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 [Tabitha hums]

Tabitha: Oh, I don't know about you, Endora, but Mummy is ready for bed. Rolling my hair is really quite a chore. I was hoping Kay was going to help me, but she's been too busy trying to foil Siren's attempt to pound the surf with Miguel. Let's see what's been going on, shall we? Yo, bowl, show me what Kay's been doing while I've been doing my hair.

Tabitha: Oh, dear. Oh, dear, she's -- she's really gone and done it this time. She's -- she's had her father arrest and incarcerate Miguel so he wouldn't make waves with Siren. She may have saved Miguel one night from the mermaid's curse, but now Siren's really got her tail in a twist because she's not getting any mortal action. Yeah, Kay may think that an angry mermaid is no big deal, but we know different, don't we? Siren's kind can be very nasty when crossed.

Kay: I don't care if Siren's mad or not. I won't let her curse Miguel by having s-e-x with him. I mean, if she does, he can never be with a mortal woman again.

Tabitha: Mm-hmm, and your being one is just a coincidence, I suppose.

Kay: This is not about me, Tabitha. I love Fox. We're getting married.

Tabitha: Yeah, if Siren doesn't fillet you first.

Kay: I am not afraid of that overgrown guppy.

Siren: Oh, but you should be afraid, Kay. You should be very afraid.

Beth: I know you're hungry. I'm hungry, too. We're gonna stop soon and get something to eat.

Norma: [Italian accent] Paesan, pizzas are ready! Hey, what's-a matter you? Get over here! Don't-a make me ax you again.

Edna: All right, I'm coming, I'm coming! Oh, pasta fagiol.

[Italian accent] Keep-a your apron on, eh?

Norma: What-a took you so long?

Edna: [Normal voice] I was taking care of business in the men's room.

Norma: [Normal voice] You mean the ladies' room.

Edna: No.

Norma: Ugh. There's pizza for five at table 4.

Edna: Whoo!

Norma: Or is it four for table 5? I don't know. You figure it out, I'm busy.

Norma: Ah!

[Norma laughs]

Norma: Ah! Oh, I love this job.


Theresa: The church of the blind monks has got to be around here somewhere.

Noah: What is going on with all this weird thunder and lightning?

Theresa: Wait, do you hear that?

[Monks chant]

Noah: Sounds like chanting.

Theresa: The way monks chant.

Noah: You know, if we find Alistair, I am going to make him pay for everything that he has done to Fancy and me, to Jessica, to all of us. Let's go.

[Monks chant]

Fancy: I still can't tell where that smoky smell is coming from.

Luis: Yeah, well, if what Chad just told me is true, then we need to find out and quick.

Fancy: Was it about my grandfather?

Luis: Yeah, it turns out that he stole some sacred chalice from the Vatican.

Fancy: What?

Luis: And this chalice -- it contains infinite power to anyone who can decipher its secrets by exposing it to fire.

Fancy: Oh, my gosh. The smoke.

Luis: The smoke. Exactly. So if Alistair can keep this chalice hot enough for long enough to expose its secrets, then he's gonna have the power to destroy not only the Pope and the church, but anyone who believes in a higher power.

Fancy: But that's --

Luis: Sounds too weird to be true? Yeah, well, I'm just repeating what Chad told me. The bottom line, we need to find Alistair.

Luis: Whitney.

Whitney: Did you find Alistair?

Luis: No, no, but I smell the smoke.

Chad: Well, where there's smoke there's fire.

Whitney: Alistair must be trying to decipher the secrets of the chalice again.

Fancy: You really think that chalice has special powers?

Whitney: Yeah, I know it does. Look, we have to stop Alistair before it's too late, before he destroys us and the rest of the world.

Alistair: Show me the ancient text. Release your secrets and make me a god on earth.

J.T.: You're giving me money to get out of Rome, or do I stay put and hope Theresa doesn't find me?

Gwen: Ok, fine, I'll give you the money. Where are you, J.T.?

J.T.: The church of the blind monks.

Gwen: Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can. And whatever you do, please, please, do not let Theresa see you.

Gwen: God, Ethan, I love you. I love you way too much to let Theresa have you.

Alistair: Nothing can stop me now. The power of God himself will be mine, all mine. All mine!

Tabitha: I know what you did, Kay. My bowl has a recap feature. And having Miguel spend the night away from Siren in jail accomplished nothing but amping Siren's ire for you.

Kay: It kept Miguel from being cursed.

