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Kay: That girl's an octopus. There's something definitely off about Siren. If I could only figure out what it is.

Siren: Good morning, witch. Ooh, what are you making? I'm starving.

Tabitha: You're very chipper for someone who's been up all night.

Siren: Why waste time sleeping? I'm a real woman now, and I want to be ready for my Miguel when he comes back from fishing.

Tabitha: Yes, well, your Miguel is going to figure out that you're a mermaid pretty quick if you don't knock off those midnight swims and the rest of your bizarre behavior.

Siren: Not a chance.

Tabitha: Well, don't say I didn't warn you. If you're going to eat, sit.

Siren: What is that?

Siren: That's disgusting. Don't you have any fresh kelp?

Tabitha: That is exactly what I'm talking about. If -- if you want to be a human, then you have to act like a human, and that means eating real food, not plankton.

Siren: Don't be absurd, plankton is for babies. I want fresh kelp with barnacles and a nice wriggling fish. Yum.

Tabitha: Oh, if Miguel sees you eating something like that, he's going to know in an instant that you're a mermaid and he'll sell you to "Ripley's believe It or Not." Listen, dear, if you want Miguel to love you, you're going to have to start acting like a human being. Try a little fried pig flesh.

Man: Last load, Miguel. We get these sorted out for the cannery, we're through.

Miguel: That's some tattoo, Carl.

Carl: Isn't she a beauty?

Miguel: Yeah, but she's even hotter in real life.

Carl: Huh?

Miguel: Yeah, I know the girl that modeled for your tattoo. I got to tell you, she's even more beautiful in person, Carl.

Carl: You are way off base, kid. My tattoo's more than 40 years old. Your friend would be my age by now.

Miguel: But your tattoo looks so fresh.

Carl: Oh, that's because I get it touched up every once in a while. I want to remember her just like I saw her 40 years ago off the coast of Maine.

Miguel: 40 years? I got to tell you, she's a dead ringer for the girl I know, Carl.

Carl: Well, maybe, but it isn't her. You know why I know?

Miguel: Why?

Carl: Because the model for my tattoo was not no woman. She really was a mermaid.

Theresa: Who sent this scary e-mail? There's no sender listed.

Theresa: "You'll gain Ethan in Rome, but lose your love, and someone from Harmony will die in Rome." This is not funny. It's -- it's like the fortune cookie fortune from hell. Wonder who sent this. I don't know how they knew I was going to Rome. But I hope they're right about one thing -- that I do gain Ethan -- because if I have Ethan, then I can handle anything. Anything at all.

Waiter: Cafe latte, signorina?

Fancy: Grazie.

Waiter: Is there something wrong?

Fancy: No, grazie, I'm fine.

Waiter: I hope so. A bellisima woman like you in my city, the most romantic city in the world, should not look so sad.

Fancy: I'm not sad.

Fancy: He's right. Why am I letting myself get upset over a jerk like Noah Bennett? I won't waste my tears on him ever again. I need to move on with my life.

Luis: Gotcha, Beth.

Beth: Luis!

Luis: Marty! Oh.

Beth: Oh, oh!

Officer: En arresto.

Beth: No, let me go!

Officer: The only place you're going is jail.

Luis: Marty, hey. I can't believe I got you back. I missed you so much. I can't wait to bring you home to Mommy!

Beth: No, Sheridan will never have him!

Luis: Hey, Beth, you lost, ok? Bye-bye.

Marty: Mommy!

Luis: Marty, it's ok, it's ok. Everything's ok now. It's going to be perfect, son.

Beth: No! Marty! No, Marty!

Luis: Sheridan, Sheridan, I did it. I found Marty. He's right here in my arms and Beth is in jail. Sheridan -- Sheridan, don't cry, honey. No, it's ok, everything is perfect. Oh, he's bigger. Yeah, he's bigger. He looks even more like you. Yes, I will come home today and then the three of us are going to be together. It's going to be perfect, Sheridan. Forever.

Luis: Marty and Beth are here in Rome. And I'm going to bring him back to you, Sheridan. Nothing is going to stop me. Nothing.

Luis: This is Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. I need to speak to Interpol. Immediamente!

Theresa: Is that e-mail some kind of sick joke?

Theresa: It did say that I was going to get back together with Ethan.

Theresa: Wow. That sleeping pill really worked. I wonder...

Theresa: Hmm.

