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Miguel: I can't argue with you, Fox. She's a doll. So what if she's a little quirky.

Fox: Quirky's good. The last thing you want is some girl whose main aim in life is to fit in. Siren dances to her own tune, man.

Miguel: And I kind of like the sound of her tune, if you know what I mean.

Fox: Exactly. She's gorgeous, right?

Miguel: It's not only that. Even though she's outspoken and spontaneous, there's this innocence about her that's so rare.

Fox: Then don't let what anyone thinks or says stop you, man. Go for it.

Kay: Tell me you didn't just ask what I think you did.

Siren: I just want to know how you did it. How did you talk Miguel into making a baby with you.

Kay: That's none of your business. And who said I talked him into anything?

Siren: Well, I didn't mean -- I mean, I -- I just got the impression it wasn't something the two of you planned.

Kay: Well, no, but it's not like I tricked him or anything. There were deep feelings involved. We got carried away, ok?

Siren: Ok. So how do I do that with Miguel?

Kay: You don't! That's how. You keep your hands off him.

Siren: Why? Are you in love with him, too?

Jessica: Wow. Everyone in this place has the same symbol Spike tattooed on me. How weird is that?

Simone: It's too weird for me, especially since it's the same symbol that's in every single one of the missing paintings Paloma and I are trying to find.

Paloma: Are you sure Spike never said what that symbol meant?

Jessica: No. I thought he designed it himself.

Paloma: Well, we're here now and the guys who brought us seem to have disappeared, so I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

Simone: Well, what are you going to do?

Paloma: Ask someone else about the symbol.

Jessica: Hey! You can't -- you can't do that!

Noah: Ow, oh, ow! What -- ah.

Fancy: Whoa!

Noah: You ok?

Fancy: Yeah, sorry. I couldn't see where I was jumping.

Noah: Yeah, yeah. Oh, God, as long as you're not hurt, all right?

Fancy: [Sighs]

Noah: Whoo. Fancy, you shouldn't have come down here.

Fancy: I wasn't going to let you risk your life down here by yourself. You heard what Gianni said -- it's dangerous down here.

Noah: Which is --

Fancy: People have come down into the catacombs and never been seen again.

Noah: So you to go back up to the street, ok?

Fancy: Forget it. I'm not leaving you.

Noah: Uh -- aren't you still angry at me?

Whitney: Help!

Noah: Look, over there. Go.

Whitney: You said there's help on the way, right?

Nun: Si, carissima, but you are the one who needs help more than that poor soul.

Whitney: No, no, you don't understand. This is the man I love. This is the father of my child. I can't just let him die like this.

Nun: Mm-hmm. You must be careful. Evil is very near and I'm afraid it's coming for you!

Man: Do you hear me, Whitney? Leave him there and exit the catacombs now!

Whitney: I have to help Chad. I can't let him die.

Man: You must let him perish. That is my will!

Whitney: No, I won't do it.

Man: Then you will be severely punished. Your self-flagellation back at the convent will be nothing compared to the pain that I have in store for you.

Nun: Be careful, carissima. You are in grave danger!

Whitney: Sister, listen, I appreciate your concern, but it's not me who needs help right now. Chad and that other man over there could die if I don't get them out of here. Now, I just pray it's not too late.

Man: Let him die!

Whitney: I can't do that. I love him.

Man: That is precisely the reason why he must never come out of the catacombs alive. As long as your half brother lives, you will be lured by temptation and mortal sin. Leave him now and come back to me so that you can continue with the mission that I have set before you -- unless, of course, your sinful desires are more important than the countless souls that I have asked you to help me save, souls who are worthy of being saved, unlike Chad's.

Nun: Senti, listen. Someone's coming!

Whitney: Well, maybe they can help me with the other person.

Noah: There's been a cave-in. Is anyone here?

Whitney: Yes. Yes, I'm here, but help me with the other person over there. He's near you guys.

