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Tabitha: : Oh.

[Kay screams]

Tabitha: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Now do you see why Mummy was so cross with you, Endora? Mermaids are not like dollies. No, they are moody and prone to violence on their bad days.

Siren: And thanks to you, I'm having a very bad day. Drop the kid. I have no beef with her, just the two of you.

Tabitha: I'll put you in here for a minute.

[Kay screams]

Tabitha: Oh, oh, no, no, no, no!

Siren: Ha ha, gotcha! You've come between me and Miguel for the last time. He will make love to me tonight.

[Kay screams]

Miguel: Hey, thanks for the bailout, buddy. I wasn't looking forward to spending the whole night behind bars, you know?

Fox: Hey, man, I'm just sorry Kay did this, she hasnít been herself recently.

[Kay screams]

Fox: Oh, my God. Hey, that's Kay.


Luis: Hey, Crane, you're a dead man


J.T.: Uh-oh! Hurry up. Hurry up. We've got to get out of here pronto.

Alistair: No, we don't. They're late and I'm very close to deciphering the rest of the ancient text. One more minute and the secrets of this chalice, I will have infinite knowledge, limitless power, and become immortal. And then it's "hail to the new Lord God, Alistair Crane!" Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.


Luis: It's over, Alistair. It's over. Unlock the gate.

Alistair: J.T., did he say something? I wasn't paying attention.

J.T.: It seems he wants in here with us.

Alistair: Oh, well, good evening, Luis. Help yourself to some wine. I'm sorry I can't join you, but I'm busy with something at the moment. Paper and pencil, please.

J.T.: Paper, pencil? Oh, paper, pencil.

Alistair: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Luis: Let me in.

Alistair: I said that I was busy with something -- something that's going to help me take over the world.


Luis: These bars and this giant padlock aren't gonna keep you safe from me, you hear?

Alistair: Yeah.

J.T.:  Come on.  Hurry up, hurry up.  I've got to get out of here before that crazy woman catches me.  If you're talking about my not so beloved wife Theresa, I wouldn't worry about her. Not even her persistence is going to get her through these iron bars. So will you please just calm down and be quiet and let me finish copying down the rest of the ancient text?

Fancy: Grandfather, what are you doing?

Alistair: Oh, Fancy, I didn't think you'd come.

Luis: Now do you believe me? Your grandfather isn't exactly who you thought he was, is he? Look at him. He's out to destroy the world.

Theresa: I'm going in there.

Whitney: Whoa, whoa, Theresa. You do not need to be going down there.

Ethan: Whitney's right. You're not going down there.

Theresa: No, I am gonna go down there. J.T. Cornell is right there.

Gwen: So, what?

Theresa: So what, Gwen, I'm not giving up, ok? Not until I convince Ethan that I've been telling him the truth about you --

Gwen: Ugh.

Theresa: You and your mother. Don't "ugh" me. You two were the ones who sold him out, not me.

Ethan: [Groans] Theresa, come on.

Gwen: No, no, Ethan. Do not go.


Theresa: J.T., you're not gonna get away from me, not this time.

J.T.: As much as I would like to stay for the grand finale, got to go.

Alistair: No, will you -- will you -- will you stop? Theresa can't get in here, no one can.

J.T.: Don't think you know your own wife. From what I've seen, she's not gonna be stopped by a few bars and a padlock.

[Alistair grunts]

Theresa: Oh, God, I can't let him get away, not again.

Gwen: You're following her?

Ethan: Yeah, I think you'd want this over just as much as I do, Gwen.

[Gwen sighs]

Alistair: Mayim...shamayeem... korban...esdanfor...

Chad: Damn it.

Luis: There's too much rust on this gigantic lock to pick it.

Noah: Hey, watch out. Let me give it a try. Here we go.


Chad: What's happening?

Noah: Oh, no.

Chad: He's figuring out the inscription.

Luis: You're not gonna stop me, Alistair. You're a dead man!

Alistair: I don't feel dead at all, Luis.

Chad: It's too late. He -- he's figured out the secrets of the chalice. We're all done for.

[Alistair laughs]

Kay's voice: No!

