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Fox: Kay?

Fox: Kay, where are you?

Siren: Where's Miguel? He hasn't come back to bed yet.

Tabitha: Oh, I am never going to get to sleep tonight. You lot all galumph around the house like elephants.

Fox: I'm sorry, Tabitha. It's that Kay came downstairs and she hasn't come back to bed yet.

Siren: Funny, neither has Miguel.

Tabitha: "Funny"?

Siren: Funny how they always disappear together. She can't get enough of Miguel, no matter what she says.

Tabitha: I didn't know fish had such sharp tongues.

Fox: I know -- I bet she's doing laundry right now.

Tabitha: Hey, you. You leave Kay alone.

Siren: She started it. So watch me, witch. If Kay and Miguel are together, she's going to drown in a sea of troubles tonight. Glug, glug, glug.

Siren: Is that the way you do laundry around here?

Paloma: Do you see Jessica?

Simone: No, and this is nuts. Why would Spike bring her here? You'd think he'd take her somewhere and lock her up where no one could find her.

Paloma: Fine, then you decide where we look next.  Noah said Spike took her, so where do you always find Spike? At sleazy clubs selling drugs in some dark corner.

Simone: Or on the street, selling his girls.

Paloma: Well, I don't see them, let's check out the next club.

Simone: Look.

Paloma: Oh my God, we have to save her.  Alistair wants to kill her and Spike works for Alistair.

Edna: Hey. Oh, Bethie, would you hold -- hold your horses, this old hag is tired.  How much further do we have to go?

Beth: You know what Eskimos used to do to little old people who couldn't keep up, huh?  Left them on the ice to die. You should've stayed at the Crane safe house with Marty.

Edna: Oh, yeah, and trust you to bring me back my money from Alistair? Not. That'll be the day.

Norma: I'm hungry!

Edna: Oh.

Norma: I haven't had any pizza in more than an hour!

Edna: Oh come on, Normie-poo.  Please little lamb chop. Once we screw that old reprobate out of that money, we are going to be eating real food.

Norma: But I like pizza!

Edna: We have been eating pizza for months, Norma. You know what the pepperoni does to my digestion?

Beth: All right, all right. You guys, let's go. It's just a couple more blocks. Once we get there, Alistair will pay you off, and you guys can go on the run and so can I.  And then I'll just lay low for a while until Luis finds me, wants to marry me.

Edna: Oh, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!

Norma: Oh, is there a birdie? Ooh!

Beth: God. Listen, listen, Luis is going to marry me as soon as that nasty Fancy Crane is dead and buried. Now, hey, come on.

Norma: Where's the birdie? Cuckoo, cuckoo!

Edna: Ugh. Nuts to the left of her, nuts to the right of her, and onward she rode into the valley of death.

Ethan: This is crazy. Come on, Alistair just disappeared just like this J.T. Cornell guy.

Theresa: This must've been a relief for you, Gwen.

Ethan: All right, wait a minute, let's think about this. All right, the ceiling caved in, debris fell on all of us, including Alistair. It drove him to the ground.

Luis: All right, you know what?

Ethan: This is solid, Luis. I mean, there's no hidden staircase under here or anything.

Luis: All right, I'm thinking here, ok? Before Alistair went to the ground, he was over here. He was leaning up against this wall, he was coughing. I don't know.

Noah: Look, he couldn't have escaped because we saw him buried by the debris.

Luis: Oh, my God. Styrofoam.

Luis: What's this?

Gwen: Oh, my God.

Ethan: What?

Luis: Somehow Alistair escaped.

Fancy: Be careful, Luis. You don't know what's in there.

Ethan: I'm going.

Gwen: Ethan, please don't. Please don't go.

Ethan: Come on, how does Alistair survive a cave-in like this?

Luis: How? Part of this ceiling was foam painted to look like stone. The bastard knew exactly where to stand so he wouldn't get hurt.

