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Fox: Wow, that's a great shot. Oo, these are amazing.

Kay: Fox, where's Miguel?

Fox: You gotta take a look at these pictures Alexi just sent me.

Kay: Yeah, later, later. Just tell me where he is.

Fox: What are you so frantic --

Kay: Where is he?!

Fox: He left with Siren.

Kay: But they were just here two seconds ago.

Fox: Can I say? They couldn't wait for tonight to be alone.

Kay: What do you mean?

Fox: You saw the way Siren was crawling all over Miguel before Tabitha got here.  Where is she anyway?

Kay: Who?

Fox: Tabitha.

Kay: She left, she left. She had to go back to the kids. Did you see where they went, what direction they went in?

Fox: Tabitha?

Kay: Miguel and Siren!

Fox: Ah, I was looking at these pictures Alexi sent me. You gotta check these out.

Kay: Not now.

Fox: You know, these are unbelievable. They're pretty much burning up the page here. Talk about chemistry. You know, we really struck gold with these guys on this campaign.

Kay: Never mind the campaign. Miguel cannot make love to Siren.

Siren: Make love to me, Miguel.

Miguel: You know, there is a secluded cove right down the beach.

Siren: How far?

Miguel: Hmm, 50 yards.

Siren: Too far.

Miguel: You're too much. Ah.

Siren:  Too much?

Miguel:  Mm-mm.  No.

[Miguel groans]

Siren:  Like that?

Miguel:  Oh yes.

Siren: Make love to me.

Jessica: Grr! Let go of me! I need to help my brother! No!

Spike: It looks to me like your big brother is sleeping there, jess. [Jessica grunts]

Spike: Now shut it, ok? [Jessica screams]  I said shut up!  Nobody is going to save you or your big brother. Not this time.

Alistair:  Hurry, Whitney.  We don't have much time. 

Whitney:  I'm moving as fast as I can.

Alistair:  Let us hope that you're right about that password to the chalice beingn hidden in the painting. I'd hate to think this was a waste of time.

Whitney: Oh, I can't think why else that word would have been.  You know, sometimes you act like I don't want to save the church from evil as much as you do.

Alistair: [Normal voice] If you knew that you were doing my work instead of the church's, Whitney, because once I have that chalice, I will truly be the most powerful man in the history of the world.

Simone: You see? Our piece is definitely part of this painting.  It's one of the corners. 

Paloma:  How could someone destroy something so beautiful?  And why?

Chad: Hey. I got your message. Where is Jessica?

Simone: Hopefully holding down the fort as a fake waitress out there.

Paloma: Chad, you're got to see this.  This last piece is the one we held onto when those guys attacked us and stole the painting. It matches up perfectly.

Chad: You know, ten to one, this has something to do with whoever is controlling Whitney.

J.T.: Ok, Becks. [Beep] [Phone ringing]

Gwen: Hello?

J.T.: Put your mother on the phone.

Gwen: Who is this?

J.T.: Just get Rebecca on the phone -- hurry.

Gwen: Oh, my God, J.T., where are you?

J.T.: Oh, about 100 yards in front of your not-so-good friend Theresa.

Gwen: Oh, don't even tell me that you are still in Rome.

J.T.: Well, I am looking at some very Roman-like ruins right now as we speak.

Gwen: Mother. Mother, wake up. Wake up! This is J.T. on the phone. He is still in Rome. You were supposed to be on the first flight out of there as soon as we sprung your bail.

J.T.: Yeah, I was. I stopped at one little measly art show opening.

Gwen: Oh, my God, J.T., this is awful! You cannot let Theresa catch you.

Rebecca: Oh, my God, no. Don't tell me.

Gwen: Mother, Theresa is right behind J.T..  I am gonna lose Ethan. After everything we've been through, I'm gonna lose my husband.

Ethan: Theresa! Theresa!

Theresa: I -- I -- I thought you were still at the opening, Ethan.

Ethan: No, I'm not let -- I'm not gonna let you run around Rome half-crazed looking for this sleaze.

Theresa: Ok, that sleaze is J.T. Cornell, Ethan. The editor of the tabloid who broke the story about your paternity, and he got that information from your wife and Rebecca.