Tabitha: Yes, but now what? I mean, you know that Sam is going to release Miguel first thing tomorrow morning, so what's your plan? Are you going to try and hide Miguel from Siren by keeping him prisoner in our basement the way Beth did with poor Sheridan?

Kay: Yeah, like the brimstone boys would go for that.

Tabitha: Well, you know what I mean, dear. Unless Miguel is -- is out of the way, you haven't solved the problem of him getting it on with Siren.

Kay: Well, that's where you two come in. I'm not getting rid of Miguel. You two witches are getting rid of Siren.

Siren: We'll see about that.

Kay: I want you to make Siren disappear. Send her back to the ocean.

Tabitha: I can't do that. I didn't conjure her up in the first place. Endora did.

Kay: Ok, so make Endora poof her back to Portsmouth Harbor, wherever she came from.

Siren: Endora would never do that. She wants me with Miguel so Kay can stay with Fox.

Tabitha: Endora, would you be a darling and -- and make Siren swim back out to sea? Would you? Pretty please? Sorry, she's adamant. She wants Siren here as a human.

Siren: Yes!

Kay: You're Endora's mother. Make her get rid of Siren.

Tabitha: Would that I could, dear. Endora seems to have more power than I do these days.

Kay: Ugh. Endora, sweetie, if you get rid of Siren I'll give you a nice shiny penny.

[Endora babbles]

Kay: Ok. Uh, what if I buy you a pony? Listen, you little brat, ditch the mermaid or I'll tell Maria not to play with you.

Kay: Ow!

Tabitha: I'd give up if I were you, Kay.

Kay: Ok, Endora, how about this? Maria is your best friend, right? And Miguel is her daddy. So if you don't help me, Miguel will be doomed to love Siren forever. Stop it! Miguel doesn't belong with that slimy fish. Mermaids are fickle. Siren will dump Miguel and he'll be heartbroken. And you don't want Maria's dad to be sad, do you?

Tabitha: She said no.

Siren: Uh-oh.

Kay: So then you'll get rid of Siren?

Tabitha: She said that would make Miguel sad, too.

Kay: Oh, just stop arguing with me and just do it! Make her disappear.

Tabitha: Careful, Kay. You're making her cross. Kay, duck! Duck, Kay!

Alistair: Napawr, malaknamal of god -- I await the potentia of the davar.

J.T.: Hey, are you possessed or what?

Alistair: No, I am getting very close to unlocking the secrets of the chalice, and once I do I will rule the earth and beyond.

Beth: There's a pizza place up ahead. We'll stop and get some food on our way out of town.

Edna: Hey. Hey, Norma? Norma! You make lousy pizza.

Norma: Keep your voice down! And stop calling me Norma. I'm Luigi, you're Sophia. We're incognito so no one recognizes us as suspects in the attempted murders of Alistair Crane and Tabitha.

Edna: Ok. I know it's a good thing we got out of Harmony when we did, but I am tired, tired, I'm telling you, of living on the lam while that demented daughter of mine probably got millions from Alistair for making off with Sheridan's baby and laying low. Because big Al wouldn't want the world to know that wacky Bethie was his flesh and blood.

Norma: I can't imagine my daddy being ashamed of me.

[As father] Never, buttercup! You're daddy's good little girl.

Edna's voice: Little compared to what?

Norma: [Normal voice] Pizza for three, table 1.

Edna: Hey, what am I, a waitress? Oh, God, I am. Oh!

Norma: Oh, yeah.

Chad: I smell smoke all over this place.

Luis: I still can't tell where it's coming from.

Fancy: Yeah, me either.

Whitney: Ok, maybe this church has a secret room like the convent chapel did back in Harmony. Maybe Alistair is burning the chalice there.

Fancy: Oh, let's ask the monks.

Whitney: Well, they're all blind. I mean, wouldn't they be the last ones to know about a secret room?

Luis: Theresa, what the hell are you doing here?

Theresa: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Whitney.

Whitney: Hey.

Theresa: Thank God you're ok. Oh, we're here -- Noah and I, here, we're looking for Alistair.

Whitney: Yeah, so are we.

Noah: Look, we came to this church because we found it on the Crane website, and we think Alistair has Jessica.

Whitney: Wait, Jessica?

Noah: Yeah, it's a long story.

Chad: We think Alistair is here, but we can't find him.

Theresa: Is that smoke that I'm smelling?

Whitney: Yeah, it's a long story.

