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Passions Transcript Tuesday 5/16/06--Canada; Wednesday 5/17/06--USA
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Kay: Oh, I can't wait to shower off all that chlorine from the Crane pool. Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were in here.

Miguel: I'm almost through. The fishing boat's heading out at sun-up and I didn't want to be late, so --

Kay: Oh, no, no, take your time, take your time, I'll wait. I was just going to rinse off after our swim, so... Siren!

Siren: Hi, Kay. Ah, is it steaming in here... or is it just you?

Kay: Oh, God.

Kay: Here, let me help you dry off.

Siren: Ow!

Kay: Sorry. Mm.

Tabitha: Oh, I don't know about you, Endora, but every time I was about to fall asleep, a hoard of house guests woke me up with their noisy comings and goings. Oh, my current body won't stay the same for another 300 years if I don't get my rest! Come on, let's see what we can see in the bowl. Yo, bowl, show me who is to blame for this late-night noise.

Endora: Yo, bowl.

Tabitha: Oh, yeah, I should have known it. It's that mermaid that you made human, Endora -- Siren. She's the cause of all the commotion. Oh! She's got Miguel absolutely mesmerized, and Kay's steaming over his attraction to yet another blonde. Ah, Hades only knows how this plot is going to twist and turn as it unravels.


Fancy: About the gallery opening, Esme, uh, I don't think I want to go anymore.

Esme: Well, Fancy, if you really want to meet a man, there's no better way to cull one from the herd than at a gallery opening here in Rome. The men there, at these affairs, you know, are handsome and rich and straight.

Fancy: Somehow I find that hard to believe.

Esme: Will you trust me, darling? Go to the gallery opening and you'll meet a wonderful man that will make you forget all about Ned.

Fancy: Noah.

Esme: Whatever. You'll forget his name, too, after you meet Mr. Right.

Fancy: Mm, fine, ok. Fine, I'll go, but I won't count on being swept off my feet.

Esme: Hmm, well then you'll be surprised. Can we go get something to eat? All this talk about men has made me ravenous. Come on.

Noah: Ok, uh, I think we are safe. You know, I didn't see anyone following us before and, uh, it doesn't look like there's any thugs waiting for us here.

Paloma: Gracias a dios, we made it back here in one piece.

Simone: Yeah, thanks again for saving us from those armed goons.

Noah: No problem, but I still think there's more to this than you guys are telling me.

Paloma: No, really, it's like we said. Simone and I are here to study art for a course we're taking.

Simone: Yeah, um, art. See?

Noah: Yeah, ok, what about you, Jess? I mean, you are not taking any college classes right now, so --

Jessica: Well, Simone and Paloma invited me.

Noah: But does Dad know?

Jessica: No, um, not exactly.

Noah: Look, I'm going to tell him when I call him, all right?

Jessica: Noah, don't. No one can know I'm here.

Whitney: I can't believe Chad came all the way to Rome to find me.

Man: Believe it, Whitney, believe it. Evil will go to any length to draw you into its unholy web. Chad is hoping that your unnatural lust for each other will lead you back to Harmony with him so that the two of you can raise your child together, your son, , an abomination born out of incest.

Whitney: I know I can't go back to Harmony with Chad. I can never be with him again, or I'll die.

Luis: [Whispering] Beth has to be behind that door with Marty.

[Yelling] Marty!

Marty: I'm gonna tell --

Beth: Shh, we have to be quiet if we are going to win the game, ok?

Beth's voice: If only there was a way out so Luis wouldn't kill me and take Marty back to Sheridan.

Luis: Beth? Open the door! Marty, it's daddy. I'm coming for you. Beth, you open this door or I swear I'm going to break it down.

Beth: [In a high-pitched voice] No, no, go away.

Luis: I know that's you, Beth. I'm coming in!

Luis: [Grunts] Marty is mine now, Beth. Mine to take to Sheridan!

Esme: You didn't order very much to eat.

Fancy: I'm not hungry.

Esme: Still suffering from an acute case of love sickness, I see.

Fancy: I am not hung up on Noah. Oh, just for the record, asking for champagne in a bowl doesn't make it soup.

Esme: It is my version of a liquid diet. Anyway, as far as Noah is concerned, admitting you are over him is the first step to putting him behind you.

Fancy: Why would I moon over someone who used me and then dumped me to go back to his ex-girlfriend?

