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Kay: That mermaid tail --

Fox: Yeah, well, Siren already explained it to us, ok? It was a fake tail. They filled it with water, it sank to the bottom of the harbor.

Kay: Hmm, I don't buy it.

Fox: Fine. Then the only other explanation is that Siren's really a mermaid. So if that's what you think, just go ahead and tell me, then I can call the men with white coats.

Tabitha: Yoo-hoo!

[Phone rings]

Fox: Fox Crane.

Kay: Thank God you're here.

Tabitha: Don't use that word in my presence. Now, what's the matter? Why did you insist I come out here? The only babysitter I could get at a moment's notice was the evil queen from "Snow White," and she is not good with children.

Kay: Tabitha!

Tabitha: Don't worry, they're having a grand old time bobbing for apples. My kitchen's already a total shambles. So what's the big emergency, huh?

Kay: Well, I have a question, and I want you tell me the truth. Is Siren a mermaid?

Woman: [Speaking Italian]

All: Si, si, si.

Woman: [Speaking Italian]

Jessica: Yeah, si, si.

All: Si, si, si.

Simone: What did she just say?

Jessica: Oh, you got me.

Woman: [Speaking Italian]

Jessica: Mm-hmm, si, si.

Simone: Paloma, did we just get fired?

Paloma: I don't think so. They're too short-staffed. Has anyone seen the painting with the missing corner yet?

Simone: No, but it has to be here. I mean, we saw it online. Dude. This food is better than at the Crane mansion.

Paloma: Simone, focus. We're on a mission, remember?

Simone: I can't help it. I'm hungry.

Paloma: We have to find the painting with the symbol from the backroom of this gallery. If only we'd been able to hold on to it. Here's the corner we ripped off. Find a painting with a missing corner and we're in business.

Luis: Ethan, Theresa.

Theresa: Hi, Luis.

Ethan: Hey, Luis. Any sign of Beth?

Luis: No. Any sign of that newspaper editor?

Ethan: If it was a newspaper editor, right?

Theresa: Ok, Ethan, it was J.T. Cornell. He was there. He was in the jail cell.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: And look, I don't know where he is, but I'm telling you I will find him if it's the last thing I do.

Ethan: Where's Fancy?

Luis: Locked in the hotel room.

Theresa: Um, Luis --

Luis: What? She wouldn't listen. It's for her own good.

Theresa: Ok, well, when we were on our way over here, we actually saw a photo of her in the newspaper, so she's probably announced that she's going to be here tonight.

Luis: What? You see, that's exactly what I'm talking about. She's still trying to use herself as bait to trap Beth.

Ethan: Is she crazy or what?

Luis: Well, she thinks she's helping. I fixed her wagon, though. As long as she's locked in the room, there's no way that Beth can hurt her.

Fancy: I'll show you, Luis. I'm not going to hide like some scared little girl. There's no way Beth can hurt me.

Beth: Half the women here are blond. How are we ever going to find Fancy?

Spike: You got me, babe.

Beth: Hey, don't call me "babe." Right now we have to find her, and then -- and then you're going to kill her.

Spike: Hey, look, are you sure Alistair's ok with this? I mean, killing's always a real blast, but, you know, she is his favorite granddaughter.

Beth: He told me himself to have it done.

Spike: Ok, so maybe if I speak to him, right --

Beth: No, no, no, that's impossible because he's very busy tonight. He's out searching for the chalice which will give him the power of God.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Whitney, what did you mean when you said that the answer to finding the chalice is right in front of us?

Whitney: Don't you see it? Look.

Alistair: No. No, I don't see it.

Whitney: No, you have to look harder. The key to the chalice is right here in this painting.

Alistair's voice: I can't see it, and it's the key to the power of God.

Miguel: I wonder why Tabitha's here.

Siren: Because she's a snoopy old busybody.

Miguel: Oh, come on, she's sweet.