[Theresa hums]

Theresa: Well, this is your lucky day. You're about to join the mile-high club.

Luis: Buongiorno. Seat taken?

Fancy: No, of course not. Sit.

Luis: Great. How'd you sleep?

Fancy: Not well.

Luis: Oh. Sorry. Seen Noah?

Fancy: No, and I don't want to.

Luis: Ok. There's another sorry.

Fancy: Sorry -- uh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap. But if you want Noah, I suggest you check out a woman named Maya Chinn's room. And if he's not there, see if any other women have checked into the hotel because I'm sure he's had enough time to lie his way into one of their beds.

Luis: Ok. You know, all this rotten stuff that I'm hearing about Noah -- it just really doesn't seem like the guy that I know.

Fancy: Then maybe you don't know him very well.

Luis: Look, I don't want to butt in, but I'm telling you, Noah loves you, and it's not just because he's told me so. Every time you walk in a room, the guy lights up.

Fancy: Then he scammed you, too. I thought Noah loved me, once, but now I know the truth. I'll never let that con man fool me again.

Luis: But there's got to be some --

Fancy: Don't you want some coffee?

Waiter: Signorina. I knew a beauty like you could not be alone. So what would your husband like?

Fancy: Oh.

Luis: Uh --

Waiter: Or maybe your husband isn't here, eh?

Fancy: No, we're just friends.

Luis: But I'd love some coffee.

Waiter: I worked in Rome my whole life, and I know love when I see it. Giacomo is never wrong.

Luis: I think maybe Giacomo is wrong this time, huh?

Fancy: Yeah.

Fox: What are you doing up so early?

Kay: I didn't sleep.

Fox: Not at all?

Kay: Barely.

Fox: Why, what's the matter?

Kay: Oh, nothing. I'm just hot.

Fox: Mm-hmm. I like it hot.

Kay: Tell me something I don't know.

Fox: Let me guess -- you can't sleep because you're worried about Miguel.

Kay: No, don't be ridiculous. But you can't tell me that you don't think Siren is weird. I mean, something about her stinks like a three-day-old fish.

Fox: Oh, come on, Kay. Yeah, she's a little bit offbeat, but that's part of her charm.

Kay: "Charm"?

Fox: Sure. It's no wonder Miguel's attracted to her.

Kay: He's not attracted to her.

Fox: Could've fooled me.

Kay: Well, he can't help it if she throws herself at him every five minutes.

Fox: Come on, Kay. Why does it bug you so much that he's getting involved with another woman? I mean, let it go. He's a grown man. I think you'd have a problem with any woman that Miguel gets involved with.

Kay: That's not true.

Fox: Oh, no? Don't you think you're just a tad overprotective? You know, if I was the jealous type, I might even be a little suspicious.

Kay: Oh, don't be silly.

Fox: I'm not. I know how much you love me. But anyone who didn't might think you were a little jealous of Siren.

Kay: I can't help it if I'm worried about Miguel. He's been my friend forever and he's Maria's dad. I just -- I don't want him to get involved with the wrong woman. And Siren is just strange.

Fox: Maybe Miguel likes strange.

Kay: Yeah, well, he was in love with Charity.

Fox: She was sweet. Just goes to show, you never know what a guy might like.

Kay: Are you saying I'm strange?

Fox: I'll shut my mouth before I get into hot water.

Tabitha: You know, you don't know enough about humanity to carry off this masquerade, Siren. Once Miguel knows you're a mermaid, you're history. Unless, of course, you become the star attraction at Sea World.

Siren: I am smarter than you think. You watch. Miguel will fall in love with me and we'll be together forever and ever.

Tabitha: Yeah, until you meet another handsome fisherman? Or maybe even a killer whale. I know you mermaids. You're all the same. You're so fickle, you don't even stick with the same species.

Siren: Not me. I'm true blue, no tricks.

Tabitha: No tricks, huh? No tricks?

Tabitha: You didn't even eat one bite of my lovely breakfast.

Siren: Well, duh. Who could eat that? It's revolting. I want my seaweed and a nice electric eel.

Tabitha: Yeah, well, try some coffee. And be careful, it's hot.

Siren: And for your information, the way I feel about Miguel is no trick. I love him with all my heart.

Tabitha: Really? You don't fool me. You may look like a woman, but I know you're a cold-hearted fish inside. If you want to do woo-woo with a mammal, why don't you go do it with a dolphin?

Siren: I want a man -- one man -- Miguel mcyummy.