Esme: Well, there's something to be said about a man with stamina, but I digress. If you really want to get over Noah, the best thing to do is to replace him as soon as possible. Now, luckily you are in Rome, which is a breeding ground for scrumptious men any day, but the gallery opening promises to deliver the best of the best. Now not only will we have a fabulous time, but we'll both go home with men who are as chiseled as Michelangelo's "David." And pretty soon you'll forget all about what's-his-name.

Fancy: Noah.

Noah: Jessica, you are scaring me, ok? Why can't anyone back home know where you are?

Jessica: It's not anyone as much as Spike. I realized I couldn't turn tricks for him anymore, so I skipped out on him and went to Simone and Paloma for help.

Noah: Good for you.

Jessica: Thanks. But I know Spike didn't take what I did lying down, and there's no telling what he will do to try to get me back. So the longer he is in the dark about where I am at, the better.

Noah: Yeah, I am with you on that one. So, uh, how did you end up here with these guys?

Jessica: Oh, well, they said I could come along, so I did.

Noah: How are you guys paying Jessica's way?

Paloma: Well, um, Theresa is now Mrs. Alistair Crane, and she doesn't care about his money, so...

Noah: All right, well, thanks for taking care of my baby sister.

Paloma: No problem.

Simone: Yeah, we are glad to help.

Jessica: So, Noah, um, how can you afford to be here in Rome?

Noah: That's a long story. Actually, I'm going to take you guys up to your room and I'll tell you some other time.

Paloma: Well, we made it back here in one piece.

Noah: Yeah, but I want to make sure you guys are up in your room safe and sound and locked away for the rest of the night.

Simone: Yeah, that's what the hero says in those horror flicks right before the victims realize they are actually locked in with the killer.

Paloma: Si, and then it's hack attack time!

Noah: This is not a horror movie. A mystery movie maybe, but everything's going to be just fine once we get you guys upstairs. Let's go.

Man: You have learned your lessons well. Chad is temptation personified. If you have resisted the carnal desires he stirs in you, continue down this path with me and your soul will be safe from further corruption.

Whitney: Resisting Chad is part of my penance.

Man: Yes. But there is more. You must never see him again.

Whitney: I know that I can never be with Chad again but literally never see him?

Man: Do as I say, or damnation will follow.

Whitney: I understand that you speak for God, so I'll do as you say. I'll never see Chad again.

Luis: [Grunts] What the hell? It's a damn mannequin.

Marty: See Daddy in there.

Beth: Ok, we'll see Daddy when it's safe. Come on. Come on, sweetie. Let's go.

Luis: I just heard footsteps. Oh, my God. How the hell did Beth get out of here?

Chad: I don't know. Maybe there's a door behind this junk.

Luis: Oh, man. I can't come this close to finding Marty just to lose him again. I got to take him back to Sheridan.

Chad: There's nothing -- there's no way out back here.

Luis: Chad, here, here, here! Here it is!

Officer: Ferme!

Second officer: [Speaks Italian]

Officer: [Speaks Italian]

Chad: Look, man, we don't speak Italian, ok?

Officer: You speak English.

Chad: Si. Yes. Yes.

Officer: What are you men doing here?

Luis: We were chasing the woman who kidnapped my son, ok? And we just followed her to this gallery here.

Chad: Yeah, she was hiding in here with his little boy, but before we busted in, she went through this door right here.

Luis: Maybe you saw her on your way in, ok? She's got brown hair and she's young and she's got crazy-looking eyes, and she was with my son. He is, like, 2 1/2 years old, light brown hair.

Officer: We came in the front way.

Luis: Well, then we got to hurry up before they get away.

Officer: Hold it right there.

Second officer: Move and we shoot.

Luis: Ok, did you not just understand what I just told you, ok? This woman -- she kidnapped my son from the United States, all right? Now, listen. We got to catch up to her before she gets away!

Officer: Halt, or we kill you.

Chad: Luis, Luis, hey. Don't push these guys. They mean business, ok?

Luis: Beth is getting away with Marty.

Chad: All right. Officers, it's like he said. This woman was kidnapping his son and were about to get him back before -- before you guys came in.

Officer: You set off the gallery's silent alarm when you forced your way in here.

Luis: Listen, she came in through the front doors, ok? That was the only way that we could come in.

Officer: Then you are guilty of breaking and entering.

Luis: All right, come on, look. I know you guys are just doing your job here, but I'm telling you you've got this all wrong, ok? We are not crooks. In fact, I'm a police dete -- I'm a detective from the states. My badge is in my pocket, ok?

Officer: Could be fake.

Luis: The hell it is.

Officer: They'll check it out at headquarters.

