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Siren: I'm sorry I rubbed Kay the wrong way, Miguel.

Miguel: It's not you, Siren. It's Kay. Look, she cares about me a lot, and after all the time and energy I put into looking for Charity, you know, she just doesn't want to see me get hurt again. You know, but trying to convince everyone that you're a mermaid is just crazy.

Siren: It really is, hmm.

Miguel: What are you eating?

Siren: Mm, just a piece of hard candy.

Miguel: Why didn't you say something? If you were hungry, we could go to an all-night diner.

Siren: Food isn't what I'm hungry for.

Fox: Kay, I know you're upset that Miguel wants to hook up with Siren, but it's his business. You can't go around telling people that she's a mermaid.

Kay: But she is a mermaid.

Fox: Kay, stop it. If Miguel hooks up with Siren, he will not suffer "the mermaid's curse." I mean, the whole notion that if Miguel hooks up with Siren he won't be able to ever be with another woman again is ridiculous. So please just let it go.

Sam: Kay, Fox, how's the other engaged couple doing tonight?

Fox: Well, the wedding's still on, so I guess we're ok.

Sam: Well, once I marry Ivy and you marry Kay we'll be happy together for rest of our lives.

Ivy's voice: Sam and I will be, but not you, Kay. My son deserves better than you. And somehow I'll see that Fox gets it.

Jessica: Don't kill him. Shoot me instead.

Noah: Jess, no.

Lena: Noble to the end, and this is the end for you, Noah.

Jessica: No! Please, don't shoot him.

Lena: Spike, get the slut away from Noah.

Jessica: [Whimpers]

Noah: Oh, damn you, Lena. And damn you, Maya, for setting me up.

Maya: Noah, I'm sorry.

Lena: Don't blame Maya. She had no choice but to follow orders.

Spike: Yeah, none of us did, ok?

Noah: What?

Lena: We're all pawns in a much larger game.

Noah: Yeah, yeah, if you're not the boss, then who is?

Lena: Who else could it be but Alistair Crane?

Noah: What?

Alistair: Caesar, Napoleon, Stalin. They all dreamed of world domination.  But I, Alistair Crane, will achieve mere moments from now the chalice will reveal the secret to unlimited power.  A power I'll use to rule the world. [Disguised voice] Behold the power of the chalice, Whitney. Power you helped me unleash.

Whitney: For God's love of all mankind.

Chad: Don't believe him, Whitney. That monk is evil.

Whitney: No. No, he's trying to do God's work, Chad.

Chad: No, Whitney, he's using you. He's preying upon your love for me and Miles to help him do God knows what.

Nun: Being in the fire will reveal the chalice's secrets.

Whitney: No, no, no. The monk is trying to save the Pope and the church.

Nun: No, Whitney. If an evil man learns that which is divine, the world and everyone in it will be doomed!

Chad: Whitney, please just unlock the door. Help us stop this madman before he kills all of us.

Whitney: I can't do that. The monk -- he's doing God's work, Chad. And I'm trying to save my soul by helping him and your soul.

Alistair: [Normal voice] The power of the chalice will soon be mine, and I will be God on earth. A very angry, vengeful God. [Laughs]

[Knock on door]

Pilar: Hello?

Sheridan: Hey, Pilar, come on in.

Pilar: Hi. I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

Sheridan: Oh, I'm doing fine.

Pilar: Oh, good.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Pilar: Good, good, good. And the baby?

Sheridan:  I'll be honest, there were times I was really scared.  But we're a team.  I'm doing really good.

Pilar:  I'm glad to hear that.  Any word on Marty?

Sheridan: I was hoping Luis would've called by now with some good news. James can't wait to have a brother to play with.

Pilar: Well, I pray to God that Luis brings Marty home. I tried calling him a few times and his sisters, but I -- I got their voicemails.

Sheridan: I just hope Luis finds Marty and brings him home because if he doesn't, I don't know what I'll do.

Luis: Marty? Marty -- my son's in there.

Fancy: No, Luis.

Luis: I've got to save my -- save my little boy.

Fancy: No, no, no. Luis, don't --

Luis: Would you let go of me?

Fancy: Luis, I'm sorry, but deep down you know it is too late. It's too late.

Luis: No it's not.

Fancy: Luis, there was a fire, an explosion.  Marty is gone, ok?  Beth and Marty are gone.