Fancy: Near us?

Noah: Oh, I see him. Come on.

Man: Meddling fools.

Whitney: Maybe those people can help me with Chad, too. Look, Sister, can you -- where did she go?

Simone: We shouldn't even be here.

Jessica: Oh, no. She's really going to talk to those people.

Paloma: Ahem. Sorry to cut in, but I need to ask your date a question. Ok, um, my friends and I were wondering about that symbol that you have on your chest. We were thinking about getting tattoos in the same design, and --

Fox: It'd be great if things between you and Siren work out. She seems nice.

Miguel: I think she is. It's going to be fun getting to know her better.

Kay: Ok. Siren, there is a big difference between being in love with someone and loving them.

Siren: There is?

Kay: Are you sure you're from New Hampshire and not some other planet?

Siren: Now, that's not nice.

Kay: Ok, fine. The reason that I care about Miguel isn't because I'm in love with him, but I do love him as a friend. I mean, we go way back. He means a lot to me.

Siren: Like a brother.

Kay: Well --

Siren: So if you're not in love with him, why can't I have a baby with him?

Kay: Because you can't -- that's why. It's just not the way you do things.

Siren: But you did and so did Tabitha and she's really old.

Kay: Oh, how am I going to get through to you?

Siren: And I love Maria and Endora. They're so cute and sweet, I want one of my own.

Kay: Ok. If you wanted a baby so bad, then why didn't you have one with your boyfriend?

Siren: Boyfriend?

Kay: Yeah. The guy you say left you last night, stole all your clothes -- that boyfriend?

Siren: Right! Uh -- well, he wasn't ready to have a baby.

Kay: Oh, neither is Miguel, ok? He already has enough on his plate helping me with Maria. He doesn't need another child.

Siren: That's what Miguel said, but I think I can change his mind.

Kay: You told Miguel that you wanted to have his baby?

Siren: Yes.

Kay: I don't believe you!

Siren: Uh-huh!

Miguel: Ready to go swimming?

Siren: Always.

[Noah groans]

Fancy: Oh, God, Noah! What if we're too late? What if whoever it is is already --

Noah: Hey, no, no, no. He has a pulse. It's weak and thready, but it's there. Look, we have to hurry, all right? Clear out his airways.

[Fancy gasps]

Fancy: No, it can't be. I don't believe it.

Noah: Oh, my God.

Fancy: It's Luis -- my Aunt Sheridan's Luis.

Noah: What in the hell is he doing here? Come on.

Whitney: I don't care what the monk says. I'm not going to let you die.

Chad: Are you an angel?

Whitney: Oh, thank God you're alive.

[Sobs] Oh, thank God!

Man: Idiot girl! I will not allow this to happen. She must let him die!

Jessica: He's grabbing her arm!

Simone: She must've asked him about his tattoo.

Jessica: Yeah, come on.

Paloma: Ay, you're hurting me!

[Music playing]

Paloma: That's why you grabbed me -- because you want to dance?

Simone: I don't believe it.

Jessica: This is getting more bizarre by the minute.

Simone: And I thought Harmony was weird.

[Siren and Miguel chuckle]

Siren: An indoor pool! Wow! Those pelicans must be rich!

Miguel: Pelicans?

Siren: The family you said owned the estate.

Miguel: That's the Cranes, not the pelicans.

[Miguel chuckles]

Siren: Who cares? They must be nice if they like swimming enough to have an indoor pool.

Miguel: I'm not sure I really follow your logic. But then again, I don't think it really matters.

Siren: Last one in is a rotten tomato!

Miguel: I think you mean "egg."

Kay: Miguel, I need to talk to you.

Miguel: Now?

Kay: Yes, before this thing with you and Siren goes any further.

Miguel: What's going on here, Kay?

Kay: Look, I just -- I think you need to be careful, ok? She -- she's not cooking on all her burners.

Miguel: Come on, just because she's a little different?

