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Gwen: And how are we supposed to do that? Theresa and J.T. Cornell are in Rome, and we are stuck here in Harmony.

Rebecca: Honey, Rome is a huge city. All right, what are the chances that she is just going to run into this editor? I mean, besides, the I.R.S. is after him, so he is on the lam. He's trying to keep a low profile, and Theresa doesn't even know what he looks like.

Gwen: Yeah, yet. I mean, Crane Industries could be sending her his picture as we speak.

Rebecca: Honey, take a deep breath, all right? There is not a chance in hell that Theresa will find J.T. Cornell.

Theresa: To you, Joe. Thank you for buying a fellow American a drink.

J.T.: Well, we've all got to stick together when we are in foreign lands. Do you speak Italian?

Theresa: No. Uh, no. I thought that my Spanish would come in handy, but I was wrong.

J.T.: Yeah, they both have Latin roots but very different. Personally, I think that Italian is so much more romantic. You know, you're not going to get to know Rome if you sit around this hotel room. What about going out to a club I know? Try it -- the Italian nightlife. It's fun.

Theresa: I -- look, I'm -- I'm in the middle of something. I can't.

J.T.: My loss.

[Phone rings] Excuse me. Let me get this.

Theresa: Ok.

Ethan: I was just up talking to Gwen.

Theresa: How nice for you.

Ethan: No, I wanted to tell you what Jane did. It was so cute. She tried to take the phone out of Gwen's hand. Gwen thinks she wanted to talk to me.

Theresa: That's adorable. Thank you for telling me.

Ethan: You know, I do try and keep you up to date on Jane's progress.

Theresa: I know.

Ethan: I miss her.

Theresa: You miss her.

Ethan: I mean, she's growing so fast. Who knows what I'm going to miss while I'm gone? I mean, luckily, Gwen is a fiend when it comes to the video camera. Every time Jane does something new, Gwen is right there to record it.

Theresa: Oh, that's Gwen for you. Super mom all the time.

Ethan: Don't.

J.T.: Ok. Move your feet, lose your seat.

Ethan: I'm sorry, were you -- were you sitting here?

Theresa: Oh, Ethan, Joe. He's a very nice man who has bought me a drink.

J.T.: Is this the man you were looking for?

Theresa: Uh, no.

J.T.: Ah, well, three is a crowd, as they say. Unless you changed your mind about that club.

Ethan: What club?

J.T.: Prometheus. It's a real hotspot.

Ethan: Sorry. She's not interested.

Theresa: Actually, you know what? You're absolutely right, Joe. How can I ever see Rome when I am, like, hanging out in a hotel with stuffy Americans? I say let's get out of here.

J.T.: Great.

Ethan: Theresa?

Theresa: It's ok, Ethan. You know what? Don't wait up because I don't know when I'll be back.

Ethan: Theresa. Be careful.

Simone: Is this the best or what? A room service hair stylist. Are we living the high life in Rome or what?

Paloma: And all thanks to Alistair's hidden stash of money.

Simone: Which we have barely put a dent in. I could get used to this.

Jessica: Hey, what are you two whispering about?

Paloma: [Speaking Italian]

Jessica: I am so grateful you two brought me here to Rome. It's like my whole life with Spike never happened.

Simone: It's over, Jess.

Paloma: Yeah, of course we brought you. The three musketeers would be silly with only two. Chicas, are we hot or what? We are here to solve a mystery in the city of lights.

Simone: Yep -- uh, wait. That's Paris. The city of lights -- yeah, Rome is the city of love.

Jessica: Mm-hmm, amore.

Noah: Good, you're still here. Hey, hey. Look, you guys, I don't want you to leave the hotel, ok? We all have to keep an eye on each other.

Paloma: Noah, relax. Just sit down and get your hair cut.

Noah: You know, I'm going to wait till I see my barber back in Harmony, which is soon I hope.

Jessica: Noah. Quit being such a spoilsport. We're in Rome, the city of amore.

Simone and Paloma: Amore.

Noah: My amore days are over. Fancy hates me.

Beth: So, let's go explore Rome.

