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Miguel: It's ok. Shh. Kay, thank God you're home.

Kay: How is my sweet girl? Huh? How is she? Is her fever any higher?

Miguel: I don't know. I can't get her to keep the thermometer in her mouth.

Kay: Her mouth? Well, why aren't you using the ear thermometer?

Miguel: An ear thermometer?

Kay: Yeah, for babies. It's in the medicine cabinet.

Miguel: I'm sorry. You know, I don't know anything about taking care of my baby.

Kay: It's ok. Why would you? Don't worry, honey, Mommy is here and she's going to teach Daddy everything he needs to know about taking care of you. Ok, I will go get the ear thermometer.

Miguel: Shh, it's ok. Should I do this, sweetheart? What did you think? Your abuela Pilar wants me to be with your mommy and get her to leave Fox. Hmm? Maybe she's right. Maybe all three of us should be a real family.

Whitney: Please, God, help this sinner. If you're not going to come out and talk to me, at least listen. Please. Please take Chad out of my heart and out of my mind. I know that you're going to take care of my son, so please take Miles out of my heart and out of my mind, too. I can't stop thinking about them. And I want to be able to devote myself completely to you, O Lord. I can't be with Chad because he is my half brother, and Miles is a product of incest. So, please -- please release me from these sick feelings, O God.

Chad: Whitney, how can you say your feelings for me and Miles are sick when all we feel for you is love?

Chris: You mean it, Sheridan? You're ready to choose between me and Luis?

Luis: Someone talking about me?

Sheridan: Oh, Luis, what are you doing out of bed?

Eve: Luis, you're in no condition to --

Luis: Hey, it's lonely back there.


Eve: You know, I really should order you back to bed.

Luis: I'm off my feet. That's all that matters, right?

Eve: I suppose.

Luis: I miss my wife. Gone for so long, I couldn't stand to be apart from her for one more second. Well, were you guys talking about me? Because I thought I heard my name when I walked in.

Chris: Sheridan?

Luis: Sheridan, you have something to tell me?

Theresa: You can't tell me you aren't tempted, Ethan. Desire is written all over your face.

Ethan: Theresa.

Theresa: This is the real reason that you will not come back to Crane, isn't it? Because you know if you are near me day after day after day, you will finally give in to temptation and be with me -- the woman you love.

Kay: Push the button. And then you just pull down on her earlobe like this. Just wait a couple of seconds till you hear it beep.

[Thermometer beeps] Here you go. Ah, you do have a slight fever, honey. Ok, you try in the other ear and make sure it's accurate.

Miguel: Ok.

Kay: Button. Push the button.

Miguel: Here goes.

[Thermometer beeps]

Kay: Ok, let me see. Look the same? Yeah, it's the same. Poor baby. You'll be fine. Ok, Mommy has got to get back to work.

Miguel: Already?

Kay: Yeah, I'm helping Fox with this huge proposal and a deadline's coming up. Ok, so, here's her medicine. You give her one dose now, another one in four hours. That should bring the fever down.

Miguel: I don't know.

Kay: Oh, it's easy. And she doesn't like to take her medicine with the eyedropper, so you have to use a syringe.

Miguel: A syringe? I can't give her a shot.

Kay: Not a syringe with a needle.

Miguel: What are you talking about?

Kay: Oh, no, ok. Guess I'm going to have to stay and walk you through this, huh? All right, well, I'm going to call Fox and tell him that I'll be a little longer.

Miguel: It's a good thing your daddy's such a dum-dum. Your mommy is going to stay with us longer.

Whitney: What are you doing here, Chad? And why, why would you bring Miles?

Chad: I'm taking a page out of Pilar's book. I brought Miles here to light a candle for his mother.

Whitney: You know, Pilar does that for people who are lost to her, Chad.

Chad: Bingo.

Whitney: Don't do this.

Chad: You know, watch this. Miles has something to show you. Miles, can you do it again? It's time to pray. No? Well, last time he put his fingers together in a little steeple. It was really cute.

Whitney: That's sweet.

Chad: Yeah, he is doing all kinds of cute things now. He's so interested in the world.