Ethan: Luis, he must have brought down the ceiling himself as a distraction so he could get the hell out of here with J.T.

Luis: Exactly. I'm going to find you, Alistair! I'm going to find you and make you pay!

Luis: I'm coming for you, Alistair!

Alistair: Luis will never stop me. I have the chalice, I have God's power. And like God, I will use it to destroy my enemies.

Alistair: Watch.

J.T.: Wow.

Alistair: In here, quick, before they get here. In.

J.T.: Now, this is my kind of Roman ruin.

Alistair: It's an exact copy of my library back home in Harmony.  It's the center of my empire. I've had this room duplicated all over the world.

J.T.: So we will hide out here.

Alistair: Exactly. I still have to decipher the rest of the ancient text on this chalice.

J.T.: Yeah. Now, how long is that going to take, because I'm in a rush, you know? Can you use the power of that cup to keep your wife off my back, please, not to mention the I.R.S.

Alistair: You not paying your back taxes is of no consequence. Don't you understand something? The power of this chalice will allow me to rule the world.

J.T.: Peachy for you, but I'm the guy in trouble. Now, I've done everything you asked. I think you kind of owe me.

Alistair: You dare speak to me in that tone of voice? I will smite you like God smote Sodom and Gomorrah.

J.T.: Shh, listen. [Noise]

J.T.: I thought you said no one could find us down here.

Alistair: Quiet.

Alistair: Whoever walks through that door walks into death.

Edna: Bethie? Bethie, what is this place? Ew. Can't say I think much of the decor.

Beth: Shut up.

Edna: Bethie, you didn't lure me here to -- to kill me, did you? Oh, no, Bethie, no. I want to live.

Beth: Listen, when I decide to kill you, you'll be the first to know. Where is your crazy friend?

Edna: Oh, guess.

Beth: Again?

Edna: Mm-hmm.

Beth: You know, she's holding us up.

Edna: Well --

Norma: Daddy?

Beth: Ugh.

Norma: Daddy? Daddy, 'tis I, your little buttercup.

Edna: Normie-poo, I don't think Daddy is here.

Norma: Oh, oh, he has to be here. His little Norma misses him so much. Ooh, yoo-hoo. Have you seen my daddy? He's about your size but ever so much more handsome.

Edna: He doesn't speak English.

Norma: Oh, oh, but you have to. I have to find my daddy. [As skull, speaking Italian]

Norma: [Normal voice] Ooh. Mi dispiace, signor. What do you know? I'm speaking real Italian. Won't daddy be proud.

Beth: Oh, come on, you guys.

Norma: But I miss my daddy!

Edna: Oh, shh, shh, shh.

Beth: Hey, hey -- the door.

Edna: What door? What door?

Beth: This is the secret door, Alistair's lair.

Gwen: Such a pity that J.T. Cornell disappeared. Looks like he won't be able to spread any more of your silly lies to Ethan.

Theresa: This isn't over, Gwen, not by a long shot.

Whitney: Do you two have to argue all the time? We're in the middle of a crisis that affects all mankind here.

Theresa: Gwen doesn't care. As long as J.T. Cornell isn't around to convince Ethan of the truth, she can still hang on to the man that she stole from me.

Whitney: Theresa, you're as bad as she is, ok? We all need to be working together.

Gwen: And J.T. told Ethan what you bribed him to say, and Ethan didn't believe him.

Theresa: He's got the proof, Gwen. He's got the photograph of him and Rebecca in bed together, and he's got the answering machine tape that recorded you and your mother outing him as a Bennett.

Gwen: In your dreams.

Theresa: I'm going to find him and you're going to be sorry.

Gwen: Ooh, such big words. What are you going to do? Alistair's not in a coma and you're no longer head of Crane Industries, so good luck trying to harm me without the power of the company behind you.

Theresa: You did this to your husband. You ruined his life. You are guilty.

