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Kay: Ok, let's see.

Kay: Come on.

Miguel: What's wrong?

Kay: The stupid washer's broken again.

Miguel: Kay, let me see if I can fix it.

Kay: No, no, it's ok. I've done this a thousand times. I just have to jiggle the wires back here.

Mrs. Wallace: This is a very good pizza. Oh, here's Mommy! Would Mommy like another free dinner? Huh, Mommy, hmm?

Beth: Don't you dare dump any more pasta on me. It took this whole time to get the sauce out of my ears.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh. Marty enjoyed it, didn't you, honey?

Beth: Sweetheart, don't encourage your grandmother, ok? She's a horrible old bag.

Mrs. Wallace: Shh!

Marty: Horrible old bag.

Beth: Yeah, and a horrible mother. Always has been.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, come on, Bethie, I gave you a very rich daddy, now, didn't I?

Beth: Yeah, a lot of good that did me. You didn't know that Alistair was my father till I was already grown.

Mrs. Wallace: Yeah? Well, now you know and now you're rolling in dough. So why don't you cough up some of that dough for your little old lady here, huh? What do you say?

Beth: Mother, I told you, I'm on the run from Luis. I don't have a dime to spare.

Mrs. Wallace: Like I believe that. You and your daddy have been in cahoots for a long, long time now, and I know he has you pretty well fixed up. So just dig into Daddy's pockets for me, will you?

Norma: Did you say "Daddy"? Where is he? Where's my daddy?!

Theresa: I don't have access to the Crane fortune. I can't give you one thin dime, J.T. So there are no bribes on the table. It's just the plain, old-fashioned, unvarnished truth. Now, you have been running for a very long, long time. You've been running from the I.R.S., from Gwen and Rebecca, and from yourself. So isn't it time to just do the right thing? Tell Ethan the truth, J.T. Tell him how you came to publish the name of his father in your tabloid. You're the only one who can convince him. Tell him the truth. Tell him how you got the story about his true paternity.

Ethan: I'm waiting. J.T. Cornell, give it to me straight. I want to know who stuck the knife in my back when I was least expecting it. I want you to tell me, was it my wife or was it Theresa?

J.T.: Ok. Ok. I'll tell you what you want to know.

Theresa: Go on, tell him. Tell him everything. Tell him that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the information about his true paternity.

J.T.: I was --

Whitney: Theresa, you have to come with me.

Theresa: No, no, I can't come right now. J.T.'s about to tell Ethan that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the information to his tabloid.

Gwen: This is just another one of her wild fantasies. Now she's roped this poor man into it.

Theresa: Gwen, no, ok? Even Whitney here knows the truth. She knows that you and your mother told the entire world that Ethan wasn't really a crane, that you and your mother ruined his life.

Gwen: Theresa, Ethan's life isn't ruined, even though you've done everything you could to try. Ethan's happily married to me and we have a daughter.

Theresa: Jane is my daughter, Gwen.

Gwen: Not according to the law.

Ethan: Enough! Listen, you got something to tell me, J.T., just tell me. If you've got some proof to validate Theresa's story, what is it?

Theresa: He's got proof, he's got proof. He's got the photograph of him and Rebecca in bed together, which proves that they knew each other a long time ago. And he has an answering machine tape that recorded Gwen and Rebecca admitting what they did.

Ethan: Is this true? Do you have this kind of proof?

Chad: Look, Luis, I want to kill him just as much as you do, but not while he's holding the chalice. The church needs it in one piece.

Luis: My son is dead because of him.

Noah: And he ruined my future with Fancy.

Chad: I know, but the chalice is more important, ok?

Alistair: You listen to my grandson. He's right. You come near me and I will destroy this chalice.

Luis: All right. I'm sorry. But right now I don't give a damn about that chalice! You're going to die, Alistair! The world is finally going to be rid of Alistair Crane!

Fancy: No, Luis, stop! You're killing my grandfather!

Luis: Hey, I'm doing my best!

Chad: All right, just don't let him break the chalice! The power it holds is so great, only the church can have it.

Alistair: It's mine! Mine!

Luis: Just take it from him, Chad!

Chad: All right.

Alistair: Mine!