Whitney: Yeah, I wish could see that.

Chad: You can. Whitney, just leave this convent and come home with us. You won't have to miss anything Miles does.

Whitney: I can't, Chad. You know I can't.

Chad: Whitney, forget about what the world thinks. We're a family.

Whitney: Yeah, but I'm the one who has to live with the guilt, and I can't do that.

Chad: [Sighs] Well, what about what me and Miles have to live with, Whitney? All you ever talk about is you -- your guilt, your pain, your sin. It's all about you. What about what you've done to me? To your son? What about what you've done to our lives?

Chris: Answer Luis, Sheridan. Don't you have something to say to us? To all of us?

[Knock at door]

Sheridan: I'll get it.

Sheridan: James, sweetheart. Mrs. Henderson.

James: I want Daddy.

Chris: Hey, big guy.


Mrs. Henderson: I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do. He was so upset. You stopped by for such a little while at the B&B and he hadn't seen you in so long.

Sheridan: I'm the one who is sorry.

Luis: I take it this is your son?

Chris: Yeah. This is James. Say hello to Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald, James.

James: Hi.

Luis: Luis, please. Hi, James.

Mrs. Henderson: You're sure you don't mind I stopped by?

Sheridan: No, not at all.

Chris: It's fine, isn't it, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Of course. So, you missed us, James?

James: Yes.

[Sheridan chuckles]

Sheridan: Come here and give me a big hug.

Eve's voice: You had better tell Luis the truth soon, Sheridan, or he'll figure it all out by himself.

Ethan: My God, will you please cover yourself, all right? Someone's going to see you, all right?

Theresa: Oh. Oh, no, it's ok. There is no one here. Um, I paid off your boss to leave us alone.

Ethan: No you didn't. Jerry wouldn't do that.

Theresa: Jerry did. Ethan, every man has got his price. What's yours?

Ethan: [Exhales]

[Sighs] Mm, Theresa, come on. Look, you're making a spectacle of yourself, you know that?

Theresa: Oh, Ethan, it's just for you. You remember this? Remember how my body feels against your skin?

Ethan: Will you -- ah, will you -- hey, look --

[Chuckles] Throwing yourself at me like this is not going to make me leave Gwen.

Theresa: Oh, but it's a start. Right? And of course, true love is much more than sex.

Ethan: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: It's based on a connection between two people -- spiritual and physical. And yes, we -- we have that. We've always had that. And we always will. It's that connection that draws us together over and over. It's that connection that creates this passion between us. Now, can you really go through life denying that? Denying this?

Whitney: Don't do this to me, Chad, ok? You're just being cruel now.

Chad: Maybe. At least I'm not a hypocrite. You know, it's a real nice deal you have with God that allows you to run away and abandon your own child.

Whitney: Just stop, ok? Don't do this -- don't do this to me, all right?

Chad: "Me," see? Me, me, me. It's all about you and your guilt and your pain. Don't you see what you've done to us? Whitney, let me ask you -- when you're sitting here on your knees praying to God, do you ever ask him to take away our pain? I guess not. You want to know what it's like for me and Miles while you're hiding out here in the convent?

Whitney: I'm not hiding, Chad.

Chad: Stop lying. But no, we're not talking about you. We're talking about me and our son here. Our, um, child of incest.

Whitney: Shh -- stop.

Chad: Why, Whitney, why? It's the truth, isn't it? You want to know what it's like for us? We're out there in the real world, while you're hiding out here in the dark. Now, I don't care what people say. I take Miles everywhere I go. And you know what, you're right. Wherever we go, people know exactly who we are. Oh, there's the black Crane and his incest bastard baby. The mother is his half-sister. You know, she is a nun now, you hear? Yeah, I hear them snickering behind my back. I don't mind so much. Miles -- well, he doesn't understand yet. But then there are the parents that make excuses when I ask to make a play date with their kid. Like they're afraid Miles is going to infect their sons or daughters. And Miles, you know, he is just old enough to realize something wrong. He is different. He doesn't know why. Whitney, I put on a good act. You know, I smile and tell him how much I love him. But the older he gets, the harder it's going to be to protect him.