Whitney: Ok, look, stop. Stop it. Just forget about all this stuff right now. Listen to me, I need you to come to the Vatican with me. There is this nun there that you need to see, and she keeps seeing pain in your future. It is serious.

Theresa: Well, I'm already feeling plenty of pain right now. Is that what she's talking about?

Whitney: I don't know. Look, just -- I need you to come speak to her, please.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: I'll be back, strega.

Gwen: And what does that mean?

Theresa: It's just an Italian word that I picked up. It means "witch." You're not going to get away with this.

Gwen: So sorry, signora. I already have.

Luis: Would you guys come on, we gotta find Alistair.

Noah: Look, we all want to find Alistair as much as you do, ok, but its hopeless. You know that as well as I do. These catacombs go on for miles.

Fancy: Yeah, and the residents aren't big on giving directions.

Luis: We have to find him, ok?

Ethan: Alistair got a big head start.  We may be just spinning our wheels down here. 

Luis:  Damn it.

Fancy: Well, I know I'm alone on this, but I am glad my Grampy is still alive.

Noah: How can you say that after what that bastard has done to us, huh?  He deliberately set up this entire nightmare just to break us apart.

Fancy:He didn't force you into bed with Maya.

Noah: You --

Fancy: Don't bother trying to explain. It's just like Grampy says -- everyone always blames him for everything, but in the end there is no proof to back up anyone's accusations.

Luis: Huh.

Fancy: Well, fine. None of you believe me, whatever. This Lean woman and Maya are dead but no one can back up Noah's explanation or  accusations.

Noah: Jessica can. When we find Jessica, she will tell you that everything I said was the truth.

Paloma: We should just grab her and run.

Simone: No, no, look. She's not fighting him. There's something wrong.

Paloma: Let's get Luis to help. [Phone rings]

Luis: Hello?

Paloma: Luis, it's me, Paloma. We need your help.

Luis: What? Paloma, are you ok?

Paloma: Si, si, I'm fine. I'm at Prometheus. Jessica's here with Spike.

Luis: Oh, thank God you found her.

Paloma: Should we make her leave?

Luis: No, no, no. You stay out of it, all right? I'll be right there. The girls found Jessica.

Noah: Good. At least now Jessica can tell you that I was telling the truth.

Fancy: Yeah, I won't hold my breath.

Luis: But supposedly she's still with Spike.

Ethan: Oh, damn it.

Noah: No, no, wait, wait, it's ok, all right? At least Spike may know where Alistair is hiding out. 

Luis: Well let's go.

Ethan: I gotta go check on Gwen. She is really upset.

Luis: Yeah, it's all right. We can handle Spike. We'll call you if we need you.

Ethan: All right. Good luck.

Luis: Come on.

Noah: Oh, God, let Jessica tell Fancy the truth. I just don't think I can live without her.

Fox: Kay, what are you doing?

Siren: Seems obvious to me.

Miguel: Fox, it's really not what it -- what it seems like.

Fox: No, it's exactly what it seems like, Miguel.

Siren: Fox, don't blame Miguel. It's not his fault. It's Kay. It's always Kay. She can't keep her hands off Miguel. It was her kissing him, not the other way around.

Tabitha: It looked like a mutual decision to me.

Fox: Well? Kay, you got something to say?

Kay: Fox, it's -- it's really hard to talk.

Fox: Oh, you know, forget it. It's all over, Kay.

Kay: Fox, no.

Miguel: Kay? Kay? Kay? Kay?

Fox: She's having a seizure. God, what do we do?

Siren: Shove a knife down her throat.

Tabitha: You mean put a spoon under her tongue, don't you?

Siren: Same thing.

Miguel: Look, I remember some first aid. Elevate her head. Someone call Dr. Eve Russell, please.

Tabitha: Yeah, yeah, ok.

Fox: Here, lift her head up. Lift her head up. She's stopped shaking. What do we do? What's wrong with her?

Miguel: That's what she was trying to tell you -- she's hurt. She got a huge electric shock from the washer. We both did.

