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Julian: Yes, I see. Really? You're sure? All right, well, I want you to keep me informed. If I have any more instructions for you, I'll contact you.

Eve: Julian, is that Crane security calling you back?

Julian: Yes.

Chad: Did they find Whitney?

Julian: Through their contacts at passport control, they found out that Whitney entered Italy.

Eve: Italy?

Julian: Rome, to be exact.

Eve: What on earth would she be doing in Rome?

Simone: This is so strange. We were just about to leave for Rome to look for the stolen paintings when Whitney disappeared.

Paloma: This is getting stranger by the minute.

Tabitha: Ah, this magical, maritime light show on the boat that Miguel has stolen is giving me the heebie-jeebies, Endora. I know you used your powers to force Miguel to run off down to the wharf in the middle of the night, but I also know that you had nothing to do with these fireworks. But there they are. Why did that silly Kay have to follow him? I fear the two of them are moving into murky and enchanted waters. But, damn it, it's not our enchantment.

Fox: Kay. Kay, come back to me. Kay! Kay, come back! Please don't leave me!

Fox: Kay, come back! I need you.

Fox: Kay. Please don't leave me.

Kay: Miguel, where do you think you're going?

Miguel: Kay, what are you doing here?

Kay: I followed you. I saw you leaving the house. I was worried about you.

Miguel: I'm fine, ok? I'm fine.

Kay: No, you're not! You almost died tonight. You got hit in the head with that boom, you almost drowned. You know, you have been acting so strange since they found you on the beach. Now you just want to go out in the ocean in the middle of the night? Whose boat is this?

Miguel: I don't know.

Kay: Oh, great. Now we're boatnappers?

Miguel: I hear you. I'm coming.

Kay: What? You hear who? What is going on? Where are we going?

Miguel: To find her, Kay.

Kay: Who? Charity?

Miguel: No, the blond woman who saved me tonight.

Luis: Hey.

Pilar: Luis, where are you going, mijo?

Luis: I'm going to look for Marty.

Pilar: What? You just got back.

Luis: I know. We just got a great lead on Beth, banking information that indicates that she's in Rome.

Pilar: In Rome?

Luis: Yeah. Hey, wish me luck, ok? As soon as Sheridan sees me with Marty, she's going to leave Chris and come back to me.

Pilar: No, Luis, no. You're not leaving. You're not leaving again to find Marty. It's too dangerous.

Luis: Mama.

Theresa: Come on, Sheridan. Wake up.

Ethan: You know what, we should call Eve.

Theresa: I think she's just fainted, so why don't we just, you know, try to revive her?

[Sheridan moans]

Theresa: Come on. There she is, see? Ok, come on, talk to us, Sheridan.

Ethan: Sheridan?

Theresa: Come on.

Chris: Oh, my God! What happened? Is she all right?

Ethan: She's --

Theresa: She fainted, Chris.

Chris: Because of the baby?

Theresa: No, because of Luis.

Chris: What happened to him?

Theresa: He got some concrete information about where Beth and Marty are, and he went to go find them.

Chris: So, why would Sheridan faint about that?

Theresa: Because she loves him, Chris, and she's worried that he could get killed while he's searching for them. She fainted for fear of losing the love of her life.

Luis: Mama, mama --

Pilar: Luis, Luis, no --

Luis: Would you just let me go, please?

Pilar: No, I'm not going to let you go, Luis. The last time you left looking for Marty, you almost died.

Luis: Mama, look, I don't want to worry you, ok, but I have to go look for my son. I am not going to let him be raised by that freak Beth.

Pilar: How on earth did you track them down anyway?

Luis: Look, Ethan hacked into one of Alistair's computers. There was a bank account in Rome that had been consistently funded, so there's no doubt in my mind that that's how Beth is getting her money. Ok, look, I got to go.

Pilar: No, Luis, look -- please, mijo, just wait. Why doesn't Theresa send some of the people from Crane security?

