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Fox: Kay, will you come to bed?

Kay: I'm not sleepy.

Fox: You still worrying about Miguel and Siren?

Kay: Well, yeah, actually, I am. I mean, it's just so strange the way she just showed up out of the blue and saved Miguel from drowning.

Fox: You've got a problem with her saving Miguel?

Kay: No, of course not. I just -- I don't understand. Why would she leave after she supposedly saved him, and then all of a sudden she just shows up on the same island that Miguel and I were on? It --

Fox: She told us her boyfriend took off and left her stranded on the island.

Kay: Yeah, that's what she says, but I don't -- I don't quite buy that. I mean, why would she be swimming around enjoying herself after her boyfriend broke up with her?

Fox: What's she supposed to do? He took her clothes, her wallet. She didn't have a cell phone. She couldn't call anybody for help. I mean, she just figured probably somebody would come along eventually and take her off the island, which we did.

Kay: Hmm. It's a little too convenient.

Fox: Kay, are you sure you're not jealous of Siren?

Kay: Jeal-- why would I be jealous?

Fox: Well, she's obviously in love with Miguel, and Miguel obviously likes her.

Kay: So?

Fox: So does that bother you?

Kay: No. It's just there's something not right about her. I don't know, I can't put my finger on it -- something fishy.

Tabitha: Oh, Endora. This isn't good. What if Miguel goes into the bathroom and sees Siren's fishtail?

[Endora giggles]

Tabitha: Well, I'm glad you think it's funny. We are in deep poop, my little demon. If that silly Siren slips up and tells Miguel that you conjured up a mermaid for him to love, we'll both be torched in the town square as witches.

Siren: Oh, no. It's Miguel!

Miguel: Siren, did you hear me? I need to talk to you. Siren? Are you ok?

Siren: I can't let him see me with this tail. He'll know I'm a mermaid. Just give me a minute, Miguel! I have to get out of this water so my tail fin will go away.

[Knock on door]

Miguel: Siren? What was that? Siren, are you ok? Siren? I'm coming in.


Miguel: Siren?

Siren: No!

Miguel: Siren, will you answer me, please?

Siren: And I can't let Miguel see me like this!

Miguel: Just unlock the door, Siren.

Siren: What am I going to do?


Noah: You can't be serious.

Maya: What you want us to do is so risky.

Lena: That's the mission. Do it or die trying.

Fancy: There he is! There's Noah.

Noah: They don't call Lena the dragon lady for nothing, huh? What she wants us to do is impossible.

Maya: But we don't have a choice.

Noah: Yeah. I know one thing -- I'm not going to go on a suicide mission for Lena without seeing Fancy first.

Maya: Noah, you can't. Lena thinks you're over Fancy. Even casual contact with her could get Fancy killed.

Jessica: Ow, let me go!

Man: Venite!

Jessica: Let go of me!

Luis: Hey! Hey, let her go!

Simone: What's your brother doing here?

Paloma: Luis, cuidado!

Jessica: He's got a knife!

All: No!

Chad: I don't get what's going on here. Why would Whitney's necklace be dangling from an old knife stuck in a skel-- skeleton? My God. I thought because the skeleton was old the blood would be old and dry, but it's not. It's -- it's fresh. God, it could be Whitney's. She could've screamed when she got stabbed. Whitney? Where are you? Whitney!

Noah: Oh, what's the holdup, huh? Who is she talking to?

Maya: I have no idea.

Noah: God, I wish she would just get over here. I want to get this thing started. I want to finish our little mission so we can turn Lena and her associates over to the F.B.I. and I can get back to my life with Fancy.

Maya: You know you took a really big risk going off with her like that?

Noah: Look, I don't care, all right? To be with Fancy again, to make love with her, it's --

Maya: You didn't tell her anything when you were together, did you?

Noah: No. All right, look, I realize that in order to keep Fancy safe I have to keep her in the dark, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, ok? I hated sneaking away from her tonight. God, she doesn't even know that I left.

Fancy: Why in the world did Noah leave me to come here?

Man: Dai, bella, balliamo!

Fancy: No, no, no! Leave me alone!