Miguel: No doubt about it, that's Kay.

Siren: Didn't Tabitha tell you? Mermaids like to get their way.

Kay: You can't make love to Miguel. I won't let you ruin his life.

Siren: If I were you, I'd worry about my own life right now.

Tabitha: Endora, do something. Mummy and Auntie Kay are in trouble here.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Fox: Kay, you ok?

[Kay sighs]

Miguel: What's going on here?

Kay: Oh, my God. Thank God you're here. Siren was trying to kill us.

Miguel: What?

Kay: Yes, and she was about to beat us to a pulp with that wrench. She's out of her mind.

Miguel: What happened, Siren?

Siren: I don't know. Kay just started freaking out for no reason at all.

Kay: No reason? Ok, why do you've a wrench in your hand if I'm not telling the truth?

Siren: A wrench? This is all I have in my hand. It's peach. I don't know about the crust.

Fox:  Why?  Kay said she had a wrench.

Kay: She did. She was chasing me and Tabitha around the house with it. What did you do with the wrench?

Tabitha: Endora, where are you? You saved Mummy's life, but you made Kay look like a psycho.

Kay: What did you do with the wrench, Siren? Where is it?

Siren: I don't know what you're talking about, Kay.

Kay: Ok, fine, fine. You don't believe me? Tabitha, tell them -- tell them that she was trying to kill us.

Tabitha: Well, uh --

Fox: Don't try and drag Tabitha into this craziness, Kay.

Kay: But I'm telling you the truth.

Fox: I just don't get how you thought a baked pie even looked like a wrench. It's --

Siren: Well, that's what so weird. I came out of the kitchen with this pie I made as a peace offering for Kay. She's been on my case so much lately, I wanted her to know -- well, Kay, I forgive you.

Kay: How dare you.

Siren: Then she just started freaking out. It's so bizarre.

Kay: And you're lying. You are lying. Where is the wrench? It is around here somewhere.

Fox: Kay, Kay, Kay, Kay. Hey, enough. Ok, first you accuse her of being a mermaid, and now a homicidal one at that. You've gone too far. Babe, what's wrong with you?

J.T.: Oh, there's got to be some way out of this place.

Theresa: Don't you dare! I've got you. You're not gonna get away. Ethan, make sure he doesn't get out.

J.T.: Hey, you can not keep me here against my will. I have not done anything.

Gwen: Ethan, please, let him go. Can't you see this poor man is scared to death?

Ethan: I just want to talk to him. I just want you to answer couple of questions for me.

J.T.: Nothing to say except I'm innocent.

Ethan: Save it. I saw you try to kill her at the Roman ruins, remember that?

J.T.: Big accident. I had the stone, it slipped --

Ethan: It slipped right when she was about to walk under it, huh?

J.T.: You can't prove anything.

Ethan: Listen, I want you to prove something to me. I just want you to answer a couple of questions.

Gwen: Ethan, can we just please go back to the hotel?

Ethan: Honey, I want to hear what this guy has to say, we all want to put this issue to rest as well. Aren't you sick and tired of Theresa accusing you of stabbing me in the back?

Gwen: Of course I am.


Whitney: Something is going on down there with the chalice. Oh, God. Dear, God, what have I done?

Nun: It is not your fault, carissima.

Whitney: But I'm the one who helped Alistair crane get his hands on the holy chalice.

Nun: Mm.

Whitney: I mean, you said so yourself that once he has the sacred inscription, he'll have the power to rule the world.

Nun: Yes, I did. I saw it in my vision. That's why I came. I knew the deceptive one was getting closer to the unthinkable.

Whitney: Well, can you tell me, please -- tell me how I can stop him from destroying us all.

Nun: Hmm, I wish I had an answer for you, child, but I fear we are too late.

Chad: If he copies the words from the chalice, we're all doomed.

Luis: I should've killed you a long time ago.

Alistair: Oh, you tried, you failed, and now you can't touch me.

Luis: Yeah? We'll see about that!

Alistair: [Grunts] You won't even come close. There's no time and I only have a few words more to decipher.

Chad: He doesn't have them yet. There's still a chance to stop him.