Luis: No, not Marty. Not my son. My little boy. Oh, God. Son, son.

Noah: Alistair did this?

Spike: Look, you know I've been working for him since New Year's. Couldn't you connect the dots there, smart guy?

Noah: The guy's in a coma.

Lena: He gave the order before his stroke.

Noah:  I can't believe this is just an elaborate plot to keep me away from Fancy.

Lena: You should've known Alistair would never let a member of the great unwashed to be with his precious granddaughter.

Maya: Alistair used your love for Fancy against you, Noah. He knew that if you thought Fancy would be hurt you would do anything to protect her, and you did.  You pretended to be back together with me even though it broke your heart and Fancy's.

Noah: Well damn that bastard, alright? And damn you both.

Lena: Maya and I just did as we were told. So did Spike. His job was to teach your father a lesson using Jessica. I'd say we rate a gold star, don't you?

Noah: And I hope you burn in hell.

Jessica: Me, too.

Maya: Noah, I'm sorry.  You have to believe me.

Noah: Why should I?

Maya: Alistair threatened to kill my entire family if I didn't cooperate.  When I threatened to tell you the truth, she blew up my mother's restaurant.

Lena: The food wasn't that good anyway.

Noah: I am such a fool.

Lena: At least now you know the truth. You lost Fancy as Alistair just as Alistair planned, and now you're going to die just as Alistair planned.

Spike: Come on, we're going to move you before you get blood splattered on you. Come on.

Jessica: No. If you want to kill Noah, you'll have to kill me first.

Lena: Suit yourself.

Alistair: [Normal voice] [Laugh] My final victory is at hand. Once the chalice reveals its secrets, Alistair Crane will be God on earth.

Chad: How are you guys doing picking that lock?

Simone: We're getting closer.

Chad: Well, hurry.

Paloma: We're going as fast as we can.

Chad: Sister, what's going to happen?

Nun: The fire will cause the chalice to reveal an ancient text, and if read allowed by an evil-doer, it will unleash the power of the chalice and the evil-doer will control that power. Oh, he can cause the end of all days.

Chad: Hurry up with that lock.

Nun: Oh, the text is beginning to appear.

Alistair: It's starting. Soon the earth and everyone on it will be at my mercy.

Chad: Ok, if the fire reveals the secrets of the chalice, we've got to put fire out. That font of the holy water. I could use it to douse the fire if I can get to it.

Simone: We picked the lock.

Paloma: Now what?

Chad: Ok, look, on the count of three we bust in there. I'm going to douse the fire with the holy water. You guys get Whitney out of harm's way and protect the sister, ok?

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Silence! The secrets are starting to reveal themselves.

Chad: One, two, three!

Whitney: Wait! No, Chad, no!

Alistair: [Normal voice] You won't stop me!

Whitney: No, stop it, please!

Pilar: Sheridan, you said you had something important to tell Luis. Thank you.

Sheridan: Brace yourself. My father is not at the nursing home in a coma.

Pilar: Oh, my God.

Sheridan: Yeah, somewhere along the way he came out of it, and he has a masked body double that really is in a coma there to take his place.

Pilar: Is there no end to Alistair's machinations?

Sheridan: Apparently not. Beth let it slip that she spoke to Father, so Luis had me go to Linden Hill to see what was what and that's when I found the imposter.

Pilar: Well, what about Alistair?

Sheridan: He could be in Rome.

Pilar: Oh, dear God. Putting our friends and family in harm's way.

Sheridan: That's why I tried calling Luis to warn him.

Pilar: Try again, please, ok?

Sheridan: Ok.

Pilar: Hey, sweetheart, look what a good job you did. Come -- come with me. I'll make you a snack. Come on. Come on.

Sheridan: Yes, would you please ring Fancy Crane's suite? Grazie.

Sheridan: Great. No answer. I'll try Luis' cell.

Sheridan: The call won't go through. I hope nothing bad has happened.

Luis: My son. Oh, my God. No, no!

Fancy: No, police. You need to please stop it.

Officer: [Speaking Italian]

Fancy: Parlez anglais?

Officer: Yes, what happened?

Fancy: His son was kidnapped by a crazy woman, and we were in pursuit when the car crashed and caught fire and exploded. The driver got out alive, but he's badly burned.