Lena: All right. You're all set. You know what to do. You are to accomplish your mission as soon as possible.

Noah: Then that's it, right? Then I can go on with my life?

Lena: Yes... if you live.

Noah: What do you mean if I live?

Lena: There are no guarantees, Noah. This is a very dangerous mission -- very dangerous.

Noah: Aren't you going to wish us luck? Guess not.

Maya: We have no choice, Noah.

Noah: Look, I know that, ok? It'd just be a hell of a lot easier if I could tell Fancy what was going on.

Maya: You can't do that. You know that.

Noah: Yes, I know. God, it's -- but what's going to happen when she wakes up, huh? She's going to wake up and she's going to see that I'm not there, and then she's going to think that I used her again. It's going to break her heart.

Maya: Better to have her heart broken rather than her body. If any of Lena's associates even saw Fancy in the same room with you, they would kill her.

Fancy: Whew, finally. This time I'm not letting anyone keep me from Noah. Oh.

Simone: Oh, my God!

Paloma: Luis, Luis! Get away from my brother!

Simone: Leave him alone!

Jessica: Help! Somebody help us!

Luis: Get out of here. Beat it!

Man: Andiamo adesso!

Paloma: Luis, are you all right?

Luis: Yeah, I'm all right. The knife just missed me.

Simone: Oh, thank God.

Jessica: Oh, should I go for the police?

Luis: No, no, no. I'm all right. Thank you. Thank you for your help.

Paloma: De nada.

Luis: Uh, just one question. What the heck are you guys doing in Rome?

Whitney: No! No, no! No!

Chad: That's Whitney. Whitney, I'm coming!

Whitney: Please let go of me! Let go!

Fox: Miguel's a big boy. I'm sure he can take care of himself, Kay.

Kay: I know. But I feel like he is getting in over his head with this Siren woman. She's moving really fast.

Fox: So what? Miguel's been chasing Charity around for years getting nowhere. You know, maybe moving fast with Siren is just what that guy needs to get over her.

Kay: It's not what he needs.

Fox: And what does he need, Kay?

[Music blares]

Kay: Where is that music coming from?

Fox: Sounds like it's coming from the bathroom. Miguel's outside the door.

Miguel: Siren, should I come in? Are you ok?

Kay: That music is going to wake Maria. What is going on?

Tabitha: Oh! Now Kay and Fox are on their way up to the bathroom. We better get up there and help. Yeah. That silly fish needs our help. Come on, quickly, Endora!

Miguel: Siren, are you all right? Open the door.

Siren: It's ok, Miguel! I'm all right!

Miguel: Look, the music's so loud, I can hardly hear you.

Siren: Oh.

Miguel: Siren?

Kay: Miguel, what is going on? Why is the music so loud?

Miguel: Siren's taking a bath, but I thought I heard her fall. Do you have a key?

Kay: No, no, but this noise is going to wake Maria.

Miguel: Siren?

Kay: Siren, would you please turn down the music?

Miguel: She could be hurt, Kay. Fox, help me break open this door.

Fox: All right, ready? On three.

Tabitha: No, no --

Fox: One, two, three.

Tabitha: No, please don't break my door!

Miguel: Oh, my God.

Luis: So what did you say you were doing here in Rome?

Paloma: What are you doing here in Rome?

Luis: Well -- I am following a lead to find my son.

Paloma: You think Beth brought Marty here to Rome after she kidnapped him?

Luis: Well, it's very possible. See, Alistair set up a secret bank account here in Rome, and I believe that Beth is withdrawing funds from it.

Simone: Oh, that would be so wonderful if you could find your son.

Luis: Yeah, it would, yeah. Anyway, what's going on? What are you guys doing here?

Simone: Well, Paloma and I are here studying art.

Paloma: Yeah, it's a school program.

Jessica: And they just invited me to come along.

Paloma: Yeah, and Whitney's here, too. She left the convent without telling anyone.

Simone: Yeah, and Crane security traced her here to Rome and Chad came over to help look for her, too.

Luis: Yeah, I know. I bumped into Chad on the plane and he told me everything. In fact, he's looking for Whitney right now.

Simone: Does he know where she is?