Luis: I don't care what you've got, Alistair. You're gonna pay for what you've done. You robbed your own daughter of her son. You made her think that I was dead so that she would marry another man.

Alistair: I mean, come on. Don't blame me for your inadequacies, all right? Sheridan married Chris and got pregnant because she was over you.

Luis: You bastard.

Alistair: Oh, nasty, nasty, nasty. You're on the premises of a church. You're only angry because you know damn well it's your own fault for losing Sheridan and Marty, for that matter. You should've listened to her when she suggested that Beth was using your son and passing him off as her own. So don't tell me I cost you my daughter. You did that all by yourself. And don't blame me for Sheridan falling in love with another man. You failed her and you deserve what you got. I

Fox: That's it, Kay. It's bad enough that you're accusing her of not being human.

Kay: She's a damn fish, for crying out loud. How many times do I have to tell you that

Fox: That's it, Kay, I mean it. Stop it.

Kay: Why won't anybody believe me?

Siren: Maybe because you're lying?

Kay: Oh, you devious little bitch. How dare you.

Miguel: Kay, stop it. I mean it.

Fox: Now you owe Siren an apology. Apologize.

Kay: What? Over my dead body.

Fox: You can't go around accusing people of trying to kill you, Kay.

Kay: But she did. She was chasing me and Tabitha around in here before you guys got here. She was trying to clobber us with that wrench.

Fox: Ok, where is the wrench now? Where is it?

Kay: I don't know.

Siren: Maybe when I came into the living room, the light hit the pie tin and Kay just saw something metal. Although, I'm not sure how she thought it was a wrench.

Kay: I don't know how you switched them out, but -- Endora, she did it.

Miguel: Endora?

Fox: Now I know that you've lost it, Kay. How could a little baby girl transform a wrench into a pie? Babe, I don't know what to think about you. Here is Siren trying to offer a logical explanation for your mistake. When, if I was in her shoes, I would be a little bit upset at you for accusing me of attempted murder.

Kay: I know it sounds crazy, ok, but it's not. I'm not sure how Siren switched the wrench into a pie, but she did. And now she is loving every minute of making me look like a fool. Mermaids are known for this kind of thing.

Miguel: Mermaids -- come on, Kay.

Kay: I'm telling you the truth. Why is it so hard for you guys to believe me?

Fox: Gee, I -- I wonder.

Kay: Fox, I'm telling you, you were not around for all those other worldly happenings in Harmony a few years ago. One day there would be blood dripping from the walls, ok, and then another day our house would be invaded by black crows, and -- and then another day our house would be sucked into the ground by demons. Come on, hell was in Charity's closet. 

Fox: You told me about all this stuff, ok?

Kay: Tell them, Miguel.  You were there, too. You saw it. Tell him that this is not that far-fetched. Siren just might be a mermaid.

[Luis grunts]

Nun: It appears there's still time. The false monk has not finished -- how do you say -- deciphering the secret written on the chalice. Until he does -- oh, until he does, he will not have its power.

Whitney: Well, that's great. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, God. So I still have time to get down there and stop Alistair.

Nun: Oh, wait, child. I need to tell you something, it may not be the time.

Whitney: What?

Nun: I had a vision about you, about the pain you suffered in your young days, pain that made you vulnerable to evil's words and deeds. You have experienced much sorrow and loss.

Whitney: Well, yes. Things haven't exactly gone well.

Nun: You have lost people you love?

Whitney: With all my heart.

Nun: In my vision, I saw that it did not have to be that way for you. That which you desire most is within your grasp.

Whitney: That's impossible.

Nun: Hmm?

Whitney: What I desire most is to be a family with Chad and Miles, our son, but that can never be. You see, Chad is my half brother, so we can never be a family together.

Nun: You will have what you want, Whitney. My vision is clear.

Whitney: But I don't --

Nun: I cannot tell you how it will happen, only that it will.

Whitney: If only that were true.

Nun: It is true. The problem is that once you have your heart's desire, you will lose it.


Alistair: Don't blame me for Sheridan marrying Christopher Boothe. You lost Sheridan the day she realized you didn't trust her.