Fox: How?

Miguel: There are some loose wires back there.

Fox: Kay, can you hear me? Kay, are you all right? Kay? Darling? Sweetheart -- why can't she hear me? She's not waking up.

Siren: Try kicking her.

Tabitha: I've called Dr. Eve. She's on her way.

Fox: Oh, thank God.

Miguel: Kay? Why won't she come around? Kay!

Siren: She will. She can't keep that big yap shut for long.

Fox: Siren!

Siren: Oh, please. I bit into an electric eel once by accident. This will wear off.

Fox: I do want some answers, though. Does she want me or does she want you?

Siren: I'd like to know the same thing.

Tabitha: Poor Kay. The shock she got before was nothing to the shock she's going to get.

Alistair: Beth. Beth, you're alive.

Beth: Daddy. Aren't you glad to see me? Could you put that gun down?

Alistair: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Beth: Ah!

Alistair: You know, Luis said you were dead.

Beth: I am fine!

Alistair: Oh, well, because I'm glad. I -- I wouldn't want any harm done to anyone of my blood unless it was my choice. Yes.

Beth: So -- oh. Is that the chalice? Congratulations.

Alistair: Well, it took some doing, but soon my power will be limitless. Do you know J.T. Cornell?

Beth: Oh.

J.T.: Hello.

Beth: You look familiar.

Alistair: Tell me something. Is Marty ok, too?

Beth: Marty's fine. He's at the Crane safe house. I'm going to go get him as soon as I get some more cash for myself and for -- [Noise]

Edna: Hey, good-looking! How's my favorite billionaire?

Alistair: Oh, Lord.

Edna: Ooh. Love the robe. Very slimming, like Liz Taylor in her caftans.

Beth: Hmm.

Alistair: What are you doing here?

Edna: You -- you are looking so spry for someone who was in a coma for months, huh? [Edna laughs]

Edna: Nice place you got here. Ooh, very -- very comfy, homey -- well, except for the dead guys in the foyer. Hi, cutie.

Alistair: Yes. Beth, would you please get her out of here?

Edna: Oh, hey, big Al -- hey, I'll go. That is, unless you're interested in a little action.

Beth: Oh, Mother.

Edna: Oh, come on. All right, but first -- first you are going to cough up a chunk of change, big Al, for me and my friend here.

Alistair: What friend?

Norma: I know you. Don't I?

Beth: Um -- Norma, this is Alistair Crane, my daddy.

Enda: Don't, don't.

Norma: Did you say Daddy?  Daddy?  Daddy! [Norma cackles]

Norma: Your honey lamb's come home again!

Theresa: This is so unfair, Whitney. I had him, I had him. I was so close, I was so close to proving that Gwen is a scheming liar.

Whitney: Ok, just leave the anger outside. We're in a church now. Please?

Theresa: All right. Is that the nun?

Whitney: Yeah, yeah. I truly think she's a holy woman.

Theresa: Like a prophet?

Whitney: She's prophetic, which means God lets her see things. And the Pope himself listens to her. I mean, she even saw something in my future. She said that I was going to get back with Chad.

Theresa: Whitney --

Whitney: Well, I know, I know. I mean, look, it can't possibly happen. There's no way because Chad and I are brother and sister, but, I don't know, she believes it to be true. Anyway, she saw something important for you, all right? She wanted to speak to you.

Theresa: Do you think this has to do with Ethan?

Whitney: She just said she saw great pain coming your way.

Theresa: Figures.

Whitney: Sister, hello. This is Theresa.

Nun: Oh, bless you, my child.

Theresa: I -- I was told that you wanted to see me?

Nun: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Does this have anything to do with Ethan?

Nun: Yes, if that's the name of the man you love. I've had a vision of him. And your future.

Ivy: What happened? I saw Eve drive up like a madwoman.

Miguel: Kay was fiddling with some wires behind the washer and she got a massive electric shock. I got shocked, too, but it was nothing compared to what hit her, and then she went into a seizure.