Luis: Maybe.

Simone: But what, where?

Luis: All right, look, I don't want to worry you, ok? I was with Chad earlier. He thought he heard Whitney scream. I was going to go with him to look for her and I got sidetracked.

Simone: Oh, my God. I -- I hope she's all right.

Paloma: What do you mean you got sidetracked?

Luis: Uh, I saw this monk and I thought he looked familiar. I called out to him, I wanted to talk to him, but he ran off. And Chad was with me, we both started chasing after him. We followed him into an alley, but then we heard Whitney scream -- at least it sounded like Whitney -- so Chad took off in that direction, I kept going after the monk. I followed him into a church, and it was filled with monks all dressed in the same robes and all of them were blind.

Paloma: All blind?

Luis: Yeah. And if that wasn't weird enough, I talked to one of them and he said that Alistair Crane was the benefactor of their order. He said their church was refurbished with money that Alistair donated. They think the man's a saint!

Simone: Alistair Crane, a saint?

Paloma: More like Satan.

Jessica: They must have meant a different Alistair Crane.

Luis: Well, that's exactly what I said to them, but they said no, it's the Alistair Crane from Harmony.

Jessica: Ew, that is so creepy.

Paloma: Did you find the monk you thought looked familiar?

Luis: No, he disappeared. Anyway, look, it's late. Where's your hotel?

Paloma: It's close by.

Luis: Ok, good. I'm going to walk you guys there.

Simone: But what about Chad? What if he found Whitney?

Luis: Well, I'll look for Chad after I drop you guys off. Now, I want you guys to lock your room, ok? Lock that door. Don't let anyone else in. You hear me?

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Simone: Do you think those guys are going to come after us again?

Paloma: No way. I'm sure they're long gone by now.

Chad: Whitney! Where are you?

Whitney: No, please! Ah! What, it's you?

Man: Get up.

Whitney: You know, you really scared me. Why were you dragging me like that?

Man: I wasn't dragging you. I just arrived. I was trying to wake you up. Now is not the time to be sleeping, Whitney.

Whitney: No, I -- I wasn't sleeping. No, look, someone or something was dragging me through these catacombs.

Man: You must have been dreaming.

Whitney: No, no, I wasn't dreaming. Look, I was using the virtual reality headset like you told me to and I was climbing a wall. Now, I thought I was climbing the walls of the Vatican, but I must've got so involved that I fell and knocked myself out?

Man: Which would explain your dream.

Whitney: No, I wasn't dreaming. I was literally being dragged through the cat--

Man: Enough! You must get back to work with the virtual reality device. Close to getting discovered.

Whitney: "Discovered"? Look, I don't understand. I don't --

Man: There is someone else here in the catacombs. If they find us, all will be lost. So come. Come with me now, quickly.

Chad: Whitney!

Fancy: Oh, let me go! I don't want to dance anymore. Gianni.

Gianni: The one and only, bellissima. Come, let's get out of here. I know a private club. We can have a fantastic dinner and dance the night away.

Fancy: Ah, let me guess -- you forgot your wallet.

Gianni: It ruins the line on my suit.

Fancy: Right. Well, as hard as it is to resist such an offer, I'm going too. I'm here with Noah.

Gianni: The crude American? That's odd.

Fancy: What's so odd about it?

Gianni: Well, he seems to have forgotten he's here with you.

Whitney: Wait, I heard someone.

Man: I told you someone is down here. Now, hurry!

Whitney: No, I heard somebody calling my name.

Man: Never mind. Hurry!

Chad: Where'd she go? Whitney!

Man: This way, quickly! Through here.

Chad: That door. She must have gone through it.

Paloma: That's the entrance of our hotel.

Luis: All right. I'm going to watch you guys go in, ok? Get some rest. I'll let you know if Chad finds Whitney.

Simone: Did you hear that?

Jessica: Uh, hear what?

Luis: I didn't hear anything.

Simone: I thought I heard somebody calling Whitney's name.

Paloma: I didn't hear anything, either.

Simone: Yeah, I know heard something.

Chad: Whitney! Damn it! She had to have gone through that door.