Luis: Mama, are you kidding me? She can't trust those people. You don't know who's on Alistair's secret payroll and who isn't. Not to mention the fact that by hacking into the computer, it might have already alerted them. Ok, look, that's why I got to get to Rome before Beth figures out that we're on to her and she takes off again, ok?

Pilar: Luis, just understand me, please. I don't want to go to another one of your funerals, please.

Luis: Mama, don't worry, ok? Alistair is in a coma. There's no way that he can hurt me anymore.

Pilar: No, Luis, Alistair was in a coma when Chris and Sheridan went to Hawaii. And all three of you almost died. Do not underestimate that man. He could be dead and reach out from beyond the grave and destroy our lives.

Luis: Mama, please. You're a little overwrought, ok? Why don't you just sit down.

Pilar: No, ok, no. Luis, no, I don't want to sit down! I want to just talk some sense into my thick-headed son. Please, your life is precious to me. Don't risk it like this.

Luis: I am sorry. I'm going, ok?

Pilar: God, Alistair's evil has already taken Antonio. I don't want to lose another son. I won't.

Luis: Ok. I love you. You know that. But I am going to get my son and there is nothing that you do to stop me, ok? I'm sorry.

Pilar: Yes, there is. I know exactly what I'm going to do to stop this madness. Come with me.

Luis: Mama.

Pilar: Let's go.

Sheridan: Oh, what happened?

Ethan: Yeah, Sheridan, you fainted. Here, try to drink this, ok?

Sheridan: The baby?

Chris: Now, how are you feeling? Are you hurt?

Sheridan: No. Everything seems ok.

Chris: Good.

Sheridan: Help me up.

Ethan: Ok. Come on. There you go.

Chris: Take it easy.

Ethan: Sit down.

Sheridan: Where did you come from? I don't even remember what happened. Is Luis gone?

Ethan: Yeah.

Chris: You had me so worried.

Sheridan: I'm ok now.

Chris: When was the last time you had something to eat?

Sheridan: I don't remember.

Theresa: Sheridan, you've got to take better care of yourself. You're pregnant.

Sheridan: I know.

Ethan: Well, then why don't we go to the kitchen and get you something to eat -- juice, some tea, something.

Chris: Yeah.

Sheridan: All right.

Chris: Ok, come on.

Theresa: Chris, can you hang back for a second? I need to ask you something and it's kind of important.

Chris: I'll be right in, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Ok.

Chris: What do you want? Or do you simply wish to impart some more of your marital advice?

Theresa: It's not what I want. The question is, what do you want?

Chris: Excuse me?

Theresa: Well, every man is for sale, so, what's your price?

Chris: Mrs. Crane, I think I need to go to my wife.

Theresa: No, I actually want you to leave Sheridan alone, divorce her so she can be with the true love of her life -- my brother. Now, I am willing to make it worth your while to get you to leave Sheridan immediately, so what's it going to take? Five million? 10 million? Just name a figure.

Eve: What on earth would Whitney be doing in Rome?

Chad: Well, she is taking her final vows as a nun. I mean, is it possible that she's there for some kind of religious ceremony?

Julian: What, without her own Mother Superior knowing about it? I mean, those nuns are as worried about Whitney as we are. They don't know anything more about her disappearance than we do, unless they're lying, which I highly doubt.

Eve: As far as I know, only senior members of religious orders get called to Rome, not young novitiates like Whitney.

Chad: Well, it has something to do with the church. We all know how obsessed she's been lately -- I mean, whipping herself, how she says she talks to God. I mean, maybe she feels like she's been called there.

Eve: Oh, God, Julian, maybe she's gone over the edge. Why did I not insist on a psychiatric consult for her?

Julian: Please, please, my darling, don't blame yourself. We don't know the reasons behind Whitney's disappearance.

Eve: What could she be thinking, Julian? It's just -- it's all so strange.

Simone: How could you be eating at a time like this?

Paloma: I always eat when I'm nervous. Is it bizarre or what? I think you're right.

Simone: That's a first. About what?

Paloma: Whitney. We found the symbol under her mattress and now she's gone to Rome. It must have something to do with the stolen paintings.