Fancy: I really shouldn't. I sort of promised I'd stay with a group.

Beth: No, don't go back in there.

Fancy: Why not?

[Dance music playing]

Luis' voice: Can't find Fancy anywhere. Oh, I could kill her. How could she sneak out of the hotel knowing that she could be in danger?

Fancy: Ouch, that hurts. Let go of me.

Beth: Oh, I apologize. You know what? Ever since my husband cheated on me, I've just -- I've been an emotional wreck. Every little thing just sets me off.

Fancy: Oh, honey.

Beth: Don't go back in there. I mean, I'm so over men right now. It's hot. It's crowded. All those Italian guys are just groping you.

Fancy: Yeah, tell me about it.

Beth: Come on, let's -- let's just have a girl's night, ok? I could take you to so many amazing places you would never see with a tour guide.

Fancy: That sounds fun. I am not supposed to be alone, but I've got you, don't I?

Beth: Yes.

Fancy: Let's go see the sights.

Beth: Yay. Let's go.

Simone: Yeah, just take -- here. Thank you very much.

Woman: Grazie.

Jessica: Thank you.

Simone: Bye-bye, thanks.

Jessica: Well, what do you think?

Noah: Looks great. I mean, you all look great.

Jessica: Mio fratello. Hey, now look. I know you are all messed up missing Fancy, so why don't you hang out here with us? We can cheer you up.

Noah: What do you guys have planned?

Simone: Well, it's a surprise.

Noah: Ooh, I don't know. I -- I don't know if I am in for any more surprises, ok, after that sick e-mail Theresa got. I mean, someone lured us all here from Harmony to Rome and has marked one of us for death.

Jessica: Live fast, die young.

Paloma: Leave a good-looking corpse.

Noah: That's not funny, ok? This is very serious.

Simone: Listen, when three girls have money to burn -- trust me -- it is very, very serious. So, ladies, let's make the call.

Paloma: Let's shop till we drop.

Rebecca: Honey, would you stop all this pacing? I'm getting a crick in my neck just watching you.

Gwen: Mother, I can't help it. This whole situation with Theresa is making me crazy.

Rebecca: Ok, shall we hide the scalpels then?

Gwen: Theresa knows that J.T. is in Rome. I mean, Luis saw him there. He is in their hotel. If Theresa finds J.T., he's going to tell her everything.

Rebecca: I know, and then she'll be able to prove to Ethan that you are the one who ruined his life.

Gwen: Uh, we were the ones who ruined his life, remember? We're in this sinking boat together.

Rebecca: Gwen, would you stop worrying? Look, all we have to do is contact J -- this guy -- and then convince him that -- that he can just forget all about that we sent that file to his reporter.

Gwen: And how are we supposed to do that? We don't know him. We don't know how to contact him.

Rebecca: Well, you know, there might be a way.

Gwen: What does that mean?

Rebecca: Well, I might know how to get in touch with J.T. Cornell.

Gwen: You know him?

Rebecca: Well, y-y-yes.

Gwen: Mother, then find that sleazeball. Find that sleazeball, and shut him up, please. Theresa can't find out the truth.

[J.T. And Theresa laugh]

Theresa: I'm loving it here. Love this place. It's great.

J.T.: Great, great.

Theresa: Thanks.

J.T.: How about a drink?

Theresa: Yeah, sure. Um, uh -- wine spritzer.

J.T.: Oh, no, not in Italy. They take their wine seriously.

Theresa: Ok, then why don't you surprise me?

J.T.: You got it.

Theresa: Oh-ho, hey, I knew this was too good to last.

Luis: Ha ha, that's very funny.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Luis: Why did you leave the hotel?

Theresa: Well, I could ask you the same question.

Luis: You are the one who received a sick e-mail. Theresa, we're supposed to stick together. What are you doing here alone?

Theresa: I'm not alone, ok? I -- I met a really nice man at the hotel, and we are out to have a great time.

Luis: Oh, that's great. My sister is out with a perfect stranger.