Second officer: For now you are both under arrest for breaking, entering, and attempted burglary.

Luis: Oh, come on, man. This is crazy. What, you think if we wanted to steal stuff we'd be in here?

Officer: You were hiding from us about to escape.

Chad: No, we weren't.

Officer: Be quiet, move out.

Luis: Come on. Can you at least just -- can you put out an APB on Beth Wallace?

Officer: No more talking. Now go.

Tabitha: That's right, my little one. You snack and Mummy will snoop. Oh, if Kay lets Siren get the better of her and she loses her temper, she could lose both of them -- Fox and Miguel.

Miguel: Kay, why were you being so rough with Siren just now?

Kay: I said I was sorry. I didn't mean to pull your hair when I was drying it, ok? I guess I am just in a rush, you know, to get a shower because I only get a few hours' sleep before I have to get up and feed Maria.

Miguel: Siren and I didn't mean to hold you up.

Kay: It's ok. I know we all have to share the bathroom.

Miguel: You're right, we do. So when Siren and I are finished, it will be yours.

Kay: I thought you were finished.

Miguel: No, Siren and I still have to do each other.

Simone: Well, this is our room.

Noah: Ok, wait for a second while I check it out, all right?

Simone: Be sure to check under the bed. That's where the killer always hides.

Noah: Ok.

Jessica: You know, I really wish you would stop trying to creep us out.

Simone: Mm.

Simone: Oh, my gosh. I feel like we are stealing dialogue from that slasher flick, "Hotel Hell."

Paloma: Ugh, don't say that.

Simone: Mm, ok, but when the killer reveals himself, don't say I didn't warn you.

Noah: All's clear.

Jessica: Hey, thanks for looking out for us, Noah.

Noah: Yeah, no problem. I'd never forgive myself if any of you guys got hurt. Besides, my dad -- our dad -- both your parents -- they would have my hide if I let you guys get hurt.

Paloma: Can we at least have room service? I'm starving.

Jessica: Yeah, me, too.

Simone: Yeah, we are going to need our strength to fight off the killer when he strikes.


Noah: Look, I'll stay here, all right, until the room service comes, but then after I leave, do not open the door for anyone you don't know. Ok? Otherwise the killer will get in.

Jessica: [Mocking] Ha ha ha.

Officer: Come on, come on.

Second officer: In here.

Luis: I'm telling you, you guys are making a huge mistake. We weren't in there to steal stuff. I was just trying to get my son back!

Chad: We didn't have any gloves, no getaway car, no mask, no nothing.

[Officers conversing in Italian]

[Luis yells]

Luis: Damn it. Chad, I blew it again. I'm this close to getting Marty back and I blow it.

Chad: Hey, hey, don't blame yourself, man.

Luis: Who then?

Chad: I don't know. It's like Rome has bad mojo. I mean, look how close I was to Whitney down in the catacombs, only she got away from me, too.

Luis: I know one thing. I am not giving up, Chad. We know that Beth and Marty and Whitney -- they are all here in Rome. So all we have to do is get out of here and then find them. I know that Beth is going to be up against a slew of charges and I can bring Marty back to Sheridan, and hopefully you and Whitney can raise Miles together.

Chad: Look, I am down for all that, but who knows when we are going to get out of this place?

Fancy: Tonight.

Luis: Fancy. I didn't know who else to call.

Fancy: I was happy to help. I posted both your bails, so you are free to go. Ufficiale? Ufficiale, apre questa cella, per favore.

Officer: Certamente, bella signora.

Fancy: Grazie.

Officer: You stay out of trouble, gentlemen, or your bail will be revoked. Now go.

Chad: Look, guys, I am going to go back to the catacombs and look for Whitney. It's like she's been living down there or something.

Fancy: Chad, be careful. You've been buried under rubble from a cave-in once already.

Luis: Fancy's right. It's dangerous down there, man. What are you thinking?

Chad: Look, I'll keep my guard up, but I love Whitney. I have to try to find her, get her out of there, and bring her back home to Harmony.

Fancy: Good luck.

Chad: Thank you.

Luis: Be careful, man. All right, come on. Let's get you back to the hotel, huh?

Fancy: Aren't you coming with me?

Luis: Uh, no, I'm going to go back to the gallery to see if I can find some clues as to where Beth might have gone.

Fancy: Isn't that risky considering you were just arrested there?

Luis: So what, you know? I'm not going to let that stop me from finding Marty and bringing him back to Sheridan.