Simone: See, I'm not so sure. I mean, that would be an awfully big coincidence, don't you think?

Paloma: It wouldn't be the first. Remember, we were wondering how we'd pay our trip to Rome. And then we found all that money in the Book Caf basement. Now we know your sister is already on her way there. What are the odds of that happening?

Tabitha: Fireworks are over for the moment. Someone has left Kay and Miguel alone. I wouldn't be so giddy if I were you, miss. Harmony's our turf right out to the 12-mile limit, and I don't like anyone else practicing magic here. You're not trying to fool me, are you? Huh? You wouldn't be practicing magic behind my back, would you, Endora? Huh? Oh, well. I don't know what to think. You promise Mommy you'll be a good, little demon and I'll give you your trigger finger back, all right? Huh? I'll take that as a yes. Come on. Now, here we go.

Fox: What happened?

Tabitha: Oh, Endora Lenox, it is you. Oh, you naughty, naughty demon. Will you stop that at once!

Fox: What the hell? I see a leak in the ceiling. It's not even raining outside. Kay, where are you? Kay?

Tabitha: Now you're getting Fox involved in tonight's madness. Someone's getting ready for time-out.

Tabitha: I'm going to put a stop to your magic, madam. Poof!

Tabitha: Yeah. The old girl's still got it. Try making more mischief wearing those, young lady.

Kay: Miguel, you're not making any sense. No one saved you, ok? You're confused. The current must have just brought you onto the beach.

Miguel: No, there was a woman, Kay. She saved my life. I saw her. She's as real as you are.

Kay: What are you doing?

Miguel: I'm taking you back to the wharf.

Kay: Ok, well, then we're both going to go back to Tabitha's.

Miguel: No, you're going to go back to Tabitha's. I have to find this blond woman.

Miguel: Kay, what are you doing?

Kay: My best friend in my entire life and the father of my child is acting like a nutcase right now and wants to go on the ocean in the middle of the night. Do you think I'm going to let you go by yourself?

Miguel: Kay, you shouldn't --

Kay: Just don't argue with me, ok? Now, where are we going?

Miguel: I don't know.

Kay: You don't know?

Miguel: Look, I had an overwhelming feeling, ok? It drew me out to the sea as if that would provide the answer, and then she started calling me. I know, it sounds crazy.

Kay: Sounds crazy?

Miguel: Did you hear that?

Kay: Hear what?

Miguel: There. She's calling me again.

Kay: I don't hear any--

Miguel: Shh, shh, shh.

Theresa: Speak up, Chris, please. I don't have all day. How much is it going to take for you to leave Sheridan so she can be happy with the true love of her life -- my brother Luis?

Chris: Where do you get off, Theresa? I'm not for sale.

Theresa: Chris, everyone is for sale. That is a sad, little truth I've learned since I've become Mrs. Alistair Crane. Now, come on, $10 million. You could invest it and have close to 400 grand a year for life. I mean, with that kind of money, you'll be beating the women off with a stick.

Chris: I already have the woman I want, thank you.

Theresa: Don't be a sap. Chris, Luis and Sheridan belong together. And I'm trying to make the process easier for you. Wow, you really drive a hard bargain. 15 million, final offer.

Chris: No.

Theresa: Don't be a fool, ok? You can take the money. You can move somewhere far away with your son and be worry-free for the rest of your life. Now, all you have to do is divorce Sheridan so she can be happy with my brother.

Chris: No.

Theresa: "Pay to the order of Christopher Boothe," 20 --

Chris: I said no and I mean it. I don't need your money. And I'm not going to abandon my wife.

Ethan: You know, I still think you should talk to Eve.

Sheridan: I will later. Ethan, what am I going to do?

Ethan: Well, I know that you're surrounded by people that love you. I love you. And we're going to help you through this.

Sheridan: You're always so good to me.

Ethan: I think that's a two-way street, don't you? I mean, come on, there's not two people in this whole world that understand each other like you and I do, right?

