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Tabitha: Oh, my stars. Oh, my bowl is getting worse than the internet. If it gets any hotter, even I won't be able to watch. What am I going to do with you, Endora? That spell you cast on the beach is working far too well. Miguel is as into Siren as that vacuous mermaid is into him.

Tabitha: Oh, poor Kay. I tried to warn her, but would she listen? No, of course not. She's going to have to make a choice sooner or later -- which hunk is the hunk for her, Se˝or Miguel or Monsieur Fox.

Tabitha: Well, we shall see, won't we?

Kay: Don't they ever come up for air?

Fox: I went back to the shack to look for Siren and Miguel, but I couldn't find them. Well, looks like we found them.

Kay: Yeah, don't you hate it when people make out in public?

Fox: We have. I've never known you to be such a prude. And you say they don't have chemistry? What do you call that?

Ethan: What am I -- no. No, stop.

Theresa: Yes, yes, you want to. I know you do.

Ethan: No, I don't. No, I don't.

Theresa: Yes, you do, Ethan. Ethan, I just heard you. I heard you. The bellman -- he came here, he said you got another room available, and you said no.

Ethan: Whoa.

Theresa: You chose to stay with me.

Ethan: You got it wrong. You got it wrong, ok? That email was a direct threat to any one of us from Harmony, ok? I am here for one reason -- to protect you, just to protect you. Just like Luis is bunking up with Fancy to protect her. Ok?

Theresa: You know what, you can lie to everybody else. You don't need to lie to me, ok? You want to protect me because you want to stay with me.

Ethan: No, that's not -- no, no.

Theresa: Ok. You can't deny that kiss, right? For a moment everything in this world disappeared except for you and me. Fate has brought us here to the most romantic city in this world so we can be together.

Beth: Damn it, I wish I could hear better.

Fancy: I don't need --

Luis: I'm not leaving your side for one minute. Hey, I gave up my room for you, you know.

Fancy: Oh, how romantic.

Beth: Romantic?

Luis: Look at this. Found some playing cards. I know lots of games two people can play together.

Fancy: Oh, goody. Maybe we could play strip poker.

Beth: Strip poker? God, he just gives up his room to stay with her, and now they're going to be playing dirty games? That little slut is just like her Aunt Sher-Sher -- a man trap. Don't worry, Luis, I am not going to let her get her claws into you. Fancy Crane is dead.

Kay: Ouch, what if she throws his back out?

Fox: They're into each other, got it? Why does it bother you?

Kay: It doesn't.

Fox: Uh-huh. All this talk about protecting Miguel is starting to sound pretty lame, sweetheart. The fact is you can't stand Siren.

Kay: Well, there's something wrong with her, Fox. She's been hanging all over Miguel since she gave him mouth-to-mouth the other night.

Fox: And saved his life. So what? So she's into him and she's not afraid to show it. I think it's kind of refreshing to meet a woman who doesn't play games.

Kay: I just don't want him to get hurt.

Fox: Miguel can take care of himself. In fact, in my professional opinion, I'd say he's doing quite well.

Kay: Yeah, well, he's only giving in to her because he's on the rebound from Charity, so --

Fox: Oh, come off of it, Kay. You saw them at the photo shoot. Look at them now. They can't keep their hands off of each other. And that heat, it's showing up on film. You know, thanks to you, we've discovered the world's first supermodel couple. It's going to make millions for Crane Industries.

Fox: Wow. Why haven't we tried that yet?

Kay: I always hated gymnastics.

Fox: And you said they don't have any chemistry. Look at them go. They're like a nuclear reaction. I almost envy them.

Fox: Man, where did that come from?

Kay: You want chemistry?

Fox: Yeah.

Kay: Make love to me. Take me home right now and make love to me all night.

Tabitha: Oh, dear, if Kay thinks she can get Miguel out of her head by making love to Fox, she has another think coming. Because Miguel isn't in her head. He's in her heart.

Ethan: You know, your reliance on fate is crazy.

Theresa: But it did bring us here.

Ethan: No, it didn't bring us here. Fate did not bring us here. We came here for one specific reason, because we were both concerned about our sisters' welfare, Theresa. Thank God they're safe right now in their rooms.

Theresa: Yeah, and now we have time for us, in a city built for lovers. We can find our love again, Ethan. It's fate.

