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Fox: She's a -- a mermaid?

Kay: Yes, that's right. Half-woman, half-fish.

Fox: Oh, for crying out loud, Kay. Listen, I know you've got problems with Siren, but that's nuts, ok? She already explained to us what she was doing with that fin at the photo shoot. It was a costume.

Kay: No, it wasn't. She got caught and she made that story up to weasel her way out of it.

Fox: I don't buy it, and I can't believe that the girl that I'm gonna marry buys it either.

Kay: Well, I do, because it's true. Siren is a real-life mermaid and if she makes love to Miguel, he will never be able to love another woman again, ever.

[Miguel groaning unpleasantly]

Siren: Make love to me, Miguel.

Miguel: There's nothing I'd like better, but there's something scratchy rubbing up against my foot, like -- like a giant tuna. Ugh.

Noah: Hey, move it, Spike, all right? Lena's waiting for us.

Spike: Hey, cool your jets there, boy scout. Come on, Jessica, honey. You and I go way back. Tell your brother here he's way out of his league. Come on, come on.

Noah: One more word out of you to my sister and you're not even going to make it to Lena's. I'll take care of you myself.

Spike: Oo. Oh, I see, you're still smarting over your little sister's thing for me, aren't you? Well, you better get over that because your sister's going to be wearing my tattoos for the rest of her life.

Noah: Spike, after tonight you are never going to hurt another Bennett again.

Spike: Oh, is that right, boy scout?

Noah: You know what? I couldn't be happier to find out that you're the killer of Lena's partner. I've been wanting to take care of you myself. You've fired your last shot, you have corrupted your last innocent little girl. For once I'm glad Lena's such a cold-hearted bitch. Can't wait to see what she's going to do to you.

Lena: Yes?

Noah: It's Noah. We're on our way. I just wanted to make sure you're ready.

Lena: Oh, yes, Noah. I'm quite prepared for your arrival.

Noah: Ok, after we dump this filth, we'll set about putting our lives back together, ok?

Jessica:  Finally.

Noah: Come on.

Noah: Come on.

Lena: I wouldn't be in such a hurry to get here, Noah. You're in for quite an unpleasant surprise.

Nun: Oh thank God you're here.

Chad: Sister, we found the word that shuts off the alarm around the chalice in the Pope's private chambers.  

Nun:  Ah, if you found it, then the evil one who pretends to be a servant of God, he's found it, too.  He's using the innocent one to commit one of the most serious sins in the history of the world.

Chad: She means Whitney. Come on, we've got to find her before it's too late.

Nun: Si.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] You said that word you came up with was the key to getting the chalice.

Whitney:  I was sure it was. 

Alistair:  Perhaps you misspelled when you typed it into the keypad.

Whitney: No, no, I was very careful. I -- I don't understand why it didn't work. What are you doing?

Alistair: You mislead me, Whitney. You are on a sacred mission for the church. You obviously have not taken your task very seriously.

Whitney: No, I have. I've done everything you've asked me to do and more.

Alistair: All right. Of course. You have tried your best, but you will have to try harder. We cannot leave here without the chalice. There's got to be another way to take it.

Whitney: Ok, wait. Maybe -- look, maybe you just reached for the chalice too quickly. Let's just wait a second. Ok, we'll wait a second and try again.

Beth: No wonder I love Luis. He just loves being a hero... even though he failed this time. Fancy drank my poisoned champagne before he could save one more blonde damsel in distress. Hmm, that'll teach you to mess with my man, Fancy.

Luis: Oh, thank God you've still got a pulse. You must have swallowed some of that poisoned champagne without even knowing it. Sorry, Fancy, but the ambulance is gonna take too long.

Luis: I'm gonna get some of that poison out of you the old-fashioned way. Somebody get me some milk!

Theresa: I am married to Alistair Crane. I can give you anything in the world that you want. Just tell Ethan the truth about how his paternity was exposed.

J.T.: Like $10 million?

Gwen: J.T., no, do not fall for that. Just get out of there!

Rebecca: You can't fall for the oldest trick in the book! You -- you can't trust her.

Theresa:$10 million? Absolutely, yes, J.T., it is yours, as soon as you tell Ethan the truth, absolutely!

Gwen: No, no!