Chad: He's holding it too tight! It won't budge!

Luis: All right, he'll be dead in a minute. I hope it was worth it, Alistair. You're going to pay for every evil thing that you have done to me and everyone else in my family! I'm going to finally rid this world of your pathetic, miserable life!

Miguel: Are you sure you don't want me to help you fix that?

Kay: No, no, I told you, I've done it a thousand times. I just have to jiggle the wires.

Miguel: Ok, but you know what, I'm going to use some of my modeling money and I'm going to buy Tabitha a new washing machine, because I can't believe you have to go through with this.

Kay: Aw, you're so sweet. Ow. I have to stop.

Miguel: Ok, you know what, just let me try.

Kay: No, no, no, just give me a second. My back gets tweaked if I'm in this position too long. Ow.

Miguel: I'm sorry.

Kay: Don't be sorry, don't be sorry. I just have to go at it at another angle. Ok.

Miguel: Are all these Maria's?

Kay: Oh, yeah. She's really grown, hasn't she?

Miguel: I mean, it's unbelievable. These look like little doll's clothes. And what are these? I've never seen these pictures, either.

Kay: Oh, I have copies of those in my album upstairs if you want some.

Miguel: I love them. I missed a lot of her life, didn't I? I should've been here for you and her to watch her grow.

Kay: Huh, babies sure grow fast, don't they?

Miguel: It's amazing. And I can't imagine how expensive it is to have to buy them new clothes every couple months. And to think I was out spending all this time and money looking for Charity. What a fool.

Kay: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. You sent me money.

Miguel: I should've sent you more. I should've been here.

Kay: Well, even though you weren't here, I mean, you still did a lot for Maria. You called her all the time, you sang to her, you read her stories. You even made those DVD's for her to watch so she could see who you were.

Miguel: Still, it's not the same as being here. I grew up without a father, remember?

Kay: Yeah, I know, yeah. You were -- you were really young when your dad disappeared.

Miguel: I promised myself I'd never do that to my child.

Kay: Well, what's important is that you're here now, and Maria has both of her parents to raise her and she'll always know that you'll be here for her.

Miguel: Better late than never, right?

Kay: Absolutely. Ok, it's getting late. I got to get this old tub working. Last thing I want to do is go to Fluff 'n' Fold at this hour.

[Kay sighs]

Norma: Edna, Edna, did you see my daddy?

Mrs. Wallace: Shh, shh.

Norma: Is my daddy here, hmm?!

Mrs. Wallace: Calm down, Normie-poo. Your daddy is not here.

Norma: No?

Mrs. Wallace: No, he's not.

Beth: Nice fake mustache on Norma.

Mrs. Wallace: Call her Luigi... and I'm not sure the mustache is fake.

Beth: Who's her daddy? What's going on?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, it's a long story, but the short version is that Norma left Daddy's skull back in Harmony when we went on the lam.

Beth: Her father's skull? Oh -- wait, is she the same wacko nut job that's always trying to kill Tabitha?

Norma: What are you talking, "wacko"? Who is this?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, oh, oh, this is my Bethie. Remember I told you all about her?

Norma: Oh, yeah. Oh, your daughter. Oh, you got a lot of nerve talking wacko. I know all about you, missy. Kidnapping a pregnant girl, stealing her baby, passing him off as your own?

Beth: Ok, you shut up. My child is right here.

Norma: Oh. Oh, oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say anything in front of the boy. Hey. Hello there again, sonny. I'm Luigi, but you can call me Norma. Have you seen my daddy?

Beth: Honey, honey, we're going to see your daddy, ok, Mommy promises, very, very soon. Here, have some candy.

Fancy: Luis, stop! Stop!

Luis: Oh, come on, he deserves to die!

Fancy: I know that he's done horrible things and everyone hates him, but he's my grandfather! I don't want him to die! You don't want this on your soul, do you? Luis, please, think about the people who love you. You will be charged with murder. You'll go to prison. If that happens, you will never be with Sheridan again. Don't you want to be there for her to help her get through losing Marty?

[Alistair coughs]

Luis: You know something, you can thank your granddaughter that you're not dead right now. This isn't over, old man, because you're going back to Harmony where you're going to stand trial for multiple murders and a string of witnesses are going to make sure that you never take another free breath again.