Officer: [Speaking Italian] What do you mean "in pursuit"? In what?

Fancy: [Groans] On that.

Officer: And what about your helmets?

Fancy: Sorry.

Officer: Do you know how dangerous that is? What about the boy and the woman?

Fancy: They're -- they're still in the cab.

Luis: I tried to save him, but I couldn't. I couldn't save my own son.

Officer: I am really sorry about your loss.

Luis: Yes, my loss. Oh, God, I lost my son. -- I've lost Sheridan now.

Luis: I've lost everything.

Sam: Ivy, why don't you show Fox and Kay how you picture our wedding?

Ivy: Oh-- Sam, no.

Sam: She's been ripping apart magazines for months now.

Ivy: No, I don't want to bore them.

Sam: What?

Fox: It won't bore us right, Kay?

Kay: No, no.

Ivy: Oh, ok. All right, oh, all right, let's see. Ok, ok, ok. Oh, these are food ideas. Cakes. And this is -- oh, bride's maid's dresses here.

Sam: Kay, are you paying attention?

Kay: What? Oh, right, your -- your wedding. I'm sure it'll be great.

Sam: Well, you don't seem too excited about it.

Kay: What do you want me to do, start throwing rice?

Sam: No, what I want you to do is tell me what's bothering you, ok? Maybe I could help.

Kay: You know what, Dad? Maybe you can. I'm going to go get a drink from the kitchen. Will you come with me? We can talk.

Sam: Sure.

Ivy: Kay certainly seems bothered by something.  You have any idea what it is?

Fox: Yeah, Kay's been a little upset about Siren lately

Ivy: Siren, that's the girl that saved Miguel from drowning?

Fox: Yeah, she doesn't think that Siren's right for Miguel.

Ivy: Oh, really? Oh, I see, hmm.

Fox: She thinks she has to protect him.

Ivy: Oh, well, of course.

Fox: Mom, come on. You're as transparent as glass. Just tell me what you're thinking.

Ivy: Well, maybe the problem isn't Siren. Maybe the problem is that Kay doesn't want Miguel to be with another woman because she loves him and wants to be with him herself.

Sam:  So what is it, Kay? What can I help you with?

Kay: Miguel. I want you to have him arrested so he spends the night in jail, in a cell, all by himself.

Miguel: That candy left a fishy taste in your mouth.

Siren: [Laughs] I'm sorry. The wrapper said it packed a wave of freshness. Maybe they meant ocean wave.

Miguel: Look, do me a favor and don't eat anymore.

Siren: I won't. Now, where were we?

Miguel: Look, Siren, I was thinking, I don't think that tonight should be the night we make love for the first time.

Siren: But Fox and Kay are gone now. We have the whole beach to ourselves.

Miguel: I know. But Kay attacking you the way she did tonight really upset me. Look, I think we should just go back to Tabitha's and call it a night.

Maya: Oh, Lena, wait. You can't kill Noah.

Lena: Move or I'll kill you, too.

Maya: We broke his heart and we destroyed his relationship with Fancy. Isn't that enough?

Lena: Not according to Alistair.  He wants Noah dead.  Now move so I can kill him.

Maya: No! I won't let you do this.

Lena: What are you waiting for, Spike? Get Jessica out of here.

Jessica: No!

Spike: Don't make me get rough with you.

Noah: Hey, hey. I hope you burn in hell.

Spike: Not before Jessica takes me to heaven one last time. Between this and my heavy artillery, she's going to die with a big fat smile on her face.

Noah: No. No!

Lena: That's right, Noah. Rail against the injustice of it all. It won't do any good. This is just one part of the drama playing out in Rome, all of it orchestrated by Alistair.

Noah: But why?

Lena: I'm sure he has his reasons. Pity the two of you won't be around to find out what they are, because I'm killing you both. Ladies first.

Noah: Uh!

Chad: You're not a monk. You're the devil in disguise.

Whitney: No, Chad, leave him alone. He's trying to save us!

Nun: No, Whitney, he's a great deceiver. You've been his pawn.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] I won't let you win. The chalice and its power are mine.

Man: [Speaking Italian]

Nun: It's the Swiss guard. Hurry, help us!

Whitney: No, no. No, wait, wait, no! Wait, Chad, Chad! Ah!

Alistair: No!

Paloma: That voice. He sounds possessed.