Ethan: Will you stop, please? No! You were the one that received this email that said someone from Harmony is going to die in Rome. Fate did not bring us here, Theresa. Someone very evil has something very sick planned for all of us. And if that email is correct, one of us is in danger. My plan being here in Rome is to make sure that Jessica is safe and that everyone else is safe. If I happen to help Luis find Beth and Marty, great. Or if I happen to help Chad find Whitney, wonderful. But make no mistake, as soon as I can I'm going back to Harmony, because I want to be with Gwen and my daughter.

Theresa: You don't mean that.

Ethan: Let me -- let me put it to you in words with one syllable. I want to go home to Gwen and Jane.

Theresa: Ethan, I haven't forgotten that we're in terrible danger, but really good things can come out of bad situations.

Ethan: Oh, God, you know, you need to come back to earth just for a second and face reality, Theresa. We are not two star-crossed lovers in some war movie that just happened to get together right before the credits run, ok? We're not a couple. We came to Rome as individuals, and that's the way we're going to leave. And if you keep this up, you know, we'll be lucky if we leave Rome as friends. You understand me?

Beth: Damn it, I wish they'd speak up. I can't hear anything anymore.

Fancy: Luis, you're sweet. But knock off the babysitting act. I'm perfectly fine, and I don't need you to camp out in my room. I don't want protection.

Luis: You saw the email, ok? Now, until we find out which sick bastard sent it, we have to consider that as a serious threat. One of us from Harmony is slated to die here in Rome.

Fancy: Oh, please. Don't lump me in with everyone else from small-town Harmony. I'm an international party girl, remember? That email wasn't referring to me.

Luis: You don't know that.

Fancy: The only reason I came to Rome was to forget about Noah. I would have if he hadn't shown up out of the blue, hanging on to that Maya creature.

Luis: You should give Noah another chance.

[Fancy scoffs]

Luis: Yeah. Or maybe eventually he'll be able to explain what actually happened between him and Maya.

Fancy: Uh-uh, I am not falling for that again. Every time I give him the benefit of the doubt, I find him cheating on me with Maya. Luis, all I want to do is forget about Noah.

Luis: Maybe you should go read a good book, then. I'm going to call Interpol, see if they got any new leads on Beth and Marty.

Fancy: I'm going shopping.

Luis: What? I thought you said you were going take a nap.

Fancy: Well, that was then, this is now. I'm tired of being cooped up in this room.

Luis: Look, bad idea, ok? Someone could be on the other side of that door just waiting to hurt you.

Fancy: Ooh, there's a big bad wolf just on the other side of that door. I've had bodyguards before, Luis, and let me tell you something -- they do what I tell them to do, not the other way around. I'm going shopping.

Luis: The hell you are.

Beth: So, the minute Sheridan marries another man, Luis just goes right out, finds another Crane woman to like. I should've killed Sheridan the day she came back to Harmony, and I am not going to make the same mistake twice. How am I gonna get close enough to Fancy to kill her?

Maid: Signora.

Beth: Oh, you startled me.

Maid: You are a guest here, yes? Do you need help?

Beth: Oh -- oh. Um, yes. You are just a little angel from heaven, aren't you.

Theresa: Sometimes you can be very cruel.

Ethan: I'm not being cruel. I'm just being realistic.

Theresa: Well, all I've ever wanted was to be a family with you and --

Ethan: What, what?

Theresa: I didn't realize how late it was. Can we fight later, please?

Ethan: Theresa, I was through fighting years ago, ok? It's you that won't let this go.

Theresa: I promised little Ethan that I would read to him. You know, studies show that children's parents who read to their children are better readers themselves, so -- ok. Sweetheart, are you there? It's mommy.

Nanny: Mrs. Crane, he's right here. We've been waiting for you to call.

Little Ethan: Hi, Mommy. How is Italy?

Theresa: Oh, sweetheart, hi. Italy is just -- it's wonderful, and I can tell you all about it once I get back home. Are you ready? Ready to learn more about Pinocchio?

Little Ethan: You bet.

Theresa: Ok. Oh, I -- let me just tell you one thing real quick. Ok, the Italian girls and boys out here -- they all know Pinocchio. He's like a national treasure here, so -- look what I got you.

Little Ethan: Cool.

Theresa: I can't wait to give it to you. All right. Got your copy with you?

Nanny: We have it right here.