Siren: Not right away.

Eve: Well, what does she mean? I need to know everything if I'm going to treat her correctly. 

Miguel: For a second I thought she was dead--then she pulled me into a kiss.

Siren: A huge kiss.

Miguel: Then she went into a seizure, like an epileptic.

Tabitha: You must be some kisser.

Ivy: Oh, poor lamb.

Ivy's voice: I knew it. Kay still can't give up on Miguel.

Eve: She's breathing normally. How long did the seizure last?

Fox: A few moments, and then she went limp. Is she going to be all right?

Eve: Just give me some time, Fox.

Ivy: You poor baby.

Fox: Mom, what if she's really hurt?

Ivy: Oh, she'll be fine. That's not what I meant. I was talking about the kiss.

Fox: Stop it. Stop it, Mom.

Ivy: Fox, in a time of crisis, people react instinctively.  What did she do when she woke up from her near-death experience? Your fiancée kissed Miguel. I'm afraid that's proof that she still has very deep feelings for him.

Fox: We don't know the whole story.

Ivy: Honey, I just want you to be careful, that's all. This is your whole future we are talking about here, and I don't want Kay to hurt you -- well, any more than she already has.

[Kay coughs]

Fox: Is she all right?

Eve: You know, Fox, I'm not really going to know until we speak to her. Just -- an electrical shock can wreak havoc with the system.

Miguel: Kay? Kay, are you all right?

Fox: Kay? Kay, darling? Can you hear me? I need to talk to you.

Tabitha: He wants to know why Kay was kissing Miguel.

Siren: I don't blame him. Look, if it's going to be a party, why don't you break out the tuna fish.

Tabitha's voice: Hell's bells. Besides having a jealous mermaid to deal with, our Kay is stuck between a Crane rock and a Lopez-FitzGerald hard body.

Alistair: Let go of me!

Norma: Oh, Daddy. Daddy, you look wonderful. I mean, you have skin and everything.

Alistair: I am not your father. And no daughter of mine can grow a mustache.

Edna: You should see the bleaching kit in Beth's bathroom.

Norma: No. You are my daddy.

Edna: Wait, yeah, he's your sugar daddy, that's for sure. What do you say, Al, we have a little drinky, hmm?

Alistair: Oh, yeah. Knock yourself out.

Norma: Is Daddy mad at me?

Edna: Oh, no, don't you worry about him, Normie-poo. He was weaned on a pickle.

Alistair: You brought these two lunatics here just to shake me down for money?

Beth: Daddy, I had to get them off my back.

Alistair: How? While there are plenty of places in these catacombs down here to lose a couple of bodies, you were not supposed to come here unless it was an emergency.

Beth: It would take an army to take Norma down. Plus, I called. I left a message to tell you I was coming.

Alistair: Oh, really? Oh, you did.

Beth: Yep. It's sort of unsettling, Daddy. I feel like I'm back in Harmony.

Alistair: Well, I like familiar surroundings.

Beth: I missed you, Daddy.

Alistair: Well -- don't -- please, not you, too? Please.

Beth: Well, you -- you are my daddy.

Alistair: Well, yeah. Yes, yes, yes, I am. And I -- and I am glad that you and my grandson are all right.

Beth: Thank you. Gosh, I wish you could spend more time with us.

Alistair: Well, I wish I could, too, but I'm rather busy with this, you know, chalice and everything.

Beth: Oh. It is so beautiful.

Alistair: Well, its beauty is immaterial. It's just that I have to work on getting the rest of the secrets out of it.

J.T.: Boss, how many people know about this place? I mean, what if Luis and Theresa and that whole gang finds us?

Alistair: That is impossible. No one knows we're here.

J.T.: No one?

Alistair: Well, no one else. Oh, there is one person that knows the location of this besides me. But that person, if he has a brain in his head, is going to keep his mouth shut. But then again, if he doesn't keep his mouth shut, I will shut it for him permanently.

