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Spike:  You did great, baby. And I love that new tattoo.

Jessica:  Ouch.  It's still sore, Spike.

Spike: Oh, I'm sorry, baby?  Did you take all I gave you? Spike'll hook you up.

Jessica:  I still don't know why you wanted me to get this tattoo.

Spike:  I wanted to give you something special just for you.

Jessica: Really?  Just for me?

Spike:  Yes, because it's unique and just -- it's just beautiful just like you are.

Jessica: Oh, Spike, thank you.

Spike: Hey, let me have another look.  Oh yeah, it's perfect, baby.  It's absolutely perfect. 

Simone:  Paloma, what are you doing with those papers?

Paloma:   I told you, I have to find out what happened to those stolen paintings. 

Simone:  I cannot believe you are still on this kick. 

Paloma:  What we found in the basement tells me I have no choice.

Simone:  Yeah, you could choose to put these papers back and forget you ever saw them.  These are Alistair Crane's private papers.

Paloma: I'm not afraid of Alistair.   He's still in a coma, right? 

Simone:  Yeah, but he hid these papers for a reason and he's just as dangerous as he ever was.

Paloma:  How dangerous can he be?  He's in a hospital bed. 

Simone:  Ok, but he's got people who work for him, who look out for him.  I mean, how do you expect to find these stolen paintings anyway?

Paloma:  I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm going to find them. 

Simone:  Well good luck, but I'm telling you, it's impossible.

Paloma:  Maybe, maybe not, but I can't walk away from this.  And look, I found a clue.  This clue is going to help us find those stolen paintings.  This clue is going to help us solve the mystery.

Whitney:  O my God I am terribly sorry for having offended thee and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pain of hell but most of all because they have offended thee, my God who art all good and deserving of all my love.

Man's voice: Time is of the essence. There are people headed for Europe, people who must be kept away. Will you help me stop them as your act of contrition? Will you help me keep the church's secrets from being exposed?

Whitney:  I would never say no to you.

Man's voice:  There is danger involved but I know you have no fear. 

Whitney:  No, not if I'm doing your work, Lord.  Whatever you ask me, I will do.  And I promise you I will do what you ask.  I'll do whatever you ask no matter how difficult because I know I'm weak, Heavenly Father.  I have lust for my own brother and I am in desperate need of your forgiveness. 

Tabitha: Ah. I see our Kay is having quite a hard time sleeping tonight.  Could it be that she can't get that Miguel out of her mind even though she's engaged to Fox?  Yeah, well, damn good thing for us on the dark side.  We'll all be in the dust pan if that Miguel gets back with that insipid Charity and they become a powerful good.  I think it's time to wake up Mr. Fox so he can enjoy the fireworks, too.

Fox: What was that? Kay? Kay?

Miguel: Kay, what's -- what's going on? What are you doing up?

Kay: I couldn't sleep.

Miguel: Is the baby ok?

Kay: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's fine. It's -- it's just me. Where were you tonight?

Miguel: Kay, I was just at Sheridan's, and you won't believe -- my brother Luis is alive.

Kay: Luis is alive? What -- what are you talking about?

Miguel: Kay, I saw him. My brother is alive.

Kay: Oh, my god!

Miguel: It's incredible, isn't it?

Kay: It's unbelievable! What wait, wait, they identified his body. The FBI said it was Luis. It wasn't him?

Miguel: No, no, Sheridan and Chris found him in Hawaii and they brought him home tonight.

Kay: Oh, my god, this is amazing! I'm so happy for you.

Fox: What the hell is going on here?

Tabitha: "What," indeed.

Sheridan: You know what? I -- I need to lock up. I'll be right back.

Luis: All right. Don't be too long.

Sheridan: I won't.

Sheridan: Chris.

Chris: Sheridan, I've tried to be patient. I've even tried to be considerate of Luis' condition. But you're my wife, and I will not allow you to sleep in the same bed as a man who wants to make love to you

Kay: Fox, what -- what's wrong?

Miguel: I was just telling Kay the good news. My brother Luis is alive.

Fox: What?

Miguel: Yes, he's alive.