Siren: I know piranhas sweeter than that one.

Miguel: You know a piranha sweeter --

Siren: Woman, I mean.

Miguel: Oh.

Siren: Forget about her. You know why I liked those photo shoots so much?

Miguel: Why?

Siren: I like to play with you with your shirt off. You're so hot.

Miguel: You're too much.

Siren: And these muscle things --

Miguel: Abs.

Siren: They look like lobster or shrimp with their shells ripped off.

Miguel: Yeah, that's me, the sexy shellfish.

Siren: Really? Speaking of ripping your shells off --

Miguel: Siren, we're not alone, remember?

Siren: Let's sneak off someplace, just the two of us. We haven't been as close as we could be. I want to show you something that I learned from watching eels mate. Ooh, how they wiggle.

Miguel: You know, you say the weirdest things sometimes. Are Tabitha and Kay arguing?

Siren: Why would they?

Siren's voice: That old witch had better keep her mouth shut about me.

Kay: Well, stop stalling. Is Siren a mermaid or not?

Tabitha: Is Siren a mermaid? Have you been out in the sun too long, dear? You know mermaids don't exist.

Kay: Oh, funny, I thought witches didn't exist, and then -- surprise -- you live next door to my family.

Tabitha: Oh, don't talk such nonsense. Anyway, why ask me?

Kay: Because if anything crazy happens in this town, it always comes back to you.

Tabitha: Oh, really, Kay, you exaggerate.

Kay: Uh, let's see. Zombie Charity, magical Endora and her thanksgiving turkey fetish, not to mention the gateway to hell in your basement. Oh, and the tsunami? You guys wiped out half the county.

Tabitha: Well, Harmony's overbuilt anyway, all those tacky little beach homes.

Kay: Tabitha.

Tabitha: Listen, you know as much about Siren as I do. If you remember, you young people were the ones who brought her home to me. Anyway, what makes you suspect that she's a mermaid?

Kay: During the photo shoot this morning, she fell off the wharf from the harbor. They pulled her out in a fishing net and guess what -- she had grown a mermaid's tail.

Tabitha: That stupid bloody idiot.

Kay: I was right! She is a mermaid! And you're mixed up with her, aren't you?

Fancy: Grazie.

Paloma: Mm-hmm, si.

Simone: Ew, liver. No, take this one.

Paloma: Would you knock it off?

Jessica: You're going to blow our cover!

Simone: I am starving. And where is this painting anyway? None of the ones I've seen have the corner missing.

Paloma: Now you're doing it.

Jessica: Well, all these guests are getting in my way.

Paloma: But we're pretending to be waitresses, remember?

Jessica: Yes, but our cover is getting in the way of our mission. We have to find the painting with the missing corner.

Simone: And Whitney. Chad is scared to death that something really bad has happened to her. Where could she be?

Alistair: [Disguised voice] No more riddles, Sister. Where is the key to removing the chalice from the Pope's treasure chamber? I see nothing in this painting.

Whitney: You really don't see it? It's right there.

Alistair: No, I cannot see it. Now, if you know what is good for you, you will show me what you are talking about. And if you cannot, you're wasting my time.

Theresa: It's beautiful, isn't it?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, it is, but don't get caught up in it, all right? We're here to help Luis try to find Beth and Marty.

Theresa: He will find them, Ethan. He has to. It's fate.

Ethan: You know, you should probably put a quarter in a jar every single time you say "fate," because you might just have a nice I.R.A. by the end of the year.

Theresa: I believe in it. I believe that fate's going to bring back Luis and Sheridan back together and I believe that fate will bring you back to me, as well.

Ethan: Here we go again.

Theresa: Fate is going to help me find J.T. Cornell, because he was the editor of "Daily Private Lives" when Gwen and Rebecca went to the paper and revealed your true paternity. Fate will help me find him so that you can learn the truth because fate wants our family to be complete -- you, me, Jane, and little Ethan.

