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Eve: Julian, what is this all about?

Julian: Well, you must wait.

Eve: You gonna turn on the light?

Julian: Well, of course, my love. But first, some music.

[Classical music playing]

Eve: [Laughs] Oh! Oh! Oh. Oh, honey, that's just lovely. But what's the occasion?

Julian: My darling Eve, every day with you is an occasion. Every minute -- I love you so much.

Eve: I love you so much, too. Mm.

Julian: Would the good doctor care to dance?

Eve: Yes, the good doctor would indeed.

Chad: Hey, hey. Any luck?

Paloma: No. No one's seen her.

Simone: How could Whitney just disappear like that?

Paloma: I don't know. The nuns didn't realize she was gone for hours, so she could be anywhere by now.

Simone: Chad, I'm scared. You know how strange Whitney's been acting lately, how she's been hurting herself. Who knows what she may have done to herself by now.

Chad: No. No, she's all right, ok -- she has to be. Look, I'm going to call Crane security, raise a little hell. They will be able to check all the transportation routes out of town -- the buses, the airplanes, all that kind of stuff. If she bought a ticket, they'll be able to trace it.

Simone: Say a prayer for her, Chad.

Chad: I'm way ahead of you.

Simone: We should have told Chad about finding the symbol under Whitney's mattress. It was in every single one of the missing paintings.

Paloma: Simone, it's not a big deal. It's probably some sort of religious symbol, and maybe that's why Whitney had it in her room at the convent. We cannot let everyone in on what we know.

Simone: Paloma, Whitney is gone. And we have to do everything we can to help find her.

Paloma: No. If we say what we know, no one's going to let us investigate. Simone, we're the ones who found Alistair's secret files and the money and the link to the stolen paintings. We have to go to Italy and start searching for them ourselves.

Simone: No way. I have to find my sister, ok? Where could she be? I've been a Catholic all my life and I have never seen this symbol before. What does it mean? Why would Whitney have kept this under her mattress?

Whitney: Why are you looking at me like that?

Man: Your face. Your transformation is quite amazing, Whitney. Your own mother wouldn't know you.

Whitney: Well, Chad didn't recognize me either. May I ask why it's so necessary for me to look so completely different?

Man: Patience, Whitney. I will reveal all in my own good time. Now, follow me. And remember, the fate of your soul depends on you.

Woman: Miguel, come to me. Come to me, I must see you.

Tabitha: You're keeping secrets from me, Endora. Now, tell Mommy what you're up to. Be a good girl! Fine, fine, but I know you're up to something. Knowing you, you're probably dabbling in the cesspool of human emotions, aren't you? Well, at least I know you're not trying to get Kay and Miguel together. Because you want Kay and your big brother Fox to bask in the sunshine of marital bliss. Oh, how cliché and how dangerous. We want Kay to get her hooks into Miguel to prevent him from ever making love to Charity. That way, all the witches in this house are going to be safe forever. Now listen to me, girly girl. No matter what you're up to, you know that Kay still has very deep feelings for Miguel. Not to mention the fact that she accepted Fox's proposal of marriage before the planets got back in alignment. So their love is doomed anyway. Not even you can fight the stars, Endora.

Kay: So what else did Miguel say out on the beach?

Fox: I told you everything I know, Kay. Miguel kept mumbling about losing the great love of his life. Had to have meant Charity.

Kay: Are you sure he meant Charity?

Fox: Who else could it be?

{Miguel: I love you. I want to marry you.

Kay: Marry?

Miguel: Marry. Make you my wife. I want to be a good husband to you and a father to Maria. I know now what I should have known all those years ago when you were trying to convince me we were meant to be together. But I guess I had tunnel vision.

Kay: Yeah.

Miguel: I'm sorry if I hurt you. Maybe I was just infatuated with Charity. I don't know. All I know is it would be a real tragedy if I blew things with you again, Kay. Just give me a second chance. }

Fox: Kay, what aren't you saying? Who else could be the love of Miguel's life?

Sheridan: No, Luis, we can't do this.

Luis: Why not, Sheridan? Come on, you just told me that you love me more than you love Chris. We belong together.

Sheridan: No -- I mean, yes. I still love you, but I'm married to Chris.

Luis: So get a divorce.

Sheridan: I'm carrying his child. My place is with him now.

Luis: I'm telling you, you're going to realize what a mistake you've made once I bring Marty home to you.

Theresa: So it's settled? You're going to go to Rome to find Marty?

Luis: Yes.

Sheridan: No!

Luis: Yes! My name is still on that joint account, isn't it?

Sheridan: Yes, why?

Luis: Because I have some back pay in there and I intend on using it for my search for Marty.