Theresa: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hold on, Mr. Gloom and Doom. You are the one who told me to just, you know, forget about Ethan and move on, and give me a break. I'm trying. One night. Just for one night, please.

Luis: We're going back to the hotel.

Theresa: No, we're not.

Luis: Theresa.

Theresa: No -- no, why don't you take your own advice? Why don't you go, like, find another woman? Look at -- look around you.

Luis: That's great. This coming from you -- the woman who always says that Sheridan is going to come back to me.

Theresa: Well, uh, Luis, she is like on the other side of the ocean, so maybe a -- a nice, pretty girl, you know, could help you loosen up a bit.

Luis: You don't mean that.

Theresa: No, I don't. I don't. Ok, I just -- come on, don't criticize my every move, all right? All right, what happened to Fancy? You didn't find her.

Luis: No, I didn't find her. In fact, she's proving to be rather elusive not to mention stubborn. Can't believe I signed up for this.

Theresa: You're kind of taking this a little seriously, right?

Luis: Yeah, I am. She's starting to worry me. In fact, I'm going to go look for her.

Theresa: Ok, you do that. Oh, my God, Joe. You -- are -- an -- angel.

J.T.: What do you say to champagne?

Theresa: I love it. Thank you.

Beth: Come on, what's wrong?

Fancy: Oh, um, it sounds like fun, but, you know, I -- I should go back to the club.

Beth: Oh, but -- lookie what I got.

Fancy: Oh, my -- where did you get that?

Beth: I, um, stole it from the waiter's table when he wasn't looking.

Fancy: You are just like a friend of mine -- Esme. She is wild.

Beth: Well, I can be a little wild, I guess. Yeah. Come on, Rome is waiting for us. Let's go.

Fancy: All right, you're on.

Beth: Ah, ok, let's go. Champagne...

Luis: Fancy! Fancy?! Is that her? Fancy! What the hell is wrong with her? Fancy!

Rebecca: Honey, would you let go of me? You know how easily I bruise.

Gwen: Mother, how do you know how to get in touch with the tabloid editor?

Rebecca: Well, let's just say that J.T. Cornell and I share a past.

Gwen: As if I don't know what that means.

Rebecca: For your information, J.T. and I used to work together. Oh, we shared a moment in history as -- as young journalists.

Gwen: You never worked a day in your life.

Rebecca: Au contraire. There are just parts of my life that I have not chosen to divulge.

Gwen: Like?

Rebecca: Like for instance, I once tried my hand at roving photojournalism just like Jackie O. did before she married Jack Kennedy. Oh, I set out on my own with my trusty little camera to show the world the real U.S. of A.

Gwen: Oh, just like that old "Life" magazine, right?

Rebecca: Ah, exactly, except without all those icky poor people. I wanted to show them real Americans from millionaires on up, but for some reason blue-blooded society never really accepted me in my new career.

Gwen: I wonder why that is. Could it be that the only photos I ever saw of yours were x-rated?

Rebecca: Excuse me. I was very dedicated to my profession. I mean, there I was snap, snap, snapping away at every single social function with my trusty Nakon.

Gwen: Nikon.

Rebecca: Did they change the name?

Gwen: I don't buy this for a minute.

Rebecca: Wha -- fine. Fine. You can be that way. But trust me, I could tell you stories about New York society that would make your hair stand on end.

{Rebecca: Oh, my. It's so warm in here, J.T. Why don't you take your coat off?

J.T.: Mrs. Hotchkiss, I can't tell you how grateful I am that you've agreed to help me.

Rebecca: Would you mind if I took your picture?

J.T.: Sure, if you want. For your archives?

Rebecca: My stud book. Ah, 'K.

J.T.: I, uh -- I think you have to take the lens cap off.

Rebecca: Oh.

[Giggles] Silly me. Ha. Um, is that this thing?

J.T.: Let me. You know, this is my first job out of journalism school, and I cannot wait to learn about the ins and outs of high society.

Rebecca: You and me both, honey. You and me both. }

Ethan: There you are. So where's your new boyfriend?

Theresa: Uh, he's around. You following me?

Ethan: You shouldn't be here. This club's got a bad rep.