Ethan: You'll never give up, will you?

Theresa: Give up on us? On our love? Never.

Ethan: Theresa. Look, I am going to go to make the rounds. I'm going to find Beth in this place.

Theresa: Will you be able to find her with everyone wearing these masks?

Ethan: I don't know, but I'm going to try.

Theresa: Fate will bring J.T. to me. I just know it.

J.T.: Ok, now let's get this party started. Grazie.

Noah: Do I really have to wear this ridiculous mask all night long?

Ethan: Yes, you do. Yeah, it helps you blend in, all right?

Noah: So I got your message to meet you here. What's going on?

Ethan: Look, I need as much help as I can get to help Luis find Beth and Marty.

Noah: Do you really think that I want to help Luis after catching him with Fancy?

Ethan: Noah, take it easy. You got it all wrong. You totally misunderstood. He did not sleep with Fancy.

Noah: I caught them in bed together.

Ethan: Yes, Noah, they were in bed, but they were sleeping. They were just sleeping in bed.

Noah: Right. Look, I've got something important to tell you.

Noah: I know the identity of the man I've been looking for... the man that shot that guy in the attic when I was in college with Maya. Jessica told me. It's Spike.

Ethan: Spike? Wait a minute, are you sure?

Noah: Yes. He's got the same tattoo on his wrist as the killer. I saw it in the attic. Once I catch that slime and bring him back to Lena, this whole mess is going to be over.

Ethan: Yeah, well, you know what, then you can tell Fancy the truth, right, that you've been protecting her from Lena and that whole gang, right?

Noah: I was going to.

Ethan: Yeah, what?

Noah: Look, what's the point, Ethan? Luis and Fancy, they're a couple now and --

Luis: There's nothing going on between me and Fancy, all right? Nothing.

Spike: Are you sure Alistair told you he wants Fancy killed?

Beth: I told you. What, you don't trust me now?

Spike: I don't know, should I? You know, there's something a little bit off about you, honey.

Beth: Could you just not call me "honey"?

Spike: You know, all this stuff about Alistair searching for a chalice -- I mean, whoa, that's just a little nuts.

Beth: Yeah, you know what is nuts? You not doing what Alistair says. Now, if you don't kill Fancy, you're the one that's going to be dead, ok?

[Beth gasps]

Beth: There she is, there she is! Go, go, go, kill her!

Spike: Shh, shh, shh, just keep your voice down there, babe, all right?

Beth: Don't call me "babe"! Just go, do it, do it, do it.

Beth's voice: Fancy will never have my Luis.

Paloma: Simone, don't worry, we'll find Whitney.

Simone: Yeah, of course we will. It's not like she's in disguise or anything. Oh, wait she is. Chad only recognized her from her voice. We don't even know what she looks like now.

Jessica: Don't be so negative.

Simone: Who, me, negative? Oh, not a problem. We'll find Whitney. Of course we will. I mean, she's got to be somewhere in Rome. We know Rome, right? Oh, wait, we just got here ourselves. We don't know the language, the customs, the city. Yeah, we'll find her in two shakes.

Paloma: Uh-huh, enough. You made your point.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] No more games! Show me the key to that chalice or pay the ultimate price.

Whitney: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I just don't know why you can't see it. I can see it so clearly, that's all.

Alistair: I apologize.

Whitney: Why are you doing this? Why are you acting this way? You're really scaring me.

Alistair: Forgive me, Whitney, but it is the urgency of the matter. If we can't find the key to that holy chalice, all of the secrets of the church will be exposed. Our Father's work will be ruined!

Whitney: I just don't know why you can't see it. I don't know. I guess maybe my eyes are better, I don't know. Oh, wait, I know. Um, wait a second.

Alistair: What are you doing? Whitney?

Whitney: I got it.

Alistair: What?

Whitney: Black light. I bet you if I put this on the painting, it'll make the key show up so you can see it.

