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Gwen: I don't understand why Mr. Collier insisted I come in to work in the middle of the night. There's no reason this stuff couldn't have waited until the morning. I just want to get home to see my family. Oh, Janey, I hope you're still feeling better. And you two -- you better be asleep when I get home.

Theresa: Get your hands off my family, Gwen.

Theresa: You don't belong in this photo. You know that. If you hadn't framed me and made it appear that I was the one who leaked the facts about Ethan's true paternity to the tabloids, I'd be married to him. I'm going to expose your crime and take my rightful place as Ethan's wife if it's the last thing that I do.

Gwen: No, you are my imagination playing tricks on me. You are not here.

Theresa: Yeah. You're right, Gwen. I'm not here. While you're working yourself to death, I'm at the B&B with Ethan. And God only knows what's going to happen. Kisses.

Gwen: Oh, God, I am so tired I am losing my mind. Unless, of course, this is my subconscious trying to tell me something. Theresa has to have left the B&B by now, right? I got to get home. I got to make sure she is not there. Ok.

Ethan: I love you.

Kay: God. If it is this hot in spring, what is the summer going to be like?


Kay: Who's out there at this time of night?

Siren: Siren's coming to get you, Miguel.

Miguel: Oh, I love you so much.

Kay: You're the man of my dreams. You always have been.

Miguel: Kay --

Nun: Sangue. Blood. It is a sign.

Luis: Come on, that's crazy.

Chad: It sure looks like blood.

Luis: It's impossible, Chad.

Chad: Is it? Blood dripped from the walls in Harmony, remember?

Luis: Whose blood is it? Answer me.

Nun: The sign. The sign the innocent one will die.

[Whitney screams]

Chad: That's Whitney again.

Luis: Hey, I thought it came from over there last time.

Chad: Well, yeah, yeah, I guess the sound is playing tricks down here, along with everything else. Come on, we have to find Whitney.

Nun: It may be too late.

Man: Silence, Whitney. You must not scream.

[Beast growls]

Whitney: No! Get off! Get off! No! Get off!

Man: Will you be quiet?

Whitney: I've been bitten. How did this happen? This -- this whole thing is supposed to be virtual reality, right? It's pretend. But look at these bite marks. This isn't pretend. What --

Man: Impossible.

Whitney: No, no, look at the blood. Look -- look at the teeth marks. If this isn't real, then how did this happen?

Luis: It does look like blood. I'm telling you that's impossible, Chad.

Chad: What else could it be?

Luis: I don't know, all right? I don't know. You know -- I don't know, this rock -- you know, it looks like it's been here for thousands of years. Maybe there's rust or minerals that come down here and it looks like blood.

Luis: Sounds hollow, man.

Chad: It could be a secret room over there. This could be a way to get to Whitney.

Chad: Watch out, watch out.

Whitney: Ah --

Man: Shh. Calm yourself, Whitney, calm yourself. Breathe deeply. Yes, yes.

Whitney: I'm bleeding. I really am bleeding. How could this have happened? Wait a minute, was this you? Was this another one of your trials?

Man: Slow down. Tell me. Tell me exactly what happened.

Whitney: Well, you know. You were here next to me the whole time.

Man: Shh. Tell me.

Whitney: I was in virtual reality, and I was walking down the tunnel to get to the Pope's private chamber so that I could get you that chalice, when I saw something yellow, glowing, like a pair of eyes watching me. And I couldn't see what it was, and I was just so frightened, lord. And I ran, but this thing started chasing me. And I tried to outrun it, but it was too fast and it jumped me and knocked me down. I was fighting and fighting, but it bit me and -- and the next thing I knew, I was back here, and you were holding me. I was back here in reality. But it was so scary and so real. But it was real. It had to have been real. Otherwise, why would my arm be bleeding? Something bit me, something evil. Now, how? How could that possibly have happened?

Man: In our universe, there are many mysteries that cannot be explained to simple mortals such as yourself.

Whitney: Please, can you just take me back?

Man: No.

Whitney: Please take me back.

Man: No, Sister Whitney. Your trials are not over. You must return from whence you came. Find out what happened there, and find my chalice.

Whitney: No. I won't do it. I won't. It's too dangerous. I'm not going back in there. I'm not.

Kay: Miguel's room is empty. Where is Siren going in the middle of the night? I bet she snuck up to the attic to put the moves on Miguel. Fox.

Fox: Kay? Where are you going?

Miguel: Siren?

Siren: Who else would it be?

Miguel: What are you doing?

Siren: You kissed me, remember?

