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Gwen: Oh, I love you. You're my everything.

Ethan: I love you, too.

Gwen: I would die without you.

Ethan: I don't know what I would do without you.

Gwen: Hmm. I love you.

Theresa: What's wrong? Don't stop. Make love to me.

Ethan: Oh, my God.

[Ethan sighs]

Gwen: Hey, is something wrong?

Ethan: Whew.

Theresa: Huh. No wonder Alistair never slept. I feel like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders. It's not fair. I thought having all this money and power would make me feel warm and safe. But I still feel alone.

Theresa: And I would give anything to be in the arms of the man that I love.

Man: Mrs. Crane?

Theresa: Jerry? Yes? What is it? Come in.

Jerry: I'm sorry to bother you so late, but I have received disturbing reports from the European security office.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Is -- is it Luis?

Jerry: No, ma'am, it's your sister Paloma. She's in danger -- grave danger.

Jessica: Oh. I don't know how you two talked me into going in that nightclub with those guys. I've never seen such a collection of freaks, and from me, that's saying a lot.

Simone: But they all must be connected to the stolen paintings somehow. They were all wearing the symbol either on their clothing or as tattoos.

Jessica: The same tattoo Spike forced me to get.

Paloma: I could kick those men. They promised we'd learn all the answers about the symbol if we came here with them, and what have we learned? Nada.

Jessica: Huh. You seemed to be having a pretty good time.

Paloma: Hmm, I danced -- so what? None of those people in there speak English or Spanish. I couldn't find out anything about the symbol.

Simone: We're no closer to finding out what this symbol means than when we were back in Harmony. And what does it have to do with Whitney? If only we could find her, maybe she could explain.

Jessica: Yeah.

Man: Signorina?

Jessica: Hmm?

Man: Why did you leave?

Jessica: Oh, great. Our thugs are back.

Simone: You promised us answers and so far, we have zip.

Man:  You left before we could tell you anything. Look, if you come with us now, we'll give you all the answers you want.

Whitney: You're right. You see, I love Chad with all my heart and all my soul. And I love him now more than I ever did. Nothing is ever going to stop me from feeling that way about him, not isolation, distance -- not even prayer.

Man: He is your brother! The love you two feel for each other is a vile sin, an abomination in the sight of God!

Whitney: Yes. And the only way to overcome that temptation is if one of us dies. And it has to be me. I -- I'm the real sinner here.


Whitney: What -- what was that?

Man: Another cave-in in the catacombs.

Whitney: But Chad is out there.

Man: Well, it seems that your desire to sacrifice yourself to save him was a waste of time. Chad will die in the catacombs.

Whitney: No.

[Fancy screams]

Noah: Whoa!

Luis: Which way?

Noah: There, there! Ah.

Fancy: Oh.

Noah: Fancy! Ah! Ah.

[Fancy coughs]

Fancy: Oh.

Luis: Don't worry. It's going to be all right.

Chad: Let's go, let's go! Go!

[Fancy coughs]

[Ethan sighs]

Ethan: Whoa. Every-- everything's fine. No, go back to sleep. It's ok.

Gwen: Why are you up?

Ethan: I just had a bad dream, that's all. I'm fine, I'm fine.

Gwen: Well, do you think you'll be able to go back to sleep?

Ethan: I don't know.

Gwen: Hmm. A husband and a wife unable to sleep. How ever shall they pass the time?

Theresa: And how does Crane security know that my sister is in danger?

Jerry: Mrs. Crane, you may not be aware of this, but Mr. Crane has had strict surveillance protocols in place for years. We monitor thousands of people around the world.

Theresa: Yeah, including my family -- I know. But I ordered to stop that surveillance.

Jerry: Yes, but these things take time.

Theresa: In case you haven't noticed, Jerry, my husband Alistair Crane is in a coma. I'm in charge now and I expect my orders to be obeyed!

Jerry: Yes, ma'am. But in this instance, it's a good thing our people are still following your family members. That's how we know your sister's in danger.

Theresa: Ok. I know that Paloma is in Rome and I know that she's with her friend Simone, but she's there to study art, so what kind of danger could she possibly be in?

Jerry: Well, the report is sketchy, but we have received an alert. Paloma is in trouble.