Fancy: Ok, thank you, Luis. Thank you. Thank God. Hold still, Grampy. You are very lucky, Grampy.

[Alistair coughs]

Fancy: Luis isn't the only one who wants you dead.

Chad: All right, give me the chalice, old man.

Fancy: Wait, Chad, just give him a minute, will you please? He almost died.

Chad: Yeah, well, after what he did to Whitney, he deserves to die.

Theresa: Ok, please show him the proof. Show him the photograph of you and Rebecca in bed together.

J.T.: Well, why should I? Gwen just said you don't have the money now.

Theresa: J.T., you have to show him! He deserves to know the truth.

Whitney: Theresa, look, I need you to help me right now. I need you to talk to this nun. Look, I know it sounds crazy, but she thinks that there's great pain coming your way.

Theresa: No, the only thing I'm going to feel right now is great joy once Ethan learns the truth. Look, all those years of waiting are over, Whitney. Ethan and I are finally going to be together.

Gwen: Ethan, please tell me you don't believe any of this garbage. You know Theresa. She'll do anything, anything at all to get you away from me, even victimize this poor man.

Theresa: "This poor man"? He used to be your mother's lover, Gwen, and that's why you and your mom sent the information to his paper. This is all over, because J.T. is about to open Ethan's eyes to you and your mother's treachery. Please, J.T., tell Ethan the truth.

Beth: Marty, you're going to see your daddy again very soon, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Wait a minute. See his daddy again? Here? Luis is in Rome?

Beth: Yes, Luis is in Rome.

[Mrs. Wallace gasps]

Beth: I just thought he'd stop chasing us after we left Hawaii.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, Bethie, you know what he wants. He is not going to stop until he gets it.

Beth: Ok, just -- Luis thinks we're dead.

Mrs. Wallace: What? Why?

Beth: Shh. He was chasing us, Marty and I were in a taxi, and the taxi crashed. Thank God we got out, but Luis thinks that Marty and I burned up in the cab.

Mrs. Wallace: You are so cruel. My God. You have tortured that child's mother, and now you're torturing Luis, making him think that his child is dead. Marty has every right -- every right to see his daddy.

Beth: Stay out of it.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh --

Beth: Or I will make a call and send you right back to that asylum.

Norma: Hey. Don't you threaten my Edna.

Beth: Your Edna? What is going on?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, nothing, nothing. We're just, you know, friends.

Norma: Soul mates.

Beth: Soul mates? What? Are you saying --

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, you -- you have got a dirty mind for someone who certainly didn't mind cuddling Charlie.

Beth: Yeah, she turned out to be Alistair.

Mrs. Wallace: Well, you didn't know that when you were locking lover lips with her -- him.

Beth: Well, don't deny it. Something happened with you guys, didn't it, hmm?

Mrs. Wallace: Look, we were, you know, on the run together. We -- we sort of leaned on each other a lot, you know? We -- we bonded.

Norma: Oh, especially when we were working that ranch.

{Norma: What's for chow, partner?

Mrs. Wallace: Beans.

Norma: I hate beans.

Mrs. Wallace: Can't eat no more of them sheep. Started out this summer with 400 head, and now we're down to three. Somebody's going to be suspicious.

Norma: What can I say? A girl gets hungry.

Mrs. Wallace: Have some more beans.

Cowboy: Ladies.

Norma: What are you boys doing here?

Cowboy: The boss sent us up here to see if you two needed anything.

Second cowboy: Thought you could use a couple of good cowpokes.

Mrs. Wallace: I ain't never been one to turn down a good poke.

Norma: Edna, what about me?

Cowboy: Hey, we can fit two more in that little old tent, ma'am. It'll sleep four.

Norma: Make that five.

Cowboy: Five?

[Cowboy sighs] }

Norma: Good times, eh, Edna?

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, wipe that smile off your face, missy. At least I have friends.

Beth: Ok, yeah, whatever. Marty and I have got to go.

Mrs. Wallace: You are not going anywhere, missy. Not until you fork over some dough.

Kay: This is so annoying.