J.T.: $10 million, going once, going twice, sold to the tiny terminator. You got it. It's true. I know Rebecca and her daughter Gwen, and they're the ones who outted your real daddy. Theresa had nothing to do with it.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, this can't be happening.

Theresa: Did you hear that? Ethan, it was Gwen and Rebecca all along. It wasn't me. See, now there's no reason for you to stay with her. We can finally be together. All these years, you've believed that I was the one who betrayed you, but J.T. Cornell just admitted the truth -- that it was Gwen and Rebecca all along.

Gwen: You swore to me that J.T. would never turn his back on us and tell Ethan, and now he has and my marriage is over, Mother. I Ethan to Theresa.

Theresa: You never would have left me if you hadn't believed their lies. Now you can come back to me. We can finally be together.

Spike: Hey, man.

Noah: You're a tough guy, eh?

Jessica: Hey, Noah, I still don't get it. This whole thing you've got with Spike. It's about a lot more than what he did to me back home, isn't it?

Noah: Jess, I already hated him for what he did to you, ok, for hurting you so badly, but it turns out that Spike is also responsible for me losing Fancy.

Jessica: But how? Why?

Noah: It's a long story. I couldn't even tell Dad when he asked.

Jessica: Does it have anything to do with why you're here in Rome with your ex-girlfriend Maya when I thought you were in love with Fancy?

Noah: Jessica, look, years ago, when Maya and I were first together, we witnessed a murder and we should've gone to the police, but we didn't. We were young and we were stupid, all right? Anyway, fast forward a couple of years and Maya shows up back in Harmony and she's in trouble. Apparently she was being pressured to find the killer.

Jessica: And you decided to help her.

Noah: Well, in all honesty, I didn't want to at first, but the partner of the murder victim, well, she made me an offer I couldn't refuse. She threatened Maya's life and she threatened my life and she threatened Fancy's life.

Jessica: Oh, my gosh, that's horrible. And you couldn't tell anyone.

Noah: Well, look, it got a little complicated when the FBI got involved --

Jessica: The FBI? You've got to be kidding me.

Noah: I wish. It's... [Jessica screams]

Jessica: No! [Noah grunting]

Noah: There's no way you're getting away from me.

Beth: I know, sweetie. This is just like the lamb your daddy gave you. Don't worry, ok? You and Mommy are both gonna be with your daddy forever and ever, ok? Oh.

Nanny: Your bags are in the taxi downstairs, Miss Wallace.

Beth: Thank you.

Nanny: I'm gonna miss you, sweetheart.

Beth: Well, he's gonna miss you, too, Nanny, but there's no other way. All right, baby? Arrivederci, Roma.

Luis: Look, I'm sorry I had to poor that disgusting stuff down your throat, but it was the only way to get the poison out.

Fancy: Ugh, yeah, what was it?

Luis: Uh, you don't want to know.

E.M.T.: Scusi, scusi. Hey, what's the problem?

Luis: She ingested some poison, possibly arsenic.

E.M.T.: We'll take her to the hospital, have her stomach pumped.

Fancy: Uh-huh, no way. You are not taking me anywhere.

Luis: I see you're back to your old self. Honestly, she's probably fine. I can't imagine there's anything left in her.

Fancy: Mm, yeah, I'll be just fine as long as you don't force any more vile drinks down my throat.

E.M.T.: If you are sure.

Luis: Yeah, yeah. I'm sure. Grazie.

Fancy: Beth. We were about to go after Beth. She got away thanks to me.

Luis: Hey, you are not going anywhere, young lady. Besides, it's too late. Beth's already had a huge head start. She could be anywhere by now.

Fancy: Yeah, which is all my fault, and you know it. Come on, come with me. We'll scout out every street --

Luis: No, no, would you listen to me? I'm not mad at you anymore, ok? This is not your fault.

Fancy: The hell it isn't. Because of me, you've had her and lost her twice already. I have to help you find Beth and Marty.

Luis: Would you listen? I appreciate the sentiment, ok? The fact of the matter is Beth's already got away from me by myself more times than I care to remember.

Fancy: But I'm to blame for what happened tonight.

Luis:  Look, I'm not going to argue with you.

Fancy: Ok, good, then let's go.

Luis: Fancy.

Fancy: No, are you coming with me or not?

Luis: Fancy.