Luis: Chad, hey. Chad.

Chad: Luis?

Luis: Yeah. Where'd you come from?

Chad: Where's Whitney?

 [Music blares]

Tabitha: Thank Hades that girl knows how to cover her tail, as they say.

Miguel: Siren, I'm so glad you're all right. You had me worried.

Kay: What is going on? Why is the music up so loud? Oh, God. Thank God. There is a baby asleep in the house.

Siren: Sorry. It didn't seem so loud to me.

Miguel: I heard a loud bump. I thought you had fallen.

Siren: Really? No, it was the soap. It was sweet of you to worry about me.

Kay: Well, you've certainly made yourself at home pretty fast.

Siren: You know what they say -- "home is where the heart is."

Kay: Hmm. Just remember that there are children here. So we can't have this loud noise at night, ok?

Miguel: I'm sure Siren's going to be more careful from now on, Kay.

Kay: How long -- how long do you plan on staying here?

Siren: I hadn't really thought about that.

Kay: Uh, maybe you should start thinking about that.

Fox: Hey, Kay, why don't you let Siren and Tabitha talk about that, ok?

Miguel: Tabitha, you won't mind if Siren stays for a while, do you?

Tabitha: Well, no, well, we can certainly discuss this, but not now. This poor girl is trying to have a bath, so let's just give her some privacy. Come on, everybody come out.

Fox: Come on. Let's go, Kay.

Kay: Miguel, are you coming?

Siren: Miguel, before you leave, could you hand me that towel, please?

Kay: Wait a second. What's this?

Fancy: How could he do this?

Gianni: Come, Fancy. Gianni will make you forget all about that vulgar American.

Fancy: How could he do this to me? How could he leave our bed to go to her? We just made love. He was so wonderful and loving and romantic. I never thought I'd feel this way again.

Noah: Neither did I.

Fancy: And we can stay this way?

Noah: Just you try to get rid of me.

Fancy: Promise me.

Noah: I promise.

Fancy: No, I mean it. I need to hear the words. Promise me you'll never let anyone come between us again.

Noah: You have my word.

Fancy: Oh, no. Why?

Noah: Do you see her? Can she see us?

Maya: Yes. She's devastated.

Noah: Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm breaking her heart.

Maya: You're saving her life, Noah.

Noah: Yeah, I know that, but Fancy doesn't, ok? She thinks I'm using her, when really she's the only one in this whole world that I love.

Gianni: Come, Fancy. Don't stay here and be humiliated by that peasant.

Fancy: No, no, I'm not going to walk away. I'm going to tell that jerk exactly what I think of him.

Maya: Here she comes. Don't lose it, Noah.

Fancy: You bastard!

Noah: Oh!

Chad: All right, where's Whitney?

Luis: Chad, we haven't seen Whitney.

Simone: Where did you come from?

Chad: I came through a door, right over here.

Chad: No, there's a door right here. What happened to -- where the hell --

Luis: Chad, there's no door.

Chad: No, it was right here, Luis. I was chasing Whitney, I saw a door close, and then I thought for sure she went through it, so I -- I went through the door and ended up out here.

Luis: Chad, it's a wall, man. There's no evidence of a door. It's just a wall, buddy.

Chad: I know it was right here. What the hell's going on here? Where's Whitney?

Man: Put on the virtual reality device. Get back to work.

Whitney: Wait a minute. I need to know more about what's going on here.

Man: You don't question me, Whitney. You don't question God.

Whitney: I know, I know. I'm sorry, but I am completely terrified. I'm confused. I don't know what's going on here. Why? Who -- who was following us just now and why?

Man: I told you, there are enemies of the church everywhere. Now, I want you to put on the reality device. You must get back into the Pope's private quarters. Find the chalice.

Whitney: The chalice, right. You said that the chalice holds a clue that will help uncover the secrets of the church?

Man: Secrets that our enemies would use to destroy the church, which is why you must find it before they do. There is much at stake.

Whitney: But what secrets? I mean, what exactly is at stake here?

Man: You do not need to know that.