Whitney: Ok, just please stop --

Chad: You know what's worse, Whitney? Is when he is with you, he knows you can't stand to be with him. His own mother. Does that make you feel good? Every day we live with the fact that we're different. And every day this little baby learns to accept the life that we gave him. And every day he faces the fact that his own mother turned her back on him.

Chris: So you miss me, the big tickle monster?

Sheridan: And the big tickle she-monster?

James: Yes.

Sheridan: I missed you, too, so much. I'm sorry we came back without my Marty. But I'll find him soon and you will have someone to play with all the time.

Eve: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Oh.

James: What's wrong?

Luis: I get it now. I know what you wanted to say, Sheridan.

Ethan: Oh, God. Oh, no, what am I doing?

Theresa: Didn't I -- didn't I just remind you of what we have?

Ethan: What we had, Theresa. Damn it, it's over.

Theresa: No, it's not over. It's not over. It's right here, it's right here. You just got to give in to it, Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, stop it. Don't --

Theresa: Listen, you're the only man in my heart. And I know no matter how many times you try to deny that, I'm the one in your heart.

Ethan: Theresa, I have a wife.

Theresa: And I will be your mistress, Ethan. I told you that. I will do whatever you want me to do. I just want to be a part of your life.

Ethan: Oh, Theresa, why do you do --

Theresa: Let me just -- let me show you how it can be, please. How good it can be. Ethan, I want you to make love to me. Right now.

Chris: You had better tell him, Sheridan.

Sheridan: Luis.

Luis: I get it, Sheridan. You've grown close to this young man here, which is no surprise, considering how much you love children.

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: I was gone. You thought you had lost Marty, so James here became like a surrogate son to you, didn't he?

Sheridan: He lost his mother while you were gone, during the tsunami.

Luis: Oh, what a shame. Your wife? I'm sorry. My condolences.

Sheridan: James is very important to me.

Luis: I'm glad. Look, Sheridan, it doesn't bother me in the least that you're close with him. I bet when Marty comes back, these two will be best friends. Hey, uh, Chris, maybe sometimes James can come and spend the night with Sheridan and me. Oh, he'd love it. Sheridan is great with kids. Loves to spoil them rotten.

[Chuckles] We'll get Marty back. We'll be a real family just like you've always wanted.

Eve: Sure you will, Luis, but I think right now you need to get back to bed.

Luis: Oh, no.

Sheridan: No, she is right, Luis. We don't want you to have a relapse.

Eve: Come on. I'll help you. Maybe Miss Henderson will make some tea?

Chris: Sheridan, this isn't fair. Look at James. He already thinks of you as his mother.

Sheridan: I know.

Chris: You've got to tell us what you've decided. You don't want to break James' heart.

Kay: Ok. Does the baby elephant want her medicine?

[Miguel chuckles]

Kay: Open wide.

Miguel: This is hilarious.

Kay: Open wide. She likes to see it dribble. So, you like it, huh?

Miguel: Hey, so why doesn't she like the eyedropper that comes with the bottle?

Kay: Open. Ah, good girl. Good girl.

[Miguel chuckles]

Kay: [Chuckles] I don't know. You like it? Kids can be a mystery. Oh, thank God last time she was sick, Fox figured out how to give her the medicine.

Miguel: Oh, it was Fox.

Kay: Yeah, it was Fox, huh? They were watching some show about animals in Africa or something, and he started playing Dr. Dolittle. He was crazy, huh? He started making those faces at you, and you started playing elephant. Oh. So, now every time she has to take her vitamins or her medicine, she has got to use the syringe.

Miguel: I'm glad Fox figured that out.

Kay: Oh, yeah, he was a lifesaver. He helped so much.

Miguel: That's great. But now I'm back in Harmony and we can both take care of our daughter.

Kay: Yeah, I know. Isn't that great, honey? Now Mommy has Daddy and Fox to help take care of you. Am I the luckiest single mom in town or what? Ok, now I do have to get back to the office.

[Chuckles] Yes, I got to go.

Miguel: You have to?

Kay: Miguel, I have a job.