Kay: Isn't that amazing? I can't believe this.

Fox: But how? Luis' body was sent home from Morocco. He was buried.

Miguel: Apparently, it was another one of Alistair Crane's tricks, because I saw my brother tonight, Fox. I talked to him.

Fox: This is -- this is fantastic.

Kay: I know. Sheridan found him in Hawaii and she brought him home. I was just so excited when I heard the news, I -- you know,

Fox:  I overreacted when I saw Miguel, sorry about that. It's just --

Miguel: Hey, it's ok. I mean, don't worry about it. I would've reacted the same way if I saw the woman I love in another man's arms.

Tabitha: I'm sure you would. You're as hot-blooded as your brother. Fact is, you don't like seeing Kay with Fox any more than he likes seeing her with you. All I have to do is feed these little jealousies.

Fox: Sheridan has to be just absolutely overwhelmed with joy. Luis is the love of her life.

Miguel: Yeah, well, she's thrilled, but things are a little bit different now.

Kay: What do you mean?

Miguel: I mean, before Sheridan found Luis, before she even knew he was alive, she and Chris Boothe got married.

Fox: Oh, man.

Kay: No, that can't be true. I mean, I knew she and Chris were dating, but she wouldn't have married him.

Miguel: Like I said, I mean, she thought he was dead. We all did.

Kay: Oh, that's horrible. How did Luis take the news?

Miguel: He doesn't know yet. They haven't told him.

Kay: Oh, my god.

Tabitha: Oh, I could've told Sheridan she'd find devastating news in Hawaii. I saw it all here in the bowl. Yeah, and this is just the beginning. Things are going to get much worse for her -- and for Chris and for Luis. Oh, yes, much, much worse.

Sheridan: You are my husband, but I do need to worry about Luis' condition. The doctor told us not to upset him, otherwise he might have a relapse.

Chris: So I'm supposed to just look the other way while he sleeps with my wife?

Sheridan: Of course not. Luis isn't well enough to make love.

Chris: He doesn't think so!

Sheridan: Would you -- please be quiet. Luis thinks that this is our honeymoon. I can't refuse to lie down with him, but that's all. I will lie down with him until he falls asleep and then I will come back out to you.

Chris: I don't like it, Sheridan.

Sheridan: What other choice do I have? I can't tell Luis that I was already married when he and I said our vows.

Chris: He has to be told eventually.

Sheridan: I know, and we will, but not until he's fully recovered. I mean, he's suffered terribly, and I feel responsible. It was because he was searching for my son that he got caught.

Chris: I know. You sent him off to find Marty, and now you feel it's your fault that he was treated so terribly.  

Sheridan: I do. Look, I know that you're upset, but think how you'd feel if anything happened to Luis. It would be hanging over our heads. It would be a cloud on our marriage.

Chris: All right. But you come back out as soon as he falls asleep.

Sheridan: Of course. I love you.

Chris: I love you, Sheridan.

Sheridan: I won't be long.

Luis: I missed you so much. You know, when I was being held prisoner, I made a promise to myself that one day I would escape and come back to you, and I swore that when I did I would never spend another night without you.

Spike: Yep, that is exactly what I wanted. The guy is a true artist.

Jessica: I still don't know what it is. What does it mean, Spike?

Spike: Baby, it's just a symbol. It's a symbol of my love for you.

Jessica: It is?

Spike: Honey, what else could it be? You know how much I love you, don't you?

Jessica: Yes, and I love you, too, Spike.

Spike: Oh, oh, no, don't. Listen, let's just save that for later. We got to find you a customer. We got to get the money to pay for the tattoo, ok?

Jessica: Spike, no. I don't want to turn any tricks.

Spike: Honey, how are we going to pay for that tattoo? I told that dude at the tattoo parlor we would be back with his dough. It's lucky for us he's a friend of mine.

Jessica: You said Alistair Crane was going to give you enough money to rebuild your club. You said I wouldn't have to turn tricks anymore.

Spike: Yeah, I know, and look what happened. Old man Crane is in a coma, honey, so we can kiss that money goodbye, at least for now.

Jessica: I just wish we could find another way to make money, that's all.