Miguel: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't mean to. I -- I was dreaming.

Siren: Of me?

Miguel: What are you doing up here?

Siren: I missed you.

Miguel: I mean, it's late, siren. Aren't you exhausted?

Siren: It's so hot. Who can sleep?

Miguel: Yeah, I haven't been able to sleep either, but not just because of the heat. I mean, I've had a lot on my mind.

Siren: Hmm. Me, too.

Miguel: You know what? I bet you have, Siren. I mean, it's -- I mean, you've been left on the beach, your boyfriend left you and took all your things. It has to be hard on you.

Siren: I guess.

Miguel: I think I can make you feel better.

Siren: I know you can.

Miguel: In fact, I think I know the perfect way.

Gwen: I hope Janey sleeps through the night and I hope Theresa is gone by now, because she will certainly use any excuse to weasel her way back into Ethan's life.

[Theresa gasps]

Theresa: What?

Gwen: Get out of my bed, you slut.

Fox: Kay, where -- where were you going?

Kay: Well, it's just so hot, you know, I couldn't sleep, so I was going to go check on Maria.

Fox: Well, you're going the wrong way to get to Maria's room.

Kay: Oh, right.

Fox: I know where you were going, Kay.

Kay: You do?

Fox: Uh, yeah. You were going up to check on Miguel and see if Siren's with him. Is that about right?

Kay: I can explain.

Fox: I don't need an explanation. I know what this is about.

Kay: You do?

Fox: Yeah. You've made it clear that you don't like the way Siren's been throwing herself at Miguel.

Kay: It's just, you know, that --

Fox: Kay, I get it. You're worried about Miguel being vulnerable after Charity rejected him, and you think that Siren's going to take advantage of him.

Kay: I just -- I don't want him to get hurt.

Fox: Because you care about him.

Kay: Well, because we're friends, and we've been friends for a really long time. And he's the father of my child, so --

Fox: Kay, I get it. I'm not jealous. I know that you think that you have Miguel's best interest at heart.

Fox: That's one of the reasons I love you so much -- you are such a caring friend. But you don't need to worry about this.

Kay: I know, but Siren -- you know, she just appeared out of the blue.

Fox: Kay, I know, I know.

Kay: And she's now throwing herself all over Miguel. It's --

Fox: Kay, Miguel is a grown man. He can handle his own love life. Now, let's go to bed.

Kay: But I just think it's weird.

Fox: I don't want to talk about Miguel and Siren anymore. I got something else on my mind.

Kay: Oh.

Fox: Something that you can help me with.

Kay: Oh? And what would that be?

Fox: Well, why don't you follow me to the bedroom and find out?

[Kay laughs]

Miguel: I know exactly how to help you get through your problems.

Siren: I thought you were going to make me feel better.

Miguel: I will. Just wait.

Siren: What are you doing?

Miguel: I'm going on the internet. We can cancel out your credit cards and apply for your new I.D.

Siren: I don't understand.

Miguel: Well, you have to report that your purse has been stolen, Siren. If not, you can be held liable for all sorts of charges on your credit cards. And I can access the D.M.V. and apply for your new driver's license. Oh, and your checking account -- you need to cancel that just in case your ex starts writing checks.

Siren: Everything's so complicated here on dry land.

Miguel: No, not really. I mean, there's tons of sites I can go to for just this type of thing.

[Laptop chimes]

Miguel: There, we're on the web.

Siren: The web?

Miguel: Yeah, the internet. You do know how to use the internet, don't you?

Siren: Is it like those fishing nets they use on the trawlers? They're hateful.

Miguel: You're kidding. Welcome to the 21st century. You know, I didn't think there was anyone out there that didn't know about the internet, but, wow. It's like you fell out of the sky or something.

Siren: The sky? Oh, no, it's just the opposite.

Miguel: You see? That's exactly what I'm talking about. You take everything so literally. It was just a figure of speech.

Siren: A figure of speech?

Miguel: Yeah, I didn't really mean you fell out of the sky. It's just that you seem naive, as if everything I say is new to you, like you're some alien that's just fallen on our planet.

Siren: Does that bother you?

Miguel: No, not at all. I think it's sweet.

Siren: You think I'm sweet?

Miguel: Yes, I do. I think you're really sweet. You know, you don't know to make a bed, you don't know anything about the internet. You're just a true innocent.

Siren: You think I'm sweet?

Miguel: Yes, I do. Now, let's see what we can do to get you out of this mess, ok? Pay close attention.

Siren: I will. Very close.