Theresa: Ok. Um, who are you? And, um, I think I'm allowed to have a good time. I -- I'm not thinking I need your permission.

Ethan: Theresa, whoever connived to get us all to Rome could be watching us at this very moment, all right? And who knows which one of us is in danger?

Theresa: Is that the only reason you're here?

Ethan: Why else would I?

Theresa: Maybe you don't like seeing me out having a good time with other men.

Ethan: [Scoffs] Don't be absurd. I'm worried about you.

Theresa: Of course, you are -- because you love me with every fiber of your being.

Ethan: Don't be ridiculous.

Jessica: There, you look hot. If you don't mind hearing that from your sister. You've got to buy it.

Noah: Jessica, this jacket costs more than I make in a month.

Jessica: It's only money.

Noah: [Sighs]

Jessica: But isn't this fantastic? You can't go to the shop, the shop comes to you.

Noah: Yeah, put this back on the rack, please.

Jessica: Noah, no, it looks perfect on you.

Woman: Very sexy, yes.

Noah: Thank you -- thank you, ladies, but look, when I go home, I go back to work as a bartender. Where am I going to wear that in Harmony?

Jessica: Please.

Noah: Look, this is your shopping spree, remember?

Paloma: He's got that right.

Noah: Look, not like it's any of my business or anything, but how are you guys affording to pay for all this stuff? I mean, Theresa is not paying, is she? All these clothes -- they must cost a fortune.

Paloma: Well, I saved a lot baby-sitting.

Simone: Yeah, and I never used any of the money that I got when I graduated from high school, so...

Noah: Ok, well, have fun.

[Girls cheer]

Noah: This is such a waste of time. I have to find Lena and shake some answers out of her, and then I can tell Fancy the truth.

[Knock on door]

Spike: Hey.

Lena: What the hell are you doing here?

Spike: Eh, the monk sent for me.

Lena: No, impossible. You're the last person on earth who should be here.

Spike: Oh, really? And why is that?

Lena: Because you are the one Noah is looking for. If he finds you here, it's all over.

Beth: Beautiful, aren't they?

Fancy: Uh, yes, but creepy. I've been to Rome many times, and I never knew the ruins were here.

Beth: Just think -- Julius Caesar could have been standing right where you are now.

Fancy: Let's hope it's not when he was stabbed to death. Mm, this place is perfect for a horror movie.

Beth: I know. It's so secluded that -- that somehow all the sound gets muffled around here. So you could be screaming your head off and not a soul could hear you.

Fancy: Stop it. You're scaring me.

Luis: Fancy?! Fancy, where are you? Fancy! Damn it. I know she came in here with that woman. Fancy!

[Distant scream]

Luis: Oh, that doesn't sound good. Fancy?

Gwen: Come back, little Sheba. Come back.

Rebecca: Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart. I was just remembering when J.T. and I were working on a project together.

Gwen: When you seduced the poor guy.

Rebecca: Look, he was not poor. He was a college graduate, and he needed my professional advice. It was mutually beneficial. He needed an entree into society, and I needed --

Gwen: Oh, stop right there.

Rebecca: Fine, let's just say I was happy to teach him what I knew.

{J.T.: I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Every time I try to interview one of these blue bloods, they immediately clam up and walk away.

Rebecca: Well, maybe you need to perfect your technique.

J.T.: Well, how do I do that?

Rebecca: Well, why don't I show you a little trick I've learned?

J.T.: Mrs. Hotchkiss.

Rebecca: Well, that will certainly get their attention. Now, what kind of equipment do you bring for these interviews?

J.T.: What do you mean?

Rebecca: Oh, honey.

J.T.: Mrs. Hotchkiss.

Rebecca: You know, from what I can see, you have exactly the right equipment to do a very in-depth interview. }

Ethan: I don't love you, Theresa. I'm worried about you. That's all.

Theresa: Ok, you just keep telling yourself that.

Ethan: Look, we all agreed that for the moment, we'll keep an eye on each other's backs. That's why I am here. Now, you're not helping any by waltzing off into the night with the first guy that you meet.

