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Jessica: Yeah, but this is all my fault. I'm the one Spike is after. Spike is furious that I left him, and now he is going to take it out on Noah.

Simone: No, you heard what Noah said. He thinks that Spike is a part of this whole mystery somehow.

Jessica: Yeah, because of the tattoo on Spike's wrist, but how could Spike have anything to do with paintings that were stolen during World War II?

Simone: Well, for one thing, we know that Spike was working for Alistair.

Jessica: But Alistair is in a coma.

Simone: Yeah, but we found all of those stolen paintings in the basement of the Book Caf, and that was filled with all of Alistair's stuff.

Jessica: So, huh. Spike could still be doing things for Alistair.

Simone: Yeah, I think that Noah is right. And Spike was the one who got that symbol tattooed on your back and the same one on his arm.

Jessica: And it's the same symbol that's in every one of those missing paintings.

Simone: And on the paper that we found under Whitney's mattress at the convent.

Jessica: Well, all I know is I don't want Noah going after Spike. Spike is mean and if he is involved in this mystery, who knows what he will do.

Paloma: That's what we are going to find out.

Simone: Paloma, you can't still be thinking about going to that big art exhibit.

Paloma: Why not? The picture we tore this from is in that gallery somewhere. We have to find it.

Simone: Yeah, but Noah told us to stay put.

Jessica: No, Paloma is right. We need to go to that exhibit.

Paloma: So, that's that. We are going. We are going to find out what's going on here in Rome once and for all.

Beth: Ok, good, good. We are early. Now we just have to make sure we are not spotted by Fancy. Oh, perfect, look. There's masks for the guests. Come on. Here, here, Spike, put this on. Oh, this is perfect. Now no one will know who we are.

Spike: But how am I going to know which one is Fancy? I don't want to kill the wrong babe.

Beth: Ok, Spike, the only reason you are here is to kill Fancy Crane. Don't screw it up.

Spike: Ok, chill. All right? I'm on it. I told you I would do the job and I will. So be cool, ok?

Beth: Ok, I will be cool as soon as I get rid of the bleached blonde. Then Luis will be all mine.

Luis: Hate to do this to you, Fancy, but it's for your own good. The guard will keep you safe while I'm gone.

Fancy: Well, how do I look?

Luis: Like a million bucks, but it's too bad no one is going to see you but me.

Fancy: Don't be silly. Everyone at the gallery will see me.

Luis: Well, no, I've already told you that I don't think it's safe for you to go to the gallery.

Fancy: And I told you it's the perfect plan. You need to find Beth to get your son back from her. She wants to kill me because she thinks you and I are an item. So, I will go to the exhibit, lure Beth to the gallery, and voila. You nab Beth.

Luis: And what if, voila, Beth slits your throat before I can get to her?

Fancy: In front of all those people? And you'll be right by my side, won't you?

Luis: No, because you are not going to be there. I am not letting you go.

Fancy: Um, you're not letting me? Where do you get off treating me like a child?

Luis: Well, if you act like a child, I will treat you like a child. But I'm sorry, Beth already tried to kill you once and I'm not going to let you put yourself in danger. You are staying here.

Fancy: But I thought it was important for you to catch Beth.

Luis: Of course it is.

Fancy: So let me go with you. I can help you get her.

Luis: No, I can't do that. I can't risk it. Look, I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you, ok? And Sheridan would never forgive me either. You are her favorite niece.

Fancy: Oh, why are you being so pig-headed?

Luis: Sorry. Anyway, there is a guard posted outside the door. He has orders not to let you leave the suite, ok?

Fancy: Mm.

Luis: Oh, that's right. And I will be taking this, and the front desk has orders not to take any calls from this suite. See you later.

Fancy: But -- I just --

[Groans] Damn you, Luis.

Denny: I've called the Swiss guards, so you can describe your friend to them both with and without her disguise. So we can find Whitney before she does any harm to the church.

Chad: Ok, let's go. Where'd they go? That old woman talking to the Pope, she can help us find Whitney.

Denny: The Pope has security guards 24/7, so he's probably been taken to a safe room. After the mystic's warning about the innocent one, everyone here is on edge.

Chad: Yeah, the old nun said that Whitney was the innocent one and that she was being used by some evil person. Denny, how could that be happening here in the Vatican?

Denny: I've heard that there are secrets here, secrets that could destroy the church if they were found by the wrong person.

Chad: We gotta find Whitney before something terrible happens.