Ethan: Well, you keep saying that, Theresa, but there's no proof. There's no proof.

Theresa: Well, I'm trying to get the proof right now!

Ethan: Will you just come with me back to the gallery, ok? We're helping Luis try to track down Beth, remember?

Theresa: Look, look, I'm not gonna let J.T. get away, ok? Not when I'm this close. Now you go back to the gallery, and I'll get -- I'll be there which up with him, ok? But my future, our future, depends on this. [Ethan grunts]

Luis: Fancy was right, huh? You walked right into her trap.

Beth: I don't know what you're talking about, Luis.

Luis: Where is he, huh? Where is Marty?

Beth: What about your date?

Luis: She's not my date. I want to see my son.

Beth: I'm glad to see you have your priorities straight. Your boy should come first.

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: Besides, it's too late for Fancy anyway.

Luis: What are you talking about?

Beth: Do you like my ring? It's said to have been owned by Lucrecia Borgia --

Luis: Never mind the damn ring. What about Fancy?

Beth: I just wanted to make sure she enjoyed her champagne.

Luis: What's in the ring? Poison? Did you poison her champagne?

Beth: Relax, amore. Que sera sera, no?

Luis: Fancy! Fancy!

Whitney: Well, I don't know any other way besides that secret hidden door.

Alistair: You've got to figure out how to get past those Swiss guards.

Whitney: How?

Alistair: I have an idea. [Sound of object falling to floor]

Alistair: Come on, let's hurry. We don't have much time.

Chad: The way I figure it, the only reason to tear this painting apart is to hide something important. Whoever did this doesn't want us to see this painting intact.

Paloma: But why? We already know about the hidden symbol that matches Jessica's tattoo.

Chad: Maybe there's something else hidden in there they don't want us to see.

Paloma: Ok, now what?

Chad: That's the question.

Spike: Now it's your choice, babe. You want to bite the big one first, or should we off your brother?

Jessica: Leave him alone!

Spike: [Laughing] Oh! God, you Bennett's make me laugh. You know why? Each one of you is more heroic than the last. I'll tell you, honey, a fat lot of good that's gonna do you right now. You know what? I'll tell you what. Since your brother's out cold, honey, I might as well -- I might as well start with you. [Grunting] [Jessica screams]

Gwen: J.T., you gave us your word that you would leave Rome as soon as you were released from jail.

J.T.: Oh, cool your jets honey. I don't even see the chick now. Yeah, she was on my tail, but I think I lost her.

Gwen: Then run. Run as fast as your sleazy butt can go, and get on a plane somewhere Theresa can't find you.

J.T.: You don't have to be insulting.

Gwen: J.T., I mean it. Get out of there. If you don't lose Theresa, my life will be over as I know it.

Ethan: Theresa. Hey, hey --

Theresa: Oh.

Ethan: Hey, hey, let this go. Please, please? Can we just go back to the gallery and see if Luis needs any help?

Theresa: No, no, not until I catch up with J.T..  I don't understand why you don't get what this means. This is fate. Fate, Ethan. Fate made J.T. come to this opening tonight. Yeah, he was the last person that I expected to see there, but there he was. You know what that tells me? That I've got to find him so I can bring him to you so he can tell you the truth about what Gwen and Rebecca did. It's fate.

Ethan: Fate? Will you -- God, stop saying "fate." Please?

Theresa: No, no. It's been about fate since the day that I fell in love with you. I mean, it has been about fate since the day that I realized that I cannot be happy unless we are together. Look, I know I've done some really crazy things and I know I've made some really stupid mistakes, but everything I've ever done has been because of my certainty that you and I belong together. J.T. is going to prove that to you. He is going to prove that I didn't betray you with that tabloid story, that it was Gwen and Rebecca all along.

Ethan: There just is no proof. There's none, Theresa.

Theresa: And why does it have to come down to that? Why can't you just believe me?

Ethan: Because Gwen is my wife, and I'm committed to her and I trust her.

Theresa: Well, you know what? You're not going to once you hear what J.T. has to say. This is my final chance to get you back. I will not walk away from it.

Ethan: Damn it, when is this going to end?