Theresa: Beautiful. Ok, do you remember where we left off? Because I'm thinking it was, like, something about Pinocchio being swallowed by the whale. So, "in the darkness of the whale's belly, Pinocchio started to sob."

Little Ethan: He was scared?

Theresa: Well, yeah, he was totally scared. "And all of a sudden Pinocchio heard a voice. 'What kind of fish are you?' Pinocchio gasped and said, 'who's there?' The voice replied, 'it is I, the porpoise. I didn't know any fish were made of wood.' Pinocchio was angry and said, 'I'm not a fish. I'm a marionette, and I'm gonna be a real boy soon.' Then Pinocchio realized that the porpoise might think he was rude and said, 'Mr. Porpoise, what are we supposed to do down here in the dark?' The porpoise laughed and said, 'wait to be digested, I suppose.'"

Little Ethan: Who's laughing? Is that Uncle Ethan?

Ethan: Yep, it's me, buddy.

Little Ethan: When are you coming back? I need to practice catching for t-ball.

Ethan: I know. Hopefully soon, soon. Soon, I hope.

Little Ethan: Can you come to another game? It was really fun last time.

Ethan: Of course I will, of course I will. You're getting really good, you know.

Little Ethan: Thanks. I miss you, Uncle Ethan. I wish I could see you every day.

Ethan: I miss you, too, buddy. How's batting practice going?

Little Ethan: Boring.

Ethan: Boring?

Little Ethan: Uncle Ethan, we just do the same thing over and over.

Ethan: Yeah, I know, buddy. That's how you get good at it.

Little Ethan: Oh -- let me show you my new catcher's mask.

Theresa's voice: Little Ethan should see Ethan every day, and he should call him "Daddy," not "Uncle."

Ethan: Hey. Don't feel bad that you're separated from him right now, because everybody knows how much you love little Ethan.

Theresa: Thank you.

Ethan: It's all right.

Theresa: I just -- can you please be there for him? You know? Julian is very kind to him, but you know what he's like. You know, he does need that male role model.

Ethan: Theresa, I'll be there for him. Whenever he needs me and then some.

Little Ethan: What do you think?

Ethan: Whoo, smokin'!

Miguel: Oh, you're incredible.

Siren: Make love to me, Miguel.

Miguel: Yes.

Miguel: Siren, wait, we can't do this. This is a public beach.

Siren: So?

Miguel: There could be kids around, Siren.

Siren: They can watch. They'll learn something.

Miguel: Siren -- Siren, stop. We can't, really. You're kidding, right?

Siren: Am I?

Miguel: Wait. Wait, this is the beach. This is the beach I was on that night.

Siren: That night?

Miguel: Yeah, I was standing right here. It was years ago, I mean, way before I met Charity. We were out here with a bunch of kids. We were all wondering how to meet girls, and -- and one of these guys, Apollo -- he was this exchange student from Greece -- told us the weirdest story. In his country, if you want to meet a girl, the best way to meet her is to write down a complete description about her. Then he told us to make this little, little box and put the description inside, and then we throw it into the sea so that Poseidon, the God of the Sea, could read it and help find the right woman for us. I mean, we were only 15. I mean, it sounds silly.

Siren: And you did this?

Miguel: Yeah. I stood right here and I grabbed my little box and I threw it into the ocean. God knows what happened to it. I mean, it's probably buried at the bottom of the sea by now, or somewhere near Australia. Who knows? But I'm thirsty. Do you want something? How about a Sea Breeze?

Siren: That sounds perfect, whatever it is.

Miguel: Coming right up.

Siren: If anyone can find that box, it's me. Besides, Poseidon owes me one. Let's see if I'm Miguel's dream girl.

Fox: Oh, wow, Kay. Whatever has gotten into you, let's remember it for next time.

Kay: Make love to me.

Fox: Yeah, let's do it. Let's go upstairs.

Kay: No, I can't wait that long.

Fox: Oh, yes.

{Miguel: I'm so glad we built these for the girls. Remember that one your dad put up for us when we were little?

Kay: And it kept falling over.

Miguel: Usually with me in it.

Kay: Ugh.

Miguel: See that scar?

Kay: No.

Miguel: Oh, come on.

Kay: Oh. That dinky little line?

Miguel: Hey, when I was 7 that was major trauma. You kept pushing me off the swing set.