Ethan: Gwen --

Theresa: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Gwen: Me? No, that's my line, honey, and I already know the answer.

Ethan: Shh. Don't wake Jane, all right?

Gwen: You will stop at nothing to try to get into bed with my husband -- even use our sick daughter as an excuse.

Theresa: She's my daughter, Gwen.

Ethan: Gwen, I can explain this.

Gwen: No, don't even bother, because I don't blame you. This is just another one of her sick little plots. Look, I'm sure you were exhausted from taking care of Jane all night and you fell asleep. This little bedbug then decides to crawl in next to you, add fuel to her fantasy that there's actually something going on between the two of you.

Theresa: You have no right.

Gwen: You know, it actually makes me queasy to think of how you get your cheap, sick thrills.

Theresa: You don't have any idea what's going on, Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, I know exactly what you hoped would happen. You thought I would come home from work and find you all snuggled up in my bed, next to Ethan, and that I would think that you two had sex behind my back to prove your theory that Ethan still loves you. Theresa, this is sad. This is so incredibly sad when you think about it, you know, because I know my husband. Ethan loves me, he doesn't love you, and I'm not going to buy into your perverted little fantasy life. I know that this is 100% you and 0% Ethan. Get your bony ass the hell out of here.

Man: You will return to the virtual world, Whitney. You have failed me so far in your duties. So you will return, and you will thread your way through the maze of the catacombs to the Pope's private chamber. Housed in there is the ancient chalice, and in that chalice is the clue that will help me protect my church.

Whitney: Please, please, I -- I can't do it. It'll kill me if I go back there. Please?

Man: This choice of yours will damn your soul, and the soul of your brother, Chad, forever to the fires of hell.

Whitney: No. No.

Man: Think, Whitney, think. Think of your future after your death. Think of yourself -- conscious for all of eternity, every moment spent agonizing in torment, staring into the face of your lover -- your very own brother -- as he screams in horror and pain!

Whitney: No, don't do it!

Man: I told you you must be penitent if you are going to earn my forgiveness for your abominable sin of incest.

Whitney: But I am. I am. I'm just frightened, lord, please.

Man: Whitney, am I not all powerful? You must trust in me. You must replace your fear with faith. Take your earthly fear and put it behind you, and do as you're told.

Whitney: All right, I'll do it.

Man: Good, Whitney. Good. I knew that in the end you would do the right thing.

[Man laughs]

Luis: I can't see a damn thing in here. Oh, God -- disgusting. There's stuff dripping all over me, Chad. I -- I don't know where it's coming from.

Nun: We don't know where the blood comes from. It is a warning, it is a sign.

Chad: I can't see much. Looks like there's some kind of passageway through there.

Luis: We'll find out what it is.

[Chad coughs]

Luis: Hey. Hold this.

Chad: You got it.

Luis: You ready, man?

Chad: Uh-huh.

Luis: Ok.

Luis: What's that?

Nun: Aiuta -- help me.

Luis: Yes.

Nun: Ok. Grazie.

Luis: Ok.

Nun: Grazie. Oh, the fresco -- it's thousand years old.

Luis: It's beautiful.

Chad: Luis, look.

Luis: What?

Chad: The woman in the fresco -- that's Whitney.

Gwen: Get out of here.

Theresa: Get your hands off of me.

Gwen: Get out --

Ethan: Ok, Gwen, take it easy. I'm sorry you walked in on this, really.

Gwen: I don't blame you. This isn't your fault, this is Theresa. This is all Theresa, our local lunatic. You are so pathetic.

[Jane cries]

Theresa: Great. Now look what you've done, Gwen. You've woken up my daughter.

Gwen: She is my daughter. I'm home now. I will take care of her.

Theresa: She needs me, Gwen.

Gwen: No, she doesn't, Theresa. No one in the whole wide world needs you. Come here, princess. Now, I am going to take my daughter out, try to calm her down, and get her back to sleep.

Gwen: When I get back, you better be gone or you're a dead woman.

Ethan: I'm sorry. I guess she's upset, and I guess she has good reason to be.

Theresa: Well, I really don't give a damn what Gwen thinks about me, Ethan. Because I know the truth. I know that you love me, and I know you want to be with me.

Ethan: Theresa, please, come on.

Theresa: You fell asleep with your head on my shoulders, you had your arms wrapped around me. Don't tell me you didn't feel the love that we share, Ethan.

Ethan: I am not going to go through this whole thing again with you. I'm a married man, all right?