Luis: Fancy, stop! [Crowd gasps]

Luis: [Whispering] Fancy, Fancy. My God, I'm too late.

Luis: Somebody call an ambulance! I think she's been poisoned. Damn it. Just hang on, ok? Hang on, Fancy. [Fancy groaning]

Luis: I must have knocked that glass out of your hand in time.

Fancy: Mm, you.

Fox: Well, I'm glad you liked the proofs, sir. Oh, yeah, I think they've got some major sizzle together, too.

Kay: Fox, I asked you not to take that call.

Fox: I'm on the phone with a client, Kay. Oh, yeah, and I'd like to set up some meetings for some publicity ideas. Oh, yeah, I've got a couple. Well, for instance, I was -- what the hell are you doing, Kay? That's a client!

Kay: This is more important.

Fox: What can be more important than making sure this ad campaign is a success?

Kay: Making sure that Miguel doesn't have sex with Siren.

Fox:  And why not?

{Tabitha: I only just found out about it recently, so I did a little research on my own and it is true.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: The mermaid's curse. If a mortal man makes love to a mermaid, he will never be able to make love to a mortal woman again. He will be doomed to love that mermaid for the rest of his days.}

Fox: Why can't Miguel make love to Siren?

Kay: Because he can't, that's why. We have to stop them before it's too late.

Siren: Make love to me, Miguel.

Miguel: Hold that thought.

Siren: Where are you going?

Miguel: I'm just going to grab a blanket so we don't get too sandy.

Siren: Who cares about the sand? I've waited so long to be with you. Make love to me.

J.T.: [Panting]

J.T.: Whoa, I am out of shape.

Gwen: J.T., Never mind that. Where are you?

J.T.: I'm in some ruins I don't recognize. It's under construction. There's no crew here right now. It's pretty late.

Rebecca: Well, as long as you've lost Theresa.

J.T.: Actually, here she comes now.

Theresa: J.T., Stop! I need you to tell Ethan the truth!

Rebecca: Oh, no, she's gaining on him.

J.T.: Who is this woman? She's a machine! She's like that bunny in the battery commercial. She won't be stopped.

Gwen: Well, J.T., she better damn well be stopped, and by you.  Now I want you to hail a cab and get your behind to the airport. 

J.T.: Not a real cab spot, Gwen.

Rebecca: Well then use your own legs. -- just get outta there.

Ethan: Theresa, this is crazy! It's not going to change anything. 

Theresa:  It's going to change everything, ok?  I love you and I'm not going to let my one chance to prove my innocence get away.

J.T.: [Grunting] She's coming after me and the guy's coming after her.

Gwen: Oh my God.

Ethan: Oh, my God, that is Cornell, that editor.

Theresa: Now do you believe me?  

J.T.:  Oh, of course.  That should do it.

Gwen:  What?  What should do it?

J.T.:  I think I stopped her. There's no way she can get to me now.

Theresa: Why are you doing this? I just want you to tell Ethan the truth. 

J.T.:  The truth?  The truth is very subjective, you know. 

Theresa: I'm not going to let you get away with this.

J.T.: I'd say you don't have any choice. I'm home free. There's no way she can get to me now.

Theresa: You're wrong, because not even a sleazeball ex-tabloid editor, is going to keep me from being with the man that I love.

J.T.: You wouldn't. You can't. It's way too far.

Theresa: You want to bet?

Ethan: No, no, don't even think about it. You can't jump that far.

Theresa: You really need to hear what he has to say, Ethan.

J.T.: No guy is worth killing yourself over.

Rebecca: Let her jump.

Gwen: If she falls, all my problems will be solved. Don't let common sense stop you, Theresa. It never has before.

Theresa: [Screams] Ah!

Ethan: Theresa!

[Jessica screams]

Noah: Dirty, filthy scum! I could kill you! [Jessica screams] [Jessica yells indistinctly]

Noah: Watch out, Jess.

Spike: You know, you are pretty smart for a college boy.

Noah: You talk too much, Spike.! Noah!

Noah: All right, the party's over, dirtbag.

Jessica: What are you doing?