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: And I know our situations are different, but I can understand what you're going through. Loving someone --

Sheridan: While being married to someone else. I'm not being fair to Chris, though. I do love him. It's just different.

Ethan: Sheridan, it can't go on.

Sheridan: I know. It's over. I'm with Chris now. Luis knows that.

Ethan: Right. Look, do me a favor? Take all the time you need, but be careful and choose carefully. You don't want to mess this up, because if you do, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life. Just choose the man that you truly love and not the one you feel obligated to.

Luis: Mama. Mama, what are we doing here?

Pilar: What are we doing here? I want you to pray. Kneel down and pray to God, mijo.

Luis: Mama, please.

Pilar: Please, Luis, pray as hard as you've ever prayed.

Luis: Mama, last time I was here and I prayed, God didn't answer my prayers, ok?

Pilar: God always answers prayers, mijo. You just weren't listening.

Luis: Fine.

Pilar: Mijo.

Luis: I will pray.

Luis: I pray that God helps me find my son so that I can bring him back to Sheridan and we can be together like the family that we were always meant to be.

Pilar: No, Luis. You need to pray for forgiveness, ok? God brought you back to us from the dead. He has given you another chance and you have to do what's right. Do you hear me? I know that you love Sheridan, but she's married to another man. Do you understand me? Married. Now, you can't break apart what God has brought together in holy sacrament. It would be a horrible sin.

Luis: I'm sorry, but that is no sin, Mama.

Pilar: Oh, my God, Luis.

Luis: Aren't I right? Didn't you mean for me and Sheridan to be together? I know that you did. It's Chris. He is the real intruder. He's got to step aside to let us be together.

Eve: What are we going to do, Julian? Whitney is already so troubled and now she's in Rome. Anything could happen to her.

Julian: Darling, don't worry. We will bring her back, but I --

Eve: But what?

Julian: Well, Crane security says that the trail ends in Rome. They have no other leads. I'm just not sure when or if we'll receive any more information.

Chad: Well, that's it. You know what? I'm not waiting. I'm going to Italy to find Whitney now. She belongs here.

Julian: Chad, you know nothing about Italy. You know no one in Italy. You shouldn't go alone.

Eve: I wish I could go, but I've got seriously ill patients. And I've got surgeries that I can't reschedule.

Julian: Well, can you get someone to fill in for you?

Eve: No, we're already so short-handed.

Simone: I'll go.

Paloma: Me, too.

Eve: What? Girls, no. What about school? I mean, and then there's all the expense.

Simone: You know, I was just about to tell you my big news when this whole thing with Whitney blew up. I applied for a scholarship in art to a school-study program in Rome. And I've been accepted.

Eve: Oh, Simone, honey, that's wonderful.

Paloma: Me, too.

Eve: Oh.

Julian: It's a bit sudden.

Chad: Well, they did mention it to me.

Julian: Quite a coincidence, wouldn't you say?

Paloma: Well, God works in mysterious ways, Mr. Crane. When he points us in a direction, we must obey.

Eve: No, I can't do that. I can't have my children do something I should be taking care of myself.

Simone: Why not? We're adults and you said yourself that you have patients that you can't leave. So let me go with Chad and Paloma, and we'll find Whitney. And if we need you, we'll call you. And you and Julian can be in Rome in a few hours on a Crane jet.

Eve: What do you think?

Julian: Well, it is better to have people on the ground over there we trust. I'll tell you what, Chad. We'll take care of Miles for you. Why don't you hop on a plane this evening? I'll contact our Rome office and make sure that you have enough funds for expenses over there, hmm?

Chad: Thank you. I'm going to go home and pack.

Paloma: We'll follow as soon as we can.

Chad: Ok, well, check your cell phones. I'll leave word where I'm staying.

Paloma: Ok.

Eve: And we'll send the nanny to pick Miles up.

Chad: Thank you. You know, the sooner I get to Whitney, the better. I have a feeling she's in danger. I'll see, you guys.

Julian: Good luck, son.

Chad: Thank you.

Eve: Oh, Julian, I'm so frightened.