Tabitha: Oh.

Siren: Have you seen those muscles?

Tabitha: You mermaids are all the same. You're attracted to just one thing -- the male with the biggest fin.

Siren: Not me. I've never felt this way before. It must be love. I want to throw Miguel into a tide pool where all the fishies play and make love to him over and over and over and over and over.

Tabitha: Oh, dear.

Miguel: Carl, no offense, but mermaids don't exist.

Carl: This one did.

Miguel: You mean the woman who posed for your tattoo did. But she was really a woman.

Carl: No, she was an honest to goodness mermaid, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I'll never forget her. I was about your age, I did a hitch on cod boat. I was alone on lookout. Right after sunrise, we was off the coast near this big reef. I saw what I thought was a dolphin, and then up out of the water came this gorgeous blond goddess with the most dazzling smile I ever saw... right out there in the middle of the ocean, and naked as a jaybird. She motioned for me to come to her. Oh, I was mesmerized, frozen where I stood.

Miguel: Come on, Carl.

Carl: My tongue must have been hanging down to my knees, but then it -- it struck me -- what was she doing out there in the middle of the water? Must have fallen off a ship or something and she needed my help. So I threw her a life preserver, jumped in the dinghy, cranked up the outboard, went over to where I'd seen her, like a madman, and there she was, floating in the water, pretty as morning. But when I reached out to pull her into the dinghy, she laughed at me and swam away. Well, I followed her, but she was faster than the outboard. She disappeared. I didn't know what was going on, but I didn't want her to drown. Then when I got closer to the reef, I saw her again. She was sitting up on it with the sun surrounding her like this big halo. Damn, she looked like a movie star. Then I realized she didn't have no legs, just this golden, shiny big fishtail that glimmered in the sunlight. Well, she smiled at me, blew me a kiss, dove in the water, and disappeared.

Miguel: Carl, mermaids don't exist, only in fairy tales.

Carl: You're just like all the rest. But I don't blame you, kid. Everybody else thought I'd lost my mind, too, when I got back to the boat. But I know what I saw that day. Her face is etched on my mind like it was carved in marble. Unforgettable. That is why my tattoo is so perfect. I could see that smile clear as day in my mind, and I wouldn't let that tattoo artist touch me until he had sketched her right.

Miguel: And you never saw her again?

Carl: Not because I didn't want to. Went out every day for years looking for her. But no luck. I still keep my eyes peeled for her every time before I go out.

Carl: But I guess it's a good thing I never found her.

Miguel: Why's that?

Carl: You don't know about the mermaid's curse?

Miguel: The what?

Carl: Oh, hell, boy, if you're going to be a fisherman, you've got to study up. Everybody knows when a man makes love to a mermaid, he can never sleep with another woman again -- ever. I guess I'll never know if that's really true, will I, sweetheart?

Miguel: Avast, ye maties!

Tabitha: Oh, home is the fisherman, home from the sea.

Siren: Miguel.

Miguel: Whoa, careful, careful, careful. I haven't showered yet. I must stink like fish.

Siren: I think you smell divine.

Miguel: Hmm. Look, fresh sea bass. I hope you have enough room in the freezer. I got enough for three dinners here.

Tabitha: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much, Miguel.

Siren: Whoa, it's so fresh!

Miguel: Wait, you might want to wait until we clean them and cook them before you do that.

Siren: But I haven't had my breakfast.

Tabitha: Oh, silly girl, always kidding around.

Siren: I missed you. How was your day?

Miguel: I was out with Carl Jackson today. He's one of the old guys. Really, really knows his stuff. Anyway, he told me the weirdest story about seeing a mermaid out at sea.

Tabitha: Oh, yeah, down in Florida, no doubt. They say that manatees --

Miguel: No, no, no, it was near here, actually. I mean, he only saw her once about 40 years ago. He fell in love with her in a heartbeat. I mean, he was so affected by the beauty that he had her likeness tattooed on his arm. I mean, it's amazing, he's never even gotten over her.

Siren: Really?

Miguel: And you know what's so bizarre is the tattoo of the mermaid looks exactly like you.

Pilot: Mrs. Crane, we're preparing for our descent into Rome. If you'd like anything before we land, please let us know.

Theresa: Shh!

Pilot: Mrs. Crane? I hope I haven't disturbed you.

[Ethan moans]

Ethan: What -- what the hell are you doing?!