Fancy: I didn't know a man could love a woman as much as Luis loves Sheridan. If only I knew that kind of love. Maybe one day. Luis, wait for me!


Siren: I am glad you told Kay we weren't through yet. We're just getting started.

Miguel: Mm, Siren, hold on a sec. As good as this is -- and trust me, this is great -- I can't do this right now. I mean, my job on the fishing boat pays well and I need all the money I can make to help support Maria and save up to find my own place.

Siren: Your own place? Well, I want to help you get it, Miguel. I could find a job, too, and make some money. We could get a place together.

Miguel: Well, I think it's great that you don't want to live off your family's money, but about us getting a place together? Can we just talk about that later when I'm done with work?

Siren: Ok. Just remember, there's more where this came from.

Tabitha: Kay? Kay? Oh, Kay?!

Kay: Who the heck does Siren think she is?!

Tabitha's voice: What she is would be more apropos.

Tabitha: What has Siren been up to now, dear?

Kay: She is up there steaming up the bathroom with Miguel and not with hot water.

Tabitha: Later, dear. In 20 years or so.

Kay: Siren is a piranha. She is a little shark, a blonde predator with an insatiable appetite for Miguel.

Tabitha: See what your conjuring up has done, Endora? Changing that mermaid into a human is causing heaps of trouble.

Kay: You know, she barely even knows him and she wants to have his baby?! Slutty freak.

Tabitha: Kay, will you please watch your language in front of Endora.

Kay: People think that Theresa is obsessed with Ethan. Oh, no, she doesn't hold a stick to Siren. That girl, that blonde is either flaunting herself in front of him or she's kissing him and mauling him like he is the catch of the day, and I told him -- I told him he better be careful. A girl like that? Ah! He already has enough responsibility helping me take care of Maria. The last thing he needs is another child.

Tabitha's voice: Kay's warning no doubt fell on deaf ears since mermaid Siren has Miguel completely mesmerized.

Kay: Would you believe that she is upstairs right now alone with him in the bathroom?

Tabitha: In the bathroom? Oh, dear.

Kay: And she is naked until I threw a towel at her. Oh, my gosh, and they were getting ready to rub body lotion all over each other. And trust me, the last thing she was worrying about was protecting Miguel's skin from sun damage. I bet she still wants him to get her pregnant. How crazy is that?

Tabitha: Well, you should know, dear. You seduced Miguel into getting you pregnant, using evil to disguise yourself as Charity, lest we forget.

Kay: That was different. I loved him. I knew him my entire life. This girl just shows up and thinks she's in love with him?

Tabitha: Well, haven't you ever heard of love at first sight?

Kay: It is not love. It is lust. And you know what? Miguel, he's not into casual sex. So, hopefully she will figure out he is not into her and she will go back to Portsmouth.

Tabitha: You know, Miguel may fall in love with her.

Kay: No, that's not going to happen.

Tabitha: Oh, why not?

Kay: Because he said he loves me.

Tabitha: Oh, and you love him, eh?

Kay: I never said that.

Tabitha: Oh, Kay, you don't have to. Your jealous rage over Siren says it all loud and clear. If I were you, I would go back upstairs and tell Miguel your true feelings before he falls for Siren.

Beth: Ok. Mommy checked. We didn't leave anything behind from our visit. So now we can go, ok? Uh-oh. Guess what? Marty, we get to play hide-and-seek from your daddy again -- already. Let's go. Come on.

Luis: Oh, the police must have locked up the place on their way out. Oh, man.


Luis: Sounds like Beth's footsteps. You know what they say: The perpetrator always returns to the scene of the crime.


Luis: Got you!

Fancy: Ah!

Luis: Fancy, oh, I thought you were Beth. I am sorry.

Fancy: It's ok. I know how desperate you are to find Marty. Actually, that's why I followed you here. I want to help.

Luis: Well, that's nice of you. Actually, it reminds me of something that Sheridan would do. You've got a lot of her in you, you know?

Fancy: Thanks, Luis. Getting to know Aunt Sheridan as an adult has been such a gift for me. I mean, she's been through so much, more than most people could bear, but it hasn't hardened her heart or broken her spirit. She still has hopes and dreams and faith and love.

Luis: Wow, you really do get Sheridan. It must be because you have more of her in you than you realize.

Fancy: Thank you, Luis. So what do we do about Beth and Marty?

Luis: I don't know. I was hoping that I would come here and find some sort of clue as to where Beth went and then the door's locked and you probably don't want to have to bail me out of jail again.

Fancy: You know, there's something familiar about the gallery name. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. Aha, I knew it.