Miguel: Look, maybe if I move the washer it'll help.

Kay: Would you mind?

Miguel: Not a bit. Come on.

Kay: Thanks. Sorry. Hey, be careful not to disconnect the drain hose. That's all we need is a flood.

Miguel: I'll be careful, ok?

Miguel: You know, even though I never saw my parents much, this is what I always thought a marriage was like -- two people working together, side by side.

Kay: I know. I always took my mom and dad for granted, the way that they loved each other and helped each other, the way that they were always there for us kids. Gosh. I never realized what it would be like to be a single parent.

Miguel: I'm so sorry, Kay. I really feel guilty for leaving you to raise our daughter on your own.

Kay: Hey, I wasn't trying to make you feel guilty. I mean, it's not like we were married.

Miguel: Still, we had a beautiful baby girl, Maria.

Kay: Yeah, she is beautiful.

Miguel: You know, I never thought I'd feel this way about a baby.

Kay: Definitely changes your perspective, doesn't it?

Miguel: Yeah. Ok, see if that helps.

Kay: Ok. Ugh. Oh, yeah, this helps a lot. I think I can reach the wires.

[Alistair coughs]

Chad: Whitney's been through hell. I got to get to her.

Luis: All right, man, go ahead. I got Alistair.

Noah: Yeah, I'm with you.

Chad: What about the chalice?

Luis: I'll get the chalice. Come on, Alistair. Come on, we're going to jail.

Fancy: He needs to go to a hospital.

Luis: Oh, no. No way. He can get all the medical attention he needs in jail.

Chad: But he's not going anywhere with that chalice. Now, give it up, old man.

Luis: Come on, hand it over.

Fancy: Luis, let him catch his breath. He might have broken his ribs or something.

Luis: You think? Could I really have gotten that lucky?

Fancy: Luis, please, he's an old man.

Alistair: You'll never take me alive.

Fancy: Oh, what's happening?

Chad: Not another cave-in?

Luis: I don't know!

Whitney: I think the ceiling is going to collapse!

Theresa: Forget about the ceiling! J.T., please tell Ethan the truth! Tell him now!

Ethan: I think Whitney's right about this, guys.

J.T.: It's going to cave!

Whitney and Theresa: Ah!

Theresa: J.T.! J.T., J.T., come on, wake up, wake up! Show Ethan the photograph of you and Rebecca! Come on, tell him about the email! J.T., come on, get up!

Whitney: Theresa, Theresa, come here.

Theresa: Ah!

Whitney: Listen to me, we have to get out of here. I have to take you to that nun right now!

Theresa: J.T.!

Whitney: Come on!

Chad: There's only one way out.

Noah: Yeah, we won't let Alistair get out!

Fancy: Grampy!

Miguel: Ok, let me try because you're killing yourself here.

Kay: No, I know how to jiggle the wires. If I could just find the right one.

Miguel: Let me help you get more comfortable, at least.

Kay: Ok.

Miguel: Is that better?

Kay: Yeah, much better. Thank you.

Miguel: No problem.

Kay: Oh, good, this feels like the right one.

Beth: I told you I am on the run. We don't have any money.

Mrs. Wallace: Right. Well, that's ok. You know, I'll just get it from somebody else. Let me see, I wonder who that could be. Ooh, I know! Sheridan. Oh, I'm sure she would pay big money to know where the maniac is that kidnapped her kid.

Beth: All right, fine, fine. You stay here, ok? Marty and I will go get you some cash -- I don't know how much -- and then we'll bring it back to you, ok?

Norma: Right. Like we're going to let you waltz out of here with the kid and you're going to come back. Do we look stupid to you?

Mrs. Wallace: I'd be very careful how I answer that.

Beth: Fine, all right? Come with me, I don't care. I got to make a call and meet the person with the cash.

Mrs. Wallace: Fine. Make the call, will you?

Beth: Fine, I will make the call, but I'm not making any promises.

Mrs. Wallace: Hmm. Hey, Normie, while she's making the call, would you go back and get our stuff?

Beth: Oh, oh, oh -- could you also get Marty some gelato, please?

Norma: Abso-toodle.