Sheridan: No, I will not allow you to use that money to go to Rome or anywhere else.

Chad: Crane security gave me the runaround.

Simone: But you're a Crane.

Chad: Yeah, a bastard Crane with the wrong color skin. Look, I'm going to go up to the mansion, talk to my parents. Julian will be able to light a fire under those idiots.

Simone: Ok. We'll come, too.

Chad: Let's get a move on.

Eve: You know, we should do this more often. Because when I'm in your arms, all my troubles just drift away.

Julian: Now, what troubles? We're the only two people who exist on the face of the earth.

Eve: [Laughs] Ah, you darling man.

Eve: I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me. I know I've been all wound up because of Whitney.

Julian: But you know something? Oh, go on. You also have to take care of yourself. Come, sit.

Eve: Well, oh-so luckily for me, I have you to watch out for me.

Julian: Well...

Eve: Julian, this looks delicious.

Julian: It's a bit of melon and fig, wrapped in prosciutto. Here, try it.

Eve: Mm.

Julian: You approve? I was in Tuscany first time I -- what is it?

Eve: You know how Sheridan gets those -- those premonitions?

Julian: Yes.

Eve: I think I just had one. Oh. I just had this overwhelming fear pass through me that one of my children was in trouble.

Julian: Which child?

Eve: Whitney.

Whitney: Lord, you said that I could help keep the secrets of the church.

Man: Yes. You are most important.

Whitney: But who wants to expose these secrets? And why would it be so bad if these secrets were exposed?

Man: Whitney! Doubting Thomas was less inquisitive than you. Have I not counseled patience?

Whitney: Yes, Lord, but I --

Man: Silence, Whitney. All that you need to know you will learn when I decide you're ready.

Whitney: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Man: I forgive you, my daughter. But you need to learn to listen and obey. Focus on my instructions and don't let your mind wander. You are facing a truly enormous task, one that is fraught with danger and possibly dire consequences. A huge sacrifice must be made, Whitney. A huge sacrifice.

Kay: You know what, don't mind me. I -- I can't think of anyone besides Charity who would be the love of Miguel's life.

Fox: That's good.

Kay: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to pester you like that. I'm just jumpy, you know? I don't even know what I'm saying right now. It's -- it's been such a long day. I'm so exhausted. We should just probably get some rest, huh?

Fox: All right.

Kay: What?

Fox: Nothing. I was just thinking how lucky I am. I've never had this closeness before. I love this -- laying in bed before sleeping, talking about the day. Just makes all my problems seem so small.

Kay: I know. It's really comforting.

Fox: It's comforting because it's all based on trust and love. That we can depend on one another no matter what. Right?

Kay: Right.

Fox: God, I can't wait to marry you.

Kay: Me, too.

Fox: Then the whole world's gonna know how great our love is for one another. And there's no one else in our hearts.

Tabitha: [Laughing] What did I tell you, my little witchling? Our Kay is lying in Fox's arms and thinking of Miguel. Look at the guilt on her face. You'd think any member of the dark side, even a neophyte like Kay, would be able to put on a better poker face than that.

Tabitha: Yeah, I wouldn't wager on that. No, Miguel still has a hold on her heart. That's obvious.

Tabitha: Now what are you up to?

Tabitha: Oh! En -- Endora Lenox, what did you do?

Miguel: You. You saved my life in the ocean. Then you disappeared. Where did you go? Why did you leave me? How did you find me here? But -- what?

Luis: What do you mean I can't use our joint account? It's what I used last time when I went looking for Marty.

Sheridan: Not now.

Luis: What's wrong with you? Don't you want me to find our son?

Sheridan: Of course I do, but I don't want you to get hurt or killed.

Luis: We already talked about this, Sheridan --

Sheridan: Yes, and as usual you didn't listen to me. If you go after Marty, Father's people will know that you've left town. Now, last time they held you prisoner and tortured you. You would have been dead if Chris hadn't rescued you. Otto wanted to blow you up in that house. So what makes you think they're going to let you get away a second time?

Luis: Otto is dead. Your father is in a coma. Sheridan, no one is going to come after me.

Sheridan: You don't know that. I can't let you put yourself in danger again.

Luis: Wow. You're just delaying me because you're scared to tell Chris that it's over. You know that once I come back with Marty, you're going to realize that you have made a huge mistake.

Sheridan: You just don't listen. We are not getting back together.

Theresa: Ever?

Luis: You told me that you loved me more than you love Chris.

Sheridan: Chris is my husband. You need to accept that.

Sheridan: Ah!

Luis: Theresa!

Theresa: How can you turn your back on the man that you love?