Theresa: Oh, goodness.

Ethan: What?!

Theresa: Uh, we're fine back here. Well, we were.

Ethan: What are you doing?

Theresa: Ethan, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to make love to you. My God, I have not seen you smile like that for years. Come on, let's finish what we started.

Ethan: You are craz-- I was sleeping, for God's sake!

Theresa: No, not all of you.

Ethan: Oh, Theresa, I didn't even know it was you, come on.

Theresa: No, you knew it was me. I mean, you were dreaming about me. It definitely wasn't Gwen that you were kissing. Now, come on, you know that. Every muscle in your body was longing for me.

Ethan: Didn't we just talk about this? Didn't we? I told you I wasn't going to put up with these games on this trip. My God, I'm not going to betray my wife!

Theresa: Your mind says that, but your body and your heart say something different. You cannot fight fate.

Ethan: Here we go with fate. Great!

Theresa: Yes, it is our destiny to be together, Ethan. And -- and no matter what you do, it's going to happen. I mean, God, I think it's going to happen soon. It's like a puzzle. You know, all the pieces are coming together. We're going to be together. Can't you feel it?

Luis: So I've got a meeting with the bank this morning and I'm hoping that they're going to be able to tell me where Beth lives. And I've already spoken with Interpol. I mean, if they can't trace Beth, then who can, right? I'm telling you, I am this close -- no, this close to getting Marty back. Oh, I can't wait for the moment when I finally put him in Sheridan's arms again.

Fancy: I know you will. I hope it's soon.

Luis: Yeah.

Fancy: Sheridan is a lucky woman.

Luis: No, I'm a lucky man. I mean, I will be once we finally get our lives back on track again.

Fancy: That would be wonderful.

Luis: Yeah. It's good to see you smiling again. Well, you seemed so sad when I first sat down.

Fancy: I'm not sad. Mad, but I'm fine now.

Luis: Mm-hmm.

Fancy: Yeah.

Luis: You know, I'm pretty much an expert in the love-gone-wrong department. I mean, I know how much it hurts to be apart from the person that you love.

Fancy: Don't go there, Luis.

Luis: I know. I know, I'm butting in, but I think this whole thing with Noah is just one big misunderstanding. I'm telling you, he is a really good guy. Maybe if you just talk it out.

Fancy: Sorry, Luis, we are way past that.

Luis: That man -- I know that guy.

Fancy: Who is he?

Luis: I don't know, but I swear I know him from Harmony.

Fancy: Well, why don't you go say hello?

Luis: No, I can't remember his name. It would be awkward. It's right on the tip of my tongue.

Theresa: And once we're married, then we'll have the life that we always dreamed of.

Ethan: I'm tired of your dreams and your fantasies. Why can't you just move on, huh?

Theresa: Never.

[Ethan sighs]

Ethan: How many times do I have to tell you? I am not going to break my wedding vows.

Theresa: Ethan, vows based on lies aren't vows at all. You know what I should do for you? I should carry around a tape recorder so that you can hear what Gwen says when you're not around. She admits everything that she did to you.

Ethan: Please, not again. Don't --

Theresa: No, yes, yes, again. Gwen and Rebecca, they sold you out, Ethan. They were the ones who told "Daily Private Lives" that you're really Sam Bennett's son. They ruined your life. They set you up and then they framed me so that you would break up with me.

Ethan: Where's the proof?

Theresa: I told you, Gwen burned it in the incinerator in the mansion.

Ethan: Oh.

Theresa: But you know what, Alistair's got his own proof. He's just in a coma. If I could just, you know, find this J.T. Cornell guy --

Ethan: What?

Theresa: He's the sleazy tabloid editor that broke the story. I know he can confirm what I'm telling you. If I could just get my hands on J.T. Cornell, the truth would come out... and that will be the end of you and Gwen.

Luis: You're not eating.

Fancy: I'm not hungry. You sure you don't know who that guy is?

Luis: Well, I swear I do know that guy. What's his name again? P.J. or T.J.?

Man: It's J.T., and from now on you can forget using that name. I'm living under an alias now. No, you don't need to know it. I'm on the I.R.S. most wanted list. I had to leave the U.S. and change my name. I'm hoping if I just keep on moving they won't find me. Now tell me, what is the statute of limitations on tax fraud? You're kidding. That's bad. Well, then as far as we're concerned, J.T. Cornell is dead.

Luis: I could swear I do know that guy. Smile's gone again.