Beth: Hey, it's Beth. I need to meet him to get some cash. Well, could you get him a message? Could you try? Thank you.

Mrs. Wallace: So, when and where?

Beth: I have a place that I meet Alistair, so if he's available, he'll meet up and give you whatever you want.

Mrs. Wallace: Ooh, bingo! I knew he'd come through for us. Hey, wait one minute. What do you think you're pulling? Alistair is in a coma. It's been in all the papers.

Beth: He's out of it, all right? He's alive and well, Mother, ok?

Mrs. Wallace: Son of a gun. Son of a gun! I knew that old coot was too mean to die.

Theresa: Ah!

Ethan: Theresa!

Gwen: We need to get out of here!

Ethan: She's hit! I'm not going to leave her here!

Whitney: Theresa!

Gwen: No! Ethan! Ethan, oh, my God! Ethan! Ethan, are you ok?! Ethan!

Chad: Whitney!

Whitney: Chad! Chad, I'm over here!

Fancy: Noah!

Mrs. Wallace: Why, why would Alistair want everyone to think that he's been in a coma all this time?

Beth: Well, for starters, everyone in the world wants to kill him. You would not believe the stuff he's been able to pull off without anybody suspecting him.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, I would believe just about anything when it comes to Alistair.

Beth: Oh, look at him, Mother. Makes me so happy to see him smile. You know, this whole business about being on the run, it's been so hard on him.

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie, stop running. Give him back to Sheridan, his real mommy.

Beth: I'm his mother, damn it. Marty is my son, and I'm doing such a good job raising him.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, yeah, yeah. You're doing a bang-up job raising him, aren't you? Dragging him all over the world, never letting him have a home for more than two weeks at a time and never letting him see his daddy.

Beth: How dare you judge the way that I raise my son. Do you think that I've forgotten how I was dragged up, huh, by an alcoholic mother bringing home a different man every night of the week?

Mrs. Wallace: Hey. Who says I'm an alcoholic?

Beth: Oh --

Mrs. Wallace: And at least I never thought a man who hated me would suddenly turn around and love me. God, I can't believe you're still so delusional about Luis.

Beth: I am not delusional, Mother! It's going to happen.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, really? Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Beth: Stop it! I am not crazy, ok?! Luis loves me. It's just that Sheridan got him all confused and now Fancy's doing the same thing.

Mrs. Wallace: Whoa, wait. Fancy Crane? Alistair's granddaughter?

Beth: Yes, yes. And I swear, if I ever get the chance to kill her again, she is one dead blond.

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, Lord, here we go again!


Noah: Fancy.

Luis: Fancy.

[Fancy coughs]

Luis: Fancy. You ok?

Fancy: Yeah. I'm fine. Sore, but I'm all right.

Ethan: Oh, God.

Ethan: Oh, God, Theresa?

Gwen: It's always Theresa, isn't it, Ethan?

Chad: Whitney?

Whitney: Yeah, yeah. Oh, God.

Chad: Are you all right?

Whitney: I think so.

Chad: Are you hurt?

Whitney: Thank you for helping me, Chad.

Chad: I love you. I'll always be here for you.

Luis: Where the hell is Alistair?

Noah: He was right there. He -- he couldn't have made it out before the cave-in.

Luis: Yeah? Well, then where the hell is he?

Fancy: He must be buried under there.

Luis: Good. He needs to stay buried.

Fancy: No, he must still be alive. Help me get him out.

Ethan: Oh, God, Gwen.

Ethan: You all right?

Theresa: J.T.'s got to be here somewhere. I've got to find him. He's got to be here somewhere. Ethan, you've got to help me look for him, because we can -- we can find him and he is going to prove to you that it's Gwen who's been lying to you all along.

Gwen: Theresa, give it up!

Theresa: No.

Gwen: Give it up!

Theresa: I'm not giving it up, ok, not until I dig J.T. up and he proves to Ethan the truth. Help me do this.

Gwen: Ethan, what are you doing?

Ethan: Look, this guy could be buried alive, Gwen. I mean, I want to find this guy and hear what he's got to say. If he's got proof of Theresa's story, you want to hear it, too, don't you? Do you want this over once and for all?

Gwen: It's going to be over, all right.