Alistair: Black light.

Alistair: Yes. Yes, I see it!

Alistair's voice: I'm going to be a God on earth.

Luis: I knew you could do some stupid things, Noah, but I never thought you were a fool.

Noah: That's funny, I never thought you were a back-stabbing son of a --

Ethan: All right, all right, hey, guys, come on, we got to settle this calmly, please.

Noah: I have nothing more to say to him.

Luis: Yeah.

Ethan: He thinks you slept with Fancy, all right?

Luis: Yeah, well, you know what, he should know better. I love Sheridan. I always will. All right, fine, you know what, I'll go talk to him. How's that, ok?

Ethan: Luis, he's angry as hell, all right? Just let me try first, all right?

Luis: All right. Great, because I got better things to do. Beth. Where are you, Beth?

Beth: Ok, in just a second, that blond bimbo is going to be dead. And then she'll never come between me and my Luis.

Spike: Damn it.

Spike: I gotcha.

Fancy: No!

Fox: That was Alexi, the photographer. He's developed even more of the photos from this morning's shoot. He's over the moon. Siren, where did you buy that tail?

Siren: What?

Fox: Well, Alexi's intrigued. He's gone over some of the photos with a magnifying glass. He says he can't see a seam, a zipper, or anything. He says the tail looks completely real. Where'd you buy that?

Siren: I ordered it... on that boxy thing with the letters.

Miguel: Computer.

Siren: That's it.

Tabitha: So you caught me. Are you proud of yourself? Yes, Siren is a mermaid.

Kay: You and your horrible spells.

Tabitha: Remember the old saying "people in glass houses"? Anyway, it wasn't me, it was Endora. She conjured Siren up from a fairy tale to save Miguel from drowning the night he fell off that fishing boat, and then she brought her home and turned her into a human in my kitchen. I tried to talk her out of it, but you know what she's like. She's so headstrong and willful.

Kay: Just like her mother.

Tabitha: Oh, what a scene that was, that mermaid and that giant tail flopping all over my kitchen, great puddles of water everywhere.

Kay: Oh!

Tabitha: What -- what are you laughing at, Kay?

Kay: Siren's a fish! Miguel's dating a fish! Oh, my God, she's probably first cousins to a tuna! This is priceless.

Tabitha: Well, I don't think it's funny at all.

Kay: I should've figured it out before when she said her parents were guppies, and then all those lobsters disappeared from the aquarium. Oh, my God, I found that scale in the bathroom. Oh, and her breath? Good night, half the time it smells like sushi.

Tabitha: Yes, she does have a rather odd diet.

Kay: Fluffy knew she was a fish. That's why she was always after her. Oh, Kay, you're such an idiot! It all makes sense! Come on, the way she swims. What was I worried about?! Look at them. Miguel is making out with a fish! You know, tartar sauce, a little lemon? Ha, ha!

Tabitha: Stop laughing, Kay. It's beginning to annoy me! Stop it! Look, it's not funny.

Kay: Oh, God.

Tabitha: Hey, hey. You wouldn't be laughing if you knew that every moment spent in that mermaid's company is leading your man, the man you love, further and further into danger.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Well, you have found the missing key that will let us take the chalice from the treasure chamber. But what does it mean?

Alistair: "A-g-a-p-e." Why would these letters help us to rescue the chalice?

Whitney: It's a codeword. Don't you remember? When I was in the Pope's private chambers, there was a keypad right next to the keyhole that released the chalice. Now, last time all we did was use the key and all hell broke loose, but I bet you anything if we use the key and these letters in the keypad, we'll be able to get the chalice without the alarms going off.

Alistair: But this word -- "agape." Like someone's mouth is a key? Why would anyone choose that word as a code for a holy object?

Whitney: You don't remember what it means? It's an important word in our faith. It's not "agape." It's "agapé." It's an ancient Greek word. It means God's love of all mankind.

Alistair: Of course. How silly of me.