Luis: What?

Fancy: I'm supposed to come to an opening here. How's that for a coincidence?

Luis: I'm starting to think that there's no such thing as coincidences in Rome. I mean, really, practically half of Harmony is here.

Fancy: It is strange, isn't it?

Luis: Yeah. Did you manage to work everything out with Noah after you guys left the catacombs?

Fancy: No, we didn't.

Luis: Well, remember every couple has its share of problems.

Fancy: Noah and I aren't a couple, not anymore. He is back with his ex, and I'm fancy free.

Luis: Wow, I -- you know, I really can't even think of a reason as to why a guy would leave you -- especially Noah. I have known him since he was a kid. He has always been a real stand-up guy.

Fancy: Not anymore. At least not with me.

Luis: You mind if I ask what happened?

Fancy: It's a long story, too long to get into now, and besides, you are here to find Marty, not to listen to my troubles.

Luis: Yeah, well, if I had just listened to Sheridan in the first place about Marty, I wouldn't even be here looking for him, and if I could have just taken that leap of faith... you know the rest. She marries Chris, she's pregnant with his child and is supposedly in love with me.

Fancy: You think taking Marty back to Sheridan will prompt her to leave Chris?

Luis: Well, Sheridan says no, but that's just Sheridan being Sheridan. I know once I bring Marty back to her, there's no way that she can stay away, and deep down I think that Chris knows it as well.

Fancy: Well, Chris has been good to Aunt Sheridan and I know they both love each other, but Sheridan loves you more. I know it. I mean, you're an amazing man to do all this to win her back. I think you deserve all the happiness you can get.

Luis: Oh, well -- thank you. You do, too.

Fancy: From your lips to God's ears.

Luis: Not really making any headway here, are we?

Fancy: Mm.

Luis: Yeah, well, why don't I walk you back to your hotel?

Fancy: Ok.

[Knock at door]

Man: Good evening, sir. Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald ordered room service.

Noah: Yeah, I'll take it from here.

Simone: Yum.

Noah: Ah. Here you go.

Man: Grazie.

Noah: All right. It's been a very long day for all of us. So, um, manga, and then get some rest. Oh, and remember, do --

Jessica: Don't open the door unless we know who it is.

Noah: Gold star. See you, guys.

Jessica: Good night, Noah. Mm, let's eat.

All: Oo. Yes!

Chad: Whitney? Whitney, you down here?

Chad: How can Whitney look like a woman who lived thousands of years ago? Luis, look.

Luis: What?

Chad: The woman in the fresco, that's Whitney! Well, Luis said he was convinced that he and Sheridan lived in past lives. Maybe Whitney did, too. I just wish Whitney was around so I could show her this.

Whitney: I will obey the voice of God.

Chad: Whitney? Is that you, Whitney?

Whitney: Chad?

Chad: Whitney?

Whitney: Chad, listen to me. You shouldn't be here. Look, go home. Go back to Harmony.

Chad: No, Whitney. I am not leaving Rome without you.

Whitney: You have to. I can't go home with you. I can never see you again.

Chad: Whitney, I love you, and you love me, too.

Whitney: No, no, we can't.

Chad: And most of all, Miles needs you, Whitney. Our son needs his mother.

Whitney: Look, just go home. Go be a father to Miles. Go find someone else to love. I can't go with you.

Chad: Whitney, come on. You can't live down here in this cold crypt full of dead people.

Whitney: I am doing God's work, Chad!

Chad: This is crazy, Whitney. You need to come home to Harmony with me.

Whitney: I can't. Not without giving in to temptation. Now go home and never come back.

Chad: No, Whitney. I'll be damned if I let Miles grow up without a mother. Now, look. I am going to find you and I am taking you home!

Whitney: No, no, Chad! No!

Kay: I am not going to throw myself at Miguel to keep Siren from being with him, ok? I love Fox.

Tabitha: Well, then leave Miguel alone and let the poor lad find his own happiness.

Kay: I don't have a problem with that, as long as he doesn't find it with Siren. She's not right for him.

Tabitha: And who in your opinion would be right for him?

Kay: Anyone but her.

Tabitha: Oh, Kay, you're not fooling anyone. You still care about Miguel. It's obvious.

Kay: I am engaged to be married.

Tabitha: Well, never mind. You care about Miguel and you're jealous of Siren.

Kay: I am not!

Tabitha: You are too!

Kay: I am not!

Tabitha: Are too!

Kay: I want Miguel to be happy! Just not with Siren.