Miguel: I know. But before you go, can you show me how to use that ear thermometer thing again?

Kay: What, you didn't watch the first time? Oh, it's idiot proof.

Miguel: Then call me an idiot.

Kay: Ok, ok. Where is it? Watch this time. He's crazy. Ok, just take it, push the little button. Ok, and you just put it in her ear like this. And you just wait a couple of seconds till it beeps.

[Thermometer beeps] Hmm. What? No, that can't be right.

Miguel: What?

Kay: Oh, my God, she is burning up.

Miguel: Give me that thing.

[Thermometer beeps]

Miguel: Kay, her fever has gone up so much.

Chad: I'm sick of your selfishness, Whitney. This isn't all about you and your pain and your misery. What about this little boy? Miles is innocent in all this, Whitney. It is not his fault we found out we were related. Yet you deny him the most basic of human needs -- his mother. What did he do to you? He didn't deserve to be abandoned. And it's hurting him, Whitney. I know this because I grew up with no one.

Whitney: You don't understand, Chad. You don't understand the sin and the stigma.

Chad: The stigma? Whitney, we live with the stigma every day of our lives. I mean, hell, I'm already Julian Crane's black bastard son. Ok, I've gotten used to all the finger pointing, but what about Miles? And you, Whitney, this isn't like you, to run away from your problems. Miles could be scarred emotionally for life because you ran off to this convent.

Whitney: No, no, I can't fix that.

Chad: You can't -- Whitney, wake up. Ok? Look, those people out there, they're going to talk about you whether you see them or not. So you might as well go out there and stare them right back in the eyes. This is your son. Our son. Don't hurt him any more than you've hurt him already.

Whitney: Honey. Honey, I'm sorry.

[Sobs] Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.

[Sobs] I'm sorry, honey, I love you. I love you so much.


Ethan: [Breathes heavily]

[Clears throat]

Theresa: Can I ask you a question?

Ethan: Yeah.

Theresa: How many men do you know have mistresses on the side?

Ethan: I know a few, Theresa.

Theresa: Oh, really? Ethan, we could spend every day together.

Ethan: Look, no. Look, I'm not going to let you lower yourself like that.

Theresa: Lower myself?

Ethan: Yes.

Theresa: I think you should look around you, Ethan. I'm standing naked --

Ethan: Oh, take --

Theresa: In front of you in a garage. I don't think I can get much lower. But I would do anything for your love.

Ethan: Theresa, I'm sorry that you feel like you're not getting any love. But you, come on, you're a beautiful woman. You can have any man out there that you want.

Theresa: I only want you.

Ethan: You can't have me. And I've told you that over and over again, and you've got to move on.

Theresa: You are the only man that I love, Ethan. The only man.

Ethan: Theresa -- God, I'm -- I'm married.

Theresa: Ok, so you're afraid that if I become your mistress, that I will tell Gwen.

Ethan: No -- oh, my God, there is no getting through to you.

Theresa: I won't say a word to her. I promise. I just want to be with you. I want to spend time with you. I want to make love. So, what do you say?

Ethan: Mm.

Theresa: Ethan, if you say yes, you can make me your mistress right here.

Whitney: I'm sorry, Miles. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I love you. I love you so much.

Chad: Have I gotten through to you? I mean, do you see how hard life is for me and our son?

Whitney: I see. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

Chad: Then come home to us. Whitney, leave this place this very minute and come back to the apartment. You could hold Miles every day, be a real mother to him. Please, come home to us.

Ethan: Theresa, come on, where did this whole idea of becoming a mistress, where did it come from? I mean, you're not like that, I'm not like that. Will you please just get dressed and please go home?

Theresa: No, I'm not leaving, not until I get through to you.

Ethan: Theresa, I'm not going to keep you as my mistress. Come on.

Theresa: But we will both have what we want.

Ethan: I have a wife.

Theresa: And we know what that marriage is worth. And, Ethan, there are many men who have mistresses on the side, right? Important men, like presidents even.

Ethan: I love Gwen.

Theresa: Not the way you love me. And you cannot deny that.