Kay: Different? She's crazy. She's kooky. She asked you to make her pregnant?

Miguel: And I told her it was -- it was out of the question, that neither one of us was ready for that kind of talk.

Kay: And that's all there is to it? You act like she didn't just proposition you in the most outrageous, bold-faced way?

Miguel: She has a dry sense of humor. Why are you taking it so seriously?

Kay: Because she wasn't joking. She told me the same thing as if it were the most normal, natural idea in the world.

Miguel: Look, no offense, Kay. I appreciate you watching my back, but what Siren and I do is our business.

Kay: Just promise me that if you sleep with her, you will use protection.

Miguel: We're not that far along yet.

Kay: Well, you will be if she keeps going the way she's going. A girl like that, I would not put it past her if she tried to trick you into getting her pregnant.

Miguel: I don't see Siren as a scheming type. She's too innocent, too naive, though you might know a little bit about tricks, wouldn't you?

Kay: Look, I didn't trick you into sleeping with me, ok? I don't know why you thought that I was Charity that night. It was just one of those voodoo nights in Harmony. Things didn't make sense, ok? Besides, that's ancient history.

Miguel: Look, I wasn't accusing you of anything. My point is Siren is extremely naive and she may say things that sound really forward, but she doesn't mean them that way.

Kay: Hmm, I think she does.

Miguel: Look, I'll be careful, ok? Just for the record, why do you care so much?

Kay: Well, why wouldn't I care? We've been friends for a long time, I saw you get hurt by Charity, and I just don't want it to happen again.

Miguel: It already did, with you. But you're in love with Fox, engaged to marry the guy. Don't take this the wrong way, Kay, but you made a choice, so as far as my love life's concerned, how about you just butt out?

Kay: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to butt into your business. I'm just trying to keep you from making a mistake with Siren.

Miguel: I shouldn't have snapped at you.

Kay: It's ok. It's just that you two barely know each other, and she's trying to have a baby with you? Isn't that a red flag?

Miguel: I mean, it could be, or maybe she's just lonely, hurt by this guy she was going out with, you know? Maybe she just wants to find somebody that treats her better.

Kay: You.

Miguel: Why not me?

Kay: Because she's crazy, that's why.

Miguel: Don't you think that's a little harsh? I mean, just because she's a little different?

Kay: Miguel, come on.

Miguel: I'm serious. I like that she's dancing to her own tune. Charity wasn't like other girls, either.

Kay: Oh, so what are you saying? That's your type -- odd girls?

Miguel: Maybe so. So Siren's a fish out of water. What's wrong with that?

Siren: Ah.

Fox: Well, Siren, I got to admit, you know, I was known as quite a swimmer back in school, but you swim circles around me.

Siren: Circles? I can do that.

Singer: I am water I am rain I am tempted here I am the hunter I am the prey though your --

Simone: Ok. I have heard of the expression "when in Rome," but this is ridiculous.

Jessica: And creepy. And if anyone knows creepy when she sees it, it's me.

Simone: Yeah, I won't argue with you there.

Man: Whitney, let Chad die! Do you hear me? Now, come back here so you can complete the mission for the church, and do not disobey me!

Chad: Oh.

Whitney: I was so afraid I was too late. I thought you were dead down there.

Chad: Whitney? Is that you, Whitney?

Whitney: Um -- no. No, it's not. Uh --

Chad: Whitney. You look so different. But it's you. I could tell by your voice, your beautiful voice. It's you. Oh, thank God I found you.

Fancy: Oh, he -- he's coming around.

Noah: Ok, all right. Help me get him up. Come on.

[Noah groans]

Fancy: Luis? Luis? Open your eyes. Wake up.

Luis: What am I -- it's you.

Fancy: Yes, Luis. It's --

Luis: Oh, my gosh! You came for me.

Noah: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Fancy: Luis!

Luis: Oh. You're not Sheridan.

Fancy: No, I'm not. I'm her niece Fancy.

