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Noah: Is it just me or is this as good as it gets?

Fancy: It's not just you, Noah. This is the most amazing night of my life. I never thought I'd be this happy again.

Noah: Neither did I, but here we are. God, I love you.

Fancy: I love you, too.

Noah: It's amazing to hear you say that after what I have put you through with Maya.

Fancy: Noah, don't. Tonight's not about the past or the future. Its about now -- moment by moment.

Noah: Ok, but you have to know that I am sorry.

Esme: My change, Gianni.

Gianni: I let the bartender keep it as a tip.

Esme: Oh, I can't believe this.

Gianni: It's true. You're more than welcome to search into my pants pockets.

Esme: Oh, and be expected to pay you for the privilege? Oh -- no thank you. Besides, I'm talking about Fancy and Noah. I can't believe they're still out there dancing cheek-to-tongue, after all this time.

Gianni: Esme, come with me. Dance, no charge.

Esme: Will you get over yourself and get to work? You are the most attractive, qualified gigolo in all of Europe. So why is Fancy under Noah's spell and not yours?

Gianni: I don't know what Fancy could see in that uncouth American, unless she's blinded by love.

Whitney: Please, God, come back. Reveal yourself to me. I seek forgiveness for my incestuous acts and thoughts. I'm ready to pay my penance for my sins against you and your church. I want to do your will so desperately, but I just need your guidance. I need you to tell me what to do.

Man: In due time, Whitney. Not all of our players are in Rome yet. But they will be soon. Very, very soon.

Paloma: I'll pack while you go online to book us on the next flight to Rome.

Simone: First class or coach?

Paloma: Um, coach. We'll be less conspicuous.

Simone: It's a good thing that Julian found out Whitney was in Rome. It has to be more than a coincidence that Whitney pops up in the same city where we have a lead on those missing paintings.

Paloma: The symbol we found at Whitney's room at the convent matches the one we found on the photos of the missing paintings.

Simone: Whatever is going on is huge and Whitney seems to be in the thick of it.

Paloma: I wonder if Whitney knows what's going on or if she's in the dark like we are.

Jessica: Oh, oh my feet are killing me.

Spike: What do you think you're doing?

Jessica: I'm getting out of these clothes before I shower and go to bed.

Spike: Whoo-ho, not so fast, Jess. Come on, you still have work to do. I only came back just so I could grab a beer.

Jessica: No more tonight, Spike. Please, I'm beat.

Spike: Well, there's beat and then there's beat.

Jessica: Ah.

Spike: Ha ha, you choose, honey.

Jessica: Spike, please don't hit me.

Spike: I don't want to. When you get crazy like this, I just -- ah, I just can't reason with you.

Jessica: I'm not crazy. I'm just tired.

Spike: Hey, hey listen. I'm tired, too. I'm tired of arguing with you all the time. You say you love me. You want to help me rebuild my club that your brother torched. And I mean, you're getting like this, honey.

Jessica: Look, I'm sorry.

Spike: Well, apology accepted, ok? Now, put your shoes on, slap on some lipstick, and I want you to get back to turning tricks until your back is just as sore as your little feetsies.

Jessica: No! Ow.

Spike: That is a wrong answer.

Jessica: Ah!

Tabitha: Now the fog is so thick down at the wharf I can't see a damn thing. I don't like your tone, young lady. Now, are you conjuring up this fog to keep Fox from finding Kay and Miguel, or are there other forces at work here? Hmm? Yes what? Which is it, Endora? Never mind, never mind. I, I am going to -- to stop Fox myself.

Fox: Never mind how you got here. I still need to find Kay. She's not here. She's got to be out in the water somewhere. Damn it. Where's a boat when you need one?

Fox: The boat's this way.

Fox: I'm coming, Kay. I'm coming.

Woman's voice: Come to me, Miguel.

Kay: Ooh, there's that voice again.

Miguel: You hear it now? It has to be the woman that saved me from drowning, Kay.