Whitney: I'm sorry, Lord, but I do. I mean, you said this mission was my penance for what happened between me and Chad, for the terrible sin that I committed with him. So the way I see it, I have a lot at stake here, too. And I just want to understand. You know, I want to understand what all this is all about.

Man: All right. But you must be prepared to accept responsibility for the knowledge I am going to give you. I don't know if you can bear it, Whitney. Do you really want to know exactly what you're up against?

Fancy: Who the hell do you think you are, Noah Bennett? How dare you take me to bed, tell me you love me, and then sneak off to be with this slut!

Noah: I don't owe you an explanation. I don't owe you anything. I do whatever I want with whoever I want.

Fancy: Really? Well, let me tell you what I want. I want you to go to hell. I hate you, Noah Bennett. I hate you!

Noah: Oh, God, what am I doing? I'm destroying the woman I love.

Chad: I'm telling you, man, there was a door in this wall. I was in the catacombs right behind this wall.

Simone: You know, this is the wall to our hotel. Do you think there's some kind of opening here into the hotel?

Luis: Well, let's find out. Give me a sec. Scusi. Signore? Please.

Luis: Um --

Doorman: May I help you?

Chad: Yeah, is there a door leading from the catacombs to the hotel lobby?

Doorman: From the catacombs?

Chad: Yeah.

Doorman: No, signore, that -- that would be impossible.

Chad: No, it's not impossible. I was just in there, all right?

Doorman: Mi scusi?

Luis: No, all right, it's ok. Grazie, grazie. Ciao.

Chad: What the hell's going on here? I was in there, I'm telling you, all right? You have to believe me, Luis.

Luis: I do. All right, look, let's -- let's go back. Let's do this step by step, ok? You heard Whitney scream, and then you followed her voice to the catacombs?

Chad: Yes, Luis, I know her voice. And when I was down there, I heard it again.

Luis: But you never saw her?

Chad: No. You know, I have an idea. You're a cop, right? Maybe you'd see something I didn't. Come down to the catacombs with me.

Luis: Yeah, sure, you know, if you think it'll help.

Paloma: We'll come, too.

Simone: Yes, we want to help you.

Luis: No. Actually, you're going to go to your room and you're going to stay put.

Simone: No, but I want to help you find Whitney. She is my sister.

Chad: Simone, it's too dangerous, ok?

Luis: We will let you know if we find Whitney later, ok? Promise me -- go to your room, you lock the door, and you don't let anyone in, ok?

Paloma: Ok.

Chad: Luis, let's go.

Jessica: Oh, come on, you guys. We can't go back to our room.

Paloma: But you heard Luis.

Jessica: But we're in Rome. We should go find some hot club, dance, check out those sexy Italian guys -- and girls.

Simone: No, no. Look, Luis is right, it is too dangerous. Let's just go back to the room.

Paloma: Oh, come on, Simone, we'll find a place nearby.

Jessica: Yeah.

Paloma: We'll be all right.

Simone: Ok, but what about the guys who attacked us?

Paloma: We scared them off. I don't think they'd come anywhere near us again.

Jessica: Yes. Yay!

Simone: Oh, let's go.

Jessica: Ow!

Luis: So how do we get into the catacombs?

Chad: Well, I was looking for Whitney, right? I saw this door with the weird symbol on it.

Luis: Ok.

Chad: When I opened it up, all of a sudden I was falling. I landed in some kind of pit, and that's how I wound up down in the catacombs.

Luis: Well, there's got to be an easier way to get down there than simply falling.

Chad: Yeah. There, Luis, that's the door I went through.

Chad: Come on, let's go. I just hope we can find Whitney in time.

Whitney: I can bear the responsibility of the knowledge you give me, Lord. It's the not knowing that I can't bear. Please tell me.

Man: Very well. Even the Holy Father himself doesn't know this. But, Whitney, there are evil people who have infiltrated the Vatican. As I told you, there is a chalice hidden in the Vatican that contains secrets that could destroy the church. It is your job to find that chalice. The Pope is a good and spiritual man, but he is unaware of the evil that is around him, the evil that threatens him and the church.

Whitney: Heavenly Father, why would you pick such an ordinary person like me to do such an incredibly important job?