Tabitha: Oh.

Miguel: Siren, stop. I can't do this right now. I mean, I have to get dressed and go to work. I mean, the boat's heading out at dawn, and I can't be late. I need the money too much.

Siren: I understand, and I don't want to make you late, but when you get back from work, just remember I am going to make you one very happy human.

Miguel: Human?

Siren: I meant he-man.

Jessica: Mm, this is to die for.

Paloma: And we almost did.

Simone: Yeah, it's weird how we were all so scared before, at that club with those weird people and then later with those two guys who were threatening to kill us, but, I don't know, now that we're back here all safe and sound, and eating the best Italian food I have ever had --

Paloma: Uh-huh.

Simone: I feel good about things. I feel like the worst is behind us. You know, I bet that we solve the mystery of those stolen paintings, how they're connected to Alistair, and what that symbol on those paintings and those weird people at the club means.

Paloma: Mm, I'm with you, Simone. Tonight was dangerous, but it was exciting, too. I like playing detective.

Jessica: Me, too. We're like "Nancy Drew" and "Charlie's Angels" rolled into one.

Simone: Yeah. And all that stuff I said about horror movies and the killer lying in wait just biding his time, waiting to jump on us, I was just being a drama queen.

Jessica: Yeah, I don't know, Simone. I may have been a serial killer back when Spike had me turning tricks, and now you and Paloma are locked in here with me and all these knives.

Paloma: That's not funny, Jess.

Jessica: Yeah, I know it's not. I'm sorry. I guess it's just my way of coping with the thought that I may really be a murderer. Damn Spike for what he made me do. Damn him straight to hell.

Simone: Jess, you're a world away from him now. Spike can't hurt you here in Rome.

Jessica: Thank you.

Spike: My little Jessica, you and your gal pals are in for one rude awakening.

Luis: So everybody thought that the body being cremated in Bermuda was Sheridan. Not me. Something told me that she was still alive. And then when she finally showed up in Harmony with my brother Antonio, I moved heaven and earth so that we could be together again. It's not going to be any different this time. Once I find Marty and bring him back to her, she'll forgive me and then we'll be together. Simple as that.

Fancy: I love the way you love Sheridan, Luis. It's the kind of love I hope to find one day.

Luis: Maybe you already have.

Fancy: I'm sorry. Sorry, it's not the company. I am exhausted, and as nice as this is, I think I need some sleep, and you should, too.

Luis: Um, yeah, I'm just still a little bit amped up after almost nabbing Beth and rescuing Marty.

Fancy: At least try to get some rest.

Luis: I will.

Fancy: Good night, Luis.

Luis: Good night.

Fancy: Take care of yourself.

Luis: Sweet dreams.

Noah: Hey, Luis.

Luis: Hey.

Noah: Did you know that Paloma, Jessica, and Simone Russell are here in Rome?

Luis: Yes. I actually ran into them earlier. They were in some sort of trouble with some guys.

Noah: Yeah, well, they were still in trouble when I ran into them, but now they are safe and sound up in their room, locked away and pigging out on room service.

Luis: Good. By the way, Fancy just went up to her room.

Noah: I know; I saw her leave.

Luis: I still don't understand how you can let an amazing woman like that get away.

Noah: Well, it's for the best.

Luis: How can that be? She's beautiful, she's sweet, she's caring. She's actually a lot like Sheridan. I don't know, man. If you think you're going to find a better woman than that, uh, I'd think again.

Noah: You're right, Luis. Fancy is every man's dream.

Chad: Whitney, where are you? Just tell me and I'll come to you.

Whitney: No, no, Chad, you can't come to me. Listen, and I can't come to you. We can never see each other again.

Chad: But we're Miles' parents. Whitney, he needs us both, you and me together.

Whitney: No, no, but if we see each other, we'll give in to temptation. If that happens, one of us is going to die.

Chad: Well, that's a chance I am willing to take, Whitney. I love you.

Whitney: I love you, too, Chad. Please believe me. I love you and I love Miles.

Chad: Well, then tell us where you are so the three of us can be a family again.

Whitney: No, Chad, you don't understand. I hear the voice of God and he said that if I ever even lay eyes on you again, one of us has to die, and that person won't be you, Chad. It will be me.

Chad: Whitney? Whitney! Whitney! Whitney?! Whitney?!

On the Next Passions:

Siren: I want to throw Miguel into a tide pool and make love to him.

Beth: Sheridan will never have him!

Luis: You lost, ok?

Theresa: You're about to join the mile high club.

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