Kay: Oh, and you cut your arm open. I remember. And you cried all day.

Miguel: After I knocked you down.

Kay: We were terrible.

Miguel: Every time I see a swing set, I think of that day. I think of you. Seems like swing sets and Kay Bennett are linked in my mind forever. It's our special little spot. }

Fox: Oh, Kay, I love you so much.

Kay: I can't, I can't.

Fox: What? Why?

Kay: Not here, not on the swings.

Fox: Why? Two seconds ago you couldn't wait to go upstairs. Why can't we make love on the swing?

Little Ethan: Bye, Mommy. Love you.

Theresa: I love you, too, baby, and I'll read to you again at the same time tomorrow, ok?

Little Ethan: Will Uncle Ethan be there?

Ethan: You bet I'll be here, sport.

Little Ethan: I love you, Uncle Ethan.

Ethan: I love you, too.

Theresa: That was nice of you. The way you talked to him.

Ethan: Theresa, I wasn't being nice. He's a great kid. I like talking to him.

Theresa: Well, he is the best part of me. You know, I'm ashamed of how I got pregnant with him -- going down to the islands with Julian and --

Ethan: Hey, hey, hey. We don't have to talk about that.

Theresa: It hurt our relationship very much. But that one drunken night with Julian did give me my little boy. And it's like I said to you earlier -- you know, great things can come out of horrible situations.

Ethan: It's not the same, Theresa.

Theresa: Of course it is. My biggest joy in my life came out of my biggest mistake. Losing you.

Fox: What happened? Two seconds ago you couldn't wait to make love. Why can't we make love on the swing?

Kay: Fox, it's broad daylight. What if Tabitha and Endora are in the kitchen? I mean, she's a little too young to see that kind of stuff, don't you think?

Fox: Yeah. Ok, come on, let's go upstairs, then. Miguel and Siren are not the only ones in town with sexual chemistry.

Kay: No, they're not.

Fox: Ooh. Come on.

Tabitha: Here comes Fox and Auntie Kay.

Fox: Hello, ladies.

Tabitha: Oh, oh -- Kay, I need to have a word with you.

Kay: Oh, it can wait, can't it?

Fox: We got to take care of something.

Kay: Something urgent.

Fox: Yeah, it's for business. We got to go.

Kay: Right.

Tabitha: Really, since when did my house become la maison d'amour? I'm warning you, Kay. You can't forget one man by making love to another.

Miguel: Siren?

Miguel: Siren?

Siren: Right here.

Miguel: Sorry it took long.

Siren: Have I got a surprise for you.

Miguel: It's unbelievable. That's my box. My God, how did you find it?

Siren: I was just digging in the sand, and out it popped. Is that a coincidence or what?

Miguel: I'll say.

Siren: Well, open it. I want to hear the description of your dream girl.

Miguel: You know, as I remember, you might find it very interesting.

Fancy: Kindly get out of my way, Luis. I'm going shopping.

Luis: Don't be silly.

Fancy: Luis, when I'm upset, I spend money.

Luis: If you're upset, call Noah.

Fancy: But you're the one who's upsetting me. Just back off and let me out of here.

Luis: No. I swore that I'd protect you and that's what I'm going to do.

Fancy: Did I ask you to protect me? No. But you just rammed your way into my life like some bull. I am leaving. No one is going to hurt me.

Luis: I am not joking. We are in danger. There could be someone on the other side of that door just waiting to kill you.

Maid: Signora, do you need any help?

Beth: Could you just help me with my door?

Maid: Oh, this is your room?

Beth: Mm-hmm. It'll do.

Beth: Ok.

Beth: It's not too shabby. Luis likes blondes. See if this gets his attention. Fancy Crane, you are so dead.

Ethan: You know, haven't we talked enough about us for one day?

Theresa: Actually, you misunderstood me. See, if I had the chance to go back in time to our wedding day, I wouldn't change a thing. I would still go to Bermuda, I would still convince Julian into taking you back into the family, I would still get drunk, and I would still end up in bed. And even though it kills me to think that that's part of the reason why I lost you, I can't imagine my life without my son.

Ethan: I'm gonna do whatever I can to help you with him, because God knows he has a tough road ahead of him. It's not easy being the heir to the Crane empire.