Julian: Now, now.

Simone: Don't be, Mom. We'll find her.

Eve: It's just that everything that's happened tonight has just all been so strange.

Julian: Yes. Hasn't it, though?

Tabitha: I don't exactly know what you're up to, but Kay and Miguel are out there on the open sea together. And if it leads to romance, then it's all right with our side.

Fox: Tabitha, where's Kay?

Tabitha: Oh, well, she's, um -- I'm sure she's around someplace. Why don't you just wait for her in bed? You see what you've done? If Fox finds Kay and Miguel together, he'll put a kibosh on their rekindled romance. Oh, why didn't you leave well enough alone, Endora?

Fox: I don't know where the hell that water came from, but at least it woke me up. Kay might be in trouble.

Fox: Who's there? Kay? Is that you? Damn it.

Tabitha: There, now, let's see you try and do some mischief with those on, my little lady.

Fox: I just heard somebody calling my -- why is Endora wearing boxing gloves?

Tabitha: Oh, where have you been, Fox? Don't you know that boxing is all the rage in preschool nowadays?

Fox: But don't the kids get hurt?

Tabitha: Well, not the nimble ones, no. I'm giving Endora a few pointers, aren't I?

Fox: That doesn't make any --

[Endora babbles]

Fox: Do you hear that?

Tabitha: Hear what?

Fox: It's Kay. I must go to Kay.

Tabitha: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm a -- no, she's -- she's somewhere. I wouldn't worry about her.

Fox: Kay needs me. I must go.

Tabitha: Oh, great balls of hellfire, Endora. What did you do to the man? If Fox finds Kay and Miguel together, he'll split them up before they get time to have their juices running. Oh, Endora.

Kay: Ew, what is that?

Miguel: It's her. She's calling me.

Kay: No way. I can't understand that. It sounds like moaning. Ooh.

Miguel: Can't you hear that? She's saying, "come to me."

Kay: This is getting way too weird. Ok, say you're right and some strange woman rescued you from the ocean. But why would she just disappear and then start calling your name in the middle of the night?

Miguel: Look, I don't know, ok, but it's happening.

Kay: Oh, I don't like this.

Miguel: Don't be scared, ok? I mean, this is Harmony. Strange things have happened before and we're fine.

Kay: Uh, what? We've almost died before, remember? Hell appeared in Charity's closet and we were in it. And let's not forget about the time that my parents' house was sucked into the ground. Who knows what else could happen?

Kay: Miguel, what's happening?

Miguel: I don't know. I think they're fireflies.

Kay: Fireflies? At this time of year? We're in the middle of the ocean!

Miguel: What?

Kay: Ooh, ooh! One of those little bugs went down my shirt!

[Kay screams]

Pilar: Luis, this is a sign from God. Evil is coming for you and God wants you to stop this nonsense.

Luis: Mama, Mama, what I am praying for is not wrong. I love Sheridan and she loves me.

Pilar: Please don't defy God. Please.

Luis: Mama, I'm not. I just want to put things right. I want to go. I want to get Marty, bring him back to Sheridan so we can be together just like the family. Isn't that what you always wanted us to be?

Pilar: Yes, I did, but not like this. Evil is out there. Can't you feel it?

Luis: Ok, fine! If evil is out there stalking me, then bring it on! I'm going to fight for Sheridan with everything I've got and nothing and no one is going to stop me. I'm going to Rome. I'm going to rescue my son and I'm going to bring him home to Sheridan. Good-bye.

Pilar: No, please.

Luis: Pray for me.

Pilar: Please, Luis, don't do this.

Luis: Pray.

Pilar: Please, mijo.

Theresa: You can take the money and lose Sheridan, or refuse the money and lose Sheridan. Seems like a simple choice to me, Chris.

Chris: I don't want your damn money. And damned it is. It all comes from one source -- Alistair Crane. That money's got blood all over it.

Theresa: Nevertheless, you can live in luxury for the rest of your life.

Chris: I already have enough to get by on. Money is not the big motivator in my life.