Theresa: Ethan, what we have is special. True love is a gift. It is a precious gift. I mean, you've got to think of all those famous couples. You know, Lancelot and Guinevere, Romeo and Juliet.

Ethan: Theresa, they're all fictional and they all end badly.

Theresa: How blunt do you want me to get here? Because I'm standing before you -- I'm offering myself to you any way that you want me.

Ethan: I'm getting paid to work on this car. Will you please go home? Please.

Theresa: [Sighs] Um, do you need a hand with that tool?

Ethan: [Clears throat]

Theresa: Take a break. Take me right here. Right now.

Eve: Has James gone already?

Chris: He's just left. Do you know what Sheridan's decided?

Eve: Oh, gosh, this is so awkward. I know this must be so difficult for you -- having your wife in there with another man.

Chris: That's putting it mildly. It's so bizarre. A few days ago, Sheridan and I were married on a beach at sunset. I was the happiest man in Hawaii. Everything seemed possible. We were about to rescue Marty, and I knew that after that, Sheridan would be happy with me forever. And then we brought Luis back from the dead. And I helped my wife go through some phony wedding ceremony with him, using the ring I gave her. This isn't right. Sheridan's my wife, and I want to keep it that way.

Luis: I know what you're thinking about.

Sheridan: What?

Luis: Marty. Sorry, Sheridan. I -- I almost found him. I was so close.

Sheridan: Hush. At least you know that he was happy in Hawaii. And I know he's all right. I would know in my heart if he was unhappy or hurt. And whatever Beth has done, we know that she loves him.

Luis: I'll find him.

Sheridan: I know you will. But you need to get better first.

Luis: Yes, ma'am. I'll never be 100%, though, till I find Marty and bring him back to you. I really liked seeing you out there with James.

Sheridan: He's a dear child.

Luis: Yeah. It made me smile and also broke my heart.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis.

Luis: No, I know how much it means for you to have a child of your own. I'm going to get Marty back, Sheridan -- I swear, you'll see. We'll have the family that you've always wanted. We'll be a real family.

Sheridan: I know we'll find him.

Luis: I love you. I always will.

Chris: Ahem.

Sheridan: Chris.

Luis: You're making this into a habit.

Chris: What is that?

Luis: Interrupting me and my wife.

Sheridan: You know what, Luis? Eve said that she wanted you to rest. I really should go.

Luis: Wait, just one more kiss.

Sheridan: You need to rest.

Luis: All right. Come back soon.

Sheridan: You look exhausted.

Luis: Maybe Eve's right. Maybe I do need some rest. Oh.

Chris: Why do I always find my wife kissing another man?

Sheridan: I'm sorry. Is James still here?

Chris: No. Mrs. Henderson took him back to the B&B.

Sheridan: Oh. Let's go back out to the living room.

Chris: And then you'll tell me what you've decided?

Kay: Why hasn't the medicine brought Maria's fever down?

Miguel: I don't know, Kay, her fever's gone up so much. What do we do? Should we give her more medicine?

Kay: No. No, no, no, I think we should call Dr. Russell. Here.

Miguel: Oh, it's ok, sweetie pie. Ok, Daddy's here.

Kay: Ok.

Miguel: Daddy's going to take care of you.

[Whispering] It's ok, it's ok.

[Phone rings]

Eve: Eve Russell.

Kay: Hey, Dr. Russell. It's Kay. Hey, I'm here at Tabitha's and Maria has a really high fever and we gave her some medicine, but it hasn't helped at all.

Eve: How high? Oh, gosh, that is pretty high. Well, you know what? Give her a rubdown with some tepid water. That will make her feel better and I'll be there as soon as I can.

Kay: She has never run a fever this high.

Eve: I know, but I wouldn't worry, you know. Little kids can run really high fever sometimes. I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Kay: Ok, could you please just get here as soon as you can?

Eve: Of course.

Kay: Thank you. Ok. Dr. Russell says that we should rub Maria down with some tepid water.

Miguel: My mom used to do that. She going to be ok?

Kay: Yeah, yeah, she should be fine.

Miguel: I'm going to go run to the bathroom and get a wash cloth.

Kay: Ok. It's ok, honey. Mommy and Daddy are here to help you.