Noah: Oh, shut up, old man. You are twisting the truth on Luis. You're doing the exact same thing to him that you did to me with Fancy. I figured it out, alright? I know that you were behind it all. That you -- you set up this whole crazy thing with Lena and the FBI and Maya.

Alistair: [Laughs] You know something? You and Luis are like two peas in a pod. You both blame me for all of your failures. You cheated on Fancy by going to bed with your ex-girlfriend.

Noah: Bull. You hired Maya to break Fancy and me apart. You concocted this great plan to make me think that the only thing I could possibly do to keep Fancy safe -- look, you deliberately broke us apart.

Alistair: Ah, I see. And you can prove all that? That I'm the one who hired this -- this Maya and this girl, uh, Lena just to give you a hard time? I mean, they're gonna back you up on this?

Noah: Of course they can't back me up, Alistair, and you know why -- because they are dead!

Alistair: How convenient for you. Actually, everything that you've said never happened. No, Fancy, don't you understand now how difficult it is for your grandfather to, you know, trust other people? Because wherever I go, whatever I'm doing, there is always somebody pointing a finger at me and blaming me for their failures without a shred of proof.

Noah: What? No, no, don't believe him, Fancy. Look, you know what you did to me and Fancy, to Luis and Sheridan.

Alistair: Oh, really? Am I the one who forced you to go naked into bed with your ex-girlfriend? And was I the one that forced you to break the heart of the girl you supposedly love? My granddaughter doesn't deserve something like that.

Noah: You are doing it right now. You are twisting and manipulating the truth to make me look bad in Fancy's eyes when it has always been you, all right? I am going to find proof, Alistair, and I will make Fancy understand what you have done. I will make you pay!

[Alistair laughs]

Luis: Get in line, Noah. I've been waiting to make this scum pay for years. I don't care what you have, chalice or no chalice, you're going down.

Alistair: Oh, wow, wow.


Kay: You were here in Harmony when all those crazy things were happening. You saw the demons just like I did.

Miguel: I know, Kay.

Kay: So if hell can exist in Charity's closet, why can't Siren be a mermaid?

Fox: Come on, Kay.

Miguel: Look, I won't deny you and I saw some crazy things here in Harmony, but that was a long time ago.

Kay: Listen to me, Miguel, please.  Mermaids are not just cute girls with fins, ok? They are fickle and dangerous and they can ruin your life.

Miguel: Well, I don't buy it, ok? I just don't buy it.

Tabitha: No, Endora. No, no.

Kay: I'm begging you to believe me, Miguel, for your own sake. That's why I had my dad put you in jail tonight.

Miguel: Oh, and about that, Kay. Next time you want to help me out, don't, ok? Let me live my life even if it means that I'm making a mistake here or there.

Kay: But it's not that simple. You make a mistake with her, and it will change your life. Don't you understand? You are in real danger because of her.

Fox: Kay, did you hear what Miguel just said? No more -- not now, not ever. If anyone needs help around here, it's you.

Kay: Me?

Fox: Yeah. I hate to say it, but, yeah. Babe, I'm worried about you. I think you might need professional help.


Miguel: Look, don't be mad at Kay, all right? You can't blame her for having such an over active imagination after everything she has been through. I mean, she has seen some crazy stuff here in Harmony not that long ago. And even Father Lonigan warned us that evil had infiltrated Harmony. I mean, he even told us that witches could be living in our midst. So what's a mermaid compared to that, man? Just be easy on her.

Tabitha: Oh!

Siren: Oh!

Fox: Kay?

Miguel: Kay, I was stick up for you outside.  Why would you do something like this? Are you all right, Siren?

[Kay sighs]

Whitney: What else did you see in your vision? Many things, but they were not all about you.  Someone--someone close to you.

Whitney: My sister -- was it maybe Simone?

Nun: No, no. She carries the name of a blessed saint.

Whitney: That's Theresa. She is my best friend.

Nun: Si, Theresa. She needs to be warned.

Whitney: Ok, why? What, is something gonna happen to her?

Nun: Uh, it's better if I speak to her directly. She needs to hear something of great importance about the man she loves.