Theresa: Ok, ok. Ok, this is what you're going to do. You're going to -- you're going to contact my brother Luis. You know he is there, and then he's going to -- he's going to find Paloma and he is going to figure out what's going on.

Jerry: I'm sorry, Mrs. Crane, but we've already tried to contact your brother, but he seems to have disappeared.

Fancy: Oh!

Chad: Come on, we got to get out of here!

Luis: The light's coming from there! Let's get the hell out of here before this thing collapses! Come on!

Noah: Go, go!

Man: The cave-in is over. We are safe.

Whitney: Yeah, but what about Chad?

Man: He must be dead.

Whitney: No. No, Chad isn't dead. I'd feel it in my heart if he were gone, and he's still there, so he's not dead.

Man: Well, if that is the case, then you know what it means. You must keep the promise you made. If Chad is still alive, then you, my dear, have to die this very night.

[Luis groans and coughs]

[Fancy coughs]

Noah: Oh.

Fancy: Oh.

Luis: You ok?

Fancy: Oh. Yeah, I think so.


Chad: Look! Where we came out, it's all collapsed. One more minute and we'd all be dead.

Luis: All right. Let's just -- everyone relax, ok? Good news is we all made it out of there alive.

Chad: Yeah, except for Whitney. She's still down there somewhere.

Fancy: Chad, those catacombs go on for miles. I'm sure she got away and is all right.

Chad: Well, I hope so.

Luis: Yeah.

Chad: I just pray wherever she is, she's safe.

Jerry: Nothing seems to have changed. There's still a high alert with regards to your sister Paloma.

Theresa: I just don't understand what kind of danger she could get herself into in an art school.

Jerry: Well, so far, she hasn't shown up at any art school.

Theresa: Ok. Uh -- and -- and Luis?

Jerry: Well, one moment. Oh, good news, ma'am.

Theresa: What?

Jerry: Your brother's been located.

Theresa: Oh, thank you, God.

Jerry: Would you like him contacted about your sister?

Theresa: Yes. Um -- no. No. No, no. As you know, he's -- he's trying to -- he's trying to find his son Marty.

Jerry: Yes, ma'am, and also Beth Wallace, Mr. Crane's other daughter, the illegitimate one.

Theresa: And did you know where Beth is? I mean, because Alistair does.

Jerry: No, ma'am. So many parts of the organization operate under a veil of secrecy.

Theresa: Yeah. You don't have to tell me that.

Jerry: Apparently, Luis has been seen in the company of Chad Harris, Julian Crane's son.

Theresa: So Luis must be trying to help Chad find Whitney. So, no, I can't send Luis to go find Paloma. Can you go back to the screen about Paloma, please? Yeah. Are you sure that she has not attended an art school with her friend Simone Russell?

Jerry: No, ma'am, but there is something here about art.

Theresa: Well, at least she wasn't lying to me about that.

Jerry: Oh. Mrs. Crane, this doesn't sound good at all. Apparently your sister and Ms. Russell are trying to track down some stolen paintings?

Theresa: Stolen paintings?

Jerry: I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it seems your sister has been lying to you. Her trip to Rome was in pursuit of these stolen paintings, and the Crane European security office is very concerned about her. They think she's gotten in way over her head. That's why they signaled "grave danger" to us.

Simone: Why should we follow you anywhere? We tried that. You promised us --

[Italian accent] Answers to all of our questions --

[Normal voice] And what have we learned? Nothing.

Man: You didn't learn "nothing." What did you see in that club?

Jessica: Hmm. Loads of freaks?

Man: And these so-called freaks all had one thing in common -- the symbol. You learned there are others in this world that are aware of the symbol.

Paloma: Si, si, si, si, si. But what about the paintings? Why is this symbol in all the stolen paintings?

Man: We have much room to teach you all about the symbol. But if you wish to learn, you will learn at our pace, a pace that cannot be rushed or else all will be lost.

Man: Whitney? Can you find the strength within yourself to do what must be done?

Whitney: If God demands that either Chad or myself must die, then I would gladly give my life so that Chad may live.

Man: Then come. Let us go to the Lord's house and pray, pray for forgiveness, pray that you can accept the end of your life, for tonight, Sister Whitney, you will die.

Noah: Hey.

Fancy: My head is killing me.