Fancy: Ahem. I'm surprised you didn't bring Maya to help look for Jessica.

Noah: Maya's dead.

Fancy: What?

Noah: She fell off the roof of the hotel, died on impact.

Fancy: Oh. Well, Maya was a disgusting slut, but I didn't wish her dead.

Noah: Me either, ok, but at least now we can be together again.

Fancy: Your first love isn't even cold yet and you want to hook up with me? God, you're a pig.

Noah: Look, Fancy, I'm sorry, I'm not being clear about this. I don't have a lot of time to explain right now, but Maya and I haven't been together since college. Ok? We were only pretending to be together to protect you from Lena.

Fancy: Lena? Who's Lena?

Noah: Lena is -- she's dead. She was fried by a bolt of lightning up on the top of the hotel. But, look, Lena is the woman who I thought was a terrorist, right? And she threatened to kill you unless Maya and I, you know, helped her with her dirty work. But none of that is true, so it doesn't even matter. The truth is that it was all a plot set up by your grandfather to break us up.

Fancy: You're blaming my grandfather?

Noah: Well, it's the truth. Maya admitted it, Lena admitted it. I mean, even Spike is involved.

Fancy: Jessica's pimp, Spike?

Noah: Yeah, he's here in Rome. And he kidnapped Jessica, I think, to bring her here to Alistair.

Fancy: Why?

Whitney: Look, Alistair is out to rule the world. Maybe Jessica is a sacrifice.

Fancy: Well, I know my Grampy loves power, but --

Whitney: No, let me give you a clue about your grandfather. He's not content playing God anymore. He wants to be God.

Chad: He's got the initials for it.

Fancy: What, A.C.?

Whitney: As in the antichrist.

Chad: Look, we need to find Alistair before it's too late.


Alistair: Soon the ancient text will appear, and soon earth and everyone on it will be mine. Mine to rule. All mine. All mine.

Gwen: J.T. said he'd be here. God, I hope I can get him the money and get him out of Rome before Theresa finds him.

Gwen: My God, Theresa's here. God, if she finds J.T. --

[ Cheering ]

Kay: Whoo.

Kay: That was close.

Tabitha: Thank Hades I messed up her aim this time.

Kay: I'll say.

Tabitha: Endora, you naughty girl. Arrows are not toys. You can't shoot every mortal that miffs you. Well, tough toadstools. Kay isn't wrong to want Siren gone. You were wrong to conjure her up in the first place. Yes, but conjuring Siren wasn't the way to achieve that out --

[Endora babbles]

Tabitha: No, listen to me. You know, mermaids can't be trusted to do what you want them to do. Siren may mesmerize Fox next, putting a kibosh on your plan for -- for the Fox-Kay matchup.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm sorry, dear. She's made up her mind. She wants Siren to stay.

Siren: Thanks, Endora. I knew you would stick up for me.

Kay: Yeah, well, she's too young to understand what will happen to Miguel if you have your way with him. But I do, and I am not going to let you ruin his life.

Siren: Oh, yeah? And who's going to stop me? You?

Kay: Yes.

Siren: I don't think so. Miguel will be out of jail first thing in the morning, and as soon as he gets home I'm going to serve him breakfast in bed. Me, over easy and piping hot. There is not a damn thing you can do about it.

Tabitha: Keep it down, you tawdry little trout. I will not have Endora exposed to adult language and situations until she's at least 16 years.

Siren: Shut up, hag. This is between me and Kay.

Kay: Ooh, don't let her talk to you like that, Tabs.

Tabitha: I won't. You watch your blowhole, fish face, or I'll wash out your gills with soap.

Siren: Go suck a sea urchin.

Tabitha: How rude.

Kay: Zap her, Tabby. Send her back to the ocean.

Tabitha: Would that I could. But she's a product of Endora's spell, not mine.

Kay: Try anyway!

Siren: You can't touch me, hag-itha. You're a witch way past her prime.

Tabitha: Don't push me, Siren.

Siren: Or, what, you'll banish me to the outer banks?

Tabitha: Something like that.

Siren: I'd like to see you try. You're nothing but bone dust with big hair.

Kay: Tabs, you did it!

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, oh, I did, I did! I did, didn't I?

Kay: Where is she?

Tabitha: Well, she's -- she's back out to sea where she belongs.

[Sink drain gurgles]

Tabitha: Maybe not.

J.T.: Where's my license? Maybe I left it in another jacket. But at least I've got the proof that Gwen and Rebecca used me to de-Crane Ethan. This is money in the bank. What did I do with my license?