Theresa: Actually, Joe has been a perfect gentleman, and there he is right now. Hi, Joe.

J.T.: Ah, what did I miss?

Theresa: Ah, well, you know -- I --

J.T.: You again.

Theresa: Yeah, I'm sorry. He's like a one-man fan club.

J.T.: No offense, guy, but the lady and I are on a date, and you keep popping out of the woodwork.

Ethan: You know, why don't you just wait one --

Theresa: It's ok. It's ok, Ethan. It's ok. You just ignore him, ok? Because he's, like, an old friend of mine, and I'm -- right now, I'm really interested in making new friends. So, see you. Let's go dance, Joe.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Dance, dance, dance excuse me.

[Humming] Whoo! That's what I'm talking about.

J.T.: Well, you are a lot friendlier.

Theresa: [Giggles] Well, just keep on dancing, ok?

Jessica: Are you ready?

Noah: Any time.

Singer: She's got starlight in her hair people see her everywhere money don't matter she's got style to go she has a secret that they all want to know he looks at her like she's the only girl blue skies flow in her eyes she's queen of the world she's the only girl now, baby, baby the only girl... she's the queen of the world

Noah: You look gorgeous. Jessica, you know, I'm really glad you're having so much fun again for a change.

Jessica: Thanks, Noah.

Noah: Life's a lot better when you're not wasted, isn't it?

Jessica: Yeah, it is.

Noah: I got to get out of here. I have to find the guy who killed Lena's partner and find the package and get it back to her. Then hopefully, the FBI will sweep in and have her arrested, and I can tell Fancy the truth.

Paloma: Talking to yourself?

Noah: Yeah, it's a bad habit. Listen, guys, I have something very important to attend to, so promise me you won't leave the hotel until I get back.

Jessica: Sure.

Simone: I guess.

Noah: Great. All right. Now, don't move.

Jessica: Bye, Noah. Be careful.

Noah: See you guys.


Fancy: What was that? It sounds like a ghost.

Beth: Ooh, maybe it's Julius Caesar.

Fancy: Stop it.

Beth: [Giggles] It's just some feral cats. They're all over Rome. Poor little things.

Fancy: Well, I've never heard a creepier sound than that.

Beth: Oh, I have. Don't worry, you get used to it.

Fancy: Not me.

Beth: Oh.

Fancy: Oh, what a shame. That was really good champagne.

Beth: Ah, I've had plenty. Anyway I want to show you -- look, you see that arch down there?

Fancy: Uh-huh.

Beth: Supposedly, that's where they used to execute promiscuous women.

Fancy: That's terrible.

Beth: Yep, the Romans were devoted to a strong family, so any woman that broke up a marriage was severely punished.

Luis: Fancy!

Fancy: Who is that? Do you hear that?

Luis: Fancy.

Fancy: Oh.

Luis: Hey.

Fancy: Hi.

Luis: God. Are you ok?

Fancy: Yeah, I'm fine. I was with -- oh, my God. That's funny.

Beth: Luis, damn. I was so close to killing that bitch.

Gwen: Mother, I really don't need the details.

Rebecca: Oh, but that's where the devil is.

{J.T.: Mrs. Hotchkiss? You're amazing.

Rebecca: I am, aren't I? So, ready for round three?

J.T.: Where did you learn --

Rebecca: Ah, never you mind, but, you know, I have a lot I could teach a willing student.

J.T.: How can I pay my tuition?

Rebecca: Well, you can start by getting out from under that sheet. Oh, I have to get a tripod for that silly camera.

J.T.: If all my lessons are going to be like this, I'm going to owe you so much.

Rebecca: [Giggles] You got that straight, mister. }

Gwen: Mother, snap out of it. Listen, I don't care what you used to do with J.T. Cornell, but I need to find him. Now, do you still have his phone number?

Rebecca: Uh, yeah, somewhere.

Gwen: What are these?

Rebecca: Well, it's just a few friends.

Gwen: These are all men.

Rebecca: Well, yeah, what other kind of friend is there?

Gwen: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Here it is -- J.T. Cornell. Oh, my -- number here.