Noah: I was just checking. I've been looking for this piece of filth, and I didn't even know it was him. Come here. It was you, wasn't it? You were the one who was in the attic, huh? You pulled the trigger.

Paloma: You see anything?

Simone: Not yet.

Paloma: 'Cause we don't even know what we're looking for. It's like one of those wild Salvador Dali paintings with a million secret signs.

Chad: Hey, this -- this might help us out.

Chad: Wait, that looks like a letter.

Simone: Let me see. I think it's an "A." Maybe it's some initials.

Paloma: No, no, no. It's -- it's a word. A... a-g-a-p-e.

Simone: Agape? What the heck does that have to do with anything?

Whitney: I'm scared to go in there. I mean, what if the Pope is inside?

Alistair: He's not.  I've already checked. He's out riding in the Pope-mobile.

Whitney: Gosh, we're really here.

Alistair: [Normal voice] Finally, the chalice is mine.

Woman: Guess we can cancel the ambulance. The blonde looks ok to me.

Luis: Fancy, Fancy. Hey.

Fancy: Oh, dear. What have I done?

Luis: You, uh... you know, you must've thought that I was Noah, and -- like the time that I mistook you for Sheridan.

Fancy: Yeah, right, that must be what it was. Why did you fly at me like that? You scared me half to death.

Luis: You were about to drink poisoned champagne.

Fancy: What? Oh, my God.

Luis: It was Beth. She had this ring, it was full of poison, and she dumped it in your champagne.

Fancy:  She told you all this?

Luis: She's trying to kill you.

Fancy: But it sounds like you caught her. Where is she?

Luis: I didn't catch her. In fact, she's -- she's probably halfway across Rome with Marty by now. I -- I lost her. Again.

Beth: You heard me, Maria. Get Marty ready, put all of his stuff in a bag. I don't care what time it is. We are leaving Rome tonight.

Ethan: Theresa, no!

J.T.: She's the terminator.

Gwen: Did she jump?

J.T.: You bet she did. Crazy lady must think she's a bird or something. [Gwen and Rebecca squealing]

Rebecca: We didn't even have to get rid of her. She did it to herself. Oh, oh, J.T., tell me, when she hit the ground, did she make a really big splat?

J.T.: Ah, no. Actually, she didn't.

Gwen: What?

Theresa: I did it. I knew God wouldn't fail me when I'm this close to proving the truth to Ethan.

Rebecca: Is that her voice? Oh, no, don't tell me she's alive.

J.T.: Miraculous as it is, she seems to have made the leap.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Mother, she's gonna do it. She's gonna get to J.T. and he's gonna tell Ethan everything.

Theresa: Ethan, Ethan, I did it. I'm gonna catch J.T. Cornell, and you will hear the truth.

Ethan: Theresa, you almost killed yourself.

Theresa: It was worth it, Ethan, if I could just prove to you that I never betrayed you, that it was Gwen; it was Gwen all along. Just wait till you hear what J.T. has to say. Ah!

Ethan: Theresa, watch out! [Theresa screams]

Ethan: Theresa!

Fox: What the hell does that mean? We have to stop Miguel and Siren from making love "before it's too late".

Kay: We just do.

Fox:  That's not an answer, Kay. You act like something terrible is gonna happen to Miguel if he makes love to Siren.

Kay: It will.

Fox: Well, I don't see what's so terrible about making love to Siren. I mean, she's gorgeous, she's sexy, and she's crazy about Miguel.

Kay: Yeah, she's crazy all right. Ok, and now we're wasting time standing here. We have to find them. We have to stop them before they have sex.

Fox: Who Miguel makes love to is none of your business, Kay. And you know what? To be honest with you, I'm getting sick of all this hysteria that you're going through about Miguel and Siren being together. What is going on with you, Kay?

{Kay: What are you saying?

Miguel: I'm saying I've realized I'm in love with you.

Miguel: Kay, I've been wanting to do this since I came back. You ok?

Kay: It's just I -- I shouldn't be doing this. I'm engaged to Fox. Maybe you need to find someone else.

Miguel: I don't want anyone else. I love you. I want to marry you.

Kay: Marry?

Miguel: Marry. Make you my wife. I want to be a good husband to you and a father to Maria.