Miguel: Who are you?

Miguel: Who are you?

Tabitha: What have you done to Miguel, young lady? Answer me.

Tabitha: It had better be. Because if Charity and Miguel ever get together again and do push-push, you and I could be crushed in the last battle of good and evil -- if we last that long.

Tabitha: Oh, no you don't, young lady.

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, drat! Oh!

Tabitha: Really, Endora, your humor is right out of the three stooges. Really, darling, what do you think you're doing? Oh!

Woman's voice: Come to me, Miguel. Come to me, I must see you. Miguel, come to me now. Come to me, Miguel.

Miguel: She's calling me. I have to go to her.

Ethan: What the hell was that for?

Luis: Theresa, what are you doing? She's pregnant. She could have tripped or something.

Theresa: I'm sorry. Someone's got to slap some sense into you, Sheridan. What is wrong with you? Do you honestly think that you can just turn off the love that you feel for my brother? You can't. Do you know I would give my right arm to be with the person I love? To hear Ethan say the things to me that I hear my brother say to you?

Ethan: Theresa, don't do this --

Theresa: What? What? I don't have any shame anymore. Everyone in the world knows that I've thrown myself at you, Ethan, over and over and over again, and you reject me every time. I would kill to be with him, to have the family that I've dreamed of, with my son and my daughter, but you know what? It doesn't matter what I do because Ethan is married to Gwen. And he's never going to leave her, even though he doesn't love her.

Ethan: I do love her!

Theresa: No, you don't. Please, you have a chance right now to set things right. Don't just throw it all away. All right -- you know, I don't get it. I don't get this town. You know, the people who are supposed to be together are being kept apart. It's like -- it's like we are -- we're cursed or something.

Luis: Hey, don't worry so much, ok? Huh? Look, I'm going to find Marty. And I'm going to bring him back to Sheridan. The minute I do, she's going to come to her senses. She's going to realize the huge mistake that she's made.

Sheridan: Luis, no. You can't go after Marty. You're still weak from your last ordeal. I can't keep worrying about you like this. It's just not fair.

Luis: I'm going to find Marty. You can't stop me, ok? I -- I'll find the money somewhere.

Sheridan: No!

Theresa: No -- no, I've got it. You are going to go, Luis. And you know what you're going to do? You are going to use one of my Crane Industries credit cards right here. You are going to use my business card right here. And you're going to mention my name anywhere in the world that you go and you'll get every single thing that you want, Luis.

Sheridan: Theresa, no. Luis, please.

Luis: What, don't you want me to get Marty back from Beth?

Sheridan: Of course I do, but not at this price. If you go, you'll be killed.

Luis: Oh, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Sheridan: You know what, Luis? You can't take that money from Theresa because that is Crane money -- Alistair's money, blood money -- and you swore you would never touch it.

Woman's voice: Miguel, where are you?

Miguel: I'm coming. You're calling me. You need me. I'm coming. I'll find you. I have to.

Kay: Where is Miguel going at this time of night? He shouldn't be out of bed, much less going out. He almost drowned tonight.

Kay: There's no point in waking Fox. I'll just go after him myself.

Tabitha: Now where are Kay and Miguel going at this hour?

Tabitha: Oh, Kay. Kay should know better. Well, that's enough, Endora. Now tell me, where is Miguel going?

Julian: Didn't like your dinner? You barely touched it.

Eve: Oh, no. Honey, it was wonderful. I'm just -- just not very hungry.

Julian: Then perhaps you'll have room for dessert.

Eve: Thank you.

Julian: I think that you'll find this sinfully good and very low in calories.

Eve: Oh, honey.

Julian: Open it.

Eve: You shouldn't spoil me like this.

Julian: No, no, no. Open it.

Eve: Oh! Oh, no, no. Honey, it's too much. It's too much --

Julian: Yes, you listen to me. Anyone who can put up with me deserves the world. Give me a hand, will you?

Julian: There.

Eve: Oh, honey. It's exquisite, oh. Thank you.

Julian: You're welcome. But you're still worried about Whitney.

Eve: Yes, I am. I'm sorry. I know I'm just ruining this wonderful evening you had planned.

Julian: Oh, no you're not.

Eve: Well, at least I understand now why Sheridan gets so upset when she has those premonitions. The feeling is so strong and strange, it's very disturbing.

Julian: Well, I know that when you saw Whitney in the condition she was in at the convent that it upset you. But perhaps it's just your -- your mind letting your worries overwhelm you.

Eve: Perhaps. Or it could be a mother's intuition.

Chad: Julian. Mom, um, you have to do something. Whitney's disappeared from the convent and no one knows where she is.