Whitney: Who do you think put that codeword on this painting?

Alistair: Well, it must have been the knights of Malta. Over the centuries, clues have been found in many paintings that they once owned, clues that led to information or objects that helped to protect the secrets of our church.

[Alistair laughs] This is perfection. God's love for mankind. How ironic. We are rescuing the chalice to save God's church and repay him for his unending love for us.

[Laughs] Agapé.

Alistair's voice: Agapé. God's love for me and the gift of God's power. Oh, yes.

[Fancy screams]

Beth's voice: Spike's done it. Fancy is dead blond meat!

Luis: Fancy, hey, hey, Fancy, take it easy.

Beth: Hey, hey. What is wrong with you? How could you fail?

Spike: Look, I lost her, then Luis showed up.

Beth: Fancy is right there. Take that knife and go stick it in her gut and twist it!

Spike: Whoa, crazy. He's standing right there with her.

Beth: Well, we've got to figure out another way to get closer, because Fancy has got to die tonight.

Fancy: Your little plan to lock me up didn't work.

Luis: You know, I told you to stay in your room for your own safety, ok?

Fancy: Yeah, well, you don't tell me to do anything. I'm an adult and you're not my father. I am not afraid of Beth. Bring her on.

Luis: Well, you should be afraid. You know why? Because she's crazy, ok?! She already tried to kill you, or did you forget?

Noah: Fancy. Hey, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be back at the hotel with the door locked.

Fancy: You're worse than Luis. Where's Maya? Are you two here on a date?

Noah: No, but I see that you and Luis are on a date.

Fancy: Uh-huh. Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore.

Luis: What?

Fancy: Shh, shh, shh. Hush, my love. Everyone knows about us now anyway. There's no point in keeping up this empty charade.

Beth: Ok, that's it. Go slice Fancy's jugular out right now.

Spike: All right, just cool it, ok? I can't take that chance.

Beth: You will kill Fancy right now in front of me or my daddy is going to have your guts for garters, ok?

Spike: You lighten up. All right, I'll try. If I get caught, you'd better get me out of jail.

Beth: Of course I'm going to protect you. Just so long as Fancy's heart beats out the last bit of blood right here at my feet. Go on. Go.

J.T.: Oh, garçon, hit me again. Thank you. You know, you guys got to get better music in this place. It's really dragging.

Theresa: Joe. I've got you. I have got you this time.

J.T.: Oh, I am so out of here.

Theresa: No, no, no, no. No, you listen to me. Uh-uh, you're not going to go anywhere. You tell Ethan the truth about what Gwen and Rebecca did.

J.T.: Oh, you talk about your bad luck.

Theresa: No, it's not bad luck. This is just fate bringing Ethan back to me.

Noah: See what I mean?

Ethan: No, wait a minute.

Beth: Just kill her, you coward. But not Luis. Not Luis, so I can be with my sweet Luis.

Luis: All right, hey. What did you -- what did you do that for, huh? Wait a minute, why didn't you just tell Noah the truth? Look, you've made things worse now.

Fancy: Well, now he knows what it feels like. He has this bad habit of sleeping with Maya five minutes after he's seen me.

Luis: Yeah, well, now he thinks that we're a couple, and we're not, ok? You know, fine, maybe he's pigheaded.

Fancy: Yeah, maybe.

Luis: I don't want to hurt him, ok? Even worse, I don't want people thinking that I've betrayed Sheridan.

Fancy: Um, how can you betray a married woman?

Luis: It's not a real marriage.

Fancy: Oh. So she's not carrying a real baby?

Luis: Sheridan loves me, ok? And once I find Beth and Marty and bring my son back to Sheridan, she is coming back to me.

Fancy: Oh, or she could say, "thanks for the kid," and slam the door in your face.

Luis: I'm going to go look for Beth, all right? You stay here, and when you're ready to leave, I will take you back to the hotel, ok?