Kay: I love you so much.

Miguel: I love you, too. }

Kay: Nothing is going on, Fox. I told you, I just -- I don't think she's right for him.

Fox: Well, I bought that at first. But you know what? I'm starting to wonder now if maybe my first instincts were right. Are you carrying around something for Miguel? Because if you are, I deserve to know

Kay: No, of course not. I love you. We're getting married.

Fox: So you keep saying, but we were supposed to get married in May and look what happened there? You convinced me to push the wedding off.

Kay: Ok, hey, that's not fair, ok, because you're the one who wanted to move the date up to May when it only gave me a couple of weeks to plan everything. Even your mom said it wasn't enough time, and she was right. I couldn't get the band, I couldn't get the caterer, I couldn't book the church. That was booked. I mean, I tried, Fox. I really did. I wanted to marry you then, and I still do.

Fox: Well, I hope that's true, Kay.

Kay: It is true. I love you. Why would you doubt that?

Fox: Well, I'm not the only person that's noticed your extreme interest in Miguel's love life. Siren asked me if maybe you weren't still carrying a torch for Maria's father.

Kay: Oh, what does she know? She's not even human, for crying out loud.

Miguel: Mm, you are so hard to resist, you know that?

Siren: Then don't. Make love to me.

Miguel: Siren.

Siren: Don't you want to be with me?

Miguel: Of course I do, Siren, of course I do. I want to be with you just as much as you want to be with me.

Siren: Then what are we waiting for? Make love to me.

Miguel: Don't you think we should just take it slow?

Siren: I like it slow.

Miguel: I mean don't you think we should talk a little first?

Siren: About what?

Miguel: About us and about how we feel about each other and where this is going.

Siren: I told you how I feel. I feel like making love to you, over and over again. Let's get to it.

Noah: Answer me, damn it! It was you, wasn't it?

Jessica: I don't think he'll talk, Noah.

Noah: Oh, he'll talk all right. He'll talk. Come on! You know, if I didn't have to take you in to Lena, I'd kill you right now for what you've done to me and my family. You cost my little sister her innocence, and you cost me the woman I love.

Spike: You ever think it was maybe your own fault --

Noah: No, Spike. It was your fault. It was all your fault. What kind of lowlife robs a girl of her innocence? I'm glad Lena is bringing you in and I hope she gives you what you deserve.

Spike: That's still not gonna get you your girl back.

Noah: Oh, go to hell!

Jessica: Stop it, Noah. You're scaring me.

Noah: Then don't watch, because I am not through with this creep yet. Jessica, you have the rest of your life in front of you. You have another chance, but my life is over. My life with Fancy is done.

Jessica: No, I can't believe that.

Noah: Well, believe it, all right, because she and Luis are together now.

Jessica: What? That's crazy!

Noah: A lot of things are crazy right now, Jessica, ok? But that doesn't mean they're not true. I saw them together. I saw the way that she looked at him. Fancy is in love with Luis no matter who denies it.

Fancy: It's just like the last time in the hotel suite. You had to let go of Beth to come help me. It's happened all over again.

Luis: Yeah, it has.Don't you just do us both a favor and not remind me, ok? Why the hell couldn't you have just stayed in your room like I asked? I would've still had Beth, I might even have my son and be bringing him home to his mother right now.

Fancy:  I'm sorry.

Luis: Well, sorry doesn't cut it, does it? You really are a Crane, aren't you? You're not like Sheridan. You just do whatever the hell you want. You don't give a damn about what happens.

Fancy: I said I was sorry --

Luis: Sorry does not help me. It does not help me find Beth or Marty.

Beth: As soon as Luis deals with Fancy's death, he's going to come after me and Marty. We've got to get out of Rome tonight.

[Theresa grunting]

Ethan: Theresa, listen, hang on, all right? I'll find a way to get you up.

Rebecca: Wh-what happened?

J.T.: Theresa tripped and fell.

Gwen: Oh, there is a God! [Laughs]

J.T.: But she managed to grab hold of something. She's dangling in mid-air and Ethan says he's gonna save her.

Rebecca: Oh, my God. That means Ethan is gonna try to make the same jump that Theresa did?

