: Huh, no such luck.

Simone: Is that you, Mrs. Wallace?

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah, hi, honey! This is my friend Norma.

Simone: Crazy Norma from Harmony?

Luis: Beth and Marty got out before the cab exploded.

Ethan: Luis, Marty is alive?

Luis: Yeah, Marty's still alive. Beth's got him hidden, but she's going to tell us where he is. And then she and Alistair can hang, for all I care.

Eve: God knows there's nothing else I could do. I see that you've done everything that you can.

Dr. Richards: There's one thing left to do, Eve. Pray.

Eve: Thank you. I'll do that.

Dr. Richards: I'll arrange to have a nurse monitor T.C. round the clock.

Eve: Oh, thank you so much, Dr. Richards.

Julian: Doctor? No change?

[Music plays]

Eve: Oh, T.C.

Singer: I didn't need to ask don't know the reason everything that I believe is right here not thinking about tomorrow couldn't catch it if I tried world is spinning too fast so I'll wait till it comes to me I am you you are me we are one take me in your arms and flow through me I'll flow through you steal my breath away 'cause I'm so moved by you deeper than I ever thought was possible is possible is everything, oh the difference between me and you it's all in where your heart lies and every day is another chance so let's get it right take me in your arms and flow through me I'll flow through you

T.C.: I love you, baby. I love you more than anything in this world.

Eve: I love you, T.C.

Julian's voice: Should I leave Eve with her thoughts or --

Julian: I'm so sorry.

Eve: Oh, Julian, hold me. Please just hold me.

Julian: It's all right. It's all right.

Tabitha: Leaping lizards, I can smell the testosterone from all the way over here. Reminds me of the time I was downwind of Hercules and Atlas. Ah, they were surely men of mythic proportions. Right, right. Focus, focus, Tabitha. Well, it doesn't take a witch to know that this situation will more than likely end up as a full-fledged fiasco. Siren and Fox are going to freak out if Kay doesn't get her memory back by tomorrow morning.

Fox: What do you think you were doing with Kay?

Miguel: What, you were watching?

Fox: Both Siren and I were.

Miguel: Well, then you know I was doing my best to get Kay to go to sleep like Dr. Russell wanted.

Fox: You were making out with her.

Miguel: No. Kay was coming on to me.

Fox: Oh, but you sure took your sweet time stopping her.

Miguel: Look, I was only doing what Dr. Russell wanted me to do -- humor Kay, play along with her, not to do anything to upset her.

Fox: Dr. Russell didn't tell you to have sex with her!

Miguel: You know damn well we didn't have sex.  We didn't even get to second base.

Fox: Second base? Why would you say that unless you wanted to?

Miguel: Look, you need to chill, unless you're looking for a fight.

Fox: Oh, why so defensive, Miguel, unless you know that I'm right. You want to have sex with Kay.

Kay: We need to talk? Who do you think you are?

Siren: Oh, you don't remember me?

Kay: No. Should I?

Siren: Take a guess as to who I am.

Kay: Fox's girlfriend? Although I don't know what he sees in you.

Siren: That's not very nice.

Kay: Well, goes with your attitude. What kind of a name is "Siren" anyway? And what are you and Fox doing here so late? Shouldn't you be at home, wherever that is?

Siren: I'm from the bottom of the deep blue sea. I'm a mermaid. Remember?

Kay: Excuse me?

Siren: That's what you keep calling me.

Kay: Well, do you live on the beach or you're a good swimmer? What? Why would I call you anything? I just met you.

Siren: Right. I must have you confused with someone else.

Kay: Yeah, that or you've got a few screws loose.

Siren: So you don't think I'm a mermaid?

Kay: A real mermaid? That's crazy. You know these questions -- ok, you're weirding me out here.

Siren: Is that so?

Kay: Yeah, I would like to get back to what Miguel and I were doing before Fox interrupted us, so could you leave now?

Siren's voice: Leave you alone with Miguel? Not on your life.

Kay: Why are you still here? I told you, I want to be with Miguel before we go to sleep.

Siren: Only Miguel's not here.

Kay: Do you have amnesia or something? Fox barged in here to tell him that he had an urgent call. You know, he's been gone a long time. I hope nothing bad happened. I should probably go check on him.

Siren: No, Kay, you need to stay here with me.

Kay: Oh, let go of me.

Miguel: You think I want to make love to Kay?