Fancy: No, I don't need a bodyguard.

Luis: No, what you need is to listen, ok, that's all. Just need to listen.

Fancy: Ooh! He's the most infuriating man I've ever met.

Fancy: What?

Ethan: If I didn't know better, I'd say that you two were a couple. I mean, you fight like one.

Simone: This is pretty, but it's not the painting.

Jessica: There are too many. Let's split up. We can cover more ground that way.

Paloma: Oh, yeah, great idea. If Spike's here, it'll be so much easier for him to kidnap you.

Jessica: He'd never recognize me in this getup. I'll be fine.

Simone: Look, just check in with us, ok?

Jessica: I will.

Paloma: Simone, we have to find that painting with the missing corner so we can solve this mystery.

Simone: You know, at this point, all I really care about is finding Whitney.

Whitney: We should be going. We can be in the Vatican in 20 minutes. I just know agapé is the secret codeword that'll help us get the chalice.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Yes. But we must take care of something first.

Whitney: No! What are you doing?! That's a priceless masterpiece! What --

Alistair: No one must follow our path, Sister. The clues to the chalice must be destroyed.

Paloma: What's that sound?

Simone: It's coming from behind this door.

Kay: What do you mean Miguel's in danger?

Tabitha: Oh, just a slip of the tongue, dear.

Kay: Don't give me that. What were you going to say?

Tabitha: Oh, it's really nothing worth mentioning.

Kay: Hey, guys, did you know Tabitha's a witch?

Tabitha: You wouldn't dare.

Kay: Try me.

Tabitha: All right, then. I'll tell you the truth. If you don't find a way to keep Miguel away from Siren, he will suffer a terrible tragedy... as will you, Kay. As will you.

Whitney: How can you destroy a priceless work of art? It's a sin!

Alistair: [Disguised voice] To protect the secrets of the church, I will sacrifice anything or anyone!


Whitney: Someone's coming.

Alistair: No. No, no one can discover us.

Whitney: But there's no other way out of here.

Paloma: Madre de dios.

J.T.: I am leaving now. Do not make a scene, please.

Theresa: No, no, no. You're not leaving until you tell Ethan that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the information that proved he wasn't really a Crane.

J.T.: Forget it, not going to happen.

Theresa: Listen, you are going to tell Ethan that Gwen has been lying to him all these years, you got it? Now let's go!

Theresa: You're not getting away with this.

Ethan: Why did you have to kiss Luis in front of Noah like that? You know, you're going to make things worse. Why didn't you just tell him the truth, huh?

Fancy: Oh, why bother? Noah didn't believe me when I told him the truth in the first place.

Ethan: All right, he's a little stubborn.

Fancy: And pigheaded and thick as a plank, yeah.

Ethan: And you still love him.

Fancy: Maybe I do, maybe I don't. That doesn't mean he deserves the truth. He gets off on keeping secrets from me. He's got this whole condescending routine I've had to listen to for months. "Oh, Fancy, I can't tell you the truth, but trust me, someday I will." Trust him? Like that's going to happen now.

Ethan: Well, trust is kind of a big part of love, you know? If you love him, you trust him. What?

Fancy: That's funny coming from you. Half the world knows that you still love Theresa, but you won't believe her when she says that Gwen and my trampy stepmother were the ones who really ruined your life. So, why can't you trust Theresa?

Ethan: You know, I'm pretty sure that that's none of your business, Fancy.

Fancy: Oh, I see. So you can't take it, you just dish it out.

Ethan: Look, do you really want to start a fight with everyone in this room, because you're on your way. Gwen is my wife. It's very, very complicated. You don't know what's happened, all right?

Fancy: Oh, really? Funny, well, my relationship with Noah is very complicated, but you feel entitled to give out advice like "Dear Abby."

Ethan: That's cute. I'm going to go check on Theresa, ok?