Gwen: Oh, if he dies trying to save Theresa...

J.T.: Well, wait a minute. It looks like she's pulling herself up.

Theresa: Ethan, don't do it. Don't you jump, ok? I need you safe so that you can hear what J.T. has to say.

Ethan: I do not know how you just did that.

Theresa: [Grunting] Nothing... nothing is gonna stop me from convincing you of the truth. Ok, I'm going to go find J.T.

Ethan: Oh God.

Rebecca: What are they doing now?

J.T.: It's incredible. Not only is Theresa coming after me, but Ethan's hot on her heels.

Gwen: Well don't just stand there, J.T., run!

Theresa: I'm gonna catch you, J.T.! And I will force you to tell Ethan the truth if it's the last thing that I do.

Noah: Come on, talk to me, Spike. Admit it. You're the man who killed Lena's partner in the attic that night, aren't you? Huh? Admit it!

Spike: Yeah, yeah, that was my first hit. You never forget your first hit, you know? Ooh -- the rush. I guess it is kind of like losing your virginity.

Noah: [Yells indistinctly]

Jessica: What -- I don't get all this. You saw Spike kill someone a long time ago?

Noah: Yes, but I did not know it was him until I remembered the tattoo on the guy's arm. It's the same exact tattoo in the same exact spot. You just heard him admit it, Jess.

Spike: Hey, slick. I didn't admit to nothing.

Noah: Bull! All right, we both heard you. I can't wait to see what Lena's going to do to you.

Simone: Agape. You mean like when someone's mouth is hanging open?

Chad: [Sighs] This doesn't make any sense.

Paloma: Oh, wait. Maybe it's Latin. In Latin it means something like "God's love for man."

Chad: Well, it beats me how this plays into anything. But I know who I can ask.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] The key, get the key. Hurry, before the Swiss guard comes back.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Oh, my God.

Whitney: It's so beautiful. It's almost spiritual.

Alistair: Enter the password so the alarm won't go off when I touch it.

Gwen: Did you lose her yet?

Rebecca: Where is Theresa now?

J.T.: On my tail. She can't be stopped

Rebecca: Oh, yes, she can, and you are just the man to do it.

Theresa: J.T., please. Please, just stop. Ok? You cannot get away. I just want you to tell Ethan the truth.

Rebecca: J.T., do not listen to her. She is like the snake in the garden of Eden.

J.T.: You leave me alone. I'm not going to jail.

Theresa: Wait, wait! J.T., just wait a minute. Wait, please! I -- I'm not talking about jail. I just want you to tell Ethan the truth about that tabloid story that broke the news about his real father.

Ethan: Theresa, God, stop. Stop this. You almost killed yourself back there.

Theresa: Anything is worth it if I can just get J.T. to tell you what he knows. Please, please, just tell him everything -- how it went down, how you and Gwen are -- and Rebecca, you are all connected.

Gwen: J.T., don't tell her anything.

Theresa: J.T., Please, tell him how you and Rebecca had a relationship many, many years ago. Tell Ethan how Rebecca, she called in a favor from you when you were the editor of that tabloid. Tell him that I did not hallucinate that photograph of Rebecca and you in bed together. Tell him that you were, in fact, the editor of the tabloid who received the information from Gwen and Rebecca. Tell Ethan that when I was at the apartment, she did call you, and she ordered you to get away from me, to get out of Rome, to not talk to me. Please tell him!

Rebecca: J.T., I swear to God, you are going to regret it if you spill the beans.

Theresa: J.T.. Ok, all right, fine. Look at me, ok? Do you know who I am? I'm Theresa Crane, right? You know what that means. I am one of the richest women in this world. I can give you anything you want. I just want you to tell Ethan the truth, please.

Gwen: J.T., do not listen to her. She is lying. She is going to give you nothing but a one-way ticket back to jail.

Theresa: You name your price, J.T., it is yours. Anything you want. You just tell Ethan the truth.

Fox: That's not very nice of you, Kay, saying Siren isn't human.

Kay: I shouldn't have said that.

Fox: I am disappointed in you. You know, just because you don't like somebody doesn't give you the right to call them names.