Alistair: I will kill you before I let you take the chalice.

Chad: Yeah, yo, you're too late. The fire's going out. The secrets of the chalice are safe.

Alistair: No!

Chad: Hey, we did it, we did it. We stopped him from using the chalice for evil.

Nun: Oh, God bless you, my son.

Paloma: Muy bien, Chad.

Simone: Whitney, it's over. Now you don't have to wear that disguise.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] The secrets of the chalice will be mine yet.

Chad: No!

Alistair: Stay back or die.

Paloma: [Speaking spanish]

Alistair: Whitney, redeem yourself by warning me if they try to attack again. I have to read the writing on the chalice.

Simone: What do we do now?

Paloma: How can we stop that monk?

Nun: I prayed that God would break down the door by now, but I may be too late. The ancient text will appear again soon. Oh, if the deceiver succeeds in reading it.

Simone: There has to be something that we can do.

Nun: We can pray. Pray that the innocent one comes to believe us and help us to stop the deceiver or all is lost.

Alistair: [Normal voice] Just do it. Reveal yourself to me. Make me a God among men!

Jessica: Oh. Spike. Where are we?

Spike: For you, this is the end of the line. This is where you're going to die.

Jessica: No. No, please. Don't kill me.

Spike: I don't have a choice. Alistair, he wants you dead.

Jessica: But I don't want to die.

Spike: I'm not hot to off you, Jess. We -- we had our problems, right? But it was the situation. It's not you. Ok? And you're so nice. I would hate to see you cry right now, but you're -- you're so pretty. You know, you -- you don't deserve this stuff.

Jessica: Then don't kill me, please.

Spike: I got to, ok? Shh. Goodbye, Jessica. I'm sorry to see you go.

Jessica: No.

Noah: Nobody puts me through hell and gets away with it. You're dead, Lena! You're dead!

Maya: Noah, wait. Lena doesn't need a gun to kill you.

Maya: Just let Lena go.

Noah: No, here -- no, look. I need her to prove to Fancy that Alistair is to blame for all of our problems, all right? Just get lost, ok? You've caused me enough trouble, already.

Maya: Noah, Lena has made my life hell. I want to see her pay.

Noah: I think she went upstairs. All right, come on.

Lena: There's no way down but the stairs.

Lena: I'll kill Noah and Maya and then leave the way I came.

Luis: The phone.

Fancy: If it's important, they'll call back. Come sit down. Would you like a drink?

Luis: Marty.

Luis: My son is gone forever. God, how does this happen? I'll never get to see him grow up or take his first communion.

Luis: Oh, God. How am I going to tell Sheridan? How am I going to tell her our son is lost forever?

Fancy: Don't think about that now, Luis. You just need to rest, ok? I'll go get more ice.

[Phone rings]

Luis: Hello.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, I knew if I kept calling, you'd finally be there. Look, I -- I went to the nursing home to check on Father. First, wait. How are things going there? Have you found Marty yet?

{Luis: Marty! My son's in that car.

Fancy: No, Luis, you can't go. You'll get burned. You're going to be killed.

Luis: I've got to get him out of there.

Fancy: No, Luis!}

Sheridan: Have you found Marty?

Jessica: Spike?

Spike: I can't -- I can't kill you, Jess.

Jessica: Thank you.

Spike: Don't -- don't come near me, ok? Look, I'm supposed to be tough here, ok? But now I'm wimping out here. You see, you -- you -- you've been a lot of trouble since the get-go, little girl, you know? I -- I never -- I never ever wanted to mess you up. Alistair -- he said to. So I --

Jessica: Alistair is evil. I have even seen how he's hurt Simone and Paloma's families. You are a victim, too.

Spike: You see, this -- this is why you make me nuts. After all the crap that I put you through, you're still -- you're still so nice to me. You're still so forgiving to me. But -- never mind.

Jessica: What?

Spike: Our time that we spent together, I -- yeah, yeah, I was doing a job. But -- I don't know. I never felt the way -- I never felt the way I feel about you before.

Jessica: Really?

Spike: Yeah.

Jessica: I hated turning tricks, but I love making love to you, Spike. I really thought we had something.

Spike: You really did? I mean, honestly you felt that about me?

Jessica: Yeah. Call me crazy, but even after all the grief Alistair put us through, I could still see us together.