Fancy: Fine, I'll find them myself.

Luis: Oh.

E.M.T.: Americani.

E.M.T.: [Whistles]

E.M.T.: [Chuckles]

Gwen: I lost him. I lost Ethan to Theresa.

Rebecca: You know, I really thought we could wriggle our way out of this mess, I mean, the same way we've wriggled our way out of so many others.

Gwen: Why in the world did I ever listen to you? You know, you are the one who got me into this mess in the first place, and today you swore to me you'd get me out of it. And now, because of you, I have lost everything that has ever mattered to me. I hate you.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, you don't mean that. I mean, I've never let you down before. My schemes have never failed me in the past.

Gwen: Really? Then why is your husband shacking up with Eve Russell under your same roof? I never, ever, ever, should have listened to you.

Rebecca: Honey, please, just don't be angry with me, ok? I mean, you're all I have.

Gwen: What am I supposed to do now?

Rebecca: Ok, for starters, you're gonna stop all this moaning and groaning and feeling sorry for yourself 'cause that doesn't help anything.

Gwen: Well, Theresa won! She won! 'Cause your stupid ex-boyfriend tabloid editor confessed it was us who tipped him about Ethan's real paternity and not Theresa. Now Ethan knows I lied to him. He's gonna hate me.

Rebecca: Are you there, you yellow-bellied, sap-sucking sellout? I'm talking to you, J.T. Look, you are gonna need that $10 million for reconstructive surgery after I feed you to a wood chipper.

Theresa: I told you. Gwen and Rebecca framed me. They made it look like I was the one who sold your secret to the tabloid. They were so afraid that we were gonna get married that they sunk to the lowest depths imaginable and they betrayed you. I understand that you're in shock, Ethan. You just found out that your wife could do such a thing and that she's lied to you about it all these years. It's ok to be upset.

Ethan: Oh, I am upset.

Theresa: It's gonna take, you know, time.

Ethan: I'm upset to think for one minute that you would think that I would believe this clown's story.

Theresa: Wait, what?

Ethan: Theresa, I don't believe a word out of his greedy, self-serving mouth, and I don't believe that Gwen and Rebecca would sell my story to some sleazy tabloid.

Fox: Have you lost your mind, if this is about the fin or the tail or whatever it was that Siren was wearing at the photo shoot, she already told us it was fake.

Kay: She was lying. She didn't want anyone to know she was a mermaid, but she is.

Fox: Ok, so she couldn't produce the costume on demand. That doesn't mean a damn thing. She had a perfectly plausible explanation, though.

Kay: What? That it just fell off her in the water and sank to the bottom of the ocean? How convenient.

Fox: Holy cow, Kay. Do you have any idea how crazy you sound right now?

Kay: Fox, you have to believe me. We have got to stop Miguel from making love to her. It will ruin his life if he does.

Fox: Ok, ok. Let's say for a second that Siren really is a half-babe, half-fish. If she and Miguel dig each other, then who cares whether she is a real woman or a mackerel?

Kay: Ok, it's not funny. The mermaid's curse is that if a man makes love to a mermaid, he can never be with a real woman again, ever, for the rest of his life. And I can't let that happen to Miguel.

Miguel: Let me up, Siren. I can't see what's scratching my leg.

Siren: It's just your imagination. Make love to me.

Miguel: Ah, what the hell? It feels like a giant flipper. Oh, mm.

Chad: Whitney, if you can hear me, stop whatever it is he's making you do. He's using you for something terrible.

Paloma: Because she's innocent? Is that why the old nun called her "the innocent one"?

Chad: Yes. Look, I didn't believe the old nun at first either, but it's the only thing in this whole weird mess that makes any sense. There's some evil guy who's pretending to be a monk. He's got Whitney doing whatever it is he wants her to. We gotta find Whitney before she does something awful, something that can't be undone.

Simone: Whitney! Whitney, it's me, Simone! Whitney, where are you?

Guard: I found them. I have the trespassers.

Chad: Hey, let them go. We're trying to stop something terrible from happening here.

Guard: You have come to do the Holy Father harm.

Chad: No, it's not us you need to worry about. There's someone else here in the Vatican, someone who means to do all of us harm, the whole church. Come on, you have to let us go so we can go stop them.