Fox: I don't hear you denying it.

Miguel: Look, I told you, I was only trying to follow Dr. Russell's orders. Kay is putting the moves on me and I'm trying to discourage her, which you damn well know since you're watching us in bed together.

Fox: Hey, I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Miguel: Look, I didn't say you were, but I get it that Kay forgetting she's engaged to you makes you wonder how much she really loves you.

Fox: What? No. I'm just rattled because I know how passionate and loving Kay is and how often we express our feelings for each other. Ok, watching Kay confuse you with me is more than hard to stomach.

Miguel: I'm sure it is.

Fox: What's that supposed to mean?

Miguel: Look, just what I said, so stop looking for trouble, ok? I didn't plan on Kay getting electrocuted or part of her brain frying. Look, I'm in a jam here and I'm trying to make the best out of it, and Kay wants to sleep with me and I know I can't. It's not that I don't find her attractive, because she is, but --

Fox: Stop. Just stop it. The situation's hard enough without having to hear you slobbering on about being with Kay.

Miguel: Look, I'm not slobbering. I'm just trying to say that when you or I or any guy gets in bed with a beautiful woman that wants to get it on, stuff happens, ok? And I'm trying my best to keep Kay at arm's length, but it's hard, especially when we're in the same bed together.

Fox: So sleep somewhere else.

Miguel: Look, you heard me offer that I'd sleep downstairs, only Kay is insisting that I sleep with her.

Tabitha: Oh, my devil. Kay and Miguel in the same bed together all night? Kay won't be able to keep her hands off the bod. And Fox will feel threatened. And Siren will really be threatening Kay's very existence.

Noah: All right, Alistair, this whole crazy evil thing you've got going ends right now.

Chad: Give us the chalice so we can take it back to the Vatican where it belongs.

Alistair: I don't have the chalice. It's gone.

Whitney: Gone where, Alistair?

Alistair: J.T. took off with it right before you all arrived.

Ethan: J.T. was here?

Alistair: Yeah. Yeah, I was rushing out to try and stop him, get the chalice back, but you dimwits stopped me instead.

Ethan's voice: Theresa was right. J.T. was here with Alistair.

Alistair: You people --

Chad: No.

Alistair: You people better help me find J.T. and that chalice before he has a chance to decipher any of the secrets of that chalice. Because if he does, he could destroy the world.

Simone: Like you wouldn't?

Ethan: Where are Gwen and Theresa?

Paloma: I don't know. They were both just here.

Ethan: Well, it's really, really not good that they're gone together.

Whitney: Ok, look, you guys, the most important thing is that we need to get that chalice back right now. The future of everyone who believes in a higher power is at stake here.

Paloma: Let's go.

Mrs. Wallace: We're going to come with you. It's starting to smell in here.

Norma: That's you, dear.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh. Oh, no.

Luis: Ethan, Chad, you take care of Alistair, will you? Noah, help me with Beth.

Noah: Yeah, you got it.

Luis: You might want to keep an eye on her. She's actually already tried to kill Fancy twice.

Gwen: J.T., J.T., wait, it's Gwen! J.T., I have your money! You've got to leave Rome before Theresa finds you!

Theresa: Gwen. She's after J.T. She probably wants to get the proof that he has that she and her mother sent the information to the tabloid revealing Ethan's true paternity before J.T. has a chance to show it to Ethan, but I've got to get the proof so Ethan will believe that I'm telling the truth that Gwen was actually the one who betrayed him, and then Ethan will realize that everything I did I did because I love him.

J.T.: Ok. Ok. No one will think I came back down here. I'll just lay low till the coast is clear.

Gwen: J.T. no, it's Gwen, Gwen. I have your money, I have your money.

J.T.: Gwen! Was that you calling me up on the piazza?

Gwen: Yes. I can't believe you came back down here.

J.T.: Smart, huh?

Gwen: Look, look, look, take this. You can disappear forever.

J.T.: Ok, good.

Theresa: Ok, I need proof that Gwen and J.T. are in cahoots, but how do I do it down here?

Tabitha: Siren is jealous that Miguel is with Kay, and Fox is jealous that Kay is with Miguel. But none of our players can be reshuffled until Kay is playing with a full deck again. Until then, we have a card shark among us who could cause all sorts of chaos.

[Endora fusses]

Tabitha: Oh, that's Endora. Mummy's coming, sweet sorceress.