Kay: Well, where is she? Ah, gosh the fog is so thick I can't see anything.

Miguel: I know, me either.

Woman's voice: Miguel, come to me.

Kay: I'm scared.

Miguel: Don't be, ok? I promise, I won't let anyone or anything hurt you.

Tabitha: Out of my way, dense fog, I need to see. Ah, there they are. Kay and Miguel on their version of the Love Boat, floating towards the hot sands of ecstasy, I hope. True, but Kay's lifelong dream of Miguel making love to her -- and knowing it's her -- lives on. The girl is conflicted, but desire sometimes outweighs reason, and Miguel is so very desirable. Oh -- oh, yes, yes Fox. Oh, my devil, your half-brother's arrival could kibosh Kay and Miguel's coupling. Where is he? Where is Fox?

Tabitha: There he is. He is rowing in pursuit of Kay.

Tabitha: Don't, Endora. Listen, enough is enough. Kay and Fox and Miguel are over-cast. We have heaped spell upon spell on them. So many that their mortal coils are overloaded and they can't take any more. It's no biggie, dear. We just have to dispel all the spells we already that have in play with... spell b-gone.

[Laughing] Now, let's dispel the most powerful spell first. The one Kay had me cast to make Fox successful in business. Oh, but first, first we need protection.

Tabitha: Ah! Oh, oh. The spell to make Fox successful be gone!

Fox: This is weird. I don't have any idea which way I'm going, but I think this is the right way... whichever way this is.

Kay: Why is this happening now? I thought when Charity left town all this weird stuff left with her.

Miguel: Look, I don't know what's going on, Kay, but I promise I'll protect you. I love you. I won't let anyone or anything hurt you.

Kay: Thank you.

Miguel: What's that?

Kay: Where?

Miguel: Over there, straight ahead.

Kay: Ah!

Fox: What was that? It sounded like Kay. Kay! Kay!

Esme: Ok, this has gone on long enough. I was willing to let Fancy have Noah for a dance or two, but they are practically conjoined -- and not at the hip.

Gianni: Close enough.

Esme: Don't just stand there posing for your next meal ticket. Go get her. Fancy is supposed to be your date tonight.

Gianni: E vero. If word got out that I lose a woman to another man I'll have to lower my rates.

Esme: And prada doesn't grow on olive trees.

Gianni: Prada!

Gianni: May I cut in?

Noah: No, you may not.

Gianni: Fancy is my date.

Noah: Well, there's been a change in plans, Giuseppe.

Gianni: Gianni.

Noah: Gesundheit. Fancy's with me now.

Fancy: Ask Esme to dance. She's a big tipper if you dip her.

Gianni: But I don't want to dance with Esme. I want to dance with you, Fancy.

Noah: Maybe you didn't hear me, bud. Fancy's with me now and no one is ever coming between us again.

Fancy: Noah, you're my knight in shining armor.

Noah: Come with me, my princess. The eternal city awaits.

Esme: Oh, no you don't, Fancy Crane. I am not letting you get away with Noah a second time.

Fancy: He was never yours the first time.

Esme: Oh -- ah, he could have been.

Noah: Sorry, Esme.

Esme: Ok, go have fun. Huh -- mm. Who said that? Fancy! Noah! No! Ok, Gianni, you are back on the clock.

Spike: So, what is it going to be? My way or the highway?

Jessica: Oh! I can't keep doing this, Spike, it's killing me.

Spike: What is the big deal? All you have to do is lie there and wiggle around a little bit and go, "oh, big boy, you're the best." I mean, what could be simpler than that?

Jessica: If it's so easy, you do it.

Spike: And have every desperate housewife in Harmony fighting over me? No way. Jess, that would really kill you. Please just -- just -- just be a good girl. Make yourself pretty and get back to work, please honey.

Jessica: No!

Spike: Hey, did I tell my other theory? As long as you keep turning tricks, your old man, who happens to be Harmony's top cop again, won't investigate all those johns that you killed. Because deep down, Chief Sammy knows that you did 'em in.