Noah: Let me take a look. You got a big old nasty bump there.

Fancy: Oh, great.

Luis: You know, not that it's any of my business, but I thought you two broke up, and what are you doing together here in Rome?

Fancy: We have broken up. We're not here together -- far from it.

Noah: Oh, look, Fancy, don't be like that.

Fancy: Get away from me, Noah! I never want to see you again after what you've done!

Noah: Fancy, you --

Fancy: You're -- you're history. You don't exist! You're not there. Where was I? Luis, thank you for carrying me out of the catacombs. If it weren't for you, I'd be dead.

Luis: No problem.

Fancy: It was a big deal to me. Oh, you're bleeding.

Luis: No, I'm -- I'm fine. I'm ok.

Fancy: No, don't be silly.

Luis: No --

Fancy: Come here, sit. Here.

Noah: Hey, I'm bleeding, too.

Fancy: Good! I hope it hurts like hell. Luis, don't move. I'll be right back. I'm going to wet this down.

Luis: Ok.

Luis: Hey, what'd you do to her?

Noah: It's a long story -- a very long story.

Luis: You ok?

Noah: No, man, I've messed up -- big, big mess-up. I mean, this is the worst fix I've ever been in.

Luis: Look, come on, man. It can't be worse than that time you were cornered by old man Grussman's prize bull, huh?

Noah: Are you ever going to let me forget that?

Luis: Uh -- no! No.

[Noah and Luis chuckle]

Chad: Ok, what happened?

Luis: Oh.

Noah: Uh -- I was in junior high and I had this huge crush on Jean Flanagan.

Luis: Yeah, "huge" is right. She was, like, a foot taller than he was at the time.

Noah: Hey, don't rub it in, all right?


Noah: Anyways, I went to Luis for some advice, you know? I needed to know how to impress her, and Luis -- you know, because he was like a big brother to me at the time -- he said, "take her some flowers." But, you know, I didn't have a paper route at the time. I didn't have a dime to my name, but I did know that there were a ton of flowers up in old man Grussman's field.

Luis: Yeah, so Romeo here decides he's going to climb the fence. He goes out into the field and he starts picking flowers. Unbeknownst to him, there was the biggest, nastiest bull on the other side of the field.

Noah: But this is not Ferdinand the bull, all right?

Luis: Well, maybe it was Ferdinand. Well, he didn't like you picking his flowers.

[Noah chuckles]

Noah: So about 20 tons of bull comes running at me from the other side of the field and I don't even see him until he's about 10 feet away, right, and I take off like Carl Lewis right into the corner of the fence. I'm stuck. The fence is made of barbed-wire and I isn't going anywhere, all right? Now, check this out -- the bull, it stops and it starts pawing at the ground. It's, like, out of a cartoon or something.

[Chad laughs]

Chad: So -- so how'd you get out of it? I mean --

Noah: This one here. He --

Luis: Saw the whole thing. Luckily, I was driving by and -- he's right. It was totally out of a cartoon. There was a tree, it was on the other side of the fence. I climbed up the tree, I shimmied out the branch, and I reached down and I grabbed him right before that damn bull charged.

Noah: Yeah, that was close.

Luis: Yeah, it was.

Noah: No wildflowers, no -- not even you can save me from the mess I'm in with Fancy.


Theresa: So what do you think that Paloma has gotten herself involved in? I mean, searching for stolen paintings? What do you think this is about?

Jerry: I can't say, ma'am. If you don't wish to send your brother after her, I can dispatch Crane security in Rome to detain Paloma and protect her.

Theresa: Yeah, yeah. You know what? I think actually that would be best. Now, you've got to tell them to be very, very careful because you have no idea what a young girl can get herself involved in.

Jerry: Three young girls -- your sister, Simone Russell, and Jessica Bennett.

Theresa: Wait -- uh -- Jessica Bennett is there? Well, why?

Jerry: Apparently, she was a last-minute addition to the trip. Shall I have them picked up?

Theresa: Yes. No! No. No. No, this is what I want you to do -- ok. Um -- yeah, I want you to print out those screens and then I want you to alert Crane security in Rome and you tell them that I'm going to be arriving shortly to personally oversee this situation.

Jerry: But why, Mrs. Crane? We can take care of it. There's no reason for you to go to Rome. You could be putting yourself in danger.