Spike: Whoa. It's amazing. You -- you're amazing, Jessica.

Jessica: So are you, Spike. So are you.

Jessica's voice: Now, to get the gun.

Noah: Whoa! Damn it. Come on, Lena, give me your best shot.

Lena: With pleasure. You want my best shot? Now I'm going to give it to you.

Fox: Look, Mom, I know that you're into first loves and all because of Sam, which is great, but Kay isn't. Kay is in love with me, not Miguel. We're engaged to get married, and Miguel being back in Harmony hasn't changed that. Nor will it. She's going to be my wife soon, not Miguel's.

Ivy: Well, if that's the case, then I certainly stand corrected.

Fox: Good. Look, I've got some stuff from the florist in the car for you. I'll go get it so you can show Sam.

Ivy: Ok. Questioning Kay's feelings for Miguel certainly struck a nerve. I wonder why.

Sam: Arrest Miguel? Why? I mean, what did he do?

Kay: Hopefully nothing yet. But he could make a huge mistake tonight, Dad, one that would in his life. So you have to arrest him and put him in jail so he has some time to think about things, put inn perspective, see if what he thinks he wants is worth having.

Sam: Honey, slow down. You're not making any sense.

Kay: Dad, just trust me, please. You have to arrest him. It's for his own good. Maria's well-being, too.

Sam: Kay, you know I can't arrest someone without just cause. So unless he's planning a crime --

Kay: When is sex illegal?

Sam: Are you talking about Miguel and his new girlfriend?

Kay: Yeah. They're planning on having sex tonight.

Sam: Well, they're two consenting adults. There's nothing I can do.

Kay: I know. Arrest Siren for solicitation. She has been hounding Miguel to have his way with her.

Sam: Like you used to do?

Kay: Ok, fine. Ok, fine. Maybe I did. But now, Miguel has a daughter out of wedlock and Siren says she wants him to get her pregnant.  Even if they precautions, something could happen that could ruin his life.

Sam: Kay, I am not the sex police. What they do in their own time is their business.

Kay: I know, but she is not right for him, Dad. If he were just away from her for just a little while, he would see that he shouldn't be with her.

Sam: So who should Miguel be with? You?

Kay: What? No, no, Dad.  I'm with Fox.  We're happy together.  Miguel is a part of me. I'm just looking out for him as a friend.

Sam: Because of Maria.

Kay: Yes.

Sam: Kay, this sounds like you're not looking out for a friend.  This sounds like you're still in love with Miguel.

Siren: What do you mean you want to call it a night? I thought we were going to make love.

Miguel: Siren, I want our first time together to be perfect. Ok, without all the distractions we've had tonight.

Siren: You mean Kay and her "Siren's a mermaid" rant?

Miguel: Exactly.

Siren: What about next time?

Miguel: What about it?

Siren: Kay will always be around. You have a child together. What if she's a distraction the next time we start to make love or the time after that?

Sam: Look, Kay will not always be a distraction, ok? We can always go away for the weekend.

Siren: Every time we want to make love?

Miguel: Well, no, but --

Siren: So as long as we're in Harmony, we're at Kay's mercy when it comes to being intimate.

Miguel: Look, nobody controls my life. No one does. I'm my own man.

Siren: Then show me right now that nothing can keep you from making love to me. Forget about everyone and everything except me and this beautiful beach. Take me, Miguel. Make this our first time.

[Knocking on door]

Alistair: [Disguised voice] The ancient text will appear again at any moment and infinite power will be mine.

Chad: Whitney, the man is evil. You have to see that.

Whitney: No, he wants the power to save the Pope and save the church.

Nun: No, carissima, he wants to destroy them both.

Simone: Whitney, listen to Chad and the nun.

Paloma: Si, that monk is creepy.

Alistair: Don't let them fool you, Whitney. They are evil. All of them!

Chad: He's lying, Whitney. You have to know that.

Nun: Oh, it's starting again. If we can't stop the deceiver, doom will follow.

Alistair: [Laughing]

Noah: What the hell?

Lena: [Laughs] I'm not looking up at the sky so you can rush me, Noah. I'm looking to impale you.

Noah: Look, if you can escape, I want you to go to Fancy and tell her the whole story, ok? Tell her that everything I did was to protect her.

Lena: Maya's not getting off this roof alive. I'm killing you both.