Nun: It is too late.

Chad: What do you mean?

Nun: His holiness told me that the deceiver is closer now.

Denny: Does that mean they found the secrets?

Nun: I believe this is true, but they have not been able to -- how do you say -- get to them. But the deceiver is still trying, using her, the innocent one.

Chad: Sister, Sister, is Whitney -- is the innocent one here in the Vatican now?

Nun: No, not now. But wherever she is, she is in grave danger. When this fake monk finds what he wants, he will have no more use for her.

Chad: What do you mean? What is he going to do to her?

Nun: He will -- oh, come se dice -- eliminate her. She will be gone...forever.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Well, what do you see?

Whitney: Nothing.

Alistair: No, no. There is a clue in this painting. You must find it, Whitney.

Whitney: Well, I don't see anything here, Brother. And, you know, it would really help me out if you could give me a clue of what I'm looking for.

Alistair: I told you I don't know. Why do you think I've involved you? If I knew what the clues were, I wouldn't need you.

Whitney: Well, I don't think I can help you then. There is nothing in this painting that gives me some sort of clue to a code, a message, nothing.

Alistair: Keep looking. You are the innocent one, Whitney. You are the only one who can find the code to access that chalice without setting off the alarm.

Whitney: I'll keep trying.

Alistair: Good. I'm going to the Vatican to the Pope's chambers. I will call you when I arrive. Hopefully, by then, you will have found what I need.

Whitney: I have to do this. I have to do this or my soul and Chad's soul will be damned to hell forever. I don't see anything here, absolutely nothing.

Officer: The man you describe sounds very much like a man we just arrested for public drunkenness.

Theresa: Yeah, the man, he was drunk when I left him. Please take us to him right away, please. Thank you.

Ethan: Theresa, you just described half the Americans in Rome, ok? I wouldn't get too excited about this.

Theresa: Ethan, it's J.T., ok? He is going to tell you the truth. He's going to prove to you that I'm not crazy and I'm not lying, that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who outed you as a Bennett to the tabloid.

Ethan: You have tried to prove this so many times. You are on another wild goose chase.

Theresa: No, I'm not. Rebecca and J.T. were lovers, so she and Gwen sent the information about your paternity to his paper.

J.T.: Look, I said I was sorry I didn't get out of town sooner, but I need the bail if I'm going to disappear before Theresa finds me.

Gwen: J.T., I'm on the computer right now getting your bail money. Just hold on.

Rebecca: I told you to get yourself out of Rome, you idiot. But no, did you listen? No, you had to have one more drink and get yourself busted.

J.T.: Look, I said I was sorry, ok? Oh no! She's here.

Gwen: Who's there? Theresa?

J.T.: Yes, and she's got Ethan with her.

Gwen: Oh, God.

Rebecca: Get out of there now.

J.T.: I can't. There is nowhere to hide.

Rebecca: Oh, my God.

Theresa: He's going to tell you the truth, Ethan. It's all I want. I just want you to know the truth about Gwen once and for all.

Chad: So, you're saying this fake monk, or whoever he is, is going to kill Whitney?

Nun: It will be done. Once the innocent one finds what this evil wants, he will have no more use for her.

Denny: There has to be a way to stop him.

Chad: Well, if I find this fake monk, I'll stop him all right.

Nun: Do not underestimate this man. He is pure evil.

Denny: Listen, Chad. I know you were pretty tough back in the hood, but the nun is right. You do not want to mess with this evil.

Chad: I am not scared of some fake monk, ok? I'll do whatever it takes to keep Whitney safe.

Alistair: Whitney? Have you found anything on that painting?

Whitney: No. No, Brother, not yet. But I'm still looking.

Alistair: Right, I'm in the Vatican. I don't think I can figure out where the Pope's inner chamber is. Now, how did you get inside when you were wearing the virtual reality headset?

Whitney: Ok, you are going to be looking for a tunnel with a stair case. Now there's going to be a wall to the right. It looks like a brick wall, but if you put your hand right on the center of it, the stairs will fold down and the door will open. And it leads you right into the Pope's private chambers.

Alistair: Good, I'll get back to you.

Denny: Listen, Chad, I'm sorry. I've been called into a meeting. I hate to leave you with this problem on your hands.

Chad: Hey, don't worry about it. You do what you got to do, ok? I'm going to keep looking for Whitney and this mysterious monk.

Denny: May God be with you, my brother.

Chad: Sister, are you ok? What's wrong?