Luis: Fancy -- oh, I am so sorry. I --

Noah: It's ok, it's ok.

Luis: I don't even know what I was thinking.

Noah: It's ok, all right? It's all right.

Fancy: It was --

Luis: I could have sworn I --

Fancy: It was probably just my blond hair.

Luis: Yeah.

Noah: Look, you were out cold, ok? You just came to.

Luis: Oh. You mean you helped save me, too?

Noah: Yeah. Look, but you don't need to kiss me, ok?

[Luis chuckles]

Luis: Oh -- oh.

Noah: Are you ok?

Luis: Uh -- not really, but I don't think anything's broken. What are you two doing in Rome, anyway?

Noah: Um -- well -- look, it's a long story, all right? We'll talk about it later. Just -- ok, we're just lucky we got you out of this rubble fast.

Luis: Yeah. Man, the whole ceiling collapsed on us.

Fancy: Well, we could see your hand sticking up from the debris. It was horrible.

Luis: Whew. Well, thanks for digging me out. You guys saved my life. Did you see the nun?

[Fancy laughs]

Fancy: No, unless she was that woman who was here before.

Luis: No, no, no, no. She was -- she was in another corridor, and the walls -- they were bleeding.

Noah: Whoa, ok, ok. Look, you got to relax, man. Are you sure you're not just dreaming this? Imagining it? Because you were --

Luis: No. We saw it.

Fancy: Wait, you keep saying "we." Was someone else with you?

Luis: Yeah, I was here with Chad Harris. Have you seen him?

Noah: No.

Fancy: Chad's my half brother. What if he didn't get out? We've got to find him!

Chad: Whitney, what are you doing down here? I was so worried about you. And why do you look so different?

Whitney: No, never mind that, Chad.

[Chad groans]

Whitney: What are you doing here?

Chad: I came to find you. To bring you home. I mean, what are you doing in Rome, anyway? I mean, no one at the convent had any answers, and -- I don't know -- it was like you just disappeared into thin air.

Man's voice: Get out of there now, Whitney. Let the others save him. He will only lead you into further temptation. Leave him now! Do you hear me?

Whitney: I -- I can't be here. Um -- look, I -- I have to go, ok? I want you to be caref --

Chad: What, now? Whitney, I just found you. What's going on here? Tell me what's wrong.

Whitney: I can't. I'm sorry, I have to go. Please?

Chad: No, I'm not going to let you go until you tell me what's going on. Something's wrong, Whitney.

Whitney: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Look, there are people here that are going to take care of you, ok? They're going to get you to the doctor, and you'll be fine, ok?

Chad: Whitney, what, you dig me out just to abandon me? Come on, Whitney, this isn't like you.

Man's voice: Now, Whitney. Do as I say!

Whitney: Chad, just please don't hate me, and tell Miles I love him.

Chad: But, Whitney -- Whitney!

Man: Cha!

Jessica: Hey, hey, Paloma. Are you all right?

Simone: We thought he was going to hurt you.

Paloma: Well, yeah, I thought so, too, at first. But all I did was ask him about his tattoo, and then he grabbed me.

Simone: Yeah, but he looked so angry.

Paloma: I know, I know. And he doesn't seem to speak English. I think he didn't understand what I said.

Jessica: Ok, well, whatever. Let's get out of here.

Paloma: No, no. We came looking for answers, and I hate leaving without knowing anything more.

Jessica: Well, I vote we get out of here while we still can, answers or not. Are you guys coming?

Paloma: Wait a second.

Jessica: Oh -- ahem.

Paloma: Hi -- um -- um -- you didn't answer my question. That symbol on your chest -- what does it mean?

Man: Non ti capisco.

Paloma: Oh, ok. I'll try it in Spanish. Tu tatuaje -- que significa?

Man: Guarda, mi dispiace. Io non so di che cosa sta parlando. Un minuto. Si, si.