Simone: Did you see that? She pulled him on the dance floor.

Paloma: Has she totally lost her mind?

Simone: Yeah, I think so.

Luis: Where is she?

Paloma: Shh.

Noah: And where's Spike?

Paloma: They'll see you. Shh.

Luis: Where is she?

Simone: Over there.

Fancy: She's dancing with him?

Noah: I thought he was going to kill her.

Luis: Has he got her on those drugs again? Alright, well let's see if he can tell us where Alistair's hiding. 

Noah: Jessica can tell Fancy that everything I said about Lena and Maya was true.

Fancy: Uh-huh, I'll bet.

Luis: Can we go?

Noah: Yeah.

Jessica: Ah! Stop!

Luis: Have a seat.

Spike: Let of me, man. 

Luis: Now, you scum, you're going to tell me where Alistair's hiding. Where is he?

Kay: What's going on? What happened?

Fox: We were hoping you could tell us.

Eve: How are you feeling?  What do you remember?

Kay: Um, I was doing the laundry, and I reached behind the washer to jiggle some wires, and then I felt dizzy.

Miguel: Kay, you had a horrible electric shock. We both did.

Kay: Why are you all staring at me?

Fox: She's all right now. It's ok to talk to her?

Eve: Well, she may have a headache, but she seems to be fine.

Fox: Kay?

Kay: Yes, Fox?

Fox: After you were shocked, I walked in on you kissing Miguel. You were about to tell me what was going on, but then you had your seizure. So can you please tell me why you were kissing Miguel?

Gwen: I love you. I don't ever want to lose you.

Ethan: You never will.

Gwen's voice: Because Theresa will never get the proof about that email.

Theresa: So what did you see in your vision? Will Ethan and I be reunited again?

Nun: That I do not know. But I see that you get the information tonight that will bond you ever closer to the man you love. Bond you forever.

Theresa: Really?

Nun: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Whitney, did you just hear that? Ethan and I are going to be bonded together tonight? Oh, my gosh, it's got to be that information, the information about J.T. That's got to be it. Whitney, Ethan and I are going to be together forever!

Kay: What do you mean, why was I kissing Miguel?

Fox: I caught you kissing another man. I deserve an explanation, Kay.

Siren's voice: Let's see her lie her way out of this one.

Ivy's voice: Kay will never be my daughter-in-law.

Kay: Caught me? I don't know why you think this is any of your business.

Fox: Kay?

Kay: Kissing Miguel is as natural to me as breathing.

Fox: What? What are you saying?

Kay: Well isn't it obvious?  I think about kissing Miguel every minute of every day.

Norma: Oh!

Edna: Hey, is this it?

Alistair: What do you mean, is that it? That is enough money to keep you on the run for a year.

Norma: No, Daddy, not that long! We can't be parted a whole year!

Alistair: Get this thing off of me!

Beth: Norma, he is not your daddy, ok?

Norma: Oh. It's a secret. Shh. I won't tell anyone, not a soul, that you're my daddy. And if anyone finds out -- whammo! -- It won't be sausage on my pizza pie.

Edna: You know, if we run a little short it certainly would be grand to have a few nice things that we could hock. Now, this is very cute. Flashy but not gaudy, if you know what I mean. Bet I could get a few hundred euros for this.

Alistair: You touch that chalice, and you will not leave this room alive.

Edna: But you can keep it. I'm sure the money will be fine.

Beth: That chalice is Daddy's pride and joy. It's going to give him more power than God.

Edna: Bethie, you have been knocking off too much vino.

J.T.: No, no. No, no, it's true. I've already seen it do amazing things. It's got to work. I mean, I've got to have the power of that cup to get Theresa off my back.

Beth: Yeah, well, get in line because I need it to get Luis back. As soon as Daddy gets it up and running, I am going to use it to make Luis mine forever.