Nun: He is here. The deceiver, he's here. He's here.

Theresa: I just wish you were at J.T.'s apartment. Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca admitted everything to me again.

Ethan: So you've told me. The problem is J.T. Cornell wasn't there to verify your story.

Theresa: Yes, but he will be now. You'll see.

J.T.: I told you there's no place to run, there's no place to hide. You've got to get me out of here.

Gwen: J.T., it's almost done.

Rebecca: J.T., you've got to do something. Just find a place to hide. You can't let Theresa see you there.

J.T.: Becks, I don't have a choice.

Gwen: Oh, God, Mother, this is over. Theresa is going to find J.T. and I'm going to lose Ethan.

Theresa: Where is he? I mean, what -- what -- what's this?

Officer: I don't know. He must have been moved.

Ethan: Moved where?

Theresa: You need to find him. I mean, we have to talk to him right away. Please, find him.

Ethan: Hey, hey, calm down.

Theresa: I'm sorry. How -- why am I supposed to be calm here, ok? The man who is supposed to change my life just suddenly disappears?

Ethan: You don't even know if the guy in this cell was J.T. Cornell. It could have been some other drunk, Theresa.

Theresa: It was J.T. I know it was.

Ethan: Wow, ok, listen. I'll go talk to the officer. I'll see if we can find him, ok?

Theresa: I'm not going to stand here and do nothing. I'm going to go find him myself.

J.T.: You ladies don't seem to understand. I'm in jail, got to have the money for the bail. Oh no, I'm out of time. Hey, can't talk anymore. Send the money A-S-A-P. Ciao.

Gwen: J.T., aello? Are you there?

Rebecca: He hung up.

Gwen: He hung up? Oh, my God. I guess the only thing we can do now is hope that this bail money gets there in time.

Theresa: Joe? Got you, and this time you are not getting away.

Simone: I still don't think that this is a good idea.

Paloma: Simone, it's the reason we came here to Rome, isn't it, to try to locate those stolen paintings?

Simone: Jessica, your brother is going to be so mad that we didn't stay put like he told us to.

Jessica: I'm more worried about the danger he could be in.

Simone: Well, I guess he could be in danger.

Paloma: We are going to show our big brothers that we are not just kids. That painting is going to be at that gallery tonight, and maybe we'll get the answers we were looking for.

Simone: Ok.

Theresa: Don't you even try to get away from me.

Officer: What are you doing, signorina?

Theresa: I'm Mrs. Alistair Crane. I have permission to be here, so you can check if you'd like.

J.T.: Scusi, signore. My --

Theresa: No, no, no, you are going to wait here. You are going to wait here until Ethan comes back and then you are going to tell him the truth about what Gwen and Rebecca did.

J.T.: Look, I really don't want to be in the middle of this. Please.

Theresa: J.T., you are. You are in the middle. You are smack dab in the middle. Look, you are the man of my dreams, right? You are the man who is going to change my life forever. Ugh, where is he? Where is he? Ethan, Ethan, Ethan, where are you? Ethan, come on. Oh, all right, I'm going. Ok, look. I'll be right back, all right? Don't you move -- don't you move, because I'm going to bring him back and you are going to tell him the truth. You're going to tell him how Gwen has been lying to him for years and years and years. I'm going to get him back.

J.T.: Oh, man, Becks and Gwen are not going to be happy about this.

Fancy: Hello, yes, this is Miss Crane and I must make a call. I don't care what Detective Lopez-Fitzgerald ordered. This is my suite. I'm paying the bills and I want to make a damn call.

Fancy: I will get you for this, Luis. There must be another way out of here.

Fancy: Good, the fire escape. Hmm, piece of cake.

[Phone ringing]

Luis: This is Luis.

Sheridan: Hey, Luis, it's Sheridan.

Luis: Sheridan. Oh, it is so wonderful to hear your voice.

Sheridan: Sorry if I'm interrupting anything. But I -- I just hadn't heard from you in a while and I was starting to get worried.

Luis: I'm fine, sweetheart.

Sheridan: Have you heard anything new about Marty?

Luis: I'm getting close, really close.

Sheridan: Really? Oh, God, I'm afraid to hope.

Luis: Sheridan, you just need to take it easy, ok? You don't need to be upset all the time in your condition.

Sheridan: I know, but I can't help it. I'm just so worried about you.

Luis: I'm fine, Sheridan. Now, you just take care of yourself and that baby, ok?