Gwen: Well, at least Theresa hasn't found J.T. yet. God, I wonder where he is.

Whitney: Look, I don't know why, you guys, but I keep getting this strange feeling that Alistair is close to learning the secrets of the chalice. Guys, we have to stop him before he does.

Luis: Yeah, yeah, but where is he?

Theresa: Wait a minute.

Chad: What?

Theresa: Did you find Beth and Marty?

Luis: Short answer is yes.

Theresa: Well, isn't that wonderful news?

Luis: Well, there's a lot to tell, but it's not really the time right now.

Fancy: It's true, we found Beth and Marty.

Luis: Beth and Marty are dead. Ok? The car they were in crashed and caught fire and exploded.

Theresa: Oh, Luis. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Luis: Yeah.

Noah: That's awful.

Whitney: That's horrible.

Chad: I'm sorry, man.

Theresa: We all are, Luis.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Sheridan.

Theresa: We will pray for Marty's soul.

Luis: Thanks. Can we just find Alistair right now?

Noah: Yeah, let's spread out.

Fancy: Come on, Luis.

Noah: Huh.

Theresa: Noah, I'm going to catch up with you, ok?

Gwen: What is she picking up?

Theresa: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This is J.T. Cornell's driver's license, but he's using a different name. This means that he was here. And if he was here, he could still be here. I've got to find him, I've got to find him so he can show Ethan the proof that Gwen's been lying to him all along.

Gwen: I need to get to J.T. before Theresa does. My whole future with Ethan and Jane depends on it.

Beth: There's the pizzeria. We'll stop and get a bite to eat on our way out of Rome.

Edna: Ugh, ugh, people are just so disgusting. Ugh, and cheap. These peasants didn't even leave me a tip, and that is after I put on a fresh diaper at their request. Well, there's no pleasing certain people.

Norma: Tell me about it. Daddy and I used to kill ourselves running that motel. Things got easier once we started killing guests instead.

Edna: Well, what kills me is that I'm waiting tables when people should be waiting on me. You know, when I first remembered that Alistair was Bethie's daddy, boy, he gave me a big chunk of change to stay mum about that torrid one-night stand and that rotten fruit Bethie that came from it. If that old coot comes out of that coma, I'm going to get him to give me more moolah.

Norma: I'll bet he'd pay any amount to make sure the world didn't know he made a baby with you.

Edna: Normie-pooh, you never talk about your sex life.

Norma: Well -- it's Luigi! And we got customers.

Beth: Excuse me, do we have to wait to be seated?

Edna: Bethie!

Beth: Mother.

[Beth and Edna scream]

Noah: What, did you find something?

Theresa: This. This is J.T. Cornell's driver's license.

Noah: What? Who?

Theresa: This is the tabloid editor's driver's license. This is J.T. He's using an alias, you see? That means he was here. And if he was here, that means he could still be here, so I got to find him.

Gwen: No, you can't.

Theresa: You know what I'll do?

Noah: What?

Theresa: I'm calling Ethan right now. I'm going to call him and tell him to get over here so he can help me find him before he leaves.

Gwen: Damn it.

[Phone rings]

Ethan: Oh. God.

Ethan: Hello?

Theresa: Ethan? Hi, sorry to wake you. Listen, you got to get over here. I just found J.T. Cornell's driver's license at the church of the blind monks.

Ethan: They have their own church?

Theresa: Ethan, yes, they do, ok? Listen, you got to get over here right away, ok? You got to find J.T. Cornell before he leaves so he can prove to you that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who ruined your life and not me.

Ethan: Theresa, listen to me. Listen very closely. I was sleeping, all right? I think you should be doing the same, and I'm going to go back to sleep. Goodbye.

Theresa: No, I'm not going to leave you alone, ok? Our future is at stake.

Ethan: Let me guess -- another ploy of yours to try to come between Gwen and me. Listen, listen, I'm not leaving my -- my wife. Where's my wife? Gwen? Gwen.

Theresa: What's going on?

Ethan: Gwen's not here.

Theresa: Maybe she's at the church.

Ethan: That's kind of a leap, don't you think?

Theresa: You know what, why don't you come here. Why don't you come here and prove me wrong. Prove that your wife is just a victim of my wild accusations.

Ethan: All right, Theresa, I'm on my way.

Theresa: He's on his way.