Theresa: Ok, you know what? I'm not going to be in any danger.

Jerry: Ma'am, you know there are dozens, maybe hundreds of Crane employees who are only loyal to your husband. They view you with -- how shall I put this? Resentment? What if someone's trying to lure you to Rome to hurt you? This whole thing could be a trap. You shouldn't be alone -- you need protection.

Theresa: Jerry, I'm not going to be alone. I'm going to have a very strong and capable man with me in Rome.

Gwen: Hmm.

Ethan: Hmm.

Gwen: This is heaven -- just the two of us, no distractions.

Ethan: No Mr. Collier, no demands that you work late.

Gwen: No Theresa. Oh. Oh. And just as I'm sure that Mr. Collier will have me work late, I know that somehow Theresa's going to appear tomorrow like an evil spirit trying to ruin things.

Chad: We have to save Whitney. All right?

Noah: Yeah -- yeah. Now, are you sure that that was Whitney that you saw down there? It -- it really didn't look like her.

Chad: Yeah, I know, I know. I don't know why she wore a disguise, but that was Whitney.

Noah: Are you sure that who you saw down there was Whitney?

Chad: Look, when you love a woman as much as I love Whitney, you recognize her no matter where you are.

Noah: All right. So what are we going to do?

Chad: I don't know, but I'm going to find Whitney even if I die trying.

Whitney: Oh, Heavenly Father, I have sinned. I love my own brother and I can't stop, no matter what I do. Just the thought of him tempts me from your righteous path and he loves me, too. The only way to stop the sin is if one of us dies, and that person has to be me. I have to die for our sins.

Man: I will honor your request, Whitney. Death will come as soon as you finish your prayer.

Luis: Ouch.

Fancy: Keep still, you big baby. It's just water.

Luis: So what happened between you and Noah anyway?

Fancy: I don't want to go into it.

Luis: All right. I just hope you're not throwing away a good thing over some little misunderstanding. Noah's one of the greatest guys that I know.

Fancy: Hmm. Then you must have one rotten set of friends.

Luis: Ouch.

Fancy: I didn't touch you.

Luis: No, I was talking about the -- never mind.

Fancy: So, have you spoken to Sheridan since you got here?

Luis: No, actually, I haven't. But I know as soon as I find Marty and bring him back to Sheridan, she's going to divorce Chris and come back to me -- ah.

Fancy: Good luck with that.

Luis: Thanks.

Fancy: You know, maybe if she knew we had been kissing, she'd get jealous. That could help.

[Luis chuckles]

Luis: Oh, not Sheridan. No. She would understand.

Fancy: Any more cuts?

Luis: Yeah, a -- a few.


Fancy: I want --

Luis: Ah!

Fancy: I want Aunt Sheridan to be happy. She's -- she's been through so much, she deserves that. And I know she's always loved you.

Luis: Yeah. Well, then pray that I find Marty because he's the key to me winning her back.

Fancy: Are you sure that Beth's here in Rome with Marty?

Luis: Yeah. The question is where.

Beth: [Whispering] Let's go to the caf. Step up. There we go. Ok. Sit right there. Want to sit up here? Ok. Ooh, he's a big boy. Ok, now, after we get our drinks, I'll take you back to the fountain. Would you like that? Yeah? I know what else you might like. Strawberry gelato.

[Beth chuckles]

Man: Buona sera, signora.

Beth: Oh, buona sera. My son just doesn't want to go to sleep tonight, so I'm hoping that a lemonade and a small strawberry gelato might do the trick.

Man: And for you?

Beth: Uh, just a Caffe Americano, please.

Man: Ok. And your name, please?

Beth: Oh, I'm Beth and this is my son Marty.

Man: Va bene.

Ethan: Gwen, please, don't.

Gwen: Honey --

Ethan: Don't --

Gwen: If you're going to tell me not to worry about Theresa, I'm going to scream. You know, every time you tell me that she's come to her senses, she hits us with another bomb.

Ethan: Well, we're married. And there's nothing she can do to change it.

Gwen: Well, honey, that never stops her from trying. And listen, I try really hard not to let it get to me, but it's -- it's pretty much impossible.