Sheridan: We are both ok.

Luis: Good. Oh shoot, I've got another call. Sheridan, can I call you back? This could be about Beth. All right. This is Luis.

Beth: Hello, Luis. Oh, it's so great to hear your voice. I missed you.

Luis: Beth?

Beth: Yes, it's me, silly. Oh, your true love. The woman you were meant to spend the rest of your life with.

Man: [Speaks Italian]

Jessica: Uh, what did he say?

Simone: He wants to kiss our hands.

Paloma: No, I think he is asking for our invitation.

Simone: Ok, now what?

Paloma: [Clears throat] I'm sorry, we forgot our invitations at the hotel.

Man: Sorry. No invitation, no party.

Simone: Well, that's it then. Let's just go back to the hotel.

Paloma: No, no, no. We are not going to give up.

Jessica: Hey, you heard the man. No invite, no party.

[Women speaking Italian]

Paloma: There's our ticket inside. Come with me.

Fancy: Oh! I swear, Luis, if I wreck these shoes, I will punch you right in the nose.

Fancy: [Screams] Ah! Oh no, no, no, no, no, no! I don't believe this!

[Groaning] Oh, I can't go like this. I have to get another dress. Oh, my God, what else can go wrong tonight? Damn you, Luis.

Luis: Where are you, Beth? Where is my son?

Beth: Luis, I know you are so anxious to be together. But I can't tell you, not just yet.

Luis: What are you talking about? Why not?

Beth: Don't be so impatient. It's just not time, but soon, baby, real soon.

Luis: Yeah, you bet it's going to be soon, baby. I am going to find you, Beth, you and Marty.

Beth: And I want you to find us. I just have to take care of Fancy first.

Luis: Fancy has got nothing to do with this, Beth. You leave her alone.

Beth: How can you say she has nothing to do with this, Luis? I see how she acts around you and you are sharing a hotel room.

Luis: I am telling you. You are wrong, Beth.

Beth: You know what? Why do you let these blondes take advantage of you, Luis? First Sheridan, then Fancy. They don't love you like I do, ok? They are just shallow, selfish bimbos. I am the one who truly loves you, Luis.

Luis: You are wrong, Beth. There is nothing going on between us.

Beth: Liar.

Luis: You need to listen to me. You leave Fancy alone, you hear me?

Beth: Well, that's what Daddy said, too, but I just don't believe either one of you.

Luis: Daddy? What are you talking about "daddy"? You -- you had a conversation with Alistair about me and Fancy?

Beth: [Gasps]

Luis: Answer me, Beth! If you talked to Alistair, that means that he is out of a coma. Where is he? Beth, is Alistair behind this, dragging half of Harmony here to Rome? What is he up to? Beth! Beth! Damn it. Oh, God, it makes perfect sense if Alistair is behind this. I've got to find out if he is still in that hospital, if he is still in a coma. Oh, man, I have a bad feeling that he isn't.

Alistair: Yeah, I think I'm near the Pope's chambers. You say there is a secret door?

Whitney: Yeah, you have to find the door. It is sort of hidden. It is in the wall just opposite the Pope's private chambers. And once you find that door, that will lead you to the tunnel and staircase.

Alistair: All right.

Chad: Sister, you said the deceiver was near. Where did you see him?

Nun: I do not know, but he is here. I feel him so strongly.

Alistair: Someone is coming. I got to go.

Guard: You there, halt.

Nun: He is no monk. He is the deceiver!

Chad: Wait, we need to talk to you. You go that way and cut him off. I'm gonna go through here.

Theresa: He is here, Ethan. I told you J.T. was here. He is going to tell the truth, how Gwen lied to you and her lies cost us years together.

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: Look, I know you don't believe me. But you will, because J.T. is in there. He is right in there. Let's go.

Theresa: This is it. You are going to hear the truth. J.T. is going to tell you the truth.

Theresa: He was -- he was just here, Ethan. He was right here just a few minutes ago. Ok, he is here -- he is here somewhere, all right? He is here...somewhere.

Officer: Is there a problem, signora?

Theresa: Is there a problem? Yes, there is. There was a man, he was by the pay phone and he -- did you see where he went, by chance?

Officer: He just made bail. He is gone.

Theresa: Wait, you are telling me this man made bail that quickly? I mean, that's impossible. That's -- he was just here!

Officer: I'm sorry.

Ethan: Theresa, look, if it was J.T. Cornell, sorry, he is gone now.