Luis: So I'm going to ask you one last time -- where the hell is Alistair?

Spike: You know you're repeating yourself here, man?

Jessica: Ah! Stop it!

Spike: Look, I got no idea where the old man is, ok? So can I leave now, huh?

Luis: Yeah, right. I'm going to have you extradited back to Harmony. Then you're going to stand trial for everything that you've done to Jessica. And, well, something tells me that prison's going to wipe that smile right off your face.

Spike: Hey, Jess, baby, you want to help me out here, honey?

Noah: Don't even think about it.

Fancy: Yeah, wait till Sam Bennett gets his hands on you.

Luis: And you know no jury in the world is going to let you off once Jessica testifies against you. What's so damn funny?

Spike: Uh, well, the thing is, I really don't think Jess is going to be able to testify against me, man.

Noah: Look, Spike, once she's off your silly little drugs, she's going to put you away for a very long time.

Spike: Ooh, you're breathing on me, man. And I don't think so.

Luis: What's he talking about, Jess?

Spike: Hey, honey, why don't you go on and tell them?

Kay: Miguel, come here.

Fox: Kay, you're killing me right now.

Kay: Aren't you being a little dramatic?

Tabitha's voice: That's it, then. Kay has thrown away her relationship with Fox.

Ivy: Honey, I am so sorry. But it's better you found out now rather than --

Fox: Stop it, Mom. Stop it.

Siren: Poor Foxy. I'm sorry, too. I tried to tell you all along Kay was after Miguel. The way she throws herself at him, it's shocking.

Fox: No, there has to be an explanation to this. Kay, what aren't you telling me? Why were you really kissing Miguel?

Kay: Well, why wouldn't I? He is the love of my life. There's no other man in my heart but Miguel.

Simone: Jess, what does Spike mean?

Spike: Go on, baby. Tell them why you can't testify against me.

Jessica: Spike's my husband. We got married.

Ethan: That was the best.

Gwen: Mm-hmm. Well, you know it's because I'm finally relaxed. Now I know Theresa can't hurt us anymore. And for the first time in a long time, I feel like we're finally alone.

Ethan: I just wish we would've been able to talk to that J.T. Cornell, get this whole mess taken care of. Because as long as he's out there, Gwen, you know, Theresa's going to believe that he's got proof he's going to be able to break us up.

Gwen: You don't believe that, right?

Ethan: No, of course not.

Gwen: Honey, it looks like J.T. has disappeared. Theresa's never going to find him.

Gwen's voice: Oh, I hope.

Theresa: Nothing can stop me now. I have got the power of God on my side.

Nun: Oh, don't be so sure, signora. There is more to my vision. Yes, you will be bonded forever with the man you love, but I also see great pain.

Theresa: Yeah, but all that matters is that I'm going to be with the man that I love.

Whitney: Ok, can you be more specific? What sort of pain do you see coming?

Nun: Non lo so. I -- I see a dark red haze, and that always means pain.

Theresa: But whatever it is, I can handle it. Once Ethan's in my life, everything will be perfect.

J.T.: How's it coming?

Beth: Did you get the chalice to work yet?

Alistair: Would you two please just back off? I cannot concentrate when you're hovering over me.

Norma: Is it true? Will that chalice make Daddy strong? Strong like me?

Edna: Stronger than that. Stronger than God. Alistair does not mess around. If they're right about that chalice, I got a feeling that Alistair's enemies are going to be pushing up daisies.

Alistair: Yes!

Beth: Did you get it?

Alistair: I think. Yes, yes, the power of the chalice is mine.

Alistair: Poena, barach, shama, esdanfor, pio, dominio -- [Alistair laughs]

Alistair: Shamayeem -- I will destroy them all!

Alistair: I will destroy them all.

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Siren: Get your lips and your paws off my man.

Ethan: Do you know this J.T. Cornell or not?

Luis: Now, you're going to tell me where Alistair is, or you're going to wish that you had.

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