Man: I have always chosen ordinary people to do extraordinary things for the church, Whitney, to perform miracles. You are the Joan of Arc of today.

Whitney: Joan of Arc? Me?

Man: You can be. But first, you must find the chalice that contains the clues to the secrets, secrets of the church. Otherwise, the Pope, the church, and your very soul will be destroyed.

Kay: What is this thing?

Tabitha's voice: This fish girl is entirely too much trouble.

Tabitha: It's -- it's just some bath salts I picked up at the new spa boutique in town.

Kay: Bath salts? No, this does not look like bath salts. Ew. Tabitha, this thing stinks. This reminds me of when I was scaling fish at the cannery.

Siren: Ew! How could you?

Kay: Uh, because I needed the money. Believe me, I hated it. Ugh! I can't even stand being around fish anymore. Those nasty, slimy things. Ew.

Siren: Excuse me.

Kay: Excuse you why?

Siren: Uh --

Tabitha: Listen, Kay, I don't ridicule your taste in scents. Not everyone likes patchouli, you know.

Siren: I think it smells wonderful.

Tabitha: Well, there you are. You see? Now, come along, everybody. Let this girl have her bath in peace.

Fox: Yes, absolutely. Siren, so sorry. Kay, come on, let's go.

Kay: Ok, there is something not right with that girl.

Fox: I don't see anything wrong with her, so can we please just get to bed?

Tabitha: Whew. We managed to save ourselves from disaster this time, Endora. Mark my words, if we don't throw that fin fatale back where she came from, we're in for trouble. Big trouble. Big trouble.

Miguel: Well, I'm glad you're ok. So, uh, sleep well. Enjoy your bath.

Siren: Miguel, don't go. Why don't you come in? The water's fine.

Maya: Noah, don't.

Noah: Well, I can't stand to see her with that gigolo.

Maya: Think about our situation. She is safer with that gigolo than with you. Leave them alone.

Noah: Yeah, you're right. Damn it.

Gianni: Come, Fancy. Gianni will make you happy.

Fancy: I am never going to be happy again.

Gianni: Aw.

Paloma: What do you want? We don't have any money.

Jessica: Leave us alone or we'll call the police.

Man: Relax. We don't want your money, and we don't want to hurt you.

Second man: We just want to talk to you.

Simone: About what?

Man: Do you recognize this symbol?

Chad: All right, this is it. This will lead us to the catacombs and to Whitney.

Woman: Cosa desiderate?

Luis: Ciao. We got the wrong door, buddy.

Chad: No, no, no, this is the same place, man -- only there was nothing here but the pit I fell into. What the hell's going on?

Man: Whitney, what do you see?

Whitney: I'm walking down the same hallway I went down before, the one that leads to the Pope's private quarters. And wait a second. I see some sort of seam on the wall. I'm pushing on it. It's opening. I feel cold air.

Man: What do you see?

Whitney: Well, there's a long staircase going down, and I can't see the end of it. It's too dark.

Man: Go down the stairs, Whitney. You're getting closer.

Tabitha: Now we have two women fighting for Miguel.

Kay: Siren!

Siren: Hi, Kay. Oh, is it steaming in here... or is it just you?

Tabitha: Let the games begin.

On the Next Passions:

Gwen: There is no way that you're going to Rome with Theresa.

Theresa: You're here. You couldn't stay away from me!

Ethan: Ok, whoa, whoa.

Fancy: Open your eyes. Wake up.

Luis: What am I -- it's you.

Fancy: Yes, Luis, it's --

Luis: Oh, my gosh, you came for me.

Gwen: Our worst nightmare is about to come true.

Rebecca: Now, now, Gwennie, honey, just don't panic, ok?

Gwen: Theresa's going to talk to the editor of the tabloid and she's going to find out that we sent that e-mail.

Rebecca: We just have to hope to God that she doesn't find him.

Man: Hello, Theresa. You can call me Joe.

Bartender: And for you?

Woman: Just a Caf Americano, please.

Bartender: And your name, please?

Beth: Oh, I'm Beth. And this is my son, Marty.

Whitney: This is the only way to save my soul and Chad's soul, to stop the temptation forever. Ah!

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