Kay: You're right. You're right -- you're absolutely right.

Fox: But it's the way you overreact. I might be in love, Kay, but I'm not blind. If I didn't know any better, I would say that you are still in love with Miguel even while you are planning this wedding to me.

Kay: Fox, no. You have got it all wrong, ok? Of course I care about Miguel. He's Maria's father.

Fox: Do you expect me to believe that all this huffing and puffing over Siren is out of your protective feelings for the father of your child?

Kay: I think that that is a good enough reason.

Fox: I don't buy it. Miguel was hurt by Charity -- you said so yourself. So I think you would be thrilled for him to move on with someone, someone that he likes and who likes him back. If you cared for Miguel's welfare, you would be rooting for the two of them to get together like I am.

Kay: Because you don't know she's a mermaid.

Miguel: What the hell?

Siren: What's wrong?

Miguel: Something scratchy rubbed up against my leg, like fish scales. Ugh.

Noah: It's ringing.

Spike: Hey, hey, hey -- I didn't mean I shot the guy.

Noah: We both heard you, Spike, all right?

Lena: Yes?

Noah: It's Noah.

Lena: You have no reason to call me until you find the man who shot my partner.

Noah: I am bringing him over to your hotel room, so don't go anywhere. We have an appointment to make, Spike. Come on, Jess.

Lena: I'm not the one who is going anywhere, Noah. Now that you've found Spike, it's you who must go -- permanently.

Chad: My guess is this Latin word has to do with getting whatever is inside the Pope's chambers at the Vatican.

Simone: You mean, "the Pope" Pope?

Chad: That's who I mean. Come on, we got to hurry. I think Whitney's in terrible danger.

Whitney: I typed in "agape." I did it. You should be able to take the chalice without the alarm going off.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] It is mine. Finally, it's mine.

Alistair: [Yells] Ah!

Alistair: Damn it!

Whitney: You cursed.

Alistair: I'm just upset. You said it would work. You promised me that I would be able to take the chalice.

Beth: Ok, so he's all ready to go then?

Nanny: Yes.

Beth: Oh, good. Oh, where's his little lamb?

Nanny: Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot him.

Beth: You're gonna have a wonderful trip.

Nanny: I'll go get his lamb, and I'll ring for a taxi.

Beth: Thank you. And we're gonna be with your daddy very soon, Marty.

Beth's voice: Now that Mommy's killed Fancy Crane.

Fancy: I know. I know -- we'll go right now. We'll turn the entire city of Rome upside down, but we'll find Beth. We'll find her before she can take Marty and get away.

Luis: You got to be kidding me.

Fancy: Not even close. Come on or do I have to do it myself. She can't have gotten that far already.

Luis: You all right?

Fancy: I don't know.

Luis: Hey, hey -- hey. What's wrong, what's wrong?

Fancy: I feel kind of dizzy.

Luis: Fancy, Fancy. Oh, my God. Oh, God, you're burning up with a fever. You must have ingested some of that poison after all. Don't die on me, please. Please, don't die on me.

Theresa: I am married to Alistair Crane. I can give you anything in the world that you want. Just tell Ethan the truth about how his paternity was exposed.

J.T.: Like $10 million?

Gwen: No, J.T. -- J.T., do not fall for that. Get out of there as fast as you can.

Rebecca: J.T., it is the oldest trick in the book. Please, do not fall for this.

Theresa: $10 million? Absolutely, yes. J.T., it is yours, as soon as you tell Ethan the truth. Absolutely.

Gwen: No.

J.T.: $10 million, going once, going twice -- sold to the tiny terminator. You got it. It's true. I know Rebecca and her daughter Gwen and they're the ones that outted your real daddy. Theresa had nothing to do with it.

Gwen: This can't be happening. This can't be happening. No, no!

Theresa:  Did you hear that, Ethan?  See it was Gwen and Rebecca along. It wasn't me. Now there's no reason for you to stay with her. We can finally be together.

On the Next Passions:

Gwen: Your stupid ex-boyfriend confessed it was us who tipped him and not Theresa.

Theresa: We can finally be together.

Luis: Pull over and give me my son. Pull over!

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