Jessica: One was an accident. And the others I don't remember.

Spike: Details, baby, details. Besides, I would hate to see you in a prison full of women who think like your gal-pal Simone.

Jessica: I don't want to go to prison, but I don't want to turn tricks either.

Spike: Jess, listen to me. Honey, what if I promised you that it would only be for a few more months. No, you know what? Weeks -- few more weeks.

Jessica: Really?

Spike: Yes, baby, because I've been saving our money to rebuild my club. We're gonna have enough in no time.

Jessica: Ok, I'll go back out.

Spike: Ah, that's my girl, sweetie, that's my girl. Hey, look -- one more john and we call it a night, I promise, all right? Listen, I want you to fix your lipstick. I'm gonna get you some smiley-face stickers, ok? Sit tight, beautiful.

Jessica: What have I done with myself? I can't keep doing this, I just can't.

Whitney: Let me do thy will, oh God, for both my sins and for your church. Oh, God, you came back to me.

Man: Yes, Whitney, and I am pleased to hear you pray to me so fervently.

Whitney: I'm anxious for you to forgive me for my sins.

Man: Your absolution is progressing well.

Whitney: So when do you want me to start the mission that you brought me to Rome to do?

Man: You are not ready yet.

Whitney: I'm not ready? Well, I...

Man: You dare to question me?

Whitney: No, no, no, no of course not. I -- I'm just trying to understand.

Man: Understanding comes through contemplation and prayer. Stay here. Do as I have instructed you.

Whitney: But it's just so lonely done here. And it's cold. Is there any place else I could pray, please?

Man: No, you must remain in the catacombs until I come back for you.

Whitney: I sense evil here, Lord.

Man: Evil? In my presence? I think not. Pray for my forgiveness, and await my return.

Whitney: Yes, Lord. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary...

Whitney: Evil -- evil is here.

Tabitha: Ah -- ah, all right Endora, you can come out now. Fox's success spell is officially over. Ha! And now, let's get rid of some of the less potent spells that we've cast on Kay, Fox, and Miguel. I'll zap them as they appear, and you clean them up for Mummy, all right? Ready?

Tabitha: Ah! Oh, here comes spell number one. Spell number two. And the spell three. Spell be gone, three and four. Here they come, Endora. Oh, my devil, we've cast so many spells, Endora, we may never get rid of them.

Fox: I swear that scream I heard was Kay. Kay! Kay! I hope nothing bad happened to her.

Miguel: Ugh. What happened? Our boat hit some rocks. We were knocked overboard. Kay, Kay. Kay. It's me Miguel, Kay. Oh, my God, she's cold as hell. Kay, can you hear me? Kay. Kay.

Kay: Miguel, what happened?

Miguel: Our boat hit some rocks. We were knocked overboard and washed ashore.

Kay: Oh, I'm so cold.

Miguel: I'll build us a fire, ok?

Kay: What are you going to start it with?

Miguel: I don't know.

Kay: Oh, my God!

Miguel: Oh, my God! Kay. Look, first we hear a woman calling me and now this fire just lit itself.

Kay: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I'm scared.

Miguel: Kay, it's ok. I'll keep you safe.

Fancy: As many times as I've been to Rome I've never had this much fun.

Noah: Hmm.

Fancy: No wonder I'm exhausted.

Noah: We'll get you an espresso.

Fancy: Perfect. Oh.

Boy: Buena sera, bella signorina.

Fancy: And good evening to you.

Boy: You like a fresh biscotti? Our mama make them herself.

Noah: All right, how much?

Boy: $2.50 America.

Noah: Ok, there you go.

Boy: Grazie.

Fancy: These will go great with our espresso.

Boy: Mangia

Fancy: They were so happy to make a sale.

Noah: Hmm, they were. All right, let's go get you that espresso.

Noah: What the hell. One of those kids took my wallet.

Paloma: Ready?