Whitney: Ok, well, that's Ethan. She's down there with him right now.

Nun: Hmm.

Whitney: Are you saying something is gonna happen to them?

Nun: Mm.

Theresa: Come on, J.T., tell him the truth. Now is your chance.

J.T.: I already did at the ruins.

Theresa: Ok, well, he didn't believe you at the ruins. You need to convince him, show him proof. You just tell him that I've been telling him the truth all along about Gwen and Rebecca. That they were the ones who sent that poisonous story about Ethan's real father to your tabloid when you were the editor. Ethan, did you just see that? Did you see that? She just -- she's trying to intimidate him into not telling you the truth.

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: She's like her mother for God's sake. When we were at the ruins, she did the same thing when she was on the phone with J.T.

Ethan: Take it easy. Take it easy.

Theresa: Ok, just look at me, J.T. Please, look at me. Now, you have caused a lot of pain and a lot of damage, and this is your chance to redeem yourself.

Gwen: Oh, don't listen to her. She's obviously out of her mind.

Ethan: Excuse me. Listen -- listen, J.T. When that expose came out, my life was ripped apart. My life was changed forever, ok? You might remember the headline -- "Ethan Crane is not really Ethan Crane after all." Does that ring a bell to you?

J.T.: Sounds familiar.

Theresa: It's more than familiar. Come on, you know the story. You know the whole story and you know where you got the information from. You told me you got it from Gwen, Ethan's wife. You got it from Rebecca. Now you tell him. Tell him exactly what you told me, the truth.

Alistair: How does it feel, Luis, to always be a few minutes too late? You know, by the time you break through those bars, I'll have exactly what I need to control the world.

Chad: Alistair, look, just put the chalice down. It belongs in the hands of the church.

Alistair: The church? I think not. I will do whatever the hell I want to do with it.

Luis: Monster.

Fancy: I don't know what to think anymore.

Alistair: Well, honey, I just hope that you're not buying into all this babble from these losers. Now, Fancy, you are my little princess. You can share the power with me.

Fancy: I don't want to if what Luis and Noah say is true.

Alistair: But it's not true.

Fancy: Then why did you pretend you were back in Harmony in a coma? Why did you lie?

Alistair: I didn't have a choice. There were so many attempts on my life. I mean, everyone knew that -- I mean, someone tried to murder me twice. I mean, I had to get away. I had to convince my enemies that I was out of commission, so I came here.

Luis: You're disgusting.

Alistair: First there was Luis, then there was Noah, and then even your father. He turned against me, too. And I was positive that any one of them having the choice would kill me.

Fancy: Luis wouldn't go after you for no reason. He's not like that.

Alistair: Fancy, I know you're smarter than that. Won't you listen to Luis? He is still threatening my life.

Luis: It's more than just a threat, Alistair.

Alistair: Why are you always so delusional? I have never done anything to you.

Luis: The hell you haven't. You kidnapped my son. You stole your own daughter's baby.

Alistair: Oh, come on. I did what I thought was best for Marty. And besides, Beth is a much better mother for Marty than Sheridan.

Luis: A kidnapper and an attempted murderer?

Alistair: She is still one hell of a mother. She dotes on that child. And besides, I owe her. She never experienced the -- the benefits of being a Crane.

Luis: Benefits? Boy, it is a miracle that anyone even survives being born into your family. I'll never forgive you for kidnapping my son.

Alistair: Well, I'm sure you're gonna get over that. Someday you'll see how he turns out.

Luis: Turns out? He's dead, Alistair. Marty is dead.

Alistair: What did you say?

Luis: He was killed. He was killed when Beth and Marty were trying to get away from me. My son is dead.

Alistair: He was my grandson.

Luis: Yeah, and you murdered him -- same way that I'm gonna murder you.

Kay: I didn't do that.

Miguel: Right, Kay.

Fox: Who else would have done it? Siren wouldn't smash her own face into the pie, Kay.

Kay: I don't know how it happened, but I'm telling you I didn't do it.

Siren: I don't know why she hates me so much. She doesn't even really know me.