[Alistair screaming]

Rebecca: Oh, you are gonna need that $10 million when I am through with you, J.T. Where do you think I'm gonna start the amputation, huh? Want to guess?

J.T.: Come on, Becks. It's 10 mill. I mean, I'm in a lot of debt.

Rebecca: Debt really isn't going to matter once you're skinned alive.  Besides, Theresa isn't going to give you a dime of that money. 

J.T.:  Au contraire, she said she would.

Rebecca:  She would say anything to steal my daughter's husband away from her and now that you've given her what she wants, you're never gonna see her again. But you will see me. So if you aren't sitting there thinking that you just made the worst mistake of your life, you should be.

J.T.: Hold on, Becks. There's something off here.

Rebecca: Yeah, that's an understatement from a tabloid editor.

J.T.: No, no, no, I mean with Theresa and Ethan. I mean, I can't hear what they're saying, but she looks upset. Wouldn't you think she'd be happy now?

Rebecca: Hmm.

J.T.: I don't think that he believed me.

Rebecca: You don't think Ethan believed what you said?

Gwen: Oh, please, God. Oh.

Theresa: What are you talking about? You heard the truth from J.T. He told you what Gwen and Rebecca did, how they were the ones who sold you out.

Ethan: You just offered that guy $10 million. Anybody would say anything for that kind of money. Hell, I'd confess to selling myself out at that price, Theresa.

Theresa: You don't believe him. After everything that I've done to catch up to him, you -- you don't believe him.

Ethan: Theresa, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I need proof. I mean, come on. That creep's say-so is not gonna cut it, and I don't believe, furthermore, that Gwen could do something so heartless and duplicitous. I just don't believe it.

Luis: Damn it, Fancy, you shouldn't have come here tonight. You could've been killed.

Fancy: Oh, do I look like I'm dead to you, Luis? I disobeyed you by coming out tonight because it was important to me to help you find Beth and Marty. And I'm even more determined now than I was earlier.

Luis: Yeah, but they could be anywhere by now

Fancy: Or not.  Think about it. We've seen her twice at the gallery and around here, too. I have this gut feeling this is near where she lives.

Luis: Yeah, which means just about nothing.

Fancy: Luis, look around. It's late. There aren't many people out. Chances are, she got scared to death by her close call and she's gonna take off soon Marty. So all we have to do is keep our eyes peeled for a woman and a little boy.

Luis: Why didn't I think of that?

Luis: Look. That's them. [Yelling] Beth, stop right there!

Spike: Ha ha, come on, Noah.

Noah: Oh, I'm not gonna lose you this time!

Jessica: Noah, be careful!

Noah: Lousy son of a --

[Men grunting]

Noah: Hey, why don't you just try that again, Spike, huh? Give me an excuse to use this. Come on.

Spike: Ok, ok.

Noah: Get up. [Phone ringing]

Noah: Get my phone, Jess.

Spike: All right, cool out, man.

Noah: What?

Spike: Cool out.

Lena: I thought you were on your way, Noah. I'm waiting.

Noah: We're coming right now. We'll be there in 5 minutes. Once I give you this piece of trash, you're never gonna see me again.

Spike: Easy with the knife.

Lena: Truer than you know, Noah. After tonight, nobody will ever see you again.

Theresa: He just told you. You just heard the truth from his own lips.

Ethan: No dice. No way. Theresa, you offered him 10 million bucks. Anybody would say anything for that kind of money, and I don't believe that Gwen and Rebecca had anything to do with selling that story to the tabloid. I can't without real evidence, you know?

Theresa: I'll just force J.T. to show you a photograph of him and Rebecca in bed together because that will prove that they were connected. I'll get him to call Rebecca on the telephone and you can listen in and then you'll know for sure that she's been in cahoots with him all this time.

Ethan: Theresa, Theresa, Theresa. This has got to stop.

Theresa: It's not going to stop. Not till I prove to you that I am telling you the truth. See, this is why we're not married right now. This is what kept us from being together, and this has kept you from being with me ever since. So I'm not gonna stop until I prove to you that this whole thing has just been one horrible mistake. J.T.! J.T.!

Ethan: Theresa, come back.

Rebecca: Now what's going on?

Gwen: J.T., it's Gwen. Can you hear what they're saying?

J.T.: I can only hear snippets. But she's -- she's saying something about showing him proof.