Simone: Wait a minute. Just let me finish this note to drop off at home on the way to the airport. All right. That's good. Mom can answer any questions Daddy may have. Let's go.

Jessica: You guys have to save me.

Whitney: I will fear no evil for thou art with me. I will fear no evil for thou art with me. I will fear no evil for thou art with me. But God is not with me right now, and I'm scared. I got to get out of here. I can't take this anymore.

Man: Whitney, I'm back. Reveal yourself to me, Whitney. Whitney! She's gone. You won't escape me, Whitney. I'll kill you first.

Jessica: Spike. I turned I don't know how many tricks tonight, but he still wanted me to do more. And at first I refused, and then he -- he twisted my arm like a pretzel. He said as long as I keep working the streets, Daddy won't investigate those johns being killed because he's afraid I'll end up in prison for murder.

Simone: Spike knows -- really knows what buttons to push.

Jessica: Anyway, I agreed to go back out. And then I saw myself in a mirror and I couldn't believe the person I've turned into. I want to stop selling myself, but I know Spike won't let me. So, I left and came here.

Paloma: And we're glad you did. I'm sure he'll come anytime looking for you.

Jessica: Please help me hide. I don't want Spike to find me.

Simone: I have a better idea. Let's take Jess with us to Rome.

Jessica: [Gasps] You guys are going to Rome?

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Why?

Simone: We'll explain on the way.

Paloma: Do you have a passport?

Jessica: From the trip to Mexico Simone and I took in high school.

Simone: Oh, good, that's perfect. Then we'll just stop by your place, pick it up, a few clothes, and whatever else you need we'll just buy for you in Italy.

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: No. I can't afford to go to Italy. Spike keeps all the money I make.

Paloma: Don't worry, we will pay for it -- for everything.

Jessica: How?

Simone: We'll explain on the way.

Paloma: Yeah. Now, let's go before Spike comes.

Fancy: Are you sure those sweet little boys took your wallet?

Noah: You saw me pay for the biscotti with money from my wallet and now my wallet's gone. What else could have happened?

Fancy: I'm sorry. This is all my fault for wanting biscotti.

Noah: Come on, don't blame yourself, all right? I felt a little tug on my pocket but I didn't bother to check it out.

Fancy: We -- we could try to catch them.

Noah: Nah, it's a waste of time. Those kids, they know every alley and doorway for blocks around. God. Man, now I can't buy you that espresso.

Fancy: I would treat you but I gave all my money to Gianni.

Noah: Right. You didn't, uh --

Fancy: No. No. I -- I just was too lazy to buy drinks myself.

Noah: Yeah. Now Esme is lining his pockets.

Fancy: And whether Gianni's still in his pants is anyone's guess.

Noah: Ok, let's not talk about that. Um, look, let's just enjoy our biscotti by the fountain, huh?

Fancy: Ok.

Noah: Grazie. God, you know, I wish I had at least a little change to buy one espresso.

Fancy: Oh, see all those coins in the fountain? There's more than enough for us each to have an espresso.

Noah: Mm-mm. Mm-mm. We can't do that. We'll get arrested.

Fancy: No one's here to see us. Come on. We can do it.


Whitney: Oh, God, I had to get out of those catacombs. Something was really evil down there. Something was really strange. I felt like I was suffocating or something. Wow, look at that couple. They're so much in love. Whoever they are, they seem really happy. You know, Chad and I once dreamed of coming to Rome. But I guess our dream will never come true.