Kay: I'm telling you I didn't do it. I didn't throw the damn pie. You know what? It's no use. You guys don't believe me anyway.

Fox: Well, you can hardly blame us, Kay.

Tabitha: It's not funny at all, young lady. You're making Kay look terrible in front of Fox and Miguel. That's not nice. Nope, not nice.

Endora: Nope.

Miguel: Look, let's go upstairs. I'm sure you want to shower.

Siren: I do if it's with you.

Miguel: I didn't mean it that way, but--

Siren: Do you want to go to bed?

Kay: In separate rooms.

Fox: That's it, Kay. That's enough. You've gone too far. Stop it.

Kay: You can't have sex with her.

Miguel: [Sighs] We are all trying to be understanding, Kay, but I'm losing my patience. Siren and our love life, it's our business, not yours. Fox was right.  You owe Siren a major apology.

Kay: For what?

Miguel: Where do you want me to start?

[Tabitha sighs]

Fox: Come on, Kay, the ball is in your court. Listen, we're all trying to get past this, so just do the right thing so we can move on. Just do it, all right?

Kay: [Mumbles] I'm sorry.

Siren: I didn't hear you.

Kay: [Loudly] I said I'm sorry.

Siren: It's ok. I understand, as long as we can start over and try to be friends. That's all I ever wanted, Kay.

Kay: Right.

Siren: I'll wash your back if you wash my front.

Kay: I might as well turn in, too.

Fox: Not so fast, Kay. You know, there is a couple of things that we need to clear up before we go to bed tonight.

Whitney: Give me a little hint at least. Is something gonna happen to Ethan and Theresa?

Nun: Your friend is about to be faced with a terrible temptation. She must be ready herself for a monumental choice that will change her life forever.

Whitney: Well, if it will help her get Ethan, I mean, there really won't be much of a choice. He is all she's ever wanted.

Nun: Mm, pray for her, my child.

Whitney: You're scaring me. Is -- are you telling me that Theresa's in danger?

Nun: Only if she gives in to the temptation. Bring Theresa to me. I need to give her the warning myself before it's too late.

Theresa: Just tell Ethan where and how you got the information about his true paternity.

J.T.: What about the money, the 10 mil you promised me?

Theresa: It's yours.

Gwen: Oh, my God, she is lying. J.T., she -- listen, she may have had access to the Crane millions while Alistair was supposedly in a coma, not anymore. The only money she has is what's in her change purse.

Theresa: She's doing it again, Ethan. She's trying to intimidate J.T. into not telling you the truth.

Ethan: Gwen?

Gwen: Ethan, she is grasping at straws. It is so obvious that J.T. expects to be paid for his information, which in my book, negates anything that he would have to say anyway. We all know he's in trouble with the IRS. He owes them years of back taxes. He's desperate to get out of debt. I mean, so he's gonna say anything, even lie. I think we should just go. This is a huge waste of time.

Luis: You underestimated me for the last time, Alistair.

Alistair: You get away from me, or I destroy this chalice.

Chad: He can't do that.

Luis: It's not going to work, old man.

Chad: He can't break the chalice.

Luis: Well, I'm sorry Chad, but I don't give a damn about the chalice.

Chad: It's 'cause you don't know what it means, Luis. The church needs the chalice in one piece.

Alistair: No, Chad is right. You take one step closer to me, and I smash this chalice to smithereens, and with it, the hope for the whole world.

Fox: I want to clear some things up before we go to bed tonight.

Kay: Look, I know that you're really angry with me.

Fox: I'm not angry. I'm frustrated and confused. I've never seen you act the way you do with Siren right now.

Kay: I can't help it.

Fox: You can help it if you want to, Kay. You know, at first I chalked this up to some sort of girl thing, you two being different types. But now it's gotten much bigger and now it's interfering with us, Kay.

[Sighs] I'm not sure I know who you are anymore.

Fox: I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? I didn't mean to.

Kay: Yeah, it's ok.

Fox: Oh, Kay, I love you. I love you so much.

Kay: Then you still want to marry me?

Fox: Of course I do. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Kay: 'Cause I love you.