Theresa: And you know I didn't plan this for him, but I'm trying to look at this as, like, a really great opportunity for him. My son is going to grow up to take over the Crane empire, and he is going to run it to benefit the community.

Ethan: I'll admit the steps that you've taken with the company are definitely in the right direction, Theresa.

Theresa: Thank you. I'm trying. Frankly, I'm actually trying to run it the way that I think that you would. I wish you'd just come back to work, you know?

Ethan: Theresa, look --

Theresa: I really do.

Ethan: No, don't go there. It's not going to happen.

Theresa: If we worked together, you know, we can make a real difference in this world.

Ethan: I wish you luck. I can't and I won't, no.

Theresa: Well, I'm not going to give up hope. I just want you to know that the entire Crane staff, they are -- they're searching for that J.T. Cornell, the editor of "Daily Private Lives." They're going to find him, Ethan, and when they do, he is going to have the proof that I need to show you that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sold you out to the tabloid.

Ethan: You never give up, do you?

Theresa: No. No, I don't, not when the cause is just. And I will find that proof, Ethan, and when I do, you will leave Gwen, you will come back to me professionally and personally, just the way it's supposed to be.

Miguel: Hey, it's not even wet. Ok, now, before I read this, you have to remember I was only 15 when I wrote it.

Miguel: It reads -- "Dear Poseidon -- How's it going? I hope you're well. Please, please, pretty please, send me the girl of my dreams. You'll know her when you see her. She's strong, independent, smart, funny, and beautiful."

Siren: And a good swimmer?

Miguel: You're funny. "Very yours truly, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. P.S. -- If you find my scuba mask down there, could you please send it back?"

Siren: Oh, you lost your scuba mask, too?

Miguel: Huh? That was years ago, but -- you know, this could be a description of you.

Siren: You don't mean that.

Miguel: Sure, I do. I mean, you're strong, independent. Nothing scares you except for Fluffy. And you're smart, and I already said you're funny. And you're beautiful. I mean, "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" beautiful.

Siren: That's good?

Miguel: Oh, yeah.

Siren: Thank you so much. Now make love to me right here and on this beach, sailor boy.

Miguel: You have a one-track mind.

Siren: When I know I want something, I go after it. That's a lesson I learned from watching sharks -- on that TV thingy.

Miguel: Well, why don't we go back to Tabitha's. We can have some privacy there.

Siren: Let's go.

Miguel: You know, this letter could be describing Kay. I wonder if I was subconsciously thinking about Kay when I wrote it.

Siren: All set?

Miguel: Yeah.

Siren: What's wrong?

Miguel: Nothing. Come on, supermodel, let's go back to Tabitha's.

Siren: I hope I can wait that long.

Siren's voice: Who knew mammals were so much fun?

Fox: Oh, my God, you're amazing. You've never made love to me like this before. Kiss me again. Oh, God. I love you.

Kay: I love you so much.

Luis: Can't we make a deal? You stay in this hotel room for a few hours while I contact Interpol, do some research, just check and see if this e-mail is legit or if it's a hoax. If it's a hoax, you can go shopping, you can shop till you drop for all I care. Until then, you stay in this hotel room where it's safe. Ok? Shake? Deal?

Fancy: I guess.

Luis: All right.

[Knock on door]

Beth: [Italian accent] Signora, it's maid to turn down bed. Okey-dokey?

Luis: Come on in.

Ethan: Look, it's a stalemate. You're never going to stop coming after me, and I'm never going to leave my wife.

Theresa: Yes, you will.

Ethan: Theresa, you're starting to sound like a parrot.

Theresa: Ok, then we're not going to talk about that. Can you promise me one thing, though?

Ethan: What is that?

Theresa: That you will always be a part of my son's life. Because he loves you, Ethan, and he needs a real father figure.

Ethan: I like being part of his life.

Theresa: So you promise?

Ethan: Wait, hold on a minute. You have to understand that I do have my own family now. I will spend as much time with little Ethan as you want me to, but that means that Gwen is going to be in his life as well.

Theresa: There's no reason for that.

Ethan: Then I can't be a part of little Ethan's life.

Theresa: You just told him that you love him, and he needs you.

Ethan: And I will be happy to help raise him, Theresa, as long as you acknowledge that Gwen will be part of the equation. Are you willing to do that?

Fox: That was incredible. You are every teenage boy's fantasy. Where did that come from?