Theresa: No, no, he is not gone, Ethan. He is here. J.T.!

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: J.T. --

Ethan: Theresa! I am tired of this. Listen, I am tired of this. No more. I don't want to hear another word about J.T. Cornell, do you understand me? I am done. I am going to get a cab.

Theresa: He was here. He was right here.

Gwen: J.T., Tthank God you got out of there before Theresa could bring Ethan back to you.

J.T.: It's a good thing that bail money came in. I don't know how you got that so fast, but thank you.

Rebecca: J.T., just get your buns out of Rome, all right? Or you are going to be in a lot more trouble than jail.

Gwen: My mother is right. You need to get out of that city as soon as you can before Theresa can track you down. J.T., I want you on the first flight out of there. Do you understand?

J.T.: Yeah, yeah. I understand.

Gwen: J.T., this is serious. You need to get out of there before Theresa can find you.

Luis: So Beth's got it in her head that Fancy and I are having some kind of a relationship.

Sheridan: My God. Look, you know how crazy Beth is. You've got to protect Fancy.

Luis: I'm doing my best. But when I told Beth that there was nothing going on between me and Fancy, she said, "that's what Daddy said," as though she had been talking with Alistair.

Sheridan: God, Luis, I had a dream that my father wasn't in a coma and he came after me. I was so scared. I even took Eve, Julian, and Chris to the hospital with me to check on my father, to make sure he was there, that he was still in a coma.

Luis: Oh, my God, are you sure he is not faking it?

Sheridan: I'm pretty sure. I mean, Julian even stuck a pin in him and he didn't react.

Luis: But Beth said she talked to Alistair about me and Fancy being in a hotel room together. So that means it had to have been a recent conversation.

Sheridan: You're right. You know, I'm going to go back to Linden Hill and check on my father to make sure that he is in a coma.

Luis: No, no, no, Sheridan, I don't want you doing that, ok? I don't want you getting all upset in your condition.

Sheridan: Look, I'm fine, Luis. If my father is out there, then you are in terrible danger.

Luis: Well, if your father is out there, then all of us are in danger.

Sheridan: You're right. That's why I'm going to go check on my father, and if it's true, then I want you to come home immediately. I don't want to take any chances.

Luis: You know what? Maybe none of this is true. It could just be Beth talking crazy.

Sheridan: Could be. But let me make sure.

Luis: All right. But Sheridan, please be careful, ok? I don't want anything to happen to you.

Sheridan: I'll be careful.

Sheridan: I love you, too, Luis. Please, God, keep him safe.

Chad: I got you. Now, tell me where Whitney is. Where is she?

[Woman yelling in Italian]

Paloma: Don't worry, we'll let you out after the party.

[Key drops to the floor]

Simone: I don't think that was a very good idea.

Jessica: We could have just paid them off to keep them quiet.

Paloma: Oh, what fun is that? Don't worry, we'll give you all our tips. Just enjoy your night off. Come on, amigas. Let's have some fun.

Simone: Why do I get the feeling this is going to be anything but fun?

[Women yelling in Italian]

Luis: If Sheridan finds out that Alistair is not still in a coma, then all of us really are in danger. At least Fancy is safe for the night.

Woman: Miss Crane --

[Speaks Italian] What happened?

Fancy: It's a long story, but please can you get them to open the salon? I need a new gown, a new hairdo, the works. It's got to be fast.

Woman: Yes, of course. I'll see to it immediately.

Fancy: I am not going to miss that party.

Sheridan: Father, you're still here. Why do I get the strongest feeling that you are out there somewhere and as evil as ever? Can you hear me, Father? Do you even know that I'm here? What's this? Oh no, it can't be.

Sheridan: Oh, my God. It's a mask.

Sheridan: It's not father. He is out there somewhere. Oh, dear God.

Gwen: To your husband's credit card.

Rebecca: Here, here. What would we have done without Julian's plastic?

Gwen: I do not even want to think about it. Mother, look. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Rebecca: Oh, honey, drink up. J.T. will be on the next flight out of Rome and we will be safe.

Gwen: Oh, God, I hope you're right.

Rebecca: I am. J.T. would rather go to jail than face my wrath. Theresa will never get her hands on him.

J.T.: Oh, well, I will get out of Rome, but not before I go to this art exhibit and check out the bella signoras one last time.


Theresa: I cannot believe that J.T. got away again. Am I wrong about fate? Will I ever find a way to get Ethan back?