Fancy: Oh, well, why don't you just take her back to bed at the hotel? I mean, Gwen's 3,000 miles away.

Ethan: Fancy, do me a favor -- stay here. You might be in danger, and I don't think you can be trusted by yourself.

Fancy: Ooh, like Beth's going to pop out of a box and kill me dead.

Beth: You are so stupid! You were supposed to kill Fancy.

Spike: I've had it. Way too public.

Beth: Oh, you worthless little slug. Just get out of here. I've got another way to get rid of her.

Spike: What, you're going to kill her?

Beth: Oh, yeah, with great pleasure. Get lost, idiot.

Jessica: Spike. Oh, God.

Beth: Oh.

Man: What an exquisite ring.

Beth: Oh. It is, isn't it? It's 15th century, once owned by Lucrezia Borgia.

Man: It's magnificent.

Beth: Hmm. Grazie. Ah. And we all know what Lucrezia Borgia is famous for -- poison

Beth: Ahem.

Beth: Uh, signora? Uh, this man sent you a drink.

Fancy: Which man? Oh. Must be from Luis. I knew he couldn't stay mad at me. Thank you.

Beth: Mm-hmm, is nothing.

Beth: Drink up, blondie. One little sip of that champagne and you are dead as disco.

Kay: What do you mean? Why would it be a tragedy if Miguel and Siren are together?

Tabitha: I just found out about it recently, so I did a little research of my own and it is true.

Kay: What?

Tabitha: The mermaid's curse. If a mortal man makes love to a mermaid, he will never be able to make love to a mortal woman again. He will be doomed to love that mermaid for the rest of his days.

Kay: That's crazy.

Tabitha: Yeah, crazy, but true. And mermaids are so fickle. They have the attention span of a gnat. If Siren gets what she wants, and we all know what she wants --

Kay: To make love to Miguel.

Tabitha: She'll tire of him and swim off to her next conquest. Poor Miguel will be obsessed with her for the rest of his life. If those two make love, he will never be able to love another woman. Never.

Kay: No.

Siren: Miguel, let's go find a place to spawn.

Miguel: What?

Siren: Oh. My little joke. Come and get it!

Fox: Go for it, man. This is your lucky day.

Miguel: Hey, with any luck, this is going to be a day I never forget.

Simone: I don't believe it.

Paloma: What's happened here?

Whitney: How did you know about this secret passageway?

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Never mind. We must get to the Vatican. We're close to accomplishing our goal. Now that the painting has been ruined, that secret is safe from discovery, and the chalice is mine. Come.

Paloma: This is terrible. Someone destroyed this beautiful painting. It looks old, doesn't it?

Simone: Paloma, do you still have that piece we tore off that painting?

Paloma: Yeah, yeah. It's right here.

Simone: Watch this.

Simone: This is the painting. It's the one with the symbol.

Paloma: It's the clue we've been searching for. Now how can we figure out why all of us from Harmony were drawn here to Rome?

Theresa: All right, J.T., where are you? You've got to be here somewhere. Gotcha!

Ethan: She cannot leave here alone. It's too dangerous. Theresa!

Noah: Jessica? Is that you?

Jessica: Noah, I just saw Spike.

Noah: What? Where?

Jessica: He went that way.

Noah: Come on.

Noah: I don't see him.

Jessica: It was Spike, I swear. I saw the tattoo on his -- ah! No, no!

Spike: Hey, did you miss me, honey, huh?

Beth: Come on, Fancy. Drink it. Drink it and die.

Man: Signorina Fancy.

Fancy: Oh, oh.

Beth: Come on, drink it! What? Back off, Guido. Damn, you Italian men are grabby.

Luis: Beth.

Beth: Oh!

Luis: I've got you this time. You're not getting away.

Beth: Luis!

Luis: Where is my son?

Beth: Let go of me.

Luis: Never. Where's my son, I said.

Beth: You can do whatever you want to me because it's too late.

Luis: What? What have you done now?

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