Eve: Oh, my God, I knew it. I was right. My baby is in trouble.

Julian: All right.

Whitney: Is it all right for me to ask where we're going?

Man: Soon all will be revealed.

Whitney: Is this the wrong way? Wait a second, this is a dead end.

Man: No.

Whitney: What are you doing?

Man: I told you. Sacrifices must be made in the name of the church.

Whitney: Wait!


Sheridan: I know you, Luis. You hate my father and everything that he stands for. You won't touch his money no matter how badly you need it.

Luis: Thank you, Theresa. You're right, Sheridan. Normally I wouldn't touch the Crane money. But if it means getting Marty back, and getting you back, I will gladly take it.

Sheridan: Luis, no!

Theresa: I'm glad you're taking it. I want you to be happy, Luis.

Luis: Thank you.

Sheridan: Luis, no, you can't go. You'll be killed. I can't lose you! I can't lose you again.

Chad: And since then, we've turned this whole town upside down. Nobody's seen her. I mean, she could be halfway across the world by now.

Eve: Oh, God. Julian, I can't bear this. You know, for weeks we have watched Whitney slipping away from us and now this. I should have gotten her psychiatric help weeks ago. What if she's in trouble or she's hurt or...

Julian: You stay strong. We'll get to the bottom of this.

Julian: This is Julian Crane. A young nun, Whitney Russell, has -- yes, it's Dr. Eve Russell's daughter. She's gone missing from a convent. And she's a very troubled young woman and she may need some help. So I want every man and woman on your staff to do everything they can to locate her. Uh -- listen to me, man. It's your job, damn it! You have a worldwide computer network. You have informants in every country on the face of this earth. I want you to -- I want you to check the -- the planes, the -- the boats, the buses, the train -- do whatever you must. But I want you to find her. And one more thing. Who is it that gave my son, Chad Harris, a bad time about this earlier? All right, I want him fired and off the premises in five minutes.

Eve: Thank you. Thank you so much, darling.

Julian: Don't you worry. We'll find her.

Simone: Poor Mom. She's so scared.

Paloma: Yeah. But great necklace.

Simone: Paloma, focus. This is serious.

Paloma: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Simone: Maybe we should have told them about the symbol we found in Whitney's room.

Paloma: Why?

Simone: Why? Because it's all over evidence that points to priceless paintings stolen from the church.

Paloma: What would that have to do with Whitney leaving the convent?

Simone: I don't know. Maybe the symbol means something that would lead us to Whitney.

Paloma: Simone, we don't have any idea what that symbol means. It probably has nothing to do with Whitney being gone. Plus we know Alistair Crane was interested in it. What if we tell everyone about it and it puts his people on our trail? We could be putting everyone we know in danger.

Simone: I don't know. Maybe you're right. How could that symbol have anything to do with Whitney's disappearance?

Whitney: [Screams]

Whitney: What are you doing?

Man: Observe, Sister Whitney. Learn.

Whitney: You really scared me. I thought you were going to kill me -- all that talk about a sacrifice and everything.

Man: I meant "stiletto." It was a priceless antique -- over 500 years old. It is the only way to open the door. But once used, it must be destroyed. Hence the sacrifice. You must trust me, Whitney!

Whitney: I do. I -- I -- I do.

Man: Good. Now come. We have much work to do.

Sheridan: Don't do this to me, Luis. If you go after Marty, I will lose you forever.

Luis: You honestly think that I can sit here safe in Harmony while that madwoman Beth is out there with our son?

Sheridan: What is wrong with you? We've already been to Luis' funeral once. Wasn't that enough for you? Do you really want to see your mother sobbing over his coffin again?

Theresa: No. And you've got every right to worry. Anything that has to do with Alistair's sick plans worries me. But I'm going to support my brother, Sheridan, for the sake of love. And if I can't be with the love of my life, at least he has the chance to regain the love of his.

Sheridan: How can you encourage this?

Theresa: He would go whether I help him or not. And you know that. And this way, at least with the Crane money, he -- he won't want for anything that might help protect him. Now, yeah, I am terrified just like you. But I would be even more worried if I thought that there was no hope of him ever being with you again.

Sheridan: There is no hope.

Theresa: I don't believe that, Sheridan. But more importantly, Luis doesn't believe it. And he can't live without hope. None of us can.

Sheridan: So you really think that I will come back to you if you return Marty to me. Yet we both know if you go, it's a death sentence. So what's the point?

Luis: The point is I have to try, because without you, I'm already dead.

Woman's voice: Come to me, Miguel. Come to me, I must see you.

Miguel: Wait! I'm coming.

Kay: Why is he getting on that boat? Miguel! Oh, my God, what is wrong with him? I have to catch him.