Paloma: Ok. The symbolo on your chesto -- everybody here in the club is wearing it. It must mean something.

Man: Forget it, American girl. He doesn't understand, ok?

Paloma: Well, then I'll ask someone else. You promised to give us some answers.

Man: Are you stupid, or what? Nobody here understands your question. Zitta.

Kay: Ok, so you're into offbeat women. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful with Siren.

Miguel: I'm a big boy, Kay. I can take care of myself.

Kay: But look, I --

Miguel: Listen, ok? Just listen. You know how I feel about you. And when I came back to Harmony and started getting to know you again, I fell hard, Kay. I fell real hard. I was hoping maybe something could happen between us.

Kay: I know.

Miguel: But you and Fox have made it real clear that you're looking towards a future together. I came back too late. It's nobody's fault. It's just the way it is. Look, believe me when I tell you I do want you to be happy. Even if it's with someone else. Fox is a great guy. And I couldn't ask for a better stepdad to Maria, either.

Kay: No, you -- you couldn't.

Miguel: I respect your relationship with Fox, so I'm asking you to respect mine with Siren.

Kay: Well, the way you talk, it's like you're already involved.

Miguel: I know. And I don't want to rush things. But I like her, Kay. I like her a lot. And she likes me, too.

Kay: That's an understatement.

Miguel: Whatever. I'm asking you to stay out of it, ok? Let me live my life, even if it means making a mistake. You know, maybe Siren isn't the right woman for me, but then again, maybe she is. But it's our business, not yours. You understand?

Kay: I guess. I -- I don't want to tell you what to do.

Miguel: Then stop with all the badmouthing about Siren. I don't want to hear it.

Fox: Aren't you getting dizzy yet?

Siren: Not a bit.

Fox: Ok, well, I am, so stop.

Fox: What's the matter?

Siren: I don't know. I have this funny feeling I've never had before in my tummy. Are you and Kay close friends?

Fox: More than friends. We're in love. We're getting married.

Siren: And you're not jealous of her when she's with Miguel?

Fox: No, not anymore. I admit I've had a few visits from the green-eyed monster, but --

Siren: Who's he?

Fox: It's just an expression. The point is, is I've had to check myself and my jealousy over their relationship. Miguel's not a threat to me and Kay.

Siren: She told you that?

Fox: Yeah, and I believe her. And I'm sure they're close, but it's because they have a child together. They have lots of history. They grew up together. You don't believe that they're just friends?

Siren: I don't know. I just wonder whether close friends with a child and a lot of history can sometimes become more than friends.

Fox: Yeah, sure, it happens, but not with those two. You know, you really are different from other girls, Siren.

Siren: Is that good or bad?

Fox: I think it's a good thing. It's refreshing.

Siren: All I know is that I say what I think.

Fox: Yeah, so I've noticed. You really like Miguel, don't you?

Siren: Yes. I want him to be the father of my child, too.

Fox: Right. So you want to race across the pool?

Siren: You're on!

Fox: All right. On three. Ready? One, two, three --

Fox: What the hell?!

Fox: No, it couldn't have been.

Siren: I won! Why'd you stop?

Fox: Ok, call me crazy, but I could have sworn I just saw a fin where your legs were supposed to be. Just now when we were racing.

Siren: What?

Miguel: Too much chlorine in your eyes, buddy.

Fox: Maybe.

Fox: Ok, I've completely lost it. Not only do you have legs, but you have gorgeous ones.

Siren: Thank you.

Fox: Not as beautiful as Kay's legs. My eyes are definitely playing tricks on me.

Miguel: Too bad. I've always wanted to meet a mermaid.

Miguel: Are you ready for another race?

Fox: You coming in, Kay?

Kay: Not right now.

Fox: Well, then I'm getting out. Miguel, good luck. My money is on the young lady.

Fox: What's the matter with you? You look like you just lost your best friend or something.