Ethan: I got a cab. Let's go.

Theresa: I'm begging you. You've got to believe me.

Ethan: Look, if this is about J.T. Cornell, Theresa, I'm sorry. I don't want to hear it anymore.

Theresa: Ok, ok.

Ethan: Hey, listen, I am going to this gallery tonight for the opening of a new exhibit, all right? Luis is going to be there. I want to help him track down Beth. Would you like to come along?

Theresa: I would love to help Luis get Marty back.

Ethan: That's a yes, then.

Theresa: That's a yes.

Ethan: Great, come on. Let's go.

Theresa: But I will not give up on this. I'm going to prove that Gwen was lying to you, Ethan. And I will get you back.

Woman: [Speaking Italian]

Man: Get in there and find some trays. Start circulating with drinks and hors d'oeuvres immediately. And rest assured, I will complain to the agency about this.

Paloma: Si, si, si.

Simone: I don't speak a word of Italian. What if someone asks me a question?

Paloma: I understand a little Italian because it's very close to Spanish. So if someone says something to you, just say "si." It means yes.

Jessica: What if I want to say no?

Simone: We really need to find this painting fast.

Beth: Where is that stupid Fancy? Ok, hey -- watch that thing -- remember, as soon as Fancy comes in, you hit her. Do you understand? As soon as Fancy is dead, then me and Luis and Marty, we can all be a family. It will be perfect.

Spike: Yeah, whatever you say.

Beth: What I say is Fancy has to die. Do you have a problem with that?

Spike: No way, lady. Whatever you want, I do.

Beth: Ok, just keep your eyes open. I don't want to miss the little bitch. You know what? You are going to give new meaning to performance art.

Fancy: This will still get me into that gallery. And once I make myself a target, Beth will come out of the woodwork and Luis can grab her. He'll thank me for being there, too. Nobody is going to tell me what to do, not even Luis.

Chad: Tell me where she is. The innocent one, where is she? I got him, Sister. What's wrong with you? Tell me where Whitney is, monk. What is wrong with you? Where is the innocent one? Where is she?

Monk: [Speaks Italian]

Guard: This is one of our staff. He is part of the Vatican.

Chad: Yeah, well he is also evil. He is the one holding Whitney hostage here.

Nun: No, no, no, he is not the deceiver. He is not the evil one we are looking for.

Chad: You sure? He's not?

Nun: You hear the guard. This monk work here in the Vatican. He is not the imposter.

Chad: Man, I'm sorry. How do you say, "I am sorry"?

Nun: Me spiacente.

Chad: Me spiacente.

Chad: This fake monk -- the evil one -- pulled a switcheroo.

Nun: [Speaks Italian]

Chad: Well, you said you saw him, the evil one. I saw that monk. I thought you meant him, so I chased him.

Nun: Hmm.

Chad: How'd the evil one get away?

Nun: He is very clever.

Chad: Where was the evil one going?

Nun: To the Pope's private room. There are secrets in that chamber.

Chad: Yeah, my priest friend told me that when we were in the Pope's chambers. What are these secrets all about?

Nun: In the wrong hands, they could destroy the church, destroy many people.

Chad: Whitney.

Sheridan: I knew it. I had such a strong feeling about this. Father is out there somewhere. He is not lying here. He is not in a coma. Oh, my God, what is he going to do to all those poor people in Rome? I've got to call Luis. I gotta warn him.

Sheridan: There's no signal. I have got to get in touch with Luis. His life is in danger.

Woman: [Speaking Italian]

Luis: Grazie.

Woman: Pity to cover such a beautiful face.

Luis: Yeah. Great, everyone here is wearing masks. Now how am I supposed to recognize Beth if she shows? Well, hopefully Sheridan will call with some explanation as to why we were all brought to Rome in the first place.

Whitney: Oh, good, I'm glad you are back.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Yes, I was nearly caught.

Whitney: Caught?

Alistair: In the Vatican, there are many enemies of the church there. Now, have you found something?

Whitney: Yes, I found what you were looking for. It's right here.

Alistair: Excellent, my child.

Alistair's voice: Now I can destroy my enemies.

Alistair: [Disguised voice] Well, Whitney, where is it?

Whitney: Well, it's right in front of you. It's right here.

On the Next Passions:

Kay: I was right. She is a mermaid. And you're mixed up with her, aren't you?

Fancy: There's no way Beth can hurt me.

Beth: Fancy has got to die, tonight.

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