Rebecca: Oh, yeah, that is his number in Rome. He called me right before he split town. Oh, you know, after my little "class," he proved to be very talented.

Gwen: Oh, for your sake, you better hope that number still works.

Rebecca: Well, honey, it's been a while.

Gwen: Call him now.

Rebecca: Fine. Fine, you don't have to get testy.

J.T.: You are amazing.

Theresa: Oh, thank you. You just keep on dancing, baby.

Ethan: God, she's absurd. I know just what she's doing. She's trying to make me jealous. Well, it's not going to work, Theresa, because I am happy with my wife and my daughter.

Ethan: I'm not jealous. I'm not. I just have to protect Theresa. God, I hope that we can get the answers we need and leave Rome soon. I have got to get back to Gwen and Jane.

Spike: Well, it's really nice to see you, too. Now, what the hell are you talking about? What does that fool Noah Bennett want with me?

Lena: Do you remember that man you killed?

Spike: Which one?

Lena: Focus. It was a few years back downstate in an attic close to that college, remember?

Spike: Of course I remember that guy. So what?

Lena: I told Noah a bunch of lies.

Spike: You know, you are good at that.

Lena: Shut up. I told him that the victim was my partner and that I don't know who killed him or made off with a certain package.

Spike: What?

Lena: That's why he thinks he's been brought here -- to identify and track down the killer for me.

Spike: That dude is a fool.

Lena: Yes, but if he sees you here, it's all over. He'll realize that the whole thing is an elaborate charade to destroy him and that idiot girl, Fancy.

[Knock on door] Who's there?

Noah: Noah Bennett. I want some answers.

Lena: Wait.

Noah: I've waited long enough.

Lena: You have to get out of here.

Spike: Oh, really? Where?

Noah: I'm coming in whether you like it or not.

Lena: What do we do?

Spike: Listen to me. Don't you worry, ok? This Noah Bennett is going to be no problem.

Lena: A gentleman doesn't barge in on a lady.

Noah: You find me a lady, and I'll find my manners.

Lena: I'd watch that glib tongue of yours if I were you. What do you want?

Noah: Answers.

Lena: Whatever do you mean?

Noah: You brought me all the way out here to Rome to find your partner's killer, and now you just let me hang out? What is going on? If you want me to make progress, I need more information.

Lena: I've been thinking. You may already have the answers you need.

Noah: What do you mean?

Lena: You say you and Maya are the only ones who witnessed the murder that night in the attic.

Noah: Yes, but we never saw the killer.

Lena: Are you sure?

Noah: Yes, I'm positive. I told you that from the beginning.

Lena: Over the years, I've witnessed some very interesting mental phenomena while some of our opponents were being -- questioned.

Noah: Mm, tortured, you mean.

Lena: Memories they didn't even know they had popped into the forefront of their mind. Look within yourself. You may have the answers to our mystery already. All you have to do is find the key.

Noah: You're nuts. You know that? I'm beginning to think that you are lying to me, that this is just some wild goose chase.

Lena: Don't be absurd.

Noah: Why are you acting so nervous?

Lena: I'm not nervous in the least.

Noah: You're hiding someone. Who is it?

Lena: Don't.

Fancy: Where did she go?

Luis: Hey. Hey, what is wrong with you, huh? I told you not to leave the hotel. You snuck out anyway.

Fancy: Oh, yeah, you're right. I shouldn't have done that, but I'm glad to see you because this place gives me the willies.

Luis: Yeah, right? Well, why did you leave then?

Fancy: Oh, I told you. I couldn't stand being cooped up like that.

Luis: You promised that you were going to stay. You know, I -- I don't want you out here, especially alone.

Fancy: I'm not alone. I'm with a friend. Where is she?

Luis: What? Who? The girl that you were with at the club?

Fancy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, she -- she was here a second ago. She's that American girl that I met at that caf.

Luis: Yeah, right. Well, why would she walk off and leave you out here alone?

Fancy: I don't know. Maybe she had to go to the bathroom.