Miguel: Kay. Kay.

[Miguel coughs]

Miguel: Kay.

Miguel: Kay -- my God, Kay!

Miguel: Kay.

Miguel: Kay? Kay? Kay, wake up. Kay? Kay, are you all right? Kay, wake up.

[Miguel coughs] Kay. Kay, please wake up.

Mrs. Wallace: You know, Bethie, you have a definite screw loose when it comes to blonds. As a matter of fact, you have got a screw loose when it comes to just about everything.

Beth: Ok, shut up. It's not that I hate blonds. It's just that I hate women who try to take Luis away from me.

Mrs. Wallace: Take away? Bethie, you have to have something for someone to take it away. You don't have Luis. You never did. He never loved you.

Beth: Yes, he did love me, and he will love me again. I just --

[Phone rings]

Beth: Yes? All right. Ok, I'll just go to the place and hope for the best. Thank you.

Mrs. Wallace: So? So we going to meet Alistair and get the money?

Beth: Yes, we're going to meet Alistair, we're going to get your money.

Mrs. Wallace: Hallelujah! Money, money, money, money!

Luis: So where's the old bastard, huh? I thought he got buried right here.

Chad: He did. He has to be here, Luis.

Whitney: Where is the chalice? Did you find the chalice?

Noah: No. Look, maybe he's over there a little farther. Maybe we were wrong.

Fancy: Please find my grandfather. He was hurt. He needs a doctor.

Ethan: Hey. What is wrong with you? You're shaking like a leaf.

Gwen: We were just almost buried alive. What if there's another cave-in?

Ethan: Honey, we're going to get out of here, I promise you, as soon as we find this guy, all right?

Gwen: Honey, I feel weak. I need something to eat, I need to go to sleep, I need Theresa to stop these accusations.

Ethan: Hey, hey, hey, we're going to leave. We're going to leave very soon, I promise you.

Theresa: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we're going to leave... just as soon as we find J.T. Cornell so he can prove that I've been telling Ethan the truth all along.

Luis: Well, damn it, he's not here. Alistair got away!

Noah: How?

Chad: Well, he didn't get past us through the exit.

Fancy: He must be here. Keep looking.

Ethan: I don't know, J.T.'s gone. He's not here.

Theresa: Well, he can't be gone.

Gwen: What do you mean? Where did he go?

Ethan: I don't know. He's not here.

Theresa: Ethan, he's got to be here somewhere.

Ethan: J.T. is not here. He's gone.

Gwen: He's gone. He's really gone.

Theresa: Damn it, he's gone.

Luis: He's gone.

Fancy: But how is that possible?

Luis: I don't know how it's possible, but he's gone!

Miguel: Come on, Kay, stick with me. Kay? God, I got to call 911. Kay? Thank God you're all right. It's ok.

Kay: Miguel?

Miguel: Yeah, it's me. It's me. You're ok.

Kay: Oh, Miguel.

Norma: Where are we going?

Mrs. Wallace: Bethie is taking us to the money! Isn't that swell?

Beth: Wait, wait, I said I would take you to Alistair. It's up to him whether he gives you the money, so let's just, come on, go see Daddy.

Norma: Did you say "Daddy"? Daddy's here?! Oh, oh, Daddy! Your little buttercup missed you so much.

For I'm called little buttercup dear little buttercup

Mrs. Wallace: Oh, God.

Norma: Though I don't even know why your little buttercup

Beth: Ok, what did I do to deserve this?

Luis: Well, I don't know how he did it, but somehow Alistair managed to get away.

Theresa: So did J.T.

Chad: And the chalice is gone.

Whitney: Alistair has the chalice. I mean, there's no telling what he's going to do with the power that chalice holds.

Ethan: Come on, how did he get away?

Luis: How does he ever get away, huh? The man isn't human!

Fancy: He was hurt. Where could he have gone?

Theresa: Wherever he went, he's with J.T. I was close. I was really close to proving the truth.

J.T.: Oh, man, you are good! You could make a fortune in Vegas with this disappearing act.

Alistair: I already have a fortune. Now I also have something that is absolutely priceless, and I can destroy my enemies with it. You will pay!

Alistair: Pay!

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