Tabitha: Well, that's it, Endora. Hopefully, the last spell you cast on Fox is one of the ones we nixed. The fog is still guiding Fox to Kay. Good? No, it isn't, it's bloody awful. You know that our bosses want Kay to be with Miguel, not Fox. Miguel's already declared his undying love for Kay. Now he just needs time for her to get in the mood to make love to him. And then they will couple, which means they'll finally become a couple and we will finally be safe. No, Endora, don't you dare try and muck this one up, ok? Aha -- I won, you lost. Yeah, I knew you wouldn't listen to me, so your little spell played right into my crafty hands. Well, very soon Fox is going to come ashore and find Kay and Miguel alone on the beach, wrapped in each other's arms. And your half-brother is going to be furious and heartbroken. Yes, he is. But even if Kay begs him to take her back, he won't do it. Oh, Fox is a Crane through and through. His pride would never let him reconcile with Kay. And you know what that means, don't you? It means Kay will be free to love Miguel without any guilt whatsoever. And who do you think Maria and the boys in the basement will thank for that, huh? You, Endora. You and your misguided matchmaking will have saved the day. Go away, fog, go away. Mr. Fox needs to see what's what.

Kay: I'm still so cold.

Miguel: Look, I don't know what else to do but to take off our wet clothes and huddle by the fire to try and get warm.

Fox: Kay! Kay! God, I wish I could see where I was going. There's a beach straight ahead. What's that? Fire? Kay must've built one so I could find her. She must be stranded on the beach. I'm coming, Kay! Kay, I'm coming!

Miguel: I'm warmer now, are you?

Kay: I think so.

Miguel: Are you still scared?

Kay: No. I've always felt safe in your arms. I just wish I understood what happened tonight. How are we going to explain this to Fox?

Miguel: We'll tell him the truth. We don't know what happened.

Tabitha: That's it, smoke, keep them close. Good, that should make Fox plenty jealous. Ah-ah, now. You stop that, young lady. This is Mummy's game and I'm going to have it play out just the way I want it to. No more magic from you.

Kay: Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Miguel: I wish you'd let me do it all the time.

Kay: Hmm. I don't think Fox would like that.

Miguel: What about you? What would you like?

Kay: I would like things to be simple again, like when we first started high school together. Remember that night we had that big bonfire out on that beach with Whitney and Theresa and --

Miguel and Kay: Reese.

Kay: Hmm.

Miguel: We ended up huddled up close to the fire like this.

Kay: Hmm. I was already head-over-heels in love with you by then.

Miguel: Like I am with you now.

Kay: Miguel, just don't --

Noah: Come on.

Fancy: Oh.

Noah: Look, I think we have enough for two espressos now.

Fancy: Ok, wait. Let's each make a wish.

Noah: Ok.

Fancy: But we can't tell each other what it is or it won't come true.

Noah: All right.

Fancy: Ok?

Noah: You ready?

Fancy: Mm-hmm.

Noah: Are you going to count?

Fancy: No, you count.

Noah: All right. One, two, three.

Fancy: I hope my wish comes true.

Noah: Yeah, me, too.

Fancy: Well, let's go get those espressos so we can have them with the biscotti.

Noah: I'm in the mood for something a little sweeter.

Fancy: Gelato?

Noah: No. This.

Whitney: Chad and I were like that couple once. We were happy and carefree and unashamed of our love. God, Chad, I miss you so much. That should be us right there playing in the fountain, but it can't be because we're half-brother and sister. And now Chad is back in Harmony raising our son all by himself, and I'm here in Rome trying to make the best of all of this. Oh, God, I can't take this anymore. I gotta get out of here.

Simone: Now come on, we have to hurry up. I've got to drop off my note and we've got to get your passport before we go to the airport.

Paloma: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Ok.

Spike: Jess? Jessica, where are you? Your friends can't help you now. The Spike man knows you are here. I followed you from our place. What the hell?

[Phone ringing]

Spike: Yeah, what?

Man: Spike, I need you.

Spike: Well, where are you?

Man: Rome. Come at once. I have an important job for you.

Fox: Kay, Kay is that you? That's not Kay. That's -- that's Miguel. Who is he with? That -- that can't be Kay. He's about to start making love. That had better not be Kay.

Kay: Miguel, we shouldn't be doing this.

Miguel: I love you, Kay. I love you.

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Tabitha: You conjured up a mermaid, didn't you?

Mermaid: [In a sing-song voice] Miguel

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