Theresa: Nor mine. I believe in following one's heart. I do, but when your heart's desire is out of reach, a heap of cold, hard cash can help you sleep better at night.

Chris: The thing is, Theresa, I already have my heart's desire.

Theresa: Sheridan? Not for much longer.

Chris: Look, whether you like it or not, Sheridan chose me over your brother. So why don't you just face the facts? That great romance between Sheridan and Luis, the one you kept throwing back in my face every two seconds? It's over, and you'd better get used to that.

Theresa: Oh. If it helps you feel better to believe that, then you just go right on ahead, but you're setting yourself up for a whole lot of pain.

Chris: Really? Sheridan loves me, and she's committed to our marriage. And she's having my child.

Theresa: Now, where have I heard that setup before? Look, Chris, I've known Sheridan for years, ok, and, yeah, she wants to do the noble thing and stay married to her husband out of duty.

Chris: Out of love, Theresa.

Theresa: Right. It's not going to happen, ok? She loves Luis way too much. Now, yeah, she's going to try to keep this dutiful wife pretense up for a while, but eventually she's going to realize what she really wants, and that's to be back with my brother Luis. You can't win, Chris. It's fate.

Sheridan: Thank you. I feel much better.

Ethan: Good. Good. You have to take care of yourself, you know. And that baby.

Sheridan: I know, I will. I'll try to remember to eat.

Ethan: Do more than try, ok?

Sheridan: So before when you were so serious --

Ethan: I'm sorry, was I lecturing? Because it's a bad habit I'm developing.

Sheridan: No, it's ok if it comes from the heart, but all cards on the table -- when you said I should choose to be with the man that I love, not the one I feel obligated to, are you saying that you feel you made the wrong decision by choosing to be with Gwen?

Ethan: No. No, no, that's not what I meant. I love Gwen. I do.

Sheridan: I know you love Gwen and Jane, but is it the same kind of love you feel for Theresa?

Ethan: Sheridan, let's --

Sheridan: Come on. You do love her, don't you?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah. I've never denied that.

Sheridan: So, if Gwen hadn't gotten pregnant, would you be with Theresa right now?

Ethan: You know what? We're talking about you right now.

Sheridan: Oh, that is such a cop-out.

Ethan: Yeah, but I just want everyone to be happy, ok? I want you to be happy, and I don't think that's going to happen unless you choose the man that you truly love.

Sheridan: Well, Chris makes me happy. He's a -- he's a good man.

Ethan: Well, that's really not the point, is it?

Sheridan: Well, the point is, is that I'm married to him now. I'm pregnant with his child. I can't just turn my back on him and jump into Luis' arms any more than you can turn your back on Gwen to be with Theresa.

Ethan: Well, I need to stand by my marriage vows.

Sheridan: And you expect me to do any less?

Tabitha: Endora, what are you up to now? Honestly, I can't keep up with you. Endora, will you please stop this?

Tabitha: Oh, oh.

Tabitha: Oh, fairies. Oh -- nasty, revolting little pip-squeaks. And they bite like bedbugs, too. Ow! Ooh!

Endora: Get owie.

Tabitha: Ooh. I don't believe in fairies!

Tabitha: Now, I shall use that phrase on all of you with this thing if you don't get out of my house immediately.

Tabitha: I don't know what you're playing at, Endora. Oh, no. Fox is down at the wharf already. If he gets a boat and goes out to stop Kay and Miguel at this moment -- I -- I'm going to stop this from happening. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to stop it myself.

Fox: Kay? Kay, I'm coming.

Fox: What? Where am I? How the hell did I get down here? What's going on? Kay. Kay, where are you?

Kay: Oh, great. Now what?

Miguel: It's just fog.

Kay: Fog just doesn't appear that fast.

Miguel: We've just driven into a fog bank, ok? We're fine. Don't worry. It is kind of weird.

Kay: And it's cold. I'm freezing.

Kay: Whoa, whoa, don't go so fast. We might hit another boat.

Miguel: She's calling me, Kay. Can't you hear her?