Theresa: And you are married to someone you don't love. And you stick with her out of guilt, out of this twisted sense of obligation. But, Ethan, marriage should be based on passion and love.

Ethan: You just don't get it, do you?

Theresa: No, I do get it. I know exactly what your marriage is, and so do you. It's a sham.

Ethan: Wow.

Theresa: Why don't you look at me? I mean, can you look me in the eye and deny what I say is true? That your marriage to Gwen is a fraud?

Luis: This is crazy, man.

Chad: But it's true. I mean, come on, look. That is Whitney to a T.

Nun: Yes, yes, it is her, the innocent one.

Chad: What, you've seen her? You've seen this woman?

Nun: Si.

Chad: Where?

Nun: Everywhere.

Chad: Ugh.

Luis: She's a real big help.

Chad: What the hell is going on, Luis? What is Whitney doing in a 2,000-year-old fresco?

Chad: I don't know, Chad. I don't understand this any more than you do, but we've got to look at this logically. Look at this fresco as a piece of evidence.

Chad: Of what?

Luis: Maybe why Whitney came to Rome in the first place.

Chad: Yeah, but we have no idea what she was involved in.

Luis: Well, that's exactly my point. We've got to look at what we're given here. Maybe there's a clue in this thing.

Chad: Come on, Luis, this is nuts. I mean, how is a midnight art lesson going to help us find Whitney?

Luis: I don't know. But I got the feeling that whatever it is we're looking for is right in front of us.

Whitney: Ok. I'm ready to go back in.

Man: I know you are frightened, child. But I want you to accept that fear. Accept it and use it to strengthen you in your search for the Pope's secret chamber. You must find that chalice.

Whitney: I know you said it's important to the church.

Man: Yes. Without the clue that is contained in the chalice, all of the secrets of the church may come out. And that cannot happen. Everything rests on your shoulders.

Whitney: I just pray that I'm worthy, Lord.

Man: What do you see?

Whitney: There's a staircase.

Man: You know what you must do, Whitney. Descend.

Whitney: I'm frightened. What if that beast is down here again?

Man: Even if it leads to the very gates of hell, descend.

Whitney: Ok, I'm at the bottom.

Man: What do you see?

Whitney: It's the tunnel, the same tunnel I saw last time.

[Whitney gasps]

Man: What's wrong? Have you stopped?

Whitney: I'm frightened. I felt -- I felt something.

Man: You mustn't give in to your fears. You must get that chalice.

Miguel: There. All logged in. What about credit cards?

Siren: Credit cards?

Miguel: You do have credit cards, don't you? Oh, of course, what a stupid question. You know, it'd be pretty hard to get a credit card if you don't have a bank account. Well, I can report your driver's license stolen. That way nobody can forge it and make a fake I.D. out of it.

Siren: A what?

Miguel: Driver's license. You know, to drive a car?

Siren: Oh, those smelly things with wheels.

Miguel: Very funny. Everyone drives.

Siren: Not me.

Miguel: You're kidding. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. All right, well, let's move on. What else was in your purse?

Siren: Nothing important.

Miguel: Nothing?

Siren: Should there be?

Miguel: No. I mean, I just want to make sure we don't miss anything that should be reported.

Siren: Oh, look!

Miguel: You've never seen this screen saver? It's pretty standard.

Siren: How did they get in there?

Miguel: What?

Siren: Oh, that's not one of those nasty aquariums, is it? They're so cruel.

Miguel: You're funny.

Siren: That's good?

Miguel: Very good. You know, if we do a search on your jerk boyfriend's name, we could figure out a way to get all your stuff back. What's his name?

Siren: His name?

Miguel: Yeah. The more information we give the authorities, the better chance we have of finding all your stuff. What's his name?

Siren: Ernest Hemingway.

[Miguel laughs]

Miguel: His name is Ernest Hemingway?

Siren: That's funny again?

Miguel: Like the author Ernest Hemingway?

Siren: Who?

Miguel: The author Ernest Hemingway. I surrender, ok? Ernest Hemingway it is. You are just full of surprises.

Miguel: That didn't get us anywhere. I got thousands of hits on Ernest Hemingway the writer, but nothing on your jerk boyfriend.

Siren: It doesn't matter. I don't care. The past is the past. Let it sink to the bottom and lie there.

Miguel: You see, now I know you're different than any other woman I've ever met.

Siren: Is that good or bad?

Miguel: I think it's refreshing.

Siren: Then it's good.

Miguel: Siren, it's awfully late. Don't you think we need to get some sleep?

Siren: Ok.

Miguel: Not together.