Kay: I tried to warn Miguel about Siren, but he won't listen to me. She's a little off. Did you hear that she wants to have a baby with him?

Fox: Yeah, that's got to be a joke.

Kay: No, it's not funny. I tried to tell him that she's going to cause him nothing but grief, but he won't listen.

Fox: Yeah, I'm not surprised. Looks like they've found better things to do than race laps.

Paloma: I can't believe not one person here can speak English or Spanish.

Man: It's true.

Paloma: Then why did you bring us here? You promised to give us some answers about the mysterious symbol in the stolen paintings.

Man: And you will get them.

Simone: When?

Man: All in good time.

Paloma: Are you wasting our time? We only came here with you because you promised to help us track down those paintings. If this is some kind of game --

Man: We promised to give you all the answers, and we will. But we do not respond well to pressure.

Paloma: Hmm.

Man: You're just going to have to trust us.

Jessica: Hmm. I've heard that one before. How are we supposed to trust you when this place is so off the wall?

Man: No, the real question is, how are we supposed to trust you? You are going to have to prove yourselves to us first.

Simone: How?

Man: By doing exactly what we say.

Second man: Ecco.

Chad: Whitney, don't run off! Come back! Ow. Ow, damn it.

Fancy: Oh --

Luis: Chad!

Fancy: Thank God you're all right!

Luis: Chad.

Fancy: Why are you calling for Whitney?

Chad: Well, she's the one that dug me out. And then she ran off.

Noah: That -- that's who we saw earlier, but we just didn't recognize her.

Chad: Well, she looks different than she did back at home. She's unrecognizable. I didn't know who she was myself until -- until I heard her voice. Whitney?

Luis: Well, Chad, at least you're alive, huh?

Chad: Yeah, you, too. Noah, Fancy, what -- what are you two doing here?

Noah: Uh -- it's a long story. We'll tell you later.

Fancy: This is too weird. It's like half of Harmony has shown up in Rome at the same time.

Chad: Yeah, well, I knew Whitney was going to be here, so that's why I came to Rome -- only, I don't know what she got into and why she ran off after she saved me. I'm scared to death for her.

Fancy: Physically, you mean?

Chad: Physically and everything else. I've got a bad feeling about all of this.

Man: It is about time you decided to obey me.

Whitney: I couldn't leave Chad to die buried under all that rubble, Lord.

Man: Nothing and no one must come before your mission.

Whitney: It's just that Chad came to Rome to look for me. He heard my screams, jumped in the catacomb to save my life. He risked his life to save mine.

Man: That is exactly the problem, isn't it? Did you not agree to follow my orders so you could rid yourself of your sinful feelings for your half brother?

Whitney: Yes. And I am. I've done everything you've asked me to do.

Man: You either want to atone for your grievous sin of incest, or you don't.

Whitney: But I couldn't just leave Chad there to die. And, you know, a real man of God wouldn't want an innocent man to die, either.

Man: The father of your bastard child is far from innocent! He would lead you into temptation at any turn. He's no better than Lucifer himself.

Whitney: That is not true. Chad is a good and decent man.

[Man sighs]

Man: I have misjudged you, Whitney. I thought you had learned your lesson. But I was a fool. I was a fool for having chosen you from all the people in the world to help me in this important mission... a mission which is vital to the survival of my church and indeed to the redemption of your immortal soul.

Whitney: You didn't choose the wrong person. I want to help you. I want to atone for my sins.

Man: Then you must prove it!

Whitney: I will. I will. Anything you ask.

Man: I have already asked, Whitney. This man who would cause you to commit such a heinous sin -- he must die. It is the only way.

[Siren laughs]

Miguel: Hey, no fair.

Siren: It's a swimming pool. We're supposed to be swimming.

Miguel: Oh, if this is what you call swimming, fine by me.

Fox: Stop looking at them like they're criminals.

Kay: I don't trust her, Fox. You and Miguel don't understand. You're men.