Spike: Jess, listen to me. Honey, I'm the one that's got to get the guys lined up, I'm the one that's gotta go negotiate price, and I'm the one that's got to collect. Baby, all you have to do is close your eyes and be nice for a few minutes.

Jessica: I know, but -- I'm scared. Spike, I'm afraid of what'll happen.

Spike: You don't have to worry about that, ok?

Jessica: But I do worry. I have nightmares about those dead johns, the blood on my hands. Spike, I still don't remember what happened to them. I mean, it must've been me, but I don't remember doing it.

Spike: Baby, listen to me. You don't got to worry about that, ok? All right, don't worry. I want you to take these and not worry because it's not going to happen again, ok? Everything is going to be fine. Don't I always take care of you, baby? Huh?

Jessica: Yes.

Spike: Ok, then, honey. Don't worry.


Spike: Ok -- ok, that's your next appointment. Just wait here. I'm going to go negotiate right now, all right?

Jessica: No, Spike.  Please, don't make me.

Spike: Honey, I told you -- everything is going to fine, honey.  No more dead johns. No more bad stuff. All right, baby? Here, give me your hand, come here alright? Take these. Go ahead, take them. Take them right now. Ok, great.  Now everything's going to be fine.  Just stay there.

Simone: Ok, so what is this and where did you find it?

Paloma: All I know is this symbol is on all of the stolen paintings from Italy. Here, look.

Simone: Oh.

Paloma: See?

Simone: These are pictures of the paintings?

Paloma: Mm-hmm. And the symbol is on all of them. Some of them you can see right away, and others you have to search for.

Simone: Oh, kind of like a "Where's Waldo?"

Paloma: Where's who?

Simone: Never mind. So you copied the symbol from the picture?

Paloma: Yes, I scanned it and then blew it up.

Simone: So do you know what the symbol means?

Paloma: No, but it has to mean something.

Whitney: "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amen. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee."

Chad: Whitney? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in bed.

Whitney: Chad?

Chad: Yeah, I was worried about you. You should be in bed, Whitney. You're still as weak as a kitten.

Whitney: I can't. God needs me, Chad. I followed him here.

Chad: Whitney, God isn't here. Nobody's here but me and you.

Whitney: He's not here right now but he'll be back, and when he does get back I need to be here.

Chad: No, Whitney, you need to rest. Now, come on, I'll help you back to your room.

Whitney: No, no, I really shouldn't be leaving.

Chad: Whitney, it's ok. Ok, I'm sure God will understand. You're sick.

Whitney: I am a little tired.

Chad: I know. Come on.

Chad: I got you. Got you. You're going to be all right now, ok? Everything's ok.

Tabitha: Luis is alive? How can that be?

Miguel: Alistair faked his death. He's been held hostage ever since. Apparently, Sheridan and Chris found a lead on little Marty but found Luis instead.

Tabitha: You mean Sheridan married Chris and then found the man she's carried a torch for all these years? That's unbelievable.

Miguel: Yeah, but since Luis was in such bad shape, the doctors told Sheridan not to say anything that would upset him.

Kay: Oh, my gosh, yeah. I mean, if he knew that she was married to Chris, he would be devastated.

Miguel: That's not all. Luis was so thrilled about being back together with Sheridan, he brought in a justice of the peace and got married.

Fox: You're kidding me.

Kay: Wait a second. So Sheridan and Luis got married, too?

Miguel: In the hospital, right before they came back to Harmony.

Fox: So she's married to both of them?

Miguel: That's about it. Sheridan didn't want to do anything that would compromise Luis' health, so she just went through with the ceremony.

Tabitha: Now, this is very complicated.

Kay: It's horrible. I feel so bad for all three of them.

Fox: So do I.

Miguel: I can't imagine how bad it's going to be for Luis when he finds out. He's so happy right now thinking he and Sheridan are married.

Fox: Poor guy.