Fox: You know what? You've just been under a lot of stress recently. You know, between planning for the wedding and taking over for Fancy while she's in Rome --

Kay: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fox: It's just all catching up to you.

Kay: Maybe.

Fox: You know what you need? You need a break, a vacation, and then Siren will be that last thing that's on your mind.

Kay: Yeah, I'd like that.

Fox: You've had a long, long day. Everything is gonna be better tomorrow, I promise.

Tabitha: [Sighs] You may have patched things up for the moment, but it's not gonna last, my little witchlet. It's not going to last.

Miguel: I'm so sorry about Kay tonight. She's usually not like this.

Siren: Let's not talk about her, ok? We still haven't made love yet.

Miguel: [Laughs] I'm glad you reminded me.

[Maria cries]

Miguel: Mm, mm, mm. That's Maria.

Siren: Let Kay get her.

Miguel: I'm closer, Siren.

Siren: Kay's her mother.

Miguel: And I'm her dad, ok? I will be right back.

Siren: [Groans] I want to make love to Miguel tonight, and nobody is gonna stop me this time.

[Maria crying]

Miguel: It's ok, honey. Shh, it's ok. Daddy's here. You'll be all right. You'll be ok. Shh.

Kay: Oh, I -- I didn't know you were in here with her.

Miguel: I didn't know you could hear her from downstairs.

Kay: I was in the bedroom.

Miguel: It's ok, honey. It's ok.

Kay: It's ok. See, honey, everything is fine. You just had a bad dream.

Miguel: It's ok. Mommy and Daddy are here. It's ok, it's ok. Look, go back to Fox, ok? I can put her to sleep.

Kay: No, it's ok. I'll stay.

Miguel: You sure?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Fox: Well, looks like everything is under control here. I'm going back to bed.

Siren: 'Night. The night is not over yet.

Whitney: Ok, I'll go get Theresa right now.

Nun: Oh, wait. I cannot stay here. I'm needed back at the Vatican. I must go.

Whitney: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you just said that Theresa needs to be warned.

Nun: Bring her to me there.

Whitney: Ok. Ok, fine, I'll bring her to you. But just so you know, she is very stubborn. I just, you know, I just hope she listens to you.

Nun: Mm, so do I for her sake. There is such terrible sadness in store for Theresa.

[Speaking Italian]

Gwen: Honey, you can't blame this guy for selling himself out for $10 million. Who wouldn't say something for that money?

Ethan: I know, that was my first reaction, too.

Theresa: Then you realize that I wouldn't have gone to such lengths if I wasn't telling the truth. Gwen has made a good point.

Gwen: See? Even Theresa agrees with me now. She's beating a dead horse here.

Theresa: No, she's absolutely correct. I don't have access to the Crane fortune. I can't give you one thin dime, J.T., so there are no bribes on the table. It's just the plain, old fashioned, unvarnished truth. Now, you have been running for a very long, long time. You've been running from the IRS, from Gwen and Rebecca, and from yourself. So isn't it time to just do the right thing? Tell Ethan the truth, J.T. Tell him how you came to publish the name of his father in your tabloid. You're the only one who can convince him. Tell him the truth. Tell him how you got the story about his true paternity. 

Ethan: I'm waiting.  J.T. Cornell, give it to me straight. I want to know who stuck the knife in my back when I least expected it.  I want you to tell me was that my wife or was it Theresa

J.T.: Ok, ok. I'll tell you what you want to know.

Chad: Look, Luis, I want to kill him just as much as you do, but not while he's holding the chalice. The church needs it in one piece.

Luis: My son is dead because of him.

Noah: And he ruined my future with Fancy.

Chad: I know, but the chalice is more important, ok?

Alistair: You listen to my grandson. He's right. You come near me, and I will destroy this chalice.

{Luis: Stop that taxi now! Pull over and give me my son!

Luis: Marty! My son is in that car.

Fancy: No, Luis, you can't go. You'll get burned. You could be killed.

Luis: I've got to get him out of there.

Fancy: No, Luis!

Luis: Daddy's coming.} All right. I'm sorry, but right now I don't give a damn about that chalice!

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