[Ethan sighs]

Gwen: Because every single day, she does something new to try to get close to you. It's driving me crazy. This whole thing is juvenile and is so tiresome.

Ethan: I think one day she'll just give up.

Gwen: Honey, she's never, ever going to give up. I'm going to have to live the rest of my life wondering what sick little plan she's going to come up with next.

Theresa: Ethan --

Ethan: Oh, God!

Gwen: Oh, my God!

Theresa: Uh -- listen -- um -- I need your help. It's an emergency. Paloma, Simone, and Jessica -- they're -- they're in terrible danger and I need you to come with me right now! We got to go to Rome, and we got to save them!

Paloma: What do you mean, "all will be lost"? Do you think we're stupid? You can't make these weird comments and expect us --

Man: Will you come with us or not? We will not teach you your next lesson on the street.

Simone: Ok. We -- we will come with you if it is the only way to learn about the symbol, its link to the missing paintings, and -- and to my missing sister.

Man: Good.

Simone: Wait a minute -- what are those for?

Man: We cannot reveal where we are taking you.

Jessica: [Moans]

Simone: Ok, so we're supposed to just let you blindfold us? How stupid do you think we are?

Man: Wear the blindfolds, or you'll never learn what you want to know.

Paloma: Simone, I think we have to do what they say.

Jessica: Oh, I can't believe what I let you two get me into.

Simone: This better not be the last sight I see of the world, or I'm going to be really, really mad.

Fancy: How did you keep your body in such great shape when you were held prisoner?

Luis: Uh -- did a lot of isometrics. It's about the only exercise you can do while you're tied up.

Fancy: That's not what Rebecca says.

Luis: I don't even want to know what that means.

Chad: Look, Luis, I'm not going to stick around here all night when Whitney's out there somewhere. I'm going to go look for her.

Luis: You're going to go back to the catacombs? All right, I'm going with you then.

Fancy: Uh-uh-uh-uh. You shouldn't go anywhere for a while. You need rest. You're still recuperating from months of imprisonment.

Luis: I'll be fine.

Chad: No, that's ok, Luis. I'm not going back to the catacombs just yet. Maybe Whitney made it out of there and made it up here. I can find her on my own.

Luis: Well, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Chad: Come on, Luis, it's ok. If I need you guys, I'll leave word at the hotel, or I'll call. You're here to find Beth and Marty, remember?

Luis: Yeah. All right. All right, be careful then.

Fancy: Good luck, Chad.

Chad: Thank you.

Noah: So, Luis, one little kiss and you got your clothes coming off, huh?

Fancy: That's funny, coming from you.

Luis: All right, hey, how about we not fight, ok?

Fancy: I don't care enough to fight. In fact, I don't care at all.

Luis: All right, can I just clear the air here a little? I really did think that I was kissing Sheridan when I kissed you earlier, ok?

Noah: Eh, don't worry about it, Luis. At least you didn't kiss me, huh?

Fancy: Hmm. That's the first time one of my kisses confused someone.

Noah: I wouldn't say that.

Fancy: No one's talking to you.

Noah: Look, Fancy, it's getting late, all right? Let me walk you back to the hotel. We can talk --

Fancy: No, no! Get away from me! I will go back to the hotel when I am good and ready -- and with someone I like and can trust. Right now, I'm going to go to that caf over there and get Luis some coffee. He's been a real hero tonight.

Luis: You got it bad, huh?

Noah: Yeah. God, I love her. I hate her, but I love her.

Luis: Well, if there's anything that I can do to help you two get back together, you just let me know, ok?

Noah: Yeah, thanks. But, you know, I really need to take care of this one on my own. But hey, let me help you find Beth and Marty, you know? After all those things you've done for me over the years, I really owe it to you.

Luis: Well, I might just take you up on that. I'm not going to be able to sleep until I find Beth, and I know she's in this damn city somewhere.

Beth: Ah, grazie. Now, let's not make a habit of this, young man. Eating ice cream this time of night.

Marty: Ice cream --

Beth: Oh, that's the coffee.

Fancy: Oh, my God. That voice.

Theresa: Come on. Come on, come on, get out of bed!

Ethan: What?

Theresa: Come on, there's no time to lose!

Gwen: I didn't even need to wait until tomorrow, because here she is in the middle of the night like a lunatic! Theresa, get the hell out of our bedroom!