Tabitha: So Sheridan's old love, the love of her life, suddenly turns up and -- and she's found a new love, moved on. Well, I'm sure Sheridan really loves this new man in her life, but he is new, after all. They can't possibly share the memories and the history that Luis and Sheridan have. And let's not forget, they have a child together. That's an incredibly strong bond. No, a woman doesn't very easily get over the love of her life, especially if he happens to be the father of her child.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis. How could this have happened? What am I going to do?

Chad: Can I get you anything? Some water, tea?

Whitney: No, I'm all right.

Chad: No, you're not all right. You're still sick. You need something for the pain?

Whitney: I'm supposed to feel the pain, Chad. It's my penance.

Chad: You're wrong, sweetheart. I'm so worried about you.

Whitney: Don't be.

Chad: I just want you to be ok.

Whitney: You're a real good man, you know that? You're loving and you're caring.  If only things could have been different, you know?

Chad: They can be, Whitney. Things can be different for us. We don't have to be apart.

Paloma: See?  And here's the symbol again on the necklace of this lady.

Simone: Yeah, I see it.

Paloma: Uh-huh.

Simone: And here it is again.

Paloma: Mm-hmm. Isn't it cool? Sort of like an ancient crossword puzzle.

Simone: Yeah, but all these paintings are by different artists. So did they put the symbol in their artwork, or did someone come along later and add it?

Paloma: Good questions. See, you're hooked, just like me. You want to find those stolen paintings, too.

Simone: Yeah, but how are we going to do that? We don't even know what the symbol means.

Paloma: I didn't find any explanation in the papers, but I scanned the symbol onto the computer and I'm doing the search.

Simone: Sounds like a good start.

Paloma: And I hope it works. Simone, this symbol is the key. I know it's going to help us find those stolen paintings once we know what it means.

Man: Come on, baby, let's get down to business.

Man: Come on, I'm not paying you for nothing.

Jessica: Ok, just give me a minute to use the bathroom.

Man: No way. I need it now.

Jessica: No, no!

Jessica: Oh. It was just a dream. Just a dream. Hey, your time's up, but you can stay here if you want. I'm going.

Jessica: Oh, God.

Jessica: No, no. No! Please, God, not again. Not again. No. No.

Jessica: Hey, Spike, it's me. You have to help me. I did it again. There's blood everywhere. I killed him, just like all the others.

Chad: Whitney, let me take care of you. Let me take you home to our baby. Things will be different.

Whitney: No. No, Chad. This is my life now. The world outside doesn't exist for me anymore.

Chad: Yes, it does. Whitney, I exist. Miles exists.

Whitney: Chad, you're my half brother. Don't you see, we committed a terrible sin and we had a baby. It was a sin, Chad.

Chad: We didn't know who we were, Whitney. God can't punish us for falling in love.

Whitney: Chad, I have to do this. I have to. I -- I can't trust myself to be with you. And you know that, so -- look, this is my world now, so I just have to accept it.

Chad: If this is what you want, then why are you crying?

Whitney: Because -- because it's hard, that's all.

Chad: Then come home with me. Come home to your family, Whitney, the people who love you.

[knock on door]

Jessica: Spike!

Spike: Oh, man. Oh, no.

Jessica: Spike, you have to help me. I did it again.

Spike: Shh, just calm down, baby. Calm down and just tell me what happened, honey.

Jessica: I -- I don't know. I don't remember doing it. But he's dead, Spike. I guess I -- I guess I fell asleep, and when I woke up there was blood all over.

Spike: It's going to be ok, all right? Everything is going to be fine.

Jessica: No, Spike. You have to help me, you have to stop me. I have to do something. I have to go to the police.

Spike: No, no! No, are you crazy? You want to go to jail? You want the gas chamber? 

Jessica: No!  But I'm scared, it just keeps happening and I don't know how. 

Spike:  You listen, ok?  Cause I'm going to take care of everything.  Ok, the Spikeman is here.  I'm going to take care of everything, alright, honey?  Ok, sweetie, so just calm down.  Listen to me, you go back to our place and you get cleaned up, sweetheart.  Ok, honey?  Just relax. 

Jessica:  No, I don't wanna go by myself. 

Spike:  Please?

Jessica: No, come with me. 

Spike:  I can't go with you, honey, so just go.  Everything's going to be fine.  Ok?