Fancy: Excuse me? I'm sorry.

Luis: Hurts, doesn't it?

Fancy: I'm fine, Luis.

Luis: See, that's something else that you have in common with your Aunt Sheridan -- you're both lousy liars. You still love Noah, don't you?

Fancy: No.

Luis: It's written all over your face.

Fancy: Yes, it still hurts. But it's over. I'll -- I'll get over it. I have to.

Luis: Well, why don't just talk to the guy? You can work things out.

Fancy: I'm sorry, Luis, you don't know what's happened. It's not just that there's another woman.

Luis: You see, that I don't buy. Fancy, I have known Noah for a long time. He's always been a one-woman man.

Fancy: And how long has it been since you've spent time with Noah?

Luis: A while. Since he went away to school.

Fancy: Years and years, you mean. People change, Luis. Noah is not the nice guy you think he is. Maybe he never was.

Miguel: You know, but, God, it is amazing. You do look like the mermaid on Carl's tattoo.

Siren: I thought you said the tattoo was 40 years old.

Miguel: I know, it is, but -- but, God, it's so bizarre. Tabitha, I'm going to clean these up and put them in the fridge, ok?

Tabitha: Oh, great, yes, thank you. Thank you very much, dear. Ahem. It was you in that tattoo, wasn't it? Mermaids never age. Just how old are you? Stop me if I go too far. 100, 200, 300?

Siren: I can't be any older than you are, witch. I just pull it off better.

[Tabitha gasps]

Siren: Water's so good for the skin.

Miguel: You know, Carl told me something else, too. He said that there was a legend or a curse that if you make love to a mermaid you will never make love to another human woman again.

Siren: Well, duh. Why would you want to?

Miguel: Huh? You're funny. Can you imagine that?

Tabitha: Hmm, that's a very interesting curse. I can't believe I never heard of it.

Miguel: You know, it's a good thing mermaids don't exist. I mean, it could really put a crimp in a guy's social life.

Tabitha: Yes, couldn't it?

Siren: All this talk of making love is making me all tingly.

Miguel: Siren, I stink like fish. I haven't even showered yet.

Siren: Oh, I love it. Come here, mister.

Kay: Miguel. I'm glad you're home. Maria's up and she's been asking about you. You should go up and say goodbye to her before your mom picks her up.

Miguel: You bet.

Siren: Ooh! That nasty little shark stole him away on purpose.

Tabitha: Call me Switzerland. I'm not getting involved in this.

Siren: Two can play this little game, Kay Bennett. And you know, when it's mermaid versus human, mermaid wins every time.

Miguel: Where's Maria?

Kay: Oh. Fox must have taken her down the back way.

Miguel: Let's go and find her.

Kay: Oh, no, no, no. She's fine. You wanted to take a shower, right?

Miguel: You just said she was asking for me, Kay.

Kay: She was. But you do really -- ew.

Miguel: Stink?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Miguel: I know.

Kay: Yeah, Maria always hated it when I smelled like fish guts when I'd come back from the cannery, so you should probably take a shower and then go down.

Miguel: You know, if you say so. But you know what, Siren didn't seem to mind the way I smell. In fact, she liked it... a lot.

Kay: You see? That's what I mean. The girl -- she's loony! Who in their right mind likes the smell of fish guts besides Fluffy? She's weird.

Miguel: And beautiful. I like her, Kay. I like her a lot.

Kay: Miguel --

Miguel: I mean it. I mean, you need to figure out a way to accept the fact that I'm going to start spending time with her, Kay... a lot of time.

Kay: Yeah, we'll just see about that.

Siren: When has a silly human woman ever outsmarted a mermaid? Not in my lifetime, and I go way back.

Tabitha: You don't know our Kay very well. She has hidden depths. So tell me, fishy missy, how often do you get out in the real world? As I understand it, you're always locked up in Mr. Andersen's fairy tale storybook.

Siren: And just how do you think he had the idea for the little mermaid? From me, of course. I thought that weirdo's eyes were going to pop right out of his head when I first surfaced in Copenhagen. Oh, it was so cold. Anyway, you know how it works with magic. Once he dreamed up that whole world, it was easy to bounce back and forth from one to the other. I was visiting the storybook when Endora just yanked me right out of chapter three.

Tabitha: How nice for you.

Siren: If Kay thinks she can steal my Miguel away from me, maybe I'll show her a thing or two with her Fox.