Kay: I don't know what I hear. All I know is I am freezing and I have never seen fog like this in my entire life. I mean, I'm sitting right next to you and I can barely see you. Oh, God, Miguel, you can't see any better than I can. How do you know we're not headed for rocks or something?

Miguel: Look, don't worry, ok? I'll protect you. I promise I won't let anything happen to you.

Eve: Julian, I just feel so helpless. What could Whitney be thinking? I mean, even if she hates us, why would she abandon the convent? That's all she's wanted for months. It just doesn't make any sense.

Julian: Darling, at least we know she's in Rome and Chad is on his way to find her.

Eve: Oh, Julian, I'm so sorry.

Julian: What?

Eve: You were trying to make this special evening for us and now it's just turned into this.

Julian: Oh, look. Young Paloma's certainly enjoying the dessert.

Eve: Well, she has to keep her strength up for the trip.

Julian: Yes, for this extremely coincidental scholarship that the girls both received.

Eve: You don't think there's something wrong with that, do you?

Julian: No, no, it's fine. I mean, at least Chad won't be by himself in a strange country.

Eve: Yes. Oh, God, I hope and pray that they find Whitney.

Simone: Give me that. We're supposed to be packing for Rome.

Paloma: I'll bet the pastry in Italy is incredible. Ooh, and the gelato.

Simone: You are hopeless.

Paloma: Excuse me? Who's the brain in this operation, senorita? If it wasn't for me, we wouldn't have linked that symbol to Whitney.

Simone: What? That was me.

Paloma: Well, if that's what you want to believe. Anyway, we want to go to Rome and look for the stolen paintings, and now we know your sister is there. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Simone: I know. As much as I hate to admit it, it does seem like Whitney's mixed up in this whole mystery. I just wish I knew how.

Paloma: So, let's say adios to Harmony, and arrivederci, Rome.

Simone: Arrivederci? That means good-bye, too.

Paloma: Oh, whatever.

Chris: You know, Theresa, I never knew what a hard woman you are.

Theresa: I'm actually a romantic at heart.

Chris: You have a really funny way of showing it.

Theresa: I don't want to be cruel, Chris, ok? It's just that you're going to be hurt now, or you're going to be hurt later. I say get it over with. Luis and Sheridan belong together. It's written in the stars. And when my brother comes back from Rome with Marty, she will leave you.

Chris: I don't believe you.

Theresa: I'm sorry. They're going to be together. Nothing under heaven can keep them apart.

Sheridan: The bottom line is you won't give up on your marriage vows to Gwen and I won't give up on mine to Chris.

Ethan: Yep. Should have known you'd take the noble path. Don't you just wish our lives were just a little bit easier, though?

Sheridan: Well, the right path is rarely the smooth one.

Ethan: Ooh. Now who's lecturing? You know, I think I know why kids love Harry Potter so much, though. It's pretty tempting to wish for a world where you can just, you know, wave a magic wand and you make all your troubles and all your hardships just disappear. And then maybe we could live in happiness and be with the people that we really love.

Pilar: Senor Santo, please guide my son. I know only you can bring him back to me. Please, keep him away from evil. Please.

Flight attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, as soon as you're all seated, flight 507 can depart for Rome.

Chad: I can't believe it.

Luis: Chad.

Chad: Hey, a little bird told me you came back from the dead.

Luis: Yeah. Long story. What are you doing?

Chad: I am going to Rome, obviously.

Luis: Business?

Chad: No. No, Whitney's missing.

Luis: What? What happened?

Chad: Oh, another long story. But the upside is Julian found out she's going to Rome, and I'm going to find her and bring her back.

Luis: Oh.

Chad: Why are you going?

Luis: Got a really good lead on Beth and Marty. Going to find my son and bring him back to Sheridan. It's pretty much all I'm living for.

Chad: I know exactly how you feel.

Luis: Yeah.

On the Next Passions:

Noah: Maybe you didn't hear me, but Fancy's with me now.

Man: You won't escape me, Whitney. I'll kill you first.

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