Chad: Whitney, you can leave your stuff. You don't need it. Just come with us right now. All right, you don't want to be here. You want to be with me and Miles.

Whitney: Uh, be with -- um. What do you mean, "be with"?

Chad: Whitney, exactly what I said. We're Miles' parents. We'll be a family and live in the same house.

Whitney: Back to a life of temptation? We're brother and sister, Chad, remember?

Chad: So what? Whitney, we're also this little boy's parents.

Whitney: So, go back to a life of sin.

Chad: Whitney, it's simply a matter of will power, ok? We don't have to sin again.

Whitney: Yeah, but we will. You remember what happened last time, don't you? I mean, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other, and I'm not going to live with that kind of guilt and that kind of fear. I won't sin against God's laws, Chad.

Chad: Oh, God's laws. And it's ok with God that you dump your child to be raised alone without you? Raised with the stigma of incest you're so afraid of?

Whitney: Ok, if I do leave the convent, if I do leave, it's going to be even worse because people are going to say, "oh, oh, the nun left the nunnery to go be back with her half brother." What about that?

Chad: Well, so we'll live in different houses, Whitney. Look, you can do whatever you want as long as you're an active parent and my friend.

Whitney: It's not going to work, Chad. We can't keep away from each other, no matter what, and you know it. No matter how hard we try, one day we're going to give in to temptation. And what if I get pregnant again, Chad?

Chad: Whitney, that is not going to happen.

Whitney: You don't know that, do you? Here, take Miles. Take him. Take him, and just leave. I'm not going to go back with you. Just take Miles and leave. I don't want to see either one of you ever again.

Theresa: Just give in to it. You know you want to.

Ethan: If you're not going to leave, then I'm going to go.

Ethan: Did you lock this door?

Theresa: Yeah. We're locked in here, just the two of us.

Ethan: Huh, where are the keys?

Theresa: Do you want to search me?

Theresa: Make love to me, now.

Miguel: It's ok, sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy are here. This is going to make you feel better, ok? It will make her feel better, right?

Kay: Yeah, I hope so.

Miguel: I don't think she likes it, Kay. It's not helping.

Kay: I hate it when she's sick. She doesn't understand. All she knows is that she doesn't feel good.

Miguel: You're going to be fine sweetheart, ok? Mommy and Daddy are here. It's ok. You're going to be ok.

Chad: Whitney, you don't mean that.

Whitney: I do. Chad, I do. I'm not coming back to live with you and Miles. Not now, not ever. This convent is my home. And there's nothing that you're going to say that's going to change my mind about that.

Mother Superior: What on earth is going on here? You should know better than this, both of you. This is a place of worship.

Chad: I'm sorry, Mother.

Whitney: Mother Superior, I am so sorry, but can you please make him leave?

Mother Superior: You heard her. Please respect Sister Whitney's wishes.

Chad: All right, we'll leave, Whitney. If you change your mind --

Whitney: I won't.

Mother Superior: Sister, this can't go on.

Whitney: I know. Mother Superior, I'm so sorry. Please give me my penance. I'm a sinner. I've sinned in thought and in deed.

Mother Superior: Sister, I'm not a priest, you know that. What I think you need is to calm down. Why don't we both go to the kitchen and help Sister Antoinette with lunch, hmm? Spending too much time alone can make you believe in things that -- that aren't there.

Whitney: Yes, Mother.

Luis: Soon, Sheridan. I swear it -- I'm going to find Marty. I'm going to bring him back to you and we're going to be together like the family that you've always wanted. And you're not going to need that little boy James to fill that hole in your heart.

Eve: Is he sleeping?

Sheridan: Not yet, but I think he'll drift off soon.

Chris: You know what? Enough about our patient, already, all right? Tell me, Sheridan, you've said you've decided who you want to be with. Well, who is it? Me or Luis?

Sheridan: [Sighs]

Ethan: [Sighs]

Theresa: Oh, you feel so good.

Ethan: Theresa, come on.

Theresa: Do you feel this? Ethan's skin, this skin. You want me. Don't fight it, please. Make love to me now.

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