Gwen: You were right. Ethan didn't believe you. Ah, there is a God.

Rebecca: Gwen, I wouldn't go that far, all right? We still have to stop Theresa. She's not gonna give up, you know.

Gwen: Ok, J.T., where is Theresa right now?

J.T.: Looking for me. She's getting closer, but she doesn't see me yet.

Rebecca: Look, J.T., I am gonna give you one more chance to save your sorry hide.

J.T.: What's that?

Rebecca: Stop Theresa.

J.T.: But she's like the terminator.

Rebecca: Look, just stop Theresa or I am gonna terminate you.

J.T.: Whoa. Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?

Rebecca: Just get rid of her.

J.T.: How?

Rebecca: I don't know, J.T. You are a very smart guy, or at least you used to be, so just figure it out.

J.T.: Oh, my God, she means business. But it's either Theresa or me.

Theresa: J.T., I know you're here! Come on out, J.T.! I'm gonna find you!

Beth: [Gasps] Oh, my God, Luis. The damn blonde survived the poison. Oh, God, come on. Let's get in, let's get in. Watch your head. Ok. Drive! Drive or you'll be sorry! Go!

Luis: Don't go! Don't go! Damn it, stop!

Fancy: Luis, motorcycle. Come on.

Luis: Hey, get off, get off. You're not going with me.

Fancy: The hell I'm not.

Beth:  Lose the motorcycle.  Floor it! Come on!

Fox: Oh, the mermaid's curse. That sounds like something out of Grimm's' fairy tales.

Kay: I'm telling you, Fox, that if Miguel makes love to Siren, he will never be able to be with another woman again, ever.

Fox: So maybe they'll get married and stay together. There's nothing wrong with that.

Kay: No, she won't do that. Mermaids are notoriously fickle. They love having mortal men fall in love with them, and once they do, they get tired of them and they just swim back out to sea. And she will do that to him. She will seduce him and then leave him stranded with a broken heart, and I'm not gonna let that happen to him. I have got to find them before it's too late.

Miguel: Siren, could you please move over so I can see what's scratching my leg?

Siren: I'm sure it's nothing.

Miguel: Look, maybe not, but it's my leg and it's creepy feeling, ok? Oh, it's got to be a fish, a big one at that. Why do you keep moving away from me?

Siren: Was I? I guess I just got carried away. I didn't want you to get wet while we're making love. Bet you don't feel that fish anymore either.

Miguel: Uh-uh. Must've washed away with the tide.

Siren: Forget the fish. Make love to me, Miguel.

Chad: Look, you have to let us go.

Guard: You are trespassing. For all we know, you tried to enter the Holy Father's personal chambers.

Chad: Yeah only to stop someone else from breaking in, someone who wants to do harm the church.

Guard: You can tell it to the jury of cardinals when they meet next month. Meanwhile, you will all be in prison.

Nun: What are you doing?

Guard: We caught them trying to break in, Sister.

Nun: [Speaks Italian] You don't understand. They're here to help, not harm. They're on the side of good and not evil. Let them go.

Guard: But --

Nun: Now. The innocent one is here in the Vatican, probably in the pope's quarters as we speak. Oh, evil is manipulating her into committing an unspeakable act.

Chad: And all we want to do is find her and stop her.

Nun: Let them go now, or more than the church is in danger. We are all doomed if evil triumphs tonight.

Chad: Come on, let's go.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] The hidden word was supposed to turn off the alarm. I should have that chalice in my hand by now. You tricked me, Whitney.

Whitney: I would never do that. I was sure it was gonna work. Ok, I know. We'll reverse the order this time.

Alistair: How?

Whitney: We'll use the keypad and then the key.

Alistair: This is not going to work. It's the same damn thing.

Whitney: Just give it a chance. Now try to reach for it again.

Alistair: For your sake, it better work this time.

Alistair: [Normal voice] I've got it. It's mine. The chalice is mine. It's mine. [Breathing heavily] [ Rushing of air ]

Theresa: J.T.! I know you're here 'cause there's no way out, so why don't you just show yourself to me, J.T.? Ethan did not believe your admission about Gwen and Rebecca. We need to show him proof, concrete proof. Like the photograph of you and Rebecca in bed together so he knows that you were connected. J.T.!