Jessica: Thank you, Spike. Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Spike: Oh, honey. You're never going to have to find that out, are you, baby? Because the Spikeman's here for you.  I'm the only one that'll ever be here for you.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis. This is absolutely beautiful.

Luis: Well, I had to make it look like the honeymoon suite.

Sheridan: Honeymoon suite?

Luis: Yeah. You know how bad I feel about not being able to give you the honeymoon that you deserve. So I want to make up for it tonight.

Sheridan: I understand. You were too sick.

Luis:  Well, I'm not too sick anymore.  I want to pretend that tonight is the first night of our marriage, our wedding night.

Sheridan: I love you so much.

Luis: I love you, too. After all the times that we were separated, we are finally together, finally married.

Sheridan: You're the only man for me, now and forever.

Sheridan: Look, I -- I'm sorry.  I understand you being upset, but I just don't know what else to do.

Chris:  I've been trying to be understanding and I don't want to see Luis hurt anymore than he already has been.  But this -- this has gone too far.  I can't let my wife get into bed with another man, a man who thinks he's married to her, who wants to make love to her.

Sheridan:  You're worrying for no reason. I told you I would lie down with Luis until he fell asleep, and that's all I did.

Chris: I saw you, Sheridan. I saw Luis holding you, kissing you, you responding back to his kiss. I saw the closeness between you.  The bond. 

Sheridan: I'm sorry. 

Chris:  Sorry you still feel the bond, or sorry I saw it?  I need to know once and for all, Sheridan. Which one of us do you love? Who do you want to be with, me, or Luis?

Tabitha:  Tragic, tragic, tragic.  I feel really terrible for all of them.  Sheridan must be in such a quandary.  I mean, how does she tell Chris, her new love, her new husband, that she's still in love with Luis, the father of her child?  Imagine, a long-lost love coming back into your life out of the blue. It must bring up all sorts of mixed emotions.

Tabitha: Ow.

Kay: You know what, Tabitha? I just forgot -- I put a kettle on for tea and I couldn't find the tea, so could you come show me?

Tabitha: But you know where it is, dear. It's on the shelf.

Kay: Yeah, I looked there. It's not there so you're gonna have to come show me.

Tabitha:  Actually, Kay, I was just going to bed.

Kay: Yeah, well, it'll only take a minute. We'll be right back.

Tabitha: I suppose everyone might like a nice cup of tea.

[Maria cries]

Fox: Oh, that's Maria.

Miguel: No, no, that's ok. I'll go check on my daughter.

Kay: I am on to you, Tabitha. You are deliberately trying to make Fox think that I am still in love with Miguel.

Tabitha: I beg your pardon?

Kay: Oh, stop! I see right through you. You want Miguel to think I still have feelings for him, and you're trying to make Fox insecure.

Tabitha: Well, that would be impossible if you and he were so madly in love, wouldn't it?

Kay: Yeah, well we are madly in love. So what are you trying to do?

Tabitha: I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about Sheridan, Chris, and Luis.

Kay: Oh, yeah, whatever. And you were doing everything you could to make the comparison between us -- an old love coming back into my life, the father of my child -- oh, my gosh! I bet you were responsible for when Miguel and I almost kissed, huh? Ugh, and you made sure Fox looked out the window to see him pushing me on the swing, didn't you? Oh, you are using your witchcraft to come between me and Fox, aren't you?  And you want me to end up with Miguel.

Simone: Here comes Jessica. She looks kind of upset.

Simone: Jessica?

Paloma:  Have you been crying?  What's wrong? 

Jessica:  Nothing.  I'm fine. 

Simone:  Sit down.  You don't look so hot. 

Paloma:  Is this about Spike?  Did he hurt you again?

Jessica:  No.  I'm ok, really.  Hey, what are all these papers?

Simone: Oh, we're working on a mystery. You see, we have these papers --

Paloma: Ahem.  Jessica, we were going to have another latte.  Do you want one?

Jessica:  Yeah, thanks.

Simone:  We'll be right back. 

Simone:  Why didn't you want me to tell Jessica? 