Theresa: This is very important, Ethan.

Gwen: Whatever it is, if it's so important, have your lawyer contact our lawyer.

Theresa: Your sister is in danger! Jessica is in danger!

Ethan: Ok, whoa!

Theresa: And I need you to help me!

Ethan: Slow down, slow down. What -- what is going on?

Gwen: Oh, this is great. You're going to give in to her rantings?

Ethan: Gwen --

Gwen: Great. Oh, Theresa, at least just turn around so we can put our robes on, ok?

Ethan: All right. What happened? What's going on?

Theresa: Ok -- Jerry from Crane security -- he just came to me, and -- well, they're worried about these reports that they just received from Rome. Apparently, Paloma and Simone and Jessica -- they're all over there.

Gwen: Theresa, they're over there studying art.

Theresa: No, not Jessica, ok? And they're not studying art. Somehow, they've all gotten themselves mixed up in a search for stolen paintings.

Ethan: Stolen paintings?

Theresa: Yes. Here, here -- here's the report. It's all there.

Gwen: Ok, you could have faked this entire thing.

Ethan: No, she didn't.

Theresa: No, of course I didn't.

Ethan: These -- because they're time-stamped by Crane security. They look legit.

Theresa: Absolutely.

Ethan: Wow, um, honey, this -- this really looks authentic. I mean, Jessica could really be in danger here.

Theresa: Yeah, she's in terrible danger. You got to help me. You got to protect your little sister.

Gwen: Are you out of your teeny little mind? Theresa, there's no reason for Ethan to go to Rome with you. One phone call to Crane security over there will take care of the whole mess.

Theresa: Why don't you let Ethan speak for himself, Gwen? I mean, of course he wants to be there to make sure his sister is all right. Ethan, right? You know that the only way to make sure a job gets done right is to do it yourself.

Ethan: Honey, she's right. I mean, I want to be there to make sure that Jessica's safe.

Gwen: Absolutely not. There is no way that you're going to Rome with Theresa.

Whitney: I trust, Lord, that you'll forgive me for my sacrifice. But I just can't take this anymore. As long as both Chad and I are alive, we're going to be tempted to be together. And that must never happen.

Man: Are you ready, Sister?

Man: This will be the instrument I will use to send you to the Lord.

Whitney: This is the only way to save my soul -- Chad's soul. To stop the temptation forever.

Chad: Oh, this is pointless. Maybe I should go back down to the catacombs to look for Whitney. Oh. Sister, you scared me. I'm glad to see you're ok. I thought when the catacombs collapsed, you --

Nun: Senti, senti! Listen to me!

Chad: You were --

Nun: Listen to me! I am here to warn you, the innocent one need your help.

Chad: The innocent one? You -- you mean Whitney?

Nun: You are the only one who can save her.

Luis: You know, when Sheridan and I used to argue --

Noah: Whoa. Luis, look, let me worry about Fancy, ok? You have to concentrate on getting Sheridan back.

Luis: I know. Can I just say one thing, though? Huh?

Noah: All right.

Luis: I know how hard it is to love a Crane. Now, if you love Fancy, don't lose her the way that I lost Sheridan.

Noah: Look, Luis, you haven't lost Sheridan, all right? You've suffered a minor setback.

Luis: A minor setback? Wait -- she was married to some other guy and expecting his child!

Noah: Look, you've overcome obstacles before, right? You can -- you can overcome this one, right?

Luis: Right.

Noah: Yeah.

Luis: Right. Yeah, you're right. You're right. The key to winning Sheridan back is finding Marty. And I'm going to do it. I swear that I am.

Fancy: I know that voice.

Beth: You do?

Fancy: Yes, yes. That's a New England accent I hear, isn't it?

Beth: Oh -- you can tell? I worked so hard to lose my accent.

Fancy: Oh, and you did, but I'm from New England myself, and I thought I heard it when you said "nawt."

Beth: Ah.

[With Boston accent] "Park the car at the Harvard yard."

Fancy: Exactly. I lost my accent in boarding school.

Beth: Oh.

Fancy: Hi, sweetie. Are you two on vacation?

Beth: No, no, we live here.

Fancy: Oh, lucky you. With your husband?

Beth: No, he lives in New England. But hopefully, we'll all be together very soon.