J.T.: Whoa!

Theresa: All right, J.T. I see you. Come on. Come down. Come on, please.

J.T.: Not going to happen, Theresa. I kept my end of the bargain, your turn to keep yours.

Theresa: Ok, I promise you I will give you -- I will give you the $10 million once we convince Ethan that we are telling him the truth.

J.T.: Hey, that wasn't part of the deal. I told him what you wanted. Not my problem if he didn't believe me.

Theresa: Come on. You have to have a shred of decency left in you. I am telling the truth, and you know that. Just help me, please, just a little bit more. Call Rebecca on the phone, and Ethan, he can -- he can listen while you talk to her.

J.T.: Like that's going to happen, brown-eyed super girl. Well, I don't know.

Theresa: J.T., I have never done anything to you.

Ethan: Theresa? Theresa, it is time to let this go.

Ethan: What the hell is J.T. doing?

Ethan: Oh, God. Theresa, stop!

Theresa: I am not going to stop, Ethan, until you know the truth.

Spike: Easy, slick. Easy, slick.

Noah: Here is the dirtbag who killed your partner, Lena. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Lena: I can't believe you actually found him.

Noah: There's no need for that. He's not going anywhere.

Lena: Just an extra precaution.

Noah: He'll deny it, of course. But both Jessica and I heard him admit to killing your partner that night in the attic. He even had the audacity to act like he enjoyed it. Didn't he, Jess?

Jessica: Uh-huh. Hey, you know, let's go. Maybe you can explain things to Fancy now.

Noah: No, it's too late for that.

Jessica: Maybe not.

Noah: Look, I'm done with you, Lena. I brought you your partner's killer. Now I'm free of you forever.

Beth:  Don't let them catch us!  Go!

Fox: Kay.

Kay: So you believe me?

Fox: Because I'm helping you find Miguel and Siren? Uh-uh. Kay, I think you're off your rocker. Siren is not a mermaid.

Kay: You'll see.

Kay: Oh, no.

Fox: Well, if you're right about this lunacy, looks like we're too late. We can get out of here.

Noah: Look, I've done your dirty work, so, ciao, Lena.

Lena: Not so fast, Noah. I didn't say you could leave.

Noah: Tough. I am going and so is my sister. I brought you your partner's killer. Tell Maya to have a nice little life.

Lena: Oh, I so wish I could say the same to you.

Noah: What's going on?

Lena: All is not what it seems, Noah. Spike and I, well, we're associates if not friends.

Noah: Don't tell me you're working together.

Lena: All right, I won't tell you. I'll let you figure it out.

Gwen: This is like a dream come true. Theresa got J.T. to spill his guts, and Ethan didn't believe him. He really does love me.

Rebecca: Yeah, and at least he trusts you a lot more than he does Theresita. But she is still a threat to your marriage.

Gwen: I know. I know she's never going to stop.

Rebecca: No, not as long as she is breathing, she won't.

Gwen: When you said that to J.T., about stopping Theresa --

Rebecca: Honey, do not worry your pretty little head about it. J.T. will think of something.

Chad: Sister, why did you stop? We are almost to the Pope's private chambers.

Simone:  Oh my gosh.

Nun:  They're coming from the Pope's inner sanctum. Oh, no. It can't be.

Chad:  What can't be?

Nun:  The chalice.  They have the chalice. The innocent one is aiding evil. Come, we must stop them before it's too late.

Alistair: It's mine. The chalice is mine!

Whitney: You sound so strange.

Alistair: The power. The control. It is all mine! [Laughing]

Alistair: Mine. Mine.

Theresa: I am not a threat to you, J.T. I'll give you that $10 million, I swear I will. In fact, I can hook you up with the best tax attorneys in the states, and I can help fix your I.R.S. problems. I just need you to help me with Ethan. I need you to help me prove to Ethan that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the information. Like that photo of you and Rebecca.

J.T.: Sorry, Theresa, but Rebecca scares me a lot more than the tax man.

Ethan: Theresa, don't get any closer to him.

Theresa: Ethan, you can't stop me.

Theresa: [Screams] Ah!

Luis: Stop that taxi, now! Pull over! Give me my son! Pull over!

Beth: Look out!

Luis: Marty!

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Fancy: Luis, get away from there! Luis!

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