Fox: Just remember that you are not engaged to marry Kay, I am, so don't even think about trying to have sex with her.

Miguel: You think I would take advantage of Kay when she has amnesia? Or that I'd do it just prove to you I could?

Fox: Well, it's like you said, Miguel, Kay's not in her right mind, so I would hope that you wouldn't try to have her just to have her.

Miguel: Look, we're both in this together, and I'm trying to keep Kay from stressing out so much that she never remembers being with you. Look, let's just hope that Kay gets a good night's sleep tonight and wakes up tomorrow knowing who's who.

Fox: She'd better. Because it's tearing me up watching her think that she's in love with you.

Kay's voice: I really don't get what Fox sees in Siren. She is so rude.

Siren's voice: Lucy told Ethel that sometimes when people get hit on the head, they forget who they are, but if they get hit again, they remember. Ethel didn't believe Lucy, but I think it's worth a try. What's the worst that could happen, I kill Kay?

Julian: I know how hard this must be for you seeing him barely cling to life.

Eve: And I never dreamed this could happen to him again.

Julian: Another car accident, T.C.'s injuries life-threatening.

Julian: At least this time we're not to blame. This time we're here to help him, not to turn our backs on him like we did before.

Eve: So much has changed since that awful night.

Julian: But we were there then. We're back together now, soon to be married.

Eve: I didn't even know who T.C. was back then, much less that he'd be one of my first patients in this very hospital. His knee never healed properly from that accident and it drove him to abuse prescription drugs.

Julian: But you brought him back from that. You nurtured him and his -- his daughters. Only to lose him when Liz brought out our past together.

Eve: Poor T.C. I'm gone, the girls are gone. I don't know where he stands with Liz. But he must have been hurting to go out and drink and drive.

Eve: Julian, would you mind if I stayed here with him tonight? He may not make it, and I just couldn't stand it if he died alone.

Julian: Of course not. You stay here, but we'll stay together.

Eve: Thank you, Julian. T.C., even though we're divorced, we had a lot of great years, didn't we? And our daughters. I mean, who could have more beautiful children?

Julian: Even though he has issues with Simone, she and Whitney are definitely good reason for him to want to fight to stay alive.

Eve: Oh, God, the girls, Julian. Their father may die and I'm not even sure how to reach them.

Julian: Well, I don't know telling them about T.C. now with his condition so uncertain. I'm sure it would upset them. Perhaps it's best to keep them in the dark while they're in Rome.

Alistair: If this is your idea of pursuing J.T., a turtle could get away faster with that chalice!

Ethan: Whoa, whoa.

Chad: At least you don't have it.

Ethan: You know, J.T. doesn't really come across to me as someone who could translate dead languages from secret chalices, Alistair.

Alistair: Well, perhaps not, but if he does find someone who can, then we're all at his mercy.

Luis: Beth, for the last time, where's Marty?

Ethan's voice: I wonder where Gwen and Theresa disappeared to. I hope they aren't fighting to the death in the coliseum.

J.T.: What the --

Gwen: Theresa.

Theresa: Gotcha.

Gwen: Oh, my God, oh, my God, do something to kill her or she'll go to Ethan!

J.T.: Oh, my God!

Gwen: Oh, my God.

Theresa Help! Somebody!

Beth: I won't tell you where Marty is, and you can't make me.

Theresa: Help! Somebody help!

Whitney: Wait a second, was that Theresa?

Theresa: I'm lost! I'm lost in the catacombs!

Whitney: Oh, my gosh, we have to help her.

Chad: I wonder where Whitney's going. Ethan, you can handle Alistair, right?

Ethan: Oh, yeah, go ahead, go ahead.

Chad: Thanks.

Luis: All right, Alistair. We helped you look for J.T. and your stupid chalice, so now it's time for you to do me a favor. Where's my son?

Alistair: I told you, I don't know.

Beth: And I'm not going to say.

Luis: All right. Why don't we just hold Daddy's head under this water here until Marty appears?

Beth: Oh, no, Daddy!

Alistair: Not to worry, Beth. As usual, Luis' threats are no match against my cunning.

Luis: Oh, yeah?

Alistair: Gentlemen! Take your positions.

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J.T.: You and Whitney can be together, forever!

Fox: Oh, my God.

Miguel: Kay.

Theresa: This is the moment you lost Ethan.

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