Tabitha: Oh, why me? Why me?

Siren: Hi, Fox.

Fox: You guys should've heard what Maria just said. She called me Daddy again.

Tabitha: Well, well. You can understand why the poor little mite might be confused.

Fox: Where's Endora at?

Tabitha: Oh, my little lazy bones is still asleep, but I must wake her up and get her dressed. In fact, I'll take Maria and get them both dressed at the same time.

Fox: Ok.

Tabitha: Come on, my little one.

Fox: I'll get the breakfast started. Scrambled eggs ok?

Tabitha: Oh, yes, yes, fine, but just for Endora because Pilar's picking Maria up and she'll feed her. Won't she, hmm?


Tabitha: Oh, my stars. Pilar's here already. Oh.

Fox: You're up early.

Siren: I never sleep when the grunion are running. What are you going to do with that?

Fox: I'm going to make scrambled eggs.

Siren: How do you break those?

Fox: Break them? You mean crack them?

Siren: Whatever.

Fox: You don't know how to crack an egg? Scratch that. This coming from the girl who doesn't know how to make her own bed.

Siren: Show me?

Fox: Ok. The trick is to not do it too hard, but you got to do it like you mean it. That's the trick to it.

Siren: I always do it like I mean it.

Fox: Ok. Now you try.

Siren: I -- such a silly Billy. Would you help me?

Fox: Are you serious?

Siren: You hold it like this?

Fox: No, not exactly. Ok, take it -- take it like this. Ok, like that, ok? Got to put this one down, you have to crack on the bowl.

Kay: Uh, what's going on here? 

Fox: Kay, where did you come from?

Kay: Our bedroom.

Fox: This isn't what it looks like. I was just showing Siren how to crack an egg.

Kay: Oh. If you want cooking lessons, you should tune in to "Martha." She's a great teacher. Any fool can learn how to do it.

Siren: I don't need lessons on how to do it.

Kay: Hmm. Hey.

Kay: You know what, I'm going to finish making breakfast and you should check in with the office. Today's a big day.

Fox: Oh, right.

Siren: What's happening?

Kay: Fox's sister Fancy set up a big photo shoot for an ad campaign for one of her clients. It's for a new fragrance line.

Fox: And it's a really big account and I promised I'd look after things while Fancy's in Rome, so I should get to it.

Siren: Thank you for teaching me how to crack an egg. I'd love to cook with you anytime.

Kay: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Siren: That should be my line.

Ethan: There is no proof. There is no proof whatsoever about any of the things that you say Gwen has done, all right, and furthermore, what kind of man would I be to believe those kind of accusations without proof?

Theresa: Ethan, it is the truth, I'm telling you.

Ethan: Well, I'm going to believe my wife on this one, Theresa, because she wouldn't lie to me and, you know what, that's what marriage is all about -- things like trust and faith. These are the pillars that human beings build their lives on, Theresa.

Theresa: She is lying to you, Ethan.

Ethan: I don't want to hear about it. I'm -- I'm going to go shave before we land.

Theresa: You know what? You may trust Gwen now, but not for long. Because I swear to you, I will prove what she did and I will prove what a snake she really is. Like that e-mail said, I will get you back -- forever.

Fancy: Listen, I know Noah looked up to you like a big brother, but that was years ago, Luis. He's not the straight-arrow kind of guy you remember. He's a cheap scam artist.

Luis: Oh, come on, Fancy.

Fancy: It's true. He's a drifter and a grifter.

Luis: I'm sorry, you know, I'm just having a really hard time believing this. I just don't think that people change that drastically, and, look, if there is one thing I know, it's that Noah would never cheat on the woman that he loves. I'm telling you, I would -- I would stake my life on it.

Beth: Yeah, I'm here. Don't worry, I'm always careful. Luis has no idea that I'm here. Ok, I'll take them and get out of here. Ciao.

Giacomo: Ah, l'amore, l'amore. Marvelous, isn't it? Young love. There is nothing like it.

Beth: So the little blond cookie from the cafe is after my man? Is this your new love, Luis? Blond scum of the earth.

Beth: I'm sorry that it has to be like this, darling. But you should've never come to Rome looking for me and Marty if you weren't going to stay here forever. There's something really dangerous going on in this city... so dangerous that someone here won't make it back to Harmony alive.

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Theresa: Something bad is going to happen here in Rome.

Luis: According to this, one of us is marked for death.

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