Noah: Oh, man. What is taking Fancy so long getting that coffee?

Luis: Well, she's probably just drooling over the gelato. But after all the crazy stuff that's happened, we should probably go check on her.

Noah: Yeah, I'm sure it's all right. Yeah, what can happen in a caf, right?

Luis: I don't know.

Man: Bene. We have arrived.

Simone: Arrived where? And I'm sick of this stupid blindfold!

Paloma: What's with this secrecy? You promised to give us some answers!

Man: Ok, you may remove the blindfolds now.

Simone: Oh, finally.

Jessica: Oh.

Simone: Ooh.

Paloma: Where are we?

Jessica: Ooh, it's creepy. Like Tabitha's attic back home.

Simone: What's that?

Paloma: What?

[Simone gasps]

Simone: It's the symbol!

Jessica: Oh!

Simone: This must be one of the stolen paintings! We've found them!

Man: No!

[Simone gasps]

Man: No one can know this painting is here.

Theresa: Oh, thank God you are coming, ok? I've got the crane jet -- it's fueled, it's ready for takeoff. All you have to do is pack and we can get out of here.

Gwen: Ethan, you can't just up and go to Rome with Theresa. You wouldn't do that to me. Crane security can take care of Jessica.

Theresa: Gwen, you just heard him. He wants to be there himself to make sure that his sister is ok.

Ethan: Gwen, she's right.

Theresa: Yeah.

Ethan: She's right. I want to go, but I can't go. I have a family here, Theresa, and she's absolutely right. There's no reason why Crane security can't handle Jessica's safety.

Theresa: Ethan, no --

Ethan: Look, I can call the Italian police. I can even get Sam to cooperate with Interpol, maybe.

Theresa: I know you don't mean this.

Ethan: I mean this, Theresa. I can't just jet off to Rome with you. I'm sorry. I'm staying right here in Harmony with my wife and my family.

Nun: Vieni, presto, presto. Ho paura per la vita del'innocente!

Chad: Hey, hey, hey --

Nun: E pericoloso!

Chad: English -- English, please.

Noah: The -- the innocent one is in danger.

Chad: Ok, well, what do you mean, I'm the only one who can help her?

Nun: Come! She will die if you do not. The innocent one, Whitney -- she need you.

Chad: Ok, well, where is she?

Nun: La chiesa. The church. Come. Come, now. Oh!

Chad: What is it, what is it?

Nun: Sangue -- nothing but blood. We are too late. The innocent one is dead.

Chad: No, no.

Whitney: If it is God's will that I must die, please do it quickly.

Man: You are brave, Sister.

Whitney: I know I'm doing the right thing.

Man: You are. This is the only way to cleanse your soul of sin.

Whitney: Agh! Oh!

Man: It is done.

Noah: I got to hand it to you, Luis. Most men would have given up on Sheridan by now.

Luis: Well, that'll never happen. I love Sheridan, she loves me, and there's no way I'm ever giving up on her.

Noah: That's what I admire about you. You know, you set your eyes on a goal and you stick to it. You know, you've got focus.

Luis: Well, you've got to have that same focus with Fancy. You can't let anything or anyone get in your way.

Fancy: I -- I'm sorry. I always stick my foot in my mouth.

Beth: No, no, it's -- it's ok. I've been separated from my husband for months now. You know the story -- another woman.

Fancy: Oh, honey, you bet I know that story. Another woman ruined my relationship with the man I love.

Beth: And you let her? Well, not me. I will not give up until I get my man back. And he is my man. And one of these days, me and my son and my son's father will be together. One big, happy family.


Luis: See, the key to getting Sheridan back is to find Beth and Marty. That's what I'm doing here. I discovered a secret bank account that was opened here in Rome. And I'm sure that's how Beth and Marty are surviving. So all I have to do is track them down, bring Marty back to Sheridan, and we'll be together. One big, happy family.

Luis: Ah. No wonder Fancy was late getting back. Looks like she's found herself a new friend.

Noah: Well, let's hope it's someone nice, huh?

[Noah sighs]

On the Next Passions:

Theresa: We have got to go to Rome right now! We don't know what kind of trouble our sisters are in!


Sheridan: Luis kissed you?

Fancy: Really kissed me.

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