Gwen: Oh, no. Oh, God. Ethan cannot find J.T. If he sees proof that Theresa is telling the truth, I'm going to be going home to Harmony by myself. J.T., where are you?

J.T.: I still say we should get out while we can.

Alistair: No, no, the moment I've been waiting for is almost here. I'm on the brink, J.T., on the brink of ruling the world.

[Sink drain gurgles]

Kay: Ok, so you didn't zap Siren back to the deep blue sea. Well, the sewer is just as good, maybe better.

Tabitha: Well, thank you, dear. I hope your praise isn't premature.

Kay: Why?

Tabitha: Well, I didn't think I had enough power to override another witch's spell, even if that witch was our witchling.

Kay: So you surprised yourself. Anger is a great motivator.

Tabitha: Yes, yes, I think you're right. Siren's rude remarks about my age and vigor made me see red. Snide little snapper. I warned her not to take me on.

[Gurgling gets louder]

Tabitha: Ooh. Oh, what was that?

Kay: Maybe Siren's mesmerizing a hair clog on her way out to sea.

Tabitha: Or maybe an alligator took a bite out of her tail.

Kay: Goodbye and good riddance.

[Drain belches]

Tabitha: Oh. That doesn't sound good.

Kay: Uh-uh.

Kay: Oh, that ought to do it.

[Pipes rattle]

Kay: Uh, what's going on?

[Kay and Tabitha scream]

Siren: I'm back.

Ethan: Hey, hey, I got here as soon as I could. What the hell is going on around here?

Theresa: We don't know.

Luis: I'll bet this has something to do with Alistair and that chalice.

Whitney: Luis is right. Alistair must be deciphering the ancient text.

Theresa: Did you find Gwen?

Gwen: Oh, my life is going to be over if Ethan finds J.T. Somehow I got to just -- I got to just stop them from meeting.

Ethan: No, she's not at the hotel as far as anyone knew. But, excuse me, a chalice? What is this chalice?

Gwen: Ethan, what are you doing here?

Ethan: I could ask you the same thing.

Theresa: You're here to meet your partner in crime, J.T. Cornell.

Gwen: Oh, God, not this again. Look, I couldn't sleep, I went down to the bar for a nightcap, and I saw you leave so I followed you.

Theresa: You are such a liar.

Gwen: Why would I lie?

Theresa: Because that's what you do, Gwen. Because you're here because you know J.T. Cornell is here, and you want to get the proof that he has on you before I have the chance to give the proof to Ethan.

Gwen: I don't know what you're talking about.

Theresa: I'm going to find J.T. Cornell, and I'm going to get the proof that he has on your wife and Rebecca to prove that they destroyed your life, not me. You know what? Your days as Mrs. Ethan Winthrop are numbered, Gwen. Very soon you will be out on the street and Ethan will be back with me, our daughter, and my son where he belongs.

Chad: Look, nobody is going to be with anybody if you don't find this chalice soon.

Gwen: What are you talking about?

Luis: We suspect Alistair is using a religious relic to anoint himself God on earth and then use the powers from that relic to take over the world.

Ethan: Is he serious?

Chad: Afraid so.

Gwen: Oh, my God.

Ethan: All right, then what can we possibly do?

Luis: Well, we have to find Alistair before he heats up the relic hot enough to reveal its secrets.

Noah: That's where the smoke you smell is coming from.

Whitney: Only we have yet to find Alistair.

Ethan: Actually, I think the smoke is coming from outside.

Chad: Yeah, well, it's worth a look. We've come up empty here.

Luis: Well, let's go.

J.T.: You hear all that noise up there?

Alistair: Rats.

J.T.: It's not rats! And unless the blind monks are stampeding out of the church -- which I doubt because they'd crash into each other, big pileup -- I think those people are looking for us, which means we should get out while the getting's good.

Alistair: No! In mere moments, I -- I, Alistair Crane, will rule the world!

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

Tabitha: Oh, my rollup's ruined. I'll have to try this new hairstyle another time.

Tabitha: Ah. Voila, here I am.

Siren: I can't believe you landlubbers thought you could get rid of me that easily.

Kay: Yeah, we did.

Tabitha: Well, it was worth a try.

Siren: You know the rules, Kay. Endora is the one that cast the spell that gave me legs to walk, lungs to breathe. Only she can undo it, not her dear old, old, old mom.

Siren: Sorry, I got carried away.

Kay: If only the tide would carry you back out to sea.