Maya: [Screams]

Noah: Huh, all right. Well, come on. We got to get out of here. All right, we got to save Jessica from Spike, and then we got to get to Fancy and tell her that Alistair was behind all of this. That he used you and -- and Lena to break us apart.

Maya: I can't. I can't talk to Fancy.

Noah: What?

Maya: Alistair will kill my family if I do.

Noah: No, no, no, he's in a coma, all right? Come on, now, let's -- let's --

Maya: What if he wakes up and finds out?

Noah: Then -- then I'll protect you, Maya. Come on, I need you with me to talk to Fancy.

Maya: I can't.

Noah: I need you to back up my story, ok? It's the only way that I can get Fancy to forget about Luis and come back to me. Please, Maya, please.

Luis: Sheridan, about Marty.

Sheridan: No, I -- I understand. I can tell by the tone of your voice that you haven't found him yet.

Luis: Oh, God.

Sheridan: Listen, I went to Linden Hill to check on Father like you'd asked. And your hunch was right. Father's not in a coma. He has some other comatose man there disguised to look like him, and he's disappeared. So if Beth has talked to Father recently, he could be there in Rome. Luis? Are you there?

Luis: Yeah, I'm here. Yeah.

Sheridan: What's happening?

Luis: If Alistair's here, that certainly explains a lot of what's being going on over here in Rome.

Fancy: Who is that?

Luis: Sheridan.

Fancy: You want me to talk to her?

Luis: Fancy's here. She wants to say hello. [Thunder]

Fancy: Oh, my God.

Sheridan: What's happening?

Luis: Hold on. What is it?

Fancy: The clouds. They don't look like normal clouds, and the lightning seems to be most intense at the Vatican.

Luis: Oh. Oh, there's something strange going on with the weather over here.

Sheridan: I hope it doesn't affect your search for Marty.

Fox: Here's the information about the florist.

Ivy: Thanks.

Fox: Look, I'm sorry for snapping at you about Kay. It's just -- I know that she loves me and not Miguel. Were engaged to get married, and that's all there is to it.

Ivy: Kay cannot marry you, Fox. I will not allow it.

Kay: Dad, I am not in love with Miguel. But I do care about him. And I don't want to see Siren hurt him. So please, please, please, please, please, please arrest him. Put him in jail overnight. It's for his own good. For Maria's own good, too. And hopefully by tomorrow he will realize that making love to Siren would be a huge mistake that would ruin his life forever.

Jessica's voice: Here goes nothing.

Spike: Jessica.

Jessica: You bastard.

Noah: Look, come on. Come on, Maya. Hey, come with me and help me find Jessica. And then back me up when I tell Fancy that this is all Alistair's sick plot to break us apart.

Maya: Noah, I'm so sorry for all the troubles that I've caused you. I just -- I'm in love with you. I'll always love you.

Noah: Then -- then back me up when I tell Fancy the truth.

Maya: I've been weak and afraid long enough. I'll do anything to help you get Fancy back. That's how much I love you.

Noah: All right.

Maya: [Screams]

Noah: Maya!

[Guard Speaking Italian]

Nun: If the deceiver reads all of the ancient text on the chalice, it is the beginning of the end.

Whitney: No, no, you're wrong.

Nun: No.

Whitney: The monk speaks for God. He's going to save the world, the church, and the Pope from evil.

Chad: Whitney, wake up. That's no monk, that's evil. We have to stop him now before it's too late.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Nothing can stop me now, you fools.

Whitney: Alistair?

Alistair: [Normal voice] In the flesh.

Chad: Oh my God.

Alistair: Possessing this chalice and knowing all the secrets it possesses will make me the most powerful man in the history of the world! [Laughs] It's all mine. [Laughs]

Fancy: Are we having an earthquake?

Sheridan: Earthquake? Luis, what's happening?

Luis: I don't know. This whole place is shaking. Sheridan, maybe we ought to talk another time.

Sheridan: Wait, Luis, are you sure there's nothing that I need to know about?

Luis: Should I tell Sheridan about Marty?

Fancy: No, wait till we're back to Harmony.

Sheridan: Luis?

Luis: Sheridan, we'll be back in Harmony soon, ok? We'll see you soon.

Sheridan: We? Oh, my God, Marty. You found Marty. You're bringing my son back home to me.

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