Fox: Meaning we're thick.

Kay: When it comes to women, yes.

Fox: He's attracted to her. There's no crime in that.

Kay: I know what I'm looking at, ok? She's trouble.

Fox: Look, you're sweet to worry so much about Miguel, but I'm sure he can fend for himself.

Fox: Besides, I mean, Siren could turn out to be the best thing for Miguel. I mean, I think it's healthy that he's getting over Charity. I mean, that was a no-win situation for him. Who knows? Maybe he'll fall in love with Siren -- she'll reciprocate his feelings. Be happy.

Kay: Hmm. She won't make him happy.

Fox: Kay, that's not up to us. We've got enough things to worry about without worrying about Miguel and Siren.

Kay: We do?

Fox: Like planning our wedding. How are the arrangements coming, anyway?

Kay: They're great, they're great. I just have a little bit more to do, but everything will be done in time, I promise.

Fox: Well, I hope so. It's only the most important day of our lives.

Jessica: Hey, I don't care what these guys say, I want to get out of here.

Simone: Me, too. Everyone in here is creeping me out.

Paloma: You want to leave without learning anything about the symbol?

Jessica: Uh-huh.

Simone: Yes.

Paloma: This is the right place to get answers. Everybody's wearing it in one way or another.

Jessica: Hmm. I know. I still can't get over it being the same design as the tattoo Spike made me get.

Simone: Not to mention appearing in every single one of the missing church paintings.

Paloma: And how could it be that nobody here speaks even a little English? Maybe those guys are giving us some kind of runaround.

Jessica: Yeah, which is why I want to get out of here while we still can.

Simone: She's right, Paloma. There's something definitely off about this place.

[Paloma sighs]

Noah: Well, this is coincidence enough that Fancy and I ended up in Rome at the same time, but you guys, too? And -- and Whitney? That's really bizarre.

Luis: Yeah, it is. Well, I'm here looking for my son. I've got reason to believe that Beth is hiding him here in Rome.

Fancy: This Beth person -- it's so strange to think she's my grandfather's illegitimate daughter.

Luis: Yeah.

Fancy: I guess that makes her my aunt?

Luis: And Sheridan's half sister. She's sick. I'm telling you guys, she is sick, and she is vicious. I'm going to find her, I'm going to find my son, and I'm finally going to bring him back to Sheridan.

Chad: Well, look, I'm not sticking around here. I got to find Whitney.


Fancy: Uh -- what's that?

Luis: Oh, it could be another cave-in! We got to get the hell out of here!

Chad: Yeah, but Whitney went this way!

Noah: No, no, you're better use to her alive than dead! Come on, you can look for her later. Let's go! Go!

Man: Don't look so shocked. Surely, you must realize that you can't hold on to this sordid fantasy for Chad. The best thing for everyone is his demise.

Whitney: But he's the father of my child, Lord. Please.

Man: Your child will be well cared for by your mother. Admit it, Whitney. You and Chad cannot exist together on this planet at the same time without feeling drawn toward one another.

Whitney: Well, y-yes. But --

Man: And you -- you will be led forever into temptation and damnable sin.


Man: The decision is yours. If you choose to offend the church and spit on God's commandments --

Whitney: No, no, that is not what I want.

Man: If you choose this path, you will forfeit his forgiveness and his love. And your soul will burn in eternal hell. On the other hand, you can atone for your sins by doing God's will.

Whitney: That's what I want. That -- that's what I've always wanted, please.

Man: Then stop fighting it, Whitney. Accept that you and Chad cannot both go on living.

Whitney: Oh. I understand. Now I understand.

Man: That's better. I see that you now know what must be done.

Whitney: But it's not Chad who must die. It has to be me.

On the Next Passions:

Man: It's your sister Paloma. She's in danger.

Man: Sister Whitney, you will die.

Luis: The key to winning Sheridan back is finding Marty. And I'm going to do it, I swear that I am.

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