Tabitha: I told you it would be difficult, nigh on impossible, for me to cast Siren back to her watery world. And I'm afraid her continued presence here is testimony to that.

Siren: Yeah, Kay. I'm not going anywhere unless Miguel goes with me.

Kay: Miguel can't leave Maria.

Siren: Then let me have him. Back off. I love him.

Kay: You don't love him. You just want to spawn with him.

Siren: And you don't?

Kay: No.

Siren: A, you're lying. And, B, I don't care. If you keep coming in between Miguel and me, I'm going to be forced to take action.

Kay: Oh, Endora, are you hearing this? She's threatening me, Maria's mother.

Tabitha: I told you. Endora wants you to be with Fox, not Miguel. And in her naive, little witchlet mind, Siren is the solution.

Siren: So stop interfering with Miguel and me, or I'll make sure you and Fox never walk down the aisle.

Kay: You don't scare me.

Siren: First time for everything.

Tabitha: Hey, what are you doing?

[Kay screams]

Tabitha: Hey, hey, hey! Don't you dare! Don't you dare chase us!

Edna: Oh, my God.

Beth: Mother, I thought --

Norma: [Italian accent] Come-a with me, paesan. Look-a what I got. Come-a with me. Come on. Luigi make-a you a pizza while the ladies talk, huh?

Beth: Go make a pizza, honey. Mother. I thought you were in an asylum.

Edna: I was, Bethie. Oh, my good-- oh, that was awful. That's where I met Luigi.

Beth: Oh, he run out of money before she finished her sex change?

Edna: Shh, shh, shh. Her real name is Norma. We flew the cuckoo's nest together and we've been seeing the world. What about you, missy? What sick mess have you gotten yourself into now?

Beth: You always assume the worst.

Edna: And I've never been wrong, have I?

Beth: You know, you just -- Daddy doesn't judge me the way you do. Daddy loves me.

Edna: That is because Daddy would love to make love to you, or has his being comatose put a lid on that sick fantasy?

Beth: Well, the last time I saw Daddy, it was about keeping Luis away from Marty and me.

Edna: You guys are still on the run?

Beth: I did not come here to play 20 questions. I need something to eat.

Edna: Ok, Bethie, anything for you. Right after you give me a load of Alistair's loot. You see, because while Norma and I have been scraping by here, you have been living the life of Reilly on Alistair's millions.

Beth: No, I -- I haven't.

Edna: Oh, yeah, right. Like I believe you, huh?

Beth: All right, would I be stopping in this dump to eat if I had any money?

Edna: Good point. So what happened to the money?

Beth: Would you just get me something to eat and be quick about it?

Edna: Anything. Anything, ok. How about some spaghetti?

Beth: Great. Could I have it now, please?

Edna: With pleasure.

Beth: Oh! Mother! Oh, no!

J.T.: Good Lord, the wall is splitting in two. The whole place is coming down! We got to get out now!

Alistair: No, not until I know all the secrets of this chalice. And when I do, I'll be like God himself.

J.T.: Well, bring on God pretty quick because that wall is split in half.

Luis: Ethan's right. The smell of smoke is stronger out here.

Whitney: If Alistair heats up the chalice enough to reveal its secrets, if he deciphers the ancient code, he'll have the power of life and death.

Theresa: And we all know which one he'll use first.

Noah: I wonder if Jessica is with Alistair.

Gwen: Who knows who's with him?

Ethan: Hold on. The smoke is coming from down here. It's down here.

Whitney: It's Alistair. He's heating up the chalice over the furnace. We have to stop him.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, J.T. Cornell -- he's with him. I knew it. Oh, my God, he's going to give you the proof, Ethan, the proof that he has on Gwen and Rebecca that they destroyed your life, that they were the ones who sent the information and framed me for it just to keep us apart.

Gwen: Oh, Theresa, only you could stay focused on your obsession with Ethan when the future of the planet is at stake.

Luis: Well, Alistair's not going to win. Get back! Get back! Hey, Alistair Crane! You're a dead man!

J.T.: We have got to get out now.

Alistair: No, they're too late, and I'm too close to deciphering the rest of the ancient text.

[Alistair laughs]

Alistair: In a few minutes I'll be immortal. Then it will be all hail to the new Lord God, Alistair Crane! Alistair Crane!

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Chad: He's figured out the secrets of the chalice. We're all done for.

Kay: Tell him that Siren might be a mermaid.

Theresa: Tell Ethan where you got the information about his true paternity.

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