Siren: Oh. I don't want to go to sleep.

Miguel: God, aren't you exhausted, Siren? It's really, really late.

Siren: It's too hot to sleep. And besides, there's no lagoon.

Miguel: Lagoon?

Siren: Well, you can't sleep in the waves, silly.

Miguel: What?

Siren: Never mind.

Miguel: Look, Siren, if you don't want to go to sleep, what do you want to do?

Siren: I want to make a baby.

Miguel: What?

[Siren laughs]

Siren: Make a baby with me, Miguel.

Miguel: What?

Siren: Make a baby.

[Siren laughs]

Fox: What is it?

Kay: I mean, what do you we know about Siren anyway? Practically nothing.

Fox: She's gorgeous, seems nice.

Kay: Nice? Nice? We found her on the beach wearing nothing but a bikini. No clothes, no I.D., nothing. We could have brought home an ax murderer, for all we know.

Fox: Kay, she doesn't have an ax. She does have quite a body, though.

Kay: Fox.

Fox: Kay, Miguel isn't going to marry her. He's just having a little fun with her. What's wrong with that?

Kay: I just don't want him to get hurt.

Fox: Because of Charity. Well, what better way to get over one woman than with another one? I'm happy that Siren's come into Miguel's life.

[Siren laughs]

Kay: What is she doing?

Fox: What do you think? They're not the only ones who deserve a little fun.

Kay: You've already had your fun.

Fox: Well, I'm just getting started.

Kay: I am marrying a sex fiend.

Fox: Is that a bad thing?

Kay: No, it's a wonderful thing.

Fox: You're wonderful. I love you, Kay Bennett soon-to-be Crane, more than anything in the world. I hope you know that.

Kay: I love you, too.

Ethan: As usual, you're dramatizing everything.

Theresa: Why don't you look at me, and tell me that you'd rather stay married to Gwen than be with me?

Ethan: We've been through this, Theresa.

Theresa: And we'll keep going over it until you just tell me the truth. Your marriage to Gwen is a hoax.

Ethan: Marriage is a sacred bond.

Theresa: What kind of sacred bond is based on lies, Ethan? Why don't you tell me that your marriage to Gwen isn't a lie? Tell me that.

Theresa: Can't do it, can you?

Ethan: I'm not interested in your definition of marriage. I'm married to Gwen. It's staying that way.

Theresa: Ethan, you are not in a marriage. You are in hell. You're in pure hell. Now, is that where you want to spend the rest of your life?

Luis: God only knows what this means, but I'll bet it's important. Something tells me it's a clue as to why Whitney left Harmony so suddenly.

Chad: Yeah, well, I hope so. Now, what can you -- what can you tell us about this painting?

Nun: Niente. I know so little. I told you what I know.

Chad: No, come on, come on. You must know something.

Nun: I am sorry. I wish I knew more. I fear for the life of the innocent one.

Chad: Well, so do I. That's why I need your help.

Luis: Chad, hey, take it easy on her, all right? Hey, there's a light down that way. Come on, man, let's check that out.

Chad: Sister, aren't you going to come with us?

Nun: No, I cannot. I -- I sense I should not. And neither should you.

Chad: Yeah, well, I have to. The woman I love is lost down there, and I must find her.

Nun: I tried to warn them. Sangue. Nothing but sangue.

Chad: Hey.

Luis: Hey. The light's coming from over there.

Chad: All right, let's go.


Chad: All right, what was that?

Luis: No!

Man: Tell me, Whitney, what do you see?

Whitney: I've walked a long way and now I'm back in the same tunnel I was in before.

Man: And?

Whitney: There's nothing --

Man: What? What is it?

Whitney: Oh, it's -- it's nothing. Nothing, it's fine.

Man: Continue on, Whitney. And remember what's at stake. Your immortal soul.

Whitney: I can hardly see anything because it's so dark in here.

Man: Keep going. Keep working toward our goal.

Whitney: Yeah, but it's so dark.

Whitney: I think I'm coming to -- oh, wait, here. I'm sorry, it's a dead end. It's -- there's nothing but a wall here. I have to turn back.

Man: No, you must press forward.

Whitney: But I can't. I've hit the end.

Man: Impossible. Keep looking. There must be a -- a passage or a secret entrance to the Pope's chamber.

Whitney: Wait a minute. I think this wall is hollow. There must be some sort of space behind it.

Man: Excellent. Now try to find a way in.

[Whitney screams]

Man: What? What is it?

[Beast growls]

Whitney: No, no, no!

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