Simone: So what do we do now? This is driving me crazy.

Julian: Well, what can we do? We wait.

Chad: Wait? No, that's not good enough.

Julian: Crane security is looking for Whitney as we speak. We have to give them a chance to do the job.

[Telephone rings]

Julian: Julian Crane. You sure? Let me know the moment you have any more information.

Eve: Julian?

Julian: Crane security thinks they have a lead on Whitney.

Eve: Oh, oh, thank God. Where is she?

Julian: Well, they don't have anything concrete yet. I don't want you to get your hopes up only to have them shattered later. Why don't we wait until they can confirm?

Paloma: Um, how much longer?

Eve: We'll just have to wait and be patient, Paloma.

Julian's voice: That makes no sense. How could Whitney have ended up there?

Whitney: Can we rest now, please? I'm really tired.

Man: We are getting closer.

Whitney: Yeah, but to what? Wait a minute, what was that?

Man: Was that a footstep?

Whitney: Don't you know what that was?

Man: It is not possible for anyone else to be down here. Is it?

Whitney: Wait, no, look. Look. Look, there is a light down there. Someone is here.

Paloma: It sounds like they're going to find Whitney. We can still go to Rome.

Simone: Paloma, no. I don't want to go anywhere until I'm sure Whitney's safe.

Paloma: Fine, I'll tell you what. We can stay here in Harmony and keep up with our investigation into the missing paintings by working online. Then, when Whitney turns up, we can go to Rome.

Simone: Thank you for being so understanding.

[Telephone rings]

Julian: Julian Crane. Yes, I see.

Eve: Oh, dear Lord, what is it? What's happened to my baby?

Man: Who is it? Who is down here?

Whitney: Is someone looking for us?

Man: It is only a lantern. Come.

Man: I want you to stay here.

Whitney: You want me to stay here by myself?

Man: For now.

Whitney: Yeah, but why? What am I going to do?

Man: Pray. Pray for your immortal soul. Or have you decided to disobey me?

Whitney: No. No, no, of course not. Um, how long do you want me to stay here?

Man: Until I return. Pray for guidance, fortitude, for salvation. Pray for strength to guard the secrets of my holy church. And when you have finished praying, I will come back. Then it will begin.

Whitney: What will begin?

Man: Pray, my dear. Pray.

Whitney: "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

Man: [Chuckles]

Whitney: "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee" --

Tabitha: Oh dear, oh dear. What would young Fox think if he knew his fiancée was off chasing Miguel in the middle of the night?

Tabitha: Now, I said that's enough. Let the poor boy sleep.

Kay: [Screaming] Miguel!

Tabitha: Whatever you've done, my little witchling, I hope you know that it's vital to keep Miguel away from Charity. Otherwise we will be doomed.

Miguel: Don't worry. I'm coming, don't worry.

Kay: [Screaming] Miguel, stop! Ah!

Miguel: Kay.

Tabitha: Now what?

Tabitha: Endora, are you doing this?

Endora: No.

Tabitha: No. I thought not. Something weird is going on here. And -- and your magic has nothing to do with it. Endora, you may have started this, but someone else has taken over.

Tabitha: Oh, it appears that Kay and Miguel have begun a magical journey. And I fear their fate, as ours, hangs in the balance.

Luis: Thank you, Theresa. I know with your help I'm going to be able to find Marty. I can't wait to see the expression on your face when he runs into your arms.

Theresa: Good luck.

Luis: Thanks.

Theresa: And please be very, very, very safe. And I love you, ok?

Luis: Ok.

Ethan: Yeah, be careful. We don't want to lose you all over again, ok?

Luis: Hey, don't worry, ok? I'll keep my eyes peeled for any of -- any of Alistair's men.

Luis: You have what's left of my heart, Sheridan, so just try and keep it safe while I'm gone and till I come back.

Sheridan: Luis, stop. Come back. Stop him.

Theresa: Sheridan, he's doing what he feels is in his heart.

Sheridan: This is insanity. Luis, come back! You'll be killed. Luis!

Ethan: Sheridan, there's nothing you can do. Just...

Sheridan: Luis!

Ethan: Sheridan, Sheridan.

Theresa: Sheridan!

Ethan: Sheridan. Sheridan, are you all right?

Theresa: Sheridan.

Ethan: Sheridan.

Theresa: Sheridan, please wake up.

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Luis: I'm going to fight for Sheridan, and no one is going to stop me.

Chris: I don't need your money, and I am not going to a abandon my wife.

Chad: I'm going to Italy to find Whitney.

Tabitha: I am going to put a stop to your magic, madam.

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