Luis: Well, come on, let's get the hell out of here. This place gives me the creeps. It's too isolated. Let's go out to the streets where there are people.

Fancy: No -- no, no, no, no -- no, I can't just walk away and leave her. Please look around. She has to be here somewhere.

Luis: All right.

J.T.'s voice: Hey, hey, it's Joe. You know what to do.

Rebecca: J.T., honey? Hi, it's Rebecca, your, uh, teacher. Oh, I do hope you've been a good boy, or I'm going to have to discipline you.

Gwen: Get to the point.

Rebecca: I got his machine. Hi, J.T.? Yeah, listen, this is very, very urgent. You have to hightail it out of Rome as soon as you can. Yes, I have a very good friend who told me that the I.R.S. Is after you, and they could come crashing through your door at any minute. But listen, don't talk to anyone, especially not any haggard-looking Latino women who wear too much eye makeup. I have it on very good authority that the I.R.S. hired a bunch of them from the border to do their dirty work, and you know what they're like. I mean, they're like ravenous dogs. So get out of Rome as soon as you can, all right? And then once you do, call me on my special number. Oh, and be careful. There. Are you happy now?

Gwen: No, not till he calls back.

Rebecca: Honey, you are overreacting. Theresa wouldn't know J.T. Cornell from a hole in the ground.

Gwen: Uh, what if Crane Industries sends her his photo?

J.T.: Oh, you are the hottest thing to come around since --

Theresa: Ah, since when?

J.T.: Nothing. It was a long time ago in New York.

Ethan: Theresa, what's wrong with you? All right, I have had enough of this.

[Phone rings] Ethan Winthrop.

Michael: Mr. Winthrop, it's Michael at the Crane security office. Has Mrs. Crane seen the photo of J.T. Cornell we faxed?

Ethan: I don't know. You can e-mail it to my phone, and I can show it to her if you'd like.

Michael: I'll transmit it now.

Ethan: All right, thank you, Michael.

Ethan: This can't be J.T. Cornell. I mean, this -- this is the same guy that Theresa is dancing with. Theresa, no! Theresa, wait!

Paloma: You take dollars, don't you?

Woman: Si, of course.

Paloma: And this is for bringing all these clothes up to our room. You'll be rehanging them all night.

Woman: Oh, grazie mille, signorina, grazie.

Paloma: Grazie, grazie.

Jessica: We look hot.

Paloma: I know.

Simone: I wonder when Noah is coming back.

Jessica: I don't know. He said he had something important to do.

Paloma: I guess we're on our own.

Simone: No, no, no. We can't leave. We are not supposed to be alone, remember?

Paloma: There are three of us, Simone. Do you call that alone? Come on. How many times will we be here in Rome with all this money?

Simone: Well, ok, let's just paint the town red.

All: Yay!

Lena: Oh, there they are. I've been looking all over for these shoes.

Noah: What are you hiding?

Lena: Don't make me lose my temper, Noah. I'm not hiding anything.

Fancy: Ouch.

Luis: What happened?

Fancy: I banged my knee. Yeah. Trust me, I've proved I'm a klutz in almost every country in the world.

Luis: All right, don't hurt yourself, ok?

Fancy: I don't know where my friend went, but I guess she left. That's so odd. I hope she's ok. She was really sweet.

Luis: Yeah, well, can we -- can we get out of here? This place is kind of freaking me out.

Fancy: Beware of the ghosts of Rome that walk at night.

Luis: All right, don't start with me, ok? Seriously, those skeletons in the catacombs -- they already filled my creep quota for the year.

Fancy: Yeah, you never know when danger is lurking around the corner.

Luis: Yeah, that's what scares me. Can we go?

Fancy: Ok.

Luis: Come on. All right?

Beth: Little blonde bitch, just throwing herself at him, snuggling all up to his body. Whore. She's worse than Auntie Sher-Sher. You are not going to get away with it. You are dead, Fancy Crane -- dead.

On the Next Passions:

Beth: Some women just beg to be taught a lesson.

Theresa: Fate is smiling down on me.

Gwen: Please tell me that is not Theresa you were talking to.

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