Kay: I love you. I just wanted to show you how much.

Fox: You did, you did. I may never walk again. You make me feel so special. I never knew a woman could want me so much.

Kay: I'm thirsty. Do you want something from the kitchen?

Fox: Water. Lots of water. But then hurry back for round two, ok?

Fox: I love you, sweetheart.

Kay: Ditto.

Siren: You're hotter than an underwater volcano.

Miguel: Like you'd know.

Siren: Ooh.

Miguel: Better watch out there, some of us learn to walk when we're toddlers.

Siren: It was later for me. Sit. How does this thing work?

Miguel: Oh, come on, it's a swing. You got to know how to use a swing.

Siren: I had a deprived childhood.

Siren: This is wild!

Tabitha: Ah. How was work?

Kay: What? Oh, don't start with me. I don't know what's going on, but I feel like I'm going to cry. Thank you, sweetheart. What's wrong with me? I mean, I just had -- [Mouths words] -- With my fiancÚ, and now I want to cry my eyes out. Maybe my emotions are out of whack.

Tabitha: Oh, I doubt that, dear. Now, if you just listen to me, I'll tell you why you're so upset.

Kay: No, I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear another lecture from Doctor Phil from hell.

[Imitating Tabitha ] "Kay, dear, you really love Miguel. Kay, dear, you don't love Fox half as much as you love Miguel. Kay, dear, how can you bear to watch Miguel and Siren together?"

[Normal voice] You don't know. You don't know. You're a witch. You don't know anything about love. Not real, true love. And that's what I have with Fox, right? I mean, I love him, don't I? And he's good to me and he adores me. And I love him, right? And -- and I would never turn my back on our relationship just because I love --

Tabitha: Oh, I know it's difficult, Kay. And maybe you're right. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut because I'm a witch and I don't know anything about love.

Tabitha: But don't be too hard on yourself, dear. And remember that you and Miguel have a very deep connection. You have that lovely child together, and he was your first love. A woman doesn't forget that. I mean, look at -- look at Sam and Ivy and -- and Julian and Eve. A woman's first love stays with her forever.

[Miguel and Siren laugh]

Kay: Who's out there?

Endora: Mama?

Kay: How can he kiss Siren on our swing?

Beth: [Italian accent] I turn down bed for you, prego? Clean up room?

Luis: Yeah, go ahead, please.

Luis: Hey. I know you don't like it, but thank you for agreeing to stay in the room where it is safe.

Fancy: Well, I think you're overreacting, but I can put up with it for a little while.

Luis: Ok. I'm going to go take a shower. You ok out here?

Fancy: Luis, go.

Luis: All right.

Luis' voice: Oh. She's going to sneak out of here if I don't keep an eye on her.

Beth's voice: Bitch, keep your eyes and your hands off my man. Just for that, you deserve to die.

Kay: He can't do that. That's our swing. He said so. How can he share that with her?

Tabitha: Well, since you won't take my advice, at least examine your own heart. You say you love Fox, but it's obvious that you're lying to yourself.

Kay: No, I'm not.

Tabitha: Well, that's all right, then. But if you did happen to love Miguel, you're going to have to make a choice soon or he's lost to you forever. And think about that, Kay. Do you really want to live the rest of your life without Miguel?

Theresa: I don't want Gwen a part of my son's life, Ethan. She stole my daughter from me, and I think one child is enough for the two of you.

Ethan: Fine. Fine. Then you tell little Ethan why I can't be a part of his life.

Theresa: That's not fair.

Ethan: Gwen's my wife, Theresa. All right? So if you want little Ethan in my life, she'll be in his life, too. It's a big old package deal.

Theresa: You know what, the package deal would actually be you and me and little Ethan and Jane, and that is what God wants.

Ethan: Don't bring God into this. You always rely on him when you want to justify your selfishness, all right? Gwen is my wife, it's going to stay that way. We're not going to have any peace unless you accept it.

Theresa: Well, I'm not going to accept it. Because I know we love each other, and we are going to be together. God will make that happen, Ethan. I know he will.

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Beth's voice: You keep your eyes to yourself, blondie.

Beth's voice: That's it. I won't let this little blond bitch take Luis away from me. I won't, I won't, I won't!

Ethan: The man who was the editor of the tabloid -- he's here in Rome.

Man: Hello, Theresa. You can call me Joe.

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