Paloma:  I'm not worried about Jessica.  I'm worried about Spike. 

Simone:  Spike? 

Paloma:  Yes, she's totally under his control.  What if she accidentally tells something to him?

Simone: Oh, yeah, you're right. That would not be good. 

Paloma:  We have enough obstacles in our path.  We don't need to worry about Spike, too.

Spike: Oh, my god.

Chris: I've been saying we have to find a time to tell Luis that you're not his wife. But is that what you really want, Sheridan? You want to be my wife or Luis' wife?

Sheridan: Chris --

Luis: Sheridan, are you there?

Sheridan: I'll be right in, Luis.

Chris: Is that your answer?

Sheridan: Look, we need to talk about this later. Right now I need to get in there and you need to trust me.

Chris: I do trust you. It's Luis I don't trust. He loves you. He thinks he's married to you. He has no reason to think that the two of you shouldn't be together.

Sheridan: Look, I know this is hard, and I love you for being patient, but it won't be long now.

Chris: How long?

Sheridan: I will tell Luis that we're married as soon as I can.

Luis' voice: Sheridan, are you coming back?

[Sheridan sighs]

Sheridan: I have to go. I'm coming, Luis.

Chris: Damn it!

Kay: I can't believe you're doing this. And you know what, don't even try to deny it.

Tabitha: I'm not denying it. You begged me for years to help you trap Miguel. You sold your very soul to be with him.

Kay: Ok, yeah, but that was a long time ago. I was too young to know what I was doing. I would never do that now.

Tabitha: No? You're sure about that, are you?

Kay: I'm in love with Fox.

Tabitha: And you're trying to tell me that you have absolutely no feelings for Miguel, the man in all your fantasies for years and the father of your child?

Kay: Well, I have feelings, sure. I grew up with him. I had a huge crush on him. But my feelings are not the same.

Tabitha: Think carefully, Kay. Dig deep within yourself and be honest. If you had to choose one or the other, which would it be, Fox or Miguel?

Fox: How's the tea coming, ladies?

Kay: Oh, you know what? I thought I turned the kettle on but I turned it off. Could you get me some tea?

Fox: Sure.

Miguel: Hey, is there a bottle in the fridge? Maria's wide awake and she seems hungry.

Kay: Yeah, yeah.

Tabitha: Which will it be, Kay? Fox or Miguel?

Chad: Please, I'm asking you again. Please come home to the people who love you.

Whitney: Chad, I can't. This is my home now. It's my decision to stay here. I need to do god's work.

Chad: All right.  I wish I could change your mind.  Get some rest.  I'll check back on you later.  You know I'm here for you?

Whitney:  I know God's here for me, too.  I'm going to pay my penance and I'm going to help save the church and I know God's going to take care of me.  I know you'll look after me, God.  I know you will.

Paloma:  Here ya go.

Simone:  Jessica, are you sure you're all right?

Jessica:  Yeah, I'm sure.  I'm fine, I'm just tired. 

Paloma:  You know you can talk to us, don't you?

Simone:  You know we are here for you.

Jessica:  I know.  Thanks.  Hey, is there any sugar?

Paloma:  I forgot, let me--

Jessica:  No, it's ok, there's some at the next table.

Simone:  Jessica, what is that on your back?

Jessica:  My back?   Oh, you mean my tattoo?  Spike got it for me as a present. 

Paloma:  What is it?

Jessica:  I don't know.  Just some symbol.  Spike says it's a symbol of his love. 

Simone:  Did they have that symbol down at the tattoo parlor?

Jessica:  No, Spike brought in a picture for the guy to copy. 

Paloma:  And where did he get that picture?

Jessica:  I don't know, why?

Simone:  Just curious.

Paloma:  Yeah, it's a very strange symbol.  I wonder where he found it?

Jessica:  I have no idea. 

Spike:  Oh my God.  Oh, hey, it's you.  Whew!  Please don't sneak up on me like that.  You scared the hell out of me.  Hey, man, I've been waitin' for ya.  Where ya been?

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Lena:  I have plans for you and Noah.  Big plans.

Sheridan:  Oh Luis, I want you, too.  Now and always. 

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